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How much fun can two old geezers have, with a lot of time and money? Evidently a lot!
No one in this story under the age of fourteen has any sex at all.


Derek and Jarrod:

Two brothers from the same womb and father are entering their later seventies and wonder what to do with the time left. They are in fine health for their ages and single. Jarrod’s wife was divorced from about twenties years before and Derek’s wife died about two ago.

Though they are only three years apart, Jarrod being the older, and had grown up in a splintered family (not at all that tragic just a bit dysfunctional) they grew up with a basic acquaintanceship of each other, but with no real closeness. This changed when Jarrod was Air Force stationed in California, and Derek came down to spend the summer with him before entering college in the fall. They had a lot of fun that summer in sunny California in the Santa Cruz area.

Then they went off to their very different lives. Jarrod married a girl and entered upon a thirty-five plus years marriage with three children. Derek went through four marriages with two children, both sets of children grew up to be fine people, though. After their retirements, they had several testy years, because Derek was an aggressively determined and convinced atheist, while Jarrod was a firm hearted man of faith. But they, over a couple of turbulent years, finally came to an accommodating relationship with each other. After all, their daily manner of life and treatment of others, just wasn’t that different despite the very different basis of each one’s life convictions.

Despite their somewhat fundamental differences in their core beliefs, though not in their day to day fundamental behavior, they had entertained the idea of bunking up together in their older ages, just like in their earlier youth. They still got a real charge out of each other. And their different core beliefs engendered some really zest discussions as long as they were polite to each other’s beliefs. They didn’t anticipate any boredom at all. And they could save some money in the end, too.

They through hard work and well-timed investments had retired each ‘rich’ not RICH. And so they had money to use constructively on their dream house together. They had never seen one like what they wanted and so used a local team of husband and wife: architect and interior designer to make one up. And from a local bunch of acquaintances they were informed of a truly fine construction company of brothers from California that could build anywhere utilizing their travelling crew and local specialists.

They each had ideas of what they wanted and were mutually encouraged to put as many of them as they could down on paper, for a mutual meeting they would have in preparation of their meeting with the architect.

For their design meeting, they decided to travel to River Gotham to get away from all local distractions. Their discussions with notes would be carried on from about one in the afternoon to about five, and then they would split up for their varying interests.

The arrived at six in the evening, and so after a fine dinner, retired to their individual rooms and did a little light reading before sleep. At least that is what Derek did. Actually, Jarrod got onto a local hooker board and found a black girl of about twenty to come and fluff him up for the night. It was a slow night and so she gave him a very reasonable rate to stay the whole night, and she had stellar reviews on the local board. Just to make sure, Jarrod messaged several of the guys who had reported on her. Only the ones of long duration and many posts were included by him, and the return messages were raving about her. So, he felt like he was going to have a very good time that night.

When she arrived, he was stunned at her looks and demeanor. She was a youthful beauty, at her peak of attractiveness, about five foot-nine in height, slim, with at least ‘C’ breast works and a trim and defined rear end. Just perfect. And she had the requisite make-up on, too. Dark eyebrows drawn on, black liner around the eyes and a bluish tint under her eyes on her upper cheeks. She had a very bright shade of red on her lips and a smile a mile wide.

She knew evidently from a large amount of practice what us older guys like and so stripped down to the skin right away and moved to join me on the bed. We older guys are short on performance, often, but not on pure loving treatment and appreciation. So, she moved the covers aside and settled in for a long night and a lot of caressing and affectionate kissing.

After about two hours of mutual stroking, caressing and massages, she brought up the donation and Jarrod pointed over to the envelope on the dresser. She moved over to count it and then moved it to her purse, and then back into bed.

As things moved along, she could tell that Jarrod was getting sleepy, and so she moved down to his equipment and began a fine-tuning procedure on it. It involved, no teeth, but a very wet mouth and a lot of head motions and a strong suckling action. She soon had him up to snuff and then encouraged him with her hands to stuff himself up into her wet and welcoming pussy for another gift to her.

About then, he got a call from Derek on the house phone asking if he was all tucked in. The girl smiled and looked up to him with a low snicker. Derek thought that he had heard something, but accepted Jarrod assertion that he was tucked in just fine, another snicker then, and then he rang-off with Derek hoping that Jarrod would remember to turn off his radio before he went to sleep.

She then smiled up to him and caressed his back while pulling him down for very deep kisses to accompany his deep thrusting in to her beautiful abdomen. She murmured and moaned as he used all of the energy that he had left and then smiled and groaned when he finally came into her. With a lot of kisses and hugs, they went to sleep cuddled up for the night.

He slept very well, and in the morning when he woke up, she was gone, and everything that was supposed to be left behind, was there as expected. He texted her, his thanks and then got into the shower to meet the day. After his refreshing shower, he noticed a text on his cell and retrieved a warm message from Moana, the black girl from the night before. It read: ‘Anytime, Sir!’

So, he had a solo breakfast with a very agreeable waitress, who let him know that further attentions might be in order, and then after reading the morning newspaper and seeing a bit of news on the ‘telly’ he moved to the lounge to connect up with Derek.

When he met up with Derek, they found out from their notes that they essentially had the same ideas. They had a lot of money available for this place and so wanted to build just what they wanted, and not from some builder’s ideas. They wanted a commonly shared basic house, with a lot of features and separate mother-in-law studio apartments on opposite sides of the house with exterior doors as well as interior access ones. They wanted it to be in the country on at least ten acres, up on a never-floods isolated hill and with as much privacy as they could afford to provide. They wanted enough power equipment to take care of things as much as they could and since both had back and hip problems, they wanted to build a very large green house, with elevated growing beds and a vaulted ceiling in up to half of it to grow some banana plants and tropical trees of interest.

They were having so much fun that they decided to stay another night. And when Jarrod had finished dinner with the same waitress along with a very generous tip, he handed one of his cards of introduction with the number 212 on the back. She mouthed, ‘Fifteen minutes,’ back to him.

When she came in, he was laying on his bed and she asked him to remove his trousers as she had to leave to be with her husband and kids that night for an anniversary party, theirs. So, with his pants and shorts off, and his dick out waving in the air, she moved over and gave him about ten minutes of sucking and then about twenty of fucking, and with his release up into her, she called it ‘good’ and without any request of another tip, moved off to her family obligations.

He then went to sleep in the wonder of it all and prepared to compare some more notes with Derek, the next day. When he came out for an early breakfast, he saw the same black escort coming from Derrek’s room as had been with him before. She approached him and gave him a sound kissing and then sashayed down the hallway with her gorgeous rear end in delightful motions to catch the elevator going down. Derek, ‘you old dog,’ he smiled at the catching of the next car going down.

When he settled down for breakfast, Helen his very favorite waitress in this city came to wait upon him again. And she patted him on the hand as she took his order. So, after his meal and even more generous tip, he left another card with her with the same number and time on it. She looked at it and nodded, But she suggested at lunch time, since he would probably be going after lunch. Jarrod face-palmed his forehead and then nodded.

When she showed up at noon, he was already undressed and laying on top of the covers waiting for her. She came right in and after locking the door, completely undressed this time and moved over to cover his body with her own. After several minutes of rubbing her body all over his, she reared herself up on her hands and then fed her r/h tit right into Jarrod’s mouth. When he began kissing around it and licking it, she looked at him and said in uncertain terms, “None of that, suck on it. It has plenty of milk and it will be at least five hours before I get to my baby. So, he then took the nipple into his mouth and began sharing in his favorite after lunch drink, mamma’s milk. And it was a great vintage, right out of the tap as it were.

After draining both tits, she reared up and planted his cock up into her pussy and rode him very energetically, with her then getting hers and him right after getting his. With his jism draining down on him after she dismounted, he remarked that he would like to continue this, though he lived out of town. So, as she finished dressing, she left a card of her own, with her email address on it and gave him a kiss-off as she turned to leave the room.

The two brothers did leave the hotel and travelled back home on the train after dinner and over the phone made an appointment with the architect to go over the parameters of the home that they wanted to have built for them, along with the outbuildings and the gigantic greenhouse.

When they got back, they together met with the largest selling real estate agent in town, no doubt due to her intriguing manner of closing sales. And she said that she had helped others to find similar plots of land and would do so for them, too. They knew that they should find the plot of land and put earnest money on it so that the architect would have the lay of the land for the designing of their house and outbuildings.

So, Francine found them a plot of land and decided to take them out in her Suburban to check it out. It was open in all directions for miles, was on a mound raised up a hundred feet above any flooding on record in the area and had only similarly private and large plots of land as nearby neighbors. She had all of the reports on the land, including drainage and well water availability. It was all by licensed and bonded agents, so they were protected. The lay of the land was just beautiful and they could see their compound fitting into this area very comfortably. And there were few restrictions on the plot since it was only ten acres and not under any federal control. Only some very loose county restrictions that had to be accounted for.

So, they took some pictures and a legal deion of the property and agreed to sign for it right there. There would be no bank in on this, because they had plenty to pay for it in cash. With this, Fran decided to reward these two old geezers like she did all of the others and so moved to open the back hatch of the van, moved a sleeping bag down to the back, draped over the rear bumper and with the trailer hitch between her legs and invited the guys in for some fun. With her legs open and her pussy and ass showing in all of their glory, Derek went first and plowed up into her pussy to leave his calling card there. Then Jarrod, went up her ass and did the same. Then they took turns cleaning off her rear end, which led her to sanitize theirs too.

With a big smile she drove them back to town and straight to the title offices with the signed papers. Then off to their respective homes, of the present. She waved on her way out from Jarrod’s. No surprise in that.

The plans were finished in short order with input by the architect and the builders, combined with the notes from Derek and Jarrod. It was not going to extremely large, but would be expensive per foot, because of all of the special features included in the finished building. The architect especially enjoyed developing the outsized greenhouse. He had never done anything like that before.

When the house and the outbuildings were done, the brothers moved into their quarters to take stock of what they had done and where it would lead from then on.

Jarrod emailed to let Helen know that they had finished having their house built and asked how she was doing, herself.

When he got the reply back, he was saddened to know that her life was now in a tailspin. Her husband was divorcing her over her little steamy side sex excursions and her children were not speaking to her over it, either. And to top that off, her boss was threatening to fire her over the same issues at the hotel.

In his return message, Jarrod mentioned that they were looking for a resident cook for their new home. She would have only very light cleaning duties, too, since they were also hiring a cleaning lady to come in and take care of the cleaning ‘heavy lifting.’ Jarrod invited her to think about it, if she wanted to, and he indicated that she would be his part-time lover, also.

She must have thought very seriously about it over the next couple of days, but decided to come up and check out the situation to see if she would like to do this. So, she rode the train up from River Gotham to Big City and Jarrod drove his own old-timer ‘sub’ to pick her up at the station.

In the thirty minute ride to the house, she let out a lot about her current situation and her hope that this might work out. And when he turned down the driveway to the house, she was in awe of her first look at what the brothers had built.

He pulled up to the front door and let her out with her small overnight valise and then moved the big old ‘trucky barge’ to its parking space in the open faced parking garage.

When he got back up to the house, Derek had already guided her into the home and she was sitting on a couch in the huge family room just looking about in further awe of this place. When Jarrod asked what she wanted to see first, she said the kitchen and so he guided her into that magnificent room. Again huge eyes on her face over it. She especially liked the very spacious pantry with its big chest type freezer and shelves all around for food stuffs. She guessed that some canning would be taking place here, too.

And she got a kick out of the fact that there were two refrigerators in the kitchen proper, one just for drinks.

He then offered to show her personal room on the second floor. They walked by a small two person elevator, but it was behind a locked door and would not be utilized until the two old geezers were too old to get their aching bones up the stairs. She smiled at that assertion. And when she saw her room, she was very happy with it. It was of the size of a small studio apartment with its own bathroom, kitchenette and a small sitting room for her to read and rest up. The bed was a double, so would have plenty of room for her and a welcomed friend.

He after this took her to see his private digs and informed her that Derek had one just the same on the other side of the house.

He then took her outside and walked her about the place, some of which was still in the process of development. But, the gigantic greenhouse was operational and of further interest to her. Without going into details with her over it at that time, he still took her up to the viewing loft that was cooled and made comfortable for just hanging out and watching the plants and trees grow. She thought that it would make a fun place to play and also for private reading.

When they sat down in the matching recliners, he pointed out the little kitchenette here too, with a coffee pot, snackies and the makings for tea. She then looked over at him with that kind of glance that is universally understood, but he told her that she had already auditioned for that down south and if she was still interested in the evening that they could share in that then, too. It was also brought up that if she wanted to share with Derek too, that there would be no hard feelings, since he would be entertaining others on occasions, also.

He mentioned that he would like to have her for the night on at least one night a week and that she would have to be available for spontaneous fun once in a while, too. And he mentioned that she would have to make them a sound breakfast and dinner, but that lunch could be left in the refrigerator for them, so that she could care for her few other duties and have plenty of time for her own interests.

She sat quietly for some time next to him, evidently running all of this through her mind. Finally, she came to a decision.

She said that if everything was just as they had represented it to be that she was very interested in coming and adopting this form of life with them. But, that she would need all of this, except for the intimacies, to be written up in an legal employment agreement, and that she would supply a resume for them when she came back permanently. He then mentioned the very generous salary for her and assured her that her taxes and other obligations would be taken care of for her by their CPA firm.

To make sure that the guys wouldn’t change their minds, she made four-cheese layered lasagna for dinner that night and Derek screamed out loud, “Don’t let this lady get away, Bro!” And they didn’t.

That night she reminded Jarrod of her talents as a lover, with him as a result exhausted and sleeping more deeply than he had in years from her using him for her fun.

Derek took Helen to the train station in Big City the next day, and picked up a few supplies at the local Costco before returning home.

While Derek was gone, Jarrod got on his computer online to check on some things. During a lull in communications, he as a lark, decided to leave a message for the pretty black escort in Gotham River City. Before he even got to the next item on his computer agenda, he got a return email indicating interest in talking with him. So, he called the indicated cell number on his secure cell phone and Moana answered right away.

“Hello, Sir. It was nice in hearing from you.”

“Nice to hear from you, too. How are things with you?”

“Not too good at the present. A local pushy manager is trying to force me to work for him, and I don’t want anything to do with him.”

“Ouch! Have you got anywhere to hide out for a while until things cool down there?”

There was a brief pause and she replied, “No, I burned a lot of bridges when I entered this manner of life. I have no connections with my family anymore and no real friends, either. Just some guys, some of them very nice, who want to fuck me. And would probably take advantage of me in the doing of so, if they knew I was vulnerable.”

“Yes, I know how those things can happen. I lost my family and almost all of my friends over a divorce from a long-duration marriage.”

“Boy, that must have hurt really bad!”

“Yes it did, but not as much as living with someone that I still loved, but she then hated me.”

“You know, you never let me know where you are from. How are conditions for persons of my profession in your area, wherever it is at?”

“It is a modest sized community, with several very enthusiastic clients available. It does have a deserved reputation for client no-shows, though. And if you prescheduled appointments before you got here, you could probably fill your dance card for about four days, pretty well. I do keep an outlook on the local scene and can supply a few names that might be suitable for you, but you should still use due-diligence in your preparations anyway. Also, since I have been active here, I know of some hotels and motels that are accommodating in a variety of price ranges. I recommend that you only stay at one place for no more than two days at a time. There are local provider L.E. sweeps up here, but if you use care, you should be able to avoid them. I do recommend that you seriously disguise yourself in public up here and use a throw-away phone and different handle up here. Probably, something like BlackBeautyNW would work out fine. You could also connect yourself with your home territory persona, if the situation warranted it with select clients.”

“Wow, that is a lot of help, for free. It is free, isn’t it?”

“Oh yes, I have never taken a nickel from any provider, ever.”

“I tell you what, Sir. If I decide to take you up on this, I would probably stay for a couple of weeks while I sort things out. If I was welcome, I would like to stay at your place in between my public activities at other rooms for my work. And I would love to have some fun with you, too. Free, if I otherwise do well there.”

“Sounds great. If you come, I will give you my real first name, but for now you can address me as Fred.”

“Working name here is Elaine. I will let you know if I decide to take you up on this plan. I can then get instructions on how to come and meet up with you.”

“Sounds good.” And with that she hung up.

When Derek got home, I informed him that he was the one to interview prospective cleaning ladies to find one that would daily take care of our home. And he got really excited about that. He listed the job opportunity on Craigslist and got several answers on the same day. He then made two hour appointments with each that passed muster over the phone and settled on the fifth one that he auditioned for the position.

She was Hispanic and named, Marita. It was never specified of where she was from, but we went through the motions of verifications of her eligibility to work in our locale and had everything above board about her job, just like with Helen. Only not mentioning the intimacies also expected.

She was about thirty years old and the mother of six children, ages two to fourteen. Her husband was significantly older than her, but evidently very kindly to her, if not terribly responsible about financial support. So, this job with us was very important to her, and bonuses for intimacies would help their budget very much. She kept all control of any monies that she made for the family.

She was very short, less than five foot tall, solid built (but not fat,) and striking in looks with her long black hair hanging down to her waist. She knew that she would be called upon to service Derek and me on occasion and had no problem with that. She used no birth control at all, and was ready to accept the results of that. She hated condoms, for sure.

She was very pretty in bed and a gentle and very affectionate lover. She accepted almost anything that Derek and I wanted of her with no complaint. She did offer her fourteen year old daughter to us for our pleasures, but Derek and I demurred on that for the present. However, since Marita’s house was quite crowded at the time, and ours was definitely not, we prepared the smallest bedroom on the second floor for little Rita and decorated it little girl fashion. She attended school and stayed out of everyone’s way, especially her mothers. But, she did decorate the premises at time with her wandering around in her panties, sometimes with no top on.

Marita and Helen became fast friends, because of the each having accepting natures and also because they worked together on the light duties for two hours each day in between Helen's cooking duties. I was never sure of it, but I think that Helen and Marita became part-time lovers, too. If so, good for them, hardworking people deserve all of the love and affection that they can get in this life.

Over the next week, we also identified a younger son of a nearby farmer to be our outside boy. To do the mowing, caring for the gardens and green house and light maintenance. Helmer also still helped his family, but at our place got to do a lot of chores that he had no previous experience with. His father was very happy about this.

Two weeks after the phone call, ‘Elaine’ called and told me that she was ready to come to scope things out. So, I told her to catch the Amtrak Train going north to Big City and let me know which ride she would be utilizing and either I or Derek would meet her at the station. She said great and let me know which train she would be on.

When I went to get her, she was in her leisure grubbies with two huge crates and two roller airport suitcases. I was sure glad I brought the Ancient Sub along for this. It is fifteen years old, looks it, but runs like a top. And it has an immense amount of room in the back, to boot. One of the station attendants helped me load up the luggage and then we were on our way. She was smiling as we met and she got into my ‘sub’, but broke out into a wide grin when she saw the center console that had been shaved down to be even with the two front bucket seats.

She knew what this was all about and so after making sure that no one was looking directly at us, even with tinted windows all around, she bent over and opened me up for about fifteen minutes of delightful on-the-go-blow for me. I almost never cum from it, but I love the heck out of it anyway.

After her giving my brief get to know each other again introductory gift to me, she opened up about her situation. She thanked me for all of the suggestions, and remarked that she had adopted all of them. She had reservations starting the next day for two days at two different hotels, separated by a two day rest period that she planned on sharing with me. And then she would see about after that depending on how things worked out. She had sixteen firm appointments for the four days of work and several short-notice ‘oncalls’ on hold for missed appointments.

I was very impressed that she had listened to me and took my suggestions, because many providers, no matter how they talk to them, look down on their ‘johns’ and consider them ignorant for even seeing them. Though they need them to earn their way. Evidently, ‘Elaine’ was not of that ilk, at least as she was presenting herself at this time.

When we got home, she was also suitably stunned by Derek and my place. And stood in awe as Helmer helped me to move the luggage into the house. We placed it in the front office by the front door until arrangements were firmed up.

I then took her on the grand tour, and when we entered the magnum greenhouse, she remarked that she might never want to leave here again. And in the observation room, she gathered me into her arms and kissed me fervently to emphasize this assertion.

We then walked back to the house and I took her up to the second floor and showed her the bedroom assigned to her. It was good sized and had its own bathroom. Then I showed her my little getaway, and she looked like she would like to take up residence in it with me. I just smiled at her smile.

When we reentered the house proper, little Rita came wandering by in her panties and nothing else. “Elaine’ looked up at me in questioning and I just asserted that it was a particularly pretty and mobile household decoration. She got that and let out a light laugh. When Rita turned around at the laugh, ‘Elaine’ waved at her and Rita then continued on her ‘flashing’ tour of the home.

Since she would be very busy the next two days, she invited me to only share her bed that night. And after a couple of kisses and caresses, she rolled over for me to cuddle up to her in spoon fashion and we slept the night away.

In the morning she rousted me out of bed and then took her shower and dressed very casually to take possession of her rented room. She then joined with the rest of us for one of Helen’s fine breakfasts and gave Helen a big hug after finishing her meal. Rita was with us too, in her school clothes none the less, which covered more than the usual of herself of most of the time.

So, I dropped Rita off at her bus stop, and drove ‘Elaine’ up to a block from her hotel, to not be identified with her professional life. And as I drove away I could hear the rrr rrrr rrr rrrr of the plastic wheels of her roller luggage as she moved down the sidewalk to the two day stay in the hotel.

Each evening over the next two nights she texted me that she was fine and doing well. On the local board, she got two great reviews immediately and they we ecstatic to have such a fine provider in our little town. She also used the BlackBeautyNW handle, I smiled as I noticed.

Then after the second day, she caught a cab to a neutral site and I picked her up to come and stay with us for a two day rest. I read on the hooker board of a lot of gnashing of teeth that she had the nerve to take two days off.

Over the next two days, she did rest up. But, she also helped out a bit in the kitchen and so Helen was encouraged to spread her wings in meal preparations, and we got several time consuming specialties over the next two days, such as pan fried black pepper and flour basted chicken and potato salad. Yum, Yum!

The second day in the early afternoon, see looked for me and took my hand to walk me to my rooms. Helen was helping Marita with something, and they looked up and smiled as we walked by them.

When we got into the room, she took me by the hand and led me to the bed. She gathered me up into her arms and whispered, “This is for you, Jarrod. You have been such a fine sport about things and I am happy to give this to you. And then she undressed me very slowly and caressed all of the bare skin that she ran into. She allowed me some freedom to do the same to her, but she wanted the attentions to be on my pleasure, not hers for this time.

She would take off an article of clothing and then her hands would slowly and gently caress that area of my body, while she leaned in and kissed me gloriously. It took the better part of an hour to finish this. And then she moved me onto my back and she quickly removed the rest of her clothing to cuddle with me with us mutually caressing each other’s sexual hot spots.

My dick soon started to leak pre-cum and her pussy was getting very wet as I fingered it. I didn’t want to lose my concentration or my energy, so I soon after moved up between her long and gorgeous legs and took up my place up her pussy deeply with my cock. She murmured at this and then whispered into my ears, such affectionate and sexy things that I soon came up into her with all of my remaining strength. She smiled at that and took a bit of the leakage from her pussy area and sucked it up into her mouth and swallowed it to my viewing pleasure.

After proactively cuddling with me for another hour, she got up and returned to her own bedroom to prepare for dinner and an early evening in bed. On the way, she encountered Marita and Helen and gathered them together in a ladies-only embrace and then moved on to bed.

When we all came out to dinner that night, she took Rita by the hand and guided her down to the dinner table with her cute little girl’s panties on display. And then she returned to her room. Rita came in and cuddled with her for a while and then returned to her room to sleep the night away.

The next morning was like the previous first day of her work and carried out the same way. I still got the reassuring text messages and then picked her up after her work on her second day at a neutral site again. On the way back home, she informed me that she had filled out her dance card totally, with few replacements. And she told me that she had thought things out. She didn’t want her professional stay to become stale, so she had planned a circuit about our part of the country, with two week stays at each stop. She would come by here again four times a year, if she was welcome. And I let her know that would be fine. She did so for three years and then disappeared with no communications with me ever again. I just hoped that she was still okay somewhere.

In a few years Rita reached the age of eighteen, still with the panty only mode in the house and then became Derek’s and my one night each, each week lover from then on until she moved out to her own life.

Derek and I lived for many years until our very old age, we were never lonely nor bored and our home remained a place of interests, peace and love for the duration.

James Dylan DeanReport

2018-07-17 12:09:24
I was thinking of myself and my three year younger brother as I wrote this story. A lot of goodnatured wishful thinking in this story.


2018-07-11 07:49:49
Great story; and being an 84 year-old duffer named Derek, I was envious of the two. Happy days, Jimmie Boy.

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