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Vanessa continued her thrusts before answering, "Yes. You can. Do it inside me. You've earned it."
It was 8 am on the main island and Vanessa was focused on pre-production for her next documentary. She brought her son along during his college break since he was an anthropology major, and because it would be a great way for them to spend time together.

Together they had already worked with a local tour guide to scout locations for potential filming next year. Today they planned on taking a look at a nearby island with an indigenous population which was seemingly untouched by modern civilization.

With both of them dressed for hot weather, and with her camera primed for action, they were ready for the short plane ride. It was one of those small amphibious planes that floats on the water and was tied to the dock.

They pilot was there, and although his English was limited, he was a nice person who was quite knowledgeable about local customs. They made small talk as they prepared for takeoff.

"We get undressed now to go to other island, okay?" the pilot said casually with a thick accent.

Vanessa gave him an uncomfortable look. "No, it's fine. We're okay with wearing our tshirt and shorts."

The pilot gave a confused look in return. "It's rule of the island. All visitors must be unclothed. The indigenous people of the island will not trust you. They will not accept you. Clothes are foreign to them."

She was stunned, and she looked over to her son Brian, who was equally as stunned. Her research had only been preliminary so far and this was the first time she heard anything about this.

"I've worn western style clothing to visit tribes less than 100 miles from here. My camera crew had dressed similarly. It's never been a problem."

"This group is different," the pilot explained. "They are very religious with strict beliefs. They will never accept foreigners who are dressed like you. It is not natural to them."

"How come I was never made aware of this?" she asked, almost in an angry tone.

"I assume you knew. Everyone around these parts know what rule is. My apologies for confusion."

She thought for a moment. "Can you give me a second with my son?"

"Of course, ma'am. I wait here."

Vanessa took her son by the wrist and pulled him aside. They walked on the dock towards the beach. She was visibly upset.

"I can't believe this is happening," she said with a peeved voice. "This has never happened before. I can't believe no one told me about this."

Brian shrugged, trying to remain upbeat. "Well, look on the bright side; we're on a beautiful island. Let's just stay here and go swimming. It's no big deal."

She shook her head. "God, this is so disappointing."

There was a look of frustration on her face. Being the first to document the island really meant a lot to her. It was a huge opportunity and now that goal was quickly fading.

"Maybe there's an exception," he said. "Maybe we could wear our swim clothes. Something small. Maybe that won't be such a big deal to the tribe."

"What if we had to remove it?" she asked.

"I guess we'll figure it out as we go along."

"But what if it actually happened? We have to prepare for anything."

He shrugged. "It's up to you."

Vanessa stood silent for a moment. Thinking. Conflict was all over her face and the day was just so perfect. It was hot, she was energized, and a plane was waiting to take them to new territory.

"I'll have the pilot take us to the island," she affirmed. "I'll see if we can compromise. Hopefully it'll be fine. If not, we'll have to come back."

He smiled. "Staying on the beach isn't so bad. Look on the bright side, either way, it'll still be a fun trip."

They went back to the pilot. Vanessa explained their stance regarding nudity. Her tone was authoritative like she was demanding, rather than asking questions. It was her tenacious side which made her so successful at her job.

The pilot agreed and they had a compromise.

They quickly returned to their tiny hotel by the shore to wear their swimming clothes. Naturally, it only took a few seconds for Brian to strip down and put on his swimming trunks. Vanessa, on the other hand, took several minutes in the bathroom. When she finally came out, she was a bit nervous, but she tried to be brave.

She wore a two-piece bathing suit. Typically, she'd wear a tshirt over it to hide her middle aged body, but she had to be as bare as possible for this. She tried to be confident about it.

"Don't laugh," she said playfully.

She used to be thin, but had put on weight in her older age, mostly around her chest, midsection, and rear end. To her surprise, Brian seemed to be loving the sight of her figure.

"You look, great mom. Seriously, you do."

"Get the camera and let's go."

As they headed out, Vanessa knew her son was telling the truth. He liked her figure. And she appreciated that. She did her best to act confident with her scantily clad body on display and she was aware that he was taking small peeks.

They went to the clunky plane and they knew it was going to be an interesting ride. There were six seats total and some space to stretch their legs. The seats were hard and painful to sit on. It was also incredibly hot and they instantly began to sweat right after the door had closed.


Their eyes looked in amazement at the small island. It was beautiful. Untouched by modern civilization. Some of the locals came to the beach, waiting for them, as their plane stopped on the shore. All of the locals were naked. There were at least 10 of them eager to deliver a friendly greeting.

"Wait here," the pilot said. "I be right back."

He exited the cockpit, wearing only a small pair of swimming trunks. They watched as the pilot headed to the beach and greeted the locals. They spoke in a unique language which Vanessa had never heard before. It sounded like a friendly conversation. All of them were smiling.

Moments later, the pilot came back to the plane and he looked like he had some good news.

"The people are very excited to meet you both," he said. "They are very happy for this arrival. They wish to meet the outside world."

"Great!" she eagerly replied. "I look forward to meeting them."

As she got out of her seat and tried to leave the plane, the pilot quickly put his hand up, stopping her.

"No clothes allowed," he said adamantly. "That is their culture."

A shocked look appeared on Vanessa's face.

"But they seemed fine with your swimming trunks."

"That is only to the beach. To enter their land, you must be bare. Land is sacred here. Nudity is their culture. Otherwise, they do not trust you."

She looked dumbfounded. "Can you explain to them that in my culture, clothes are very important."

"I ask many times. They don't change their mind. I even explain that you are mother and son."

"And what did they say about that?"

The pilot nodded and gave a coy smile. "They like this very much. They say you come on right day. There is something special planned. A ceremony. Big one."

"What kind?" she asked curiously.

"I do not know all details. But they like you to come watch. It is very important day in their culture."

A renewed interest piqued in Vanessa. This was a major opportunity and everything had aligned. Whatever was going to happen on that island, she needed to find out. If she missed the ceremony, it would be a big loss.

"Can you give us a few minutes?" Vanessa asked the pilot.

"Sure. Yes. Think about this. If not, we go back."

With that, the pilot waited outside the plane and made conversation with the locals once again.

There was an undeniable tension between Vanessa and her son as they looked at each other. Things were awkward. Yet Brian knew exactly what his mother wanted.

"I think I know what your plan is," Brian said.

"Which is?"

"You want to do it," he opined. "You seem desperate to discover what's happening on that island."

"It could be groundbreaking. We'll be the first westerners to explore it. Who knows how many centuries this culture goes back? Who knows what archaeological discoveries we may find?"

"Should you be the first to say it? Or should I?"

Vanessa took a deep breath. "We should get naked."

Once she said it out loud, it was surreal. The look in Vanessa's eyes was determination. She was willing to do whatever it took to get on that island- including getting naked with her son.

"I'm okay with that, I mean, since it's so important."

"Are you sure?" she asked, with a tiny hint of hesitation. "I'm fine with nudity because I've been around it my entire career. But I don't want things to be unusual between us."

He shrugged. "Frankly, I'm starting to get interested in all this. Like you said, this could be huge."

"I'm so glad you feel that way."

"What's next?" he asked.

"That's the big question. But we already know the answer."

The tension between them reached uncomfortable levels.

"Who goes first?" he questioned.

She raised an eyebrow. "How about the same time?"

"That's the only fair option, I guess."

They were both equally nervous about the whole thing.

She gave a sharp look. "Remember, this is for educational purposes only. We're here to discover new anthropological findings."

The nervous tension lingered in the air. Their eyes were locked, seeing who would go first. For a long moment, neither of them made a move. When Brian finally reached down to touch his swimming trunks, Vanessa wrapped her fingers underneath her small top. It fully sunk in that her breasts were about to be exposed.

After a deep breath, Brian pulled his shorts down in a swift motion to reveal his cock. He tried to act as shameless as possible as he exposed himself to his mother.

Vanessa hesitated with her own top. She stared at her son's cock as if she was in disbelief that she was actually seeing it. Her fingers remained hooked underneath the fabric of her attire.

"Well?" he said.

She snapped back to reality. "Of course."

With a swift motion, she pulled her top away and her breasts were exposed. Her breasts were average sized. They sagged, which was normal for her age. Her large brown nipples hardened, maybe because of the exposure, or maybe because she was strangely aroused by the taboo act.

What made the scene even sexier was that her chest was glistening from her sweat since the plane was so hot. Brian couldn't take his eyes away.

"You're staring inappropriately," she said in a motherly tone.


"Remember, this is for anthropology. We need to act professional."

She pushed the shame away and removed her bottom to get completely naked. She had shaved before this trip and there were a few stubbles of pubic hairs around her vagina. All of her swimwear was now left on the seat of the plane.

"Let's go," she said. "We don't have all day."

Vanessa took the lead and headed for the door. Brian followed from behind, getting a great view of her naked ass. When she stepped into the ocean water, Brian had a perfect view of her naked body glistening under the bright sunlight.

The pilot turned his attention towards them and admired her nudity, which she had already expected. Any man would have done the same.

"You make a good decision," the pilot smiled suggestively, brazenly looking up and down. "Very good."

The pilot reached down and pulled his own swimming trunks off, standing naked as well. Nudity was obviously no big deal to him. He put his swimming trunks in the cockpit of the plane, then closed the door.

"Come," the pilot said. "Follow me. We go now."

The pilot led and they followed from behind. Vanessa did her best to act confident as she walked with her head held high, but she could feel the glances of her son's eyes on her butt, as he walked slightly behind her. Her bottom was voluptuous so she knew her son was getting a real eye full.

She then gestured to her son. "Try to keep up."

Brian sped up so they walked side by side.

"Are you okay with this?" he asked.

"I'm fine. I'm used to adapting to different environments. This is obviously unusual, but we'll be okay. Remember, it's all for the sake of anthropology."


"How about you?" she asked in return. "I hope this isn't too bad for you. Especially since you have no choice but to look at my bare body."

The comment made him glance at her tits and Vanessa once again had to push the feelings of shame away. She had to embrace this and she walked naked and proud.

"Why would I mind that?" he smiled, then taking his eyes away from those tits.

She smiled back. "Now I'm starting to worry. You're enjoying this a little too much."


The locals were extremely welcoming, especially since they were outsiders who wanted to learn more about them. Vanessa had no issues with being naked with the tribe, but she still hadn't gotten used to being naked around her son. It still seemed like the strangest thing in the world whenever he'd look at her breasts or pussy. But in all honesty, she couldn't help but look at his penis as well.

They were given a quick tour of the tribal area. It was in the jungle, but in the open area near a small river. For Vanessa, this was all part of the job. She thrived on going to unexplored regions. She spent most of the time looking around and talking to the pilot, who was translating everything the locals were saying to her.

A light meal was served, and while Vanessa had no trouble eating it, Brian seemed disgusted (though he tried to hide his displeasure). They sat next to each other during the meal. Vanessa was so entranced by the experience and the conversation with the pilot that she ignored the fact that her son was still taking peeks at her breasts.

"Now the ceremony begin," the pilot said to them.

Vanessa was excited. "What's going to happen?"

"It's ceremony to make a young male become man. In American age, it's his 20 year old birthday. You might find this custom to be strange, since you are from America."

"I've seen a lot of things," Vanessa replied like it was another day on the job.

"In this culture, it is mother's duty to make the son become man," the pilot explained. "She give him the first sexual experience."

Suddenly, there was a visible change in Vanessa's demeanor. She was genuinely surprised, and so was Brian. By the sound of things, they were about to watch a real life act of incest.

Vanessa clarified, "So it's the mother's duty to perform sex acts on him?"

"Yes," he replied.

"How interesting."

More people came to the gathering. All of them were adults. (Everyone at the gathering was over 18). There must have been at least 30 people who were watching. Vanessa and her son waited in anticipation.

Drums began to play as the tribe prepared for their ritual. Moments later, the young man was brought out. He appeared to be happy and in good spirits. Why wouldn't he be? He was about to receive his first sexual experience. Then out came his mother, who was much older. They were both fully naked. They stood in the center of the gathering as everyone watched.

An older tribal leader gave a speech. The pilot was quietly translating everything into Vanessa's ear. Finally, the tribal leader finished talking then he sat down. Everyone at the ceremony was sitting, except for the mother & son, who were both standing in the center. The drums continued playing.

What came next was a moment Vanessa would never forget.

The older woman got down on her knees and took her son's penis in her mouth. It was a jarring thing to witness. Everyone at the ceremony watched attentively as the mother skillfully performed oral sex on her son. The young man closed his eyes and groaned during his first sexual experience.

It wasn't long before he came in his mother's mouth. The orgasm was met with the crowd applauding. The young male was officially a man, at least by their customs. A celebration followed where everyone stood, music played, and people danced.

The mother & son were given a special drink during the festive atmosphere.

"What are they drinking?" Vanessa asked the pilot.

The pilot asked one of the locals, which led to a brief conversation.

"He say it's a special herbal drink," the pilot said. "He say you're welcome to try it. The drink is for everyone who wants a taste."

Vanessa's curiosity was piqued. She asked Brian if he wanted a sample and he declined.

A small cup of the drink was offered to Vanessa, which she gladly accepted. When she drank, there was a sour look on her face, but she tried to be polite about it. The tribes people laughed at her contorted facial expression.


By mid afternoon, they decided to leave while there was still sunlight.

They said their 'goodbyes' to the locals, who were extremely friendly about the visit. The tribes people welcomed them back but Vanessa wondered if she would actually return because she'd have to be naked with a film crew.

They walked quickly back to the plane, eager to get dressed again.

As Vanessa brisked to the shore, she accidentally slipped on a wet rock and landed flat on her ass and lower back, making her holler with excruciating pain. Brian and the pilot quickly rushed to her aid. Vanessa's biggest fear was that she seriously injured herself, but that wasn't the case.

It was nothing more than a hard fall and she knew she'd have a nasty set of bruises and soreness later. They helped her up and her bottom was so stiff that she could barely walk. Brian did what any good son would do and helped her walk, side by side with her arm around him.

Normally, a helping act like this would have been totally innocent. But at that moment, her sweaty breast and large brown nipple was brushing against his skin. She leaned heavily on him as she limped.

"I hope you'll always remember this," she teased as they walked towards the plane.

"What do you mean?"

"Seeing me naked all day. Feeling my boob against your skin now. It'll never happen again. Not in a million years. So enjoy it while you still can, mister."

There was a playfulness and seriousness to her voice. It was her way of trying to be in good spirits. And it was just her sense of humor.

"You'll never get to see me naked again either," he joked back.

She simply smiled.

By the time they walked across the beach and onto the shallow water where the plane was, the pilot opened the door to a big wall of heat. Inside the plane was blazing hot. They left the door open for a while in hopes that the air inside would cool down.

"We should just go," Vanessa said. "I really need to sit down. I can deal with the heat. We can put our swimming clothes on later. I can barely move my legs right now."

At that moment, it seemed like the smart decision given her minor injury from the fall. They got in the plane and Vanessa insisted that Brian sit next to her so he can tend to any medical needs she'd have. The soreness was badly creeping in.

The plane started and the engine was incredibly loud. The plane vibrated and it felt like they were sitting on top of a washing machine. Minutes later, they were in the air on their way back to the main island.

Vanessa leaned her head against Brian's shoulder as they held hands. It was oddly sentimental despite the fact that they were still naked. But she needed the comfort since her butt was aching and the seats weren't comfortable at all.

"Can you believe what we saw today?" she asked, with her head on Brian's shoulder. "I've seen many different customs around the world, but that was unusual."

"Yeah, I know."

Vanessa snuggled her breast against his arm. The exhausting day along with her sore bottom had really left her feeling drained. Her inhibitions had been stripped away as her large brown nipple brushed against her son's skin.

"Did any of it make you uncomfortable?" she asked.

"Sure, a little."

"But you kept looking. You watched the entire time."

He thought of a quick reason. "Well, we came to learn new things."

"Were you aroused?" she asked bluntly, rubbing his skin. "I looked down and saw that you almost had a full erection a few times, and I saw that you tried to cover it up."

Before he could answer, their plane hit some heavy turbulence in the air, causing the decades old plane to rattle in the sky, which was kind of scary. There was a lot of shaking and vibrations. Surprisingly, it caused naked Vanessa to give a heavy groan, which almost sounded like airsickness. Her face turned blank and her mouth was slightly open.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

She struggled to find the words. "I don't know. I think something's wrong. I suddenly feel queasy."

"It's probably because the plane is shaking like crazy."

"That might be part of it," she replied in a low voice. "I'm burning inside."

She sat upright and they looked at each other.

"Let me get a bag for you," he offered, "in case you need to throw up."

"I'm burning down here," she said, pointing to her vagina.


Vanessa's eyes lit up from an epiphany. "Those herbs I drank earlier. They must be a natural stimulant for the mother & son to continue their sexual practices for the day. I've made a huge mistake drinking it."

"You couldn't have known," he replied, trying to make her feel better.

"Well, now I'm paying the price for it."

The plane shook again as they encountered more turbulence. Vanessa gasped and groaned. She tightly pressed her hand over her vagina.

"God it hurts," she complained. "It's throbbing inside. I feel like it's on fire."

The mood became tense as they worried she was having a serious medical issue during the plane ride.

"What should we do?" he asked. "Can you wait until we get back to the hotel?"

Right when he said that, the plane shook again and Vanessa's face went blank for a moment, then her eyes and mouth were wide open.

"Oh my god," she gasped. "The herbal properties of the drink are unlike anything I've ever encountered before. This is so humiliating."

"Don't be embarrassed. It's a medical problem."

Vanessa suddenly grabbed his wrist and forcefully brought his hand to her vagina. She used a strength she never thought she had to pull her son's arm. She meant business. And she didn't seem to mind that Brian was now touching her pussy.

"Put your fingers inside," she demanded. "My body is aching so badly. You need to do it for me."

"What?! Are you sure?"

"Do it before I change my mind. I need to... I need to..."

She struggled to speak the words.

"Orgasm?" he asked hesitantly, almost afraid to hear the answer.

She gave a mortified nod. "Please do it for me."

They looked in each other's eyes and Brian could tell she was completely serious about the whole thing. She wanted her son to pleasure her pussy. She wanted her son to give her an orgasm. It was pure desperation. Whatever she drank during the ceremony was having powerful effects on her hormones.

Before the fingers could slip inside, Vanessa turned her head away. She couldn't look. Having this done to her by her son was a shame beyond words. But only he could do this.

Brian used two of his fingers to rub her crotch. He felt her hair, labia, and clitoris. Vanessa gasped and her body reacted. The fingers kept on moving and she gasped louder. It wasn't a lot of effort, but it was effective in getting the job done.

When Brian pushed his fingers inside of her wet pussy, she squirmed. Her sore back arched involuntarily. Her legs straightened. Her toes had become stiff. Her entire body had become stiff too.

"Oww!" she yelped, adjusting her posture again, being mindful of the injury she received earlier.

"What's wrong?" he asked, with his fingers still in her pussy.

"My butt still hurts from the fall. Can you take a look?"

She stood and turned her body to show her naked backside, which had become dark red on the bottom.

"It's a nasty bruise already," he said. "You should be fine. We'll need to put some ice on it later."

A look of frustration came over her face when she sat down.

"I can't do this," she complained. "I can't sit down while you touch me. My bottom hurts too much. These seats are painful."

"What should we do then? Maybe you can sit on the swimming clothes?"

"That won't help with these hard seats," she replied. "Do you think... maybe I can sit on your lap?"

An unusually shy demeanor was in her tone, but given the situation, it was understandable. The look in her eyes showed how much she needed it (and from her son of all people). How could he refuse? Vanessa needed help and he was the only person who could provide it.

"Go ahead," he told her.

She looked straight into his eyes. "This will never happen again. Ever. Don't even bring it up. Don't even think about. Are we clear?"

The shy demeanor was suddenly gone. There was a striking tone in her voice. She was confident about what she wanted and what she needed.

"Of course."

"I'm glad you agree," she said. "This is strictly for medical reasons only. Not for your personal enjoyment, okay?"

"Mom, it won't help if you keep talking about it."

She nodded. "Fine, but first, we need to get you hard."

Brian's eyes widened and his cock twitched.


"Your fingers aren't big enough to get the job done," she explained in the most delicate way a mother could. "Your hard cock is the only choice I have, pardon my language."

It was the most awkward moment in either of their lives, including being naked together. The day began as a discovery of another culture. But at that moment, it became an intensely sexual moment between a mother and son.

At first, Brian seemed open to the idea before reality sunk in.

"I don't think I can," he replied honestly after some thought. "This heat is exhausting. Getting an erection might be impossible."

"I understand. I've been to enough exotic locations to understand how hot temperatures can interfere with human anatomy."

"Should I just use my hand? You could sit on my lap and I could, you know, keep touching you down there."

"That won't suffice. Women are biologically similar, but are often different in terms of achieving orgasms. My climaxes happen during deep vaginal penetration. And your penis would surely target the right areas."

Even when it came to her sexual needs, Vanessa was still an academic and intellectual thinker. In a weird way, Brian seemed even more turned on by that. She could tell he was getting more excited by the possibility of giving her an orgasm, but he didn't want to be obvious about it.

"Okay. I'll try my best."

She thought for a moment. "Well, you were certainly aroused watching the ceremony. How about we try that?"

Brian nearly choked hearing the offer.

"Are you offering the same thing?" he gulped.

"Only if we never discuss this again."

"Aren't you worried the pilot might catch us?" he asked nervously.

"He's never bothered to check back here. Besides, this airplane is so loud, we could be screaming and he wouldn't even notice."

She had a great point and Brian was out of reasons to delay her sexual relief.

"Okay..." he paused. "I... umm... I think you should make the first move."

"It's only fair. I know I'm asking a lot from you."

Vanessa repositioned her body. She moved slowly and her lower back was now stiff. It was obvious she was hurting even worse since the fall. Her face was positioning over his naked crotch as she was bending over.

She grabbed his cock with her soft fingers, giving him all sorts of naughty feelings.

"Just a few licks and sucks until you get hard. Okay?"

He nodded at those surreal words. "Okay."

Vanessa bent down and took the flaccid cock in her mouth. She wasted no time and immediately sucked. Her tongue swirled and licked. She was serious about getting him hard. Her intent was purely sexual, and it worked. Brian's cock quickly came to life in her warm and wet mouth. It didn't matter how hot the plane was. Her mouth was that talented.

Ever the anthropologist, she mimicked the same oral technique that the tribal mom used earlier. Vanessa did exactly the same things, using the same hand movements, use of her fingers, lips, and tongue. It was as if she had memorized those cocksucking techniques to use on a partner later.

She kept her eyes open the whole time, and every so often, she looked at the hardness she created. Even though he was already rock hard, she kept sucking for a little while longer. Maybe because she knew he was enjoying it so much. Or maybe she was enjoying it too.

Brian's face expressed his disappointed when she finally stopped and removed her mouth.

"There," she said, holding the stiff cock in her hand. "You're ready now. Now we can begin."

There was a slight grin on her face along with a trail of saliva. The herbal drink had unleashed a new side of her, which was far different from the educated and respectable woman that the world knew.

Vanessa struggled to stand upright. They were now facing each other and her sweaty breasts and hard nipples were now in front of her son.

She moved stiffly from the soreness. She climbed on his lap and spread her legs so she could sit on his freshly hardened cock. She spread her pussy. It was dripping wet. Her pussy was definitely ready for sex. It ached for it.

She positioned herself over him, legs spread, then she lowered herself. Both of their hearts were pounding. As her body slowly came down, Brian looked over to make sure the pilot wasn't looking. Vanessa was right. The pilot was staring directly at the clear sky and ocean view.

Brian held his cock upright while Vanessa brought her naked body down. His cock twitched the moment it touched her labia, then again when it penetrated her wet hole. It was completely surreal. She felt like heaven. As her body continued to lower, and his cock went further inside of her pussy, the look on Vanessa's face changed. Her mouth opened and she released a small gasp.

When he was all the way inside, and she was resting her entire body weight on his lap, they paused and looked each other in the eyes for a moment. Neither of them could believe what was happening.

"Now we're really experiencing a new culture," Vanessa smiled. "I told you this trip was going to be educational."

"Yeah. You weren't kidding about that."

"I'm going to thrust my hips forward," she said, with his cock buried firmly inside of her pussy. "Are you ready?"


She wrapped her hands around his neck and gave a push, which made Brian gasp. She pulled back and gave another push with her hips. Brian's stiff cock gave her what she desperately craved.

More sweat appeared on her chest. Her large nipples became even more erect. She was definitely in an intense state of sexual pleasure and she enjoyed having Brian's eyes gaze downwards to her tits.

"This is perfect," she said with a shaky voice, squeezing his neck as she rode him. "Your cock feels so good in me. A few more thrusts and I should be able to cum."

His eyes lit up. "You want to?"

"I need to."

"Can I cum too?" he asked nervously. "I mean... can you help me with that?"

Vanessa continued her thrusts before answering, "Yes. You can. Do it inside me. You've earned it."

It was surreal for both of them. While they were fucking, they savored the passionate thought of cumming together, for his cum to spurt deep inside of her vagina.

After a while, the pleasure was no longer enough for Vanessa. The herbal drink was powerful and she needed more to be satisfied. She grabbed Brian's neck even tighter and buried his face in her chest, letting him feel her nipples and sweaty breasts. Then she thrust herself even harder, almost throwing herself at him. Her vaginal muscles clenched. She fucked even harder and faster, with even more vigor.

With her lips near his ear, she started making strange panting and moaning sounds. Cries of pleasure which he had never heard before, not even in porn. It was clear that she was experiencing sexual bliss that a normal person couldn't possibly understand, all thanks to that special potion.

She struggled to speak. "I... think... I'm going... to make... a mess..."

That was a clear and unequivocal statement that she was going to squirt. She had only squirted a few times in her life and she felt mildly embarrassed having to do it front of her son. What if it came out like a waterfall? She'd be mortified. But she needed the release.

Vanessa sat upright and continued with smaller thrusts, which came in quick succession. Her eyes clenched shut. Her lips quivered. It was unimaginable how much sexual pleasure she felt.

Her vaginal muscles gave a powerful clench. It felt amazing for Brian. But he tried his absolute hardest not to cum yet. He couldn't. What kind of son would he be if he came before his needy mother? He held out as long as possible.

She lifted her hands. She briefly ran her fingers through her hair. Then she held her hands out, which were shaking. Her lips quivered more.

Her entire body shook, and as the plane encountered more turbulence, she struggled not to fall over. She made weird noises with her mouth. Her lips made different shapes and her nose crinkled. Her eyelids were clenched tight. Her pussy clenched even tighter and a sudden rush of fluids gushed from her opening. She squirted all over her son's hard cock and it made a real mess, leaking onto the seat, then onto the floor.

After she had the explosive orgasm, her thrusts became light. A few trickles of vaginal fluids continued to leak down from her pussy.

Brian held her hips tight and it was his turn to cum. Photos And what an orgasm it was. He shot a massive load of cum into her dripping wet pussy as he pushed and pulled at her hips. It was easily the best orgasm of his life and he was positive that she was going through the same feelings.

After they both came, Vanessa pressed her sweaty chest onto his, hard nipples and all. She barely had any strength left after that massive rush. They felt each other's wet skin and their hearts beating fast. She pressed her face next to her son's. They breathed heavily.

"What did we just do?" she whispered in his ear, with all her remaining energy.

"We took care of your needs. Medical emergency, remember?"

She nodded while their faces were still pressed together. "Right."

The plane began its descent. They were about to land soon, but Vanessa didn't bother to move. It seemed as though she was about to fall asleep naked on her son's lap, with his soft cock still buried inside her. Brian playfully gave her big nipple a soft pinch to wake her.

She painful got up and they wore their swimming clothes moments before landing. It was tough getting dressed with that much sweat on their bodies, but they managed. There was also a huge wet mess on the plane where they had finished having sex.

The plane landed and the pilot was completely oblivious to their incestuous actions and hot sex. The pilot opened the doors after the plane had made a complete stop by the shore and he helped them out.

"I accidentally spilled water all over your seat," Vanessa fibbed to the pilot as they made their exit. "I promise I'll clean the interior of your plan tomorrow. It's the least I can do for this amazing trip."

The pilot shrugged. "No problem. Did you have nice nap on the plane ride? You have stunning glow to your face."

"It must have been that herbal drink," Vanessa quipped.

"And your lower back injury?" the pilot asked. "All better? Or still aching?"

"You know, we've managed to work that out on the plane ride. It still hurts, but I've never felt better."

Vanessa took her son's hand and led him back to their room. As soon as the door closed, she guided him to the bathroom where she stripped naked. Then she stripped her son naked too. They went in the shower to wash away their sweat and her squirt and Brian's cum.

She smiled, "You know, I love this job."

They kissed passionately on the mouth. Apparently, the effects of the herbal drink still lingered in Vanessa's body and she needed another round of relief. Her tongue plunged deeply in his mouth and she rubbed his flaccid penis, hoping to bring it back to life.
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