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Girls have got to know what it is all about, don't they?
No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story.

(The School of Sex and Life)

This is a sequel to the DOORS stories, renamed THE MASTER OF THE MANSION series. An old favor comes due to be repaid during the rebuilding of the burnt down mansion and an idle week of Ambrose’s life, during the process. This since the Sully’s were doing the rebuilding, too.

It so happened that, their great grandfather had built the campus for a very exclusive girl’s school a number of years before. It had a very limited student body, made of domestic and foreign girls in the age group fourteen through eighteen. And was known as an underground producer of the finest prospective wives of any institution of the world. Eventually there were a number of copies of their program, but none ever approached their degree of success with young women.

And, so…….

Oh yes, there is the matter of the special favor to Ambrose for all that he and Will had done to bless the private lives of Manny and Sully. To Manny had first come Gloria, to brighten his life and give him his son, Sully. And then in his old age, he had gotten Mandy, the widow of Will, who was then the lover and Household Manager for Ambrose as Manny’s companion and lover to shine upon his last few years.

And then there was the matter of Maci, who had never belonged to Ambrose, but was a very dear lover and friend of his being taken by Sully for his happiness.

In each case, the ladies had exercised their right of decision making and had been blessed with a fine man in return. But, they acknowledged that two other fine men whom the felt that they owed a lot to, had lost significantly in the process. So, the two ladies and Mannie and Sully decided to act on the assertion of Sully’s that he would do something special for Ambrose to recognize his generosity and good will with the losses.

During the lull in time after the catastrophic fire destroying the Mansion and during the quickly achieved rebuilding of it, the four conspirators set up something truly special for Ambrose in San Francisco, just a few blocks from the famous Bridge. It involved a huge condo for a couple of days and twelve cute young Asian-American girls.

Sully sent an email to him at the hotel he was occupying during the rebuild, accompanied by a package sent to his room at his hotel. In it he was instructed to that morning catch an arranged taxi that would take him to the local airport. The tickets and a small pamphlet had been included with the delivered package. From there he would fly to a city, to be discovered later. In the taxi would be a suitcase with a costume for him to wear when he got to the rooms in the condo. There he would change into it. And shortly thereafter would be joined by his guests for the next couple of nights. He was to read and study the pamphlet while in flight to the city. It described the scenario that he was to become part of and the role that he was to play in it.

When he got off of the airplane a very pretty middle-aged lady hailed him to her cab and she whisked him off to the condo. The fare and tip were already arranged. The lady, not knowing what he was going to, but feeling the vibes of something special, wished him well as he left the taxi.

There was a doorman at the front of the condo building and he advised Ambrose to take the middle elevator and get off at the twenty-fourth floor. There was only one door on that floor, and the floors above and below it were still vacant. So, with his suitcase in hand, Ambrose did as he was told and when he got out of the elevator, a huge and ornate door was sitting wide open for his access.

There was a note left in his view as he entered the condo, advising him to shower and prepare himself to don the provided outfit and to get ready for the time of his life.

He showered, shaved, shampooed and did his nails and everything else he could think of. Even trimmed his mustache and Van Dyke into their best display ever. Then with a very light dash of cologne, he donned the outfit which turned out to be of a very proper English School Master. After recognizing this final touch, all of the instructions in the pamphlet made sense to him, and he busied himself trying to adopt a very British accent to go along with the costume. But, he knew that his guests would be very forgiving of his lackluster results of that effort.

Precisely, two hours after his arrival and at about six in the evening, the door opened and twelve of the cutest young Asian-American girls imaginable strode in, in marching order and pulled up in formation in front of him. A very proper sounding English woman addressed him then:

“Master, here are your charges for the next two nights as you are to instruct them in some of the skills that they will need upon assuming an adult place in life. I will be back to retrieve them day after tomorrow at noon. (And then with a smirk and a smile, ‘Have fun sir, they will make sure that you do!’)

The lady then moved to the door and with a swish of her long skirts, moved out of the condo leaving the girls at his mercy, or perhaps him to theirs.

The Master now addressed the girls, in a formation of four abreast and three deep, “Have you had anything to eat for lunch?” Said in a proper and stern manner.

The left hand one in front spoke up for the rest and said, “No Master, we have not. And we are hungry, if you please.”

With him sternly gazing at them, “You may repair to the master bedroom and change into outfits that are more comfortable for you and then join me in the dining room for an arranged repast for all of us to enjoy.”

With that he noticed a definite atmosphere of joy and anticipation as they marched in line into the master bedroom. In very short order they marched out to enjoy lunch in a variety of dress that would have gotten them discharged if they had ever appeared in them at any real English School. Very little was hidden to his view of these dozen fourteen and fifteen year old girls, who were of Japan-ese, Korean, Taiwanese and Filipina derivation. And all had dark eyes, black hair and the cutest young bodies imaginable.

They respectfully took their places at the great table with the Master at the head and began to enjoy the repast before them. Evidently one of them had a different meal in mind, because Master felt an adjustment to his robes under the table and then the invasion of a young girlish body under the robes to engage with his recumbent member there.

The rest of the girls noticed the empty chair, but made no mention of it. But, they did engage the Master above the table with their displaying of many of their assets for his viewing pleasure. For instance, they all had impressive breast works for their ages, and he got to see most of them in rotating order going around the table.

He quickly came into the little feeder’s mouth under his robes and he could hear her gobbling up the cum that resulted. When she was done, she arose next to him, rose up to his face and firmly kissed his very proper mouth. She then took her seat to augment her meal with the one offered on the table.

When they were all sated, they in a proper lineup marched behind the Master into the master bedroom and closed the door to allow the waiting staff to remove the leavings of the dining room and to return it to proper order.

With the Master seated up on the bed, the young lovelies gathered around him, and another of the girls addressed him after asking permission, “Master, the Mistress advised us that you would be in charge of instructing us young girls on how to adopt the standards of very improper women to prepare us for adulthood. Could you start our lessons now, please sir?”

“As you wish. Now you two there, please move up on the bed and bare your pussies for all of us to see.” The other girls were watching this with very intent expressions.

“Now with us being able to observe you, please start playing with your pussies, so as to get them ready for what will occur next.” The two girls and the rest wondered what that would be, but the two girls started the process anyway, to appease the Master.”

The two girls assumed positions next to each other, one facing the head of the bed and the other the foot. And then they leaned back on their haunches and bared their pussies to everyone’s view. Then with mouth wetted fingers, they began to stroke and probe their pussies to their and everyone else’s delight. This soon became accompanied by their moanings and little cries that were echoed by the other girls watching this display. After a bit, the Master pointed out two of the other girls and instructed them to each move to behind one of the pussy exposed girls and help their partner to come by caressing and playing with their exposed breasts. They moved in such a manner to display an eagerness to obey this command from their (pretended to be) feared Master.

Soon after that, the two girls came very profoundly to everyone’s delight and gushed out onto the coverlet to the other girls’ amusement.

After a few minutes of settling down, allowing the two girls to recompose themselves and make minor adjustments to their cleanliness, the Master called all of the girls to order.

“Young ladies, which is what you will be if you pass this special course, you will each be expected to have been penetrated into your mouth, your vagina and your ass before we leave day after tomorrow. Those who do not accomplish this to my satisfaction, will not pass this course and will either fail the course and be washed out of the school or have to repeat this course with a much more stringent Master than I am. It is up to you. And you know the disappointment that will accrue to you from your families if you fail or fall short of excellence in this school. Many young women have gone to very excellent careers/and or marriages from their success in it. And every student that has graduated from it has passed this course.”

All of the lovelies were of very serious aspect with this announcement. They knew that they would have to succeed in their schooling to secure their parent’s support in the advancement of their careers, or to marry an already successful man to be his affluent wife.

“So, I will leave it up to you as a group to decide on the rotation for each of you to accomplish this with me over the next two days. That is about 48 hours for twelve of you to accomplish 36 sexual penetrations among you. About one an hour with some sleep thrown in to keep me alive in the process.”

This caused a general sense of humor among the girls accompanied by little shrieks and laughter.

Then the girls moved out to the living room to decide among themselves the pecking order. They immediately sent in one of them to accomplish one of the required regimens while they worked out the rotation for the rest of them.

The little girl decided to get the hardest requirement done the first and so, with her ass bared and lubed up, she backed up to the Master with him laying back against the headboard and forced his dick up her asshole to penetrate it. She quickly got him up deeply into her with much less effort that she had expected and then with some deep thrusting, got a small climax for herself. The Master didn’t climax, since he was trying to save himself for the ordeal to come.

One of the girls found a tablet and pencils and so made up a chart on it with all of the girls names with three columns to be checked off for the individual necessities of each. After the first twelve hours, the Master was spent even though he had only cum up in the pussy of one of the twelve girls. So, the girls all nude by this time gathered on the bed to cuddle with him for a four hour nap. He didn’t need any blankets, you know.

After they awoke they partook of another meal, with the Master taking a blue pill and during the meal satisfying the oral penetration requirement for another girl during the meal. After everyone had had their fill, they again repaired to the master bedroom, while the dining room was again returned to pristine order. While that was going on, he fucked one of the girls up the ass for all of them to enjoy the view. She was the most vocally responsive of any of them and came very profusely, maybe because of the audience around her.

Then the hourly arrangement began again, with one of them appearing to be with him at the top of each hour. After another twelve hours, he had accounted for twenty six of the boxes on the check off sheet. Only ten more to go.

They then again had a nap, six hours long this time, leaving twelve more hours to finish off the last ten. That is if there were no more naps. He again took another blue pill. Hoped that that wouldn’t be bad for him. The hourly countdown began again, and with two hours to go, the ledger was all checked off. They all collapsed onto the bed and over slept for a couple of hours. No one seemed to be officially upset by this.

The last two students of this special course were identical twins, just fourteen years old; Japanese and the shyest of all of the girls. They had rhyming names that have been forgotten by the narrator of this account. But, they would be a challenge anyone to differentiate. The only way that Ambrose could tell the difference during their final play with him, is that one of them had a mustard stain on her blouse. Amborse didn’t bother to tell her about that.

When Ambrose reminded himself as what these two girls needed to accomplish to finalize their graduating qualifications, he checked the girl’s prepared list and found that one needed oral and the other need vaginal. So, he decided to take them both together and to thereby streamline the finishing process.

The other ten girls were instructed to line up around the bed to watch the process and to join in with their hands or anything else that they decided to add to the scene. And the oldest girl of the twelve, well into her fifteenth year was instructed to not only join in, but to keep a record of added services towards those volunteers possibly getting an honor’s declaration with their graduation from this class.

So, with one of the girls with a scratchpad in hand in hand, the other nine around the bed in easy reach of the coming activities and the two young Japanese twins up on the bed with their bodies nude, the fun could begin.

As Ambrose was showing affection for the two girls to prepare them for what was to come; the girl with the scratch pad, handed it off to another for a few minutes, while she moved onto the bed to play with Ambrose’s asshole while he was bent over to play with the young twins. She spent about five minutes with first her fingers and then her tongue up his anal port, then left off to return to keeping score for the rest. With this she seemed to set the standard for the other surrounding girls of five minutes each doing something sexy and available at the moment.

At this point, Ambrose had the two girls in an active 69 position. They showed evidence of considerable ability in this activity. From active preschool practice he guessed. And so he decided to favor one of them with him being up her pussy, while she was being ate out by her recumbent twin. And one of the surrounding girls stood up over the pair and offered her pussy for the master to munch on.

Then, with him having emptied up into the top twin’s vagina; he moved to his back and the other twin moved her mouth down to his cock to enliven it for the last possible time for an oral delivery and the vaginally fucked twin mounted herself over Ambrose’s mouth to personally return his internal gift to her back to him.

While this was going on, two more of the surrounding girls mounted up to Ambrose’s fingers. One up the ass and the other up the pussy. When the ‘blower’ brought him off for the last time. All of the girls but two had qualified for honors, but all for graduation.

And then after a short nap, the girls and he redressed in the manner that they had arrived in. The girls in a line, each moved up to him and firmly thanked and kissed him and then marched off to the orders of their Mistress. Ambrose was snuck back to the airport and immediately flown back to his home town.

This event became the stuff of local urban legends. None of the persons involved ever became identified. There was no investigation of this party, since several of the city fathers were married to graduates of this school. And a crack cleanup crew had virtually hosed down the condo after all the parties had left.

Two of the young girls got pregnant from this, but with the awards that each got plus a bonus for this, no one was complaining. The babies were just taken under the wings of their parents and the young mothers continued to take care of them.

It turned out that the girls were now the graduate students of a plush private school. Every one of them went on to either sparkling careers or plush marriages. And they all looked back on this experience as a turning point in their lives. They made a lot of men really happy, too. Some of them even turned out to be their husbands.

The only notice that Ambrose gave to the four involved in arranging this for him, was a nod and brief smile when he met Sully the next time to work on the process of getting the Mansion restored. Nobody else in his retinue ever knew anything about it.
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