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He would pause a second and then thrust hard all the way into my tummy.
I was down in the laundry room getting ready to do a few loads of wash. I started to pull the dirty laundry out of the basket and throw it into the washer when I smelled a scent. It was my son Rob's underwear. I held it up to my nose and then realized what it was. It was the smell of cum. I looked and saw there were cum stains in my son's undies. I know I shouldn't have been doing that but my husband Mark and I weren't having sex much these days. That smell got me stirred up.

There was no one around at the moment. I unzipped my pants and I pulled my panties to the side. I began to finger my pussy as I held Rob's underwear up to my nose. I wondered how he stroked his cock and then blew his cum. Did some of it stain the shorts I was about to wash? I was almost embarrassed to be thinking of my son. He was now nineteen and had filled out from when he was a child. He was tall and thin and I suspected he had a big cock.

At least I hope he was large. I must have not heard the sound because Rob came down the steps and walked up right behind me. I think we were both shocked to discover each other like that. My face was all flushed from rubbing myself. Rob had some more clothes he was bringing down to be washed. He noticed immediately what I was doing. We just looked at each other for a long moment. Rob looked down to see where my hand was. Just like that he pulled his zipper down and he reached inside to pull out his cock.

It was as I suspected. I was looking at a cock that was at least seven inches in length and fat as well. I guess I lost whatever self control I had. I dropped the stained underwear and I knelt down before my son. I think he was shocked as I reached out and drew his cock towards my lips. I just had to have him now, there was no other way. I went crazy sliding my tongue up and down the underside of his dick. A few moments of that and then I took him in my mouth.

His cock had that musky scent that always got me worked up. I wrapped my lips around him and tried to take him as deep as I could. My son was letting out these gasps as I worked my mouth right down to the root. He was growing harder by the moment. When he was deep in my throat I decided to pull away. I think we both knew what was coming next. I pulled my shirt off and removed my pants and underwear. Rob wasted no time in stripping down completely. We then stood naked in front of each other.

"I have to have you Mom," he told me.

Just like that he closed the lid on the washer and hoisted me up. Rob spread my thighs apart and then moved into place. I could feel the chills going up my spine as Rob placed his mushroom against my opening. In one quick movement he was inside me. It had been so long since I had cock. Rob pushed all the way into me and then held his cock stationary. I thought I would cream myself right then. My pussy was going into spasms. Rob then pushed his hips back and forth, giving me every inch of his rod.

I needed my son in the worst way right then. I placed my arms around his neck and Rob lifted me up from the top of the washer. We stood there in the laundry room. I was hanging onto my son as Rob pumped his cock all the way into my belly. There were lots of grunting and love moans as Rob took me like a cheap whore. His cock felt so big. I was having all these small orgasms as Rob circled his cock around inside my tight tunnel.

Rob did place me back onto the washer and he finished me off from there. My legs went back and he had an open view of my dripping hole. Rob pulled out just leaving the tip of his prick inside me. He would pause a second and then thrust hard all the way into my tummy.

"I need your baby cum," I told my son.

He gave me an odd look and then a few minutes later he exploded inside me. I threw my head back as I felt those hot streams of cum entering me. I was on the pill but I had thoughts of Rob impregnating me right then. What would it be like to have my son make my belly big from his cream. I think those thoughts send me over the edge. I held on as more and more of his male juice flowed into me. Like all good things, this finally ended. Rob got soft and he pulled out.

We both looked down and watched as his seed dripped from my pussy and onto the washer lid. I knew I was spent from taking a fucking from my son. I soon stepped down onto the floor. My legs were weak and I had to steady myself. We had a kiss together and Rob got dressed. Believe it or not, I ended up doing the wash. When I got the first load going I went upstairs. Rob and I talked and we knew there would be more sex in the near future.

Rob has fucked me nearly every day. Before he goes back to school he says he wants to have me as much as possible. I am not used to getting it everyday and my pussy is a little sore. I have ridden Rob dick more times than I can count. I make him hard with my mouth and then I mount him while we are in his bed. I slide down his prick and he raises himself up and gives me everything he has. I love to feel my son's hands massage my big tits. He pinches my nipples and he has made me squirt on more than one occasion.

Right before Rob left for school he said I should get off the birth control. I could feel my pussy twitching when he told me that. He wants to make me pregnant with his baby batter. I know how crazy it all sounds but I want him to coat my eggs when he next gives me his steamy spunk. Hopefully by the time Rob gets back for the holidays I will be ready for him.
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