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Grand visions before him.
No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story.


Maximillian, the requisite ‘Max’ to those who know and work with him, is sitting in his home office, looking out his outsized window at the girls playing in the pool provided by Mr.Jensen for their entertainment [the fourteen to eighteen year olds.] He gets a considerable amount of his entertainment watching them through the one-way glass that is doubled to discourage break and enter efforts. However the girls outside can sometimes see his shadow through the glass and therefore know that he is in there and watching them other times, too.

Mr. Jensen is not the totally anal type about all the units to have to look the same, but even then Max had to get special permission for his very outsized window that he petitioned for because of the time he spent in his office. He was sure that Mr. J. also intuitively knew of his other interest, too. But, since playing in the sexual mode with underage girls was not out of Marty’s interest either, he wasn’t going to interfere with Max’s fun as long as no one got hurt. Though Mr. J. was a pervert, he was a very gentle and protective one.

Max loved the idea of ‘woman’ but was very clumsy in pursuing them, so was very rarely fluffed up. He was a graduate of a fine tech school with degrees in computer coding and networking maintenance. Since he was sort of a bit creepy in his personal manner, he could only find a night-time job at a couple of the local banks, servicing and maintaining their data systems. But, he augmented his income with contract work over the internet, some of it a bit on the dark side. But, it was the only way that he could afford to lease this condo, in this fine condo complex.

In fact, the Sully Brothers had interviewed him when he put his money down ahead of the remodeling of this North side building. And had made a couple of minor changes to his unit. He had the front bedroom, the largest made into his office with the computer connections augmented there. They had installed the larger window in the office. And in the back bedroom, the connections had been maintained for his viewing of movies on T.V. or off of the internet as he desired while in bed. And the door that was used to close on the bathroom had been moved to out to the short hallway leading into the bedroom and bathroom, making it more like his personal master bath, than a guest lavatory. The back bedroom door had a locking door for privacy reasons. He had also had the sound proofing increased between his condo and those around him, to provide more privacy for him. Before this, a neighbor could have heard a pin drop in his apartment, but now a car could explode in it and they might not notice it at all.

Mr. Jensen the leaser in this case, didn’t mind this because none of these minor changes would affect its being leased in the future at all.

As he was watching the girls out at the pool, a few boys would allow themselves to such play, he noticed that their frolicking was picking up with a lot of splashing and jumping in the water occurring. He knew that this would wear them out very soon, and then some of them would leave, leaving a smaller remainder of young girlhood for him to try to work on. And they would be hungry, thirsty and tired.

As he reviewed his current plans for them and how he had asked them casually about what they liked to drink and eat and watch on T.V. he thought back to his departed sister, lost at the age of fifteen. It had been heartbreaking and even now twelve years later, it still hurt his soul like a dagger being twisted while being stuck into his belly.

She had been ten years younger than him, and the dearest soul that he had ever known. They had been very affectionate right from her babyhood and his parents often left him in charge with her when they wanted some time to themselves. He had changed her diapers, bathed her and fed her right from the start, and she adored him for it. He always made time to play with her and to share his thoughts and ideas from her right from the start. Despite the close physical proximity of him to her, none of it had led up to any intimacies at all, just the doting on each other of very loving siblings.

However, just three months before she passed away, she had awakened him from a deep sleep in the night while their parents were away for the weekend, trying to get some time alone before the coming demise of their adored daughter and the terrible heartache that would consume them for some time after. She moved under his blankets, and with her now slimming fourteen year old body cozied up to him. When he partially awoke, he asked what was up, because she had not slept with him for several years, since she had begun to develop a woman’s shape.

She then leaned up to his ear and asked him to make love with her that night and every night possible till she died to give her the privilege of being a woman in going to sleep in death and not an unused flower in virginity. He was very sympathetic to her need, but terrified at what her parents would think of this. But, she assured him that their parents had already okayed this. It was a lie, but if it had happened they would have very well likely permitted it anyway.

So, he took her fragile young body, still in the process of becoming a woman’s shape, but stunted now by the raging cancer that was going to shortly take her life. It didn’t hurt that much yet, but she could feel it coming on. She had been advised by her parents of it, since they were not the sort to hide important things from their children. So, she also already had a very practical knowledge of sexual issues, but no experience at all.

She asked him to undress her and so, he moved the blankets back and gently undid the buttons and ties and removed her nightwear to reveal the dearest soul in the world to him. She was gleaming in her eyes with a wide smile to her face and showing no embarrassment at all. Just a massive dose of expectations for what was coming was evident.

He reached over and began caressing her body, helping to relieve the minor aches and pains that she already had. She loved his hands on her in this manner. He had physically taken care of her all of her life and therefore took to this very easily. When he began to kiss her lips, she pulled him down to be tongue to her throat and shared her tongue with him in a dual of the siblings. Then he moved down to give attention to her still very small breasts. But, what they lacked in size, the made up for in sensitivity, and she was almost jumping out of her skin over the sensations being generated there. She made no request for him to stop, though.

Soon, though, he kissed his way down to her belly and below and finally arrived at her girlish pussy. The one that he had admired right from her birth and tended to, but never up until this time in a sexual way. He gently brushed his fingers over the dual set of lips there and also over the top of her clitoris. This sent bolts of electrical kinds of sensations through her whole body. And she moaned and writhed under this attention being given to her.

He could tell that she was beginning to tire, so asked if she was ready for the finale and she nodded yes. “Please take me MAX, I don’t want to die a virgin, never having felt these loving sensations with you, my only true love.” At this his eyes watered up and she gently reached up to take them on to her fingers and drink their poignancy to her heart. She murmured, “It is alright Max, I will take your love into eternity and live in your heart forever!”

With this copious tears began to fall from his eyes as he continued to stir up her loins for the finale. She then begged him to take her soon, so he moved up for her to reenergize his cock with her mouth. She gently as a kitten took it in and made torrid love to it with her lips and tongue, sucking it in and out. He nearly exploded into her, but fought it off.

She then opened her legs for him to enter her dear body, and he moved down with his hard cock and lubed the both of them and entered her. When he came up to her still intact hymen, she murmured in the dearest tones that he had ever heard from her, “Max, please enter me and make me a woman before it is too late.” So he did, penetrating through her cherry as gently as possible. It was actually very painful at first, but she gritted that out with having had to put up with worse pain than that over the last couple of years, and he moved to be totally within her. It was the most magical moment between them in their lives of many magical moments shared.

After dwelling in her for several minutes, she asked him to proceed before she tired too much to enjoy the finale, so he proceeded to gently pump in and nearly out of her and she worked on her clit so that they would cum together, and they did. They then with many words of love and affection fell asleep in each other’s arms through the night.

When their parents came home earlier than expected they saw their beloved children in each other’s arms and guessed what had happened. After looking into each other’s eyes, the already grieving parents closed the door gently on them and went to their bedroom to hold each other tightly also against the coming grief that they would have to bear.

Over the remaining months right up to the last week and its blast of unimaginable pain, somewhat reduced by massive doses of opiates, the two siblings made love repeatedly with their parents full approval. Her chance to get a substantial taste of the loving that she should have gotten a lifetime of. And she loved every minute of it. They tried everything that she wanted to do over that time.

When the end finally came, Max ran to her room because of hearing her distress in the night, and held her as she smiled up at him through the pain breathing her last living breaths. After the last breath, they called the ambulance, but it was too late of course and Max shrunk down in his life to his bed and wept constantly every day until the funeral. He barely made it through the ceremony, and couldn’t face the seeing of her dear body buried in the ground, so went home to try to sleep off some of the grief.

And as he lightly slept he heard a loud rapping at his front door and opened it to a very sober faced State Patrolman who informed him that his parents had been killed while driving away from the burial, by an apparently drunk driver who had become impatient and tried to pass them in a busy traffic zone. Max just nodded to the officer and turned to return to his wailing bed to endure the loss of the other two most dear souls in his life. The officer understood and hoped that he himself would never have to endure anything like that message that he just had delivered.

For the next six months he did not show at work. The company kept him on the books, but only paid him up to the limit of his vacation and sick leave hours. When he made it back to work, he was very depressed to no one’s surprise, and he was reached out to by several of his female coworkers who were hurting themselves just to see his abject misery. Contrary to what he thought, some of them would have dated him, since he was fine looking and a wonderful prospective project for their intelligent male formatting skills to work with.

He might have forgotten in his continued depression up to the start of this story, that at least two of them dated him and one slept with him and reported to the other girls that he was a very generous lover and sweet in bed, but just too sad at the present to pursue.

Between the return to work and the current time, he had sold his parent’s house and possessions that were willed to him and settled all of the debts that weren’t covered by some kind of insurance. He still had enough left over to move into the current condo that he was leasing, and totally furnish it and equip his in- home office with a state of the art internet and computing setup. And he was getting serious work over the internet to advance his financial position, just not to rent a date any girls for the present like Maria (known by her clients as Penny) two stories above him in the dinky end condo that she used as an incall for older guys to fuck her lovely young body. He was only a bit jealous because he constantly saw her playing with the younger girls around the pool and wanted some of that.

In the first year after the vast expansion of the small condo community that became the very large Mt. Beaver Condo Complex; Marty Jensen became determined that the many children of the complex would be kept busy during the summers to prevent idle minds and erroneously busy hands. So, he coopted one of the first floor units that had been abandoned by the buyers and had the Sully Brothers remodel it into a multi-purpose juvenile entertainment center. It had a meeting room for a Boy’s Scout and Girl’s Scout troop, each. And a game room for the older kids, with a toy play room for the younger ones.

Along with that he put in a series of pools for the kids to enjoy in the warmer weather. One for the age group of one to six, one for the age group of seven to ten, for eleven to thirteen and a gigantic heated one in front of Max’s unit for the girls from fourteen to eighteen or up. It was thirty feet in diameter and three feet deep. The parents of the children who used these pools had to help out monitoring their usage in proportion to their children’s usage. Even Marty’s two resident ladies helped with this. And Max, since his large window opened out to his direct view of the older teen girl’s pool took care of most of the monitoring of it.

As he looked up every once in a while, he would often catch a swimsuit pulled up into the crotch and revealing some pink female flesh or a top slipping down to show off a young girl’s breast. He figured that he would pay to have this responsibility, if it was necessary.

The boys of the complex were welcome to use the pools too, but the usually deferred to the fields three blocks north of the complex to play baseball and soccer. The occasional one that braved the pools full of girls, usually withdrew quickly in the face of the totally exuberant play of the girls there and possibly due to the embarrassment of their members due to the proximity of cute girls nearby..

To make the pool more inviting to the girls of his personal interest, he left his front door open after the younger ones left, for their usage of his bathroom for bladder relief and sometimes a shower. He especially enjoyed rescuing them from the difficulties in operating the control of the shower. And got a number of very exciting views of the girls too busy accepting his aid in operating the shower to notice his interest in their pretty bodies.

After a month of this, he decided to up the ante and try to influence one or more of them to take a look at him as a possible lover. So, during a couple of their visits to his condo for the bathroom, he asked them about what things they liked to do and eat. He got a general impression of what would work then.

So, after his casually interviewing the girls as to their likes, he prepared a tender trap for them, with goodies and other things that they liked to attract them into his influence like a later day wicked witch with the cookie and candy home that led the unwary into her oven to star at her next dinner. But, the only eating of them that he wanted was their titties and pussy and with no danger to their lives at all.

So, now his patience was being rewarded by the younger ones leaving due to being tired, Maria was gone evidently this time seeing an old man heading up to her condo to enjoy her. This left three girls of the ages fourteen to sixteen still in the pool, but tiring rapidly. If he did not act soon, he would lose them to abandoning the pool for the rest of the afternoon.

So, he opened the door all the way and inquired if they would like to take a break in his apartment and share in some sweets with him, until they were warmed up and fed. They stopped and looked at each other and then him and decided that since they were together, that there was little danger to them and so took him up on it.

They moved to the couch and sat there working over the T.V. control that he put into their charge. His chair had a direct view of them and their little tittie bumps and tightly covered pussies. Every so often one of the suits would slip aside and reveal more of the pussies than the girls intended, or so he surmised. With that in mind he asked them for their goodies and drinks desires and went to the kitchen to prepare a plate and bottle for each. When he brought each one in to them and individually with a lot of suave attentions to each one, they were immensely impressed. Worshipful eyes looked up to him, one at a time. And he just smiled friendly to them. And took his chair to admire the three young girl bodies before him. It appeared to him that they didn’t bother to adjust their suits after that when they would expose private parts to him. He didn’t know, they might have just been obsessed by other things at the time.

Eventually, they approached him together and gave him a brief hug each and returned to chatter among themselves at what a really nice guy their neighbor Max was. This scenario repeated several times, with increasing closeness developing each time. By the fifth time they were rotating in sitting on his lap as they watched the T.V. and taking turns getting their own goodies so that Max wouldn’t have to get up.

They, of course, felt his inflated cock under their butts as they sat upon him, but because he had never reacted to their squirming on him in an intimate way, they just enjoyed the fun of affecting a grown man with their young bodies.

It finally happened towards the end of the actual summer in Big City, not the calendar one, but the actually warm one. It was cool that day, the water was cooler and the very young ones left very quickly. Marie left soon after and soon, little Gratia was the only one left. His door was barely open and he could see her shivering. He couldn’t figure out why she was still staying, perhaps her parents weren’t home and she couldn’t get back in until they came back.

So, he fully opened his door and let things happen, whatever they might be. In his large window where he could watch her, but she couldn’t see him, she stared in his direction and then at the opened door and evidently decided that she would rather be warm than perfectly safe. So she entered his pad and took her usual position on his couch, shivering still. He waited until she called out to him, “Max, are you there?” He didn’t want to rush in to her and spook her, perhaps activating an escape mechanism. So, after calling him, she would expect him to come to her and she was not the least surprised when he gathered her up into his arms to try to warm her up. She just sort of melted into his arms with her head on his shoulder and her young body plastered to the front of his. And he could tell that she felt his member getting stiff too from her leaning into its hardness with her pussy region.

“Girl, you sure are wet and cold! How about you go into the bathroom here and throw out your suit that I will quickly rinse out and put into the dryer to dry. You can take a hot shower in the meantime and I will try to find the bathrobe that my younger sister wore when she was your age to cover you, while you wait for your suit to dry and have your lunch with me.”

Her cold and innocent eyes looked over to him and then judged him by his benign attitude and accepted his offer. He saw her little butt cheeks gently bounce around as she walked to the bathroom and then threw out her suit. Then he heard her try to get the shower going, but he had had women engineers who couldn’t get it to work, so he barged in and instructed her to enter the shower and he would start it for her. He pretended to not notice her nudity, but his eyes were actually taking in every detail he could in the few seconds that it took to get the water warm and on for her. As he walked out, she shouted over the shower curtain, “Thanks, Max!”

“No problem, Gratia.”

He then rinsed out her suit in the kitchen sink with Dawn detergent and loaded it into his dryer with a full load of his own still damp clothes that had just been washed. This way, it would be most of forty minutes before her suit was ready to be put back on.

After her taking a very long shower, she came in and he apologized that he couldn’t right then find the robe, but he had a comforter ready and invited her to come to him in her towel and cuddle up and watch one of her favorite shows while being kept warm under the comforter on his lap. She thought for a moment, but because they had done this before, only with her suit on, she decided to accept the offer and she moved over to the couch to curl up on his lap under the comforter. She settled right in and let the towel slip off of her with little concern over it, as she was warm and covered to anyone but his view and touch.

She had her goodies in easy reach, and he handed over to her the T.V. control to select what she wanted to watch.

With her in the perfect situation with him, he leaned back with her body following him and pretended to take a nap. While she snacked and watched her favorite program, his hands seemingly on their own were searching around her body, and she was not acknowledging it at all, just enjoying a warm place with goodies a favorite friend, good T.V. and pleasant sensations playing over her body.

After a bit, she got what was happening, but seemed to be unconcerned about it, so he moved forward on his attentions and began to kiss her tender lips. He made sure that she could still see the T.V. and so she took to it very well and added some unconsciously generated kissing of him on her own. After a few minutes of this and him avoiding deep tonguing for this time, he moved the comforter aside and moved his lips down to where her tits would be somewhat bigger someday. Even though they were still small, her nipples were definitely there and receptive to his caressing, kissing and suckling of them. With her obvious enjoyment of this, he noticed her small butt start to squirm on his hardened cock.

With that happening, and her attentions still on the T.V. screen and her lunchtime goodies, he opened his zipper and let his very modest sized cock out to greet the warm pussy sitting on it. She briefly startled when she realized what was touching her down there, but she had felt this many times before, but with a suit in between previously. With the skin to skin contact, he now felt her girl cum leaking on to him, responses from the kissing and nipple play undoubtedly.

She then began to rub herself on his cock actively, and to moan in the feelings that it was generating in her. When his cock moved up into her slit on its own, she slightly opened her legs to accommodate its search of her love zone, and then she changed her position slightly to allow it to enter up into her love vault. She pushed down for him to pass her presumed cherry location without a peep from her and then lifted her hips slightly for him to move up and down in her tiny body. Since she was evidently new at this and well lit up she came after only a few minutes.

With that she looked up into his eyes with total acceptance at what had just happened, so he lifted her up still in the comforter moving her to his bedroom and then laid her on the bed, while he removed his clothing as she watched. She welcomed him to enter under the comforter to join with her. She opened her legs again, evidently a natural response not needing a decision, and accepted him up into her pussy vault to gently pump in and out of her and then finally to empty himself into this precious girl followed by a nap.

When she woke up she got out of bed and went to get her bathing suit, put it on and before she left advised him that she had enjoyed her time with him and would see him again as soon as possible.

He saw her every few days after that, and soon enough her mother guessed what was going on. She was now a single mother, because her husband had been bothering their daughters, even the youngest one. But, now with this between Gratia and him, she decided that since the genie was out of the bottle and Gratia showed no evidence of abuse or control, she decided to leave it well enough alone. She soon had Gratia on birth control and sometimes allowed her to stay overnight when she would be out of town, or when Gratia would ask for it. And she was impressed that her little girl always got her homework done and her grades were soaring due to his tutoring of her in the difficult for her studies.

Her mother never had a conversation with him, in fact never said a word to him. But, she never made any trouble for him, either. And Gratia and he enjoyed their bodies together for all of her public school years.

Because of her great grades in high school she got several really good scholarships and a full ride to a fine school out of state. She didn’t write very often and did not encourage him to hope that there ever would be anything for them in the future. But, because he would send her gift cards once in a while, she would come over and love play with him for a night when she was in town to visit her family. In the meantime he was seeing others, including Maria upstairs, but never another such young of a girl, despite his watching them regularly in the pool outside his office.

The last time that she did that, she mentioned that she was having a bit of trouble with how their relationship had started with her being so young. Not that he hadn’t been extremely gentle and loving to her. So, he gave her a copy of this story, with all of the names redacted along with the identifying details and allowed her to share it with her therapist.

A couple of years later, she showed up at his door and pushed her way past him, then turned and took him right into her arms and made power love right up to the hallway wall. Then they sat and talked. She told him of the reaction of the therapist, once she had read his story. There was no accepting what he had done with Gratia, but there was a much better handle on how it occurred. And with that, the beginning of Gratia’s accommodating of all of it began. It took two years to finish her round of treatments to the satisfaction of the authorities involved. And they warned that there would be a strong tendency for her to run right back to him. They didn’t say that it would be alright, but they said if she did that with an open mind, it might have a slight chance of working out.

Six months later, they married and she moved her job to Big City. They left the condo when she got pregnant the first time and filled the modest house that they bought with three of the prettiest girls that you would ever see. They were very protective of them and they all got to their eighteenth birthday as virgins, much to the delight of Gratia and her mother who still never talked to him. After that it was up to them as to what they wanted. But, they each married decent men, so they were pleased with that, whatever had happened with them before then.

Gratia and Max were very happy together and things lasted right up to the present day, with her right now sitting on the couch watching a silly T.V. show that she still loves with two of her granddaughters cuddled up to her.
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