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She continued, "It took years for me to become in control of my life
Ben, 18, walked home from what felt like the longest day ever of school. When he walked through the front door, his mother was once again plunging her fingers into her silly cunt in the middle of the living room. This was not an unusual sight to him, as he had gotten used to his mom shamelessly masturbating in his presence.

Within the past year, Ben had to endure the tough divorce his parents were going through. Once his father moved out of the house though, something appeared to change in his mom Kristin; she began to take on a more rebellious side. She started acting up at work, which got her fired. Then, she decided to use some of the divorce settlement money to get a boob job which enhanced her breasts from a modest B cup to a dumbfounding 32F. On top of all of this she started to not care about anything she said or did, especially around her son.

Ben was again embarrassed when he walked into the house that afternoon. Not because his mom had no sense of modesty, but because he always had a raging hard-on at the sight of seeing his big-titted, sex-doll looking mother stuffing her fingers into her wet slit. Ben didn't want his mother to know how sexually attracted he was to her; so he'd always steal a few glances when he got home from school, then try to subtly run upstairs soon afterwards to erupt into one of her oversized bras. Today was no different.

Even though Kristin had lost all her inhibition, she still had a mother's intuition. She knew that her son was running upstairs to release his pent up fuck sauce, and that it was always his busty mommy who was making him lose control of his hormones. Thinking about this frequently led the oversexed mother to an earth shattering orgasm.

In the three weeks since her son turned 18, Kristin had systematically tried to make him become as sex-crazed as her. The busty mother always wore revealing clothing around the house, which made her 5'4, 110 lb frame look all the more for fucking. She would also shamelessly watch porn and masturbate in front of her son in an attempt to make his cock twitch. She was pleased of her progress, as Ben often couldn't last more than a couple of minutes in those sessions before leaving the room abruptly to blast his cum everywhere. She wanted her son to obsess about her sexually, so that he would eventually become a shameless incestuous nymphomaniac with her.

An obstacle in the way was that her son was always quite shy and extremely naive. Ben had come to believe that his mother's blatant teasing was either an attempt to give him more confidence, or that it was her way of telling him that there was no need to be embarrassed about sex. It didn't seem to work however, as he was often intimidated of being in the presence of the hottest woman he'd have ever seen. Because of the taboo nature, Ben was far too petrified to act on his impulses and fuck the living shit out of his mother. His head was telling him that it wasn't normal for sons to insert their strapping cocks into their incredibly busty mommies, but his cock always throbbed unbearably at the thought.

Ben didn't know what to think of his affections toward his mother Kristin. It never used to be this way, but her change in attitude (and newly surgically enhanced tits) suddenly made her irresistible to him. Kristin also picked up the habit of talking in the third person by calling herself "mommy." Ben couldn't explain why he found that last part so hot, but it led to an addiction in browsing incest porn on his computer.


When Kristin called Ben down for dinner later that evening, she acted as if nothing had happened earlier that afternoon once again. At dinner, Kristin wore a top that made her big breasts unavoidable. She paired it with a tight short skirt that made her heart-shaped, boner-inducing ass far too easy to ogle. Her son sat at the table mesmerized by her figure.

Ben was always nervous (and a little excited) during dinner conversation because his mom had no filter while talking to him. She would normally complain about how horny she was, and how her slutty pussy kept her from doing any household chores that day.

The two managed a couple minutes of normal mother/son dialogue this time around, until there was silence on both ends.

When Kristin started up again she unexpectedly asked her son, "did you remember to put my missing bra back into your dresser drawer after you gave it a fresh coat of semen?"

Ben was caught. No words were able to escape his lips because he was so stunned at the content and vulgarity of the comment.

After the most awkward pause of his life, Ben was finally able to stammer, "mom...I, I don't know what to say."

His mother adamantly said, "don't say anything. It has just been bothering me for quite awhile sweetie that my cunt is always dripping wet and used as sexual stimulation for your pleasure, yet I've never been able to witness the manpower from that monster in your pants first hand. I wish you wouldn't hide that thing from me."

Ben's jaw dropped as his dick jetted out in one of the most painful erections of his life. Regaining his composure, he let all of it out on the table saying, "mom, I'm often too embarrassed to even be in the same room as you because I cannot stop myself from having these incestuous thoughts. While at school, all I think about is ravaging your sexy body. Photos There's nothing I'd rather do more than splatter my ejaculate all over your perfect face and porn-star tits, every time I come home and see you act like the silly fuck-slut that you've become. I want my dick to live inside your pussy."

Kristin answered back, "now we're talking. Repressing those urges is not healthy for you sweetie. If you really feel that way about your mommy, you have full permission to use me as a cum rag or cum bucket whenever you feel the urge to. I see how stressed the college process is making you honey, the least your mommy can do is empty your balls."

She continued, "It took years for me to become in control of my life, Ben. I put up with your father and my dead-end job for far too long. It does wonders for me when I prod at my demanding cunt until my body physically can't orgasm anymore. Anytime you feel the slightest bit of horniness, I want you to come to your mommy. Is that understood?"


At this point, Ben's pants were already down around his ankles as he was pumping his cock in light of what he just heard. The mental complex that he was wrestling with in his mind completely snapped, as all he wanted to do from this point forward was to make his mother the cum deposit she so desperately wanted to be.

Kristin encouraged her son to let it all out, as this was how it was going to be from now on between them.

"Come on sweetie, explode all over your mommy's slutty face and tits like you've always dreamed of," she said.

Ben was in an absolute euphoric state, as ropes of spunk started spurting out one after another, all over his mother. At the end of it, there was an excess amount of cum all over her hair and eyes and especially all over her amazingly generous cleavage.

His mommy said, "yesss, sweetie. You really gave me a cum bath that time. I hope you will spoil me with more of your naughty fuck juice in the future."

After the two had fully calmed down from the sexually exhilarating experience, the cum covered mom added, "you're going to have to stay home from school tomorrow because I'm going to need somebody to fuck my pathetic, cock-starved pussy all day."
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