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Once again, I recommend that you read the initial part before this, although I’d warn that the final portion of the first volume - originally two volumes - does become more strange than will be present in following inputs.

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Astral placed herself on a pristine metallic seat – which to her was more a throne – crossing her legs and resting her arms. She looked to her friend, who eyed her over the steaming cup she held; After taking a sip, she rested it in the air beside her, and summoned a gold-bound book. The woman held a royal pose, puffing her chest and resting her chin on her fingers. Her appearance was notably similar to Astral’s, save the markings and a less shapely physique; Her solid golden hair – which shimmered brightly in the light of the flame beside them – flowed gently above the identically coloured dress, that hugged her closely. Opening the book, she unenthusiastically forced a smile. She glanced at some of the pages in her off-hand and the small silken page-break dangling from the smooth paper.

“It’s been a long time, sister.” Said the reader, jolting Astral to open her heavy lids.

“… we’ve had this argument enough in the past.” She replied in kind, forcing herself awake.

“You come back to your home and it takes you… my own sister, seven moons to see me.” Her sister retorted, nastily, waving the book away; she stood and walked to the large fireplace.

“Did you enjoy your time in terra?” She asked, calmly, looking back to her sister; in the light of the fire, the golden hoops of her horns bounced light from them. Astral sighed and stood to meet her sister in the heat of fire.

“I always do… it’s been a little better than before, as I’m sure you know.” Astral answered, resting against the dark walls.

“Yes… I see your plaything has attained much attention, but you know exactly how I feel about that.”

“I don’t think I do…” started Astral, kneeling to observe the flickering colours, “… and don’t call him that, I’m not like you.”

“Oh don’t pretend he isn’t!” She laughed, “You never enjoy yourself, but now you’ve found a tool…” she walked back to her seat and plucked her drink from the air, “You should take a lesson from your blood. I know playthings well.” She chuckled and sipped at the sweet liquid. Astral’s eyes flicked to the ground and her fists clenched.

“I’ve never cared for your behaviour, why can’t you be like everybody else?”

“Of course, everybody else…” She sneered, “With their love and their orgies… what dignities I miss.” Her sister shot back.

“You’re so stuck up, Thalia, you dislike humans, but you’re like most of them…”

“Don’t speak to me like that!” She shouted back, “You shouldn’t leave your peoples, we’re here to care for them.”

“At least I know them…” Astral started, “I’ve never even seen you-“

“How would you know?” Thalia interrupted, “I’m the only one here.”

“What does it matter?”

“Because…” Thalia sighed, “I’m leaving.” She reclined on her seat, looking to the great outdoors. “Olswillan doesn’t need us to take care of it, it’s the ‘Isle of Love’.” She continued, drinking more from her cup.

Astral nodded to herself, before stepping towards the balcony, which hummed with creatures of the night. The moon flowed around her smooth magenta skin, as she took in the familiarly fantastic landscape. Vast spreads of abodes scattered over the slopes and through the leaves of trees; paths swirled through the vibrant grass, and reminded Astral of her earliest days there, exploring the vast, changing society.

“All we need defending from is what you, yourself, bring.” Added her sister’s mature voice, the owner eyeing her captivating sibling.

“One man will change little.” Astral argued, still observing the shape of her homeland.

“But what happens when you bring more?” Her sister asked, “You clearly have no problem with it.”

“Nor do our peoples, from what I’ve seen.” Added Astral, looking to a couple that strolled past the ornate tower she was held by.

“Perhaps your creature is different, but don’t pretend you won’t bring more.” Thalia stated, frustration in her voice, “You’ve always been the problematic one.”

Astral turned and leant her back against the runic wooden bannister; Her striped hair billowed smoothly in the warm wind.

“I suppose I’ll have to ask why you sent Quille so quickly…” Astral implied questionably, “I know she clings to your every word.”

Her sister smiled, looking to her legs, crossing them gently.

“Call it a study.” She answered.

“I call it going above and beyond her task…” Her sister replied, chuckling to herself, as she cast her mind back.

“I think most of our girls have been going above and beyond… I’m almost jealous.” She smirked, her eyes closed.

“You could always act on that… sister.” Said Astral, coyly.

“I don’t stray from my beliefs, especially with mankind-“ Started Thalia, “I wanted her to tell me what he was like, we don’t need trouble here.” She spoke maturely, waving away her sisters suspicious look.

“… and now you know what he’s like… and what he’s ‘like’.” Astral whispered, walking over to her sister and resting a hand on her shoulder. “He’s innocent and kind, which is more than I can say for-“

“Don’t agitate me, sister.”

“We can speak about things come morning, I’ve a need to speak to my so-called plaything…” she began, making her way towards the winding staircase, “Although I’m sure he’s already quite busy.” With that, she exited the lonely hilltop tower, her sister glaring into the raging flames.

A small, circular building sat in a forest clearing, moonlight glistening off the dark roofing. Subtle lights and movements poked through a small window, as warm gusts of wind brushed the tall trees.

Silhouettes danced gracefully in the moon’s embrace, their calmed bodies brushing one another. Flowery fragrances from the varied figures filled the cosy room. Its walls were a canvas of cold, yet homely light, which poked through an ornate window behind the group. The women hummed and giggled and moaned gently in the quiet of the night. The attractive nocturnals swooned around a slumbering stud, his mind unaware, in a state of deep sleep.

As the heat pumped up in the room, two of these pretty animals grabbed and kissed at one another in their skimpy clothing, revealing their petite chests and red skin. Upon close inspection, one would notice their identical appearances during their passionate embrace, their familial blood boiling in their movements. Perky breasts rubbed and pressed together, bringing cute moans from the youthful make-out.

In the centre of the crescent, a work of perfection, who rested in only a snug pair of tights – whose white revealed the tight shape of her intimates - which clung to her wonderfully toned thighs; her knelt body leant over the naked man, who lied on a silky bedspread before the circle. Her long and sublime locks of blonde hair dusted the dark blue skin of her impressive bust; this bosomy woman had her incredible breasts wrapped around a familiarly huge organ - an instrument, from which musical, slippery slaps escaped the contour of her big tits – and was sliding them up and down the shaft, popping the large head in and out of her busty cleavage. The meat of her globes, allowed her entire forearms to support them in their young weight. The owner of the boobs looked young too, with model-like features, that formed perfectly on a face of determination; the black of her irises stared down the barrel of Charles’ cock, as it popped out from between her juicy flesh.

Enthusiastically, a curvy, shorter girl, rested on her stomach, with her plump buttocks waving in the air. The pale white of her cheeks was sliced by blue markings just like Astral’s. Her torso tucked itself between the glistening thighs of her busty buddy – a long, blue platted tail of hair flowed down her slender back and under the big-titted woman – as her succulent lips were wrapped around one of Charles’ enlarged balls, or all that she could squeeze into her hungry mouth. Her lubricant spittle coated the pair and she suckled at his seed factory; her adorable feet danced in the air behind them.

Horned women in ornate, golden underwear, which hung down over their perky tits, surrounded his chest and smothered his smooth skin with their own. The youthful group moaned and danced their small hands around Charles’ body, some of them clinging to him with their bodies.

One spectacularly perfect woman was sprawled against his side and pecked at his wet lips. Her sunset orange leg wrapped over the solidity of his abdomen, rubbing the length of his muscles. Her royally beautiful face and body majestically smothered him. She reached for the wall in her manic kisses and a lantern sprung from the spot; the warm orange sprayed over the room, and her hand went back to gripping his toned physicality.

The loving plucks of a harp bounced from the walls and fell over the pack of excited women, while the arousing slip of a cock between two meaty wet breasts interspersed the relaxing melody. As the woman wanked the bulging 11 inches, which was almost entirely covered by the size of her jugs, she moved her mouth to catch the emerging bulb of his head. Each time, she popped the naked pink of his helmet into her grinning mouth; Her dark eyes watched his sleeping face in all its handsome tranquility; Her gentle throat let out an adorable squeak when she moaned.

“Venthra…” spoke the highest member of the gang, prompting Venthra to pop the engorged head out of her sloppy mouth.

“Mm… yes-yes matriarch?” She asked, flashing a smirk towards the matriarch.

“I think it’s time our young friends enjoyed the human.” She said, with an aroused seriousness in her voice. Promptly, the bosomy woman pouted and withdrew her breasts… after a few more pumps.

“Is it our go?” Beamed the kissing twins, excitement and anxiety in their simultaneous words. Not waiting for a response, they released one another and jumped atop the freely naked man.

“… are you going to move, Caeda?” Said one twin, quickly, as she loomed over Charles’ erotic midriff, “Caeda!”

“Mm mm.” Refused the pale figure, still absorbed in the thrilling taste of strawberry that coated the charmed testes.

Eagerly, one twin had straddled his firm waste, perching herself on the dick that twitched against her smooth stomach. She moaned and smiled at her kin. The matriarch continued to eat his face, now cupping the toned butt resting by her leg. The other twin knelt above the busy Caeda and leant to join in the worshipping of his tasty balls. As she cupped and licked the free object, her companion hovered above his lubricated cock.

“Does he taste good tonight, Marry?” Asked Merry, giggling, as she rested her moist lips on the tip. Her self-elected sister moaned a yes, starting to rub her covered pussy on Caeda’s pale back. Merry slowly drew down onto the pillar below her, and let out a painfully pleasurable squeak. After sliding over his bulbous head, she felt his skin retract further and the smoothness below pulsating against her insides. As her sister moaned during a pause, Marry shifted her squirming lips until she collided with her co-worker. Immediately, the girls mashed their lips together, devouring each other and the testicles between them; Marry lifted her dripping pussy from the paleness below and aided the woman in twisting onto her back. A smiling, sexy face was revealed at the head of her gorgeously sculpted body. Her limbs and tits were holdable in their jiggly nature; Her toothy smile was a mirage of erotica and leapt up to meet Marry’s once more; Their legs entwined and their nethers touched, once Merry lifted the silk of her undergarments. They moaned into their kiss and scissored crazily.

Meanwhile, Merry had taken half of the 11 inches of steel below her, moaning and frowning in ecstasy. Her feet carved tensed pathways into the fat of her behind, her knees bending more and more.

“Oh… he’s so th-“ Merry attempted to say, before she was cut off by more of the bulging cock entering her tight snatch. Her hands grabbed desperately at her perky tits; constant high pitched moans escaped her breathless throat, every second allowing more of Charles into her. Marry and Caeda now licked and mouthed at each other, whilst the massive ballsack was caught in the crossfire; Each of them moaned vibrations into the oversized balls.

The matriarch shifted her serene body, until she knelt behind Charles’ jockey, clutching her hands around her waste. Merry moaned at her touch, then felt her being gently pushed further down on his girth.

“Plea- Matriarch I can’t… mmm” Merry groaned, her breaking voice becoming more aroused by the explosion of feelings inside her, “Ah-ah, oh my love.”

“All the way.” Returned the beautiful woman, clutching her bony shoulders. She pushed down on the petite girl, burying as much cock that could fit into her; Merry let out an uncontrollable scream of pleasure, which shot around the woodlands.

“Mmm… he feels so fucking wonderful!” She continued to moan, now freely sliding up on his shaft, feeling the human dick pushing and rubbing at her insides. As she bottomed out quickly, she let out another scream, as the pleasure she felt shot around her, causing her legs to shake from her weakness.

“Mmm…” Caeda moaned, popping her soppy mouth from the ballsack, her body still grinding against the small twin, “I think your sister is enjoying her first… big… cock” She said, seductively pausing, implying something, before her groin poured with golden dust. Marry squealed and jumped slightly, as she was instantly impaled by a pulsating female cock.

“You- ugh- fucking devil…” She moaned to a smirking Caeda, who went back to going down; their hips bounced harshly into each other, the wet slaps still quieter than Merry’s cautious ride.

The matriarch now explored the twin’s tight body, fondling her small tits, and rubbing at her busy crotch. Merry moaned and cried, now riding the man at a steady pace; she reached to caress Caeda’s face and found her fingers suckled on by her. She withdrew her hand, arched her back, and sped up her pleasurable ride. She tilted her head back and over the matriarch, to see Charles squirming and moaning in his slumber. Her body was becoming weak; the cock filled her to the brim and the excitement it caused took all her energy to ride.

“I don’t think… I’m going to-“ She interrupted herself, with a strong inhalation, before she looked back to her penetrated midriff; her legs twitched and tensed gently, as an immensely strong feeling started to flood around her body. Marry watched her sister, as her twin twitched and slammed her eyes shut; her mouth was agape and a breathless scream started to escape her lips.

“Oh-ah-mmm… Oh shit, he’s making me-“ Merry moaned, grinding against his engorged member, “F——uck. Ughh!” She squealed loudly, slamming herself down and rubbing the matriarch’s moving hand harder against her clit; her body bucked and tensed, her thighs squeezing at Charles’ hips. Moans and screeches could be heard from miles beyond the abode, the dark wood filling with erotic ambience.

Marry was shaken by the sight, and started the same ritual of twitching and tensing herself, while Caeda pounded away at from beneath her.

“Holy cock… cum for me Caeda, fill me up!” She moaned, as her body lost control of itself. In response, the pale woman jackhammered into Marry, moving to kiss her wide open mouth. Her cock twitched and twinged, blasting intense feelings up her shaft.

As Merry’s dam broke and her liquids cascaded down the cock that filled her opening, escaping her contracting pussy. She slumped down with her upper body, her waist being supported by Charles’ prick. She quietly moaned, twitching gently, as consciousness escaped her atop his giant cock.

Nearby, Caeda shot her first ropes of hot cum into her partner, crying with pleasure into her mouth. They continued to thrust into each other, as cum washed between them; Marry flowed with her own juices and filled her pussy with their mixed ejaculate. Both went limp aside from their desperate humping, filling the room with louder slapping sounds and escaping moans.

The matriarch lifted Merry from her man-tool, the girthy cock now slipping easily out of her expanded entrance; the member was soaked in juices and more dripped from her cave; the matriarch rested the girl on Charles’ torso, her head lolling alongside his own. The matriarch smirked happily and sat atop the newly positioned girl, gripping the wet cock.

“Hurry girls, Astral will be back soon.” Chuckled the matriarch, smirking as her two hands stretched around his wideness. In response, the two ecstatic ladies disconnected from each other, followed by a larger pooling of thick ejaculate.

The big-breasted Venthra now knelt between Charles’ legs again, rubbing at her enormous tits, as Caeda and Marry knelt beside her. The girls fondled at his balls and shaft, as the matriarch started to mouth at his big head. The girls giggled and moaned, as Caeda returned to the taste of his giant testicles and clutched his base. Below the matriarch’s suckling lips, Venthra wrapped her lubricated breasts around the familiar shape of his member; she worked them and kneaded them onto his shaft. Merry juggled his free bollock and stroked his thigh. The three of them moaned loudly at the human’s evidently building pleasure, as his unconscious body shifted and tensed.

Merry awoke, listening to the moans and arousing sounds behind her; his hard muscles pushed against her tingling tits, as her pussy still buzzed from her orgasm. Her mouth crept to his ears and whispered a few foreign words, keeping it from her busy companions. Her lips moved quickly to his mouth, covering it with a moan; his eyes flashed open in shock, an innocently excited look shooting into her own. Quickly, his eyes rolled back from her own gaze, the incredible pleasures amounting from his groin and mouth striking throughout him.

He felt a warm mouth sliding over his sensitive head and moist flesh massaging his warm cock. His balls tingled at the feelings around them and his body tingled via the touches it received; he moaned uncontrollably into Merry’s mouth and she smiled in return. Quickly, he found his orgasm close, as though his length had been worked and edged for hours. He gently thrusted into the matriarch’s mouth, his mouth widening in the kiss.

“Mmm… looks like he’s awake and ready ladies, prepared for some decoration?” The matriarch moaned, before pouting and taking more of him all the way into her slick throat.

The three girls retreated in front of his engulfed cock, fondling and grabbing at all the cock and balls they could; they licked their lips and squirmed their bodies in anticipation. At the screaming sensation of her throat, Charles started thrusting wildly into her steady mouth, moaning loudly into his heated kiss.

The matriarch whipped his cock from her mouth, squeezing and stroking it with her hands. His hips started to thrusts harder and more moans escaped him. He gripped at Merry’s behind tightly, prompting a grin from her during their long lasting snog. The matriarch pushed his massive cock down, aiming it towards the hungry girls, as his balls were tightly juggled. He spanked and grabbed the cheeks, and with a long thrust, his cock twitched, before shooting a huge blast of cum onto Zenthra’s waiting tits. She gasped happily; the white spunk flooded down her chest, before the second shot splashed her face, filling her mouth and coating her chin. He left Merry to kissing his neck, so he could let out loud moans. The matriarch jerked at him faster, as two shots were aimed onto Caeda’s stomach and chest, her lip covered with her tongue. She laughed and squeezed his balls gratefully. Another shot blasted below her chin, and another was fired at Marry’s extended tongue, and plastered it with jizz; liquid shot to the back of her throat and dribbled down to her crotch.

The matriarch quickly popped his sensitive head into her mouth and slid down seductively to his base; Charles moaned and coughed out cries of pleasure; she slipped up and down his massive shaft, the shape of her neck showed the contour of his cock, her eyes watered, as she refused to use her powers. Cum streamed down her amazing feeling throat, as the man thrusted subconsciously into her. After being filled with his seed, she released his cock and allowed it to shoot up onto Merry’s back and behind, as the thick cum covered his hands and her back, she squealed excitedly and kissed at his mouth again. These shots fired again and again, until his ejaculate lost interest and started dribbling down to his balls until it ceased. He sighed and rested his head back, with Merry still making out with him; her back was smothered by creamy liquid, which poured gently down onto the wide bead spread.

The three cum-soaked girls lied down on his body and rested after the long session. The matriarch climbed from Merry’s legs, leaning over him and cleaning his cock with her mouth. Charles moaned sleepily into his kiss, his eyes now closed.

“Thank you…” He breathlessly moaned, pleasure hitting him again. The girls laughed in response; the matriarch’s throat hummed onto him in her humour.

“Mmm… we should be thanking you, Charlie!” Giggled Merry, hugging herself tightly to him.

“Charlie-?” He started, before footsteps towards what he could see of the door interrupted him and the harp.

“I like it, I hope you don’t mind the name.” Said Astral’s voice playfully. She stepped into his field of view, smirking at the naughty scene. He smiled at her with his energy restored, looking at her wonderful face. The matriarch gagged and slipped quickly from his penis, looking to Astral’s humoured face.

“He twitched so hard just now!” She giggled, childishly slapping at his wet cock.

“Ooo… glad to see I have an affect…” Astral seductively said, leaning down and kissing at Charles’ forehead. His cock visibly twitched again, noticeably to her. He moaned gently in his throat, before she moved down and their lips clashed once more. Electricity leapt between them, their kiss becoming heated, before Astral moved away and stepped back to his waist; her hand rested on the tip of his slippery cockhead, like it was the handle of a cane.

“It’s been a few days since our last meeting…” Astral winked, squeezing him in her hand, “We need to have a conversation, and I think you’ve wanted that for a while.” She smiled, releasing his cock and looking around at the defiled women and still excitedly deprived women that surrounded the room-sized bed.

They got the message and climbed off of the strong man, aside from Merry who clung to him while she blushed. She shook her head and kissed up at his chin. He laughed awkwardly, standing with her still wrapped around him; as he stood, his cum trickled down from her drenched back, as she slid down until she was resting on the upper side of his shaft. She moaned when her snatch rubbed against his rigid pole, pouting his way when he lifted her from him, resisting the urge of penetrating her – something he didn’t know he’d done minutes before – and rested her by the matriarch.

Standing in front of Astral, his cock swayed peacefully – maintaining its erection – and dripped with leaking jizz. He remained there self-consciously, as women stared longingly at all the impressive parts of his body. Astral chose to teach him a kind of lesson, taking his hand and leading him quickly from the room, through the only other room and out into the night air; still naked and stiff. He resisted somewhat, not wanting his naked body in the outside. She stopped at the doorway, holding his hands and allowing his prick to poke into her.

“You must learn to be confident here, Charlie.” She smiled, reassuringly squeezing his hands. “Look…” she said, looking down to her body, the clothes covering it dusting away in a gold shower. The usual beauty of her body was once again revealed to him, bringing a rise of excitement in him, her smile looking him up and down.

“But what if people see-“ Charles started, still resisting her pull on his hands.

“You just had strange women crawling all over you and that big piece of yours…” she laughed, “You can’t say much about people seeing you, even if you didn’t start that.” She grinned and dragged him out towards the pathway. He held back a smile and looked around for any bystanders. She started leading him from in front, his eyes becoming glued to her perfect, bubbly backside.

The couple walked speedily onto the pathway, like teenagers on their way to a round of exciting sex in the woods. His embarrassed face blushed at the sight of a slim woman sauntering down the path. As they passed, the women nodded to each other and she smirked at his muscular body and still stiff member. As they passed, his embarrassment dissipated by some amount, and near vanished after the next naked beauty eyed him up gladly.

“See?” Said Astral, stopping on the path, “You’re absolutely fine here, and I’m enjoying the view…” she smiled, kissing him lightly. Her juicy breasts pushed into his pecs and her hands danced with his.

“Mmh okay I get it, where are we going?” He asked, between pecks.

“We’re going to my home, Charlie.” She grinned, looking up into his eyes, before she started to trek along the path again.

As the couple walked, they spoke for long, mainly about what had happened to him in all his forced periods of sleep, hence his beam still being stiff after an hour of slow walking. They had passed hundreds of what Charles found were called “Oynnta”, a name for the people of the isle.

“Do your people even have bad traits?” He asked, after a while, “all of you seem so happy and good…”

“Umm… we do, yes.” She said, her firm breasts jiggling in a light chuckle, “some of us more than others, but it’s one of the only things we don’t get a choice in.”

He confidently let her hand go and pulled her against him by her thick ass; he held her back in his hands and looked into her eyes.

“Is anybody as perfect as you?” He asked, basking in the how gorgeous she was, his member massively crammed between them.

“You tell me…” She whispered, moving his hands to her luscious cheeks. Birdsong and ambient sounds relaxingly filled the open air, as the magenta and white woman clutched her hands around his firm neck. They smiled at each other and her glowing eyes stared into his pupils.

“I have my doubts…” he replied, winking cutely at her, “Your everything is what I want.” He said, pecking at her cheeks.

“I guess we were connected the whole time.” She smiled, kissing his muscular neck, “Where did all this confidence come from?”

“Maybe it’s been a week of dreaming about you…” He cheekily replied, the blood building in his cheeks.

After drawing themselves apart, the ravishingly naked bodies walked up a hill, towards a seemingly unique building, unlike any other he’d seen in this strange valley. Their steps paused before the pretty garden in front of the building. His eyes were drawn from the abstract plants and wildlife that lived in the warm night, to the spectacular structure behind its varied nature. The part-reflective building’s shape twisted and morphed a hundred feet into the sky, multitudes of colours and materials both glimmered and hid in the faint darkness. The spire shot up in a spiral; the lower wings shot in either direction, curving around the front of the building; these wings were fully of coloured glass, allowing a clear sight into the interior, which was so diverse in its assortment of clutter and furniture, that it was impossible to gage a theme. The tower, on the other hand, was like a twisting sapphire, the deep red stunned him in the moonlight; the peak of the opaque climb, was a small roofed room, which emitted a bright, white light around its dark material.

Charles stood motionless, his face stunned, as he took in the structure, which shocked him despite all that he’d seen in this strange place, and his mind drifted away when he looked through the crystal clear window.

“Come…” Astral chimed, dragging him, by his hand, through the garden in the circle’s centre. The hot breeze swirled around him; her hand clung hard to his, as she laughed childishly; the large door to her abode – which was more like a gateway to this castle sized house – swung inwards at her presence; she pulled him through the threshold; he tried to glimpse the vast insides of each wing, but was lurched to the spiral staircase.

“My god, this is your house?” The bewildered Charles asked, following closely behind the bouncing white-striped behind.

“It is… I’ll show you around, after we-“ She started, biting her lip in an unquenched excitement. He didn’t push and continued behind the skipping Astral; Her gorgeous ass juggled in front of him, stiffening the rod that swung below him in a frenzied jog. After a minute of exhaustive climbing, the couple burst into a wide room; Astral planted herself at the doorway, causing Charles to clash into her firmness, his cock riding up the dip of her back, which laced it with cheeky pre-cum.

“Oh… you’re always so excited-“ Astral said, the art of seduction fuelling her words, as she turned to grip his twinging cock, “There’ll be plenty of time for us to get acquainted… again.”

“Mmm…” He answered, “I’d never felt like this before I met you, is it ever going to stop?” His voice quivered at the release of his member.

“I hope not… this is Olswillan, and I’m always feeling like that.” She giggled, planting a long kiss on his smiling lips. “Come, sit down.”

The couple stepped slowly - still hugging to their bodies – over to a cushiony set of chairs, which looked like supported beds, and planted themselves under a circular table. As they positioned themselves in extreme comfort, Charles looked around the room, observing the blue and gold ornate appearance; the room looked like an English aristocrats library to him, with drapes hanging from the golden patterns on the ceiling; Small candles hovered in the air, expelling their colourful flames; the light they created was gentle and cosy, so that darkness still cowered in corners of the room.

Behind them, sat a large bed, which followed the style of the room; The posts were rose-gold, trimmed with a white wood spiralling around them, and they held drapes warping the bedspread, which must have been big enough to hold an army of naked women.

“If you look at the bed for too long, you might tilt the table…” Astral said, slapping lightly at his thigh. He turned back towards the windowed wall, looking to the outside, which couldn’t look back.

The night was darker now, and less moonlight bounded from the hilltops and houses. A lit candle appeared at the shaded table, its familiar orange leaving a homely vibe for Charles.

“How is this happening?” He asked, a sincerely shook voice springing from him; he looked to her and her beauty.

“You must have asked me that before…” She replied, “I can barely understand what this must all be like to you.”

“I think it’s just hit me.” He said, his eyes visibly watering, to his surprise. He couldn’t help but feel emotional, as the overwhelming situation really hit him.

“You’ve handled it too well, you need to let it wash over you, Charlie.” She said, looking to the handsome face beside her. “You’re in another world… and it’s nothing like yours, but I’m here to walk you through it.” She rested a hand on his shoulder and popped a pint of ale into existence for him. He gulped it down him and revelled in something from his home world.

“Ah…” He sighed, “I’ve been treating it like a dream… but this is all fucking mad.” Astral smiled kindly at his response, watching him drink the cold ale.

“It is.” She reassured him, “Anything in particular?” Asked the woman, her hand massaging his shoulder muscles gently.

“I’ve been knocked out for days in an- another world, and all I’ve done is something I hadn’t done since I met you… the other you at least.” He said, allowing more ale into his system, as his companion refilled the glass without a touch.

“I can only apologise.” She said, “That’s most of what we do in the Isle, but I suppose it was to help you adjust.”

“I guess it did, and I’m not going to have you apologise… since that first night I was with you, it’s all I’ve wante-“ She cut him off, by graciously clutching what she could of his balls.

“Please go on.”

He breathed heavily and reclined in the chair; His toned torso glistened with a light sweat, as the candle flickered pleasantly.

“Mmm- uh the.. things you can do to me, and… everything.” He stuttered, watching her vibrant and soft hands juggle him.

“It’s something all Oynnta can do… it’s like you being able to read,” Astral explained, “If we are taught, we can do incredible things.” She continued, squeezing at his particulars rousingly. He sighed and nodded, thinking of all the unbelievable things he’d seen done.

“But, can’t you use it always?” He asked, trying to ignore the fingers around his crown-jewels, “You seem to tire and lose your breath…”

“I know.” She said, looking out of the glass in front, “Believe it or not, it’s incredibly dull to be so invulnerable…”

“I suppose that makes sense, mustn’t be so alive.” He responded, following her gaze.

“Not that some people don’t; some choose to live in a constant state of magic.”

“Magic?” He asked, holding back a laugh, “Like wizards and old fairytales?”

“I was doing you the kindness of translating…” She smirked, “Can’t force too much language into your head!” She slid from her seat and onto Charles’ lap; her behind forcing his genitals between his own legs.

“Mmm… I’d take this over a- well…” He paused, searching for a smooth deion.

“- an orgy, Charlie.” She interrupted happily, now feeling the firm shaft of his member trying to escape into her legs; his hand caressed her smooth stomach, skilfully forcing sighs from her. “Ugh… I’ll always be ready for you.” She moaned, pressing her round behind onto his groin.

“How did your people come into this place?” He asked, grinding his hips into her.

“We have our ideas, like you, but nobody knows entirely.” She said, holding back her moans, as Charles kneaded at her breasts, “We’ve been around longer than you, though…” she added.

“How old are you?” He asked, wondering how long exactly they’d been around. “I’m guessing not twenty one.” He chuckled.

“Mmm… well- ugh-“ She started, interrupting herself by allowing his throbbing penis to slap up to her pussy, by sliding her wholesome thighs apart. She lifted herself and turned herself to face him, his cock nestling between her cheeks.

“Mm… I’m one hundred and ten.” She smiled, gently grinding backwards into his shaft. His meat twitched heavily at that; the idea of such a specimen being with a young man like himself.

“You don’t seem it…” He exhaled, fondling her more rampantly.

“My immortal youth becomes yours, handsome.” She grinned, pushing his head down to her nipple, her back arched and the cheeks of her backside were filled by cock. “It might sound old, but for an everlasting being, I’m just a young- ohhh” Her speech was cut off, as his tongue flicked over her nipple and his lips sucked at her flesh. “And you can be too, here… mmh…”

Astral released his neck, moving her hands to her mate’s cock, smothering him in his own pre-cum. Warmth emitted from his rod; she stroked the sensitive head; he felt his stiff cock tingling and twitching at her touch.

“Ugh… your hands feel so good.” Charles moaned, unable to resist thrusting his cock into her moist fingers.

Astral gripped him tightly and worked the shaft, lifting herself from his anticipating groin; she gripped at his shoulder with her free hand and positioned the massiveness of his member beneath her.

“I want it to be you-“ She said, running her hand along him in a familiar way, trailing gold dust behind it. She grinned at the feeling of his original 9 inches.

“As if you ever needed more size!” She giggled, lowering herself onto the man. His head touched the entrance to her excited pussy, bringing gasps from them both.

“Mm- it’s been too long since I felt you…” He whispered, planting his hands around her imperfect butt; Her back arched and she pushed her lovely tits in him.

“Oh, Charlie… you feel so good-“ She moaned, half of his cock now buried inside her. She moaned loudly, his girth now filling her. Soon, she sat on his still-oversized balls. In turn, he groaned and started to massage at her squishy cheeks. His hips didn’t move a muscle, as the fuckable body atop him started to ride. As they moaned and groaned in the dim light, still shaking the comfortable seat, Astral continued to pick up her furiously horny fucking. Her face was the embodiment of ecstasy; she grinned and slammed her eyes shut, as his hot cock filled her pussy quickly.

“Fuck me- fuck me, Charlie!” She cried, hugging herself to his body with another thrust. He did as he was told, and began his own hard thrusts into her, the tightness of her snatch eagerly squeezed pleasure into him.

“Mmm… you’re so fucking incredible…” He breathed, heavily, kissing at the beautifully shaped neck that sat so close. She moaned in response, gripping the tufts of his hair.

The couple thrusted ferociously into each other, their pleasure was insurmountable and their lust exploded in their hearts. The squeals and moans that escaped them reverberated around the room, and their bodies sweated erotically. In a state of bliss, Charles pushed the table strongly from Astral’s quality behind; he stood into a thrust, bringing a moan and sudden pause to their insatiable movements; She continued to bounce onto his meaty dick, breathing exhaustively over his shoulder. The two met for a kiss, as Charles walked the humping sex to the enormous bedspread, walking up onto it with her.

“Fuck… Charlie you’re making me cu- oh ugh—-!” She moaned, before breaking into an elated scream; her body shook and thrust crazily onto him, as he rested her smooth skin onto the silky covers and blankets and cushions. As her sharp movements subsided, he slipped his length from her moist inside, allowing her juices to drip from her and his head. Grinning excitedly, he walked the perimeter and sealed them in a privately draped rut.

As he stepped back to his beaming woman, who sucked seductively on her finger, he felt a force push him to his back, and he was suddenly facing the ceiling from the comforting bedding.

“Looks like… mmm… you’re all mine.” She said, crawling over to his rising chest. His face was written with anticipation, his limbs locked to the softness beneath. Her smirking lips hovered over his solid prick and he could feel the soothing warmth of her breath on his hard head. Her hands stroked up and down his thighs; she knelt herself between his toned legs; her tongue flicked lightly over it and she giggled at the involuntary shudder he gave.

“Ooo… do you want your cock in my mouth?” She pouted, licking up his glands again.

“Shit… p-please!” He moaned, her tongue flicking over his sensitivity again. She moved her lips onto the head and stared up into his wanting eyes.

“Mmm…” She moaned, kissing at him, “Like thish?” She mouthed while rubbing her lips on him.

“Ohh please! Your mouth always feels so good…” He cried, as her smiling mouth and eyes deigned to go further down onto him. As she enveloped his wide tip, she never dropped her sexy eye contact, and moaned in pleasure with his hardness on her tongue.

“-ike -ish?” She asked, giggling onto his desperate bell-end. She stretched her arms up to his torso, playing with his abs and sides.

“Oh god, yes…” He whimpered, struggling against the sensation of her lubricating muscle swirling around his cockhead. She giggled a moan in reply and took half of him into her and down part of her throat. He moaned loudly in surprise; he looked into her smiling eyes as pleasure bubbled around his piece.

“Ughhh fuck!” He said, desperately trying to move his bound arms to her. She forced some inaudible words trough his cock, and he nodded shakily.

“Mmmmmm” She replied, vibrating her throat around his thick shaft, as she lowered herself slowly to his base.

“Holy-“ He inhaled, the pleasure washing over him again and becoming more powerful, as he looked deeper into her happy eyes. She slid herself up and down on him; her mouth was stretched open; her throat was thick with his impressive girth.

“I don’t think I can hold it…” He said, letting his head fall back for a few seconds, “You feel so good!” He continued, his mouth fully agape at the feelings from below. Astral started deep-throating him frantically, her hair cascading around his groin, but her glowing eyes still watched his blissful face.

Suddenly, her juicy lips and amazing throat withdrew pleasurably from his length, giving a loud pop, as her lips readjusted to having no cock between them. She smiled seductively and flickered her eyelids.

“I want it in me, my Charlie…” She said, lying onto her back and hiding her nethers with her bent knees. She looked longingly at him, as he regained control and went to kneel below her tingling groin. He moved closer and lustily forced her legs around his back. He grasped at her closing thighs and pushed himself into her orgasmic entrance; his whole body was tended and he could still feel the burning cum waiting to leap into her. They both moaned gently and grinned uncontrollably at one another, only shifting their faces as a pang of pleasure hit them. He thrust slowly, but fully into her, gliding without friction, but her tightness still hugged to his pumping dick. With each long thrust, he would move further to her waiting mouth, his arms falling alongside her.

“A-Astral-“ He started, as she cut him off, by wrapping her arm around his neck and forcing his mouth to his; his head had fallen to one side and his body was supported by his shaking forearms. She shushed him against his lips and slowly lifted her hips to meet his thrusts. They both moaned, as their tongues embraced before their building orgasms reached the edge. The skin of her behind squished and moved under his weight. He moaned loudly into her mouth and she moaned herself, as her groin bubbled with pleasure and she burst into her orgasm; she held him tightly to her and thrust hard into him. Charles was thrown over the edge at the sight of his quivering mistress and he felt his cum streaming up to his head; he moaned equally into her own mouth, as their crazed snog became even more rampant.

He thrust himself thrice more, before he buried himself into her and shot his first jet of warm cum. They pressed into each other and moaned loudly. His cock spurted his seed into her cosy cave, as she ground her tensing groin into him. With each shot, they twinged together and groaned loudly. Shot after shot fired into her incredible feeling vagina; gasps escaped her, as her own juices flooded her canal and she pushed herself against his tough body.

As their uncontrollable orgasms subsided in a heat of exhaustion and sweat, Astral unwound her gorgeous legs and allowed Charles to roll onto his back. Regaining her energy, she shifted pillows and cushions to their heads and lied next to him. His wide eyes calmed themselves and he rolled lightly to his side, observing the beauty of his woman and her profile. She turned away from him and shuffled her butt into his groin, forcing his semi erect up the crease of her back, as it quickly regained its engorgement. There were a few minutes of silence that hushed the room, as the two of them started fading into their sleep.

“I think I love you, my Charlie…” She sighed, drifting off to sleep in his strong arms.

“I think I love you too, my Astral.” He replied, as his eyes closed and his head planted itself on a cushion.


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