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My 20 year reunion.
Chapter 2

The next couple of months went by faster than I had hoped. Katherine moved in with me, and put her condo up for sale. Her ex was a real scumbag, and spent a good part of her money before filing for divorce from her. Then he got awarded alimony because she worked more than him, and made more money. Luckily for her, it was set for five years max, or until he got remarried.

Katherine flew out to Montreal a month after moving in. We talked on the phone a lot, Skyped, and texted for the next month. She would send me nudes, and selfies of herself. I kept telling her not to, because of all the leaks, but she just kept doing it. She said that she didn't want me to forget what she looked like.

A month after that, I was on a plane flying East. I landed in Portland four and a half hours later. It was chillier than L.A., but comfortable at 90 degrees. I got a text from Katherine as soon as I landed. She setup a surprise for me at the car rental desk.

I checked the car rental desk, and they had a Ferrari waiting for me, shipped up from Boston. I got on my phone, and texted her back.


I got in the car, and made my way downtown. I wanted to see the Old Port. It used to be all bars before I had left, but from what I've read, it's turned into an area of fine dining. Some of the streets are still made of cobblestone.

After a quick pass through the Old Port, I made my way out to Windham. My hometown. There were a lot of eyes on me because of the car. There aren't too many Ferraris up in Maine due to the harsh winters.

I rented a house right on Sebago Lake for the week. It was a really nice house, and came with a boat for me to use with it. I took inventory of what I thought that I would need for the week, and made my way to the grocery store. Luckily, they sell liquor at the grocery store, and it was definitely a must have item for my upcoming week. Afterwards, I just hung out. Relaxing from my long flight, and chilling at the house.

The next day, after breakfast, I took the boat out for a cruise on the lake. I had forgotten how big the lake was, and how peaceful it was that early in the morning. There were only a few other boater out.

I headed out towards the sandbar, which was one of the locations mapped out for the reunion. When I got there, I found another boat anchored, and a couple of late teen, early twenties girls onboard. They seemed to be arguing about something. The boat had definitely seen better days. It looked like it hadn't been maintained in years.

“Do I look like a fucking mechanic?!” One of them yelled. “I don't know what's wrong with this thing! It has a full tank of gas!”

“Well, get on your phone, and call your dad!” The other girl yelled. “He's the one that said that this thing is ok to use!”

“Yeah right! Like his drunk ass is going to be up this early.” The first girl groaned. “We'll be lucky if he's up before noon, and then he'll just hit the beers right when he wakes up.”

“Well, what about your mom?” The other one asked. “Could she come help us out?”

“Doubtful. She won't want to pack up my brothers, and sister. Besides, she doesn't know anything about engines.” The first girl said. “We just have to figure out what happened to this thing.”

That was when I pulled up beside them.

“Good morning. Everything ok?” I asked, getting the two bikini clad girls attention, and they were both smoking hot. I just hoped that I wasn't ogling girls that were still in high school.

“It just died.” The first girl told me. She was blonde, wearing a white bikini. “It was fine all the way across the lake, then when we slowed down, it chugged a few times, and died.”

She looked really upset.

“Well, let's see if we can't get you two lovely ladies up, and running.” I told her.

I hung the bumpers off the side of my boat, and tied off onto theirs. Then hopped over onto their boat. They already had the engine compartment open. I kneeled down, and had a look. I checked the carburetor first, based on what she had told me. It was dirty as hell, but seemed open enough to allow air in.

“Can you try to start it?” I asked. She went over to the driver's seat, and cranked it, while I held open the carburetor. I saw that there was no fuel coming out of the injectors. “Ok, that's enough.”

I followed the fuel line until I found the filter. It was clear, and I could see that it was clogged with gunk.

“Well, it looks like your fuel filter is gummed up.” I told her as I stood back up. “I have a pocket tool back at the house, but nothing on me. Do you have a Phillips head screwdriver?”

“No, my dad doesn't have any tools. He wouldn't know what to do with them even if he did." She groaned. “He has one of his buddies work on it.”

“Well, I could tow you back to your dock.” I offered. “Then he can have his friend come take a look at it.”

“And, then I'll get blamed for it. Great.” She said, looking like she was about to cry. I felt for her.

“Or, I could tow you back to my place.” I said, not wanting her to cry. “We could go to the auto parts store, and get a new filter. It only cost a couple of bucks, and a few minutes to swap it out.”

“Really? That would be awesome.” She said, smiling. “Thank you, so much.”

“Well, I'm going to hop off here.” Her friend said. “I didn't expect to be stuck here this long. Mike said that he's coming to get me.”

They said their goodbyes, and she hopped off the boat, and up onto the sandbar. Then walked down the sandbar, to the State Park. I hopped back onto my boat, the other girl followed me. I took a line, and tied the front of her boat to the back of mine. Then untied our boats, and pulled the bumpers. We took off across the lake going very slow.

“By the way, my name's Cindy.” She said, sitting in the passenger seat.

“Luke.” I told her. “It's a pleasure to meet you. Are you on vacation from school?”

“Yeah. I just finished my first year at USM.” She said.

“Oh? Good for you. I heard that it's a pretty good school.” I told her.

“Thanks. What about you?” She asked. “I haven't ever seen you around on the lake before.”

“I grew up here. Then joined the Army, and moved out to California.” I told her. “I just came back here for a vacation.”

“You're not still in the Army, are you? Your hair doesn't look like a military haircut." She said, pulling gently on my ponytail, and giggling.

I chuckled with her. “No, I got out years ago. What are you studying in school?”

“I'm in the Drama Department.” She said. “I want to become an actress.”

I looked over at her, looking her over through my sunglasses. She had a nice tan, long wavy blonde hair, she stood about 5'6", and had a nice figure with C cup tits.

“It's a tough business to break into.” I told her. “I live in L.A., and have seen many hearts get broken trying to get in.”

“Yeah, that's why I'm minoring in business management.” She said. “To have something to fall back on.”

“Smart girl.” I said, smiling at her. She smiled back, and I thought that I saw her blush slightly.

We reached the dock, and tied both boats off to it. Then went up to the house.

“You're staying here?” She asked in awe, looking around. “I've always loved this house. I've never been inside, but I've seen it from out on the lake, passing by.”

“For the week.” I told her. “Do you want to hang out here, while I head out to the auto parts store, or do you want to come with me?”

“Oh, I don't want to be here, if you're not here.” She said. “I'll come with you, if you don't mind.”

“Fine with me.” I said, grabbing my keys. “You'll have to wait out in the car while I go in. No shirt, no shoes, no service.”

She smiled, and giggled. Then followed me out the front door, locking it behind us. She almost choked when she saw the car.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” She gasped looking at the car. “This is your car?”

“No, it's a rental as well.” I chuckled, holding the passenger door open for her. She hopped in, and I closed it behind her. Her head was on a swivel looking around the car when I hopped in, and started it up.

“Still, this is a fucking nice car.” She said still looking around it.

I just chuckled, and put the car in gear. Then tore out onto the road with her squealing in excitement. She laughed, and screeched down the twisty, road. I was going a little faster than the speed limit, just to amp up her fun. Plus, I mean, hell, I had a hot college girl in a Ferrari.

We hit the store, got the filter, and headed back. I grabbed my multi-tool, and went back onboard her boat. She was right over my shoulder watching me, with her tits resting on my back. Lucky for me that it was a mindless task, and that I was sitting, because my mind was focused on her, and I was also chubbing up because of her.

“Try firing it up.” I told her. She went to the driver's seat, and turned the key. It chugged for a moment before catching, and starting.

I stood up, and she almost tackled me by jumping up on me, wrapping her arms around my neck, and her legs around my waist to give me a hug.

“Thank you, so much!” She squealed as she was hugging me. Then took me completely by surprise, by kissing me on the lips.

It wasn't a quick “Thank you” kiss. It was a full on kiss, that lasted for a minute. As surprised as I was, I collected myself, and put my hands on her firm ass to hold her up as I kissed her back. She pushed it a step further, and slithered her tongue into my mouth. It's been a while since I've kissed a girl with tongue. I'm almost 40, and women my age don't do that kind of kissing. It is more of a youth thing, but I picked it back up quickly.

We made out for a few minutes before I broke the kiss, but still held her up, holding onto her ass.

“Wow, ok. That was some thank you.” I chuckled, and smiled.

She went bashful, and blushed all the way down to her chest. “Sorry, I kind of have a thing for older guys, and you're really cute, and nice, and you saved my life, and…….”

“I don't know about saving your life, but thank you for the other stuff.” I said.

“No, you really did. I told you before. My dad would have blamed me, and probably would have kicked me out of the house.” She told me. “He's looking for any excuse to get me out of the house.”

“Well, that's not right. This could never have been your fault.” I told her. “The filter was clogged. That's just a maintenance thing.”

“Doesn't matter.” She said, sliding down onto her feet. “It would somehow been my fault. That's just the way it's been my whole life.”

“Well, you're more than welcome to hang out here as long as I'm here, if it's really that bad at home, and you want to stay away for a bit.” I told her.

“Really?!” She brightened up. “I'd love to.”

“Ok, well, it's been forever since I've swam in this lake. I'm going to go get changed into some swim trunks, and take a dip.” I said.

“I'll join you, but um, can I use your restroom, please?” She asked.

“Sure.” I chuckled. “Come on.”

She shut down the boat, and caught up to me coming off the dock. She wrapped her arms around my arm, hugging it in between her tits, and rested her head on my shoulder as we walked up to the house. I pointed her to the bathroom, and went to my room to change.

I stripped out of my shirt, and shorts. I was rummaging through the drawers of the dresser, trying to remember where I put my swim trunks, when the door opened, and Cindy gasped. I looked over to see her staring at my chubbed up dick, and her mouth open in genuine surprise. I just shook my head, and chuckled. Then went back to looking for my trunks.

“It's a right out of the bathroom for the stairs." I told her, making light of her mistake.

“I'm, ah, I, um, I was, I was wondering why there was a door that I didn't remember going through.” She stammered. “I'm so sorry for walking in on you.”

“No big deal. I suppose that it's only fare.” I told her, finding my shorts. “I've been drooling over you from the moment that I happened upon you at the sandbar.”

I put my shorts on, and headed to the door, and Cindy.

“You ready to hit the lake?” I asked.

She smiled, and nodded. We headed back down to the dock. I was the first to dive in. The water brought me back to my youth, of spending summers in this lake. It was cool, and refreshing. I came back up to the surface, standing on the sandy floor with the water up to my neck.

Cindy followed, coming up right in front of me. Being half a foot shorter than me, she wasn't able to stand in the water near me. So, she held my shoulders as she floated in front of me. Her golden blonde hair was slicked back, and matted to head. Her crystal blue eyes piercing me as she stared into my eyes.

“I really meant what I said before. You are a good looking man.” She said not breaking eye contact.

“And, I was honest when I said that I've been ogling you ever since the sandbar.” I replied, reaching out under the water, and pulling her to me by her hips.

Her legs wrapped around my waist, and her breasts crushed into my chest. The cool water made her nipples hard, and I could feel them poking into me. Our faces were only an inch apart.

“I wish that I could stay here all day.” She breathed.

“Why can't you?” I asked. “I already told you that you're welcome to, as long as I'm here.”

“I have to get the boat back to my dad before he wakes up.” She said. “I didn't really have his permission to take it out.”

“And, that's why you couldn't call them for help.” I chuckled.

“Yeah, but I can drive back here, after I drop it off.” She said. “That is if you want me to.”

“Bring an overnight bag with you.” I told her. “We'll go out tonight. Maybe dinner in Portland, or Old Orchard Beach.”

“Ok.” She said, leaning in, and kissing me.

She hopped out of the lake, and onto her boat. Then took off across the lake. I hung out in the water for a bit before heading up to the house to shower off.

I took my time grooming. I shaved around my goatee, took a little time trimming my pubes, and enjoyed a long hot shower. I felt like a million bucks when I got out, and even better when I was back in my room.

Cindy was laying in the middle of my bed, completely naked, and rubbing her pussy as she watched me enter the room. She was completely shaved, I noticed, as she was rubbing her fingers down through her lips, splitting them apart slightly.

“Come make me feel loved, Daddy.” She said looking at me.

All I had on was my towel, and that hit the floor before my first step. I crawled onto the bed, between her spread legs, and leaned down to kiss her. Her body was amazing, and I fully intended to take advantage of her daddy issues, and enjoy all her wonders.

I kissed her, as she continued to rub herself. She felt my cock bump into her hand as I was kissing her, and used it to rub herself in place of her hand. Then placed the head at her opening, and guided me in. It felt like heaven, sliding into her, and judging by the hums, and moans she made, it felt the same for her.

Our bodies were pressed together, as we started slow. Both of us exploring each other's bodies with our hands. Her tits were full, and firm. Her ass was firm, and tight. Her thighs were smooth, and toned.

We broke our kiss, and she told me to roll over onto my back. I did as she wanted, and we rolled together. She was on top, my cock fully embedded in her tight pussy as she sat up, and placed her hands on my chest. She smiled as she started bouncing up and down on my cock.

“You feel so good, Daddy.” She moaned. “Your cock is so thick, and long. It's stretching your little girl's pussy so much.”

I watched her tits bouncing on her chest, and leaned up, taking one in my mouth. I flicked her nipple in my mouth, and gently nibbled it. She squealed in delight. Then I noticed her bouncing getting faster, and harder. Without warning, she slammed down onto my cock, burying it as deep as she could, and she came.

“Oh God! Daddy, I'm cumming!” She cried. “It feels so good. Oh my God!”

I was holding myself up with one arm, her tits was in my mouth. I felt her pussy pulsating around my cock, and her juices spraying down around it. I reached behind her, grabbing one of her ass cheeks as a handle, and grinded her hips back and forth, intensifying her orgasm by grinding her clit against me.

She came down from her high, and sat up straight to catch her breath as I laid down flat on my back. Her body shaking slightly.

She smiled down at me, and turned around so that her back was to me, and her hands were on my thighs. She looked over her shoulder at me, and pouted.

“I've been a naughty girl, Daddy. I wet myself in bed.” She said in a little girl voice. “I think that I deserve a spanking.”

She wigged her ass at me. Then went back to bouncing on my cock. I watched her ass jiggle a little every time she slammed down onto my cock. Then slapped her ass with my hand, eliciting a yelp from her. I got into rhythm where every time her ass came up off my cock, my hand slapped one of her cheeks.

“I'm sorry, Daddy! I want to be a good girl!” She cried. “I want to make my Daddy feel good! Please cum in me! I want to feel you cum in my little pussy!”

I slipped my thumb up her asshole, causing her to squeal in surprise. It also made her pussy clamp around my cock. My cock swelled as it blasted my cum deep into her belly. That caused her to cum again.

“I feel it, Daddy! I feel your cum inside of me!” She screamed. “It feels so warm in my belly!”

She leaned back, causing my thumb to slip out of her ass. My cock stayed nestled in her hot snatch as she laid on my chest, head resting on my shoulder.

“That was incredible.” She sighed in bliss. I wrapped my arms around her, and she hugged them closer.

“Yeah it was.” I agreed, with a sigh of contentment.

We laid like that for a few minutes, until my dick became flaccid enough to pop out of her hole. Our combined juices flowed out, down her ass, and my stomach and balls.

“I think that it might be time for another shower.” I chuckled, to which she agreed.

We hopped in the shower, taking our time. She cleaned me, and I cleaned her. Her body was amazing. She was going to work out fine for my idea.

I was going to use her to get Candice jealous over me. If I brought a smoking hot girl, half my age, to the reunion, there was no way Candice wouldn't notice. Add to that, I'm a successful producer, billionaire, and live with a beautiful actress. That would get her juices flowing, and see what she missed out on.

Cindy and I finished our shower, and got out. I was dressed relatively quickly. She was taking more time because she said that she wanted to look good for me. So I made myself a drink, and waited down by the lake, smoking a cigarette. I was away from prying ears, so I called Katherine.

“Hey, Handsome. You're lucky, you caught me in between scenes.” She answered. “So, how's it going? Do you have Candice dripping in her panties yet?”

“Nope, haven't even seen her yet.” I told her. “But, I just finished laying the foundation of my plan. Almost, quite literally.”

I told her about Cindy, how we met, what we did, and what my plan was.

“I told you that you were a stud.” She giggled. “Picking up a girl half your age, on your first day home. If she's as good looking as you say, keep her around. Maybe, the three of us can have some fun when I get down there.”

I thought back to our last, and only, threesome, and my dick slightly stirred. It would have been fully hard if I hadn't already just busted a nut. Then I saw Cindy come out the back door looking for me.

“That sounds like fun, Beautiful, but she is coming up to me right now.” I told Katherine. “I'll talk to you soon. I love you.”

“I love you too.” She said, giggling. “Have fun.”

Then she hung up. I put my phone away just as Cindy arrived. She looked extremely beautiful. Her hair, and makeup were done. She was wearing a skin tight dress, that clung to every curve of her body, and barely came down enough to cover her ass.

“How do I look?” She asked, spinning around to show me every side.

“You look gorgeous.” I said, giving her a kiss. “You ready to go? I just had to make a quick call before we left.”

She said that she was, and we headed back up towards the house, holding hands. I locked up the house, and we hopped into the Ferrari. I held the passenger door open for her, then hopped into the driver's side.

We drove out into Portland, then drove down Route 1. I hadn't been there for a while, so a lot had changed. I was just going until something caught my eye. We made it all the way to Saco until I gave up.

“Alright, nothing is looking familiar to me, nor catching my eye.” I finally admitted. “Where would you like to go out to eat?”

She started giggling. “We could hit a chain restaurant out by the mall, or all of the new really nice restaurants are in the Old Port.”

“Old Port it is.” I said, trying around, and heading back to Portland.

We hit a nice place in the middle of the Old Port. It was a place that Cindy had never been to. The prices were a little high for a college student. We talked over dinner, getting to know each other better. It was a nice time.

We were seated at the front window, and Cindy was looking out of it as I was dealing with the waitress, and the check. I gave up my card, and the waitress went off to cash us out. Then Cindy got up, and kissed me.

“I'll be right back.” She said, with a devilish smile, and walked out the front door.

I didn't have time to even ask her where she was running off to before she left. She did return before the waitress returned though. She still didn't tell me where she went, and had a big grin on her face.

I signed the check, and we left. I asked her if she drank. She said that she did, but wasn't old enough to go to the bar. I stopped by the grocery store, and picked up some liquor, and mixers on the way back to the house.

We got back to the house, changed into comfortable clothes, and mixed up some drinks. I went with Jack and Coke. She had Spiced Rum and Sprite. We settled in on the couch. Cindy snuggled in close to me, with my arm around her shoulder.

“This day has been really nice.” She sighed as I flipped through the channels on the TV. “I wish that I could spend all week here with you. I've never felt so comfortable around anybody as fast as I have with you.”

“Well, I don't mind having you here.” I told her. “Actually, I have this thing that I have to go to on Monday. I was kind of hoping that you might want to go with me.”

“Oh, I would have loved to go with you, but I already told my parents that I'd watch my little brothers, and sister.” She whined. “They got this class reunion thing going on all week, and asked me to watch them. Well, except for Friday. I guess that's a family day, and I promised them that I'd go with them. I'm sorry.”

“That's ok. I already planned on going by myself, anyway.” I reassured her. “I just thought that it would be more fun with you there with me.”

“That's so sweet. If I didn't already have plans, I would have in a second.” She said, kissing me. “I don't even know why my parents want to go to that reunion anyways. I guess that they want to pretend that they're still a big deal, like they were supposedly in high school, but they really aren't.”

“What do you mean?” I asked. Now that I knew that she is the daughter of one of my former classmates, I guess that is was a good thing that she wouldn't be able to go with me. I really didn't want to get back at anybody except Candice and Matt. But, if I had some ammo on other people, I could hold it unless they caused problems for me.

“I'm sure that you don't want to hear all about my fucked up family shit.” She said.

“It's obviously bothering you. I'm here, and willing to listen.” I egged her on. “It might help to get it off your chest.”

She sat up, and we turned to face each other. She was wearing nothing but an oversized t-shirt, and she sat Indian Style on the couch as she faced me. I had to concentrate hard not to continually stare at her sweet little pussy.

“Well, from what they say, my parents started dating back in high school. My dad was supposedly this super athlete. Even though you'd never guess that by looking at him now. He was the quarterback for the football team.” She said, and I was struggling not to come unglued. Cindy, the girl that I fucked earlier, was Candice and Matt's daughter! That was definitely enough to peal my attention away from Cindy's sweet sex pot.

“I guess that my grandfather owned a really big business. Some auto dealership, but lost it paying for my Uncle Raymond's attorney fees. I guess that my Uncle got caught having sex with underage girls, and is still in prison over it, and a few other rape charges.” She continued. “Well, when my grandfather passed, the only thing that he had left to pass on to my father was the house on the lake, that we still live in. My dad didn't get the business because it was gone. He works as a laborer on some construction crew that another high school buddy of his owns, and can barely pay the bills, but he has enough money to get drunk everyday. I'm just done with it. I wouldn't even be in college if it weren't for my scholarships.”

“I'm sorry that you're dealing with all that. Someone your age shouldn't have to.” I said. “How about we get shit faced, and forget all of that. We can enjoy each other for tonight.”

She looked up at me. “I only have to be home during the day. I can still come over at night, after they get home, if you want me to.”

She was looking at me with a mixture of pleading, and on the verge of crying. Now that I knew who she was, I could tell that she was their daughter as I was looking back at her.

“Of course I do. I just didn't know what your commitments were.” I told her. “I'd love for you to spend every night with me.”

That cheered her up, and she smiled.

“Good, because I got you a little surprise for you when I took off at dinner for a couple of minutes.” She said. Then reached into her purse, and pulled out a bottle of lube, and a butt plug. “I want you to have my anal virginity, but there's no way that I'm going to be able to handle your monster without some practice. So, I bought these. I want you to put it in me tonight, and before I go home Monday morning.”

She handed them to me, and smiled.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked.

“Well, you've been so sweet to me, and you seem to like my butt.” She said. “When you stuck your finger up it earlier, it didn't feel bad, and I want to give you something for being so good to me.”

“Cindy, you know that this is not necessary, right? I've just been nice to a beautiful girl that I'm attracted to, and who is attracted to me.” I explained. “I'm not looking for any kind of payback.”

“I know, but I want to, with you.” She said.

I looked at the items in my hands, then back up to her.

“You're sure about this?” I asked. The butt plug that she bought was not for beginners. It was pretty thick.

She nodded enthusiastically. “Positive.”

“Alright, but let’s get a little shit faced first.” I relented.

We turned off the TV, and turned on some music. Then hung out listening to it while we drank. I noticed that she was mixing hers a little thicker than before, where I was making mine a little thinner. I didn't want to be too drunk when I drilled that butt dildo up her sweet little ass.

About three drinks later, she was sauced up enough for me to attempt it. I had her kneel onto the couch, her head, and arms resting on the back, with her ass pointing out. I sat on the coffee table, and squirted a little lube on the top of her ass crack. It trickled down the crack of her ass, and I caught it right on her brown star. I massaged it all around her sphincter before I unceremoniously slipped my middle finger up her ass. She let out a surprised squeak, but held her position.

I finger fucked her thigh hole for a minute, adding more lube as I did. Then added my ring finger. She groaned at that, but didn't move as I continued to push, pull, and twist both fingers in her ass. Like before, I added more lube, which eased her groaning.

The grunting came when I added a third finger. She also began whimpering. I asked her if she wanted me to stop.

“No, Daddy.” She said, shaking her head. “I want to be your good girl.”

I put a little lube on the tip of the butt plug, and picked it up.

“Alright, I'm going to start putting it in.” I told her, pulling my fingers out of her ass, and replacing them with the tip of the plug before the gap started closing. “Now, just relax.”

I applied pressure, pushing in the plug that was already half way to the widest part. I added lube to it, as I pushed, and twisted. Cindy's breath became labored as she gritted her teeth. She put her head down onto her arms. I kept pushing, and twisting as I watched her butt hole open wider, and wider to swallow the rubber shaft.

I got it almost to the thickest part. She was crying, I could hear her sobbing, but she never told me to stop. With a final push, her hole opened just a little more, accepting the rest of the butt dildo, as it swallowed the rest, and clamped down onto the stem. The base was the only thing left visible, nestled nicely in the crack of her ass.

I wiped the lube off my hands, and pulled her up. Tears were streaming down her face, and her eyes were red, and puffy. I pulled her to me, wrapping my arms around her.

“Are you ok?” I asked her, as I held her, rubbing her back.

It took her a moment, but she nodded her head into my chest. “Yes, Daddy. Was I a good girl?”

I smiled at her cuteness, and chuckled. “You were a very good girl. How do you feel?”

“Full, and a little sore.” She said. Then giggled. “I think that we need to drink more.”

She leaned up, and kissed me. Then got up off the couch to go mix herself another drink. She moved tenderly for the next half hour. It was particularly amusing to watch her sit. After that though, she was moving around without any thought about the toy in her ass.

We went to bed early, around 10 o'clock. Both of us were drunk as hell, and passed out naked on my bed.

I woke up the next morning with Cindy laying on her side, watching me. She smiled when she saw my eyes flutter open to the mornings harsh light.

“Good morning.” She said, giving me a kiss.

“Good morning.” I replied. “What time is it?”

“Just after seven.” She said, scooting closer. Then sliding on top of me, with my morning wood splitting her pussy lips.

She leaned down, resting her boobs on my chest, and kissed me some more. Then started grinding her clit along the hardened shaft of my dick. Her grinding started of slow, and short, but built up to traveling the entire length of my dick. Then she reached down, and slipped the head of my cock into her wet hole.

It was tighter than yesterday, as she worked more of my dick into her. Then I remembered the butt plug that was still in her ass. She worked, and grunted until my entire cock was fed into her tight little pussy. Then rested for a moment, trying to get used to having both of her holes filled at the same time.

I grabbed her ass, massaging her perfectly firm cheeks in my hands. My thumbs bumped into the base of the toy lodged in her ass a couple of times.

“Waking up, and having this thing up in my butt made me horny as hell.” She said, as she started fucking herself on my cock.

I laid back, enjoyed the feeling. My hands rested on her ass as she bounced up and down on my cock. I let her get herself going before throwing her a curveball. I reached for the base sticking out of her ass, and gently tugged at it. Every time I pulled, she would groan. As soon as her orgasm was washing over her, I quickly yanked it out of her ass.

“Oh my fucking God!” She screamed, as her body convulsed in a more powerful orgasm.

I kept bucking up into her as she shivered on top of me. It wasn't much longer before I came. She flopped down onto me, as her body continued to shake. She was breathing heavy, and almost on the verge of tears. I held her, and rubbed her back until she calmed down.

“That was intense.” She finally said.

I just laughed. We got up, and showered. Then made breakfast together. We spent the day just enjoying each other's company, and bodies. We stayed around the house, and didn't even bother putting on clothes. Her body was flawless, and the more that I looked at her, the more I was reminded of Candice.

I ended up fucking her ass that night before bed, and she asked me to put the butt plug back in after I came, because she wanted to trap my cum inside of her all night.


2018-07-04 14:20:36
Thanks Firebolt, the Cindy being Candice's daughter twist is something I didn't foresee!!! You rock!!! Please keep writing. Cheers


2018-06-20 13:10:56
I accidentally hit edit on it, after I posted it. It's in my que, just waiting for them to release it.


2018-06-20 01:05:14
What happened to chapter one?

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