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In a fantasy world where Men and Elves have warred for thousands of years, two boys find out that there is more going on around them, and that not everything is as it seems.

Gabriel laughed as he tossed another small rock at Avner, who winced as the pebble bounced off his shoulder.

“Stop it!” Avner yelled, with just a hint of laughter in his voice as he watched his friend begin to playfully run away through the trees.

“Make me, Av!”

The two boys were both fourteen, and had been friends since they were children. Avner had met Gabriel when he was only seven years old, after his family was forced to move to the mixed blooded boroughs. Until then, they had managed to stay out of the mixed blood housing districts because of the booming business that Avner’s father owned, but after his shop was destroyed because of the Elf War, they had no choice.

Being of mixed blood was supposed to be a bad thing. Avner remember asking his mother when he was very young why others who had mixed blood like they did had to work hard just to make a living. His mother told him that it was because men considered the mysterious tree dwelling race of Elves to be sorcerers and warlocks, which was also the reason for the never ending wars between the two races. Because of that, any man who bore the blood of Elves in their body were considered impure by other men, and did not get the same rights as normal men did. And so, those who were of mixed blood did not get the same pay as normal men did, nor were they allowed to share the same public housing districts as the regular men did. Their poor would have to stay in designated mixed blooded boroughs.

Avner remembered being so scared of going to live in the boroughs when his father told him his shop had been burnt down. He had been so young and at the time it almost seemed like his life had been turned upside down. But when Avner met Gabriel, he knew everything would be alright. His first impression of Gabriel was that of a typical mixed blooded street kid, wearing a dirty and torn tunic with a cheerful smile. Gabriel had been so warm and friendly to him when they met, and they’ve been friends ever since.

Whenever Avner was not busy with chores or helping his parents put food on the table, he and Gabriel would try to sneak through the city gates to explore the world outside. The city walls and gates were there for a reason of course, to keep things out and to protect those inside, but the two boys quickly got bored of exploring the city, and would try to find ways to sneak past the city guards to explore the outside world, who could not allow them out because they were too young to leave alone.

Avner and Gabriel laughed as they raced across the woodlands, hiding behind trees and climbing up ravines energetically as they explored the forest. Amongst the two boys, Avner was the slightly shorter one. He stood at five feet even, with the Elven features of light blonde hair and shining hazel eyes. Gabriel stood at five feet two, with a blonde hair that was slightly richer than Avner’s and those same shining eyes.

“Hey Av,” Gabriel said after the two boys stopped running to catch their breaths. “Wanna play hide and seek?”

Avner looked up to the sky. The sun was still high, surely they had enough time before it got dark.

“Sure.” He replied. “Who’s it?”

“I am.” Gabriel grinned. “So you better start hiding, cuz I’m only counting to fifty!”

“No fair, count to a hundred!” Avner laughed as he began running into the woods.

“I’ll do seventy five!” Gabriel called out from behind Avner, his voice far now as the young boy sprinted through the forest giggling.

Avner knew better than to run too deep into the forest of course, but still that was exactly what the boy did as he ran deeper and deeper into the woods. The two boys had already seen most of what the forest had to offer, and there had been nothing dangerous as of yet, so Avner decided that if he ventured deeper in he would just see more of what he already had seen.

Or so he thought.

After about ten minutes of running, Avner was sure that he had lost Gabriel far enough behind him. He grinned to himself as he crouched behind a tree, eyes scanning the trees. It would take at least an hour for Gabriel to find him now, Avner was sure of that, and he giggled triumphantly as he turned to explore his immediate surroundings.

The forest was almost just that, all Avner could see before him were an endless line of trees, and a little further ahead he could hear what sounded like a stream. But as the boy continued walking, he felt a subtle shift in the air of the forest, making the trees around him look almost mystical.

He didn’t know if it was just his mind play tricks on him, but there were small insects zipping around Avner’s face every now and then, their high pitched buzzing sounding almost like chattering. The air had grown thicker too, and the young boy thought he could almost taste a sweet taste when he opened his mouth and let the wind blow on his tongue.

Avner has heard of stories of faeries and tree spirits, and hoped he had not accidentally entered their realm. Legend said that those who entered the realm of the dryads could never come out again, and would be kept as slaves for the spirits to feed on, until their souls had been completely sucked out of their bodies.

But as Avner got closer to the sound of rushing water, his eyes widened as he quickly jumped behind several trees, hiding himself. In front of him was a ravine, in which was the river he had been hearing. But in the small stream, there were two beautiful ladies, naked and laughing softly as they bathed. The two women were almost similar, they were in the water with all their beautiful features clear for the young boy to see. They were slim and their skin was pale, almost as pale as Avner’s was. He could see that their breasts were soft and perky, and the nipples were pink and erect. On top of all that, they were also stunningly beautiful, with one having beautiful auburn hair and the other having blonde, flowing hair.

Avner swallowed hard, his eyes widening as he watched the two women move in the water, watching intently as their breasts jiggled with every move they made, and how the water rolled off their pale skin that seemed to glisten in the sunlight.

This was the first time that Avner had seen a naked woman before. Sure, he had learnt about sex already, and he and Gabriel had already begun talking about it and making jokes about some of the girls their age, but never before had Avner seen a member of the opposite sex naked, especially not a fully grown, beautiful woman.

Without meaning to, Avner began leaning forward as he tried to get a better look at the naked ladies. I But in his eagerness to get a better look, Avner put too much of his weight on his front foot, causing him to lose his balance. The young boy yelped as he rolled over, crashing forward through the bushes and eventually coming to a stop down below in the ravine, with the two beauties that he had been spying on.

“Oh my,” Avner heard them say as he quickly scrambled to his feet. “What do we have here.”

Dusting the dirt from his tunic, Avner felt his face flush red as he forced himself to look up at the two women. They were standing there in the stream, not bothering to cover themselves even as Avner’s eyes went wide. The boy had a much better view of their naked bodies from down here, glistening with water as the sun shone down on them. Their breasts were big, but not too big, and their hips and ass gave their body the right curves without overdoing it. Their bodies just had the right amount of fullness in the right places. Avner felt his face turn even redder as he swallowed hard at the sight of their curvaceous bodies.

“I-I’m sorry.” Avner replied, not sure of where to look. He glanced down at his toes. “I promise I wasn’t looking, I-I was just passing by, and I fell. I was playing with my friend, you see.”

“Is that so?” The blonde lady said, stepping forward and out of the water, causing the water to fall from her body. Avner glanced up but quickly forced himself to look away again.

“Yes, I’m sorry for intruding. I didn’t know anyone would be in these woods. I don’t want to get in trouble, please don’t say anything to anyone.”

“Aw,” The other said. “He’s just a boy, still scared to get in trouble, still unsure about a woman’s body.”

She stepped out of the water and began to rub her hands over her body, softly caressing her breasts, her fingers circling her nipples as she let out a soft moan. Avner did not have the discipline to keep his gaze low, and he glanced up at the moaning figure, eyes locked on her pale, wet body as if in a trance.

“You see?” She laughed as her hands began going lower down her body. “He’s staring again, he just can’t help himself. No boy his age can.”

“What a naughty boy.” The blonde one smirked. “It’s no wonder men grow up to be as lecherous as they are.” Avner suddenly saw a mischievous look flicker across her face. “But I guess it’s okay for you... Since you’re not actually a man yet.”

The two women started forward, snapping Avner out of his trance.

“What are you doing?” Avner stammered, backing away from them. Not able to watch where he was going, Avner tripped on a rock, sending him crashing to the ground on his back. He continued to scramble backward slowly as the two women stood over him. “I-I said I was sorry.”

“Huh,” They smirked to one another. “The boy still thinks we’re humans.”

Avner’s eyes widened in shock as he heard that.

“W-What? You’re Elves? P-Please don’t hurt me.”

“No, not Elves darling,” A seductive smile formed on their faces as they leaned forward, letting their breasts hand in front of Avner’s face, their swaying hypnotizing him. “We don’t come from the mortal realm, we come from the earth, from nature. We are water nymphs.”

While at first Avner had been curious about the two adult women, and then frightened when he thought they were Elves, he was now terrified upon learning that they were actually water nymphs. The young boy had of course heard the stories of the elemental spirits, beings of natural existence that arose with the world itself. After mortal colonization of the world, these displaced beings roamed the lands, destroying taking the souls of any mortal they met for themselves.

And now, because of Avner’s foolish escapade into the woods, he had fallen right into the clutches of two water nymphs.

Gigging softy, they reached out with their hands, each holding Avner by a shoulder on both sides. He let out a soft yelp as he felt their wet hands touch him. Their touch felt different somehow, as if you could immediately tell that they were not human. Their skin was unnaturally wet and there was a seductiveness in just their touch alone that Avner’s young mind just could not understand. He shuddered as he felt a chill run down his spine.

“Oh,” The auburn haired water nymph cooed as she saw the boy’s nervous reaction to her touch. “Don’t be afraid, little man. Everything will be alright, I’ll take care of you. I promise.”

Avner felt the hands close around his shoulders and begin helping him up. Even though the young boy was terrified, Avner still felt his legs pushing upward as he stood, as if under a spell from the two water nymphs magic touch.

“Come on darling,” The blonde nymph said as she turned and began to walk back to the stream she had been bathing in. “Join us in the water.”

“N-No.” Avner managed to say as the other nymph joined in front of the stream. “I-I’m here with a friend. H-He’s probably looking for me right now, I really have t-to go.”

The two nymphs glanced at each other seriously as he said that, and then back at Avner.

“Your friend can wait.” The blonde nymph continued saying, her sultry eyes fixed on his while she stepped backward, her voluptuous body slowly being consumed by the water again. “It is a very hot day, like I was saying. What better way to spend it than with two beautiful girls in the water?”

Avner swallowed hard as he watched her breasts disappear into the water, staring longingly at her to see it again. This was bad, he knew. His fear had slowly but surely been replaced with a sense of curiosity and exploratory sense of adventure. It had to be some sort of magic somehow, and yet Avner could still feel his feet begin to take several small steps forward in acceptance of the nymphs’ offer.

“That’s it,” The auburn haired one said, turning as she did so that Avner could see her ass. “There you go boy. Don’t be scared, come on in.”

She began to walk into the water too, and Avner stared at her round and firm ass as it disappeared into the water. His legs begun carrying him toward the water mindlessly, his eyes fixed on the two naked nymphs in the water.

“Well don’t just stand there.” They giggled as Avner remained ogling the two nymphs with wide eyes. “Come join us in the water.”

“I-I...” Avner began saying, as if suddenly regaining his senses. “I’ll get my clothes wet.”

“Take it off then!”

Any common sense that Avner had regained was immediately lost again, as the boy jumped on the opportunity to be naked in the water with two sexy nymphs. He pulled off his tunics rather roughly and left them strewn on the grass, standing naked for all the forest to see. The two nymphs giggled at the sight of the naked prepubescent boy, eyeing him expectantly.

Of course, they were waiting for him to enter the water. Avner remembered the tales of elemental beings stealing a mortal’s soul for themselves, and it had become fairly obvious to him, even in his lustful haze, that the water nymphs were drawing him into the water to trap him and feast on his soul in some way. And yet, the promise and temptation of two seductive women in the water was too much for the thirteen year old boy, and he felt his legs dip into the water as he stepped forward.

“There we go,” The auburn haired nymph said gently, receiving him in her soft hands in the water.

“Just relax,” Avner heard the other whisper, as he felt her hands on his back.

The two nymphs took the boy in between them, holding him in their gentle and almost motherly embrace as they slowly turned him on his back so that Avner floated on the water while he stared up into the blue skies. His eyes were blank as he felt every nerve in his body jumping in delight with every touch of the two nymphs. He had never felt such euphoric sensations run through his body, and he smelt out a sigh as he closed his eyes, while the two nymphs caressed his chest and shoulders.

“I think he really likes it,” One of the nymphs said to the other, smiling as she let her hand wander down to touch his nipple. A jolt of pleasure shot through his body as he realized that his nipple was erect.

“He does,” the other side, leaning down so that her mouth was right next to Avner’s ears. Avner’s eyes were still closed as he felt the blonde nymph’s hot breath against his neck and ears, as she whispered. “What’s your name?”

“A-Avner.” He managed to mutter.

“Avner.” She replied. “What a cute name. Mine is Vera.”

“And mine is Eva.” The auburn haired nymph said, her hands exploring further down Avner’s body. He shuddered in pleasure as he felt her hands rub his stomach, her fingers tracing down to his small belly button. “And I want you to trust us, Avner.”

He nodded his head. Vera and Eva’s hand was now rubbing lower, he could feel their hands rubbing the skin just above his cock.

“We won’t let any harm come to you.”

Avner nodded his head once more as their hands skipped past his cock, and began to rub his inner thighs, brushing dangerously close to his groin.

“We’ll take care of you.”

Those hands began to drift upward, and Avner could feel them brushing again his tight ballsack. He found it very hard to concentrate on anything by now, and was struggling to hear the two nymphs.

“We’ll make you feel very good.”

The soft hands found his hardened cock, and Avner let out a gasp as he let all self control go, the inhibitions and fears of losing his soul to elemental beings flying right out of the window. He moaned in delight as the four wet hands stroked up and down on his cock, pleasuring the tip of his glans with their palm as they cupped their hands and rubbed it every now and then.

It was something Avner had never felt before. He had discovered masturbation with Gabriel a year ago, and while what had at first started off with the raw and simple pleasure of rubbing one out had evolved to more complex techniques of edging and fantasizing about specific girls or scenarios during masturbation, Avner had still never yet felt such pleasure before. He would have never imagined that he could ever feel such pleasure in his life if he wasn’t actually feeling it right now.

With each stroke of their hand the nymphs brought wave after wave of pleasure throughout Avner’s little body, his small frame trembling with pleasure as he lay back on the water in bliss. He wondered how something as small as his little cock, which stood only four inches erect and was as thin as a boy’s penis could be, could ever bring him so much pleasure, and he began to thrust upward in the water as his body screamed it’s need for more pleasure.

“He wants more.” Eva noted.

“Of course he does.” Vera smirked. “All the pleasures the body can feel are still mysteries to the boy. He doesn’t know yet, but we’ll show him.”

With those words, Vera flicked her wet blonde hair back so that it got out of her face, and dove down with her mouth quickly, engulfing Avner’s cock in her mouth, her eyes still fixed on his as Avner yelped in surprise and his eyes flew open.

“Ah!” Avner grunted as he felt Vera’s tongue circle the glans of his cock furiously quick, and he felt a rushing wave of pleasure flood his body as thick semen spurted from his cock, shooting wad after wad of cum into Vera’s mouth. The nymph took it well though, and seemed to have no problem swallowing it all as she kept her mouth clamped tightly around the base of Avner’s cock.

Eventually, the rush of Avner’s orgasm subsided, and he lay his head back down on the water as Vera freed his cock from her mouth. She looked down at him with impressed eyes.

“Not bad.” She said. “I haven’t tasted cum so delicious in years.”

Avner didn’t know what to say, and just continued laying there, staring at the nymphs with wide eyes. Their tits hung freely and their toned stomachs glistened with water.

“And after all that, you still want more.” Vera noted, catching the lust in Avner’s eyes as he looked at their bodies.

“Maybe I can help him out too,” Eva said, grabbing Avner’s hand and leading him across the stream to the edge of the water. “I’ll give you what you want, Avner. I’ll make you feel nice.”

Following mindlessly, Avner allowed Eva to turn him and push his body against the edge of the stream, so that his bare back touched the grass. She smiled lustfully as she straddled him, her eyes hot with fiery passion as she looked down at the boy who gazed up at her, helpless in his sexual hunger. She leaned down and their lips touched.

Avner moaned. He had never kissed anyone else before, and his first kiss was with a water nymph. It felt wrong, but it also felt so good. He could feel the passion in the water nymph as her tongue pushed into his mouth, exploring him and flickering against his own tongue, causing him to moan pleasurably.

Pulling back, Eva kept their gazed locked as she rose up, and then brought herself donn one motion, crying out as she impaled herself on his cock. Avner grunted as he held on to Eva’s body. The feeling of his cock inside a woman was like nothing he could have ever fantasized about. It felt so good in a different way that he could never replicate by himself when he jacked off.

“Oh darling, yes.” Eva moaned as she began to rock back and forth on his cock, causing him to grab on to her tighter as an unfamiliar pleasure wracked his senses. “Hold on, because I’m gonna take you for a ride.”

Bucking wildly, Eva began to rock wildly on his cock, bouncing up and down in the water so that his small cock drove in and out of her pussy. All the while Eva moaned and screamed loudly, wailing in pleasure as she held on tightly to Avner’s small body, her nails clawing at his back.

“Suck on my tits,” Eva moaned as her hand went to the back of Avner’s head, grasping his blonde hair as she pulled his head into her chest. “Oh yes, just like that!”

Avner opened his mouth and he felt her nipples enter, his tongue instinctively lapping at the pink areolas of her breasts, sucking and licking as his tongue circled her nipples. Avner was in heaven. He couldn’t count the amount of times he fantasized about sucking on a girl’s tits, and here he was now doing just that with the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen while she fucked his brains out.

“Yes lick it Avner,” Eva pleaded as she moaned. “Suck on my nipples, pinch my nipples!”

His other hand was also up now, playing with the other tit that was not in his mouth, and this only made Eva ride the young virgin boy harder. Avner was soon pushed over the edge once more, as he felt the familiar sensation deep within his balls as neared orgasm for the second time today. Grabbing on to Eva’s hips tightly, Avner let out a yell as he felt the orgasmic wave of pleasure in release in his body, cumming again inside the nymph’s pussy.

After the euphoric waves of orgasm subsided, Avner sighed softly as he laid his head back on the grass, his body still in the water. Eva had also begun to get off of Avner, his softening cock slipping out of her as she stood in the water, staring down at him. Vera soon joined her, and Avner was brought back to reality as he realized he was still facing two water nymphs. Terror returned to the young boy as his heart began to race.

“Uh...” Avner began to say, unsure as the two nymphs stared down at him with serious eyes. “I-I really am sorry for spying on you.” His face turned red again as the nymphs remained unreacting to Avner’s stammering apologies. “I promise if you let me go, I won’t do it again. Please don’t hurt me.”

Finally, the nymphs reacted to the boy’s words, raising their brows at him.

“And what exactly did you think we were going to do to you?”

“S-Steal my soul...” Avner sputtered, swallowing hard as he gauged their reaction to see if they would be offended by what he said.

“Steal your soul?” The nymphs repeated in disbelief, and then began laughing. “Really? Is that what you mortals believe?”

“It’s what I was told!” Avner defended himself quickly. “They day that elementals take away the souls of any mortals, in revenge for colonizing the world and taking it away from you.”

“Foolish boy.” Eva shook her head. “Do you really believe that we couldn’t just take the world back from you men and Elves if we wanted to? And do you really believe that if we wanted to steal souls away out of spite, any mortal would still be safe from us? We number in the thousands, Avner, nymphs, sprites, faeries, fire jinns, and angels, and you think we couldn’t destroy you?”

Avner swallowed. “T-Then why do people say that? That you steal souls?”

Vera shrugged, and Eva chuckled.

“It was probably a misunderstanding.” She muttered softly.

“A misunderstanding?” Avner asked.

“Well, we don’t exactly take away people’s souls,” Eva said. “But we do ‘mark’ some mortals.”

“Mark them?” Avner repeated, unsure if that was supposed to make him feel better. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing bad.” Vera explained. “And you wouldn’t understand. There’s more going on in this world than just the wars in the mortal realm, Avner. There is much much more going on, and you mortals are to prideful to see the things that shape you’re lives and destinies, happening all around you.”

“You didn’t answer the question.” Avner said, standing up so that his torso poked out of the water. “What did you mean by marking people?”

Vera looked to Eva, who shrugged. “You tell him, I don’t know how to.”

“Let’s just say,” Vera sighed as she struggled for words. “That it means a person is marked as belonging to me. He or she is mine once they’re marked.”

“What?” Avner exclaimed. “How is that different from taking someone’s soul?”

“Because that sounds very bad.” Eva piped up. “Way worse than it really is. It’s nothing antagonistic, really, it’s not an evil thing to be marked.”

“And you could totally leave at anytime,” Vera added. “It’s not like you’re a slave or anything.”

“It’s just that with everything going on, sometimes we need to mark some important people as ours, before others do.” Eva nodded.

Avner began to open his mouth, but closed it again, letting these words sink in. He guessed that it didn’t sound so bad, but still he was frightened. These nymphs were creatures not from his realm, it was dangerous to consort with them, let alone listen and allow himself to be convinced by them.

“Okay...” Avner finally said after several seconds. “T-Then tell me, how exactly do you mark someone?”

The nymphs looked to each other again, and smirked mischievously.

“I don’t think you’ll like the answer.”


“We have sex with them.”

Avner’s eyes widened. “W-What?!”

The two nymphs giggled. “We told you you’d not like it!”

“B-But why? You marked me! Why would you do that, answer me!”

But the two nymphs were too busy laughing at the young boy’s frantic demanding to take him seriously. They laughed and splashed water at him, only making Avner more angry.

“Jeez, calm down Avner.” Eva said.

“Yea,” Vera added, splashing him again. “You gotta cool off.”

“I will not calm down!” Avner said, half yelling. He had never been a loud or angry person, and could not bring himself to shout and scream even in his anger. “You told me if we’re marked we can choose to walk away at anytime! Well I choose to leave all this behind. Remove your mark and let me go.”

“We can do that,” Vera began saying. “But don’t you want to know why we marked you?”

“No! I don’t care!”

Vera frowned.

“It’s because of a prophecy, Avner.” Eva said, stepping forward so that her breasts were pressed against Avner’s skinny chest. The young boy was taken off guard by this and could not maintain his anger and frustration at the two sexy nymphs. “We have been told of a prophecy that one day two mortals, both equal parts of men and Elves, will be separated and enter our realm separately.”

“Both boys will be very important,” Vera continued. “And that was why we could not afford to let you wander away when you told us you came with a friend. You and your friend are of mixed blood, yes?”

Avner nodded, confused. “I don’t understand. What does this have to do with anything? Why are the boys supposed to be so important? What do you want me to do?”

“You just don’t get it,” Eva sighed. “Mortals never do.”

“There is a war.” Vera explained. “A war invisible to mortal eyes, taking place in a realm separate from the mortal realm. The destruction brought by this war has been influencing the violence between the men and Elves for thousands of years, and neither side knows it.”

“That’s why the chosen boys have to be of mixed blood.” Eva agreed, her face drawing closer to Avner’s face and making him swallow hard. “Only those who have the blood of those who have suffered in equal on both sides can stop the fighting.”

“And you and your friend,” Vera said, walking to Avner and turning him by the chin to look into her sultry eyes. “Are the boys from the prophecy. And whichever side gets to claim you boys first, can use you against the other. That’s why we had to mark you now, we couldn’t have risked you wandering off like your friend.”

“My friend...” Avner muttered as if suddenly remembering. “Gabriel! So you need him too?”

The nymphs glanced at each other. “Yes, if the two boys are on the same side, the war would be over quickly.”

“Then we should go find him!” Avner said as he stepped out of the water and put on his tunic again. “Do you know where he is?”


“What are we waiting for then?”

Avner turned to go, but a hand grabbed him by the shoulder.

“Avner...” Eva said, her voice soft. “I don’t know how to explain this, but there are others like us in these woods... Others who are evil...”

Pulling away from Eva, Avner frowned. “You mean those that you fight against?”

“Yes.” Eva nodded, and looked down sadly.

“Then we have to find Gabriel!” Avner said as he started forward again, but this time Vera grabbed him firmly, spinning him around to face her.

“Avner, you don’t understand.” She said. “We always knew that when the prophecy would come true, neither side would ever have any chance of marking both boys. Don’t you see? You were both separated. If we knew you were the boy from the prophecy, it means they know too.”

His breathing shaky as he began to realize what Vera was saying, Avner slowly muttered the question he was afraid to know the answer to.

“W-What are you trying to say?”

“They have him, Gabriel. The others, they’ve marked him.”


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