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This is the second part of the story -about a best friend- that I’ve been working on in my mind for a long time now. I have tried to make this chapter longer than the last, as there is so much to tell. If you haven’t read the first chapter, please do.
Before anything else, I’d like to apologize to all those readers I kept waiting on the second part of the story. A lot has happened in the last one year which may have influenced the speed of writing this story.

Secondly, I’d like to thank this community of strangers, it really means a lot when one can bring out their stories, thoughts and opinions without being particularly judged, discriminated or looked down upon. I still appreciate any form of feedback I get from you guys. I hope that any mistakes in grammar or spelling will not affect your experience.

Education as it is around here involves a long, tiresome and boring process. It was worse in boarding life, and particularly in an all-boys high school. This was the reason why Saturday was everyone’s happy day. After a long week of endless studying, waking up early and bulk assignments, it was the day you got to wake up at 7 a.m. and enjoy a heavier breakfast. Entertainment was the best part of it all. A movie or two, loud music, and boys going wild. *laughs*. Even the rich kids got to sneak in some alcohol, although now that I think of it, it was hardly enough. Drugs are not a surprise in any part of the world, don’t judge.

This Saturday however was going to be different than the rest.

Brian and I used to hang out together all the time. He was a bright student, scored all A’s, but that didn’t mean he was any less cool. I just thought that he tried too much. I on the other hand had been an average student, and if I’m being honest, I didn’t try at all. I was contented in the B’s and occasional A’s in subjects like physics and history. Boarding school, just like any other school, was divided in social classes, which mostly had nothing to do with wealth or poverty. There was the geek squad, the cool guys, the sportsmen, the captains, the snitches and so on. The list is endless. It was up to anyone to join the preferred groups.

Brian and I could fit in in literally any of the groups. However, he had a character of minding his own business and that’s one of the qualities I liked about him. He had an evenly built body, it was not once that I’d stare at him when he left the shower. It was amazing. He wasn’t tall, nor too muscular. He was perfect. I was averagely built too. As a rugby team manager, I had learnt that the best way to train my players was through partaking in the training myself. I have always been scared of weights, therefore, I didn’t have too much of a muscle. However, I boasted a nice chest and a nice six-pack figure on my belly from all the push-ups and rollers.

Since the last incident with Brian, I felt a little bit insecure towards him, he had handled me with total dominance and that kind of freaked me out. I would try everything to make less contact with him, including being the last in the dormitory, so everybody was sleeping when I got there. I even started hanging out with my rugby guys during breaks and meals. It got really awkward at times when we’d make a brief eye contact. He had the most appealing eyes, blue, convincing but mostly intimidating.

I rushed down to the entertainment hall to find a nice spot, away from our usual spot with Brian and other friends. There was no way I was going to be close to him for this long. I was out of luck, and within a quick glance I could see Vic, my other room-mate motioning me to a free spot next to him. I quickly obliged as the movie was about to begin. I sat in the partial darkness waiting for the students to settle down so the movie could start. Just as we saw the title “American Pie” I felt a cold breath next to my ear whispering for me to squeeze and make space for him to sit. To my horror, it was Brian. I almost stood, with mixed feelings of anxiety, excitement, and an unusual fear. Had it not been dark, I swear anyone would have noticed my reaction. He was already sited while I made an effort to scooch over, holding a soda in his hands. My face was burning with embarrassment. The movie was overly sexual, and I could already feel a bulge in my sweat pants. Brian was so close that I couldn’t move my hand to adjust my dick. I stayed there, waiting for it to go away, which it never did. Thirty minutes into the movie, I bore courage to dip my hands into my pants, beneath the boxer shorts and adjust my hard-on.

I was about to sigh in relief and accomplishment, when I felt another hand feel its way into my pants. I couldn’t move an inch. My spine was ice-cold, and so was my stomach. His hand had already felt its way into my underwear and it was holding onto mine. I was bewildered and I couldn’t let go off my cock. As if that wasn’t enough torture, I felt his teeth biting my ear, while a warm gentle breath escaped into my left ear. I wanted to talk, maybe warn him that somebody could have been watching, but I was too scared, too hard to even move. If his mission was to just get me turned on and leave, then he had accomplished it. However, he did not move away from me. Instead, he tightened his grip around my dick and motioned for me to move my hand. I obliged.

At that time, I still hadn’t uttered a word. I was just sitting, stone-cold. I wanted so badly to feel his lips, but that would be a risky move. Therefore, I just played along and let my other hand find its way into his pants. That probably caught him by surprise, but I wasn’t going to stop just because he was uncomfortable. The reaction was almost as immediate and I could feel his grip around my own dick loosen. His cork felt so different from mine, it wasn’t as thick, but I bet it was half an inch longer.

I wasn’t stopping at anything. I let off his dick from his boxers so that it was now in his pants for its major length. I started stroking it slowly, making sure I didn’t draw any attention to ourselves. I could feel his throat swallow a moan, and I could hear his teeth clench. The movie no longer mattered to any of us, and was caught off-guard when Vic touched my shoulder, and pointed towards the huge screen. I bet he was talking about a sexy girl in the movie, but I couldn’t grasp anything. I was in shock at the initial thought that he had caught us. Brian was in his own world then and he was just nodding uncontrollably. When Vic got back to the movie, Brian and I excused ourselves and I told Vic that we were going to grab a snack from the cafeteria.

The walk from the hall to our dormitory was a long stretch, but this time it took forever. Not any of us had uttered a single word- maybe it was the cold weather. My hands were in my pockets trying as much to restrain my throbbing cock. Brian was walking so close to me I could feel the air he breathed out. We finally got to our room, and just like last time, Brian locked the door. This time was different however, because I already had a plan in mind. The movie wasn’t going to be over in another one hour so I figured out we’d make good of this time.

Immediately we were alone, I pressed my lips on him, kissing him long and passionately. I pulled his shirt over his head and started kissing him from the neck downwards. As I licked, my hands got busy holding his rock-hard dick through his pants. It was the first time I was holding a penis other than mine, but I thought it was wise to treat it similarly. I pulled his pants and underwear down, and behold, standing straight was his beautiful member. It was prettier than I suspected, shady red and numerous veins. I couldn’t wait to get it in my mouth. I held his balls firmly in one hand, still trying to master the courage to take it in. “It’s your first time. Ain’t it?” Brian asked. “Yeah, but I guess it’s time to repay a favor.” I replied. I eagerly took it into my mouth, using my tongue to get it as wet as I could. I began bobbing my head up and down my cock and I could already feel his breathing get faster. He gave a slight moan but I wasn’t going to stop yet. “Dude, I’m comi…..” Even before he got the words out of his mouth, he started gushing shots of cum after the other into my mouth. It had a taste I couldn’t definitely describe, but it was salty for the better part. I swallowed it all and I could fell his cock begin to feel flaccid in my hand.

“Come on, it’s your turn.” He said. I only thought he was going to return the blowjob favor but I was clearly wrong. He reached into his suitcase and fetched some lotion. He squirted a handful into his hands, pulled off my pants with the other and gently rubbed it on my dick. As soon as he was done, he lay back on my bed and commanded me to fuck him. He applied some of the lotion on his tiny hole.

I hesitated at first as this was much unexpected, but I didn’t give it much thought. I gently placed my penis on the entrance and began to slide it in real slow. Fuck! He was tight. After a few seconds though, I managed to get all of me in and started pounding gently. Finally I gathered my pace and began fucking him fast. His quiet moans drove me over the edge even faster and I knew that I’d cum soon. He was lying on his back while I fucked his tight hole. I grabbed his dick in an effort to draw away my attention from my ecstasy. Finally, I came, shooting string after string. I collapsed on his chest, my penis softening on his belly.

I took a quick glance at my wrist-watch. “Fuck!” I screamed. The movie was about to end and we had a lot of mess to clean up. I stole a quick kiss and sprinted to the bathroom.
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