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Glad that chapter one was so well received! Hope you like chapter two :)
Chapter 2 – Ashley

After that, Jean and Frank spent as much time together as they possibly could, although the fact that they shared the house with three other people, all with slightly differing schedules, meant that they couldn’t find any time to have sex again. Frank even started reading more so that he could have an excuse to be close to Jean, doing what she was doing. The lack of sex wasn’t even that big of an issue, as they were both profoundly glad to have uncovered a deeper level to their bond.

Roughly ten days after the earth-shaking event that caused Frank and Jean to bond, Frank was coming downstairs to get something to eat, having just showered. He knew some of his family had gone but he wasn’t sure who was still home, so he only made up a lunch for himself.

Munching on his sandwich for a while, he noticed that he could feel slight irregular vibrations through the floor. When he finished his sandwich, he began to scope out the house, attempting to find the source. The upstairs was empty, he knew that; Jean had gone off to a book club meeting around the block, and Vanessa was visiting a friend, and his mother Tasha was at work. That left Ashley around here somewhere, probably the source of the disturbances.

He found her in the spacious sitting room, all the furniture pushed back against the walls. She was practicing her cheerleader moves, as she was going to a good college in the fall and might be picked for their football’s cheerleading squad. Frank really didn’t care much about the whole cheerleader thing, but when he saw some of the things she was doing, he became distracted by his sister.

When he came to the doorway of the room, she executed a maneuver that involved jumping into the air and landing with her legs far apart; one forward and one back, essentially doing the splits as she landed. She got to her feet and did it once more, sheen of sweat covering her scantily-clad body. Her toned legs stretched out from beneath the skirt she was wearing, and her skinny arms balanced artfully in the air during her maneuvers.

She got up slowly the final time, whooshing out a breath that made her chest heave; her breasts changing shape with the flexing of her torso and clothing. She took up her towel and dabbed away at her face.

Frank only realized that he was staring enraptured by her feminine exertions when she turned around and saw him in the doorway. She jumped a little, then grinned and snapped her towel at him.

“Were you watching me do my routines?”

Frank nodded, “I had never seen you do that last one before. You’re good at it!”

His sister smiled again and rolled her eyes. “I’ve had a lot of practice!”

Her dirty blonde hair swayed around her head enticingly, and her blue eyes smiled along with her mouth. She was very beautiful, and easy to get along with, but ever since he first began noticing her curves and movements, she had been intruding upon Frank’s thoughts at random moments.

Ashley threw her towel over the back of a chair – in fact it was the very chair that Frank and Jean had made love upon. He quickly snapped his attention back to the moment before that memory began to physically affect him.

“Hey, as long as you’re here,” Ashley began, rolling a shoulder, “could you help me stretch this muscle group? Can’t quite get it on my own.”

Frank agreed and moved up to her.

“Just hold my arm out like this,” Frank held her wrist like she asked, “and I’ll stretch.”

With his help she stretched, but her body accidentally brushed against his crotch, at such an angle that he was sure she felt the outline of his member through his shorts. It was partially hard because of all the imagery in recent minutes, and Ashley froze in the midst of stretching.

Frank winced at the awkward barrage he assumed was going to fly his way as Ashley slowly straightened up. She turned around, looked at his penis, and then glanced up to meet his gaze. He was unable to summon forth an adequate excuse.

“Sorry, I think I’ll just leave…” He said, and turned towards the stairs.

“Wait, it’s okay, I didn’t get offended or anything.” Ashley said, brushing his arm.

Frank turned back, embarrassment still etching his features. Ashley shifted her weight to one foot and continued, twirling some of her long hair around one finger.

“I mean, you’re a boy and I’m a girl. We touched. It’s a natural reaction. I don’t blame you one bit, so don’t feel weird bro.”

Frank felt surprised and knew his features reflected it. Ashley scoffed and made to leave the room ahead of him, her nose playfully in the air.

“Plus I’m super hot, so I definitely don’t blame you for getting hard for me.”

She swept past him and made for the downstairs bathroom, and he heard the shower running a moment afterward. He shook his head, dazed, and decided to go upstairs and read on his bed for a while. He got a page into it when he heard the front door open and shut, and then feet upon the stairs. He looked up to see his other sister Vanessa pause in his doorway, her hair now a stark shade of black.

“Whoa, now your hair is black!”

Frank knew his comment would earn him her simulated ire, and he wasn’t disappointed. She cocked an eyebrow.

“Yeah. So?”

“So nothing. Better go to your room and crank your music.”

She rolled her eyes and stomped off to her bedroom, slamming the door behind her. A minute later, he heard the almost subsonic guitar work of some sort of heavy metal playing loudly from within. He grinned and shook his head, returning to his book.

A few pages later, he looked up as Ashley passed his room dressed in a towel. It was wrapped around her in such a way the he could see clearly the bulge of her breasts as they were pushed up by the towel. She didn’t look in his doorway, but the way she walked made Frank suspicious that she was doing on purpose to get a reaction out of him. But, since she could deny that at any time, he decided to ignore it, so he shook his head and went back to reading.

A while later, Ashley came into his doorway and knocked on the open door. Frank looked up from his book and gestured her inside, replacing his bookmark.

“Hope I’m not interrupting anything too crazy!”

Frank looked at his book and shook his head, “No, I wouldn’t say so. Hard to get crazy with a book.”

She laughed and sat on the edge of his bed. She was wearing a short skirt that showed a lot of thigh when it flared up, and a dark colored t-shirt. The way her boobs bounced beneath her shirt alluded to the lack of a bra. Frank endeavored to keep his eyes away from there from now on.

“So, hey, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something.”

“What’s that?”

Ashley played with his bedspread for a minute before responding.

“Have you ever sensed a connection between us?”

Frank blinked and opened his mouth, but nothing came out. Ashley went on.

“Like, we’re twins, all of us are. Besides Vanessa, who is kind of the black sheep of the family, I’ve gotten along super good with all of you. Isn’t that weird for a family?”

Frank considered what he knew of his friends’ families.

“I’m not sure if it’s weird or not, I do know people who can’t stand their brother or sister, but I also know some people who get along well with them. I don’t know if it’s random or not, but I wouldn’t consider us weird-acting siblings just because we get along well.”

Ashley nodded, processing that information. It became apparent to Frank that she was obliquely attempting to broach a specific subject, so he let her continue.

“Maybe I’m not being specific enough. Like, you know I’ve been with a few guys already, right?”

He nodded; she had broken up with her most recent boyfriend, a football player, about two weeks ago.

“Well, I haven’t ever been able to get super close to them. Physically, sure, but close close, you know what I mean?”

“I think so, like developing an actual relationship with someone, as opposed to being socially together?”

“Yeah! But you and I, we already have a relationship, brother and sister. Twins, in fact!”

Frank agreed, his mind wondering where this line of thought was going.

“I’m thinking that’s why I get this weird vibe whenever I’m near you or think about you. Because we are twins, could we have like a connection?”

Frank began to get a sense of Déjà vu. Didn’t I have this conversation with Jean recently? He cleared his throat before answering.

“Well, I guess it’s not out of the range of possibility. We did share a womb for nine months, after all.”

Ashley giggled before responding.

“That’s true. Seriously though, don’t you feel something in between us right now? Something almost… I don’t know, tangible, maybe?”

He thought about it, and when he concentrated, seemed to feel something in the room beyond normal senses, something that wasn’t there before Ashley came in and sat down. It was as though he was in a better mood than he was before, buoyed by Ashley’s presence.

“Maybe so. I think I feel something. Do you?”

“Oh yeah!” she said assuredly, “It’s like I’m full of energy, even after a bunch of cheerleader maneuver practices! And I’m in such a great mood.”

She looked like it too, positively exuberant in her actions and words. She randomly got to her feet and then flopped next to Frank on his bed; not touching, but occupying the other half of the twin bed.

As the motions ceased, Frank laughed at her spontaneity and reached over to ruffle her hair. She squealed and squeezed out from under his hand, giggling, but attempting to straighten her hair that she had just arranged post-shower. Frank sat there a moment, his smile draining but slowly, and looked at his hand. It looked as normal as usual, but he could have sworn he felt some sort of barely registerable reaction from touching his sister’s hair. It’s like he could feel the essence of what she was, but he lacked the words to describe it to himself.

He looked up at Ashley and saw she was taking a while to straighten her hair, maybe she had felt something too.

“You know,” Ashley began, slowly dropping her hand from her head, “I’ve never felt more secure, or comfortable, than when I’m around you.”

Frank blinked a few times, the sense of Déjà vu growing stronger. Ashley sat back against his headboard and laid her hand on the bed, looking up at him. Frank moved over to sit near her and laid his hand in hers. A confused frown crossed her face for a moment as she stared at their clasped hands; he was sure that she was feeling the same thing that he was; that the fact that they were twins meant that there was some form of link on some metaphysical level connecting them.

“Do you… feel that?” Ashley asked him.

He nodded, and drew his hand away. The feeling became less intense, but didn’t leave entirely. Ashley absently rubbed her fingers against her thumb, and then looked into Frank’s eyes.

“I love you, Frank, you know that right? You’re the best brother any girl could have asked for.”

Frank’s expression melted at the words, “Thanks Ashley, I love you too. Although, Vanessa might disagree about that last part of what you said.”

Ashley barked out a laugh, looking surprised, yet purely entertained. Then she drew back and looked off to the side, apparently considering something. Then she smiled mischievously. Frank half-smiled as well, and narrowed his eyes.

“What are you grinnin’ for?”

She rolled her eyes around and smirked some more. “Oh, I don’t know, just thinking. You know, I’ve seen you looking at me in recent days, when you thought I wasn’t watching.”

Frank’s stomach clenched in fear, but it faded quickly when her expression didn’t change.

“Uhh… well, I can’t confirm or deny that. But if I were, I would say that you look very alluring all the time.”

Ashley drew her shoulders up and together, her boobs pressing against each other and out, smiling widely as she accepted the compliment.

“Thanks! You should be more watchful though; you might have caught me looking at you a few times.”

Frank’s mouth fell open before he could stop it, “Really?”

Ashley’s brows rose as she answered, “Uh, yeah. You’re obviously packing some nice equipment, like I noticed today, when you were helping me stretch. I can’t help but occasionally sneak a glance!”

Her eyes flicked down to between his legs and then slowly came back up to meet his again.

Frank decided to go all-out, since he was getting turned on.

“You know, you’ve got some amazing tits. I’m sure you know I’ve admired them the best I could on many occasion.”

Ashley bit her lip and agreed, reaching up with one hand to knead her left breast.

“Yeah, I know, they are super symmetrical and don’t sag like at all. I have to admit I’ve turned myself on just seeing them in the mirror before. Want to see them?”

Frank’s eyes grew wide and he nodded just a little too quickly. She giggled and lifted up her shirt to the bottom of her breasts, exposing her toned stomach and tiny belly button. Watching his face, she used her thumbs to lift the hem of her t-shirt up and around her breasts, and then up over her head.

He stared at the beautiful white titties in front of him, his eyebrows lifting in an expression that said one thing: desire. Ashley watched his expression change and giggled again, then gathered up her shirt and threw it in his face. Frank threw the fabric to the end of the bed and watched as Ashley waggled her shoulders, causing her breasts to wave back and forth in a hypnotic fashion. His cock, semi-hard before, snapped to full hardness next to his left leg, drawing Ashley’s gaze, making her eyes light up in satisfaction. She grabbed her boobs and tweaked her nipples.

“You like them, I take it?”

Frank sighed and nodded, “Oh yeah, I’ve never seen more rockin’ tits.”

She laughed out loud again, a real laugh caused by being amused, not something consciously generated as a reaction. She knee-walked across his bed toward him, but stopped just out of reach.

“You can touch them if you want.”

Frank watched her eyes for any sort of duplicity, but all he saw was affection and a bit of rising lust. He scooted forward, also on his knees, and brought his hand up to cup one of her boobs, and then squeezed it softly. She drew her brows up and together, and moaned a little through her breath. Frank came up with his other hand and played with both of his sister’s tits for a moment before breaking the sudden silence.

“Why don’t you close the door, sis.”

She nodded and flounced up out of his grasp and off of his bed, closing the door quietly after a glance down the hall. Vanessa’s music was still blasting in her room.

While Ashley closed the door, Frank leaned back against the wall and slipped out of his shorts, leaving him with just his briefs on, and pulled his cock out over the waistband. When she turned back from closing the door, she gasped and covered her mouth with one hand, but didn’t avert her eyes.

“My God, that’s- that’s-.” She struggled to speak, and edged closer to the bed. She finally drew her hand away from her mouth and licked her lips.

“I was right, you are huge. Not one of my boyfriends ever had a dick like yours; theirs were either too thin or too short. But you…”

Frank flexed his cock, pumping the head full of blood.

“So I take it you like it?”

Ashley glanced at his face with an expression that said duh, of course I love it!

She then got on the bed, her tits swinging beneath her, and crawled over to him. He held his cock so that it pointed directly at her; the insinuation plain as day. She scuttled around in between his legs and reached out with both hands to grab his waistband, pulling his briefs down and off of his feet. She tossed them over her shoulder and admired her view of his balls and shaft.

She ran her hands up and down his thighs as she moved up between his legs, and lowered her face towards his cock. Her eyes met his as she grasped his shaft with one hand.

“Don’t tell anyone about this okay?”

He made a disbelieving face, “Of course I won’t.”

Upon his oath, Ashley kissed the head of his penis and then enveloped the head with her lips, sucking on it like a popsicle. Frank hummed in appreciation; her touch was fiery on his skin, lancing through his nervous system in a pleasing way.

She seemed to fall in love with his cock for the next couple minutes, alternating between sucking it into her mouth as far as she could (about four or five inches), and stroking the steadily dampening shaft with her right hand, all the while playing with his balls with her left hand. Frank thoroughly enjoyed himself, as this was his first actual blowjob.

It didn’t last long though. After a couple minutes of sucking and stroking, Ashley came up for air and moved up beside him, and whispered into his ear, “Would it be super weird if we fucked?”

Frank, stimulated by her attentions, would be hard-pressed to say no at that time.

“No way, sis. Let’s do it; I want you.”

She grinned and bit his earlobe, drawing it in between her lips and sucking for a moment. Frank brought his hands up and played with her breasts, each globe feeling somehow perfect in his hands. He pinched her nipples when she bit on his earlobe, causing her to hiss her breath out between her teeth at his ministrations.

Ashley let go of his ear with a snarl and got up from the bed, taking his hands from her tits and drawing him off the bed with her. She then hiked up her skirt and leaned over his bed spread; her ass displayed proudly for him. Frank hummed in appreciation of the view in front of him while stroking his dick in preparation. Ashley looked back at him and collected what spit was in her mouth with one hand, reached down with it, and smeared it within and around her vaginal folds.

“Take me, Frank. I love it when guys take me from behind.”

When she was appropriately slick, Frank came up behind her and wiped the head of his cock against her pussy lips, and then pushed up and in until he slipped within her. She gasped and exclaimed at his entry, her body tensing as it acclimated to the intruder. He pushed in a little more and then backed out, allowing her to adjust. A couple times doing this and her ass came up short against his hips, and he was pressed against the end of her vaginal canal.

He pulled out so that the head of his cock was all that was inside, and then slammed forward, eliciting a gasping moan from her as he bottomed out. Frank laid his hands on her hips, noting the glory of her flawless and supple skin, and started up a steady rhythm of thrusts; not too fast and not too slow. She obviously approved, as she laid her head down on the bed and just focused on taking his cock, a little vocalization coming from her throat every time he filled her completely.

The link was stronger now; Frank could sense her bubbly energy, her constant perky mood as a segment of her very presence. Every time he plunged his cock into her depths he could feel her soul surge and all her attributes were somehow translated to inexplicable feelings that made specific impressions upon him. He reveled in this new level as he pounded into her, watching the waves made in the flesh of her ass every time he impacted her.

She got her arms underneath her again and arched her back some, craning her neck to stare at him over her shoulder. Her mouth was open now; every breath she took was punctuated by a noise of appreciation, despite the frown she wore. Her blue eyes are aflame, lit from within by pleasure and primal lust, but the way she stared at him spoke of an understanding, a link between them that she had never experienced before. It was the exact mirror of what he was feeling; she must be able to comprehend that from their connection and from their eye contact.

Reaching back with one arm, Ashley stimulated her clitoris at just the right moment, causing her climax to build like the surf and wash down over her. Her moans came in sympathy with her hand swiping against her clit, slowly building to great heights, and then with a final definitive shriek, she fell down face-first on the bed, her legs shaking slightly. Frank slowed his thrusting and held himself inside her, as the knowledge that she came on his cock, plus her vagina clenching down on his cock in spasms brought him close to his own climax. But he held back, allowing her orgasm to swell and recede, knowing that she’ll probably want more.

Ashley pushed him back until he slipped out of her with a grunt, then turned around and got to her feet. She pressed her body against his, trapping his cock between them and mashing her tits against his chest, and closed her lips upon his. They made out for a time, their hands languidly exploring every centimeter of their body that was within reach.

When she came up for air, it seemed like a great effort was expended for her to open her eyes. She blinked some, and then smiled at him.

“You came close, didn’t you?”

He nodded at her query.

“I could tell. I’m not sure how, but I could tell. I haven’t ever cum like that before… It was like I could feel you inside me.”

Frank raised one eyebrow, causing her to realize her mistake and shake her head.

“Well, yeah of course I could feel your dick inside me. But it was more than that, as though you were somehow inside of me. I’m having trouble explaining it.”

Frank nodded, his hand rubbing the outsides of her shoulders, “I know exactly what you mean. When I was fucking you I felt more of you than I ever felt before, but not in the physical way. Actually, yeah in the physical way, but more than that too.”

Ashley seemed to be counting his ribs with her fingertips, lightly tracing the topography of the sides of his torso.

“I guess words will just fall short trying to describe this twin-connection we have.”

Frank leaned in and kissed her again, but she pushed him off after a couple minutes.

“Now it’s your turn.”

She dragged him onto the bed and had him lay naturally, his still-hard cock pointing up at the wall above him. She spoke as she climbed up on top of him and positioned him at her entrance again.

“I want you to lie back and enjoy me.”

She pushed down with her hips and he slipped into her again; her lubrication allowing him to slide in and out with absolute ease. She spoke again as she bottomed him out against the end of her tunnel.

“Ugh… and I want you to shoot your load into me.”

Frank locked eyes with her, asking her permission with his eyes. She nodded in response, and started gently rocking her hips upon his lap.

“Because… mmph… being with you is such an - ugh - awesome experience, I want to return the favor – ughh – the best I can.”

Frank slid his hands up her belly, which tightly held his cock in its embrace, around the flare of her rib cage, to grasp her tits. As she rocked on him, she held the backs of his hands with her own and bit her lip as she moved him within her. Their energies mixed and mingled through their connection, lacing their nerve endings with fire.

“God, I love you so much Ashley.”

“I love you, my brother.”

For a few minutes, Ashley rocked on his cock, only swiveling her hips to stimulate him. Shortly though, he felt the beginning stirrings of rising action tickling his nerve endings. He took his hands from her tits reluctantly and clasped her hips again, feeling the pivoting of her lower body slowly working him to orgasm. He lay back again, drawing his hands along her thighs as he edged closer and closer to his climax, the process was taking longer than usual. His balls drew up against him as the pleasure began to build within him.

Ashley placed her hands on his chest and leaned her weigh on him as she picked up the speed of her pivoting hips. Frank drew his brows together and closed his eyes, arching his neck back as the fluid rushed through him, bearing his charge toward her interior.

He bucked his hips suddenly with an attendant growl, the tip of his cock erupting semen violently against her back wall. She gasped at the jet of fluid slamming into the general area of her cervix, then indolently as a smile spread across her features. He jerked and grunted again and another shot filled her vagina, followed by a few more of lesser strength. Her back arched with pleasure and her hands reached up to bury her fingers in her hair as she felt a rush of heat and energy pass through her entire body. A high-pitched moan issued from her throat as this fiery orgasm raced through her unbidden.

Frank panted, sweat covering his brow, watching the show above him. Ashley reacted to his ejaculation unexpectedly, her tits rising and falling with her deep breaths, her hands clutching her hair and a moan escaping her. He felt her pleasure from a distance, understanding it and reveling in it while his own climax began to ebb.

Ashley panted along with him and took her hands from her scalp just in time to catch herself from falling forward onto her brother’s chest. She wrenched open her eyes and stared at him as they both panted.

“Whoa.” She managed between breaths.

“Whoa is right, Ash. That was intense. To say the least.”

“Yeah. Can we just snuggle a bit?” she shifted her shoulders, “I don’t want to leave.”

Frank reached up and drew her close, his shrinking cock slipping out of her along with a bit of his cum, and she slid over to his left side, her left arm and leg still atop him. She planted slow kisses on his lips and cheek and ear, then she buried her nose in his neck, soaking up every bit of positive energy that they had both produced over the last fifteen minutes.

Their bodies slowly settled down, their energies becoming less feverish. When their emotional and metaphysical high wore off more, Frank kissed Ashley’s head through her hair. She drew aside her bangs and peered up at him.

“I’m not quite sure what happened, but I think I just had a g-spot orgasm when you came inside me. I’ve heard about them, but I had never experienced one.”

“Whatever it was, it was powerful. I could feel you tense up when you climaxed. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Ashley traced the borders of Frank’s collarbone before replying.

“I think we are going to have to try this again sometime soon. I’m not sure if I can get enough of you, now that we know of our bond.”

Frank agreed wholeheartedly, “Definitely gonna have to fuck you again. Have I said yet that you have an absolutely glorious ass?”

She giggled in his arms; he felt the vibrations of her mirth go up and down her arms and back.

“No you haven’t. But I’m glad you think so. Your cock is one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. It’ll make me wet just thinking about it, now that I know what it feels like.”

Frank put his right arm behind his head and looked at the ceiling, “Well now that I have that in mind, I don’t think I’ll need an ego boost ever again.”

Another wracking giggle from his sister.

They laid there for another minute before Ashley kissed his lips once more and stretched herself and got to her feet next to the bed.

“Ugh, can’t fall asleep next to you, sadly. Gotta get back to normal before Vanessa catches on.”

As Ashley pulled her skirt down over her pussy and fitted her arms and head through her shirt, Frank came to an uneasy realization.


She looked over at him, adjusting her tits beneath her shirt.

“Vanessa’s heavy metal isn’t playing. It was before you came in.”

Ashley froze and blinked. Her eyes found his in a cringing expression.

“Do you think she heard us? I know I got pretty loud a couple times.”

“I guess we’ll know soon enough. Let’s just go about our business as though nothing happened, yeah?”

His sister nodded at his proposal. She came close to the bed and touched his arm, feeling the transference of energy between them, and smiled in wonderment. Then she leaned in for another quick electrical kiss, and bounded out the room. Frank scoffed with amusement at her perpetual high-energy, then got up and put his clothes back on.


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