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The ogre unleash his prowess upon Zanyia!
The Rogue's Harem

Book Two: Rogue's Wicked Harem

Part Seventeen: The Ogre's Prowess

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this.

Chapter Forty-Nine: The Ogre's Prowess

Kora Falk – Az, Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch

My stomach tightened as Ava crashed into the hallway wall. I knew that wasn't her real body, and yet seeing the feyhound form struggling to gain its feet, the front, left leg snapped and half-hanging from splintered twigs, tore at my heart. Ava limped forward down the hallway. Though her proxy was battered, she was still fighting.

My fingers shoved into my pussy, coating them with more of my juices. It was hard to keep my cream flowing, but I needed it to power my illusions. I thrust my arm before me, focusing at the ogre and moved my fingers. I created another Zanyia, crouching low and hissing. Then she sprang around the brute.

His fists swung at it. I puppeteered my illusion low, the blow crashing over it. The real Zanyia hissed and jumped onto the ogre's back. She scratched at the leathery back. The monster howled and threw himself towards the battered wall. The lamia sprang out of the way moments before the ogre crashed through plaster and wood. Debris flew through the air, fuzzing my illusions as splinters rained around the brute.

Where was Sven?

My stomach twisted, blood screaming through my body. I shook as the dust washed down the hallway. I had to keep focused on the illusion. I had to keep them moving. But... How much longer could we keep battling this brute. We weren't hurting it.

“TRICK!” bellowed the ogre, the entire inn shaking.

“Brother,” I whispered.



My war ax slashed and hissed before me, clanging against Antrevia's slenderer sword. The midnight-black woman fell back. The building shook around us. The ogre bellowed from the other end of the boarding house. Footing grew treacherous as the floor lurched from the monster crashing through walls.

I couldn't dwell on what the ogre was doing. I had to focus on the tip of the sword slashing at my body. It blurred in mirrored silver across my vision. It darted for my flesh, wanting to bleed me. To kill me. Antrevia's dark eyes gleamed with bloodlust.

“You are just so interesting,” Antrevia purred.

I didn't care about what she was babbling about. I didn't care that we had the same skin tone. She wasn't an aoi si. She wasn't a hermaphroditic demigoddess, but some sort of human with exotic coloring. I slashed hard at her, my ax hissing through the air.

My weapon struck her sword. Hard.

The impact threw her sword to the side. It struck the wall, furrowing into the plaster and making a chunking sound as it hit the wood beneath. Antrevia's eyes widened as she jerked, but her weapon was bound in the wall's thick frame.

I slashed up at her, war ax streaking for her flesh.

Antrevia released the grip of her sword and threw herself backward. She tumbled with athletic grace. She contorted her body, doing a handspring to launch herself farther down the hallway. She landed in a crouch, a smile crossing her lips.

I charged after.

She sprang to the left, darting down the ruined stairs the ogre crashed up. My bare feet smacked on the ground, breasts heaving before me. I wouldn't let the bitch get away. Not when I had her disarmed. I just had to close in on her, hack her down, then go help fight the ogre.

I reached the stairs, steps crushed by the ogre's weight, the walls cracked and dented by his bulk. Pieces of plaster spilled over the runners. The handler landed in a crouch on the middle landing and sprang to the left at the stair's bend. I leaped after her, sailing over the ruins on the stairs and landing in her wake with a heavy grunt, my tits smacking together.

“Yes, yes you are something interesting. But are you what I am?” Antrevia asked as she crouched in the ruined common area of the boarding house.

I charged after, bellowing loudly.

Her body flowed. The dark leathers she wore ripped out of her body as she grew waxy and bloated. Her limbs grew narrow, hands melting into almost spear-like points, her boots falling off her feet turning into the same daggers. Two more sets of limbs sprouted from her sides as I hurtled towards her. She grew bigger. The sclera of her eyes fractured into segments. They became faceted like those of a bug, growing dark and shiny. Her mouth twisted into pincers and...

“Werespider!” I gasped in shock. I had only heard rumors of the race existing, dwelling in those far-eastern lands long lost to knowledge because of the Biomancer Vebrin's monsters that had spawned all throughout the Vilianth Ocean, cutting off any trade.

“You know what I am,” the thing said, its words distorted. She had the bloated form of a spider, spindly, red hairs thrusting from her black skin. From her abdomen, something twitched. “But we're not the same, are we?”

“No!” I snarled and swung my ax at the disgusting thing. “I am birthed of beauty, not of the God Las's spilled seed spurting onto a nest of spiders. I am not an abomination!”

She hissed and blocked my ax with her leg, the blade sparking off the chitinous limb. She stabbed it at me. I jumped back, landing past the stairs, stumbling on the broken leg of a chair. The ogre had wrecked the first floor, furniture splintered, a massive hole battered through the wall.

She followed, scurrying on her eight legs after me. A primeval fear swelled in me. I grit my teeth against the terror and bellowed, “Rithi's inspired art!”

My war ax swung before me. She blocked it with a slicing leg and rose. Something twitched on her abdomen. I frowned and then gasped as something white and sticky fired out of her... spinnerets. Her webbing hit me.



Ava's broken body lumbered froward as I crouched on the ground. My claws had down nothing against that dumb ogre. It picked itself up from the ruins of the room it slammed into. Parts of the ceiling crashed down on it, spilling white dust across its sallow hide. It rose into a crouch, grasping its dick, stroking it.

“YOU TRICK!” he growled, staring at Kora down the hallway.

My stomach tightened. I darted in again, not going for an attack this time. My claws couldn't hurt it, but I had other ways to distract it. I turned around, my tail thrust up high, and wiggled my ass at him, my pussy on display between my thighs.

“Real hot pussy right here, Gor!” I hissed. I reached behind me and shoved to fingers into my snatch. I pumped in and out of me, my hot sheath clenching about my digits.

I pulled my fingers out and flicked juices at him. His gaze snapped to me. He bellowed. I grinned and sprang forward, the ultimate cocktease. My feet left the ground and—

I yowled in shock. A thick fist seized my tail and yanked back, halting my jump. I hit the floor in a crouch, my ears twitching. The ogre had me. His hand yanked me back. My claws dug into the wood of the floor, furrowing scratches, curls of wood spilling around my fingers.

“PUSSY!” snarled the ogre and—

His huge cock slammed into my pussy. That brutal, thick shaft was larger than anything I had ever taken in my cunt. My flesh stretched its limits. Pleasure turned into pain which turned into ecstasy. My back straightened, my small breasts jiggling before me. The ogre's other hand seized my torso, holding me, rubbing my nipples as he squeezed me.

He drew back his thick cock and rammed into me, a pair of heavy balls smacking into my clit. My eyes bulged. My ears twitched with the violence as I yowled. His cock hurt my pussy. It felt incredible. In Zizthithana's kennels, her handlers trained me to enjoy pain. To drink it in. The difference between ecstasy and agony was as thin as the edge of a knife.

It was incredible to feel both.

Pleasure rushed through me as the fat dick bludgeoned into my pussy. A purr rose in my throat as the ogre pounded me so hard. His rough fingers, as thick as my arm, rubbed on my nipples, stimulating them as he fucked me. I felt like a toy being used to satiate his lusts. My body responded.

Stars burst across my vision. I heard Kora shout my name in shock. But I was distracting him. My pussy was keeping him focused all on me. I wiggled my hips, stirring my cunt around his massive cock, drinking in the agony and the ecstasy.

“So good, Gor!” I moaned. “Fuck my pussy! Naga's dried cunt, yes!”

“PUSSY!” he rumbled, his voice shaking my entire body. “SUCH HOT PUSSY!”

“Yes, yes, hot pussy!” I moaned.

“Oh, Gods, Zanyia!” Kora shouted. The illusions of myself scampered around me, wiggling their hips, spreading open their pussies. It was so strange seeing myself and my cute pussy, my pink on display, over and over. I looked so inviting.

But Gor had the real thing. And he wouldn't be denied. He pounded me so hard, ramming that dick into me. I could take it. I could enjoy it. I did enjoy it. My body drank in every thrust of his huge cock. He took me to my limits, stretched my snatch to the point of delicious pain. My tail swished, rubbing against his swarthy hide.

My fingernails dug into the wood floor. I scratched and clawed it as waves of darkness washed across my vision. His hard thrusts built and built my orgasm in me. It swelled in the core of my cunt so fast, my pussy juices flowing down my thighs.

“Fuck my cunt!” I moaned. “Ooh, yes, just keep fucking it! My Master's going to kill you! Just keep being distracted, Gor! Keep loving my pussy!”

“PUSSY!” he growled, focused on it.

“Oh, Gods, are you okay, Zanyia?” Kora asked.

“I'm perfect, Mistress!” I moaned.

Ava reached us. She leaped at him, snarling. She struck the ogre's body as he pounded me. She gripped his arm, clawing up to get to his head. I struggled to focus on her, but the painful rapture of his cock ramming into my depths drowned my mind in wondrous sensations.

The ogre let go of my torso. For a moment, I could scamper off his dick. I didn't want to, though. I wanted to keep distracting him. I slammed my pussy down his cock as he thrust at me. My flesh smacked into his, my entire body shaking.

Wood cracked. Ava howled. Her body flew off the ogre.

“PUSSY!” howled the ogre.


Princess Ava

I screamed as the ogre's punch shattered my body. I tumbled through the air in a spray of broken wicker, the pieces of my proxy dancing around me. I hit the hallway wall, bounced. I tumbled, the feyhound's form barely held together. I could feel so much damage to it.

I groaned as I rolled to a stop. I couldn't feel half of the body. I could hardly move any of it. Why was I still in it. My soul should have been thrown out of this vessel. I shouldn't still be in it. When my rose quartz proxy was destroyed, my soul crashed back into my real body and almost overwhelmed my senses.

What was different about the feyhound?

I shuddered, struggling to move something as I lay on the ground watching Zanyia getting fucked hard by the ogre. Her small body looked so fragile as she crouched before the hulk, his cock spearing into her tiny body.

How could she moan in pleasure? How could she take that cock? I had to protect her. I had to keep her from harm. If the ogre came in her, put a baby in her body, she'd die birthing the monstrous offspring.

I twitched, moving my head. I had to get up. I had to do...

I felt something pulse inside of the feyhound, deep in its body. Something different. An energy that touched it. It still linked its body together. Even broken, this power kept the feyhound feeling like one entity. Could I use that? Could my soul touch it, manipulate it to gain more control over the cracked and snapped proxy?

I touched it and gasped in shock.

Chapter Fifty: Bound Seduction

Sven Falk

The naga's body squeezed about my body, pinning my left arm tight to my side. Her scales rubbed across my naked flesh as she hissed in delight. My right hand slid along her body, searching for something to grab, to use against her. It was the only part of me I could move. My blind head cast around as the pain swelled. Through my groans, I heard my slaves dragging Ava's unconscious body away, getting her to safety.

The naga tightened her coils. I groaned, my ribs creaking. Her lower, serpentine half squeezed hard, muscles flexing beneath it. I grit through the discomfort. My hand slid over the transition of her scales to her human skin, touching her swarthy flesh and...

Her breasts. Words Zanyia often hissed, talking about the various races born of Las's lust shot through me. Those creatures—nagas, lamias, ogres, faeries, and more—had high sex drives. They could be overcome by sex.

I squeezed the naga's large breast. My fingers found her nipple as I squirmed. I pinched her nipple. The naga hissed. Her body rippled around me. The shadows melted from my eyes, my vision restored. Her tits were right above my head. Her slitted, golden eyes stared down at me, a reptilian hunger burgeoning in them.

“Aren't you a bold one,” she said, her words sibilant. I pinched her nipple, rolling it between my thumb and forefinger. “Mmm, are you really trying to seduce me?”

“Why wouldn't I?” I asked. “When I have such a lush pair of tits to play with?”

Amusement flickered across her face. She undulated her body around me. I felt something hot and wet rubbing on my hip right by my cock. That juicy wetness grew as I tugged on her nipple, stretching out her nub and breast. The feel of her wet pussy made my dick throb. I had to get hard and inflame her lusts.

My women needed me. I couldn't be crushed to death by a naga.

“Stalling won't save your life, human,” she said as I craned my head. My face brushed the bottom of her breast. “Do you think your cock will make me melt? That I'll be one of your women?”

“Maybe you're curious what's so great about my cock that makes them all pant after me?” I asked.

“There's nothing at all mysterious about it,” she hissed, arching her back, pressing her soft breasts into my face. I turned my head, kissing at the inner slope. “Women grow wet for strength and power, and you have plenty of it, even if you're emotions weaken you.”

“You think surrendering to you was weakness?” I asked. “Doesn't it take strength to just stand there and let a naga slither around your body? To do this?”

I nuzzled my lips against her nipple. I latched onto the hot nub, feeling it in my mouth. My cheeks hollowed as I sucked so hard on it, my dick throbbing against her body.

Her body slithered around me, readjusting with a flexing, almost crushing grip. The heat moved near my dick. I could feel that her hot cunt craved to be penetrated. I pinched one nipple and sucked on the other, her hissing delight rippled out of her.

“Do you really think this will work, human?” she said, laughing. “Do you think your cock sliding into my cunt will make me surrender to your masculine prowess?”

My mouth popped off her nipple. “And yet you're bringing that hot cunt to my cock. You're just aching to be fucked. You're just a naga-slut dripping for my cock to fuck her.”

“Naga-slut?” she hissed, her body squeezing tight.

I fought the grunt of pain, teeth clenched. Then I latched onto her nipple and sucked with all my might. I drew that nipple deep into my mouth. My tongue danced around the nub while my finger twisted the other. She let out a hissing moan, her body shifting again.

Her pussy pressed against my dick, a dripping, hot slit surrounded by her hot scales. She felt as silky as a human female, her juices coating my cock. She squeezed and flexed her body, driving her pussy down my dick.

“You dare call me a naga-slut!” she snarled. “Do you know who I am?”

“The slut pumping her cunt up and down my dick,” I groaned, her hot flesh gripping my cock, her silky sheath massaging it as her body flexed. I nuzzled between her breasts, reveling in their soft feel as pleasure surged through me.

“I am the Istandar of Hizzithya!” she hissed.

“And yet you're working that juicy cunt on my cock,” I groaned. “You're just a whore for my cock. You could have killed me, but your hot snatch just itched to be fucked.”

My hips thrust forward, slamming my cock deeper into her pussy. I squeezed her breast hard with my right hand as I fucked her. She shuddered, her coils squeezing and relaxing on me as she let out a hiss of pleasure.

“If I choose to use your cock, then you should feel honored that I have given you a reprieve, human,” she hissed.

“Uh-huh,” I groaned. “Gods, you are one of the sluttiest whores I've met. Your pussy just got so hot from a little nipple play. You're just that weak, huh? Just controlled by this hot cunt. But that's okay. You can cum on my dick. I'll give you rapture.”

Her snatch clenched on my dick. She hissed, her forked tongue flicking out of her mouth. “You are aggravating.”

“So aggravating,” I groaned. “Gods, yes, work that cunt, naga-slut. I'm going to give you all that cum you crave.”

She hissed louder, squeezing about my body. I just grinned. I had her distracted. I just had to find a way to get out of her embrace. She shuddered against me, her pussy rippling about my dick as our flesh slapped together, pleasure shooting down my shaft.

I couldn't cum in her. I had to hold off as long as possible. I had to make her a quivering mass of pleasure. I sucked on her nipple, nipping it with my teeth. She hissed, my hips pumping, my cock spearing so deep into her cunt.



The werespider's webbing hit me. I gasped, stumbling back at the force of the sticky substance slamming into my arms. I hit the wall behind me with a grunt. My head smacked the wall. I groaned, shaking my head and...

My arms were pinned over my head, outstretched, my war ax webbed tight in my hand. I groaned, looking up at the sticky strands spread over my body that had attached me to the wall. More strands hissed from the werespider's spinnerets, two of her legs guiding the strings. They painted across my body, chaining me in place with my legs spread wide.

“Rithi's perfect cunt,” I hissed, my heart pounding.

The werespider's mandibles clicked, her faceted eyes staring at me. The revulsion I felt turned into panic. I bucked and pulled at the silk, but they held me like made of steal. I strained and gasped as the werespider came closer and closer.

“Sven!” I screamed as her knife-like legs stabbed into the wall on other side of my head. She leaned closer and closer, glass eyes staring at me. “Sven! Where are you?”

“I can taste your fear,” she said. “It's so sweet. People think fear tastes sour, but they're so wrong. It's sweetest thing you can ever enjoy. But there are other ways to spice the meat, too.”

Her body flowed, her mandibles pulled into her mouth. Her eyes became smaller, white scleras appearing, the fractured lenses becoming whole. Breasts blossomed as the waxy chitin vanished into silky skin. The knife-like limbs became her arms, her hands braced beside me, her face inches away. Her body was lush and lithe again, her red hair spilling about a hungry face.

A strange helplessness fell over me. I should be scared, but seeing her back in a female form melted excited me. The silk binding my body burned. My skin tingled around it. I groaned, the heat gathering down in my pussy. In my nipples. Her hand stroked my face, her digits making me whimper. Her fingers reached my lips, stroking them.

She licked her own before she kissed me.

I shuddered, her mouth tasting so sweet. Why was I enjoying this? My pussy clenched. My heart thudded. A foggy lust rose through my body. I whimpered, my flesh undulating as much as I could in the silk.

I was bound, cocooned, and kissing her back. My tongue thrust into her mouth, loving the heat of her, the taste of her. I whimpered as she stroked my body and played with my flesh. I groaned as her other hand found my large breast, cupping it.

She broke the kiss and grinned at me as something nudged at my belly, hard and slick.

“Mmm, do you see what I made with my silk?” Antrevia purred. “You are just so delicious. Are you born of Las like me? Do you feel that heat? That delicious lust that spices meat. It'll make the fear even better.”

“What?” I gasped then looked down past her round breasts. Thrusting from her crotch was a white shaft, woven of silk into the shape of a... of a dildo. She shifted her hips, bringing it down past my hairless pudenda. It nudged at my inner thigh, my pussy juices leaking out of me. “What is going on? What did you do to me?”

“I excited you,” she said, her eyes wide. “Mmm, yes, your blood is on fire, isn't it?”

“Yes,” I whimpered, unable to stop myself. The silk... It had an aphrodisiac in it, increasing my ardor, inflaming my lusts.

The dildo nudged at the entrance to my pussy. I... I wanted it to penetrate me. I wanted that silken shaft fucking my cunt.

“I'm going to love eating you,” Antrevia purred, her face drifting closer. “But first... First I have to enjoy you. I have to see your face quiver in ecstasy. I want to see that dead pleasure in your eyes, that knowledge it's the last rapture you're ever going to feel.

“Isn't that just wonderful?”

My lusts made thoughts impossible. I had to fight. I couldn't surrender to this bliss. “You should just kill me. Only a fool would indulge in their desires while leaving an enemy alive.”

“Are you begging for death? That's how you fight for your life? You think that will prolong your existence. You call me a fool?” Her dildo nudged harder at my pussy, my labia spreading around the tip, eager to engulf it. “Mmm, can you hear Gor? He's fucking someone hard. He's enjoying himself. I love watching him take his pleasure in a quivering hole. He's so magnificent to watch.

“And sometimes... Sometimes I get to enjoy them first. Mmm, before he ruins them. Maybe I should let him enjoy you before I feast.”

She thrust her dildo into my cunt.

I gasped at the wave of heat that surged through me. My body welcomed the shaft entering me. Her breasts crushed against mine half-wrapped in her silken bonds. Her mouth claimed mine again, her lips so soft and hot. Her tongue thrust past my lips as her dildo pumped away into me.

My pussy clenched down on that fake cock. I strained against my bonds, not to escape, but to fuck her back, to enjoy her body. Her nipples caressed mine. My body drank in the delights, savoring the silky friction of her dildo fucking me hard and fast.

She pumped her hips, skilled at using a fake cock to please a woman. I didn't care about anything now. I surrendered to her lusts, kissing her back with such passion. Flutters of rapture washed out of my pussy with her every thrust.

She broke the kiss. “Mmm, what are you?”

“Aoi si,” I moaned. “Daughter of Rithi.”

“I've never feasted on a demigoddess before,” she purred, slamming that dildo into my juicy cunt. “Mmm, yes, yes, what a meal you'll make.”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned as her mouth nuzzled at my neck, kissing and sucking at it, our breasts crushed tight.

An orgasm swelled in the core of my body. The fuzzy lust swirled through me, bleeding through my body. My skin drank in that delicious feel of her silk bonds. I undulated my hips, stirring her futa-dick around inside of me, wanting to enjoy every bit of that shaft in me.

Her tongue licked up to my ear. She flicked it. I shuddered and then gasped as she nibbled on it. My eyes fluttered. My pussy clenched down so hard on her dick, increasing the friction. The pleasure. I quivered on the edge of my rapture.

“You're going to cum on my dildo, aren't you, slut?”

“So hard!” I moaned, my clit throbbing. Then it thrust forward, expanding against her belly, trapped between us. It throbbed hard as it reached its full girth in moments. My girl-cock ached, the tip building with pleasure.

“Gods, what is that?” gasped Antrevia. She jerked her breasts back while slamming her dildo deep into my cunt. She stared down. “Las's spurting cock, you have a dick!”

“I do!” I howled. “I'm also the daughter of Henta!”

“A hermaphroditic demigoddess!” moaned the werespider in delight. “Yes! I am going to have so much fun with you... Ooh, I can't kill you then. I have to play with this dick.”

“Yes!” I howled. “Rithi's inspiring beauty!”

My orgasm exploded.

My pussy spasmed about the thrusting dildo. My cock spurted. White cum erupted between our dark bodies. Pearly jizz painted our black flesh. I shuddered at the heat splashing the bottom slopes of my breasts and running down my belly. My head swayed. My eyes darted back and forth as such rapture surged through me.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes,” gasped Antrevia. “Ooh, that's so good. Oh, your cum... Your cum is spraying on my tits. Las's cock, yes!”

She joined me in rapture. Ecstasy drowned my mind. I thrashed in the embrace of her silken bonds. My pussy writhed about her fake dick, wishing it spurted cum like Sven's. My own cock kept erupting, kept painting us in my passion.

I shouldn't revel in this. I shouldn't enjoy this. But... but... I wanted to keep cumming. I wanted to stay bound in her web forever.

Chapter Fifty-One: Merging Souls

Kora Falk

I didn't know what to do. My illusions weren't working. The ogre just ignored them to fuck Zanyia. She looked so small and fragile before the hulk as his body reared over her. He thrust so hard into her, fucking her with brutal force. I winced, hugging myself, my pussy clenching in sympathy.

Zanyia moaned and gasped. She purred and bucked. She was taking the pleasure, providing a final distraction to let us kill the ogre. But what could I do? Ava lay broken. I didn't have a weapon. Where was my brother?

If the monster came in Zanyia, if he bred her, she wouldn't survive the pregnancy. Ogre spawn grow fast. In hours, the brute's offspring would rip out of her belly. No woman survived an ogre's embrace.

I looked around. I needed a weapon. There was so much wreckage strewn about the boarding house. More walls lay destroyed. The building shuddered. It felt on the verge of collapse. Where was Sven? Ealaín? Where was Aingeal?

“Rithi, please,” I prayed, my knees buckling. “Someone, I need help!”

I spotted Ealaín's war hammer lying half-buried by rubble.



I felt something, someone, calling to me. A voice whispering to me. It was so familiar. I swam through the darkness around me, reaching out towards it. It begged. It pleaded. The voice sounded so desperate for aid. My awareness chased it.

I entered something broken. Something occupied by... by another entity. I felt it quiver in shock.

“Aingeal,” the entity whispered to my soul. “Is that you?”

“Ava?” I gasped as I sank into the vessel the entity occupied. I entered the feyhound's body. I gasped, my awareness spreading through the spirit magic animating his form. The abstract energies of creation that bound the wicker and animated the feyhound before Ava claimed him as a proxy, still lingered.

They still held the body together.

“I need help,” Ava said, her voice echoing in my soul. “The ogre's fucking Zanyia and Sven's missing.”

“What?” I gasped, shuddering to think. The last thing I remembered was darkness covering my sight and...

Was my body unconscious? Broken? I must have flown into something while flying. Was I injured? Dying?

“Wait, an ogre?” I asked. I could see through the feyhound's acorn eyes. I looked past broken floors and ruined walls to see a swallow-skinned ogre fucking Zanyia. The brute held her small body in a single, massing grip as he rammed his massive dick into the lamia's pussy. Two other Zanyia's pranced around the ogre, wiggling their asses, but they didn't feel quite real.

Illusions. Kora's doing.

“What is going on?” I asked.

“One of the naga's minions and an ogre found us,” said Ava. “Sven carried my body to safety and he hasn't returned. I think something's attacked him. Kora's trying distract the ogre and... and... I'm broken. I shouldn't even be in in the proxy any longer. There's something different about it.”

“My spirits are holding it together,” I answered her. “This shouldn't be happening. I shouldn't be in here. I'm not an imbuer.”

“I know,” Ava said. “I don't get it either. Does that matter right now. Can you do anything?”

“I...” Spirits rose and danced through the world, invisible to anyone who didn't have faerie blood. “I can.”

I seized a green enhancement spirit, sending it down into our broken body. Purple light burst around the shattered form of the feyhound. Wicker groaned and snapped back into place. Our vessel moved and shifted as more and more enhancement spirits flowed down, eager to help me out, to defend me.

“Aingeal, yes!” Ava gasped in such delight. “I can move my legs. I can lift our head.”

I gasped as the feyhound moved, rising on its haunches. I wasn't controlling the flesh, Ava was. But I could see through the sense, feel the body, touch the spirits in the world. They recognized my awareness.

What is happening to my body without my soul in it? Nothing bad happens to Ava, but... She's an imbuer.

I shoved that fear down. I had to focus. Zanyia needed us.



The human's cock slammed into me, so thick and stimulating. He fucked me hard as I twisted around him. My body clenched and relaxed about his strong form. Anger surged through me, mixing with my lust, enhancing it.

He dared to call me a naga-slut!

“Gods, you have a hot cunt, naga,” he groaned. “Mmm, yes, just so hungry for my cum, aren't you? But you don't get a drop until you orgasm.”

I wanted to orgasm. I shouldn't. I should just squeeze the life out of him, but that cock... “Las damn it!” I snarled, humping back against him, his face rubbing between my breasts, cheeks covered in stubble. I loved how he rasped on my silky flesh. “You've only brought yourself a reprieve, human. Once my lusts are satiated...”

“You'll want more!” he promised then engulfed my nipple.

He sucked so hard on my nub. My human half quivered, my arms grabbing his shoulders, fingernails biting into his skin. The sucking pleasure shot down to my pussy. My cunt grew hotter and hotter about his body. His strength felt so delicious against my scales as I undulated and fucked back against his thrusts.

Balls smacked into my belly scales, full of his cum.

I wanted his seed spurting into me. What a strong daughter he would father. An heir worthy of ruling an empire. My tongue flicked faster. I would enjoy crushing the life out of him after his seed spilled in me.

“Yes, yes, human, dump your seed into me. Breed me.”

“Naga-slut!” he snarled about my nipple.

I whimpered. I truly was a naga-slut, and I didn't care right now. My body craved his seed. My cunt grew hotter and hotter about him. Such a strong daughter. My fertile pussy drank in the friction of his thrusting cock, fanned by his mouth sucking back and forth from my nipples.

His left hand moved through my coils. I gasped as his fingers found my pussy's folds. He stroked up and down around his cock, his finger stimulating me as his thick shaft buried over and over into my pussy.

I writhed on the street, rolling us over as the pleasure built in me. His calloused finger found my clit. I gasped as he stimulated it. He massaged the bud hard, making me clench and relax my coils about his body. He thrust so hard, fucking me with such passion.

“Oh, yes, dump your seed into me, human,” I hissed, my eyes fluttering. I stared up at the night sky, the bellows of the ogre distant as he rutted with Sven's women. “Give me a daughter!”

He growled about my nipple, his cock plunging into me, stirring me up, bringing me closer and closer to ecstasy. My clit drank in the feel of his massaging finger. Sparks showered through my cunt, swelling my pleasure.

My eyes fluttered.

My fingernails bit into his back.

My cunt clamped down on his dick.

He buried to the hilt in me. The friction stimulated my sensitive flesh. A ripple of heat slammed into the orgasm growing in the core of my body. My entire body squeezed down hard on his flesh. I could feel his bones creaking.

He groaned about my nipple.

My pussy erupted about his cock.

I gasped as the pleasure surged through me. My cunt writhed and massaged his cock, sucking at it. I wanted to feel his cum spilling into me. That hot spurt of seed fertilizing my pussy. Stars washed across my vision.

“Las's wondrous cum, yes!” I howled. “Oh, yes, yes, gods, spurt that seed into me, human!”

Ecstasy consumed me.


Sven Falk

Zizthithana's pussy writhed about my cock, sucking at my cum, wanting me to unload inside of her. I shuddered as her body clenched tight about me. I sucked hard on her nipple. My finger kept diddling her clit, her juices gushing out around my cock, bathing my hand and crotch.

Her looped coils slackened about me as she screamed out in ecstasy.

I acted.

I pulled my body, using my free hand grabbing her breast for leverage. I gripped that mound with such a tight grip as I hauled. I popped out of her coils, my dick coming free of her spasming delight. I spilled out onto the cobblestone in a tumble.

“You!” she snarled, her face contorted into rapture as I gained my feet, eyes casting around. I spotted my sword.

Scales slithered on the ground behind me. She hissed her fury. I sprinted forward and dove for my weapon.



I snarled in frustration. My pleasure coursed through my body. My pussy spasmed around nothing now. I never let a cock spurt cum into my body to fertilize my egg, to plant a daughter in my belly. Not until I found the right man.

This man. And he denied me his jizz?

“You limp-dick bastard!” I howled, rising. “Dauthaz's deathly touch, I will squeeze every drop of cum out of your body, Sven! I will MILK you dry! Your seed is MINE!”

I slithered after the fleeing human. The cobblestones rubbed on my belly scales. My tits heaved before me. My hands contorted into talons. I would rip out his throat as he came in me. I would feast on his blood as my pussy feasted on his seed.

He owed me a daughter. He owed me his life. I was the Istandar of Hizzithya. I was the future empress of Shizhuth. I would unite my people. Not that Shuzizzra bitch! Then I would conquer all the lands west of the mountains. These weak, rich lands.

Fury hissed out of me. Shadows writhed around me. Sven came up from his roll as I reared over him. I sent the darkness surging at him as he spun around, his muscular back flexing. He came into a full stand, looking so strong, a warrior.

Metal gleamed in his hand.

He held a sword in his grip. I hissed in shock as death flashed at my head. I recoiled back and—


Sven Falk

The Naga's head parted from her body. It toppled off her body. She fell into a thrashing heap at my feet. Blood pooled from her neck as her serpentine half coiled about itself in her dying twinges. Her head rolled to a stop nearby, shock painted across her face.

“Las's putrid cum,” I painted, sucking in a deep breath.

I wanted to rest. My entire body ached from her crushing grip. I drew in deep breaths, my chest rising and falling as I stared down at her. I had never killed a woman I'd fucked before. I made her cum, and then I cut off her head.

“Naga-bitch,” I spat, seizing onto my anger. She deserved to die. She had sent her minions to kill me. To kill my women—

“PUSSY!” rumbled out of the night.

I whirled around. The boarding house, down the street, quivered. Gaping holes wormed through the exterior. The structure teetered. It looked on the verge of collapsing, so much smashed inside. The ogre bellowed, still terrorizing my women.


Fear clenched my stomach. Did he have one of my women?

Rage swallowed fear. How dare that brute touch one of my women. I would flay him alive. I would make leather armor from his hide. I would cut off his dick and make him eat it. I gripped my short sword and...

No, my short sword wasn't the right weapon to fight an ogre. I dropped it and cast my gaze up and down the street.

The naga's discarded scimitar lay nearby. I snagged it and darted for the boarding house.


Kora Falk

“SUCH HOT PUSSY!” bellowed the ogre. “CUM! GOING TO CUM!”

“No!” I gasped and grabbed the war hammer's handle with both hands. I yanked on the heavy weapon. I gasped at the weight. I had to pick it up. I couldn't let him cum in Zanyia. Ogre's spunk was potent. It could fertilize any pussy or orifice, even a man. The seed took root in any flesh.

“Las's amazing cock!” Zanyia howled in orgasmic rapture.


“Gewin's cock, come on!” I screeched and hauled with all my might at the heavy war hammer.

The ogre rammed forward into Zanyia, his heavy balls smacking into her contorting body. The war hammer budged. I grit my teeth, squeezed my eyes shut, and hefted with every ounce of strength I possessed.

I lifted the war hammer and staggered beneath its weight.

“CUMMING!” howled the ogre.

I was too late.

To be continued...
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