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Eric Becomes a trainer
Chapter 26-Eric’s first training Class

Eric- My name is Master Eric and I will be teaching how to submit to your Master or Mistress. I have 3 white guys one mixed race I black and 1 Hispanic. Billy, Jake, Paul, Jose, Michael and Rex I also know that all of you are gay and you are not allowed to have sex with each other unless I tell you otherwise. I am also a submissive to my wife and I am also bi in my class you will learn how to please your master’s some of you come from bad home and you will be sold to rich people some of you will be treated like kings and will want for nothing we have all kinds of people looking for pets they are all rich some of them nice and some aren’t, but if you are good and do everything that I tell you to do than you will have no problems. First up a slave will always keep himself clean inside and out you were all groomed and tested for any disease and everyone was clean.

We will begin by working on the horse. First up Michael come over here and bend over I lube up the toy and hand it to him and tell him to get himself ready as I watch him get himself ready I tell him to do it quicker when he is does I tell him to get up on the horse and lowered himself on the dildo I tell him that he can’t cum until I tell him too. He begins moaning and I look back at the other guys and all their dicks are hard. I go over to Rex and stroke his dick I tell him that he can’t cum and he does anyway I tell him that he will be punished, and I realize that I will have to teach them how to hold it. When I hear Michael asking if he can cum I tell him to catch it in his hand and I order Rex to go over and clean it up. I also have the other guys to make themselves cum and I have Rex kneel and tell them to cum on him. I order him to go to the bar and I cuff him to it. I grab a paddle and I ask him why he is being punished and he tells me because he came without asking and I begin to paddle his ass twenty times he is crying and saying that he won’t do it again. After everyone has cleaned themselves I have them all stand in the center of the room while I go to the cabinet and get the cock cages I put each one of them in one and had them kneel.

Then I had my helper come in and stand in front of the guys I tell them that we will be working on giving blow jobs Billy is up first he begins by licking and sucking the head of the boys dick and he is doing pretty good I call the next one up and I learn that all of them are pretty good at giving head although the boy isn’t that big maybe 6 inches. I have the boy get some 10-inch dildo and I want to see what they can do on larger cocks. All but 2 of them can deep throat so tell Jake and Paul, so I tell them to continue to work on it and the rest of the group will get to practice on a real dick.

I go to my office and see who is available so I ask Andre if he wants to get his dick and he looks at me and I tell him not me my class when he says, yes I tell him they are ready whenever he is. When we get to my dungeon the other guys are helping Paul and Jake I hear Michael telling them to relax and open their throats someone taught him how to give head. I remove the cages from four of them. I stand in the middle of the room and tell Michael and Billy to come to me and the other two to go to Andre I tell Michael to suck my dick he begins by taking me out of my leathers he pulls them down and begins licking my balls when he takes me into his mouth his it is so hot and wet I moan when he takes me to the back of his throat he swallows around me and I groan I tell him to stop and let Billy take over he takes me to the root I look down and see Michael licking my balls I tell Michael to stop I don’t want to cum to fast Billy is working his throat muscles and it feels good I look over at Andre who has his dick down Rex’s throat he is also enjoying himself he tells Jose to suck Rex’s dick while he begins to fuck is face I grab Billy by the head and begin thrusting in his mouth I tell Michael to suck Billy off and masturbate while doing it when Billy moans around my cock I let loose I begin fucking throat and I feel the tingling in my spine my balls draw up and when he swallows I cum and I feel like the top of my head just blow off he licks me clean and then I hear him cumming. I look at the other two and see lust in their eyes they won’t be cumming today. I wait for Andre to finish I put them back in their cages and tell them that we will break for lunch.

When I get to the office that I share with Ann and I find Nat laying on the couch rubbing her belly my son must be kicking she tries to get up but I tell her to stay as I kiss her she looks at me and I know that look I tell her to open her legs and when she does I know she is not wearing any panties I love her pussy she is so tight. I begin by kissing her clit before I run my tongue up and down her bald lips she tasted so good and she was always so horny. I begin licking and sucking her clit as I put two finger in her pussy she begins cumming telling me not so stop as I continue to lick her pussy my dick is hard as a rock when she ask me to fuck her I get up and lift her up as I sit on the couch and set her down on my dick her pussy is so wet and tight she begins moving up and down she looks so sexy with her large belly I grab her breast and squeeze her nipples are so hard and I want to take one into my mouth but, it hard to do so I let her set the pace as she begins to moves faster she begins moaning and asking if she can cum and I tell her yes and she soaks my lap with her juices I feel myself about to cum so I grab her ass and move her up and down faster. When I cum I lean up and kiss her she looks so tired I ask her if she wants anything to eat and after cleaning up I order us some food and she ask if she can take a nap, so I get a blanket and we cuddle on the couch as she falls asleep.

Chapter 27 coming soon
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