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Bestiality is so taboo it must be treated carefully...surprises abound
ZOO SEDUCTION Part 1 by Phyllisroger

I had lived in my apartment for a year, me and my sexy dog, when a new neighbor moved in. I went to “meet and greet” and when I saw her I thought how beautiful and sexy she was. She had these long legs, a lithe shape, full lips and a wonderful inviting smile. The way she tossed back her hair when she laughed made me want to get down on my knees and lick her off but I had another idea if she would only get down on her knees!

We had our meet and our greet. She was busy moving in. “Nice to meet my new neighbor,” I said. She said: “Hi! I’m really busy getting everything in shape now that my furniture has arrived. Why don’t you come visit tomorrow afternoon and we’ll open a bottle of wine and get acquainted?” I nodded and went to my pad wondering how ‘get acquainted’ we might get. She was this gorgeous woman and, as she told me, ‘single.’

That night I couldn’t keep my mind off my new neighbor and dreamed of sucking her off…introducing her to my sexy dog who liked to fuck women…principally me. I wanted to try new things…over a glass or bottle of wine…I would bring a bottle too so we could get really good and acquainted. I planned my outfit for that afternoon…no bra, no panties, no stockings…just my housedress which showed off my breasts. That’s not a lot of planning, I giggled!

Her name was Vanessa and we sat in her apartment, sipping on our fluids, making us each a little warm and cozy. “Would you like to see my place?” I said and so Vanessa and I went to my apartment. “That’s Duke,” I said, as we walked inside. “He’s very friendly,” I told her. (If she only knew how friendly.) Vanessa kneeled down, cuddling his ears, he licked her face and they briefly played with each other. “And a good watch dog,” I said. “Sit down and I’ll open my bottle. “Phyllis,” she said, “maybe we’ve had enough. But…well…why not?”

I went to my kitchen and opened the wine, pouring it out into glasses and returned to the living room. Vanessa was on the couch and Duke was next to her, tongue out. She petted him, took a glass and we sat and chatted and drank. Duke wouldn’t leave her alone, wanting attention all the while. I went into the kitchen to make some snacks…taking my time…letting Vanessa and Duke get ‘better acquainted.” “Duke!” she exclaimed. “Stop it Duke…you’re a dirty dog.” I lingered in the kitchen letting things in the living room marinate and it was suddenly quiet in my lounge. I knew my dog and what he might be doing to neighbor Vanessa but it was quiet in there and I wondered…hoping…was there an ‘ice-breaker’ happening? I knew from experience that once Duke got my scent there was no way to discourage his attentions and the silence in there was deafening.

I returned to Vanessa and Duke. Vanessa gave him a solid push and straightened her dress. She was blushing. I was aroused at the idea and I thought she was too. “Your dog won’t leave me alone,” she said and I giggled…it was the wine and the whole setting. “He likes you a lot,” I said. She looked at me, saying nothing. I was wondering about my next move and sat beside her.

Duke was moving around between us. Vanessa playing with his ears, pushing at him but his tongue lolling out, licking her fingers. “I can lock him in my bedroom,” I offered, “he gets carried away with a pretty woman.” Vanessa looked at me, questioning. “How about with a man?” she asked. I started blushing and said: “He’s a boy dog and you know what boy’s want.” She took another swallow of the wine. We were both tipsy now and I was blushing. “Actually it’s a secret…between us…I mean between Duke and me.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, “between Duke and you.” “I’ll lock him up,” I said. She put her hand on my leg…”It’s okay, he’s just a dog, don’t lock him up. It’s not nice to tease an animal but he was kind of teasing me while you were in the kitchen.” Now he was licking her ankle and her calf and she pushed him away but he was insisting now. He must have her scent, I thought. I knew what that licking felt like and now I was getting hot, not just blushing. I stood up, leaning down for our empty glasses. “I’ll get some more,” I said. When I leaned down I saw her looking at my breasts…I mean…they were almost in her face! I covered myself with my housedress after she had had a good stare and walked back into the kitchen, lingering on purpose.

“Duke!” she said. “Naughty dog!” Then it was quiet and I heard Vanessa gasp but not saying anything. I peaked into the room and Duke was under her dress…she was holding his head…her legs open! Duke’s head moving under the fabric of her dress. She saw me, pushed him away, adjusted herself on the couch…now red in the face. “He’s a bad dog and caught me by surprise,” she said with a guilty smile. I brought our glasses and sat beside her. “It’s okay,” I mumbled and smiled. She tossed back her head and looked questioningly into my eyes. I just smiled and licked my lips, saying again: “It’s okay.” Her eyes were flashing and she reached out to pet Duke some more.

“I…I’ve heard…you know…stories… stories about dogs,” Vanessa said. “What about them?” I asked. “You know,” she said, “women and dogs…doing it.” Duke was at his water bowl, tail wagging, his balls on full display. I took her hand, proposed a toast with my wine glass, took a chance and said: “Vanessa…I’ll tell you a secret, they aren’t just stories.” Her face was red, her eyes flashing, she clicked my glass and we both drank. I could tell she was aroused and not just from the wine.

Duke was back beside her. “Just us girls, neighbors” I said and rested my hand on her leg. Duke was back under her dress. “Do you…?” she whispered, her throat tight. I could only smile. Then she jumped again as Duke moved into her. “Really?” she said. “Not just stories?” I looked at her, pulling her leg open. She squeezed my hand and lifted her butt, exhaling her breath. I lifted her dress exposing Duke and her…I was surprised, she was naked and Duke was at her muff in earnest…eating her out. “His cold nose shocked me…just poking at my…my cunt…“ I smiled at her saying the word. “I never…imagined…” she gasped and groaned…I reached down to Duke’s head…”don’t push him off,” Vanessa said,

“His nose is on me and his long tongue.” She flexed.“I’m…I’m…God…I’m close…I never felt anything like this…” She lifted and pulled on his ears; I played with her cunt hairs, lifting her cunt lips to Duke who was in full action mode. “Oh…oh…unh…” she said, grasping my hand in a death grip. Now she was grunting and twisting in full orgasm…it was so quiet except for her breathing gulps of air, her legs shaking. She came a second time and finally calmed, Duke moving off to his bowl, then sitting and licking himself.

I felt Vanessa’s cunt, petting her down, kissing her wet face, playing her clit that was slick with them. She put her hand on mine….”No more,” she whispered, “I can’t take any more.” After awhile I said: “We finished the wine.” Vanessa looked at me saying: “That’s not all that was finished!” She was a good neighbor and visited “us” often after that.


2018-10-16 15:01:34
very sexy.


2018-09-13 17:21:40
Good story, love to see a follow up.


2018-07-24 04:40:57
Great story, Very well done, I hope you continue the story.... I can't wait to see what happens next...

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