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My 20 year reunion.
Chapter 3

Cindy left early the next morning to get home, and watch her siblings. I sat on the back porch with my coffee, and pulled out my phone.

“Change of plans.” I texted Katherine.

I wasn't expecting her to reply. I didn't know what her shooting schedule was, and was surprised when she called me a minute later.

“Good morning, Beautiful.” I answered.

“Good morning to you, Love.” She said back. “What changed in the plan? I thought that you had that sweet little tart lined up to make Candice jealous?”

“I still have her on my line." I told her. “But, jealousy is not the emotion that Cindy will illicit from Candice. It would be more like rage. I found out that Cindy happens to be their daughter.”

“Oh my god! That's a knock out blow.” She gasped.

“Exactly, so I'm just going to keep sleeping with Cindy every night. She has to babysit her siblings during the day.” I told her. “Friday is the last day of the reunion, and it's family day. You're flying in on Thursday, so you'll be there when it all explodes on that last day.”

“I highly doubt that Candice will want to sleep with you after that bomb goes off.” Katherine said.

“Truthfully, I don't even want to sleep with Candice.” I told her. “Just seeing the look on their faces when they find out that their daughter has been sleeping with me all week, and that she's the one that pursued me. That will be good enough for me.”

“You are a wicked man, but I love you.” She giggled. “I have to get going, but I'll see you in a few days.”

“Alright, I'll see you on Thursday. I love you too.” I said, before we hung up.

I got showered, and dressed. The first day, everybody was to check-in at DiMillo's Restaurant for breakfast. It was a restaurant that was actually a large boat docked in Portland.

I arrived a half hour late. The line to get in was empty, but the table with all the name tags was still sitting at the door. There were a bunch of unclaimed tags still on it. I found mine, put it in my pocket, and went in the restaurant.

There were dozens of people there. Most of them were eating from the buffet breakfast bar that was setup. I already ate breakfast, so I just got myself a coffee. I found a seat in the corner, and watched around the room.

There were a lot of familiar faces, a few that I could actually put a name to, but most that I couldn't. I didn't see Candice and Matt until there was a loud macho yell from across the room, and Matt stood up, and hugged one of his old football buddies. Then I spotted Candice sitting in the seat next to him.

She looked every bit as beautiful as I remembered her to be. Their whole table was filled with faces that I could actually remember the names of. They were all friends of Candice's.

I sat there drinking my coffee when a few other women arrived at my table. They were all carrying a plate of food. I looked at their name tags, and recognized their names immediately. They were all cheerleaders while we were in school.

“Excuse me, are these seats available?” Heather asked for the group.

“Please, by all means.” I said gesturing for them to sit.

“Thank you, um……” She was searching for my name tag.

“Oh! Right, I'm sorry.” I said, standing up, and pulling out my name tag, and sticking it in my t-shirt.

“Oh my god! Luke D’Angelo!” Kim exclaimed. “I never would have guessed that it was you! You look so different! You look good. How have you been?”

The funny thing was that she sounded genuinely happy that I was there.

“I've been well. Living out in California.” I answered. “How about you all? How have you all been?”

“Where to begin?” Heather snorted. “Let's see, I'm in the middle of divorce number two, Kim has had a string of bad boyfriends, and is currently living with me, Rachel got dumped by her husband after he found his secretary more appetizing, and Suzie lost her husband after she didn't bounce right back after their third kid.”

Just then, there was a roar of laughter coming from Candice's table. All of us looked over.

“Ugh!” Kim groaned as we all turned our attention back towards each other. “Her majesty seems to be holding court.”

That struck me as odd. The cheerleaders, and jocks were the crowd that Candice hung out with in high school. They were all always together.

“Falling out between you all?” I asked.

“Her and Matt just like thinking that they are better than everybody else.” Suzie answered. “You weren't here for the last reunion, but she actually had the nerve to tell me and Rachel that it was our own fault for losing our husbands.”

“And, Matt still thinks that he's king shit quarterback.” Rachel added. “I was actually happy as Hell when you kicked the shit out of him after graduation.”

“Yeah, that was so hot.” Kim giggled. “Then you just up, and disappeared. You didn't even come to the ten year reunion.”

“I went into the Army right after that, then out to California.” I told them. “Besides, from what I understood, everybody thought that I was a lowlife looser, and didn't want anything to do with me.”

“Who the fuck told you that?” Heather barked. “We all loved having you around. Hell, Kim here wanted to fuck the shit out of you after you and Candice broke up, but Candice told her to back off.”

“You bitch!” Kim giggled as she turned red. “You're not supposed to tell him that!”

“Well, I'm flattered, but I don't see why. I was fat back then.” I told her.

“No you weren't!” Kim exclaimed. “Where were you getting your information from?”

“The same person that told you to stay away from me.” I answered.

“You two were together for a year, around all of us, and you believed that?” Suzie asked.

I sighed, and told them exactly what happened when we broke up. None of them could believe what I was told by Candice and Matt.

“Then when factor in me being young, and dumb, and that they were telling all of you to stay away from me. It all lined up.” I concluded.

“That's some seriously fucked up shit.” Rachel said, with the rest of them nodding in agreement. “Is that why you didn't come to the last reunion?”

“Partially.” I admitted. “That, and I was busy building up my business.”

“That's level headed of you.” Kim said. “What made you decide to come this time? I mean, we're happy that you did, but just curious.”

“Business is good, and a friend of mine convinced me that I should.” I shrugged. “I'm glad that I did. You lovely ladies have been, enlightening, and great company.”

We all continued to talk, and catch up. Our class president was scheduled to talk before the tour of the Old Port was to begin. It wasn't an actual tour, it was basically bar hopping in the Old Port.

I excused myself to refill my coffee, and duck outside for a cigarette before the speaking was to begin. Kim asked if I minded her joining me. I told her that I didn't. The rest of the girls razed her as we left, which caused me to chuckle.

I refilled my coffee. Kim got herself another O.J., and we headed toward the door. The route took us past Candice and Matt's table. Kim and I were chatting as we walked, and Candice and I caught each other's eyes for a moment as we passed by her table. It looked like she was trying to figure out who I was for a moment before recognition exploded all over her face.

I just kept walking, and talking with Kim out the door. I left my cigarettes in the car, so Kim followed me out to the parking lot. She spotted the Ferrari.

“Oh, Jesus. Did they really get that car to show off in front of everybody?” She asked.

“No, actually it's my car.” I told her, unlocking the door, and grabbing my cigarettes. “Well, it's a rental, but still.”

I handed her a cigarette, and pulled one out for myself. Then threw the pack back in the car before locking it.

“Sorry, I wasn't trying to insinuate anything.” She said, as I lit her cigarette for her.

I lit my own cigarette, and shrugged. “I rented a car, and that's what they gave me.”

We smoked our cigarettes, and talked some more. She even got a little flirty, touching me every so often while we talked, and laughing at all of my corny jokes. I got the feeling that she still wanted to fuck me.

We made it back inside right before the class president took the stage. Candice's eyes followed us the whole time, from the time that we came back in the room, until we sat at our table. Kim scooted a little closer to me when we sat down.

The class president took the mic, and welcomed everybody. She laid out the itinerary for the week. We were doing the Old Port tour today, Funtown the next day, Old Orchard Beach on Wednesday, Freeport on Thursday, and a family gathering at the State Park on Friday. The State Park is on Sebago Lake, it's where the sandbar was where I met Cindy.

We all hung out at the restaurant until 11, and then moved out into the Old Port. We all stayed as a group, but pretty much stayed in our subgroups at the same time. Kim was getting even more bold, and held my hand as we were walking around.

I spotted Candice, and her little group. Every time that I'd glance in her direction, she was staring at us. She also didn't look too happy about it either. Matt was off in his own world, reminiscing about his football days with his football buddies. Not a single one of them looked in shape enough to play the game now.

We hit the first bar, and I bought a round of drinks for all of the girls in my little group. We took them over to one of the pool tables, and started playing a game. None of us were serious about the game. We were all just having a good time laughing about missed shots. Kim missed a straight shot, and buried her face into my chest as the rest of the girls laughed. I wrapped my arm around her. I was chuckling about it too. It was all in good fun, so none of us were upset about it. It's not like any of us were pros, or playing for money.

“Everybody seems to be enjoying themselves over here.” I looked up to see Candice standing there. She was looking right at me. “Luke, you're looking well, and I see that Kim wasted no time swooping in.”

“Excuse me!” Kim whirled around. I put my hand on Kim's shoulder to stop her from going over to Candice, and beating her with the stick in her hands.

“I am well Candice, thank you.” I told her, smiling. “And, we're just having some drinks, playing some pool, having fun, and catching up with each other. Isn't that the point of this thing?”

“It is.” She smiled. “Maybe our two groups can merge together, and play?”

“Honestly, we're just goofing around, and having fun.” I said. “The guys in your group are competitive, and our group would ruin that for them. Thank you for the offer though.”

She frowned at that, and seemed to be at a loss for words. So, she just nodded, and went back to her group. The girls started snickering after she left. Rachel came over, and took the pool stick from Kim. She bumped her ass into my hip to get my attention.

“I don't think that she was happy with our answer.” She said as she went up to the table to look for her shot.

“Yeah, I really don't feel like dealing with them right now.” I said, and downed my drink. “Who's ready for another round.”

They all hooted, and I gave the waitress a $50 for our next round, and her tip. We continued our game of pool, and having fun.

We left that bar, and moved on to the next one. As the day progressed, and the more that they drank, the more rowdy the girls got, and the more handsy they got with me. They thought nothing of kissing me, copping a feel of my ass, or dick. Then commenting to each other about it, right in front of me. It was all in good fun though.

I noticed Candice watching us throughout the day. I was really surprised that Matt wasn't even paying her any attention. He was more interested in reminiscing with his old teammates.

At one of the bars, I really had to piss. I was heading to the restroom, and ran into Candice heading to the same place.

“How's your day been going?” She asked.

“Not bad, but I really have to piss.” I said. “Then I think that I'm going to back off the drinking for today. Yours?”

“Just listening to football stories.” She said.

“Well, I really have to get in there, or I'm going to explode.” I chuckled.

I went into the men's room, and whipped my dick out at the urinal. Just as I started to go, the door opened, and Candice came in.

“I think that you might have had a little too much to drink.” I said. “This is the men's room.”

“I know, but the ladies room has a line, and I can't wait.” She said, locking the door behind her. “Besides, you're not using the toilet.”

The bathroom had a urinal, toilet, and sink. There was no partition around the toilet. It was all open. She went around me, lifted her skirt, and dropped her panties. Then sat.

I was watching her, and chuckling.

“What? I really had to pee, and didn't want to piss myself.” She said, laughing too. “It's not like I have anything that you've never seen before.”

“True, but I really don't want to have to drop Matt again if he ever found out about this.” I said zipping myself up. She was watching me tuck my dick away.

“I wouldn't worry about it. I don't even think that he remembers that I'm here.” She said wiping herself, and standing up. This time it was my turn to watch her. “He's so engrossed in his glory days, that he doesn't even know that you're here.”

I was washing my hands as she straightened herself out, and moved to dry them as she started washing hers. She was looking at me through the mirror.

“Look, I really don't want this week to be awkward between us, and would really like to catch up with you.” She said. “I have a lot to apologize to you for, and a lot of explaining to do. Do you think that, that could be possible?”

She dried her hands, and we exited back out of the bathroom.

“I don't have a problem with it, but I can't speak for Kim, Heather, Suzie, and Rachel. Apparently, you've said some pretty nasty things to them, and they're not too happy with you about it.” I told her. “Then there's Matt. I really don't want things to get ugly if he has a problem with it.”

“I understand. I'll straighten things out with the girls, and you really don't have to worry about Matt.” She said. “He's drunk before we even leave the house, and too wrapped up in his glory days to pay attention to anything else that's going on around him.”

I just shrugged, and we parted ways. I went back to the girls, and she went back to her husband. I was pacing myself all day, so I wasn't as drunk as everybody else. I stayed for a while longer, drinking straight soda. I needed something more in my stomach, and knew exactly what I wanted.

“Well, ladies. I need to get going. There's an Amato's around the corner calling out to me. I haven't had an Italian Sandwich in twenty years, and I need one.” I told the girls.

They were all disappointed that I was leaving, and kept asking if I was coming back the next day. I assured them that I was. They all gave me a hug, and kiss goodbye, and I left. Candice watched me leave.

I went and got my sandwich, and sat on a bench, and ate it. A flood of memories came back with every bite. I forgot how much I missed those sandwiches.

I was pretty much sober by the time I got back to my car, and headed back to the house. I called Katherine, and filled her in on my day. She filled me in on hers. Then I heard a car pull up, and let her go.

I was sitting on the couch, with a drink on the end stand, and my head laid back, when Cindy came in. She came over, and sat on my lap, facing me, and kissed me.

“Did you miss me, Daddy?” She asked, wiggling her ass. “I missed you.”

I smiled, and put my hands on her ass. “I sure did. It's been a long day."

“Well, you sit right there, and let your little girl take care of you.” She smiled, and got up off my lap.

Cindy kneeled down in front of me. She took off my sneakers, and socks. Then started rubbing my feet. I groaned contently, and laid my head back. She continued to rub my feet, then moved up my legs.

When she got to the bottom of my shorts, she unbuttoned them, and pulled them, my boxers, and shirt off, leaving me naked on the couch. Cindy kneeled down in front of me again, and rubbed my thighs.

When she got up to my hips, she sucked my cock into her mouth. She rubbed my hips, and ass as her head was bobbing up and down on my cock. She spent a good amount of time there. Then got up, and sunk my dick into tiny wet pussy. She rode me as she rubbed my chest, shoulders, and arms.

She came twice as she was riding me. Then got up, turned around, and sat with my dick going up in her ass. She leaned back into my chest.

“Do you feel better, Daddy?” She asked, grinding her ass onto my dick.

I wrapped my arms around her, grabbed one of her tits with one hand, and sinking the fingers of my other hand into her pussy.

“I'm well on my way.” I smiled, and started kissing her neck.

I pulled her with me, as I laid down on the couch. She was still on top of me, and I started driving into her ass. I played with her tits, and fingered her pussy as I did.

“Oh God! I'm going to cum with your cock in my ass, Daddy!” She screamed, and she came.

That was all I needed, and came with her as her asshole clamped onto the base of my dick. We laid there like that for a while. I continued to kiss her neck, and rub my hands all over her. She laid there, cooing, and enjoying the attention. She'd shiver every time my hand brushed across her clit.


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Good one Firebolt, I'm happy to see Candice jealous. I would have preferred to see her a little more angry and jealous instead of immediately apologetic. Anyways, great story all round, looking forward to more

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