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Naked at work and co-opting other girls to join me
My Boyfriend likes to expose me

or perhaps it should be called

The exhibitionist no longer in denial

by Vanessa Evans

All characters involved in any sexual activities in this story were over 18 when the events took place.

Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the earlier parts. They will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.

Part 30 – Living with my Admission


Naked at Work 1


Work is going great. I’d never thought about it before but there are quite a lot of people working in our building and the number of them that use the stairs appears to be increasing on a daily basis.

Of course, I just love that and I quite often arrange things so that I’m walking about at busy pedestrian traffic times of the day. I’ve also discovered that it’s a great time to go and stand next to Grace or Emily and bend over to show them something.

After I got back from China the only body jewellery that I wore for the first few weeks was my nipple barbells; after my second monthly check up (again in front of all the other members of our branch), I decided that I’d put my clit hood barbell and stirrup back in and go back to having a little chain dangling from it. This got quite a few comments (good ones) from the guys at work and Tim suggested that I put the stirrups back on my nipple barbells, so the next morning I did.

About a week later, one of the guys asked me if his memory was right and that I also had little chains for my nipples, so I’ve started wearing them as well. I couldn’t remember if any of the guys had seen the chain that links my nipples to my clit hood. I hoped not because if I start wearing that at work I risk catching it on something and a sharp tug on that would be very painful.

Tim has started taking one us 3 girls into the stationery cupboard just about every day, and yes, he is fucking us. He prefers it doggy style. The first time that he called Emily to go there she was a little reluctant, but she had a big smile on her face when she came back.

At our third monthly meeting, and after each of us had had our medical check-up Tim announced that it is now current practice at the Nuwa HQ in China for girls who do not meet their monthly targets to get a spanking. If they miss their target 2 months in a row the spanking is administered in the public square.

When Tim said that, I got flash-backs to the public spanking that I got from that big Nuwa spanking machine. I also got a big wet rush and a strong tingling feeling in my pussy.

Tim went on to say that he was introducing a similar system for us although he was going to have to do all the spankings on company property. He got a bit of a laugh when he said that he would have liked to do the public ones outside the town hall but he didn’t believe that he’d get away with it. He said that he’d have to settle for administering them in our offices and that anyone was welcome to come and watch. The glass walls were the nearest that he could get to them being in public.

I got another wet rush when I thought about all the people going up and down the stairs and looking in and seeing me getting spanked.

The Workwear Party


The party that I mentioned in the last part of my story happened just after that monthly meeting and on the Friday evening nearest to Halloween. Ryan invited quite a few of his work colleagues telling them that it was a Halloween-cum-Work Wear party and that everyone had to wear full face masks. Karen asked him if I was going to be naked and when he said that I was she said,

“Excellent, I’ll make sure that Emma is too.”

When I invited the twins I told them that it was their 16th Birthday-cum-Halloween party and that they just might get lucky. They arrived with identical Baby Spice face masks so there was no helping identifying who was who.

Grace was up for it but Emily wasn’t too sure. When I told her to get a full face mask she seemed a little happier knowing that her face would be covered. Even though she’s displayed her body to dozens of men at work and the gym, she still seems a bit shy at times. I’m not sure if she realised that her clit ring would let everyone know that she worked with me and I was sure that Ryan would have told all his colleagues about what was happening at my work.

Anyway, the party went well. Some of Ryan’s colleagues instantly knew that it was me wearing the Miley Cyrus mask and they guessed that it was Emma wearing the Ellen DeGeneres mask; but none of them recognised Emily (Britney Spears) and Grace (Emma Watson) (when they were stood with their legs closed); or Kate and Jude. I think that a couple of them realised that it was Karen’s friend Emma under the Lindsay Lohan mask because most of them had seen her naked before.

After the pleasant shock of partying with 7 naked girls, the guys soon settled down and it was a typical party until the alcohol started taking control of people’s brains. Somehow, the topic got round to our work situation, that the 3 of us worked naked and how we were going to get spanked if we didn’t meet our targets. I can always reply on Ryan to tell everyone about me being naked.

Ryan thought it was a good idea when one of the guys suggested that they have a trial run of the spankings. Of course that idea went down well with everyone except Emily. She’d had a bit to drink and it didn’t take long for everyone to persuade her that it would be good practice for her and that her next spanking at work wouldn’t be so bad.

Anyway, one of the guys said that he couldn’t tell who my 2 work colleagues were so he said that all the girls should get spanked. Kate and Jude were happy to go along with that and Karen volunteered Emma but refused to join in herself.

So, 5 minutes later there were 6 naked girls lying over the laps of 6 of the guys and 6 butts getting red. As none of the girls were really complaining, the guys took the opportunity to let their hands wander and I’m sure that all 6 pussies got finger fucked. I know that mine did, and I orgasmed when Ryan (not one of the 6 with a girl on their laps), bent over me and whispered,


Of course, the couple of guys who hadn’t done any spanking wanted their turn so Grace, Emily and I had to have a second spanking; all 3 of us orgasmed that time as we again got finger fucked and our clits rubbed.

Meanwhile, one of the twins had gone into the garage and returned with the sybian. Needless to say that all the guys wanted to see all of the girls take their turn using it. After a bit of discussion amongst the guys, everyone agreed to a competition to see which girl would cum the quickest. Ryan got all girls to agree not to fake anything. He also announced that it was time to take the face masks off which pleased me because I was getting a little hot in there.

While I setup the sybian Ryan acted as a bookmaker and took bets on who would win.

I cheated a bit because just before it was my turn I went to our bedroom and turned my clit ring on and up to full blast. I lasted only a couple of minutes before screaming,

“Oh fuck; I’m cuuuuuuuuuuuming,” and my body jerked all over the place. All the other girls orgasmed in around the 5 or 6 minute mark. I guess that the spankings and the nudity had got them all aroused.

Next it was a competition to see who could stay on the sybian the longest with it turned up to full blast. That competition took quite a while as each of us was determined to win. Emma won in the end, but by that time most of the girls were giving blowjobs while the guys watched the girl on the sybian.

I don’t remember much after that but the next morning there were 5 naked girls and 5 nearly naked guys sprawled out in our lounge.

As people gradually came back to life they all wanted to have a replay the next weekend.

Naked at Work 2


Our shoe allowance scheme is going well. I can easily see that I’ll have a good collection of expensive and very comfortable shoes quite soon. Emily has dated Dave a couple of times but she didn’t want to invite him to the party. She thought that he might get frightened off if anyone started talking about the gym and what she gets up to there. Oh, the 3 of us are still going to the gym every Monday evening and Emily is really starting to relax and enjoy herself.

Just before the next monthly meeting the Nuwa Corporation moved a whole load of their product into the end of our office and they sent someone to put it all on display. In the sex toys section were a whole load of vibrators including one of the clit rings that Emily, Grace and me wear. There were also 4 stainless steel eggs which were a bit of a surprise because there was only one of everything else. Unfortunately, all the packaging and instructions were in Chinese so we couldn’t work-out what was so special about them that they needed to display 4 of them.

One other thing that surprised us a bit was some sort of metal framework with a motor on it about 3 feet from the floor. I joked that it could be part of a spanking machine because there were some similarities to the one that I’d seen in China. Poor Emily looked horrified when I said that.

“You mean that I might get spanked by a machine?” Emily asked.

“If that is a spanking machine then yes, you will. Don’t worry; Tim might set it so that it doesn’t draw blood.” I replied.

“WHAT!” Poor Emily exclaimed.

“Relax Em,” I replied; “I’m only joking; I hope.”

At the next monthly meeting; and after our monthly medical check-ups by yet another doctor, Tim produced 3 of the stainless steel eggs and put them on the table in front of us. With them was a leaflet in English; it was headed ‘The Ultimate Girl’s Best Friend’.

Tim then told us 3 girls to perch on the edge of the big table, lean back and spread our legs wide. I was expecting him to push one of the eggs up each of our vaginas but no, he called out the names of our 3 youngest members of staff (one was a girl, Daisy) then told them to do the deed. All 3 of us had cum during our medical examinations and the eggs went in quite easily.

Then Tim surprised us all. He produced a control box then told everyone that he could switch the eggs on and off from it. When he switched them on I felt a little jolt then nothing. Tim continued talking saying the eggs had taken over a year in development and that they could now detect the wearers arousal level. Once it got to a certain level a motor would kick-in and raise the wearer’s arousal level to just below an orgasm then switch off. One of the guys interrupted Tim,

“So the clit ring can easily get the girl aroused then the egg will kick-in and torment her by taking her to the edge, over and over again?”

“Yes that’s right Aiden. Each egg has its own controller but this one controls the eggs and the clit rings; either individually or all together.”

“Wow Tim, you’re going to have a lot of fun with that.” Aiden replied.

“So are the girls.” Damen added; which got a few laughs, from me as well.

“Don’t worry girls, I’m not going to torture you all day every day; I need you to do a bit of work too.

“I can see that we’re going to be very tired by the end of the day.” I replied.

“And happy,” Damen added.”

“Two more things ladies;” Tim said, “Firstly, the egg’s batteries charge from the same mats that you sit on; and secondly, that metal frame thing in your office, is a portable spanking machine. If any of you don’t reach your targets for the next month, Mr Chang will attend the monthly meeting and he’ll be bringing the Paddle and the Cane that weren’t delivered with the rest of the machine.”

I could see Emily’s face and she looked a little shocked. Grace’s face was expressionless and I had smile on my face and a tingle in my pussy. I was sure that I was going to get spanked with lots of people watching again. I felt a little jolt from the egg inside me then a constant vibration with the occasional little electric shock.

“This is going to be fun.” I thought.

The rest of the staff were dismissed leaving just Tim and us 3 girls; then Tim said,

“What I’m going to do girls is to switch your clit rings on first thing each day then when I’m ready I’ll switch 2 of your rings off and the same 2 girls eggs on. The girl who doesn’t feel her egg burst into life knows that it’s her lucky day and she will go and remove her egg and meet me in the stationery cupboard. Bring your egg with you and I’ll put it back in before you leave.”

“Wow Tim, you’ve got it all planned out haven’t you?” I interjected.

“I think so.” Tim continued, “I’ll switch the eggs off at the end of the day. You can either take them out and leave them here, or take them home with you and have some fun with your boyfriends. It’s up to you.

If one of you is on holiday or taking Flextime, the stationery cupboard sessions will continue. Oh, and don’t think about pinching this controller will give you any relief; there’s an App version that I’ve got loaded on my phone. Anyone got any questions?”

“Will I be able to wear the eggs when I go to the gym or I go swimming?” Emily asked.

“Yes, they’re totally waterproof; but don’t go trying to squeeze it out and let it drop on the floor, we don’t know how shock-proof they are yet.”

There was another surprise for us when we got back to our desks. We quickly realised that each of our desks had had a camera screwed under the middle of it when we’d been in the meeting. From the way that they were pointing it was obvious that whoever was on the other end would be looking directly at our pussies. For a split second I was mad; then I got a little electric shock from my clit ring and thought about the cameras at the gym. Then I said to Grace and Emily,

“Nothing different to what we’ve got at the gym then. I’ll go and see Tim and find out what’s going on.”

I walked straight to Tim’s office and plonked myself down on a chair.

“What’s with these camera’s then Tim? You’re spying on us now are you?”

“Not just me, they’re webcams, and anyone, anywhere in the world can view the feed; if they’ve got the IP address, username and password.”

“So who’s got those details then?”

“Mr Nuwa, Mr Chang and me; that’s all – as far as I know.”

“And me too please Tim. I want access.”

“Okay, I can’t see that being a problem.” Tim replied and typed the detail into an email; then clicked on ‘send’.

“So what can you see right now Tim?”

Tim clicked on a few button then swivelled his monitor round. The program scrolled round each of the cameras, pausing for about 5 seconds on each one. Two were showing pussies, one with a finger working away. One was showing a desk chair and the glass wall behind my desk; the fourth was showing the other end of our office.

“That’s where the spanking machine is going to get setup I take it?”

“Yes Tanya, I thought that you’d want it where all the people passing by could see.”

Just then the egg started vibrating a little faster, I got a little electric shock and I thought that I was about to cum. But I didn’t; the egg suddenly went into standby mode.

“Did you just cum Tanya?” Tim asked.

“No, no, but nearly, if that’s what these eggs are going to do to us then I’m going to need some extra staff, and soon.”

Tim got his phone out of his pocket and tapped a few times.

“Yes, this is telling me that you just got to the edge then it switched off. Grace is getting close as well. Now I know which video feed belongs to each of you. Look, if I tap here we can see Grace’s busy hand.”

I did, and he was right.

“Wow, isn’t technology wonderful?” I said; and thinking that Ryan was going to love it. All I had to do was get the App for his phone.

That part was easy; Tim had left the .apk file to the Nuwa shared drive and I copied it to a memory stick before I went home. Ryan loved it and after he’d filled my pussy he installed it and entered the setup details. We could see the same 4 video feeds that I’d seen on Tim’s monitor except that Grace and Emily had gone home too.

It didn’t take long for the 3 of us, and Tim, to get into a routine. We’ve discovered that if we really concentrate on our work we can get quite a bit done, but all that it needs is some small thing to make us think about sex and the egg will detect it and start to torture us. Being naked all day makes it very difficult for that small thing not to happen.

I could say that the rest of that month was quiet but how can a workplace with 3 naked girls who wear eggs that torment them to a point where it could easily be called torture; and who get screwed by their boss on average once every 3 days; possibly be called normal?

Anyway, at the next monthly meeting I presented my department’s report and it wasn’t that good; none of us had met our targets. Mr Chang had arrived with yet another doctor carrying a long package; and the 3 of us immediately dropped to presentation position. He quickly motioned for us to get up and the meeting continued.

After all the usual business was complete it was time for our medical check-ups. All 3 of us were wearing our eggs, not having thought to take them out; and the doctor was a little surprised when his finger first probed my pussy. After a few words in Chinese to Mr Chang, Tim was charged with getting the eggs removed.

He told Grace and Emily to get up on the table as well then he got 2 male and 1 female members of staff to delve into our pussies and remove them. Emily must have been quite aroused because she orgasmed as the fingers groped her insides.

The medical continued but this doctor seemed to concentrate on how sensitive our clits are. He didn’t stop toying with our clits until each of us had cum 3 times; not that it took long.

After the doctor had finished Tim announced that we had failed to meet our targets and that, as described at the last monthly meeting, each of us was going to get spanked. While Tim was arranging for the spanking machine to be carried in and setup, Mr Chang spoke to me. After asking me how I was, he told me that he was pleased with how well things were going and how well we were adapting to the Nuwa Corporation way of working. He also asked me if we were going to have any problems with tha latest addition to that way of working.

I wasn’t sure if he was talking about the fuckings by Tim, the eggs, or the spankings. I wanted to tell him that we’d had a not so dry run of the spankings at a party, but instead I just said that each of us was prepared to comply with the regulations.

It hadn’t taken Tim long to get the machine ready, and to attach the 4 inch wide, very flexible plastic paddle. As the team manager I volunteered to be the first and, on Mr Chang’s command, I bent over the table and spread my legs.

It was Mr Chang that made the final adjustments to the machine, showing Tim how to go it, and he pressed the button for it to administer the first swat.

“Oooow!” I exclaimed as that first swat landed and pushed my pubic bone against the edge of the table. It wasn’t as painful as I remembered from that machine in China.

The first 5 or 6 swats hurt, but then my butt seemed to go a bit numb. By the time I’d received the 8th I could feel my stomach tingling and my pussy getting wetter. The 9th and 10th swats made me tingle more and I wished that my egg or clit ring had been switched on and wondered how many more swats I was going to get.

As it turned out, it was only the 10; and I was told to stand up.

Grace was next, and she grunted each time that the paddle landed. I wondered if my butt was as red as hers.

Emily wasn’t as tough, she almost screamed when the first swat landed and by the 4th or 5th I could hear her crying and begging for it to stop. Of course it didn’t, and when it came for her to stand up I could see her mascara running down her face. I really did want to hug and comfort her but I thought it best not to; I’d do that when we were in the ladies room.

I was expecting Tim or Mr Chang to say a few words then the meeting to end; but instead, Mr Chang told everyone that in China, team supervisors get a more severe punishment when all their team fails to reach their targets. As he said that my eyes opened wide; what was he talking about? How could he punish me more?

I soon found out when Tim told me to get back bent over the table. I could hear something going on behind me then I heard the machine start up.

Then I felt it. It hurt more than the previous swats; something was different.

More swats landed on my butt and it hurt like hell; but there was no way that I was going to cry. Instead I settled for deep grunts as each swat landed. Well, for about half of them.

Then the pain started going and the tingling started again. Then I realised that I was about to cum. When the next swat landed, a really strong orgasm hit me. My fingers spread wide, my feet lifted off the ground and my whole body started shaking. If I’d let my mouth say anything it would have been screams of ‘YES! YES! YES!”

I never felt the rest of the swats and when I started to recognise my surroundings again there was only Tim, Grace and Emily in the room; I’d missed the closing of the meeting.

“Are you okay Tanya?” I heard Tim ask. Then he repeated himself.

“Err yes, I think so.” I managed to reply.

Then Grace said,

“We’ll look after her Tim.”

I looked that the spanking machine and saw that the paddle had been replaced with a cane, well I call it a cane but it’s more like a fibre-glass rod. No wonder it hurt so much.

“Is my skin broken? Is there any blood?” I asked.

“No, just dark red lines.” Grace replied, “Your ass will look great again in a couple of days.”

“That thing really made you cum didn’t it? I don’t know if it would me.” Emily said.

“I’m sure that I can arrange for us to find out Emily.”

“Err no thank you. I’m going to work extra hard this month.”

“Can you walk to the ladies room Tanya?” Grace asked.

“Yeah, of course I can, I just need to take it slow so that I can get used to walking with my butt hurting.” I replied.

“Good,” Emily said, “then I’ll get you cleaned up and put some lotion on your butt.”

“Don’t rub it too much; you’ll make me cum again.”

Back in our office I slowly sat down then asked Grace and Emily what they’d thought about their spankings. Grace said that it had been quite nice and Emily said that it wasn’t as bad as she’d expected. Both admitted that they’d started to get turned on by it.

I told them that I didn’t want my butt to hurt that much very often even though the ‘distraction’ was great.

Emily asked if we should use the flexitime system to get lots of work done before the others, Tim in particular, arrived. I said that it was a good idea and that it meant that we could leave early and go to the gym more often. Both girls liked that idea. I also told them that I was going to talk to Tim about getting someone else to help us; maybe one of the young ones who isn’t a qualified accountant yet. Emily asked if it could be a girl because she didn’t want a man staring at her all the time.

“So you’d be happy with Daisy or Olivia then?” Grace asked Emily; “Olivia’s a lesbian and she might stare at your cute boobs and pussy all day; and she’s a bit fat. We don’t want a fatty in here.”

“A lesbian, I didn’t know.” Emily replied. “I don’t mind girls staring at me; they’re not intimidating like men are.”

“You like that Dave from the shoe shop staring at you when you’re dressed like you are now.” Grace said.

“That’s different, he’s cute.” Emily replied.

“Are we still going to the Darren’s gym tonight Tanya? I want to show my red bits to all those guys.” Grace asked.

“Of course,” I replied, “I want those guys to look at my red butt too. It’s a shame that I didn’t get my pussy thrashed.”

“You’ve had your pussy spanked?” Emily asked. “I bet that hurt.”

“Yes it did; you think that rubbing your clit is good, try getting it caned. Now that’s one hell of an experience.”

“I’m not sure that I want to try that.” Emily replied.

I did talk to Tim about getting another person in my team, explaining that I didn’t want my team to suffer the humiliation of being spanked in front of everyone again and that we had to make the targets more realistic. If they couldn’t change the targets then I told him that I needed an extra person, a junior who could do most of the simpler tasks.

Tim agreed that a female junior would be best. I’m not sure if he agreed from a professional or personal point of view. Maybe he just wanted another pussy to look at and fuck.



One night when I met Ryan after work and we went for a drink and a meal before going home, the subject of hypnotism came up. Ryan started bragging about how he’d hypnotised me one time and got me to do a couple of crazy things in front of his mates. I didn’t want to upset him by telling him that it hadn’t worked and that I knew exactly what he’d got me to do, so I just played along with him.

Then Ryan said,

“Now that you’ve come out and admitted that you just love flashing that cute little cunt of yours, let’s try and think of ways that we can get you exposed in public.”

“But if I’m hypnotised I won’t remember being naked in public; that wouldn’t be any fun for me.”

“Hmm, good point…. What if I were to pretend to hypnotise you and you go along with it? Then I could tell you to strip off and do whatever we can think of?”

“Interesting,” I replied, “but we’d have to be careful what you told me to do, I don’t want to get arrested for flashing my little bits.”

“They might be little bits but they’re all girl.” Ryan replied as he reached over, slid a hand inside my coat and squeezed my right nipple.

“Here’s a question for you Ryan, would I be legally responsible if I were to walk down the high street total naked whilst hypnotised? I mean, I could say that I was fully clothed and that my boyfriend had just told me to go for a walk; and would the same apply if you sent me to rob a bank?”

“Good question, I don’t know, but it would be a good excuse. Maybe the cops would get so confused that they’d just tell you to go away. But anyway, if you were to walk down the street stark naked people would think that you were just a kid messing about. You’ve done that before and got away with it. Remember those holidays around the Mediterranean, and at my uncle’s holiday home. You were naked out in public for days and no one took any notice; you even got a ride on that cop’s quad bike back to the holiday site.”

“Yes but I wasn’t wearing any jewellery on those occasions and besides, those places were at the seaside where people expect to see girls wearing very little.”

“Yeah TT; for once I think that you could have more fun if you were taller and had bigger tits.”

“No thanks, I’m quite happy with my body as it is.”

“So am I.” Ryan said as he slid a finger up my wet slit (I was wearing just a coat and heels to work that day and hadn’t any other clothes to put on, and the front of the coat was open up to my pussy; and as I never cross my legs he had easy access to me). “I guess that we’ll just have to think of other ways for you to get some extra kicks. Maybe more orgasms in public; if you wear that new egg that you’ve got and we turn your clit ring up to full you should be up there and going over the edge all the time.”

“Yeah, that would be great but it would have to be for short periods at a time. I don’t want to be knackered all the time. I’d be falling asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.”

“I could always fuck you while you sleep or I could invite the twins to stay at our place.”

“Don’t you do both of those anyway?”

“Well yes but….”

“Relax lover; I’m not complaining.”

“Good, I prefer fucking you when you’re responding anyway.”

“I’m pleased to hear that.” I said as Ryan slid a finger along my wet slit again.

“How about you spread your legs a bit more and bring yourself off right here and now?” Ryan said.

“Can I finish my steak first please?” I replied.

“Talking about the seaside,” Ryan continued, “I think that we should start thinking about our next holiday. I want to see you walking around naked in public all day again.”

“So do I, I miss the weather and the lack of clothes like when I was in China and Spain. Can we go somewhere where there are lots of men to see me naked all the time?” I replied.

“It might have to be Spain again because the Spanish are more liberated when it comes to female nudity.”

“Yeah, you’re right; there are lots of nice places around the Med. Oh, and I don’t want to go to a nudist resort. I don’t want there to be lots of naked girls around.”

“Yeah, okay, on a different subject, how about we go shopping this weekend?” Ryan asked. “We could get you some more skirts, ones that are so tight that they ride up when you walk, and ones that bounce up as you walk, and light weight ones that will blow up when it’s windy?”

“All so short that they only cover my butt and pussy when I’m just stood still you mean?” I added.

“Is there any other type?” Ryan replied. “And you could put on a bit of a show for me and anyone else who happens to be outside the changing rooms.”

“That’s if I go into the changing rooms to try them on,” I replied; “I might just strip off out in the middle of the shop.”

“Nice. Perhaps we should try to find a nice little women’s clothes shop that wouldn’t mind you getting naked in the middle of their shop. Perhaps you could offer to be a mannequin for them.”

“You mean a mannequin that hasn’t got any clothes on?”

“Of course; then I could come and stand in the street and just stare at you or maybe have the remote control for your clit ring or a vibrator and make you cum over and over again while you just stand there in the windows trying to keep still.”

“Yeah, you would torture me like that wouldn’t you?”

“Of course; and you’d love every second of it.”

“Yes I would.”

“On the subject of cumming whilst you’re being watched; I know that you cum when everyone is watching you have your medical exams at work; but have you thought about cumming in front of that new camera that’s under your desk?”

“Been there, done that.” I replied.

“Good girl, but have you practiced your kegel exercises for the camera? I’m sure that Tim, Chang and that Nuwa guy would love to see your pussy muscles at work. Maybe the sight would get them to cum in their pants.”

“Hmm; there’s a thought. I must remember that tomorrow.” I replied.

I did, and it’s become a regular thing for me to sit at my desk, legs spread and my pussy muscles contracting then relaxing. I can do it subconsciously now and Ryan tells me that it looks good on the webcam. I wonder what Tim and any of the management in China think.

“There are another couple of things that I’d like to do but I’d need your help to arrange them for me.” I continued.

“Okay, if I can, I will; you know that TT.”

“Yes, that’s one of the reasons why I love you. The first thing that I want is to be tied down and be made to cum dozens of times by lots of men; and for them to keep going even if I pass out. You do know that a girl can orgasm when she’s unconscious don’t you? I want them to continue making me cum until I’ve cum 100 times.”

“Wow, what’s the second thing?”

“I want to be the only one naked in a very public place.”

“Right, okay, I might be able to fix something up at the Rugby club; a guys only night.”

“The same Rugby club where I got gang-banged?”

“Yes why?”

Can I be their little fairy on top of their Christmas tree again this year?”

“Maybe, and I’m sure that they’d be up for another gang-bang, do you think that some of the other girls will be interested?”

“I’m sure that the twins will want a repeat performance.”

“Okay, I’ll talk to the Mike and see if he can organise a men only night where you can be tied down and played with. After that we’ll see about another gang-bang.”

“Ow goody; I’ll enjoy it more than the last time; it’ll be different this time.”


“Because last time I only did it because you wanted me to do it. This time it’ll be because I want to.”

“You’re not going to try to tell me that you didn’t enjoy it the last time are you?

“Fuck no, I loved it; but this time it will be different.”

“I’m not sure that I understand the logic in that but never mind. I’ll see what I can arrange.”

“How many players in a game of poker Ryan?”

“What! Err half a dozen or so, why?”

“I was thinking that you could invite half a dozen mates over; I could serve them with drinks and snacks, naked of course, and then you could start to lose and then bet my body on the last game. Of course you’d lose and then all the guys could gang-bang me on the dining room table or outside on that stainless steel table out in the back garden.”

“I like that idea and it would be easy to set up. What about the being naked in public part? You’ve done that before too.”

“Hmm, okay, stand up and take your coat off.”

“What? Here? Now?”

I looked round and reminded myself that the restaurant was quite busy. Then I stood up, unbuttoned the 2 buttons fastening my coat and shrugged it off my shoulder. I was naked in a restaurant.

A man on a nearby table said,




And one of a table of 4 young women,

“Try it again when you’ve got some proper tits.”

I laughed to myself as I thought,

“I certainly wouldn’t call those melons proper tits.”

Then I sat back down, on my coat.

“There,” Ryan said, “that’s number 2 taken care of.”

“No, no, that, this isn’t what I meant; I meant a really public place with hundreds of people there.”

“Like a football stadium.”

“Yes, that’s the sort of thing that I mean; like Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl but fully naked and not just a quick flash of one of my tits.”

“Hmm; that room full of car salesmen in that hotel in London or at that Star Trek convention wasn’t good enough for you?”

“Well yes it was, it was great but again, I was only doing that because you wanted me to do it.”

“I didn’t even know about either of those exhibitions of yours until after you’d done them so how could I have asked you to do them?”

“But you would have asked me to do them if you’d known, wouldn’t you?”

“Well yes, but the point is that you did them without me asking, regardless of what I may have asked you.”

“Well yes but…”

“Okay sexy little lady, put that coat back on and we’ll go home.”

We never did find an answer about people doing things when they are hypnotised, but there was one time a couple of weeks later when I met Ryan in the pub with a few of his work mates and he pretended to hypnotise me then got me to hike my tiny skirt up and sit on one of the guys cocks. The poor guy didn’t last long and I was soon feeling his cum squirt deep inside me while I just sat there talking to the other guys.

When Ryan realised that his mate had just cum inside me he asked if anyone else wanted me to sit on their lap. Three more of them shot their load inside me before we left. Unfortunately, with them being static fucks I didn’t cum but Ryan turned on my clit ring when we got on the bus, and as we rode home I came twice and left a big puddle of the guys cum on the seat.

Another time when we again met some of his workmates in another pub, Ryan again pretended to hypnotise me and as the pub had a pool room Ryan told me to hop on it and let the guys try to shoot a ball right into my pussy. Of course they couldn’t but any guy who got the ball to hit me square on the pussy got to push it inside me then fish it out. Three of the guys made me cum as their fingers delved about inside me.

Of course, on both occasions when Ryan clicked his fingers I pretended to know nothing about what had just happened.

We’re going to play this game a lot more times.

Darren’s gym


As you’ve gathered from the above, I’m still going to the gym, at least twice each week. One day, shortly after I got back from China, I realised that the sign outside the door had changed. It now reads: -

Darren’s Gym

The place where Exercise is Fun

“Ain’t that the truth;” I thought.

One time when I was there on my own I saw that old salesman again; the one who hadn’t realised what the girls don’t wear at that gym. He was relaxing on one of the sun loungers and wearing only a towel. When he said hello I went and sat on the sun lounger opposite him; with my legs spread wide of course.

After about 5 minutes the man’s knees went up and I could see everything that he’s got. As we kept talking I stared at his balls and hard-on.

I couldn’t help myself, (didn’t want to), my right hand slowly moved to my pussy and started rubbing. We both stopped talking as my climax got close and then arrived. After I’d calmed down the man thanked me then then said that he hoped to see me again. Then he got up and left. I assumed (hoped) that he meant that he hoped to see my pussy again.

Darren hasn’t added any more equipment but membership has increased; both men and girls. There are now quite a few girls that I don’t know.

Every time that I go there now I make sure that I do the splits down onto the dildo that sticks up from the floor, and I spend some time on the machine where you stand on your toes with a metal dildo inside you. When your feet relax and you heels go down you activate a switch and your pussy get an electric shock. I want to train myself to be able to take a lot bigger electric shock and for a longer period of time.

I’ve managed to get Grace to have a go on that machine but Emily is proving to be a challenge. The twins love that machine and I’ve had to wait for them a couple of times.

The other thing that both Emily and Grace are now enjoying is the ‘Vaginal Kung Fu’ challenge. Emily can carry 5 Kg hanging from her marble egg whereas Grace can only manage 3 Kg. I can easily manage 7 Kg which I put down to my kegel exercises. I’ve explained all about them to Grace and Emily and the both say that they’re going to do them.

Kieran’s still there, (why would he want to leave), and he’s still running the obstacle courses and the wresting. I’ve entered the obstacle course competition once since I’ve been back from China and I’m going to enter a wrestling match. I’m waiting for the biggest audience that I think will be there so that I can either cum (hopefully) when the man spanks me if I lose, or grind my pussy into his face until I cum if I win (he lets me). Either way I’ll enjoy the man hands all over me.

Kieran has also incorporated a ‘Vaginal Kung Fu’ (see part 27 of this story) section into the course. He’s given all us girls a handicap based on a trial run that he makes us do before the actual obstacle course. He takes all competitors to the workout room and starts us with the 10 Kg weight and then goes down 1 Kg at a time until we can’t carry the weigh the length of the bench. He then adds 1 Kg to get the weight that we have to carry on the obstacle course. To make it even more ‘interesting’ the distance that we have to carry the weight on the obstacle course is 4 times the length of the bench in the workout room.

Just after I first took Grace and Emily to Darren’s gym, Darren took on a receptionist’ she’s called Poppy. Darren advertised the job not mentioning that just about all girls there were naked. I’m also assuming that there was no way that a boy or a fat girl was ever going to get the job.

Apparently, Poppy was a little surprised when she saw some naked girls when Darren showed her around the place but she was desperate for a job and accepted Darren’s offer that included nudity as optional.

Darren’s told me that for the first week Poppy worked wearing a polo shirt and sweat pants, and she used the gym in her free time wearing those; but after watching the other girls have so much fun she decided to join in the fun.

She now sits at the front desk, often next to Darren, totally naked. Apparently the postman appreciates the new receptionist.

Naked at Work 3


Tim gave me approval to offer a job to Daisy and when I made the offer to her in Tim’s office she was shocked. Even though she’d seen us 3 for months, watched our medical examinations and even played a small part in them she never imagined that she’d ever be one of us one day.

The poor girl was shocked and just didn’t know what to say. Well that’s not quite true, she kept saying that she couldn’t do it, that she’d be too embarrassed and that her parents would never approve; but she never actually said ‘no thank you’.

That fact, the look on her face and the fact that she kept squeezing her legs together made me think that maybe she did want the job but was too shy to say so.

“Tanya, what exactly would I be doing in this job?” Daisy finally asked.

“The same as what you’re doing now but just for the Nuwa Corporation.”

“What about my accountancy exams?”

“You can still take them Daisy.”

“And what about the medical examinations that you 3 have, they look so embarrassing and humiliating.”

“They are, but they’re fun and rewarding.”

“They don’t look it.”

“Girls shouldn’t always let men know what they’re thinking Daisy. Could you discuss this with your parents or perhaps a sister or brother?” I asked.

“Good grief no;” I just couldn’t.

“What about a friend, a boyfriend perhaps?”

“No, no. My boyfriend is always asking me to leave my underwear at home but I couldn’t; it’s just not right.”

“Why not Daisy?”

“Well my mum always used to say that good girls always wear underwear and that they never let anyone see it.”

“That’s a 19th century religious belief; did you know that women didn’t start wearing underwear until the end of the 18th century?”

“No, I didn’t know that.” Daisy replied.

“Yes, it’s true, google it. My mother was, is, like your mother, brainwashed by celibate priests who believed that if they couldn’t enjoy themselves then why should others; she also had me wearing industrial strength knickers and bras and look at me now.”

Daisy giggled a bit.

“You’re a big girl now Daisy, you need to make your own decisions and do what you want to do. If that means upsetting family and friends then that’s their problem not yours. We only have one short life so you need to enjoy it how YOU want to.”

“Tell you what, don’t give me your answer yet, think about it over the weekend and on Monday, and come to the gym that I know with us on Monday evening. Then give me your decision on Tuesday.”

“I’ve never been to a gym before, well, except for the school gym.”

“This gym is nothing like a school gym; well except for some of the equipment.”

“If I took the job I’d have to move out of my parent’s house. I just couldn’t live there anymore. They’d kill me if they found out.

“Don’t worry about that Daisy, a girl your age shouldn’t really be living with their parents. You need some independence. I’ll help you find somewhere to live.”

“Okay, thank you Tanya.”

When I was updating Ryan in bed on the Saturday morning he said that he wanted to see Daisy without her clothes on and that he hoped that she’d take the job. When I told him that she’d have to leave home he said,

“Well, I suppose that she could come and live with us until she found somewhere.” Ryan said.

For a split second I felt jealous, that he wanted a younger model. Then I remembered the twins and came to my senses. Ryan may look at and fuck other girls, and I may do the same with other guys, but Ryan and I are destined to be together forever.

I cornered Daisy late on the Monday morning,

“How are you Daisy?” I asked, “I’m guessing that you’ve done a fair bit of thinking about my offer; have you talked about it with anyone?”

“I tried to talk to my boyfriend about it but he went mad. He finished with me saying that he couldn’t go out with a girl who didn’t wear any clothes at work.”

“Well I’m sorry to hear that Daisy. Didn’t you say that he wanted you to go out without underwear?”

“Yes I did.”

“Bit of a dual standard wasn’t it? I guess that he was jealous that someone else would be looking at your body. Unfortunately there are lots of stupid men like that. Some even want their girlfriends to flash the flesh right up to them getting married; then they get upset when their wives wear a bikini. Why should any man think that he has the right to tell a girl what to wear? I think that you’re better off without him.”

“Maybe your right Tanya.”

“Stick up for your rights Daisy. Come to the gym with us tonight and we’ll empower you, let you see that you can control men and take charge of your body and life.”

“Wow; that sounds amazing. I’ve brought my school gym kit with me today, will that be okay?”

“Not really, but don’t worry, you’ll have to fill in a form when we get there but after that just do what we do and I can guarantee that you’ll enjoy yourself. Then we’ll talk again tomorrow morning.”

After work, the 4 of us went to the pub, had a couple of drinks then went to the gym. I’d asked Grace and Emily not to say anything about the gym before we arrived so it was a bit of a shock for Daisy to see the topless Poppy sat at the desk as soon as we went in. She was even more surprised when Poppy went to the cupboard to get a black tube and an egg for her and she saw that Poppy wasn’t just topless.

“So how does membership here cost?”

“Well,” Poppy replied, “assuming that you’ll be wearing the same as us 3 then nothing.”

“She will.” I said.

As we walked to the changing room Daisy asked me where she’d get some clothes from.

“You’ve already got the right suit.” Grace replied. Daisy looked confused.

Emily, Grace and I quickly got naked (it doesn’t take long to take off a coat and shoes) and we all watched Daisy undress.

“You’ll have to get rid of that.” Grace said, pointing to Daisy’s landing strip. Come on, we’ll take care of it for you.”

Grace and Emily pulled Daisy to the sinks, lifted her up onto the worktop, spread her legs and opened one of the new individually packed razors that Darren provides and started getting rid of the hair.

Poor Daisy just didn’t know what to say or do. She started to say,

“What? Why? …”

But she never really got the chance to finish what she was trying to say; the landing strip was gone. When she finally put a sentence together it was,

“So where do we get some clothes from and what’s this tube and lump of rock for?”

“Well Daisy, we’ll show you what the tube and egg are for later, but as for clothes, at this gym girls wear only their birthday suits.” I said. “Now come on, time for a workout.”

With that Grace and Emily each took one of Daisy’s hands and the 3 of them followed me out of the changing room.

“What are you doing?” Daisy asked; “this is crazy.”

“Yes it is.” I replied; “and you’re going to love it.”

When we walked into the workout room Daisy just stood there, obviously very shocked. Her hands were covering her bald pussy and tits.

Grace and Emily went and started some exercising while Daisy looked round the room. Two girls were on leg spreader machines, both with guys stood staring at them. One guy was on his back on a bench lifting weights with a girl spotting him with her legs either side of his face. One girl was doing the splits down onto the dildo. Another was trying to carry a weight hanging from the egg in her vagina; with a guy sat on the end of the bench watching her. And another was riding one of the exercise cycles with the seat set too high; and obviously in the middle of an orgasm.

That’s not including Grace, Emily and another girl who were on the mats stretching and doing yoga poses with their legs spread.

“Fucking hell Tanya, what is this place? Some sort of knocking shop?” Daisy said; then,

“And why is there porno films showing on those TV screens? And is that a swimming pool on the other side of that window? I can’t be in here.”

Daisy turned to leave so I grabbed her hand and led her out and to the relaxation room by the sauna, where it was quiet. I sat her down then said,

“Daisy, I’ve told you about your, our mothers having being brainwashed and then them trying to brainwash us. They didn’t want their daughters to enjoy themselves because they didn’t. This is the 21st century and girls are entitled to have some fun. With the help of my boyfriend I’m now having fun, lots of it; and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t as well. Do Grace and Emily look like they’re enjoying themselves; and those other girls in there, did they look happy? And I bet that most of their mothers would be horrified if they saw them.

The way I see it is that most girls have great bodies for about 25 years, providing that they look after them, until bits start sagging and the weight starts pouring on; so we’ve got to make the most of those years. We’ve got to have fun, cum thousands of times and control men as much as we can. We can get what we want out of life if we just use what we’ve got to get it; while we can.”

“Bloody hell Tanya; are you a member of some women’s lib organisation or something?”

“Hell no, most of them are idiots. I just want some fun and I’m having fun. Look at the way those men were drooling in front of those girls with their legs spread wide. I bet that if those girls asked those men for a thousand pounds they’d have given them it. Daisy, forget what your mother tried to brainwash you with and have some fun; use your body to have some fun. You’ll soon realise how much fun you can have.”

“Oh, and forget that prat of an ex-boyfriend; he’s the idiot, not you; you can do a lot better than that girl.”

“Wow Tanya; that was some speech, how long did you practise it?”

“I didn’t Daisy, I’ve never even thought about it until just now. The point is, you have a beautiful body and there’s nothing wrong with using it to have some fun, while you still can. There’s millions of old, fat women who now wish that they’d had more fun when they were younger; I don’t want you to turn into one of them.”

“You’re very convincing Tanya but its’ so embarrassing being naked with men looking at me, and I’d die if they saw my pussy.”

“No you won’t Grace; just do what other girls around you are doing and you’ll soon get used to it, and I bet that you’ll soon find that your pussy is tingling and wet. Just come back with me and try it. Okay, keep your legs closed to start with but just try and relax. Tell you what, you stay with me and try to relax and I’ll bet you £10 that you have at least 1 orgasm before you leave tonight.”

“Okay, I’ll take your money.” Daisy replied.

“And when you do cum you’ll tell me that you’ll take the job. Okay?”

Daisy though for a second then said,

“Okay, you’re on.” Daisy replied. “I just can’t imagine me having an orgasm tonight.”

“Yeah, right, new member of the team secured.” I thought then stood up and grabbed Daisy’s hand.

“Let’s go.” I said then led her back to the workout room.

“Just do as much of what I do as you want Daisy; okay?”


I led Daisy to the exercise cycles, raised the seats on 2 of them then told Daisy to get on one.

“The seat’s too high Tanya.” Daisy said as we started pedalling. “I’ve got to slide from side to side.”

“No it isn’t, just pedal; trust me.” I replied.

A couple of minutes later Daisy said,

“This is nice.”

“Yes it is.” I replied, my pussy having started to get very wet and my arousal factor rising.

About 5 minutes later I was getting close and Daisy said,

“I’ve got to stop. It’s getting too much for me.”

“No, no; keep going Daisy.”

“I can’t, I’m going to cuuuuuuuuuuuum.”

And Daisy had her first orgasm closely followed by me. As we climbed off the cycles I said,

“I guess that you’ve got something to tell me Daisy.”

“Maybeee. I have to admit it; that was nice.”

“And you were watched by those men.”

Daisy turned and looked to where I was looking.

“Oh my gosh!” I didn’t see them.

“Did you see yourself on those big flat screens?” I replied and looked up.

“Oh shit!” Daisy said as she realised that the picture on the big screen was another girl’s pussy as she cycled another bike. “Is there a camera on the bike that I was on?”

“There’s one on just about every machine in here, and all over the rest of the place; even in the changing rooms.” I said.

“So when Grace and Emily were shaving me I was on one of those screens?”

“Probably; see, you’ve been flashing your pussy to all those men and the world hasn’t ended.”

“Oh my g……”

“How about we go and get those lumps of rock as you called them, stick them up our pussies and let’s see how strong your pussy muscles are Daisy.”

“Oh, err, I don’t want to do that, I’m err, err, a virgin.”

“Now it’s my turn to be surprised Daisy; I wasn’t expecting that. Okay, not a problem. We’ll just avoid anything going inside you tonight, but we’ll have to discuss that later. How about stretching your legs – sideways?”

“You mean on one of those?” Daisy said pointing to the leg spreaders. “I can’t, that’s too much, maybe next time.”

“So there’s going to be a next time is there?”

I asked, but Daisy didn’t answer so I continued,

“Have you ever been in a sauna Daisy?”


I grabbed Daisy’s hand and led her down the corridor.

“It’s hot in there Daisy, very hot; don’t be frightened to admit that you can’t take any more. When you come out you can take a cool shower and just relax on one of the sun loungers.”

When I opened the door and went in I saw 2 familiar faces up in the 2 back corners. Bothe Kate and Jude said ‘Hi’ and kept rubbing their pussies. There were also 2 men in there, one looking at each pussy.

“Hi Kate, Jude (I got their names right because I could see Kate’s mole), this is Daisy, a friend from work.”

One male head turned and looked at Daisy and me, then back to the pussy. I told Daisy to go and sit on the bench below Kate and I sat on the bench below Jude and spread my legs. Daisy sat with her legs together.

After a minute or so Jude said,

“It’s okay to jill-off Daisy, all the girls do it in here.”

“That’s my sister;” Kate said, “always straight to the point.”

“Or clit.” I replied.

One of the men stood up, tent in shorts, and left.

Daisy’s right hand went to her pussy and her legs opened enough for her hand to get in.

“Go for it Daisy,” Jude said, “you’ve got to cum in here, it’s compulsory.”

That was enough for the second man and he too stood and left, leaving just us 4 girls.

“So,” Kate said, “I guess that this is your first time here Daisy; what do you think?”

“Gobsmacked is about the best word that I can use.” Daisy replied.

“Yeah, it is amazing isn’t iiiiiiiiiiit.” Jude added as she started to cum.

“Concentrate on that cute little pussy of yours Daisy.” I said as I started to get close.

Kate was next to cum and the 3 of us watched Daisy as she slowly built up to an orgasm.

“Gotta get out of here; so hot.” Daisy said as she started to come down from her high.

She got to her feet, wobbled a bit, put her hand out to the wall and pushed on the door. I jumped up and put my arm round her and led her to the shower. After a cooling shower we went and sat on the sun loungers any lay back on the raised end. Me with my knees up and feet spread; Daisy, knees up and feet together. I wondered if she realised how much she was still showing.

“So Daisy, what do you really think of this place?”

“It’s err…… amazing; I never even thought about there being a place like this, never mind one actually existing, and being in this city. You girls are so, so open, so free, so unashamed about your bodies.”

“Yeah; Daisy, this is the 21st century; women do what they want and have fun. They tease men and the men love it. All this crap about being a good little girl, keeping everything covered-up and not having sex until your married is crazy. Have fun wherever and whenever you can; and you’ve got to do something about that virginity of yours; it’s stopping you from having fun.”

“Tanya, if I take the job will I have to have sex with Tim? We all know that you, Grace and Emily do.”

“Yes Daisy, letting Tim fuck you is part of the job deion; so is letting him eat you, giving him blowjobs and getting spanked. If that frightens you I’m sure that my boyfriend will happily break you in gently if you want. He’ll be here later and you can decide then.”

It was only as I was saying that last bit that I realised that I was lining-up a virgin’s cherry for Ryan.

“Well, the money sounds good, and the shoes; and I’m starting to realise that there’s more to life that being ‘a good girl’ as my mother describes it. Perhaps I should take the plunge. You 3 and the other girls here certainly seem to be having fun. But I’ve still got the problem of my mother; living with my parents sort of restricts me a bit; a lot actually.”

It was then that a man walked through the room and looked down at our bodies. My right hand’s fingers were playing with my clit, and when I looked at Daisy’s knees I saw that they’d drifted apart and that her right hand was on her pussy.

“Daisy; that offer of a room for as long as you want still stands. I’m 100% sure that Ryan won’t mind. You can ask him when he gets here if you like. We’ll even come and collect you in the car so that you can bring anything that you want.”

The door opened and this time 2 men walked in. I don’t know if they’d planned to sit on the sun loungers opposite us, but they both looked down as us then sat opposite us. I saw Daisy’s hand press on her pussy so I whispered,

“Relax Daisy.”

And she did, before long I could see her fingers moving; and her feet had slid apart. She was putting on a show for the men.

“Good for you girl; you’re learning.”

I thought as my right hand worked a little harder. It didn’t take me long to cum but Daisy wasn’t there yet.

The door to the pool opened and Kate and Jude walked in, waved and went back into the sauna. The 2 men got up and followed them; I heard one of them say,

“Those twins always put on a good show.”

I smiled and thought,

“Yeah, I can believe that.”

I looked at Daisy and saw that her hand was still.

“Spoilt it for you did they? Never mind, I’m sure that there’ll be more opportunities later. Fancy a swim?”

Daisy nodded and we got up and did just that.

After a few lengths I stopped where I knew one of the windows to the workout room was and was treading water when Daisy swam over to me. She was doing the same as we talked for a minute then Daisy said,

“Is the workout room the other side of this wall?”

When I said that it was she ducked down and looked at the wall below the water level. When she surfaces she said,

“You stopped here on purpose didn’t you?”

“Yep; got to let the guys see what they can’t have.”

Daisy smiled and shook her head sideways; but she didn’t move away.

“It’s nice swimming without any clothes on isn’t it Tanya?”

“Yeah, so natural; and the water ruching passed you pussy feels goo doesn’t it?”

We got out of the pool and lay on 2 of the sun loungers that have the feet end at the edge of the pool. This time both of us lay with our knees flat, mine open nearly to the edge of the lounger; but Daisy’s were only open about half way.

We were the only people in the pool area so I suggested to Daisy that she finished what she’d started in the sauna room. She raised her head, looked around then started rubbing her pussy. I did too, smiling at the thought that Daisy didn’t realise that she was on camera.

About 5 minutes later a male head emerged from the water at Daisy’s feet. I saw that it was Ryan and I put my finger to my mouth telling him to be quiet. Daisy hadn’t heard or seen him (concentrating on what she was doing), and she kept going until she let out a deep moan then her body shook.

As she calmed down she opened her eyes and saw Ryan. Her legs quickly closed, almost squashing her hand. I looked at her now red face then down to Ryan; and winked.

“See Daisy; that was fun wasn’t it?” I said.

Daisy’s face went a shade redder but she didn’t say anything. Ryan pulled himself out of the pool and sat on the side of my sun lounger and put a hand on my bare hip as Daisy’s eyes opened wide, obviously wondering what was going on.

“Daisy,” I said, “this is my boyfriend Ryan; Ryan, Daisy; possibly my new recruit.”

Ryan put out his right hand to shake Daisy’s but her right hand stayed firmly over her pussy.

“No point in covering that beautiful pussy Daisy,” Ryan said, “I’ve just watched you make yourself cum, the most beautiful thing a woman can do for a man without actually touching.”

Daisy thought for a couple of seconds then slowly mover her right hand from her pussy, to Ryan’s still outstretched hand.

“Pleased to meet you Daisy; I look forward to seeing more of you.”

I laughed then said,

“Not much more of her to see is there?”

Daisy smiled and blushed – again.

“TT, have you looked at Daisy’s pussy, it’s like that of a 10 year old. It makes her look as young as yours makes you look.”

Daisy’s face went a deeper shade of red.

“Ryan,” I said, ignoring his comment about Daisy’s pussy, but having a look at it; he was right. “Daisy might be joining my team. If she does she’s going to have to move out of her parent’s house. I told her that she can have our spare room until she can find a place of her own. That is okay with you isn’t it?”

“Absolutely.” Ryan replied then turned to Daisy and continued. “Just so long as she observes the house rules about women and clothes.”

“And what may that be?” Daisy asked.

“That we don’t wear any.” I replied.

“Oh;” Daisy said, “I’m not sure about that.”

“Daisy,” Ryan said, “after I’ve just watched you orgasm, and the fact that you’ll be spending all day naked at work; will that really be a problem?”

Daisy laughed and shook her head sideways.

“Right, just let me know when and I’ll help you move.” Ryan said. “Okay, are you ready to leave yet?”

“Is it that time already,” I said, “give us 10 minutes. Have you seen Grace and Emily?”

“Yes, they were shining up ropes in the school gym when I looked in earlier. They’re in the showers now, look.” Ryan said, pointing up to one of the big screens.

“There’s a camera in the showers?” Daisy asked.

“The only place that I haven’t seen one is in the toilets.” I replied.

Fifteen minutes later, Ryan was driving Grace, Emily and Daisy home. No one asked Daisy what she was going to say at my meeting with her in the morning.

The Rugby Club


Ryan was good to his word, the Friday evening 2 weeks after we’d talked about it, Ryan told me to get a shower then go with him.

I walked out to the car still naked and we drove off. When we pulled into the car park at the Rugby club there was only one other car there. We got out and walked in to see Mike sorting out a few things behind the bar.

“Oh good, she hasn’t chickened-out then Ryan.” Mike said when he saw us. “I’ve found some nice cotton rope and a little pillow. All we’ve got to do is put a couple of table together then cover you up.”

“Cover me up?” I asked; “what’s that all about?”

“I thought that it would be more of a surprise for the lads if you have a big sheet over you then when everyone’s here I can whip the sheet off and let them lose on you.” Mike replied.

“They’ll be able to tell that it’s a woman by the shape.” Ryan said. “Or a blow-up doll.”

“Thought of that mate; I’ll put a few beer crates under the sheet and they won’t have a clue. Is that okay with you Ryan?”

“What about me?”

“Oh sorry Tanya, of course, only if you’re happy.”

“Yes Mike, leave me with a drink and a straw and I’ll be happy. The anticipation will get me all worked-up.”

“So Ryan, give me a hand to join a couple of tables then up you get Tanya.”

They did, then Ryan went back to the car to get my box of toys, Mike went to get the rope and I went to the toilet. I didn’t want to need a pee for a few hours. Both Ryan and Mike were waiting when I got back and climbed on the tables and spread my legs.

“Ready?” Mike asked; “last chance to change your mind.”

I shook my head sideways then they got busy. Mike and Ryan tied my wrists and ankles to the corners of the tables, beer crates, my drink and straw appeared then the sheet covered me. It was a bit like being in a tent.

Everything was quiet for a while then I started to hear male voices. Males that I hoped would be abusing my body quite soon. I felt my pussy get wet.

My arousal rose as I heard more and more voices.

Then I heard Mike say,

“Right gentlemen, I think that we’re all here now; Pete, can you lock the door please. Okay, some of you may have been wondering what’s under that sheet, well it’s a naked woman.”

The anticipation was amazing, my heart was pounding, my pussy was tingling, a lot, and it was flooding. Then I heard cheers then Mike continued,

“She’s tied down and you are not to fuck her or stuff your tiny little dicks into any of her holes. What you can, and must do, is to make her cum with your fingers, your tongues, or one of the toys that are in a box under the sheet. None of you can go home until each of you has made her cum. That bit is important so make sure that each of you makes her cum at least once.

Another couple of things before I take the sheet off and let you look at her. Firstly, that thing on her clit is a clitoris ring, not a clit hood ring that some of you may have seen before. This clit ring gives her random vibrations and random little electric shocks. It won’t kill you if it goes off when you’ve got your finger or tongue on it. Don’t try to take it off.

Secondly, for the ignorant little morons amongst you, a woman can have an orgasm while she’s asleep or unconscious, so if she looks like she’s passed out just keep going. And no hurting her. Okay lads?”

There was more cheering but I managed to hear footsteps getting nearer, then the sheet was suddenly whisked off me. I quickly looked round and saw about 25 guys, all with smiles on their faces. Then Mike and Ryan started moving the beer crates and what was left of my drink away as some of the guys moved over to get a better look at my body.

It didn’t take long for a few hands to start exploring my body. As my clit got touched for the first time I orgasmed, the anticipation and all those men touching me was just too much.

Some of the hands backed-off and I heard a voice say,

“That was too quick, it doesn’t count. I’m doing it again.”

And he did, and so did more of them. My pussy was really getting hammered, and so were my little tits; and the count started rising quickly. I was glad that I’d taken all my jewellery off because I’m sure that my nipps and clit hood would have been stretched until they got damaged.

The orgasms kept coming and I hoped that Ryan was counting; I wasn’t capable.

The faces that I could see changed, some of them looked quite young and I guessed that they were the newer members of the team. I wondered if they’d seen me on top of the Christmas tree. I wondered if some of the younger ones had actually seen a naked woman before.

I seemed to go through phases of being more, or less sensitive. Maybe it was me or maybe it was more experienced guys working on me.

Tongues started caressing my nipples and pussy and I went to another level. It could easily be called heaven.

As I went over the top again I suddenly felt all dizzy then nothing. The next thing I became aware of was a nipple hurting and a tongue probing inside my vagina. Then I came again.

The orgasms got more intense and at times I realised that my body was shaking and rising up off the table. Well, from my shoulders down to my ankles.

The sweat was pouring off me.

On and on it went and I’m sure that I passed out at least one more time.

Finally, I was aware of a lack of hands or tongues on me. I opened my eyes and saw no one. I was too knackered to even lift my head up to look round the room.

Then I heard Ryan’s voice,

“Oh hi TT; back in the land of the living? I’ll get you a drink. You did good girl.”

After Ryan held my head and held the glass of water to my mouth I closed my eyes again and just felt movement at my ankles before going to sleep.

When I woke up I was in the home team’s shower, lying on the floor, shower on, with one of the younger team members slowly soaping me all over. Looking round I saw Ryan and Mike watching. Ryan said,

“Duncan here won the raffle to lean you up.”

I closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

When I woke up again I was at home, in bed with daylight coming through the window.

Doing a mental examination of my body I discovered that the only parts of me that were sore were the parts that I expected. I lifted the quilt and saw my red, swollen nipples. Touching one I decided not to do that again for a while.

I moved my hand to my pussy, spreading my legs as I did so. Then I moaned as my fingers touched my swollen vulva and clitoris.

“Not going to touch that again for a while as well.” I decided.

Ryan appeared and said,

“Good morning record breaker. How are you?”


“I’ll get you a drink then we’ll decide what the plan for today is.”

Ryan lifted my head and I drank the whole glass of water. Then I went back to sleep.

That afternoon I managed to get out of bed and slowly went to find Ryan. He was sat on tha sofa with a naked Kate on one side and a naked Jude on the other.

“Hi Tanya;” Kate, or was it Jude, said, “So you had 26 orgasms last night did you; I want a go at that.”

“Hey.” I replied; “26 was it, I lost count. Move over, I need to sit down; and can someone get me some breakfast please?”

Ryan jumped up and disappeared into the kitchen. I flopped down and rested against one of the twins. The other twin said,

“I wonder if you should have had someone from the Guinness book of records there.”

“Naw,” I replied, “that can’t have been a world record.”

From the kitchen I heard,

“No it wasn’t, some woman in California managed 134 in one hour.”

“Fucking hell;” I said; “the poor woman. Did it kill her?”

“Don’t know; and that was in one hour.”

“I feel inadequate.” I said.

“Hey,” Ryan said from the kitchen, “you’re anything but inadequate TT. I guess that it all depends on what you count as an orgasm. You count everything that hits you once you’re up there as one orgasm whereas some girls count each pelvic contraction or each jolt as an orgasm. You can easily have 5 or 6 contractions or jolts each time that you’re up there so maybe we should multiple your 26 orgasms by 5 or 6.”

“I wonder how many I can have in an hour?” One of the twins said; “and what makes you such an expert on female orgasms Ryan?”

“Years of giving them and a gorgeous girlfriend who loves having them.”

“I bet that I can have more than you.” The other twin said.

“I guess that we’ll have to do a proper, timed competition sometime.” I said just as Ryan brought me a cold bacon butty and glass of mango juice.

Naked at Work 4 - Decision time for Daisy


Half way through the Tuesday morning I asked Tim for the use of his office then called Daisy in.

“So Daisy, what do you think? Are you in?”

“Well, I want to say ‘yes’ but there’s a few things that are putting me off.”

“And what are those, maybe we can address those for you. What’s the first challenge?

”Well, last night at the gym ended-up as fun, but to get naked at work in front of all those people that I’ve known and worked with for about a year now will be so embarrassing and humiliating.”

“Okay, I can see that; but that embarrassment will only last for a few minutes, a ‘one-off’ hit just like you had last night. There’s only one guy out there who won’t look at you without either jealousy or lust, and that’s gay boy Joe; and even he will admire you for the way you look after your body. You’re a beautiful young lady with absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Won’t those couple of minutes be worth it for the shoes and the extra money?”

“I guess that you’re right, it’s just the initial moment.”

“We’ll be stood next to you Daisy. It’ll be over in seconds. Okay, what’s next?”

“My virginity; I’m coming round to think that keeping it until I get married is a stupid idea. I think that I might not technically be a virgin anyway. I drew blood one time when I was experimenting with a marker pen. And I don’t really fancy doing it for the first time in a stationery cupboard.”

“Hmm, yes, I can understand that last bit. As far as I’m concerned, if you haven’t had a penis in your vagina then you are still a virgin. I’m sure that I can talk Tim into leaving you alone until you’ve found the right man to fuck you for the first time. Okay, what else is there?”

“My parents; they’ll be horrified when they find out. I just couldn’t keep it from them; they’d find out if I live at home.”

“You need to get a place of your own Daisy. Come and live with Ryan and me until you can find a place. It will be harder for them to find out if you’re not living there, and even if, or when they find out, if they can’t accept you making your own decision then that’s their problem, not yours.”

“Yeah you’re right. I am fed-up with mother always telling me what good girls can and can’t do. Are you sure that I can have one of your rooms? I’ll pay you.”

“Maybe you could earn your keep by doing the cooking or washing; but let’s not worry about that at the moment? What else is there? ”

“What about those monthly medical exams, will I have to have those?”

“Of course, but they’re no worse than your average gyno exam. You have had one of those haven’t you?”

“Yes, but there was only the doctor and me there that time. Yours are in front of all the people that you work with; and the doctor makes you cum.”

“Daisy, I’m sure that you’ll soon come to think that having an orgasm in front of all those people is the best part of the day.”

“Maybe, but what about those spankings?”

“If you don’t meet your targets you will get spanked.”

“Will I have to have one of those clit rings fitted?”

“Probably, I’ll have to check with Tim but it doesn’t hurt when it gets fitted and they give you a lot of pleasure.”

“When would I start and when would I have to get naked?”

“Well, I’d have to talk to Tim to see when you could be made available but I can’t see that taking long, maybe a day or so, maximum of a week I would say.”

“I guess that it’s crunch time Tanya, I’m still not sure; what would you do?”

“I can’t make a decision for you Daisy; it has to be what you want.”

“Well, after last night I was sure that I was going to say ‘yes’, but thinking about what we’ve talked about today I’m not so sure. I don’t know if I could cope with all the embarrassment.”

“Daisy, embarrassment is short lived. You were embarrassed when you first got naked at the gym, but soon passed didn’t it?”

“Not totally, but yes, it wasn’t half as bad when we left.”

“Even when Ryan saw you masturbating?”


“Well, I can guarantee that your first day being naked will be just like your evening at the gym. By the time you leave to go home you won’t be hiding and you’ll be walking up to the men and standing there letting them look you up and down and thinking. ‘Yes, it’s a nice body isn’t it? I bet that you’d like to get your hands on it, but you can’t; not unless I want you to, so just drool sucker.’”

There was a full minute’s silence then Daisy said,

“Okay, I’m in. Do I strip now or what?”

“Err no Daisy, I guess that you’re a bit nervous, that’s understandable, as I said earlier it will take a few days to get things organised so until then you just go about your work as if nothing has changed. I’ll let you know when you start. Do you want to take me up on that offer of a room?”

“Oh, yes please, I’ll give my parents the good news, about moving out that is, tonight. Can I arrange things for the move this weekend?”

“Yes, sure, just let me know and Ryan and I will come round with the car to collect your things.”

Daisy and I hugged then she went back to work. I spoke to Tim and he started the ball rolling.
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