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Two bi lover moms find themselves controlled by their daughters' lusty desire for a step dad of one of the girls.

It is a chapter of much longer story started 6 years ago, but just took an unexpected turn few weeks ago.

It's real events, I hope you enjoy reading it, and don't hesitate to comment or ask any question.
once I returned back Mariana said in so joyful voice, “I’ll go too clean up and take a shower as well, the delivery should arrive in 10 min, the money is on the kitchen table.”

I replied, “Ok sweetheart.”

I stayed in the bath robe she bought for me and in less than 10 minutes the food arrived, I unpacked the boxes on the kitchen table and I waited for her till she came in.

Finally, she came to the kitchen wrapping her body in a big towel.

We started eating like wolves, she ordered too much food, salad, steaks, pasta, some appetizers, deserts.

After a while she pulled 2 cold beers from the fridge, and opened them.

While giving me my beer, she said in so happy relaxed voice, “Would you believe me if I tell you I never felt such intense orgasms, joy, pleasure and satisfaction in my entire life as I felt today.”, she added with a bitchy laugh, “I thought Saturday night was my best time ever, till half an hour ago, you are unbelievable Vally, no one gave me such satisfaction ever, no wonder Nicole and Niky are adoring you.”, she continued saying, “I love you really, and i adore you as well, really I do.”

I felt so flattered and replied, “All the pleasure is mine Mariana, as I told you before you are a fine lovely lady and I like you much.”, I added, “Sorry for the dirty talks but I need it to keep me excited,”

She came over and kissed me saying, “Never minded Vally but you are driving me crazy.”

“Why?”, I asked while smiling.

Mariana answered in firm voice, “I never met a man like you, you are so gentle, sweet talking, treating me so nicely and politely, in the same time you are so vulgar and humiliating in bed.”, she laughed loudly while saying, “Not all the times, in the morning you surprised me by making love to me, but later on you treated me like a whore, fucking me without even kissing me.”

I really laughed from my heart on her expression for a while then I asked her, “Which style do you prefer more sweetheart?”

“Honestly I like the both styles, you can do whatever you like to me the way you like Vally, l love you as you are, you are exceptional man honey,” she replied without thinking or hesitation.

I smiled saying, “ Great, thank you Mariana, you are a wonderful lady as well, you are kind, stylish, I like that much,” I paused for a moment then I said, “Mariana, you repeated more than once that you love me, what’s the point?”

“Isn’t allowed for me to love you?”, she replied seriously.

I said also in a serious voice, “You understand what I mean Mariana, you who said you are partner with Nicole and she is your best friend, beside you know everything about me.”

“I love Nicole and I love you now as well, don’t you think the heart can love more than one lover in the same time,” she replied still very seriously then added, ”I don't want to return to the 4 wives argument, but the man who is married to 4 women in your country, doesn’t he love the 4 of them in the same time?, don't they love him accepting sharing him sexually.

“You love Nicole, You love Niky as well, don’t you?”

I really smiled saying, “It is wrong argument Mariana, it's totally different situation, I’m not married to you or Niky,” I added in more serious tone, “And honestly, I don’t know if that is a love with Nicole and Niky or not, in 2014 I left to Dubai to run away from that situation, nowadays I’m feeling the need to run away again.”

Mariana was surprised with my reply, she said, “why would do that?, if I were you I just enjoy the joy of life.

“Nicole is rich and really loves you and appreciate all you are doing and did before for her and Niky, you were so kind and generous with them when you were financially in better situation.

“Believe me Vally every man in the world dream with 1% of the sex, fun and joy you are having, don’t throw that away.”

She paused for a moment before exploding laughing loudly, saying, “You hit the jackpot of fuck holes, didn’t you said that?, no one throw a jackpot winning away.”

She regained her serious tone adding, “Your wife is highly respected and successful in her career and most probably she will get her political career as well, if not, she will be retired.

“You can travel, enjoy her pension and wealth. I know what you have been through last year and how you lost everything in Dubai.”

“I understand all you are saying Mariana, but earlier you mentioned the guilt feeling, you all are using the drugs to overcome that feeling, I don’t like drugs and I’m not welling to start using them now,” I replied really sadly.

To my surprise, Marian asked me, “Why not?”, trying to explain herself, she added, “As long you can afford them you can enjoy them, Nicole has good stock,” she said so with smile on her face adding, “Both of us are capable to get them with no risk, beside they are not harmful, health wise I mean.”

“Did you finish eating?”, I asked her.

Mariana replied, “Yes, why?”

“Let’s return to the bedroom then, I need to lay down a bit and have a cigarette,” I replied.

Mariana smiled saying, “Sure, let’s move, I want to give you a massage like the one Nicole and Nike make for you.”

“Really you know everything about me, but leave the massage later on to digest the food a little bit, beside I’m enjoying talking to you, I don’t have any one knows that much about me and what’s going on with me as you are,” I said that in sincere way.

Mariana felt my sincere tone so she Kissed me for saying so.

“The charming gentle Vally is back again, you are killing me, you are so sweet,” she said that after kissing me with her bitchy loud laugh.

I kissed her back saying, “You are so lovely nice lady as well Mariana.”

I laid on the bed and lighted 2 cigarettes for us.

“So, would you like a pill?, I have few in my purse,” she asked me while looking into my eyes and smiling in seductive look.

I smiled back telling her, “No thanks Mariana, I feel great with you, beside you said you didn’t take any today”

“Yes, I didn’t, I feel great as well, I don’t need any pills while you are with me,” she said that so tenderly then with a big smile on her face she added, “ I feel just a little guilt towards Nicole, but I think after last Saturday, it’s not big deal to meet you alone without any one knowing. Don’t you think so.?”

I replied with a big laugh, “ You are a real bitch, what little guilt are you talking about”

She laughed her loud bitchy laugh.

I added, “But sure, it’s better to keep it that way and I hope you keep anything I tell you between us as well.”

“If I don’t intend to do so, I wouldn’t tell you everything in the morning,” she replied in assuring voice, then added, “Omg I was so scared you might get upset or react in different way, but you proved what you said about yourself.”

I asked her, “What did I say about myself?”

Mariana replied, “Understanding and not judgemental, by the way thank you for taking myside when we had the coffee yesterday with Niky.

“I appreciate that so much as well as Nicole, also Nicole mentioned that yesterday when she called me, and said Vally is controlling Niky very well, and she told me that Niky left to Iasi more upset because you went out without kissing her goodbye, she is so rude and so spoiled,” she added.

“You are welcome, for sure some one must leash Niky a little, she is so spoiled and she is the last one on the planet who can judge anyone else,” I commented.

Mariana smiled widely saying, “Yes, she is a terrible rude young bitch.”

“Mariana, you too can’t judge her or anyone else, that rule apply for all of us,” I said firmly.

Mariana apologised, “Absolutely, you are very right Vally, sorry.”

She leaned and kissed me for a minute or so, I kissed her back.

Then out if the sudden she said, “Vally Miruna is different than Niky, please please don’t hurt her.

“She never had any boyfriend except Alex and Alex is a young man cannot be compared with you or your stamina in any fashion.

“Even she delivered the baby through a C-section so her vagina is still intact, she is not any near experienced as Niky. Can you promise me that please Vally?”

I was surprised again with her forward talking about her daughter and assuring that me having sex with Miruna becomes an accepted fact.

“Sure, Mariana I promise you, I understand all you have said without telling me, it’s obvious, I saw her all the times with Niky, don’t worry, beside I didn’t decide yet to accept that threesome or not,” I replied after I absorbed that new surprise conversation.

Mariana seriously said, “No no please, if the girls insist enjoy yourself and have sex with them,” trying to seduce me or convenience me, she added, “Miruna just turned 18 few weeks ago, you will love her Vally for sure.”

“We will see,” I replied.

“Just be the gentle charming Vally with Miruna, with Niky you can be whoever you want,” She said that with a real slut loud laugh.

I laughed as well telling her, “You and Nicole are the strangest mothers ever, both of you say we love you, we enjoy fucking you, but please fuck my daughter as well and just have fun enjoy your self.”

“True, you are right Vally, you were asked before with almost the same words. “You are right its totally crazy.

“We both love you, we adore having sex with you and in the same time asking you fuck the young bitchs,” she replied.

“By the way on Saturday night, Niky was texting Miruna and I guess she send her some videos for our orgy as well,” I said to Mariana.

Mariana smiled saying, “Eh good, let Miruna knows what’s she up to.”

“Aren’t you concerned at all that Miruna watch what you were doing?”, I asked really surprised.

Mariana with her bitchy laugh replied, “What I was doing, I was having sex,” she laughed more loudly and more bitchy adding, “Beside I’m having sex with Miruna all the time, nothing to be ashamed of, I’m glad she saw what’s she up to, maybe she change her mind, but I know her, she wouldn't, she wants you now more than before for sure.”

She noticed the surprise on my face from her unbelievable reply, so she calmed down and stopped laughing saying, “Vally let me tell you something, I guess you know that.

“People are two types, the majority are not able to have their fantasies come true and maybe not able to have real sex at all, early marriage, conservatives, not experienced, name it as you like.

“That type are living miserably, not happy, not healthy, and you can recognise them just by looking to their face or their look.

“The other type is who are able to really live their lives and enjoy that life.

“No way any one can do so without proper continuous sex life and fulfilling whatever they fantasy about.

“Your problem as I see you ran out of fantasies I guess,” she said the last sentence with bitchy loud laugh again.

I smiled telling, “If I ran of fantasies I would not ask you to meet today Mariana.”

“Omg you are so charming and sweet Vally,” she said so approaching to kiss me.

We kissed for a while, then I told her, “I am really enjoying talking to you, I feel much relived Mariana.”

“Great, me too Vally, and forget about the sex, consider me your real friend from now on, we can talk whenever you want, and I promised you everything will be between just the two of us,” she replied seriously.

I said seriously as well, “No, I don’t want to forget about the sex with you, I liked much today, we can be real friends from now on but friends with benefits.”

I can't describe how much loudly or bitchy she laughed before saying, “I agree, friends with benefits, open benefits as you wish, whenever you wish, however you wish Vally.”

“Is the massage offer still available,” I asked smiling.

Mariana replied joyfully, “Of course Vally, whatever you want whenever you want where ever you want, I’m your friend as well as your bitch and your lover too if you accept my love.”

I just replied, “Thank you sweetheart.”

She kissed me and asked me to remove my bath robe and lay on my stomach.

I laid on the bed in the middle of it and hugged a pillow under my chin.

She unwrapped the towel from her body and got naked and laid above me.

“Am I heavy?”, She asked

I replied, “No sweetheart, it’s ok.”

She started kissing and licking my ears and my neck for some time, then slide over my body kissing and licking my shoulder, she continued to slide down while licking and kissing each inch of my back, my both sides with soft nice scratches over my back.

She reached to my butt and started light bite on my butt chicks with smooth kiss after each bite, she took some time on my butt chicks before moving down on my right leg licking and kissing each point of my leg till she reached my right feet.

She took my right leg up and bent it from my knee and started sucking my foot fingers, licking between them, she took quite time doing so.

I was really enjoying her touches.

She continued biting and licking all my right foot, then she left my left leg as well to bent it as my right leg.

She repeated the same sucking, liking and biting my left feet, for some time. She inserted both my thumps inside her mouth and sucked them and gave them more attention.

It felt so great.

She laid my legs back down and started going up through my left leg, licking and kissing each point of my leg as she did with my whole body till now.

Till she reached back to my butt, again soft bites and kisses on my butt chicks then she moved my butt chicks apart and licked between my butt chicks and my anus.

She inserted her tongue inside my asshole, I opened my legs to give more access.

She ate my asshole for about 10 minutes deep eating, I was in heaven.

She stared to pull out and lick between my butt chicks, then using her right index finger she penetrates my anus, which was so lubricated from her Silvia.

I squeezed her finger, she fingered me softly then inserted another finger and third finger.

She began twisting her three fingers inside my asshole giving my prostate very well nice massage.

She bent over and softly bite my butt chicks while twisting her fingers inside me.

After almost an hour in that massage treatment, I said, “Enough sweetheart, that was really amazing, thank you Mariana.”

She pulled her fingers out saying, “I hope you like it, I don't know if I match Nicole and Niky in their massage to you.”

“You are amazing sweetheart you are the best, I felt your passion in such wonderful massage,” I replied tenderly.

I turned on my back, I pulled her to kiss her so intensely even she tastes as my asshole but I needed to appreciate her long passionate massage.

I positioned her over my super hard dick by now, and just inserted my dick inside her soaking wet pussy.

“Omg, again Vally?”, she said while letting out a so nice moan, then she laughed saying, “That was free massage I got many friend benefits today.”

I replied, “But I didn't get enough from you yet.”

She kissed me so passionately for a min or so while moving her hips to accommodate my cock inside her vagina more deeply.

After the kiss, she said laughing, “I really enjoyed giving you that massage, fingering your asshole was so exciting, you have a nice hot butt Vally.”

She kissed me again then surprised me by saying, “Please don’t cum again with me, Nicole is waiting for you tonight, you didn’t touch her yesterday.”

I replied, “Unbelievable what you know about me, Nicole updates you about everything on hourly basis.”, I added, “Anyhow do not worry, I will not cum again and I’ll handle Nicole later on after dinner. Just I want to feel you little more.”

She smiled saying, “Whatever you want Vally.” , before returning to kiss me for a while.

She straighten her self over my dick, riding him for about 10 minutes.

I poisoned my finger on her clit and rubbed them nicely till she orgasmed.

She laid over my chest and I pulled out of her, we kissed again.

She smiled in total joy saying, “You are more than amazing Vally, if you were my husband I wouldn’t share you with any one.”

I checked the time, it was 17.40, I told her “I’ll take my shower, I should prepare to go.”

“Sure, honey,” she replied with that joy on her face and in her voice, adding, “Thank you Vally again and again and again.”

I kissed her and went to take my shower.

When I returned back she was dressed her sexy dress.

She said with her bitchy laugh, “I’ll take a bath at home, I want to keep your smell on me as long as I could.”

I smiled and got dressed.

She said, “I’ll leave everything till tomorrow, I’ll come to clean and arrange everything,” she laughed adding, “I’ll tell Nicole that I rented that apartment, so it become only for us whenever you like.”

“Were you coming here together?”, I asked Mariana.

Mariana laughed more loudly replying, “Yes, many times, but also, we were meeting in her apartment when you were in Dubai and Niky wasn’t home, or in my home if the kids were not there.”

I smiled saying, “Interesting.”

We left her apartment together, she offered to drive me back home, but I insisted that I need to walk to home because I need some fresh air.

“Ok Vally, we keep in touch, feel free to contact me any time day or night honey,” she said.

I replied, “For sure Mariana, thanks for everything sweetheart.”

I kissed her on her chick and left.

To be continued.
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