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What happens when your dear teen friend sets out for a very common, but nontraditional way of life?
No one in this story under the age of fourteen has any sex.


Gene pulled up to the curb in front of the Jensen home and sat in the car for a few minutes preparing himself to meet the father of Crystal. Oh, the mother would be there, too. But, he had already met her at one of the special evening events at school. He couldn’t quite remember which one, it might have been the science fair, where the mechanical mouse didn’t win any prizes, but caught a lot of attention for its originality.

As Gene made the dreaded walk up to the front door, he was a ball of nerves. Mr. Jensen was the local Sheriff and noted as being a very vigorous and taciturn man. It could have been in his nature, though he was very communicative during the local elections, but it also could have been because of his job, which required that he be very careful of what he said.

Gene reached up and knocked on the door, very lightly. He almost hoped that no one would hear it and he would have an excuse to leave in a sort of deliverance from having to face up to the Sheriff. It had been only two weeks since Sheriff Jensen had stopped Gene from doing an illegal U-turn on Main Street. Gene had meant to stop in at the grocery store on the way home from school, and in daydreaming of his coming date with one of the prettiest girls in school, had missed his turn into the parking lot.

Since, it was at least another five blocks before he could turn around and go back, and since there was no traffic to speak of on the street at this time of day, he thought that he would just swerve over to the curb on the near side and turn his car around across the middle line and then be on the way back to the store. Unfortunately, Sheriff Jensen happened to be on the way to a domestic call and saw the whole thing from STOP sign across the street.

He had been very courteous to Gene, though and because there had been very little danger of any harm from coming from this deviation from the law and also because the Sheriff was his way to a very unpleasant call, he let Gene off with a warning ticket. But, it would be on record if there were any other deviations during the next three years. If not, it would be expunged from his record, except for the one at the insurance company.

But, to his chagrin, the door opened with the Sheriff in the entryway. “Yes, Mr. Conley, Please come in.” And with that Gene entered into the home of the most feared man in the town.

Mr. Jensen in soberly stoic tones informed him that Crystal would be down soon and that he could take his rest on the couch. Since the younger sister was already on it and attentive to the T.V. Gene wondered about the properness of that, but when the father barked out, “Move over Dancy, and let the young man sit down,” she begrudgingly did so and Gene took his place as far from her as possible on the seating. Mr. Jensen seemed amused by this.

After several very nervous minutes to Gene, he finally heard Crystal coming down the stairs and then he rose to meet her. Her father took her by the arm and gently guided her to Gene’s side and she then took Gene’s arm to leave for their date. One last look into the Sheriff’s eyes and without a word spoken, Gene knew the limits for the date that night. Crystal had already made it known to her father that the date would entail a meal at the Burger Burp and then a movie at the theater. The latest John Wayne one.

So, Gene guided her out to the car and seated her in it and then moved around to his side and very gently drove away.

At the drive in, she sat next to him and they gently talked about school and their friends. He mentioned his tentative plans for the future and she only indicated that she wanted to be a wife and mother. He thought that she would be a very good one, too. But, Gene was very hesitant about having any children and let her know this right then. She frowned at that. But, the pleasant date went forward.

At the movie she was very cuddling and lightly affectionate. No groping or anything like that. After all she was the Sheriff’s daughter and everyone in the town would know if she and Gene did anything out of the ordinary even in the dark at the theater. So, there was only hand holding and a little snuggling during the movie, nothing else.

After the movie, he took her right home, and she was disappointed. But, at the door after an initial kiss on the cheek, she indicated by her look up at him that he could do better than that and so he then gave her a real smacker right on the lips, and she smiled in approval of that finish to the date. After she moved past the door and his presence, Gene turned to walk away, but saw The Sheriff nodding at him in the window. With that he walked confidently to his car and drove off.

On Monday at school, the date was the talk of the kids. After all, he was the shooting guard on the basketball team and she was the sheriff’s daughter, the fact of which had scared off every other young man in school.

During P.E. one of his fellow students asked him about the date. And Gene replied that it was very pleasant.

“Pleasant you say?”

Scooter added, “You mean you didn’t get anything with her? No feels, no gropes, no third or fourth base?”

“Don’t be gross, Scooter! She is a fine girl and deserves to get respect.”

“Oh, I guess so! If you can’t give her anything else,” said with a smirk.

Gene just shrugged over this.

“You know you are six foot-two, have eyes of blue and a very big kazoo! You should be using it, Gene!”

Gene smiled at this, but said nothing.

“When you get ready for it, see Missy. She is available and I hear that she has the sweets for you. hehehehe”

“I’ll take that under consideration,” and then they broke apart to the rest of their classes and day.

Later in the day, while they were waiting for their buses, Crystal walked up to him and in talking to him assured him of her enjoyment of the date. He just smiled and said that it really was fun.

After a brief pause, she asked when they would be dating again and he looked her blankly and remarked that he didn’t know, but would let her know when he could.

That seemed to break the spell between them and they never dated again. When she graduated, she married one of the junior deputy sheriffs and started a long and happy marriage. She was always very friendly to Gene when they would casually encounter each other, but she was absolutely faithful to her husband, who eventually became the next Sheriff. At least partly to her great beauty, his very honorable record of service, and her father’s approval and recommendation surely didn’t hurt either.

Two weeks after that, Gene happened to be in the Burger Burp with Scooter and they saw Missy walk in with one of her girlfriends. Scooter was hot for Blaizley the friend and so left the table to spark her. So, Missy came and sat with Gene as they together watched Scooter and Blaizley dance around the topic of them dating, which both of them actually wanted. Scooter was being quite aggressive about it, and she was playing hard to get. It was all very entertaining for Gene and Missy to watch.

After a few minutes of that, the couple at the table turned to each other and she asked what he was up to that night. Gene offered that he was just in for a burger and had nothing else in mind. She then asked about Crystal, and Gene replied to this that, she was fine. When pressed as to whether they were a ‘couple’ Gene responded, “No,” that they were just friends that happened to go out on one date. A very pleasant one. With this, Missy warmed up to the moment and after Scooter and Blaizley came to the table asked if they might accompany the boys for a ride that night. Gene saw no reason to deny this and so they all piled into his car, with Missy up front with him and the other two in the back seat.

They plied the ‘Saturday night down town drive for about an hour waving at the other couples that they saw, and then left to park at the late night teen hugging park for a while.

After a few minutes of staring at the blinking in the fog city lights, they heard rustling in the back seat and some smacking and with a very friendly look in her eyes, Gene decided to enter upon some of this, too.

So, Missy turned and started to kiss him on the lips. Gene was somewhat unexperienced at this and so let her have the lead. She read the situation very quickly and moved his hands up to her breasts over her blouse. This really got Gene’s attention and so she then moved his other hand to her lap to caress her there through her skirt and panties. He could feel a lot of warmth there and so he turned even more to face her and moved his hands to her back to pull her forward into his arms. She was totally cooperative to this.

Things got real busy then with both of their hands everywhere on the other’s body. Then they looked each other in the eyes and she backed off and he started to car up. With this there was a bleat from the back seat, “What are you doing? Are we leaving already?”

“Yes, Scooter, I need to get home, I have plans for the morning.”

With a disgusted sigh from the back seat he backed up and drove out to the road.

Then Blaizley spoke up, “Gene, could you drop Scooter and me off at my home? And then you can take Missy home, too.”

“Sure enough.” And it was done.

With the backseat now empty, Missy asked, “Do you really have to go home now, Gene?”

“No, that was my way to get them out of the car before there became a junior to be my godson.”

“Are you sure that it wouldn’t be a girl?”

“No, I am not! Are you ready to be a godmother, then?”

“No, I see you point………………………………………Why don’t we just go to my home and we can have some time together there?”

“Won’t your parents be upset at me being with you at this time of the evening?”

“No, I don’t think so. And besides they are at my grandparent’s house. That is how I came to have the opportunity to be with Blaizley tonight.”

“Oh, I see.”

So, when they got to her house, they entered and she took him right away up to the bedroom.

When they got up to the bedroom and were laying on the bed together, she without looking him into his eyes began, “Gene, I need to say some things before anything happens. I cannot ever have any children. I had myself fixed secretly. Not even my parents know this. It is because the manner of my life means that I don’t want to bring any little ones into it. Gene, I am not all that bright, and not that pretty either. Don’t argue with me, I know that I am attractive enough to ‘play’ with, but no really substantial man would want me and I have no intention of marrying one of the really bad ones, just to be married. So, I am going to be a ‘lady of the night’ to support myself, a prostitute. They make very good money and have a lot of fun. Tonight is free, Gene, but from now on, I would like some contribution for our play, if you don’t mind.”

“Mindy, thank you for clearing that up. So many of the girls are just looking for a husband at school in our senior year, and I also have no plans to marry or have kids. I think that they are grand, but I have other plans for my future. And as for your plans, I think that it will be risky, but I would like to be one of your ‘friends’ if you don’t mind.”

“Gene, I would be happy if you did so. So, now roll over and begin to practice to be my ‘john’ for the future!”

“Yes, Ma’am!”

As they rolled over, Gene was a bit uncertain of what to do. He took her up into his arms and held her very tight and then began to kiss her about the face and lips, then moved his hands to cuddle her abundant titties. So far, so good. When one hand moved down to her pussy up under her skirt and over her panties, he just lightly rubbed her crotch to her delight. After this, he remarked to her, “I am a bit sketchy after this Missy.”

“No harm in that, Gene. I have enough experience for the both of us and so will lead us for now. You are a fine young man and will catch up in quick order. Besides, it will be fun for me to lead a man now, instead of being bossed by one.”

“I will never boss you Missy.”

“Oh, yes you will! When I tell you to do so,” finished off with a sparkling laugh.

Gene chuckled at that, too. And then they began to get real busy with each other’s bodies. She determined to teach him step by step and so reserved a lot of their eventual activities to be taught step by entertaining step. This time, he got his hands gently stimulating her pussy, and clit and when he was sufficiently hard, he had him get on his knees, lift her skirt, pull down her panties and then enter her firmly as deep as he could. Since his cock was at least seven inches long, that was very deep for sure.

Since this was his first time up a woman’s pussy, he came after only a few strokes, but as the night wore on, he came twice more, and she wasn’t complaining at all. The third time got her ‘cookies’ too. And he then left to get home before his folks would get too worried about him.

From that time on, they never dated again in Big City, but when they would go out together they would drive down I-5 to Mill City and there they became very well known as a young couple under assumed names. When they would encounter each other in Big City, they would just nod to each other and walk on. This set a pattern for many years. Also, since he now had a part-time job, he offered her the $25 per visit each time, but after the third time together, she never accepted it again.

Upon graduation, Gene had a passel of scholarships and his father’s full support for his college education, and so he attended the local college, which had a fine reputation for turning out teachers. They still saw each other when they could, and she kept her professional appointments as during the work week only. She scheduled one a day until graduation and then moved out on her own and increased to two a day. She had saved her money instead of frittering it away and so was able to put a down payment on a house of her own, since she had a regular job at the time. But, after getting in to her house, she quit the job to do her business solely in her spare bedroom bed from then on.

After the first year on her own, and because of a couple of rather unpleasant experiences, she had an old friend from high school move in with her. He was her driver, body guard and all around personal helper. When she took him on, he was only three months out of prison for severely beating up a man over insulting and roughing up a young woman, …….. Missy. And though he wasn’t all that bright, he was her devoted guardian for the rest of her life.

Magnus knew of her devotion to Gene, but seemed to have no ill feelings about it, since he knew that Gene loved Missy, just as much as he did. And Missy did favor Magnus with a bedtime together once in a while, but he was mostly satisfied to just watch over her as his life’s course.

When Gene graduated from college with his BA in teaching, he continued on to get his Masters, too with a deferment from the draft board. But, when he graduated with his Masters, he immediately enlisted in the Air Force, to avoid direct combat. And when he got his commission and became a pilot, he took on flying cargo planes, mostly. And was very good at it, too. After his first five years of service, he elected to go to the Reserves and began his teaching career at the ripe old age of thirty. Since the U.S. was busy around the world at the time, he flew many of the weekends that he would have otherwise spent with Missy. But, she made up for it by sneaking into his condo late at night, to fluff him up, usually each week.

At school, since he was single, and quite handsome too, he was kept very busy deflecting the attentions of the student girls and fellow unmarried teachers. He never dated any of them, but that did not stop them from trying. He pretty much only dated and bedded Missy over the years. Except for Fancy, Missy’s cousin who was not a professional, but was widely experienced. She would stand in for Missy, when Missy was under the weather or otherwise not available.

While Missy was almost six foot tall and well rounded, Fancy was just a bit of a girl. She being less than five foot tall, and probably weighed in at less than ninety pounds, she looked very young, but was eighteen when she first came into Gene’s bed. So, Missy served any of Gene’s Momma fetishes, and Fancy served as any of his daughter ones.

The first time that Fancy came to visit him, she knocked on the door and he was aghast at seeing what appeared as one of his young high school students standing on his doorstep. But, though she looked familiar, he couldn’t place her or decide on her name.

“Hello Gene, I am Fancy and was sent here by Missy to care for you tonight. Please let me in to not get the interest of the neighbors, you can tell any of them that ask that I am you niece from out of town.”

“Okay, come on in and take a place on the couch.” At that he called Missy, and she apologized for not forewarning him, as she had been very busy that afternoon. She let Gene know that she would be filling in for her once in a while and just to play with her as he wanted to. And then she abruptly hung up.

Fancy was sitting on the couch, just like a little girl, but with her legs splayed apart and her little girl panties showing. She put her hands together around her mouth and whispered, “Don’t Worry, I am eighteen.” And then continued her sultry young girl act.

After they stared at each other for a few minutes, she began, “Uncle Gene, could you show me around your apartment? Aunt Missy has been so very complimentary of it.”

And so, Gene nodded and after wandering about the ground floor, they began up the stairs of the tri-level condo and while moving a couple of steps ahead of him, she was flouncing her very short skirt up behind her to Gene’s very interested staring. About half way up, she stopped and turned to talk to him and he almost ran her over in his mesmerized stare at her young girl looking rear carriage.

With her turned around, she raised the front of her skirt to show off her panties again, and then invited him to take a closer look at them. So, as he went on to his knees, she gathered him up to bring his face up to her mid-body erotic zone and the feelings and smells of her panty zone over powered him right on the spot.

With strong encouragement, he lowered her panties to the steps and had her step out of them. He brought them up to his nose and deeply smelled the female odors there, and then took them to his mouth to taste them too. She ran her fingers through his hair as he did so and then she widened out her legs and squatted so that he could bring his mouth up to her pussy.

He first nosed around, and then used his tongue to search out this very private zone. She was whimpering and moaning as he progressed up and down and around her pussy slit and clit. And she began to raise and lower her body over his mouth to accentuate her feelings there. When she felt the gush ready to begin from her inner pussy, she moved to have her opening directly mounted to his open mouth and he got all of it, just like she was going to get all of his cum shortly.

When he finished drinking of her lovely ‘woman wine’ he moved to be behind her as she turned to present her ass to him. With her on an upper step, he entered her pussy from behind and as she shouted, “Fuck me, Mr. Gene!” he did just that. And soon emptied up into her to her delight.

She then gathered the cum from her pussy leaking out and brought it up to her mouth. When she was finished with that, she led him to his bed to spend the night in more sexy fun.

In the morning when he awoke, he was still not completely wrung out and so with her still asleep and laying on her back, he entered her warm pussy and began to strongly fuck her. When she became aware of what was going on, she again ordered him to “Fuck me, Gene. Fuck me real good!” And he did so and soon emptied up into her again. Since, neither of them had any obligations for that weekend, they spent it together with meals and movies watched, but mostly with him up into her pussy.

As the years went by, the balance between Gene, Missy, Magnus and Fancy proved to be firm and stable. When he was in his early forties, he became a nationwide renowned teacher and also got a special award from the Air Force for his flying in rather dangerous combat conditions. So, the local political hacks decided to approach him to run for office, but he didn’t want to be beholding to either of them and so ran for one of the city council seats as an Independent and won.

After serving eight years on the council and proving himself to be very workable with his fellow council members because of his bipartisan approach to matters, the local mayor of Big City decided to retire. A couple of the council members met over coffee and talked about who they would like to be the Mayor next. The outgoing one had been pretty good, but had been somewhat beholden to the party that supported him. They readily agreed that Gene would make a very fine mayor and would be workable with any party involved in the actions of the city’s government. So, they determined to nominate him for the office hoping that the outgoing mayor would appoint him to finish off his term, giving Gene the upper hand in the coming election.

When this was brought up at the next council meeting, it was unanimous except for one often contentious council member. He wanted the job for himself and was very uptight over the fact that his daughter had as a fellow teacher of Gene’s offered herself up to him and was rejected. It was done very gently, but firmly, though.

After a lot of discussion over the proposal to vote to endorse Gene as the next mayor, the contentious member asked Gene to excuse himself while they voted about it in private. So, Gene moved to the city hall coffee shop and awaited the result of their considerations.

As soon as he left, the contentious one asked to directly address the council and the others cringed over what he would have to say. He almost always took an adversarial approach to any matter before the council and was often the only dissenting vote. He had brought up important considerations about matters of the council, so was tolerated for that purpose only.

But this time he began with, “You mean that you are going to recommend that guy who associates with the most flagrant trollop of this city? You want to set this man up as an example before our children? And what about the ladies of the city? What will they think if you should vote for this? Your wives included?”

One of the most senior members of the council, who was long known for his reasonableness addressed the council then. “You mean why would we nominate a highly decorated Lt. Colonel in the Air Force, a nationally renowned teacher who has taught our children for over twenty years with not even a breath of scandal about him? Why indeed!”

“As to the lady indicated, it is well known what she has been doing for years. She has been doing it for years quietly, with no flagrant displays in our town. They have been dear friends since high school and there is no evidence that they have ever entered into any kind of financial relationship with each other. Also, to protect the town’s reputation they go to a distant town for their associations and are well known there for their very polite and well-mannered actions, just like a longtime married couple, which most of them there think of them as. This is all under assumed names to not connect them back to us, too.

“Well, so he is sneaky! Is that what we want in the Mayor’s chair?”

“Speaking of sneaky, the police have supplied me of pictures as head of the council of some of the patrons of the lady in question. And interestingly one of our members here was among them. They all looked at the contentious one at that and he decided to drop the matter. So, Gene served out the last few months of the prior Mayor’s office and then was elected in a landslide. But, it was a bit disappointing that the contentious one was reelected, but with his tail between his legs, he did continue on making the council see other sides of issues and so did serve a worthy purpose after all.

Gene, served several terms and was eventually superseded by the worst two mayors that the city ever had. The first one being the contentious council member.
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