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It was a dark and stormy night...
I heard a scream from my 17-year-old daughter, Coco's bedroom. With her mom, my wife, kidnapped and murdered, any scream made me super nervous.

"Coco!" I shouted, and ran down the hallway to her room. She was shivering and crying.

"Daddy! Daddy... I just had a horrible dream... I'm so scared..." she cried.

"It's okay, sweetie," I said, ruffling her long, black hair affectionately, "Do you want to tell me what happened?"

"No... It was just... R-r-really scary... Is that okay?"

"Of course it's okay. Here, why don't you come to my room and we can talk for a little bit?"

Coco nodded. She got up and walked with me, holding hands, down the long hallway.

Let me describe Coco. As I said, she's 17 years old. At the moment, she was wearing just her pink bra and matching panties. She has black hair and her mom's blue eyes. Since winter began, her cute little tan from our trip to Mexico (the last trip with her mom) has worn off, but I do like the pale color a lot. As her dad, I have a responsablitly to love her like a parent, but is it really so bad of me to think she was totally sexy? She has a cute, tight ass that reminds me of those nights when her mom and I were much younger... And D-sized tits (no idea who she got those from... Just saying.) which I completely love. Sometimes, when she's not wearing a bra, her sexy nipples poke through her shirt, and I love just looking at them.

I missed her mom, but maybe the thing I missed most was all those sexy moments between us. I was (shamefully) hoping that Coco could help me relive all of that. And it was just about time.

We reached my room, and I told Coco to lay down on the bed, which she did.

"Okay," I said, "So first, I'd give your mom a little massage."

I started with Coco's arms, which I rubbed over and squeezed. Then I reached my hands under her back and pushed around on them. I brushed over her stomach and moved down to her feet. I massaged them, then her ankles. I moved up her legs, and finally, when I was at her pussy, I rubbed my fingers on her panties, harder and harder.

"Daddy!" she shouted.

"Oh, honey..."

I didn't stop.

"Don't you like that, though?" I asked, "Doesn't that feel so good."

Coco smiled at me. She lay back down.

"Yeah... Oh, that feels great, Daddy!"

I lay down next to her, then turned over and kissed her on the lips.

"Hmm, maybe... Maybe if we did this--" I took off her panties, "I could get closer..."

Coco spread out her legs and I gently rubbed my middle finger across her clit. I took off my hand and opened my mouth wide over hers, sticking my tongue into her mouth. I realized that maybe Coco wouldn't just help me relive my sex life with her mom. Maybe, just maybe, Coco could be better than her mom.

She tasted so good. I remembered my first time, when I was around her age. Teen girls were so good to fuck.

Without taking my lips off of her, I stuck two of my finger in her cunt. I stopped kissing her and moved over so I was above her.

"Don't you looooove that?"

"Oh, Daddy! That feels great... Mmm..."

"You're Daddy's little slut, aren't you, sweetie pie?"

"Mmm... Yes... I'm your little slut, Daddy! Oh, yes..."

I slid her bra off her shoulders and threw it onto the sidetable. I took my fingers out of her, and pinched her nipples. She squealed a little bit.

"Daddy... Oh, yeah... Oh, yeah, I loooove that... Mmm, yeah..."

"You wanna feel more of that, my little slut?"

"Oh, yeah, Daddy! Please!"

I put my mouth around her nipples, and put my hand back to her pussy. Then, I stood up, by the bed, and grinned at Coco. I pointed to my boxers.

"Okay, honey! You wanna see what's under these?" I asked.

Coco lept off the bed and bent down onto her knees. She looked up at me with her beautiful big eyes. I noticed there was concern in them.

"Daddy?" she asked, all the exitement gone from her voice, "Do you think this is disrespectful to Mom?"

I thought. I went back to the memory of meeting Coco's mom-- when I was twenty-four. That had been such a wonderful night... With plenty more to come.

"No, sweets. No. I don't think so. Your mom was a bit wilder than you might've known."

Coco giggled, and her slutty, horny attitude came back.

"Oh, I knew that! When I was eight, I walked in on you guys, because I wanted an extra pillow. You didn't notice, though."

"Okay, then. I guess you know what to do then," I replied, exitedly.

Coco laughed and took off my boxers. At first, she grabbed my dick and just licked around it, but then, she opened her mouth wide and put her whole mouth around it. I was sure of it now: I was enjoying my daughter more than I'd ever enjoyed my wife. Or anyone.

I felt my cock stiffen up even more. It felt so great to have my dick sucked again. How long had it been? Three, four years? Long enough that I'd forgotten the feeling.

Coco stood up again, and before I could do anything, she planted her lips on mine. I let my hands explore her body, touching her everywhere. I lay her back down onto the bed, still making out, and finally, I couldn't stand the wait any longer. I entered her. She screamed, immediately. But quickly told me how good it felt, that she didn't want me to stop. I liked it when girls were tough like that.

"Oh, Daddy! I love the way this feels! Oh, fuck! Keep doing that! Mmm... Mmm, yeah!"

I couldn't hold it anymore. I came. I was really glad that I'd made the descision to put Coco on the pill last year. I'd be in a lot of trouble if she got pregnant, I knew that much.

Coco laughed. I love her laugh. It's so cheerful, and it reminds you that you're doing SOMETHING right. Even if it's fucking your daughter because WHY NOT?

I laughed too.



2018-07-23 22:58:14
Bestiality? I missed it in the story.

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