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Tara Sammy and Kelly are life long friends and 2 of them have had sexual encounters with each other. They devised a plan to leave Tara no choice in the matter and this is that story.
Kelly, Sammy and Tara were all close knit friends through high school. Sammy had the build of a cheerleader. Her small waist and big round ass went well with her blonde hair, blue eyes and tan skin. Kelly wore brown, shoulder length hair to go with hazel eyes and the tallest of the 3. Meanwhile, Tara was a little heavier than the other two but not by much. Her ass was still big and round and her beautiful brown eyes and long black hair turned out to be right up Todd’s alley, as well as how sweet she was. Kelly had her fair share of boyfriends and Sammy had a reputation of just getting with anyone even though she denied it. Tara on the other hand had fallen in love with her boyfriend Todd as a freshman and the two had managed to survive through senior year. Sometimes when the going would get tough, her friends would try to convince Tara to let it go and enjoy her senior year. Tara didn’t have the type of personality to let something so special go and now she and Todd were as good as ever. Often times it would even make Kelly a bit jealous because she could never seem to keep a boyfriend for too long whether it was her fault or the guy she was with. It had been a long time since Sammy had bothered with a serious relationship. She learned back in middle school the drama that could result from having a boyfriend. For now, she was content just making herself happy and someday if she changed her mind then so be it.

At one point, Kelly and Sammy had learned to experiment on each other during sleepovers and parties due to being single a good amount of the time. Tara knew and had even heard them talk about these experiments but wasn’t interested in the juicy details. Even if it weren’t for Todd, she had never seen herself as being able to be with another woman. The thought of it almost grossed her out even though she had seen her friends naked plenty of times. Despite her wishes to stay out of it, Kelly and Sammy always begged her to at least try it. It wasn’t cheating if it was with a girl right? And besides, she didn’t know what she was missing according to her longtime friends. She wouldn’t even tell Todd of the conversations in the fear that he would either get mad at Kelly and Sammy or that he might enjoy the idea and ask her to try. After a while they stopped bringing it up to her.

One night a few months before they graduated, the three young women decided to have a sleepover at Sammy’s house the night before they went to pick out prom dresses. Sammy’s parents would not be home that night and they had managed to get their hands on a bottle of vodka. Tara wasn’t a whore but she certainly wouldn’t turn down a drink after all the times Todd had seemed to be able to find something for them. As they all drank and watched TV, the girls talked about their prom dates and the limo. Clever as she was, Sammy continued to poor Tara’s drink twice as strong as the others and acted as if hers and Kelly’s were just as bad. Throughout the night Tara got quite giggly and lied on the couch because her head was swimming. “Don’t tell me you’re done for already. Sam and I could practically have you now to ourselves”, Kelly joked. “You are going to make it too easy for Todd on prom”, Sammy added. “Oh shut up! Besides you guys couldn’t get to me if you tried, Tara laughed”. At this point, Tara was still in her day clothes because she was too fuzzy to get up and change. She wore a black bra and panties, olive green skinny jeans, a white tank top and pull over sweater. “I know, I’m just saying”, Kelly grinned as she went to the bathroom. Tara, with the help of Sammy was able to stand and make it to the guest bed where she lied down on the bed. “I’ll be back in a minute and we can all hang in here ok?” Sammy offered as she knew Tara wasn’t up for moving again. Tara smiled and nodded and watched as Sammy left the room for a minute.

The ceiling was spinning as Tara stared up at it. “I’m so drunk”, she giggled with a bright smile on her face. It had gotten too warm for her to keep her sweater on as she was now sweating profusely. As she pulled the sweater up it got stuck on her arms and head but she finally tore it off and threw it to the floor. She was now exhausted and soon drifted off.

Within minutes, Tara was reawakened when her arms were tied to each bed post. Still blurry from the booze, it took her a minute to realize her legs were being tied to the end posts as well by a woman in leather. As her vision came to and before she could fight back from the ropes being tied, a finger went in Tara’s mouth and swirled around quickly, distracting her. The hand belonged to another woman in a black mini skirt but nothing else. Tara panicked as the alcohol made her forget where she was for a second and she began screaming for help. It lasted only a second as she realized Kelly stood before her in leather pants and black heels and Sammy was the one with her finger in Tara’s sexy mouth.

“Jesus Christ! You’re lucky I didn’t bite your finger off. What the hell are you guys doing”?

Though she was heavily intoxicated and her speech slurred, Tara knew right then that her friends had planned this for some time. “Relax drunky, you’re safe. We are just having some fun, ok?” Sammy told her. It had been Sam and Kelly’s plan that once all 3 of them were affected by the booze, Tara would loosen up and let things play out. In the morning she would either blame it on the alcohol or decide that it wasn’t so bad. Unfortunately, waking up tied to a bed had already scared Tara and ruined any chance of that. They could either admit defeat and untie her or continue. They had already come this far so there was no turning back. “You wanted to stay lying on the bed anyway right?” joked Kelly. “Where did you guys get those clothes? What’s going on?” Tara asked as she started to squirm. “We just want to try somethings with you and see how you like it ok hun? If you don’t like it after that then we will never ask you again but you don’t realize what you are missing. Girls know what other girls want”, Sammy assured her friend. “Ok, number one this is fucked up and I told you guys to leave me out of this. Now it’s like rape. Number two, Todd is going to kill you guys and number three I have to piss like crazy!” shouted Tara. “Todd told us to try this with you” said Kelly. This was dirty lie that was meant to calm down her friend for the moment. “What? Put him on the phone with me or something so I can talk to him” asked Tara who was now furious at all of them. “He’s probably asleep Tara. It’s 1 am”, said Sammy. This was also a lie because she had no idea what Todd was doing and he very well could have been at a party still.

The plan had started to turn south a little and the 2 girls realized now that dressing this way and tying Tara up was probably coming on too strong. They couldn’t stop without showing her what she was missing or she would just stay mad at them. Tara needed her release and she needed it now. They also couldn’t afford to have her screaming help and rape the whole time. When Tara tried to ask for her bf again, Sammy stuffed the pair of panties she wore that day into Tara’s mouth. She then used her old shirt to tie a gag around Tara’s head and mouth so she couldn’t spit the underwear out. This was not easy due to the resistance that Tara put up but eventually the deed was done. No more running away. No more screaming. It was time for this to finally happen.

Kelly started things off by jumping on the bed and putting her mouth right on the crotch of Tara’s pants and blowing warm air through the cloth, passed her panties and right on her lushes pussy. Tara’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as she accepted it for a moment before kicking her knees at Kelly in an effort to get her to stop. Tara was drunk and still was fighting off the urge to pee. Just then, she felt a shadow over top of her and she watched as Sammy pulled Tara’s white shirt up high enough so they could see her bra. Sammy began to slowly massage Tara’s boobs through her bra as she whispered for Tara to just relax.

In her mind, Tara was out of options. All she could do was lie there and whimper. While she did get arousal from what her friends had been doing to her, she couldn’t enjoy it if it was coming from two girls that had been her friends all these years. She had one thought left that probably came to her due to the state of inebriation she was in. It was going to happen sooner or later because she was tied to a bed and because someone was blowing on her pussy. Kelly sat up and began massaging Tara’s legs and inner thighs while Sammy continued her assault on Tara’s breasts. This was it. Tara’s head was spinning and eventually she began to wet her pants thinking that this would finally ruin things and make them stop. Kelly’s eyes grew wide as she saw the olive green turn to darker green on Tara’s pants. The stain got bigger and bigger. “Oh my God, I guess she did have to go” laughed Kelly. “Good thing those clothes were coming off at some point anyway” Sammy chuckled. She never once stopped massaging Tara’s boobs the entire time and when she looked at Tara she could tell that would be the last of her resistance. Tara knew if that wouldn’t stop things than nothing will. Lying there in her wet pants she began to wonder if she even hated what was happening or if she was so drunk she just didn’t care at this point.

“I think it’s time for the scissors Sammy”, Kelly said as she grinned. Sammy nodded her head with a smile and went over to the desk and grabbed a pair of scissors. Tara’s eyes went wide. She panicked for a minute but she had to calm herself down before she fainted or got sick. These were her best friends. They wouldn’t do anything to hurt her so she had no choice but to trust what was happening. When she looked up she noticed they both had a pair of scissors now. “Ok Tara, you’re doing well but you have to stop squirming ok? We don’t want you to get hurt so please just trust us”, assured Sammy. She walked up to her hostage and performed a demonstration. With the scissors close to her body, Tara watched intently to see what would happen. A couple of quick snips and the straps to her black bra were cut. Sammy pulled the bra out from under the white shirt and off her friend’s body before tossing it to the floor. “When we go shopping tomorrow we will buy you a whole new outfit to make up for this”, Sammy told Tara. She lowered her head and lightly ran her tongue in circles around Tara’s tit. Sammy listened and cracked a smile at Kelly as she herd Tara begin to moan lightly.

Tara began to drift into lala land as the sick feeling was leaving and the combination of being drunk and being aroused was relaxing her. She was still scared and confused in the back of her mind but she just tried to ignore it. Just then, she felt her pants being pulled at and heard more snips. Kelly was in the middle of cutting the legs of the pants off and turning them in shorts as Sammy had been distracting Tara by now practically breast feeding on her. Tara felt the legs of the pants being pulled away from her and it was a little chillier now. She began to contemplate what Todd would think and the sick feeling returned. Kelly now had access to Tara’s sexy legs and began rubbing and massaging them. She had wanted this for so long and she even began to nibble on Tara’s legs right up her thigh. Sammy may have devised most of the plan but Kelly would be the one to taste Tara’s pussy first. Round 2 with the scissors came next. Sammy cut the white shirt down the middle right up to the neck so it opened up easy access to her friend’s bosom. Meanwhile, Kelly had made her way to Tara’s crotch again. This time she pressed her thumb on it finding her friends clit through her clothes. The signs showed Kelly that her friend was enjoying it as her legs relaxed and spread wider. Tara had never been so confused before. She just kept telling herself to just relax because there was nothing she could do to stop it. She felt her shorts being tugged at again and this time Kelly cut open the crotch, turning Tara’s outfit into a skirt now. Shortly after that, the wet panties were cut and pulled out from inside the skirt and tossed to the floor. This was it. Tara had never been so nervous and racing thoughts began circling her mind. How could she have let this happen? Her concentration was broken by the feel of a wet warm tongue gliding across her pussy and eventually slipping inside. At that moment, the struggle was over. Tara had never had her pussy eaten like that before. Her mind went blank and she laid her head down on the pillow so she could finally relax and enjoy herself. Sammy could see what was happening as she smiled and went in to stroke Tara’s hair. “See, everything is just fine isn’t it?” Sammy whispered as she went in to start planting kisses on her friend’s neck. Tara nodded and smiled the best she could. She had just then remembered that her friend’s panties were in her mouth. The same ones Sammy had worn all day and now it turned her on. Kelly had not missed any chance during this to enjoy herself. She was now grabbing ahold of the green skirt with both hands and ferociously lapping up Tara’s cunt. Tara’s legs began wiggling again but this time because of the enjoyment. Sammy looked down at Kelly and then back at Tara with a grin. “Looks like we both have sexy skirts now Tara” she joked. “If you want us to stop now we can”. Tara realized now that her friends were never trying to hurt her and she was safe the whole time. It may have been the booze talking but she didn’t care anymore. She shook her head no at Sammy. At that moment, the gag was removed and she spit the underwear out to the floor before moaning out loudly. Sammy whispered something into Tara’s ear and Tara nodded yes. “You might have gotten to her pussy first Kell but I’m getting mine licked first” Sammy told Kelly. Sammy slid up on the bed and straddled Tara’s face. Tara soon saw that there was no panties blocking her path to Sammy’s pussy under that skirt. As Sammy’s pussy was lowered onto her mouth, Tara realized what a natural she was at eaten out women. She knew where her spots were so she used this on Sammy who was practically fucking her mouth she was rocking so hard. “ooo Tara that’s it right there” Sammy moaned as Tara moaned into Sammy’s pussy from what Kelly was doing to her. Tara felt her skirt get cut one last time and pulled away from under her ass and she was now naked for her friends. The plan had started off shaky but in the end, everyone was satisfied. The final phase involved Kelly and Sammy switching places and Tara soon saw that Kelly had cut the crotch out of her own leather pants for easy access.

When this had finished, they untied Tara because they figured she was exhausted and they all had a busy day tomorrow. There was plenty of time to experiment with more things and even Sammy and Kelly found a new turn on when they watched Tara piss her pants. As Tara got up and looked at her tattered clothes on the floor she laughed to herself realizing she was still very drunk. “You guys go through a lot of trouble to get what you want, huh?” she laughed. “I can’t wait to see my new outfit tomorrow. Those pants weren’t cheap!” When she saw her boyfriend again, Tara decided not to tell Todd what happened. She figured no matter how he would take it that it was better to have her dirty little secret.
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