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Jen is on a villa holiday to Corfu, and her family want to have fun every day
Jen’s Life- Chapter Si- part 2

I spent the first week at the villa being played with nearly constantly. But it WAS constant for my mum. I was lucky in that my father never touched me, it was just my Grandpa and Uncle who did, but she had all three wanting to play with her. And if my Grandpa or Uncle played with her, it was one less for me. Looking back now it was a very selfish way to look at it, as long as I was ok … I of course was worried about my mum, she hardly ever made sounds of distress, when they played with her, in part I think to nothing being done about it, and so when I did hear it from her I knew that things must be bad for her to make those sounds, especially as she knew that that meant she would be punished afterwards.

I knew from talking to mum that she didn’t like playing with my Uncle, and if I had the choice I would always go with my Grandpa and not with my Uncle. He liked to give me pain, as he said that I liked it and enjoyed it, but I learnt to keep quiet the same as mum so that I wasn’t punished afterwards.

So it was a good time for us both when we were able to relax in the pool, or sit together in the sun, getting our bodies a tan.

During the last week we went out a few times venturing down the hill to a local tavern. My father was a very sociable guy, and would talk to anyone and everyone. Within a few minutes in the tavern, he had established who were locals, tourists etc. He told the tavern owner that we were going home in 3 days time, and we would come in one last time the next evening. The following evening my father set out what he wanted me to wear, and did the same for my mum. I had to wear my new summer dress, but there was no underwear on my bed with the dress, so I went in their bedroom to ask if I may be allowed to wear some. My dress was very floaty and short, and I was afraid that if there was a breeze, my bottom would be on show, or worse, my cunny.

I knocked on their bedroom and was told to come in. My father was putting on his shirt, and my mum was lying on the bed, and sucking his cock as he stood by the bed next to her. Her legs were open wide and every couple of minutes he would slap her between the legs. I could see how her face changed whenever he did this. I didn’t want to ask my father about my underwear once I go into their bedroom and saw what he was doing, but I didn’t have another excuse for being there, so I stuttered it out. My father just looked at me for a minute, then turned to look at my mum and said to her “why does she think she deserves to wear knickers tonight” Didn’t I tell you both that you are not allowed to wear any this holiday. You are lucky that you are not going out not wearing anything at all. And all the time he was saying this, he was slapping mum’s cunny. Her legs instinctively tried to close when it was a big slap, but he growled to her to keep them open.

I said how sorry I was, and tried to get out of the bedroom, but he said to my mum about how disappointed he was with me, that I never followed instructions, and how it was all her fault. He increased the size of the slaps, and where he was doing it, sometimes on her breasts making them jump on her chest, or just on her cunny again and again. I started to cry saying again how sorry I was, and that I would go and finish getting ready. The last thing I heard was my father telling my mum that she had better show her thanks for not disciplining me and her for being so disrespectful. I hated when she was punished for something I had done/or not done.

I finished putting on my sandals, and went into the lounge to wait for the rest of the family. My Grandpa was there looking very smart in some trousers and a shirt. He told me to come and sit with him while we were waiting for the others. When I Started to walk over to him he took his cock out of his trousers, so that it just flopped onto his belly. He told me to sit on his lap, and as I went to climb up to sit sideways on, he moved me so that I was sitting with my back to him. I felt him lift my dress out of the way, and his cock was then between my bottom and my cunny. I hoped it wasn’t going to go in my bottom as this hurt the most.

My Uncle came in after a few minutes just as my Grandpa pushed his cock inside my cunny. My Uncle complained that he had missed out, and my Grandpa laughed and said he could have me later.

My father and mum came in, and my father looked very dashing. My mum didn’t look good. When she knew there was a pool at the villa she bought a lovely dress that you wore to and from the pool. She had on this and some sandals, but no underwear, and the dress was completely see through and made of like a crochet design. I could see her breasts as clear as anything, and her dark hair between her legs showed up against the white dress.

She smiled at me and told me how pretty I looked. My Grandpa’s cock was still inside me, but he hadn’t moved me up and down like he usually did, it was just there. My Grandpa lifted me off his lap, and put his cock back into his trousers, and we walked down the path to the tavern. I had liked going there previously as the food was delicious. We walked in and the owner greeted us like we were family. His eyes lit up when he saw my mum, and went over to kiss her like he had done previously, but he also put his hand on her bum and gave her a small smack. We ordered some food and went to sit down outside. It was still warm outside and I liked seeing and hearing the local men talking in a different language. There were two men that kept looking over to my mum. When she was sitting down on the chair her breasts were very noticeable.

The owner came out and gave us our food. My father told my mum to thank him, and she stood up and kissed him, first on the cheek, but after that on the mouth. He said something to my father, and upon his reply he then put his hand on her breasts and squeezed them through her dress.

He went back inside and we ate our food. I was sitting on the end of the bench seat, and had to put my dress between my legs to stop it from blowing up. When my father saw what I had done, he told me to not crease it up and to take it out. As soon as I removed it from between my legs the breeze started to flutter it a bit.

The two men opposite looked, first at mum and then at me. The owner came back outsides and went to chat to the men. Then he came and asked if our meal was nice. My father said how delicious he had been, and my mum nodded too. The owner asked if I would like an icecream, and I said yes please. He asked me to go inside with him to choose one. When I got up, the two men came over to say hello to my family, and I went into the tavern to choose my flavour. The freezer was big and I couldn’t see all the way to the bottom, so the owner lifted me up so I could see, when he lifted me up he had a hold of my dress so that lifted up at the same time.

His hand moved from my waist to my bottom straight away, and then balancing me on the edge of the freezer he began to rub my bottom. I tried to get away, but he held onto me. I knew it was a waste of time calling out, knowing my family, one or more would join him, so I just stayed there, with him putting his hands all over my cunny and bottom. After a few minutes he put me down onto the floor again, but his hand was still on my dress, so that it was then bunched up in his hand, and my cunny was exposed. He stroked me between my legs, but didn’t put any of his fingers inside my cunny, I was glad about this. He let go of my dress and again asked me what flavour I wanted, so I chose chocolate and went back outside.

My seat had been taken by the two locals, and I stood there not knowing where to sit. My mum was told to go and sit on one of the guys lap to make space for me, so she got up and went to sit on the first guys lap. He put his arm around her to steady her, and his hand landed up on her breasts. I went to sit down next to my father where my mum had been, but as I walked over, my uncle grabbed me and dragged me onto his lap. His hand stayed on his thigh as I sat down, so I was sitting on his hand. I went to lift myself off so he could take his hand out, but he moved it further up so that it was lined up ready for my cunny

I sat down and his finger found my folds. I tried to sit as still as I could, not wanting my dress to be moved, otherwise everyone would see my bare cunny. My mum was having her breasts played with by the two guys, through her dress. You could not really call it a dress, more like a cover wrap. I could easily see her big nipples through the design, and their hands were squeezing her breasts. She, like me sat still as they played with her. My uncles finger found my cunny and one, then two fingers went inside me, and then he took them out, and moved his fingers to his mouth and made it obvious he was licking them clean. The two guys watched him do that with a massive smile on their faces. My father asked if the two guys would like to come back to the villa, as he had some bottles of wine there to drink up. They eagerly said yes, and we all got up to walk back up the hill to the villa. I tried to skip on ahead, but one of the guys grabbed my hand and was swinging it about, fanning my dress out, so that everyone behind me could see my bottom.

I knew that the two guys being invited back to the villa meant that both mum and I were going to be played with. I just hoped it was normal play and not play that would hurt mum and I.

When we got to the villa my father stood there with his hand out, I wasn’t sure what he wanted, and then my mum slowly took off her dress, so she stood there naked in front of everyone. He looked at me and waited, so I did the same, pulling my dress over my head, folding it and giving it back to my father. One of the guys whistled in appreciation of what was in front of him. My father put down our clothes and walked back to my mum and pulled her to him by her nipples, and she quickly followed him. My Grandpa did this to me once, pulling me across the room and my nipples were sore for ages afterwards. He sat down on one of the sun loungers, and pulled mum on top of him. He spanked her bottom straight away, and kept spanking her. Inbetween the spanks he told her how disappointed he was in my actions earlier. She was silent as she took his punishment. I stood there watching him, feeling so guilty. My Grandpa asked him what I had done wrong… My father told him and my Grandpa told me to get over to him. He also sat down on a sunlounger and pushed my head down and started to spank my bottom, I instinctively put my hands up to stop him, and straight away knew that I had earnt myself a few more spanks.

All of a sudden he stopped, earlier than I had expected, and I was pulled up and sat on his lap. The two guys were gestured over, and one went to my father, and one to my Grandpa. My father told them both that we had been bad and needed a good seeing to. One of the guys was nearly fluent in English, and was telling the other what my father had said. Once he had finished the look on his face was one of amazement. He sat down next to my Grandpa and the other guy went and sat down next to my father. My father had opened my mum legs and was gesturing him to play with her hairy cunny. He went straight in, fingers and mouth, and my father went to her head and put his cock straight into her mouth. I don’t think she was ready for him as she started to gag. I hate this feeling. I always think I am going to choke. My father slapped at her breasts, sometimes on the side, on top- right on her nipples, and from the bottom, bouncing them about.

My Grandpa started to pull on one my nipples, twisting it, pulling it really hard, my puffy tittie going red straight away. The other guy who spoke English asked if he could too. When my Grandpa nodded, he also started to pull on my nipple, both of them were being rough with my titties, each one getting rougher than the other, following my father in spanking my mum’s and then the Greek guy bit down hard just above my nipple. I let out a small scream, I wasn’t expecting that, and just after I screamed my uncle grabbed my legs, pulled them up so my back was just left on the sunbed, and he dropped one leg, and then holding onto my other ankle hit me hard right onto my cunny. The pain went right through me, and my Grandpa said to check my cunny as I was a pain slut, and the more I was punished the wetter I became. I hated this, but I knew that I did get wet whatever happened to me.

The next two hours were a mixture of fucking, licking and biting. I was totally exhausted, my cunny really sore and my titties more puffy than usual, due to the flesh around my nipples being bitten a lot.

The two men each had a play and fuck with me, before switching over to play with my mum. I was utterly exhausted, not even moving at all. My head was turned to the left and I could see my Mum. She was lying on the sun lounger covered in cum, and my father was rubbing it in. I couldn’t see the two men anymore, so I hoped they had left.

I was looking forwards to going home tomorrow, so that I would have some peace and quiet alone in my bedroom, and wearing knickers under my school uniform, although the thought of knickers made me wince, my cunny folds were so painful from being bitten and fucked.

I curled up in a ball on the sun lounger, and my Grandpa came to sit down next to me, he told me how I was his good girl and he was proud of me, and he rubbed my back back and forth before his hand went down to my bottom. I lay still as his finger probed my bottom, and then he pushed in. I didn’t get any funny feelings from my bottom and didn’t like it. Eventually he stopped pushing it in and out, and went into the pool for a last swim. I must have fell asleep as the next time I awoke my mum was shaking me away to get something to eat.

I went to sleep soon after, and my last night was spent alone in my bed, and I was aching all over, bruises from all the bites.

I was allowed to put a new dress on ready to go home. Again mum and I were not allowed to wear any knickers and mum wasn’t allowed to wear a bra. Mum had on a short skirt and a really nice floaty top, she looked really beautiful.

The taxi driver came to collect us, and as he carried out our bags my father was talking to him. He went into the villa to get the last bag as I waited outside with my father, Grandpa and my Uncle. Mum was still inside checking that nothing had been left behind.

I went to walk towards to door to help mum check, and my father shouted at me to stay there. I soon realised why. I could hear the all too familiar sounds of fucking coming from the villa. After a few minutes my mum and the driver walked out, my mum walking a bit wobbly, tears in her eyes as she looked at me. I went over to her and gave her a hug. We went to get in the taxi and just like last time my father and my mum were on the back seat, with me between my Grandpa and Uncle. I could hear my father whispering to my mum, not hearing everything, but every now and then I could hear him telling mum where he was going to take her when they got home, so she could show off her war wounds. I didn’t know what he meant, what were war wounds…

When we arrived at the airport my father didn’t have to pay the driver, he waved him off. On the plane home my Grandpa was thinking of new places to visit next year. My father and uncle agreed that it was one of their best holidays ever.
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