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The world's first futa cuckolds the wife of the Russian president while he delivers one huge surprise!
The World's First Futa – Futa's Wild Presidency

Chapter Five: Futa's First Russian Passion

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

April 17th, 2047

“It wasn't a move I was expecting,” I said as I stared at the cameras. I shook my head. I still couldn't quite believe it had happened. “President Demyan Ignatov caught me completely off-guard.”

“Is it safe to say that was the most surprising moment in your presidency?” Adelia asked, the caramel-skinned woman leaning forward, such interest in her eyes. She licked her lips.

“Definitely,” I said, shaking my head. “I can still remember that moment, coming down from my orgasm, and then getting punched in the guts. He orchestrated it so well. He knew just how to distract me.”

“Everyone knows how to distract you,” Adelia said, a big smile on her lips. “Pussy.”

“Pussy,” I agreed. “His wife and his sister's pussy. How could I not be distracted?”


August 17th, 2038

“I am so sorry that my husband is running late,” said Katerina, the wife of the Russian president. “Demyan had a pressing state matter come up.”

“I understand,” I said, smiling at the gorgeous brunette. She was a tall, fit, Russian beauty, her large breasts straining the champagne-hue gown she wore, the thin straps holding up the delicate dress. Her nipples were hard, her cheeks flushed. “It's brave of him to leave you alone with me.”

“My brother is brave,” said the woman walking on my other side, her arm also entwined with mine.

Zinaida was her brother if he'd been cast into a feminine mold. A striking blonde with flashing, green eyes, her lips plump, her round breasts jiggling in the soft-blue dress she wore. They jiggled and shook in such interesting, distracting ways. She had my dick so hard.

“In here, we have prepared refreshments for you and your futa-daughters, Madam President,” Katerina purred. I always traveled with my daughters who advised me.

“Oh, please, Becky,” I said, grinning at them. “And I thought you and your sister-in-law were my refreshments.”

“Well, we could hardly satisfy you all ourselves,” purred Katerina as the pair of Russian guards opened the door. The two men looked like mirrors to my own secret service.

I groaned at the room we entered. The Kremlin was an impressive place. It had that nineteenth-century, European excess you saw in their palaces. Everything was gilded, the crown molding carved with such detail and insert with gold. The walls were painted striking colors, sometimes clashing, but always bold. He furniture was elegant, hand-carved, made of expensive materials not used in modern times.

In addition too all that finery, this room had five naked, young women. They all cooed and giggled as we swept in. My daughters groaned behind me. It wasn't lost on me that there was one each for my futa-daughters I brought, a bevy of sultry delights for them to enjoy.

“I am going to love Russia,” Danielle moaned as she snagged a leggy brunette with teardrop-shaped breasts that swayed. The Russian girl giggled as Danielle pushed her down onto an ornate divan and fell on her, kissing her hard. “Shame Rebecca had to stay behind on this one.”

I nodded my head. Rebecca was back in Washington D.C. keeping on eye on the government for me. I trusted second-oldest daughter for that task.

My cock throbbed in my panties. I shivered, licking my lips. I loved sharing these little orgies with my daughters. Lola and her wife Jen grabbed a girl with dark-olive skin, her small breasts topped by upswept nipples. Lola took the right breast, her sandy-blonde hair falling over the Russian girl's tit while Jen engulfed the left nipple, both sucking.

“Mmm, your daughters don't waste time,” Zinaida purred as she pushed me towards a couch in the middle of the room, her fingers already undoing the buttons of my blouse while Katerina slipped off my blazer.

“Neither do you and your sister-in-law,” I moaned, my cock throbbing.

“We both want to be bred by you, Madam President,” husked Katerina.

“Ooh, Mom, this is going to be great,” Leah groaned as she pushed a blonde, Russian girl with high cheekbones down by the shoulders. He girl knelt before my daughter. Leah shook her head, her strawberry-blonde hair swaying. “Mmm, suck my futa-cock, slut.”

“Da,” the blonde Russian moaned.

“Yes, yes, I want you to do that, too,” Christina said as she took off her glasses. “What's your name?”

“Toma,” a black-haired, Russian girl with a delicate nose and plump lips said. Her large breasts shook as she sank to her knees before my nerdy daughter. “I will suck your girl-cock much hard.”

“I like the sound of that,” Katerina said, unzipping my skirt while her sister-in-law opened my blouse, exposing my naked, round breasts.

“No bra,” moaned Zinaida. “Naughty.”

“You're not wearing one, either,” I said, glancing down her blue dress, the fabric of her dress clinging to her round breasts.

“And ruin the look of my gown?” she said before she nuzzled in and sucked on my right nipple.

I groaned, my pussy clenching at the rush of pleasure shooting through me. My hips shook from side to side as the passion surged through me. My pussy clenched. A wave of heat washed through me that had me dizzy with delight. My eyes fluttered.

The president's wife tugged down my skirt. She moaned, squeezing my rump through my panties. She tugged that off and kissed my butt-cheek. I shivered as the president's wife smooched along my rump while her sister-in-law nursed at my right nub.

“Oh, Mom, this is awesome,” groaned Bethany. She already had her top off, her large breasts quivering as she held a brown-skinned, Russian beauty's head to her stomach. The girl had short, woolly hair, her African heritage contrasting with my daughter's pale skin. “It's nice when someone else procures the girls.”

“Mmm, no temptations for you to pop their cherries before the orgies,” I said as Katerina nuzzled between my butt-cheeks. “Oh, my, President Ignatov has a wicked wife.”

Zinaida purred as she popped her mouth off my nipple. “Yes, she is wanton, isn't she? Mmm, and your cock is out.”

The blonde Russian pulled off her dress, revealing her naked body beneath. She had round breasts topped by dusky-pink nipples. Her pussy was shaved, already glistening between her thighs. She winked at me, a smile on her lips.

“Just beautiful,” I groaned.

Her smile grew naughtier as she sank to her knees. She stared up at me with those green eyes that were so much like her brother's. I smiled. This trip was going wonderfully. I couldn't believe Ignatov offered up his wife and sister to me. I would breed them both.

I shuddered as the president's wife fluttered her tongue against my asshole. She rimmed it, swirling her tongue around it while Zinaida kissed at the tip of my futa-cock. She nibbled on it with her plump lips, sending such pleasure rippling down to my pussy. My snatch clenched as the heat rippled through my body.

“Mmm, yes,” I moaned, my eyes growing dizzy.

“Yes, yes, eat her, Jen,” Lola moaned as she slid her girl-dick into her wife's pussy. They already had one daughter, Rebecca, and I swear they wanted another. Lola had the chance to fuck Russian pussy and still found her way into Jen's snatch. “Mmm, yes, yes, make her cum.”

“Yes!” whimpered the dusky-skinned beauty. She had the look of Siberia about her. “Oh, so good pussy eating! Get me ready for Lola's big futa-cock!”

“Yes!” Lola moaned.

I shuddered, my body shaking. My daughters gasped and moaned around me as Zinaida slid her mouth over the tip of my cock and Katerina's tongue wiggled into my asshole. This was so exciting. I was cuckolding Ignatov and fucking his sister all at the same time.

I loved being the world's first futa.

Katerina's tongue felt so naughty as it swirled through my asshole. The heat melted into my pussy. My juices flowed, already soaking my bush and dribbling out of me. My cunt squeezed every time Zinaida sucked. She moaned as she did, so hungry for my cum. Her hand pumped up and down my shaft, stimulating me, driving me wild.

“Yes!” I groaned. “I'm going to cum in your mouth then fuck you and your sister-in-law.”

“I want that,” moaned Katerina before she sucked on my asshole, her fingers stroking up my thighs towards my juicy cunt.

“Ooh, you naughty slut, Toma,” moaned Christina, her brown hair sweeping about her shoulders as she fucked the black-haired, pale-skinned beauty's mouth. “Yes, yes, take my cock! Then I'm going to fuck your pussy!”

“Danielle!” squealed from the divan, my daughter fucking her beauty hard. I couldn't see them, but the piece of furniture rocked.

“Yes, yes, yes, take my cock, Yaroslava!” moaned Danielle. “Your pussy is so tight! Mmm, tight, Russian pussy!”

“Big, American futa-cock!” Yaroslava moaned back.

My lust swelled. I loved that my daughters were having fun, and I had a hot mouth rimming my asshole and another sucking on my cock. Katerina's fingers found my pussy, sliding up and down my snatch, adding a third delight, my dick throbbing in Zinaida's pumping hand.

Katerina's tongue wiggled into my asshole. A hot rush of pleasure fired right up to the tip of my futa-dick buried in her sister-in-law's mouth. I moaned, Zinaida's tongue sweeping around the crown, hungry for my cum to erupt into her mouth.

I smiled, my breasts jiggling. My blonde hair swayed around my shoulders. This was so exciting. My daughters moaned around me, enjoying their Russian whores. I was so glad they were getting pleasures, too.

“You Russians know hospitality,” I moaned.

“Mmm, we are cultured and refined,” purred Katerina between licks of my asshole.

“Yes, yes, I can tell!” I moaned, my pussy clenching on her fingers pumping in and out of my snatch. “Just keep stirring me up. I'm going to cum so hard. I'm going to flood Zinaida's mouth with my futa-jizz.”

“Yum!” Katerina purred.

She pressed her mouth back into my asshole. She swirled her tongue around, dancing around it. I shuddered, my eyes widening. It was so hot to experience. My breasts quivered. My hips shook from side to side, loving this moment. The bliss of Zinaida's nursing my cock while Katerina rimmed my sphincter.

The president's wife jammed her tongue back into the depths of my bowels, reaching as far as she could. My pussy tightened on her pumping fingers. The silky friction built and built, increasing the pressure at the tip of my dick buried in Zinaida's mouth.

I shuddered, my heart hammering in my chest. My orgasm swelled. My ovaries brimmed with futa-cum. I threw back my head and gasped out in rapture. My pussy convulsed, spasming about Katerina's fingers. My asshole writhed.

“Drink my futa-cum!” I howled.

My girl-jizz erupted into Zinaida's mouth.

The blonde, Russian beauty squeezed her green eyes shut. She moaned as my spunk splashed into her mouth. She gulped it down while sucking, her hand fisting up and down my cock, massaging out every drop of cum.

“Ooh, yes, Becky, flood her mouth!” moaned Katerina. “I want to share it with her!”

“Oh, that's hot!” I moaned, the pleasure rushing through my mind.

“Yeah, it does!” Leah moaned. “I'm about to cum in Fedora's mouth.”

I grinned at Leah, her round breasts quivering as she fucked her blonde, Russian tart's mouth. Leah's strawberry-blonde locks danced about her shoulders My orgasm peaked. My cum fired a final time into Zinaida's mouth. Her cheeks bulged.

Then she popped her mouth off my cock and moved up to sit on the couch, her legs spread wide. Her shaved pussy glistened, her lips parting to show off her inviting depths. Katerina pulled her fingers out of my pussy and moved around me.

She pulled off her dress, winking at me. Like Zinaida, she wore no panties. The president's wife had heavy tits, large and swaying. Her dusky-pink nipples thrust hard and fat. Her stomach was smooth. You'd never known they just had their second child.

With a wink, Katerina draped herself over her sister-in-law.

I groaned as the Russian president's wife and sister made out on the couch, swapping my cum back and forth. My futa-dick throbbed so hard at the hot sight. I stroked it, wet with Zinaida's mouth. Pussy juices ran down my thighs. My asshole tingled, remembering Katerina's touch.

Zinaida was tasting my sour sphincter as she passed my cum into her sister-in-law's mouth.

“That's so hot!” moaned Leah. “Oh, Fedora, take my cum! Take every last drop!”

Bethany ripped her own futa-cock out of the brown-skinned, Russian whore's mouth. “On your hands and knees, Arisha. I want to fuck that asshole!”

“Yes!” Arisha purred, her voice melodic. Her dark skin was so exotic in a room of Caucasian futas and women. My daughter's girl-dick quivered wet before her.

My eyes flit from her lining up to sodomize Arisha to the president's sister and wife kissing on the couch. Zinaida's hands groped Katerina's rump, squeezing and kneading the, pulling their pussies together to trib. Katerina's brown bush rubbed into her sister-in-law's shaved snatch.

Katerina moaned. She broke the kiss, arching her back. Her large, naked breasts quivering. Her sister-in-law cupped the left tit and brought it to her mouth. She sucked on it, her cheeks hollowing. Delight spread across the president wife's face.

“Mmm, I love nursing,” Katerina groaned.

“Nursing...” Then my eyes widened. I stared at her other nipple, the dusky-pink nub beading with white now. “You gave birth three months ago.”

“Such a thrill to nurse. I've been looking forward to sharing my milk with you and Zinaida since my husband proposed we... entertain you.”

I couldn't think. I could only lick my lips as I moved around her to sink on the couch beside her sister-in-law. My blonde curls, lighter hue of gold than Zinaida's, brushed the president's sister as I nuzzled into that fat, proffered nub.

I latched on, suckled.

Creamy milk flooded my mouth. I shuddered in delight. My eyes widened at the taste of her sweet breast milk. It splashed warm across the roof of my mouth and tongue. It coated everywhere. I suckled again, letting it fill my mouth before I swallowed.

It left an aftertaste of cantaloupe in my mouth.

I nursed again.

“Mmm, yes, yes, Becky,” moaned Katerina, “and Zinaida. Just drink my mother's milk. Mmm, you're both so naughty.”

My futa-cock throbbed as I nursed from the president's wife. I squeezed her heavy tit hard, her milk squirting with more force into my mount. I shuddered, realizing I was milking her teat like an udder. My pussy ached as I squeezed and massaged her breast, drawing out more and more of her cum.

It spilled over my tongue. The wondrous cream made me shiver. My futa-cock twitched and throbbed. Such delight flowed through me. My eyes fluttered. I nursed with such passion. I suckled hard, gulping down more and more breast milk with every suckle.

“Such hungry girls,” moaned Katerina. “Mmm, especially you, Becky. Just a hungry futa-girl!”

I was.

My free hand slid down her back. I found her rump, kneading it as she nursed from me. Her ass flexed. She was still grinding her pussy into Zinaida, the pair tribbing as they enjoyed this wild treat. My fingers dug into Katerina's rump, holding tight as I suckled with such passion.

“Yes, yes, ride my cock, Yaroslava,” Danielle moaned.

“Drink all my cum, Toma,” whimpered Christina.

“Yes, yes, Lyubov, cum on my wife's mouth!” Lola howled.

“Cum in me, Lola!” Jen moaned.

Every swallow swelled the heat in my pussy. Every gulp made me ache and throb. I shuddered and groaned, my futa-dick throbbing. I had to be in her. I ached to feel the president's wife around my cock. I tugged on her ass, pulling her to me.

She didn't resist.

I kept nursing from her as she shifted off her sister-in-law and straddled me. Zinaida released her nipple, her green eyes smoldering as she watched Katerina straddle me. The president's sister grabbed my cock and held it for the president's wife to impale on my dick.

“Chyort!” Katerina moaned as she plunged her married pussy down my cunt.

The MILF rode me. I suckled harder on her nipples, her milk squirting into my mouth. My hand gripped her rump as she squirmed on me. Her hips stirred her cunt around my dick. The pleasure flowed through me, her breast milk warming my stomach.

Katerina's married pussy worked up and down my girl-dick. I moaned about her nipple. Her milk gushed into my mouth. I squeezed her breast hard, milking her tit as she fucked my futa-cock with her tight cunt. Her silky flesh massaged me, the pleasure building and building in me.

“Such a tight ass!” Leah panted.

“You're so big,” moaned Fedora. “Oh, Leah, you're so big in my ass!”

I shuddered, my orgasm building so fast. I was so eager to breed the Russian president's wife. Demyan Ignatov had led his country against me. He rallied against futanari, and now his wife was my whore and his sister stroked my tits.

“Mmm, you're going to breed my sister-in-law, aren't you?” Zinaida coed while Katerina rode my cock. “Just cuckolding my brother.”

“She is!” whimpered Katerina. “I can't believe Demyan wanted this! He told me to! He begged me to cuckold him and be bred by you! I didn't hesitate! I wanted you! Every woman in Russia secretly wants you!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” gasped Zinaida. Then she latched onto my nipple, suckling on it while I nursed at her sister-in-law's fat nub.

More milk splashed into my mouth. It filled me. I felt drunk on it. I gulped it down with such passion. Silky pleasure worked up and down my cock. I groaned and whimpered, the pleasure building and building in my ovaries.

The heat of her milk warmed my belly and flowed to my cunt. My snatch drank it up, feeding it to my ovaries. The ache built and built at the tip of my cock, that mighty need to explode swelling and swelling in me.

“Now lick my wife's pussy clean, Lyubov!” Lola moaned. “I pumped her full of my cum!”

“She did!” Jen gasped. “She wants to have another baby! She might have bred me.”

“Maybe she breed me, too,” Lyubov moaned.

“Only if I can keep you from Mom!” Lola gasped.

Jen squealed. “Yes, yes, lick up my cum. And Lola, honey, fuck her! Get your cock hard and fuck her. Make a Russian baby! Make two futa-daughters tonight!”

My cock throbbed in Katerina's pussy. I would have to avoid Lyubov. I wanted my granddaughter to grow in her womb. That was so hot. I suckled hard, my lusts on the verge of exploding through me. I groaned, suckling hard and...

No milk flowed.

“I'm dry!” moaned Katerina. “But other tit!”

“Yes!” I moaned, switching teats to the one wet with Zinaida's saliva.

I tasted Zinaida on Katerina's nub. I suckled, sweet cream flowed. It tasted just as rich and melony as her other breast. I shuddered, the heat building in me. The president's wife rode me so fast and hard. I groaned, the pressure building and building in me.

Zinaida stopped sucking my nipple. She nuzzled up to my ear and hissed, “Breed my sister-in-law! Then breed me! Utterly cuckold my brother!”

I squealed around Katerina's nipple and erupted.

My cock fired into her depths. I nursed at her breast milk, gulping it down as my futa-cum spurted over and over into her fertile depths. She slammed down my cock, moaning out in bliss. Her pussy convulsed. Her hot cunt spasmed, massaging my cock.

Pleasure hammered in to my mind. A mighty flood of euphoria swept over me. This great tide of bliss that had me gasping and moaning. I squeezed my eyes shut, the pleasure melting my mind. Waves washed out of my convulsing snatch. My juices squirted out of my cunt as her pussy milked my cock dry of my futa-cum.

“President Becky, yes!” moaned Katerina. “You are bringing Russian and the U.S. so close together! You make a baby in me!”

“Yes!” Zinaida hissed. “Now it is my turn.”

I took a final suckle from Katerina's breast, my mind reeling from the bliss. I nodded my head. “I'll breed you, but only if you lick my cum out of your sister-in-law's snatch.”

“I have never eaten pussy before, but I will devour hers,” moaned Zinaida. “I will eat my brother's wife and make her cum again while you breed me.”

“Yes!” I grinned.

“Ooh, you are a naughty futa,” moaned in the background. “First you cum in my butt and now you lick me clean.”

“I'm just nasty that way,” Leah moaned. “And you have such a cute butt, Arisha.”

I groaned as the president's wife slipped off my cock. The brunette stood, her bush matted with my cum leaking out of her. Her heavy breasts swayed and jiggled as she stretched out on the couch, leaning against the arm rest.

“We are running this couch,” she moaned. “The Romanovs commissioned it over a hundred years ago.”

“Price of diplomacy,” I panted, standing up.

“You Americans have no depth to your history,” she panted. “You don't appreciate it at all.”

“I appreciate the present.” I grinned as Zinaida settled between her sister-in-law's thighs. “And the present is a work of art.”

Katerina gasped as Zinaida feasted. The president's wife ground on her sister-in-law's mouth, those large tits jiggling. Katerina's eyes fluttered and she let out a throaty groan. Her head arched back, her brown hair dangling off the side of the couch.

“Zinaida,” panted Katerina. “Oh, yes, yes, you are so eager. For Becky's cum, or my pussy?”

“Maybe both,” Zinaida purred, wiggling her hips.

I smiled, taking a moment to survey the room. Lola was fucking dusky-skinned Lyubov now while the Siberian beauty feasted on Jen's creampie. Christina was on top of Toma, pumping away, driving her cock deep into her. The divan still rocked, but this time I could see Yaroslava's head, her brown hair swaying, as she rode Danielle. Leah still feasted on Fedora's asshole, licking out her own cum, and Arisha moaned as Bethany fucked her from behind, my daughter's golden-blonde dancing about her face.

I grinned, so glad my futa-daughters were enjoying themselves as I settled behind Zinaida.

Her shaved pussy beckoned. It begged to be filled by my futa-cock. She wanted to be bred. My futa-dick dripped with her sister-in-law's pussy juices. I grinned, so loving this moment. It was so hot. I was so glad I was the first futa-president.

The first futa.

“Fuck her!” moaned Katerina. “Breed her. I want to be pregnant with her. It will be proof to my husband that we obeyed him.”

“Just a good wife fucking the world's first futa,” Zinaida said. “And letting me eat her snatch.”

Katerina gasped, “Zinaida, yes, yes, wiggle that tongue in me!”

I smiled. Moans echoed around me. Passion burned through the Kremlin. I pressed my cock against Zinaida's hot, shaved snatch. Her juicy vulva rubbed against me. Pleasure shot down my shaft to my own cunt, my cream running down my thighs.

I rammed into her snatch. I filled her pussy to the hilt. My tits heaved. She moaned into her sister-in-law's snatch. I grinned, grabbing her hips and pumping away. My crotch smacked her rump, my blonde hair bouncing about my shoulders.

“I'm going to breed you both!” I moaned, thrusting away so hard. “You're going to give birth to Russia's first futa-daughters!”

“Yes!” Katerina moaned, her hand squeezing her big tits. Milk dribbled from the right one, not completely drained. “We shall! Fuck my sister-in-law! Pump your futa-cum in her!”

I shuddered, thrusting away so hard while Zinaida licked. I couldn't see what the blonde did to her sister-in-law, but Katerina loved it. Pleasure crossed her face. She kept gasping and moaning. The sight was so inspiring.

It kept me fucking my cock hard into Zinaida's cunt. I plowed into her with powerful strokes. I filled her to the brim again and again. My futa-dick rejoiced. Her tight snatch, her silky embrace firmer than her sister-in-law's, massaged my futa-dick.

The pressure ached at the tip.

“Oh, yes, take my cum!” Christina moaned.

“Ooh, you're pumping so much into me,” moaned Toma. “You're filling my pussy.”

“And you know what the best part is?” moaned my nerdy futa-daughter.


“I get to lick all my yummy cum out of you!” Christina gasped.

“Yes!” hissed Toma.

“Your daughters are so kinky!” moaned Katerina. “They will transform Russia.”

“We'll see!” I gasped, thrusting away hard at Zinaida's pussy.

Her hips wiggled. She stirred her pussy around my cock, teasing me. I groaned, the pressure building and building in me. I was coming closer and closer to erupting. To spilling my cum into her hot depths. This wonderful bliss built in my ovaries.

I had more fertile cum just aching to burst into her snatch. I would breed her. I pictured President Ignatov escorting his wife and sister to events, both pregnant with my futa-daughters. Proof to his nation that I had utterly cuckolded him.

That he offered me up his wife and sister to be my whores.

“Yes, yes, yes! I'm going to fill you with so much jizz!” I howled, driving hard into Zinaida, coming closer and closer to erupting.

“Danielle!” Yaroslava howled, her head throwing back while the divan shook. “You're shooting so much cum into me!”

“I am! Ooh, god, yes! I want you to sit on my face and suck my cock hard once I finish!”

“You futas loving eating your own cum out of pussy!” moaned Katerina.

“We do!” I gasped. “I'll lick Zinaida clean.”

I reached around Zinaida and frigged her clit as I pounded her cunt. Her bud, covered in her cream, throbbed. Then her pussy went wild about my futa-dick. Her flesh spasmed and writhed. I groaned, loving that delight. It sucked at me. My pussy clenched. The pleasure surging down my shaft.

“Yes!” I howled and buried in her.

“Breed her, Mom!” moaned Bethany as she fucked Arisha hard from behind. “Breed the president's sister!”

I exploded.

My futa-cum pumped into Zinaida's cunt. Her orgasming pussy milked my cock. She worked out all the jizz. It spurted over and over into her fertile depths, my second Russian woman bred of the evening. Dizzying lust washed through me. Stars burst across my eyes.

My pussy convulsed, celebrating this triumph of my foreign policy. I rubbed Zinaida's clit hard, her pussy convulsing with such passion around my dick. She squealed into her sister-in-law's snatch, the antique couch groaning beneath us.

“Oh, Becky, you're breeding her, aren't you?” groaned Katerina.

“I am!” I panted, growing dizzy with lust. “Ooh, I like how you Russians welcome visiting heads of state. Such a friendly welcome.”

Katerina smiled at me.

Zinaida's pussy milked my cock dry. I leaned back and sat down on the couch, my dick popping out of her. My shaft waved wet while her cum leaked out of her in a hot flood. I licked my lips, so eager to lap up my jizz.

“Cum in me, Lola!” howled Lyubov.

“Breed her, honey!” moaned Jen.

“Ooh, yes, yes, my cum taste so good out of your pussy,” moaned Danielle. “Ooh, yes, suck on my dick, Yaroslava!”

“That was incredible,” Zinaida groaned.

“It was,” Katerina said, stretching and standing.

“Everything is going great,” I purred, buzzing from my orgasms. I glanced at Zinaida, eager to lick her clean.

Then Katerina saunter to a small table, her hips swaying. I watched her, cocking my head. What was she up to? Something naughty, I hoped.

She grabbed the remote. The TV in the corner was the only part of the richly decorated room that didn't fit the nineteenth-century, Romanov architecture of the Kremlin. She turned it on and smiled.

“Perfect timing, Becky,” she said, turning around. “My husband is making his announcement.”

“Announcement?” I frowned.

“Mmm, yes, this is perfect,” purred Zinaida, her fingers playing with her messy snatch.

Her husband was on there. I frowned as English subtitles played at the bottom of the screen, translating his Russian. Katerina returned to the antique couch and snuggled back up to me. Her hand grasped my wet cock, stroking it while Demyan's sister rubbed at my pussy.

“What is going on?” I asked, blinking. “Your husband is making a speech about...” I frowned, reading the words, the sounds of gasping and moaning from my futa-daughters, who were still enjoying themselves, fading as an unease settled into my stomach. “Is he talking about me?”

“It is because of President Woodward that I have made this decision,” the subtitles read, appearing in stuttering blocks of white text. “I had wished to lead the Russian peoples to greatness, but I am not capable of negotiating with President Woodward's futa-perversity. She would use my darling Katerina against me.”

“Mmm, yes, you would,” Katerina purred, rubbing her belly. “Such a wicked futa.”

“She is,” Zinaida said. She brought cum-covered fingers to her mouth and sucked my girl-jizz off of them.

I ignored them, my stomach sinking. All my daughters were distracted. He sent his wife and daughter to keep me busy while he made his move.

“This is why I am resigning the position of president effective immediately. My entire cabinet has already delivered their resignation to the parliament save for Konstantin Markov. It falls to him to guide our country into its future. Only he can make the decision for the good of our people.”

“Who the fuck is Konstantin Markov?” I demanded. “Christina!”

“Hmm,” my brunette daughter asked, lifting her face from between Toma's thighs. My daughter looked strange without her glasses on. She had pussy juices smeared over mouth along with white streaks of her own cum. “What's going on, Mother?”

“Who is Konstantin Markov?” I asked while Zinaida and Katerina both giggled in delight. I stood up, abandoning them pair as they snuggled together.

I hated being fucked with.

“He's...” Christina blinked. “Um... He's the Minister of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy. He's as junior as it gets in President Ignatov's cabinet.”

“Well, the rest of the cabinet and the president just resigned,” I said. “He just got promoted. Who is he? What's he like?”

“He's a man of focus,” a deep voice said.

I whirled around to see a tall, black-haired man in a dark suit enter. He stood with powerful, regal bearing, his cheekbones prominent. If I was into men, I would find him handsome. He had a smile that reminded me of George Clooney.

“A man who loves Russia,” he continued, stepping over Danielle writhing with her whore. “A man who will not let you destroy his nation. If you will follow me, Madam President.”

I set my jaw and marched after him, naked. Christina swallowed and rose, but I waved her off. There was no time for a briefing now. The Russians thought that they could ambush me, to change the person in power and throw me off-balance. I wouldn't let it happen. I would rise to the occasion and figure out how I could use my futaness against President Markov. A man this handsome had to have a wife. Maybe even mistresses.

I could use that against him. Every man ached to witness me breed their women. He would have that itch at the tip of his cock. I could use that. I smiled as he opened the door into a side room, a pair of chairs around a marble coffee table. A tray with two shot glasses and a bottle of vodka with a green label rested in the middle of the table.

“Shall we negotiate?” he said as he took his seat and grabbed the bottle of vodka.

I nodded my head. “So Ignatov had the balls to serve up his wife to me and then step down so I couldn't use her against him.”

“He is a patriot,” Markov said as he poured the vodka into the two shot glasses. He handed me one.

I took it.

“Za zdaróvye,” he said, raising his in a toast.

“Za zdaróvye!” I repeated, trying not mangle the words. Then I downed it. The vodka was smooth, crisp. I let it warm my belly. “Why you?”

“Why do you think?” he asked.

“Because you knew my staff wouldn't care about some junior cabinet member. You're like my Secretary of Housing. A nobody, but a nobody still in the line of succession.”


“You thought that if I didn't care about you, I couldn't arrange to meet your wife and seduce her.” I licked my lips. “Mmm, I couldn't spread her thighs and slide my cock into her pussy. I couldn't fuck her hard until she gasped and exploded on my futa-dick.”

“True,” he said then held up his left hand. No gold band encircled his ring finger. “Alas, I am not married.”

I shrugged. “You are young and handsome. You have a girlfriend. A lover.”

“Do I?”

I leaned forward, my futa-cock throbbing. “Of course you do. Some sexy, young Russian delight. Imagine how cute she will be gasping on my futa-cock. How hot it will be to witness me firing my cum into her depths. She'll be nice and juicy for you when you take her after.” I licked my lips. “Women are always better lovers for their men after I've... enjoyed them.”

“Tempting,” he said. “But, still, no girlfriend. No mistress.”

“But you have a lover and...” My eyes widened. “You're gay.” A pit yawned in my stomach. “That's why you were chosen.”

“Yes, why I accept such a... trivial position,” Markov said. “Now, convince me that futas are great. That it is worth it to Russia to sign the Dubai Accords. You don't get to use any of your tricks. You can't make me ache to be cuckold. You can't beat me in a fucking contest. Though you have a cock, the rest of you hold no attraction to me what so ever, and I know my lover will hold no attraction for you.

“So you have no games to play. No lust to use. Only your persuasion. Why are futas great?”

I swallowed, trying to gather my thoughts. “We bring people together. We unite them like never before. Love is such a potent force, and we spread it. Wherever we go, we bring more joy and happiness to the world. Imagine that, no wars. No suffering. No more genocide. Men and women couldn't do that. But futas...

“We're a union of the masculine and feminine. We can bridge the gap that has divided the sexes. Our passion makes us lovers. We won't settle our differences through fighting, but through seduction.

“Through negotiation.”

He rubbed his hands together. “But you are going to make men disappear. I happen to like men. Why would I support that?”

“I'm not trying to make men extinct,” I protested.

“Doesn't matter if you are trying, that will be the result. Futanari are supplanting men and women through breeding. I know that even your daughters breed only more futanari. In a few generations, every human being on the world will be your descendant. You are both the Adam and the Eve of a new species of human. Homo sapiens futanari.”

“I'm not replacing men and women,” I said. “I'm combining them.”

He snorted. “The end result is the same. A world without men.”

“A world of only one gender. It'll be the end of all sort of bigotry.” I leaned forward. “I know Russia legalized homosexuality, but you still can't marry your partner. You still are looked down upon, yes? Called a... pedik? A faggot.” I winced at saying that disgusting word.

He shifted.

“Well, when there's only one gender, there won't be any bigotry over anything as petty as who likes sticking what into what hole. No one will be homophobic then. No one will care who you like to fuck. You like to love.

“It will be true equality. A world united in a way never before possible. That's what I want.”

He poured himself another shot of vodka, downed it, his eyes boring into mine.

“I just want to unite the world.” I shifted. “You can help us, President Markov, or your country can be the only nation left out of this future. Russia may be the largest nation in the world, but can you survive everyone else in a union against you. Can your keep borders that large free of any futanari slipping in, of bleeding through them.

“No border is secure. They all are porous.”

“We can survive,” he said. “We can protect ourselves.”

“Can you?” I didn't like playing hardball, but he had to understand. “How long until us futas breed you out? Before you country is destabilized by having no trading partners. What will you do if you have a bad harvest? How long before your country has no choice but to join what I've built.”

He worked his jaw.

“You know it's happening. Slovenia fell. How long before Ukraine? Before Estonia and Lithuania? Before Poland? Will Azerbaijan stay loyal to you, or see the way the world is shifting. And Uzbekistan? Can you trust them not to defect. Why, their president has a beautiful wife, and I am traveling there next...”

“Your point?”

“That you can have a seat at the table. You can help me direct it. You would have a voice for Russian in the future that I am creating. I don't care about the past, about how things were between America and Russian in my childhood, earlier.

“I'm all about the future.”

I extended my hand across the table. “Will you join me, President Markov, or will you be left choking in our dust as history is made without you?”

“You have balls, President Woodward,” he said, eyes flicking up and down my naked body. “You truly will destroy Russian with this alliance, huh?”

“I will leave a united world for my daughters,” I said. “After all, I'm their Adam and Eve. Shouldn't I do a better job than the originals?”

“You have my nuts in a vice,” he said. “I hoped you'd be weak without your cock, but...” He extended his hand. “I will accept a seat at the table. Progress cannot be stopped. It can only trample you into the mud.”

Our hands clasped. I knew then that I would do it. Unite the world. Create that future.


April 17th, 2047

“That was it,” I said. “It still took another ten years from that handshake, but this January, it will happen. I couldn't have done it without Konstantin's help. He has proven invaluable to creating our united government. It's been hectic. Getting all the countries to ratify it. All those various parliaments to support it, but the ink is signed.”

“You shall be the first president of the world,” Adelia said, shaking her head. “It's not going to be easy.”

“No, it won't,” I said, leaning back. “We'll have a lot of work to do. It's still fragile. People aren't used to universal peace. But my futa-daughters are coming of age every day around the world. Hey will help bridge the gap. In fifty years, well, it'll be a different planet.”

“Well,” Adelia said. “We're almost out of time, but there is one story I am sure everyone wants to hear about. One event in your life thy are dying to hear you tell.”

I felt the audience fall into a breathless quiver of anticipation.

I smiled, nodding my head. “I would love to talk about that. It was in my second term, I was busy negotiating another flare up in the Middle East...”

To be concluded...
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