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Our hero goes parkour. Is he over his homophobia?
The Eleventh Elven Elevation Chapter 6 Interlude

“Keep waving air to them, please. They are not asleep. I think they are in some kind of shock. Has anybody seen what has happened to them?”

“They were mumbling something about being on a train and I think they were astonished how fast we were going. The acceleration made the girl cry out, but after we took off I have not heard a thing from them. Will you thank the captain for the safe trip from us miss?”

“Yes, I will, thank you. Miranda, can you please help me with these people, I seem to be unable to wake them. A wet towel might help.”

“That was a good idea, Chloe, a wet towel. Both their eyes are opening.”

“Wha…? Huh..? Are we leaving already?”

“No sir, we have arrived in Seattle, please get your belongings and follow the other passengers.”

“Cindy, come. We have to go. The train has already stopped in Seattle. We have to get off the train. Cindy. Wake up, Cindy. We are in Seattle.”


Cindy and Alex arrived in their room in

“Chapeaux to Pedro, our gopher in the bank. He did a wonderful job. This room is nicer than the one we had in Caracas. What? Is it another hotel? And this is? Four seasons! Oh, how nice. How about we negotiate a long-term contract for this room.”

“Ok. But did you see the price of this room? We would almost spend a cheque per year on living alone. We would be out of money in 800 years or something.”

“Alex, we will be dead in 100 years. Who cares?”

“Let us go down and ask.”


“What do you mean it is not possible? Why don’t you make it possible? Oh, because it is a suite but with the penthouse, we can? Do we have to buy it? Only 7 million dollars? I would agree, but I want free drinks and food served in our room, always. Complimentary from The Four Seasons, one-year free food and drinks with a maximum of two guests per day.”

“Yes. We can agree to that. And I want to do today what common people do on an ordinary day, what would you recommend? An alien sighting? From Alaska. Yes, I think that must be something. How about we go check out an alien Cindy. The man says we have to go to the University Park. A parkour is being organized with an alien participating. It says so on flyers on all the trees around here.”



The Eleventh Elven Elevation Chapter 6



< Anybody home? >

< I’m in the pool, sir > Mr. Merculief thought back.

< Set up a massage table and get some soothing oils. I’ve got a splitting headache. I want you to rub it out. >

< Instantly, sir. I will see you in a moment, sir. >


< Bhavishya, you absorbed the knowledge of 4 professors today. I would not recommend you do that again. Enjoy your massage, son. >

< Thanks Amaqjuaq. Aaah, you have magical fingers Mr. Merculief. This feels nice. >

< I learned to massage when I was enlisted with the army sir, I served with a man of Chinese origin. He taught me all kinds of pressure-points related to whatever ailment. Would you like me to give you a full body massage, sir? >

< First my head, Mr. Merculief, I only want to keep my eyes closed. >

Actually, this does not feel bad, I thought. This guy knows what he is doing. He relieves me in places I did not know I needed relief. Hmmm, full body massage, he said? Perhaps I will allow him to. Damn, do his hands feel good or do his hands feel good?

< Proceed, Mr. Merculief. You are doing a good job. I like it. My headache is gone. What a relief. You made me a happy man, Mr. Merculief. >

< Oh no, sir. I did not make you happy yet but I will if I may. >

Huh? What? Is he? < Yes. > He is oiling my groin. Uhnghhmmm, now I’m erected. What is that greasy feeling? Uh oh, oil on my dick. I must have the girls do that to me as well sometimes. Unghmmm.

< I love your cock, sir. It is much bigger than mine. Holding your cock is sensational, sir. Thank you for allowing me to touch you, sir. I love you, master. Do I have permission to extend this massage with pleasuring you with my mouth, sir? Please? >

Suddenly I didn’t mind a guy was pleasuring me. < Yes, continue, Mr. Merculief. Is that your tongue or … Are you humming, Mr. Merculief? >

“Hhhhuuuuummmmmmmmmm. Hhhhuuuuummmmmmmmmm. Hhhhuuuuummmmmmmmmm.”

< You know any tricks to prolong an ejaculation, Mr. Merculief? You are doing a too good a job at the moment. >

< Yes sir, it helps when I squeeze here and keep some pressure at this point, sir. It is best when you do Kegel exercises yourself, sir. I would advise you to train your pubococcygeus muscle, sir. >

Shit, I knew that from Professor Snoddart. The third professor today. Oh, she knows a lot about sex, now let me see…. Aha, the prostate. Interesting.

< Insert a finger into my anus, Mr. Merculief. Inside, to the front, you can feel my prostate. Stimulate me there, Mr. Merculief. >

< That will not prolong your ejaculation, sir. >

< No, it does not. Do not make a mess, swallow everything! >

< Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. >

Yes, up mine. His middle finger in my anus! Oh. Uh oh. Oh, my god! That feels good! What? He is deepthroating me now! There it comes! I’m coming! Way too soon. What a waste.

“Unghnmmm. Oooohhh. Aahhhh. Oohhhh. Aarghhhh. Unngghhmmmmmmmmm.”

< Mr. Merculief. >

< Yes, sir. >

< You have my permission to go wank yourself. Go sit on that bench over there and spray your cum on yourself. Don’t soil the floor with your spunk. I guess you have built some leeway with me. >

< Thank you, sir, thank you, sir. You are wonderful, sir. I love you, sir. I do. I really do. >


Damn, this is bliss.

< Girls, did you get what just happened? I think I was in time to share my feelings with you. >

< Yess mmastehhr. I t-think weehhh were hall blessed. I hahhd to stop thehh cahhrr. Ihh suhhdenlyhh hhhad a mahhssihhve ohhrgahhsmmm, uhnghnmm. Thank you for sharing, master. >

< From me too, master. >

< And me, sir. Please warn me next time sir. I’m shopping and my cum is running down my legs. Thank you, sir, this was a nice surprise. >

< Sir, I’m yanking like crazy but I can’t find my relief. Could you please talk nasty to me? I think that would massively help, sir. >

“Walk your python, wanker. Can’t you stand your own heat, bitch? How about me fucking your skull? Why don’t you put a finger up your ass?”

“Ughnmm, ughnmm, ughnm, uhg, ugh. Thank you, sir.”

< Clean up your mess, bitch. You will take a shower before you are allowed in the pool. >

< Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.>

“Mr. Merculief. In the BDSM scene, participants have lists available stating personal preferences, what they like, what they don’t like, what they absolutely don’t want to happen to them, etc. Find such a checklist, fill it in and hand it over to me. I want it before tomorrow evening.”

“Sir, I’m your slave. I will gladly accept everything you throw at me.”

“You are disobedient, stupid bitch. I want the list, but your window to fill it in has now been shortened to one hour.”

“Please excuse me, sir, I have to fill in a list.”

“A second bitch. Download the list and print one for all the girls as well.”

“Yes, sir. Consider it done, sir.”

< Ladies, Mr. Merculief will hand you over a checklist. I want the list filled in tonight from you all. >


Claudia made an entrance in the pool while I was resting of my 2 miles of lapping. She approached me on her high-heels, swaying her hips putting models to shame,

<Master, I can give you my list now. I carry it always with me. I have daydreamed a lifetime of what I allow a powerful person can have me do. I made my list years ago together with my mother. I think she is more thrilled than I am. >

“Stop walking Claudia. As sexy as it may be but I don’t want somebody walking on high-heels in the pool. Take them off now! It is much too dangerous.”

< Girls, Claudia dared to walk into the pool-house on high-heels just yet. Don’t ever let me catch any of you doing that. Everybody wears slippers. They are available. Use them! >

< Yes, master >, the other three ladies acknowledged. < Yes, sir >, Mr. Merculief thought to me.

Claudia took her pumps of, walked back to the entrance of the pool, slid both her feet in slippers and came back to take a position at my side. She was wearing something interesting. From a small piece of cloth around her neck came three pieces of the same see-through silk down her body. Two pieces on the front, and one piece on her back. The two pieces on her front were connected loosely just under her breasts and on the same height with the one piece on her back. Both pieces on the front were making a big Y to cover her crotch as well. Basically, the dress had a split on both sides from her toes to her ribs and a décolleté from her neck to her navel. The girl in the dress added a story worth to those of Scheherazade’s, making them 1002 nights. She took her position on her knees, offering me three sheets of paper on her extended hands. I stood up swinging my resurrected erection straight from my groin, bouncing him in front of her face, her hungry eyes following my dancing appendage. Once in a while, she tried to capture my dick with her tongue. Because of a lack of success, she kept trying. I accepted the sheets of paper and scanned Claudia’s mind for the choices she made. Yes, it was all filled in truthfully. She was clearly not into pain, so when I needed to punish her, spanking, caning, or whipping would be a good idea. The moment I was looking at her choice pertaining humiliation, she got hold of my dick and started to suck like it was a matter of life and death.

“Is that the best you can do, slut? Take it deeper and hum while you suck,” Claudia took to fellatio like a moth to a flame.

Honesty is important but at this moment I wanted her confused. Acting dissatisfied I yanked myself from her throat and exited her mouth saying, “we have to be in the park in half an hour, dress more decent and wait for me at the door.” I could hear her walking away and I added; “and clean out your cunt, Cunt, I can hear you sloshing from here.”

< Bhavishya, if I am not the one to educate you, you have nobody. I think you should consider taking the checklists of your thralls with more consideration. Yes, I agree, the girl is tremendously aroused because of you humiliating her. You would have got the same result with infinite subtler comments. Think of ascending a staircase. You skipped 5 steps in one. >

< Thank you Amaqjuaq. You are being helpful. I understand. Now I know why you always say; Practice is when everything works like a charm but nobody knows why things work and theory is when you know everything works but nobody knows why everything is working. >

< So know you think you know everything……. Dream on, boy. >


Together with Claudia, we walked into the park. There was a large attendance already.

“ I never thought parkour to be this popular.”

“It is not, sir. Thank you for only looking at me. I don’t mind. I know I’m worth it but you might want to check out those flyers. They are on every tree.”

I looked around and indeed. I did take the flyers for granted, being mesmerized with Claudia. She donned the y-dress and was now wearing a tight halter top above a miniskirt in offending coloring, walking on Roman sandals. No sandals don’t have heels I corrected myself. Roman pumps. Claudia was floating on her Roman pumps. I could not draw my eyes away from the strings of the pumps. They were connected to the soles and weaved up her legs all the way up to disappear under her miniskirt.

< Do the strings from yours pumps woven to under your miniskirt accidentally meander to suspenders, Claudia? >

< Not accidentally, master. I had them made intentionally so, master. No, that is a half-truth. I assisted Portia making them. >

< Claudia, you look extremely fuckable with those shoes and woven strings into suspenders to under your skirt. < Mr. Merculief, come to the parkour, I need you to bodyguard Claudia. > Wilma, come to the parkours. Portia is a genius designer. Come market her talent. I do not care how but makes us rich. This girl is onto something. >>

It wasn’t until now I paid some attention to the flyers.

In bold characters it said on an A4-sheet;

Alien sighting in Seattle


University Park



Now I saw the flyers everywhere. An alien. Interesting. Really, a talented family, those Holleeders. I wondered if Mike had a marketing or advertising background or maybe both.

< What is Mike’s major Claudia? >

< Advertising with a minor in Public Relations. Why? Is something the matter? >

< Don’t you worry >, I thought to her rubbing her right buttock. If looks could kill, I was now being rayed to death from envy with all mail alien spotters in the park.

< Right over there, master. Look, Mike, and Portia. >

After giving Mike a high-five, mentioning his alien promotion project and giving Portia a hug I said to Portia, “do you have an income from your designing work, Portia?”

“No, nothing, Girt. There is not much I can show off. I cannot afford materials and people are not that easily enticed by drawings alone.”

“I will introduce you to a lady going by the name of Wilma Cuch. Stay close. Do you have some pictures of your work with you?”

“Yes, see”, grabbing her portfolio from her bag.

“Wow. This is even better than the stockings-shoes to suspending-thingy Claudia is wearing. How come these things are not available on the market yet?”

“If you know someone who can afford a launch of my fashioning, let me know.”

“I think it will do you good to talk to Ms. Wilma Cuch.”

“So, you’re not mad at me anymore for apping away our first date?”

“No, I have never been mad. Are you still mad at me for standing you up?”

“No, how can I. All I want is you to fuck me. Kind of hopeless, now you are dating my sister.”

< Embrace your sister, Claudia. She needs a hug. >

< She needs a hug from you, with some shagging. Why don’t you make her day? >

< It wasn’t a request, slut. >

“Sis, what are you doing? Oh, a hug. That’s nice. Why?”

“For the pumps. They are so sexy. Girt has requested for a bodyguard because of them.”

“You don’t need a bodyguard because of the shoes, silly. You need a bodyguard for being you. Damn, I’m your sister and I get aroused only looking at you. I would almost dare you to feel what a hug from you does to my cunt.”

“Now you get me hot as well, thank you. I want to go swimming, you want to join me? I don’t care for this alien nonsense Mike has come up with. And I don’t care for this parkour either.”

“Swimming? There isn’t a pool in the neighborhood, is there?”

“I have access to a private pool. It is in the fraternity I live in.”

“Don’t you mean a sorority, being a girl?”

“Well, put it that way, I guess we are talking of a ‘fratority’ with only Girt and me being the members. And with all the ladies he’s fucking, you might state it’s a private whorehouse.”

“Wait, are you sharing Girt with others?”

Claudia now whispered in Portia’s ear,

“I would not say sharing, it is more a commanding kind of thing. You know what we dreamed about all of our lives?”

“You have found a dominant worth finding?”

“If Girt Adakai is not a natural born dominant, none exists, Portia.”

“Have you told mammy yet, like we promised, should we find someone?”

“No, Portia. I want you to test the waters first.”

“Test the waters? Have sex with him you mean?”

“No. It was your own mama to teach you BDSM is not about sex. It is the powerplay we love. And we happened to fall on the submission side of the BDSM spectrum. We have to use a dominant tool to masturbate ourselves with and reach our best gratification. I think Girt is a wonderful dominant. Do you see my bodyguard behind me?”

“That is one hunk of a guy. He is out of this world but he seems a little gay to me. Is he a bodyguard? Are you sure?”

“Didn’t you see Girt wasting Mario? It was that gay guy to teach Girt those moves. And he’s Girt’s bitch as well.”

“No, he’s not. Is Girt gay or is he looking on his side of the fence as well?

“Sissy. BDSM, remember. It is not about sex. It is the powerplay. The guy was almost begging Girt to deepthroat him.”

“DEEPTHR….,” <<slap>>, “Shut up, not so loud, idiot. Do you have your checklist with you?”

“Of course. Mammy would kill us if I did not.”

“Go over to Girt and hand him your checklist.”


“Alex, I’m so fucking horny.”

“Yes, I can smell it. I think our target is in this park. For no reason, I’m erected. It is worse than being near the Queen. Unghmm, I’m leaking precum like never. I hate those human protocols, I want to fuck. I want to fuck you now.”

“Yes, Alex, find us a spot where I can bend over and you can fuck silly old me from behind. People or no people around, this is unbearable.”


Hmm. Odd. I did not move my radar and yet I felt some black entities walking in the park. Can I spot them? Yes! There! What an odd couple. It must be them. What are they doing? Let me scan their mind.

Whooah. That’s heavy. They are almost ready to fornicate in plain daylight with all these people around. They are Elvish, that’s obvious. I’d better get their memories, there, and push this to them,

< I’m not the one you are looking for >, without waving my hand too obvious.


“Girt, Girt.”

‘Mike. Hello. How ‘re doing dude?”

“Good to see you. You ‘re on in one minute. I’ve arranged for cameras and all. Man, we are going to rock the world today. Go fuck that shit man, you’re going to do it. Are you in the zone? Yes? Just do what you did yesterday.”

Suddenly I knew what I had to do and in my run to the first obstacle, I made sure to be a little bit off with my jump having the effect that everyone would think I stumbled and tripped. Like a professional WWF wrestler, I clashed into the obstacle full on top of it. I made sure the obstacle took the brunt of my speed and I only had exactly the right amount of momentum to roll over the obstacle, falling on the ground on the other side, seemingly unconscious. There, all rumors of aliens buried in the downfall of one student caught on camera. Before I could get up, Claudia, Portia, Alasie, Daphne, Mike, Mr. Merculief and Wilma were all over me.

< I’m alright. I did it on purpose to downplay the alien hype. Just help me up and support me home. I will act like it hurts like I am an old man. >

“Aargh, the pain. Ouch, my knee. I think I bruised my knee. Help me get home. No, I did not hit my head, see, I’m sticking one finger up to you. The middle one. Just help me get home.”

< Amaqjuag. Two Elves from that blank entity in the south, southwest, are here in University Park. They are looking for me. Listen, they have an assignment from their Queen, yes, Queen with a capital Q. They are to abduct me and take me to her in Caracas. Apparently, they think that I become their thrall when their piss will hit my skin. At the moment they are incapacitated. It seems that being in my neighborhood makes them horny on levels never seen. They were about to fuck in public. Yes, really, see? What do you make of this? >

< Sorry son. You have to go get intel on them yourself. I know nothing of other Elvish communities. Make sure you keep them on your radar. >

< Wilma, have you spoken with Portia? >

< Not yet, master. >

< Mr. Merculief, I have learned there is a couple in town from a hostile Elvish community having their base near Caracas. They have access to 600 million dollars, deposited in the Bank of America. Their names are Alex Cindy and Cindy Alex. See to it we get a hold of that money. Use your contacts with The Bank of America and contact the pair, Mr. Merculief. See to it you get power of attorney over that money. >

I scanned for the whereabouts of my Caracas’ friends. They were on their way back to their hotel. The Four Seasons. Good. They would not bother me today.

< Mr. Merculief. You can find them in the Four Seasons hotel. They have bought a penthouse in it for 7 million dollars. You’d better hurry before the money is gone. >

< Sir. Yes, sir. >

< Master, my sister has something for you, she < Not now Claudia> but my sister wants to < Claudia! You are a bad girl. Your behavior is intolerable. Go buy a cane I can punish you with. Have Portia come with you and have her buy a cane too. Buy a third. For your mother. I’m upset with her for raising such incorrigible cunts. Tomorrow, at 10:00h you are in your most submissive position on the mat in the room next to the pool. Nude! The same goes for your mother and sister. The three of you will present me your canes. Sleep in your own bed in your mother’s home tonight. >

< Wilma, go with Claudia and Portia. They are both to buy a cane and a cane for their mother. Tomorrow morning at ten o’clock there‘ll be a collective punishment in the room next to the pool. I advise you to buy a cane as well but your presence tomorrow morning is not required. Poll Portia for a designer’s position with the company you are to set-up. Use Victoria’s Secret as a concept. Name it something like Portia’s Shrouds. The things Portia designs are in a niche market. Make her an offer she cannot refuse. Offer something like a million dollar. Prepare a launch somewhere in that direction. >

< Yes, master. All that can be done in a month. >

< You have two weeks Wilma. >


There they were. Three ladies. Nude. On their knees and bent over. Six buns sticking in the air. A dripping cunt under the middle of each pair. Two sisters and their mother. The visible vibration of each pair of lips excitingly resonating with the other pairs as if there was a connection between them.

“Aren’t you cunts aware that this session is to set you straight? I don’t think it is appropriate you cunts are oozing your horniness.”

Three pairs of buns contracted visibly. I stuffed two fingers in the two outside cunts easily and offered it to the mouth of the person in the middle. The mother of the two girls eagerly licked my fingers clean, knowing those fingers were in her daughter’s cunts a moment before. Now my fingers scooped some fluids from the two girls on the right offering the product to the girl on the left. Portia eagerly licked the familiar fluids. I told them a third serving was not to come with three yearning sighs as the result.

“Claudia. Tell me in three sentences what you are doing here and why is your ass functioning as a barrier to the air-conditioning flow?”

“Master, this is my most submissive posture. All three holes for your pleasure. I did not please you yesterday. Please accept my cane and punish me accordingly.”

“What is your age, Claudia?”

“I am 21 years old, master.”

“21 Strokes then. With the cane. Count every stroke and thank me for each stroke. Woe to you if you was to cry out or to miscount a stroke.”

“One, thank you, master.”

“Two, thank you, master.”



“Eiiigtteeehn, t-thank y-you m-mas-s-t-ter.”


“Twentyii-i-one, t-t-t-hnahank youhou mahaster.”

I laid my hand on Claudia’s vulva and indeed. She was dried up. Caning Claudia clearly counted towards a punishment.

“Claudia, you did well. Hold your position. Open your mouth wide.”

I inserted a ball gag and fastened it behind her head. I lifted her head and shoved a bowl under her face to catch all drool. With a large glob of Calendula, I soothed the red marks on Claudia’s ass.

“Portia, what happened and why are you offering me your ass together with a cane.”

“Sir, first I was ignoring you on a date. I am afraid I insulted you with my behavior. My biggest mistake was to try to dominate you via my sister. I need penitence for my sins, sir. Please accept this cane to punish me with. Please accept me. Please consider me yours.”

“What is your age, Portia?”

“I am 23 years old, sir.”

“23 Strokes it will be then. I will give them with your cane. Count every stroke out loud and thank me for each stroke. Woe to you was you to cry out or to miscount a stroke.“

While talking I heard Portia inhale sharply. She and I both knew that with me continuing this ritual I had accepted Portia as my sub. I pretended not to hear her saying I was to consider her mine. I threw their mother a blindfold and without anybody saying something the mother put it on, accepting my guidance for now with this one gesture. I seated myself in front of her on my knees. With one hand I grabbed as much hair as I could and with my other hand under her shoulder aligned her with my cock. She placed her hands in front of my knees, almost not touching them. Rolling from her hips forward and backward and with her head continuously turning she fucked and screwed me with her mouth. This woman was a pro. I cupped my hand on the floor beneath her and once she felt her nipples caressing my hands she exaggerated her rolling motion from her hips making her tits almost abusing my hands. I indulged her this little victory. She did not know I now had her memory absorbed. How could she know I now knew she loved this game of domination. I gave her a clue by forcibly pinching both nipples, holding them for a few rolling moves. This girl not only got off on humiliation. This girl could also orgasm on her cane. This was an all-around slut. I read in her mind she sensed my ejaculate coming. I withhold my pubococcygeus for five seconds and thought of Mr. Merculief with a mustache on his dick. I almost went flaccid panicking the mother of both girls, making her shift into higher gearing. It all went downhill for her when I extracted my dick from her grip. She toppled on her tits prolonging the contact while I was moving back and away from her and she gave a yelp while smashing them tits on the floor. 1-0 to Girt. As a reward, I gave her a ball-gag like Portia had. The blindfold remained. I went around to check and feel up her cunt. Sweet and overflowing. 2-0 to Girt. I picked up Portia’s cane.

“One sir, thank you, sir,” she said with too much defiance to my liking.

Thank you, professor Snoddard, for your knowledge. Instead of being an eighteen-year-old wt behind his ears, I felt being a true dominant on the cutting-edge of his game. Her defiance got her a twice as hard a stroke as the first one and Portia yelped ‘Two, Sir, thank you, sir,’ in a high-pitched voice. During Portia’s first defiant counting and my subsequent hard hit, I noticed an audible extended exhale from the mother and a reward for her was due coming. 3-0 to Girt.

“You, Hag. What is your common first-name?”

“My common first-name is Wanda, sir.”

“No, it is not. Whenever I want to, I will name you, Hag.”

“It is only a name, sir.”

“Do you have any idea, why I name you, Hag, Hag.”

“No sir, I am at a loss, sir.”

“I name you, Hag because that is what you are. An ugly old witch. A hag, Hag.”

I pulled Claudia away from her bowl placing her head on the lower back of her mother making the drool drip on and in her asshole and subsequently having the drool mixing with the ooze from her mother’s cunt.

And brought my attention back to Portia with a lot less force;

“Three, sir, thank you, sir.”



“Twenty-two, sir. Thank you, sir.”

“Twenty three, sir. Thank you, sir.”

I welcomed a soothing sigh from Portia after smearing a big glob of Calendula on her assaulted ass.

< Master, is it okay for me to interview Portia now? >

< Oh yes, she is prepped and ready. Waiting for you in the meditation room next to the pool. >

Again I assumed my kneeling position in front of the Hag.

“Portia, come crawling here, close to me and your mother. Tell me, Hag, why are you drooling in a bowl while your ass is sticking in the air?” I said petting her face with my dick. Portia had arrived and I continued, “Portia, whenever you see a drop of precum coming, suck it up. When you do, make it an audible display especially for your mother.

“Because I want to, sir,” Wanda said when her daughter’s head swallowed my dick, some slurping sounds became obvious and a few moments later my dickhead came up again together with Portia ’s tongue loudly licking her lips while inhaling sharply.

I moved to behind Wanda, removing the gag and asked, “How old are you, Hag?”

“I am 39 years old, sir.”

I knew what she liked and did not like. Caning was a reward for this one, but;

“Then 39 fucks in your ass it is,” pressing my dick to her sphincter. Claudia anticipated her mother’s predicament and smeared handfuls of spit on my dick and around her mother’s brown pucker.

“Sir, that’s not fair,” she sobbed.

“Right, that will make 45 fucks in your ass. Assistants are available to help me.”

“One, sir. Thank you, sir.”

“No, Hag. Not yet. You are speaking before your turn. That will make 46 fucks in your ass. I will give you a choice; Either a fuck in your ass counts as one when you have been penetrated fully and subsequently the dick has vacated your ass completely or a fuck in your ass counts as one when you manage to squeeze the cum out of the penetrating dick. Take your time with your choice and remember this fuck does not count.”

Wanda kept her mouth shut. The sensible slut. It was evident whom Claudia got her intellect from. I saw her thinking; << What can he do when a fuck does not count until a dick has penetrated my ass fully. Damn. He can fuck my ass into eternity if he never penetrates fully.

“Sir, please define penetrate fully?”

“Yes, Hag. That’s an arbitrary one, isn’t it? Let’s agree upon when my dickhead becomes invisible for me. All you need to do is trust me in this.”

My dick decided that was the moment the defending force of Wanda’s sphincter to be insufficient. It slowly sank into her ass. Slurping spit with it. The sphincter absorbed my dickhead. Completely. The sphincter absorbed a whole lot more of my dick after a dozen slow thrusts into her ass.

“Come in,” I said when I heard a knock on the door.

Wilma joint us in the room.

“Good morning, master. Good morning, ladies,” extracting a politeness from all of us in return.

Wanda continued her negotiation,

“ Sir, please define ‘dick’ and I want dildo’s and pleasure egg’s, or whatever artificial material resembling a dick excluded. And I want it to count as two fucks when a dick deflates in my ass. That would only be fair.”

“My dear hag, fairness is an illusion you create for yourself. I do not deal with fairness. I’ll go with the deflation argument but only when it deflates before an ejaculation. There is only me, telling you what to do and then there are you asking or preferably begging me to do something to you. Wilma, undress and lay down on the bed with Portia. Make sure to apply a lot of Calendula on her buns. So, Hag, do you choose penetration or are you still in doubt over the ejaculation option?”

“I choose option 1. The penetration with deflation option counting for two fucks.”

“Beg me for it. Or else, I might make your choice for you.”

“Please, sir. Will you please fuck my anus 46 times as punishment for spoiling my daughters?”

“Is that all you want from me, Hag?”

“Please, sir. Will you please let me come more often, sir?”

“Do you want to come more often as in you are not getting enough, slut. Or do you want to come here more often to kneel before me.”

“Both, sir. Both. Please?”

“And what do you offer me when you are in this house?”

“I offer you myself. Sir. You can have it all. Damn it, I wanted to exclude my ass, but with 46 ass-fucks to go, that will not stand. And surprisingly, I kind of like this.”

“Tell me something new, Hag. My legs are soaked. Claudia. Clean my legs before your mother’s fluids dry up.”

“I don’t think my mother will ever dry up for you, master,” Claudia quipped.

Once more I checked Wanda’s thoughts and learned she was tightening her ass instead of relaxing. I set a new course of events in motion.

“How many orgasms did you have, Hag.”

“I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t count them, sir. More than 10. That’s for sure.”

“For a hag, you are not too bad, Hag. You may return next week for a private session. You are welcome to use the pool whenever you want. But whenever you are here, consider yourself to be available for my pleasure.”

“I will take you up on your offer, sir.”

“Oh, and tell your hubby, Portia is to live her together with Claudia. Tell him they can chaperone on each other.”

I freed myself from Wanda’s ass. I thought it’s just not me. Or maybe her ass was just too tight.

“Hag, go buy a few dildos and eggs in different circumferences. See to it they are not bigger than my cock and start practicing with them in your ass. Your ass is uncomfortable tight and you are going to accommodate me.”

“Yes. Master.”

“Claudia, clean my cock with a washcloth. Then I want to fuck your cunt. Take the same position you had at the start of this session. Hag, you are going to lick my balls while we are at it. Lie down here.”



Chapter 7 is in the making. After Chapter 8 and perhaps chapter 9 the introducing will be done and the story gets unfold in the next parts.
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