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To distract Becky, the world's first futa, from fucking the bride-to-be, all her old friends show up to distract her with their hot pussies!
The World's First Futa – Futa's Wedding Delight

Chapter One: Futa's First Naughty Reunion

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

April 17th, 2047

I hugged and kissed my pregnant wife, Sharron, during the commercial break for Adelia's talk show. For the last two hours, I'd discussed my life as the world's first futa with Adelia and the watching world. We were finally hitting one of those pivotal moments. One of those points in my life where everything changed for me.

Kurt's wedding.

Once, I thought I would marry Kurt. We were high school sweethearts. When I was eighteen, a Freshman in college, I surrendered my virginity to him. I was drunk on love that night, so eager to finally give him this gift. He made it special. He ate me out, made me cum, did everything right.

I even orgasmed before he had his climax. I didn't make him wear a condom. I was on the pill. It was the safe time in my cycle. It was so wondrous for this brief moment as he spurted his cum into my pussy. It felt so right. What I always thought it would be.

Then the burning happened.

My allergic reaction to his cum swept through me. Doctors called it human seminal plasma hypersensitivity. I darted to the bathroom and the change happened in there. I grew a clit-dick and became the world's first futa. Before the night was done, I'd fucked his step-sister, Janice, and his mother, Mrs. Albertson. I changed his family life forever, breeding both women.

Kurt and I broke up that night. I just didn't like men any longer.

Now Mrs. Albertson had two lovers, her husband and her step-daughter, the pair sharing the MILF. She had a new child, Kurt's half-sister, one of my futa-daughters. Janice had her futa-daughter, too. Despite this, Kurt and I remained close friends through college. I was happy he found his soulmate because—

“Thirty seconds, Madam President,” the male producer, whose name I was blanking on, said. It had to be a male because women lost control of their lusts around me, especially if I had never bred them, so all the crew were men so they could focus on their jobs.

“Right,” I said, breaking away from Sharron, her blue eyes glistening with tears of joy. I gave her a quick kiss. “Love you.”

“Love you, too,” she said. She was half my age, but just so wonderful. She had her father's smile. It shone across those lips I loved to kiss.

I broke away from her and marched back onto stage. The studio audience murmured, restless during the two minute commercial break. Adelia straightened at the sight of me, the caramel-skinned talk show host looking so beautiful in her cream dress. It contrasted so richly with her delicious hue of skin.

I sat down the couch beside her, the three cameras aimed at us.

“And we're life in five, four, three...” the producer said then silently mouthed, “Two, one.”

“We're back with former president, Becky Woodward,” Adelia said. “And President-Elect Woodward, too. That's going to get complicated. President of the United States and then President of the United Nations.”

“It's quite the accomplishment,” I agreed, “but I thought we were talking about Kurt's wedding. It's such a meaningful time in my life and I was absolutely shocked when I got that phone call in the middle of Kansas.”

“After your naughty encounter with that cult and their virgin treats,” Adelia said, a purr to her voice.

I shivered, my futa-cock throbbing beneath my skirt. “Yes, so it was a very... off-balancing day. Here it was the end of September, only three months since Kurt and I graduated from college, and he met, fell in love with, and proposed to a girl in that short time.”

“That does sound sudden, but sometimes love just blossoms like that,” Adelia said.

I glanced at my pregnant wife, looking so beautiful with her strawberry-blonde hair spilling about her face. “Yes, it does.” I drew in a deep breath, fighting off the sting of joyful tears. “Well, I was ecstatic until he told me he didn't want me to show up until the day before the wedding.

“He didn't want me coming anywhere near his wife.”

“So you wouldn't breed her?” asked Adelia, leaning forward.

“Of course. Kurt had shared every girl he dated with me in college. But... he never loved those girls. Not like he loved me. But with Rosemary, he finally found someone he could treasure. I wasn't surprised he didn't want to share. I even offered not to come to the wedding. I could stay away from Kurt and his wife for the rest of my life. But Kurt wanted me there. He said he had a plan to keep me distracted.”

Adelia gave me a wicked smile. “Did that plan involve pussy?”

I arched an eyebrow at her. “What do you think?”


June 10th, 2022

I stepped out of the small Amtrak station in Seattle, Washington. Riding a train was a safer way to travel across the country then risking a flight. I mean, what would happen if I set off an orgy in a plane? Would all those people moving around shift the weight?Amtrak let me have my own private cabin where I could control the fun. Sure, I enjoyed a couple women on my journey from West Texas. I was in that part of the country the last month spending time with these Christian churches who embraced me as part of Gods plan. They had some many their virginal daughters, and hot wives, in need of my “miraculous” seed.

Now sitting on the bench, watching the evening traffic slide down the street, I shivered. The wedding was tomorrow. I had to go the entire day without fucking the bride. I would do my best, but... women grew so crazy to have sex with me. Denying them... Well, that never worked well. I didn't see how this wouldn't end with Kurt having a bred bride on his honeymoon.

I didn't want to break my word.

“I shouldn't have come,” I muttered for the hundredth time today. My stomach twisted as I waited for Kurt to arrive. “This is going to backfire.”

I rubbed my hands together, my feet squeezing around my backpack resting on the sidewalk before me. It held my spare change of clothes and extra socks and panties. I'd shed most of my personal possessions to be a vagabond. I was rich thanks to the Ms. Bred Pageant and all the sponsorship I did in college. I didn't need to wander around like a hobo, but it was just... something to do. To experience new people. See the world.

I should get back to it. Stay away. I could head into the station, get on the train before it left, and be far away before the wedding. Kurt could have his bride untouched by me. He had to know he was playing with fire by inviting me.

The squeak of brakes lifted my attention. Kurt's pickup truck pulled up, a big, black thing totally impractical for someone living in Seattle to drive, especially someone with a degree in history. The passenger door flew open and...

“Dona?” I blinked at the brunette girl who flounced out. She'd let her hair grow out longer from when I last saw her at our graduation last year, and there was no sign of her nose ring at all. But she still had that naughty, smiling face, her petite body clad in a short skirt and a tank top molding to her small breasts.

“Hey, Becky,” she said, squirming. “Oh, my god, you're so tan. And you're hair. It's soooo blonde now.”

“A year in the sun,” I told her, flying off the bench and rushing to one of my college friends. Her and Kaelea helped me accept that it was okay I made women so horny they had to fuck me. I hugged her and planted a quick, hot kiss on her mouth, making my futa-dick swell up in my jeans I wore. “How's Danielle.”

“Our daughter is four and just full of unanswerable questions,” Dona said, a big smile crossing her lips. “She's starting preschool in the fall. Preschool, Becky!”

Before I could process that, Kurt appeared, strolling around from the other side of the cab, that big, friendly smile on his lips, his blue eyes shining with joy. He had his red hair cut even shorter than last time, and comb into a neat appearance. His clothing fit him better, too. I felt a woman's touch in his appearance; the effect caused by someone who cared about what he looked like.

“Becky!” he breathed before he swept me up in his arms.

“God, it's good to see you, Kurt,” I groaned. “I can't believe it's been a year. And you... Getting married.”

“I know,” Kurt said, rocking me in his arms. He broke away. “I can't wait for tomorrow. I'm almost giddy, you know? Damn, just full of so much energy.”

“And no visiting Rosemary to satiate it tonight,” Dona said, a naughty twinkle in her eyes. “Though they snuck off during the rehearsal yesterday and did it in the supply closet.”

“Rosemary's idea,” Kurt said, a big grin on his face.

“She sounds like a special woman,” I said. God, I hoped I could keep my promise. I would try so, so hard.

“You have no idea,” Kurt said. His eyes swept across the station. “Is that it? Just a backpack?”

“What more does a hitchhiker need to travel across America?”

“I guess so,” Kurt said. He grabbed it and threw it behind the seat. I frowned at the truck cab. “You only have the two seats.”

“You're my seat, Becky,” Dona said, patting my futa-cock bulging the front of my jeans. “We're going to make sure you have all the pussy your cock needs to get you through the wedding. Starting with mine.” She lifted her skirt right there on the street, flashing her shaved pussy, a landing strip of brown hair leading to her engorged labia.

“Damn,” I groaned, my futa-dick throbbing in my pants.

“What else are friends for?” Dona asked, a big grin on her lips.

“True,” I said and climbed into the cab. I deftly popped my jeans' fastener and unzipped my fly. In moments, my huge girl-dick thrust out before me.

Dona climbed up into the cab, slid her lithe body between me and the dashboard, her rump facing me. Then she sank towards my lap. I aimed my cock at her dripping pussy. I whimpered at the folds of her pussy caressed my dick, her body wiggling.

“Ooh, I missed this dick,” Dona groaned. “My boyfriend just isn't this hung.”

I squirmed, realizing how little I thought about my friends from college. I hadn't talked to Chris and Tiffany more than three times and hadn't heard from Hank at all. Janice and I traded a few texts, and Mrs. Albertson remembered my twenty-third birthday back in April.

“Ooh, yes, yes, yes, I love this cock!” Dona groaned as she sank all the way down my dick, her naked rump pressed into my crotch, her thighs silky against mine. She squirmed around, stirring her pussy around my dick. “Mmm, this is the only way to drive.”

“Yes,” I groaned, my dick throbbing in hot pussy.

Kurt climbed into the driver seat and put his truck into gear. Her pulled out into traffic as I enjoyed the delight of Dona's cunt wrapped about my futa-dick. She was so hot and juicy, and so tight. Not virgin tight, but still a wonderful treat.

“Damn,” I groaned, rubbing my cheek into her back, feeling the cotton of her tank top. “Mmm, Dona, I missed your pussy. Such a nice snatch.”

“One of the best,” Dona said. “Right, Kurt?”

“Definitely,” Kurt said. They used to date, too, right after we broke up.

“So... how did you and Rosemary meet,” I said, staring at Kurt. “I want deets.”

The smile that broke across Kurt's face told me everything I needed to know. He really loved Rosemary. It shone across his face and gave his normally friendly grin a charm to it that made me envious of this Rosemary. She would get everything I once thought I'd have with Kurt.

I hoped she loved him back just as fiercely.

“We sat by each other on a flight down to Vegas,” Kurt said. “I was going to have some fun right after graduation.”

“And debauchery,” Dona said, her pussy clenching down on my dick.

“Definitely,” Kurt said, nodding his head as he navigated through the Seattle streets. “I didn't expect to be seated next to this amazing woman. We just started talking, she was going down for a wedding, and... we just clicked. I don't know how to describe it except it we both just felt it. This attraction for each other.

“It was... I know it sounds cliche, but it was magnetic. She pulled me towards her. I ended up being her plus one for the wedding. Instead of gambling and hitting strip clubs, I was having a blast at a wedding were I literally knew no one else. I barely even knew Rosemary.” He smiled. “Watching her dance the Macarena was... special.”

“White girl dancing?” I asked, my futa-dick twitching inside of Dona.

“You have no idea,” he said, his smile only growing broader. “Then she went and caught the bouquet. She whirled around and brandished at me, saying, 'Not good for you, buddy.' And I just knew I would marry her. Right then and there. Everyone says love at first sight isn't real, but it happened. We're proof of it. I mean, we're buying a house, Becky. It's in escrow. A house!”

“You're growing up,” I said, hugging Dona tight.

She shivered on me and worked her pussy up and down my girl-dick. “Mmm, growing up happens to us all. I mean, your clit grew up into this big dick.”

“Oh, that's a terrible joke,” I moaned, my hands sliding up to grope her breasts. “I should have Kurt pull over and leave you on the curb. No futa-cock for you.”

“Then she'd miss out on the orgy,” Kurt added.

My head perked up at the O word.

“We're having a party at your hotel room,” Dona said. “All part of the plan. You won't feel the need to wander off and find a certain bride with all us keeping your cock distracted with pussy. We're all sooooo eager for it.”

I grinned at that as she bounced more on my girl-dick. I shivered, loving the feel of her pussy. She leaned forward, bracing her elbows on the dashboard. She leveraged her hips upward, sliding her cunt up my futa-cock.

Pleasure spilled down my shaft. I groaned at the silky delight of her pussy working up and down my girl-dick. It was such an incredible feel. It made me groan. My toes curled as the pleasure spilled through me. The streets of Seattle passed as she fucked her pussy up and down my futa-dick.

“Damn, Dona, I love this plan,” I whimpered.

“Of course you do,” Kurt said. “You're the horniest person in the world.”

“Horniest futa!” Dona gasped, her pussy squeezing down on my futa-dick. “Oh, yes, yes, yes, I've missed this dick!”

She slammed her cunt down my cock, her hot flesh caressing my dick. My tip throbbed as it drank in the silky friction of her hot sheath working faster and faster up and down my shaft. I shuddered, my hands squeezing her tits through her tank top.

The pleasure flowed down my shaft to my own pussy. My snatch grew hotter and hotter, the heat reaching my ovaries. They quivered with a load of futa-seed for Dona's pussy. I shifted in the chair, little moans escaping my lips as she worked that delicious cunt up and down my dick.

Faster and faster.

She slammed her rump down to smack into my crotch. Her hair danced about her shoulders. Her juices coated my dick, working that slick cunt up and down my shaft. I groaned as the pleasure built and built inside of my ovaries.

“Shit!” I gasped, my hands squeezing her tits, her nipples so hard through her thin cloth. “Oh, shit, yes, yes, yes!”

“Cum in me!” she groaned. “Cum in my pussy, please, Becky!”

She slammed her cunt down my girl-dick as we pulled off the street into a hotel parking lot. We drove towards the valet station as my pussy clenched. Dona's hot cunt squeezed down on my shaft as she rose up it.

The sensations shot through me. I let out an explosive moan. My cum fired out of my girl-dick. It flooded into her body. Such rapture surged through me. It left me quivering and groaning, my head smacking back into the seat.

“Yes!” she hissed. Then her pussy joined me in convulsing rapture.

I groaned at that delicious delight of her cunt milking my dick. Her silky walls worked about my shaft, drawing out every drop of cum I had in me. I groaned, my heart thudding away in my chest as I loved this moment.

Such a treat. Such an absolute delight to experience.

My pleasure peaked in me as the passenger door opened. The valet in the red vest and white shirt gasped as the sight of us writhing together in orgasmic passion, Dona moaning as my final blast of cum spurted into her juicy pussy.

“Ooh, I needed that,” Dona said, her body shivering. Then she blinked at the valet. “Mmm, help me down, cutie.”

“Uh... yeah,” the young man said, his hair spiked up with that wet, gel look. He took her hand.

I moaned as she slid off my futa-cock.

His eyes bulged. “Holy shi... shoot. You're Becky. The futanari.”

“I am,” I said, smiling at him, my hard dick quivering, adorned with pussy juices. I followed Dona out of the cab, my cock bouncing before me. “You have yourself a good night.”

“Feel free to rub one out thinking about us,” Dona purred to the valet as I led her into the Red Lion Hotel where the wedding was being held.

I giggled, watching the valet's jaws drop. I whispered to Dona, “You are a wicked thing.”

“Uh-huh,” she groaned. “I spent the last year working in an office. I need this.”

I grinned at her as she led me to the elevator. When I noticed the line of cum running down her thighs, I didn't hesitate to swipe up my pearly spunk. I clung to my finger, looking so yummy. I smeared it on my lips and kissed her.

Her tongue fluttered out, swiping it up while my futa-dick pressed into her belly, rubbing on the cotton of her tank top. In moments, the elevator dinged and she broke apart from me, yanking me out and hurrying down the hall to my hotel room, provided by Kurt.

She reached it and knocked hard. “I got her! Open up!”

To my surprise, Chris opened the door. The nerdy guy stood there, glasses on his face, wearing a t-shirt with a video game character on it, a pair of jeans on his skinny legs. In seconds, his arms were around me, not caring my hard dick nudged his stomach.

“It's good to see you, Becky,” he said.

“Mmm, Chris, it is,” I said, giving him a kiss on the cheek. He felt baby-smooth. I wondered if he even shaved yet. I mean, he was twenty-three like me, but he still felt like a boy. “If you're here, that must mean Tiffany is, too.”

“Right here,” Tiffany purred.

Chris's blonde wife, they married before we finished college, stood in the center of the room, naked, her brown hair spilling about her cute face. Her round breasts looked so ripe, and her stomach had a slight curve to it and...

“You're pregnant?” I gasped.

“Our first,” Chris said as I went to his naked wife, my hand going to her bred belly while my lips found hers.

Chris loved to watch me fuck his wife. He was totally into futanari. He doted on my daughter with Tiffany, too. I knew he would spend the evening in the corner, jerking his cock until he could fuck his wife's cunt sloppy with my jizz.

It made my futa-cock throb as it nuzzled wet against her belly. Tiffany's lips were so hot and hungry on mine, her tongue dancing against mine as her arms snaked around my blonde hair, holding me tight against her.

“Ooh, that's hot,” another familiar voice said.

I broke the kiss with Tiffany and glanced at the bed where Janice and her step-mother, Mrs. Albertson, cuddled naked in taboo passion. Mrs. Albertson's large tit pressed into her daughter's equally big breast, their pillowy mounds looking so delicious together. A fat, dark-red nipple grazed a pink nub as the two women shuddered together. Janice's short bob of brown hair framed that naughty, round face while Mrs. Albertson had the same fiery-red hair of her son, Kurt, giving the MILF such a wild look to her.

“Ooh, this is going to be a fun night,” I groaned.

“Yes, it will be,” Mrs. Albertson and her daughter purred together. They broke apart and rolled off the bed. The moved towards me from opposite sides of the hotel bed, their tits jiggling.

It looked so coordinated. I giggled, picturing them practicing this sensual sway.

Janice furrowed her brow, giving me an annoyed look.

“Sorry,” I said, waving my hand. “Don't mind me. I've been traveling all day.”

“And fucking naughty women on the train?” Tiffany asked as she led Dona to the bed.

“I bet she has,” Chris groaned. “Ooh, are you eating out Dona's creampie, Tif?”

“Yep, yum,” Tiffany purred.

I shuddered. “Yes, I was fucking women. It was exhausting.”

“Liar,” Janice purred as she and her step-mother reached me.

In unison, the busty mother and daughter fell to their knees, their pillowy tits swaying. Janice's were slightly perkier than her mother's heavy tits. They both were beautiful, though. They made me ache as their hands seized my huge shaft thrusting out before me.

I groaned as they stoked me and brought their mouths to my spongy crown. Their cheeks rubbed together, Janice's brown hair merging into her mother's fiery locks. Then their lips were nibbling on the edges of my cock, both so hot and wet.

Both so delicious.

Pleasure shot down my shaft as I enjoyed the taboo blowjob from the two women. Their tongues flicked out, caressing my sensitive tip and each other. It was so hot as mother and daughter nuzzled against each other, loving each other.

It made me tremble. It made my pussy drip juices. Their other hands grabbed my jeans, working them down my legs. They bunched my jeans around my ankles then stroked up my thighs to my cute boy shorts, a soft lilac color. I wore boy short panties because they gave my cock more room while still feeling cute and feminine.

They peeled those down, exposing my blonde bush adorning my soaked pussy. Mother and daughter's fingers found my juicy pussy lips as they kept sucking and nibbling on the tip of my cock, sharing my passion.

“Oh, damn, I missed you both,” I groaned.

“Mmm it's so naughty when they suck you together,” Dona moaned. Then she gasped. “Ooh, Tiffany, yes, yes, work that tongue into my twat. Scoop out all of Becky's cum.”

“All of it!” groaned Chris as he unzipped his pants.

I didn't mind if he stroked his little dick. It was hot having an audience, even if it was a guy I had no interest in fucking. Just being watched made me wet. My hands peeled off my tank top, exposing my round breasts, both paler than my arms and neck, giving me a farmer's tan.

Or a hitchhikers tan.

My tits swayed as I groaned. Mrs. Albertson swallowed my cock entirely, bobbing her mouth up and down it twice before popping her mouth off. My dick quivered for a heartbeat without stimulation, then Janice sucked it, eyes closed as she tasted her mother's saliva adorning my dick.

They swapped my cock back and forth, sucking a few times before popping off and trading. It was so naughty going from one hot mouth to another, from mother to daughter than back to mother again. Their tongue swirled about my crown while their fingers played with my pussy.

They both jabbed two into my cunt.

“Yes!” I moaned as their four digits pumped into me, moving at different rhythms. They slid through my silky depths, sending pleasure racing up to the tip of my dick buried in Mrs. Albertson's mouth.

“Mmm, you're going to cum all over our faces,” Janice purred before taking over sucking my dick.

“Just coating our faces,” the MILF moaned, her green eyes glassy with lust. “Then we're going to lick each other clean.”

“Yes!” I whimpered, my pussy clenching about their probing fingers. “All over your faces.”

The MILF swallowed my dick while her daughter groaned, “Ooh, we want you to bathe us.”

I shivered, my pussy growing hotter and hotter. It was so hard to think about Rosemary—that nubile, delicious bride—lurking somewhere in this hotel, her pussy in need of being bred. She needed my cum pumping into her cunt. I'd plant my futa-daughter into her womb.

No, no, I couldn't do that.

Mother and daughter swapped my cock again, their mouths both so hot, their tongues both so naughty. The pleasure built and built in my pussy as they teased me. They worked their fingers in and out of my cunt faster and faster. My eyes squeezed shut as the pleasure swelled through me. It was so intense. It brought me to the verge of erupting.

I could just find Rosemary and breed her. Just breed her soon-to-be-married pussy and—

“Fuck!” I groaned.

My cock erupted.

My pussy convulsed around the mother and her step-daughter's digits. My futa-jizz boiled out of the tip of my dick. Janice popped her mouth off my dick, taking the first load in her mouth. But the second painted a ropy line across her face and her mother's. I shuddered, pleasure surging through me as I squirted again and again.

I coated Janice's young face and her mother's mature features. I coated them in my pearly jizz. My round tits heaved every time I erupted. Pleasure spiked through me, joining the bliss washing out of my cunt.

“Ooh, yes, yes!” I panted, loving that feel. My toes curled in my boots. “That's great.”

“Mmm, it was,” Janice moaned, my jizz dripping off her features. Then she turned her head and kissed her mother hard on the mouth.

They traded my jizz back and forth as they shard their forbidden kiss. Their large tits, both splattered in drops of my pearly spunk, pressed together. They sank to the floor of the hotel room, loving each other.

Rosemary was around here. I just had to—

“Tiffany, yes!” squealed Dona. “Oh, my god, you're so good at that.

I lifted my head and groaned at the sight of Tiffany's shaved pussy aimed right at me, her pregnant pussy on display, dripping with her juices. Her dream ran down her thighs. The swell of her bred belly swayed beneath her.

My girl-dick throbbed.

As Tiffany feasted on Dona's pussy, I ripped off my boots with hard tugs, dropping them by the mother and step-daughter writhing in their taboo passion. I worked off my jeans and panties then I advanced, my cock hard.

Chris stroked his dick faster, watching my futa-cock approach his wife's pregnant pussy. I winked at him as I mounted the bed. He groaned, biting his lower lip. He really, really got off on me fucking his wife.

“Yes, yes, yes, Becky, do it!” Dona moaned, her dark eyes meeting mine. “Just ram it into the pregnant slut while I cum again on her mouth.”

“Mmm, I like that idea,” Tiffany moaned, her hips wiggling.

I brought my futa-dick to her pregnant pussy. I'd never fucked a woman bred by her own husband. This was so naughty. Rosemary faded from my mind as I slid my cock up and down Tiffany's slit. Here was a cunt I couldn't breed and that was...



I nuzzled my cock into her folds. I rubbed it up and down her, loving the way she caressed me. It made me tingle. I groaned at the way her pussy kissed my dick. Her silky lips caressed the spongy tip, sending pleasure to my own dripping cunt.

Then, with a grunt, I rammed into her pregnant depths.

My eyes widened at the feel of her hot, juicy cunt wrapped about my cock. Chris groaned as I cuckolded him, sliding into the very pussy he bred. Into his wife's cunt. My hands squeezed her hips. I licked my lips, my hips undulating, sliding around, stirring up her pussy.

It brought such a smile to my lips as I drew back through her silken grip. Her pussy was so tight. The friction so succulent to enjoy. I shivered, my cunt drinking in the sensations flowing down my cock as I rammed back into her.

She moaned into Dona's cunt.

“Ooh, yes, yes, she loved that,” Dona moaned, her hands squeezing her small breasts as she stared at me. “Just fuck that pregnant slut while her wimpy husband watches.”

“Yes, yes, make my wife cum!” groaned Chris. “Please, Becky.”

The words made me grin. My hands slid around Tiffany's waist to grip her pregnant belly. I stroked the fertile curve as I pounded her cunt. I rammed my futa-dick again and again into her depths, churning her up, reveling in the feel of her about me.

Pleasure spilled through my body. My tits heaved as I moaned. My blonde hair danced about my face. Tiffany whimpered, her head moving as she nuzzled into Dona's pussy. Pleasure crossed my friend's face as she ground on the pregnant wife's hungry mouth, the pair of us using her while Chris watched.

It made me thrust harder and faster. My orgasm built so fast as I used her juicy snatch. Her pregnant cunt clenched down on me. The friction was wonderful. It felt so incredible about my plunging girl-dick.

“Yes, yes, yes, Becky!” moaned the pregnant wife. “Ooh, fuck me while my husband watches. Fuck me with that huge cock! Ooh, it's so much thicker than his. Longer! It'll make me cum so much harder.”

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, please my wife,” the cuckold groaned, fisting his little dick so fast. The sounds of his strokes merged with the taboo moans of Mrs. Albertson and her daughter writhing in passion on the floor.

Were they sixty-nining? It sounded like it.

I shuddered realizing there was another wife I could cuckold. Mrs. Albertson's husband would be in the hotel knowing his wife writhed in orgasmic passion with his daughter and me. I shuddered, pounding Tiffany's cunt so fast.

And Rosemary... A bride... Which meant I could cuckold Kurt and...

I shook my head, concentrating on the delight of the pregnant pussy I fucked. I thrust as hard as I could into Tiffany's snatch. Her hot cunt gripped me. She moaned louder and louder into Dona's pussy, trembling.

Then her pussy went wild about my cock. She spasmed, clearly cumming. I shuddered, loving making a woman orgasm. My dick pleased her married, pregnant snatch. I shuddered, plowing into her convulsing depths.

“Ooh, your wife is cumming on my big futa-dick, Chris!” I moaned. “Like a whore!”

“I am her whore, honey!” groaned Tiffany into Dona's pussy.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Dona groaned. “Just a naughty whore. Ooh, right there... Fuck!”

Dona thrashed, joining Tiffany in orgasmic delight. I shivered, the convulsing flesh of Tiffany's cunt bringing me closer and closer to erupting. She writhed about me, rippling. Her pregnant pussy begged for my jizz.

“Shit!” I groaned, my back arching. “Oh, shit, shit, shit!”

My futa-cum erupted. My spunk fired hard and fast. It was incredible. Such wondrous delight surged through my body. I whimpered as my cum boiled out of me. Blast after blast of jizz filled her married cunt.

“Take my jizz, slut!” I groaned. “Just take every drop.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Tiffany moaned. “Ooh, I love it. Chris, she's filling my cunt with all her cum!”

“Ooh, now I get to fuck your sloppy pussy,” Chris moaned, releasing his cock.

I thrust a final time into his wife's snatch. I unloaded a final drop. She kept feasting on Dona, my other friend bucking and writhing. Her moans still echoed, merging with Mrs. Albertson and Janice's gasps from the floor.

“She's all yours,” I moaned to the cuckold while ripping my girl-dick out of Tiffany's depths. I scooted out of the way as Chris hurried over.

In moments, the nerdy guy was behind his wife. She moaned in contented delight as he slid in. She lapped at Dona's pussy as her husband fucked her hard and fast with his little dick. Could she even feel him in her after I stretched her open with my monster-sized futa-cock?

“Ooh, it's our turn, Mom!” Janice said, popping to her feet. Her face was smeared with her step-mother's juices. “Ready for us, Becky?”

I nodded my head, eager to fuck a mother and her daughter.

Janice hauled her mother to her feet, the older woman's lush face equally smeared in pussy cream, then the pair stretched out on the bed, Janice atop her mother, their lips meeting in a sensuous kiss, sharing the other's juices, reveling in their forbidden passion.

Mrs. Albertson raised that busty girl squirming atop her. She was more a real mother to Janice than her actual one who died giving birth to her.

I shuddered, staring at Janice's shaved snatch rubbing into her mother's red-furred muff. I groaned at the wicked sight. It was such a treat, fucking from one pussy to another. But when one belonged to a mother and the other her daughter...

“Damn,” I groaned, Rosemary fading from my thoughts. I had something naughty to enjoy.

I knelt between their thighs, kneeling beside Chris as he grunted away at his wife's pussy. I brought my dick to the two cunts before me, sliding from a furred muff to a bald twat. I loved the contrasting textures of silky hair and silky flesh.

But both were wet. Hot. They needed to be filled. They whimpered their taboo pleasure as they writhed together, tribbing their clits, giving each other pleasure as they waited for my girl-dick to ram into their depths.

With a groan, I thrust into Mrs. Albertson's juicy snatch. I sank it on the older woman's cunt, reveling in the heat of her married cunt, cuckolding her husband. She moaned into her daughter's lips. Her hands grabbed Janice's butt-cheeks, kneading them, parting her crack.

I shuddered, thrusting into her, my blonde bush smacking into Janice's shaved twat as I reveled in her mother's cunt. But I needed to enjoy the daughter, too. I swapped pussies, plunging into younger snatch. Tighter snatch.

“Ooh, yes, yes, yes, Becky!” Janice moaned, her pussy squeezing down on my futa-dick as she rotated her hips. “Damn, that's good. Fuck me!”

“Yes, yes, fuck my daughter's pussy!” Mrs. Albertson moaned.

I thrust a few strokes into Janice's cunt, but I had to be back in the MILF's depths. I ripped out of Mrs. Albertson's daughter and plunged deep into her married snatch. She moaned, squeezing about me. They kissed again, the MILF's fingers digging into Janice's rump.

I swapped pussies over and over. I plunged back and forth from mother to daughter, mixing their pussy juices together. I stared at Janice's supple back as she writhed atop her mother. She worked her hips, stirring around, grinding her clit into her mother's hot and juicy snatch, her ass jiggling.

Her asshole winking at me.

I stared that puckered hole as I plunged into her mother's pussy. A naughty tremble raced through me. A depraved idea. I pumped away a few times, driving Mrs. Albertson wild, then ripped my girl-dick out of her snatch. I moved it up and up, past Janice's cunt.

I placed it against her asshole. Thrust.

“Holy shit, Becky!” Janice moaned as I sank my cock into her bowels. “You wicked futa, yes!”

Her asshole writhed about my cock. As I plunged into her velvety bowels, my cock lubed by her mother's cunt, her orgasm surged through her body. She spasmed atop her mother as I buried to the hilt in her asshole. And fucked her hard.

“What did she do?” Mrs. Albertson moaned.

“She's sodomizing me, Mom!” groaned Janice. “Oh, god, she's fucking my asshole so hard.”

“I am!” I groaned. “Mmm, then I'm cumming back to your pussy, Mrs. Albertson.”

“Oh, that's so nasty!” the mother groaned. “Ooh, you'll fuck my pussy with a cock dirty with my daughter's asshole?”

“Uh-huh!” I groaned.

“Ooh, do it!” Janice moaned, her back arching.

I ripped my girl-dick out of Janice's convulsing asshole, moved lower past Janice's cunt, and pressed into her mother's soaked bush. I rammed into Mrs. Albertson's cunt, sliding to the depths in her. Her pussy clenched about my cock, buffing it clean of her step-daughter's asshole.

I shuddered at the depravity of it, my ovaries clenching, filling up with a load of cum. I thrust so hard, washing my cock clean of her daughter's asshole. Her pussy was so hot around me. I whimpered my tits heaving, getting closer and closer to cumming.

“Oh, yes!” Mrs. Albertson groaned. “Oh, that's so nasty! I've missed you, Becky, honey!”

Her pussy went wild about my girl-dick.

“Missed you, too!” I groaned, ripping my dick out of her convulsing pussy and slammed it back into Janice's bowels.

Her asshole still writhed, her orgasm still rippling through her. She ground atop her mother as I pumped away at her asshole, getting my cock all dirty again. My pussy clenching, my ovaries so tight with cum.

Then I ripped out of Janice's asshole and plunged into her mother's spasming cunt. Mrs. Albertson's climaxing pussy bathed my cock in hot juices. Her silky flesh massaged my dick, working around it, cleaning it up.

“This is so filthy!” groaned Mrs. Albertson. “I love it!”

“Yes!” I panted, trembling as I plowed into her. “Oh, it's good.”

I ripped out of her pussy, my dick dripping in her juices. I readjusted. It was easy, Mrs. Albertson's hands keeping Janice's butt-cheeks spread wide apart, and plunged into the daughter's quivering asshole. I sank into her velvety depths.

“Ooh, yes, yes, yes, she's back in me, Mom!” she howled. “Oh, damn, I'm cumming again.”

“That's so hot,” Dona moaned beside us as I buggered Janice hard and fast. “Ooh, yes, yes, yes, cum in her asshole, Becky. I'm going to lick her clean.”

“Yes!” Chris groaned. “Oh, fuck, yes!”

“Ooh, honey, add your cum to my pussy's sloppy depths!” whimpered Tiffany.

I shivered, the debauchery in the hotel room, our reunion orgy, burning around me. I loved it. I pumped my cock hard and fast into Janice's asshole, pressing her atop her writhing mother. I groaned, my pussy growing tighter, my ovaries boiling.

I exploded.

My cum fired out of my futa-dick.

Waves of euphoric darkness washed across my visions.

Stars danced across my vision.

Pussy juices gushed down my thighs.

I reveled in the rapture crashing through my body. It was incredible. It was stupendous. My eyes rolled back in my head. My heart hammered in my chest. I groaned and whimpered, my dick throbbing in Janice's bowels as her writhing asshole milked my cock dry.

“Damn,” I groaned, trembling. “Oh, it's so wonderful to be back with you all.”

“Uh-huh,” Tiffany moaned as she and her husband cuddled together.

“Ooh, rip out of her asshole so I can enjoy her!” Dona moaned, licking her lips.

I did, grunting as my cock slid out of Janice's bowels. Kurt's step-sister scrambled off his mother and knelt beside us, wiggling her ass at Dona. She bent down and buried her face between Janice's butt-cheeks, licking up my cum.

I shivered, satiated for the moment, but just knowing that Rosemary was out there, that there was this unbred woman in need of my futa-cum, made my dick ache and throb. I would need pussy around me at all time.

Pussy that I could breed. I loved Dona and Mrs. Albertson, Janice and Tiffany, but they were already impregnated by me. I'd knocked them up once. I'd never had a woman conceive a second child with me. So they weren't what I truly craved.

Rosemary was in this hotel somewhere. I wanted to go find her. I ached for it. but I wanted to keep my promise. I had to keep it. I wouldn't let Kurt down.

So I looked down at his mother quivering before me, her pussy needing to be filled with cum. I slammed into her flesh with my cock dirty with her step-daughter's asshole. The MILF groaned as I filled her, a big smile crossing her lips as she buffed my futa-dick clean. Her large breasts bounced as I plowed into her while her hot snatch gripped me.

It had to do. For now.


April 17th, 2047

“The promise was very important to you,” Adelia said, her voice grave.

“Of course. Kurt's special.” I smiled, glancing out at the studio audience. “He's the only guy I ever made love to. My first time. And you never forget that, do you?”

“No,” Adelia said, a soft smile spreading on her lips, her eyes growing distant for a moment. “No, you don't.”

I didn't know if she was remember her first time ever, or our first time when she interviewed me nineteen or so years ago. “So I would do anything for him. It scared me that I might hurt him. What really worried me was the wedding the next day. I knew any hotel conference room wouldn't be too big. What if I couldn't keep far enough away from Rosemary. She might just lose control in the middle of the ceremony and fuck me. As I fucked Mrs. Albertson, I could only think about Rosemary in her wedding white, looking so yummy.”

“But Kurt had a plan?” Adelia asked.

“I just hoped it would be enough.”

To be continued...
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