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AS I drove home, my asshole still hurt...
As I drove home, my asshole had stopped hurting, but burned like someone was still shoving a red hot poker in and out of it. My ass cheeks were separated by what felt like a golf ball between them. I couldn't believe Jim had taken me like that.

Thank god it was the weekend, I needed the time to try to get my ass back in shape. Saturday morning, still feeling the burning sensation in my ass, and what felt like a lump back there, I had used my wife's hand mirror to take a look at my ass hole.

What I saw scared me. My ass hole was totally ripped and wrecked. It was red, and my sphincter looked like the petals on a rose, all pushed out. I could see indications of bleeding. What was I going to do? I couldn't go to my doctor and say "Hey, I just got my ass wrecked by a huge black cock, what do I do now?"

Checking some posts on the internet, I read some medical sites, and found that, in spite of the pain and burning, I was probably going to be alright. Eventually. I learned that it was a permanent thing. But that I could use my fingers to press the spread and torn muscle of my sphincter back inside.

I used lots of pink lube to keep my asshole moistened, so it didn't dry out, and rub on my underwear or clothing. When I used the lotion, I felt a twinge of burning as I applied it into my torn hole, but what I noticed most was...pleasure. It felt really nice fucking my opened ass pussy with lotion.

I went to the gym with some trepidation that night. I wanted Jim, but I was fearful of being hurt worse.

I went in the locker room, surprisingly, there was another guy in there changing too. We essentially ignored each other, he left before I did, I walked out into the workout area, Jim was, as I expected, already into his routine.

Not knowing how to deal with the mixed thoughts running through my head, I began my routine.

I worked through all of my circuit by myself, with no interruptions, or talk. As I made to leave, I noticed I was the only one there. Jim had left before me.

In the locker room, I could hear the sound of running water in the showers. I went to my locker, took off my clothes, grabbed my towel and soap, and entered the showers.

To my relief and concern, Jim was there, all lathered up, facing me, with a firm, but not hard, cock.

He looked at me nervously, then turned away.

I faced the wall, and began lathering up.

Not paying too much attention, immersed in my own thoughts, I turned off my shower, to find myself alone. Grabbing my towel, I walked to my locker, drying myself as I went.

Reaching my locker, I saw Jim was still there, almost as if he were waiting for me. He still looked nervous, but he held his head up, and looked at me as I approached.

I didn't say anything as I took my usual place on the bench.

Jim turned, his magnificent cock, just firm enough so that it wasn't hanging on his balls, but dangling out a bit from his body, about 6 inches from me.

"I..I'm sorry about the other night, I didn't mean to hurt you." He started. "I just kind of lost control...I'm sorry"

I raised my head to look at him, bringing my mouth closer to that black cock. My eyes flicked towards it, I began to speak, but before I could utter a word, I leaned forward, enveloping the head of his cock, suckling like a baby. I loved that cock. I couldn't resist it. I wanted to taste his cum.

He pulled back. "Not here."

I stood to get dressed, face to face with Jim.

He leaned toward me, I toward him, he grabbed my shoulders, and kissed me. Not a scorching kiss, but a short kiss on the lips.

The effect on me was...curious. I was still somewhat repulsed, kissing a guy, but at the same time, I swear it made my toes tingle.

My cock started to get hard.

We had to stop this. Anyone could walk in and catch us.

We dressed, and walked out together. Without a word, we walked to my car, where, as per usual, I placed my gym stuff in the car, we turned, and walked toward his place.

Entering his place, Jim held the door as I walked in. He grabbed me, spun me around, and pushed me against the door as he put his mouth to mine, his tongue inserting itself into my mouth.

Surprised, and initially disgusted, I found myself dueling with his tongue with mine. Pressed against each other, we swapped spit. I was one really confused guy. I felt his hard cock pressed against me.

To my horror, I realized that I was at least as hard as he was.

This was so wrong. I was so not looking for love, especially with a guy, but, FUCK. I really liked his black cock.

Jim was handling my cock through my pants as he continued kissing me.

I let him.

As he kissed me, he pulled me gently into the room. My cock was very uncomfortable in my pants.

Jim solved that issue, as he unzipped me, reached in, and pulled my stiff cock out.

With a moan, Jim dropped to his knees and slid my hard cock in his warm, wet mouth.

He sucked me, and played with my balls as he eased my pants down to the floor. I gently fucked his mouth, feeling his tongue wrapping itself around the head of my cock. The feelings were incredible.

I pulled him off me, Jim increasing the suction on the head of my cock as I pulled out of his mouth. I took his hand, helped him up, turned, and lead him into the bedroom.

We took each other's clothes off, and tumbled onto his bed. I moved over and took his magnificent black cock in my mouth. It was soooo good. I was instantly happy anf comforted. This was where his cock belonged. Firmly lodged in my mouth.

I sucked him, hoping for a first taste of his salty precum.

Jim lay there, caressing my head and back as I sucked on him. He moved, lifted my hips, and slid underneath me, taking my cock into his mouth. Using both of his hands to spread my ass cheeks, he gazed at my ripped ass hole. "Oh wow, that looks so hot...almost like pussy lips."

I'm glad he liked them, I was still getting used to feeling that golf ball between my cheeks. Almost instantly, I felt his lips attach themselves to mine. My ASSPUSSY lips.

I think I was losing my asshole, and now had a pussy back there. A CUNT, if you will.

Jim ate my asshole...errr...PUSSY for what seemed like quite a while. Holding on to my hips, he pushed his face into my backside, his tongue licking all around my pussy, occasionally tongue fucking me.

I loved it. I was able to relax after the initial slight burning sensation left me, feeling only pleasure as Jim worked my cunt. Yes, I said cunt. That's what I had back there, might as well admit it, and accept it.

I could feel his saliva running down my balls, as he moved up behind me, placing the head of his black cock at the opening to my cunt. I started to tense up, but Jim slapped my ass cheek lightly, telling me "Relax, it'll go in easy."

I relaxed my pussy, his cock head popped in. It felt so good filling my body once again.

Jim slowly pushed all the way into me, I felt his balls resting against mine. Balls deep in my pussy, he asked if I was alright.

I told him I was.

He pulled back out, only his cock head remained inside of me. He powered that big, beautiful black cock deep into me in one quick shove.

Still trying to stay relaxed, I enjoyed the stretching I was getting. Seeing that I was not in any serious distress, Jim continued pounding my cunt. I could hear the slapping of his stomach against my ass.

I was pretty sure that the apartment owners either side of us could hear it too.

I began to feel a very slight burning sensation as Jim powered in and out of my cunt at a good clip.

My prostate was getting a hell of a workout. Looking back between my legs, my hard cock hung, leaking a steady stream of pre-cum.

I began rocking back to increase the pressure of that cock stretching me open. Jim held my hips.

I felt so good. The pleasure spreading through my loins body.. was exquisite. I felt it building and building, as Jim's cock powered me towards my orgasm. This was what I wanted. This was what it was all about.

Sheer pleasure. Nothing else, just pleasure.

I continued my rocking, moving toward the orgasm that I craved. I felt it getting nearer and nearer. It was all consuming. Nothing else mattered. The pressure of Jim's shaft sliding against my prostate was divine.

My head hanging down, I shouted out "CUMMING...I'M CUMMING!" With that, my load shot out of the end of my cock like water from a fire hose. So much pressure, I could hear the splat as my cum hit the bedding.

I felt the muscles in my cunt contracting, spasming...squeezing Jim's cock, milking his cum out to fill my pussy.

The warmth spread through me. It too was comforting.

I was Jim's personal cum dump. His bitch. His whore. His PROPERTY. I knew I would do anything he wanted to keep getting pleasure from him.

As Jim slowed pumping his cock in my cunt, I pulled forward, spun around, and took his slimy cock into my mouth. I licked and sucked, cleaning all traces of his cum and my juices off his cock.

As I did, I felt his cum draining out of my gaping hole, and running down my balls to drip onto the bedding near to my own spendings.
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