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"Does this turn mama on? Does watching your whore of a daughter suck cock and lick balls turn you on?"
As I returned to my office at 12:30 on the dot, I noticed that all of the upper management staff had taken off for the rest of the day, to get a headstart on the 3 day holiday weekend ahead of us. When I looked around and saw that I was one of the only people working, I quickly grabbed my things and headed for the door.

While driving home, I saw that the weather outside was nice, so I planned to take a jog through my neighborhood when I got home. Plus, I had a new sexy jogging outfit that I was sure was going to turn a lot of heads.

I made it home at exactly 1:00 PM. Exactly two and a half hours before my daughter Erica would be arriving home from school.

As I stood in front of my full-length mirror, checking out the way my new pink and white outfit hugged my slim/thick 6', 190 lbs, 38-D's, and 48-inch hip, chocolate frame, I was sure that I'd be receiving a lot of attention today. My pink and white yoga pants really made my ass look luscious. But the way the mid-drift pink and white top clung to my ample bosom, left little to the imagination.

After charging my matching pink Beats wireless headphones, I cranked up the volume and listened to Kendrick Lamar - DNA, as I jogged up the block.

I could feel the guys watching my every step. Watching the way my firm chocolate 38-D cups swayed from side to side, as my round ass would jiggle uncontrollably.

Soon, the sweat that was dripping from my neck, down to my chest, had caused my shirt to really cling to my tits. Giving all onlookers a clear visual of my pierced nipples, which were now protruding through my sports bra.

After getting my 3 miles in, I started to make my way back home. Normally, I would take a shortcut through the back alleyway. But the weather was so nice out today, plus, I wanted to turn a few more heads before I made it home. So I continued to strut down the busy Downtown L.A. sidewalk.


With my daughter not due home for another hour or so. I thought it would be a great idea if I surprised her with her favorite afterschool snack. Grilled cheese with my homemade tomato soup.

I was less than a block away from my home when I looked up and saw my daughter Erica and two of her friends, who were supposed to still be in class, standing on the sidewalk smoking cigarettes. Not only that. She wasn't wearing the outfit that she wore when I dropped her off at school this morning. Now she was wearing a pair of cut-off daisy dukes, showing off more than half of her firm teenaged butt, and a strapless halter top, that made her firm 32-C cups stand out.

My daughter Erica, who's a lot like me when I was her age, stands at 5" 7" tall and 120 lbs. So she sticks out like a sore thumb when she hangs around girls her own age. Most men think that she's my sister. People are always saying I look like Paula Patton, but with bigger boobs and a lot more ass. And my daughter Erica is a 13-year old version of her mother.


I knew that my daughter was into boys, I just didn't think she would wear some so risque this soon. I grew afraid that she was heading down a slippery slope. So I figured the best way to protect my baby, was to teach her a lesson. One that she would never forget.

Erica and her two girlfriends, were all so caught up on trying to look cool while smoking their cigarettes, that none of them saw me as I ran upon them and said: "Just what the hell do you think you're doing young lady? You too, Janice and Precious. Shouldn't you girls be in class? Somebody had better start explaining"

Erica was the first to speak "It's not what you think, mama! You see, what had happened was...." I knew she was about to start lying, so I cut her off right there "Don't give me any bullshit, young lady! Or I swear I will smack the taste out of your mouth, right here on this corner. Now try again! This time tell me the truth, minus the bullshit" I say as I place my hands on my hips.

"We all ditched school after the 2nd period, then we went to the mall to hang out with some of our friends." She say's as she looks down at the ground.

"And by friends, you mean boys, right?" I say as I lift my daughter's head up by her chin.

"Yes, mama!"

I was a 13-year old girl before, so I already knew where this was headed. So I decided to send her friends Janice and Precious home. "You two girls take your asses straight home. I'll be calling your parents in a while."

Then I took my daughter into the house and had her tell me everything that had transpired after I dropped her off at school this morning. I was removing my sweaty sports bra as she told me her story.


After listening to my daughter tell me the story of how she skipped school, to hang out with older boys from the local high school. One of whom she'd given a handjob, before letting him cum in her mouth - and so did her two girlfriends. Then they headed to the mall, where they stole expensive lipsticks and sunglasses. And on their way home, they'd stolen cigarettes from Ed, the homeless guy who sleeps in the alley behind our house.

I'm not sure if I'm more upset that she ditched school, went to meet an older boy who later on came in her mouth, or that she shoplifted a few items from the mall. All things that I'd done as a teenager. The thing that seemed to piss me off the most, was the fact that she'd stolen from Ed.

Ed is a sweet homeless guy, who does nothing but collect bottles and cans, so he can buy booze and cheap cigarettes. I'd say he's in his mid 50's, slightly overweight white guy, about 5" 9' tall, with long grey hair and a scruffy looking grey beard.

Sometimes he even empties my trash, when I leave my garbage bags on my back porch. He even sweeps the leaves out of my backyard every Fall, for $5.00. That was the last straw. It was time to teach my daughter a very hard lesson. "Come with me, young lady," I say as I grab her hand and lead her into the back alley.


It didn't take us long to find Ed. I could smell his foul stench from a block away.

He was lighting up a cigarette, as we approached him.

"Dammit lady, your daughter and her friends stole my cigarettes earlier. Then they ran away. Now I gotta smoke a damn menthol." He say's as he flicks his ashes on the ground.

I knew that he was pissed and he had every right to be. So I felt that it was only right that I have my daughter make it up to him. "I'm so sorry, Ed! Here's $50.00, so you can buy yourself a carton of your favorite brand of cigarettes. Also, my daughter want's to make up for what she did to you earlier...Don't you, Erica?"

"Yes, Mame!"

"Then get over there and make it up to him"

I watch as my daughter walks slowly towards Ed, extending her hand as she say's "I'm sorry for stealing your cigarette's today" before shaking his hands.

Ed's eyes were focused on my daughter's breasts the entire time. So I thought to myself, now would be the perfect time to teach my daughter a lesson. And that's just what I did.


I looked over at Ed, who still eying my daughter's boobs and said: "Do you like what you see, Ed?" He looks up at me and say's "Well, yeah, I guess. What else you got?"

I could tell that Ed was picking up what I was putting down. So I took it a little further. "Tell her what you want, Ed."

Ed flicked his cigarette on the ground and said: "I wanna those perky, teenaged tits"

I looked over at my daughter who was beginning to walk away before I grabbed her and told her "Since you stole from this man, it's only right that you do whatever he asks. Do you understand me, young lady?"

Then she say's "Yes, mama!" before walking over to Ed.

"Well, pull 'em out, goddammit!" Say's Ed, in a very authoritative tone. Then I watched as my 13-year old daughter looked around for a second, before lifting her shirt and revealing her firm chocolate covered 32-C cups. It wasn't long before Ed was reaching out and squeezing my daughter's tits. She didn't say a word, she just stood there while our homeless neighbor fondled her breasts. He kneaded her breasts for a while, before pinching her chocolate nipples. Ed must have been doing a good job, because soon, Erica was biting her bottom lip.

I could see the bulge in Ed's filthy, smelly pants getting bigger by the second. Soon he was rubbing his cock and demanding that Erica suck his cock. "Get down on your knees, girl. And suck my fucking dick, NOW!"

Causing my daughter to snap out her little trance, then glance over to me, looking for me to intervene. But she still needed to be taught a lesson, so I told her to "Do as the man say's and suck his cock, now!"

As Erica kneeled down in front of Ed, reaching into his pants to pull out his cock. Which, judging by his height and weight, I would've thought he was packing 5, maybe 6 inches of white cock. But as my 13-year old daughter Erica pulled out 10 thick inches of rock hard cock, my jaw dropped.

But as the foul smell escaped from Ed's unbathed body. My daughter looked over to me and said: "This is too gross, mama. I can't do this" I walked over to where they were and said "Yes, you can and you will. Now suck!"

Ed's cock looked as if he hadn't bathed in weeks. But soon Erica was cleaning his filthy cock. Inch by dirty inch. She slurped and sucked almost six inches of Ed's nasty cock down her throat before Ed told her to clean his ball sack.

I began to rub my hot pussy while watching my daughter lick Ed's filthy balls, while his big white cock rested on her forehead. That's when Ed looked over at me rubbing my hot cunt and said: "Does this turn mama on? Does watching your whore of a daughter suck cock and lick balls turn you on?"

Then, without even thinking I said "Yes! Yes, it turns me on"

Then I felt Ed's hand on top of mine, as I was rubbing my throbbing pussy. Then he slipped his hands into the waistband of my jogging pants and right into my hot pussy. Soon the sounds of Ed's fingers sliding in and out of my pussy and the slurping sounds coming from my daughter sucking his cock echoed through the alley.

As Ed was working my hot box. Erica was really getting into Ed's blowjob. Because soon, she was alternating between sucking Ed's cock and licking his big hairy balls. I thought he was going to cum in my daughter's mouth when he pulled his cock from her mouth and started stroking it. But that's not what Ed had in mind.


After removing his smelly fingers from my dripping snatch. Ed threw me up against the fence and pulled my pants down. Then he asked my daughter "Do you wanna watch me fuck your mama, little girl?" And without any hesitation, my daughter said: "Hell yeah!"

Then Ed said: "Watch this" As he slammed his big cock into me. I could feel his grubby hands on my wide hips, as he pounded me from behind. He was fucking me like he was mad at me, and I was enjoying every second of it.

Just knowing that I was being brutally fucked in a back alley by a smelly homeless man, made me feel like the nastiest whore on the planet.

Soon, I felt Ed grab me by my long hair, as he told my daughter "Reach under there and squeeze her tits" And that's just what she did. I could feel my daughter squeezing my tits, while Ed was fucking me like a madman. Stroke after long stroke. Then he began to slap my ass, hard, as he told Erica "Squeeze 'em harder, goddammit!"

Erica really began to apply a lot of pressure to my aching nipples, as Ed plowed away at me from behind. Before pulling my head back by the handful of my hair and saying "How do you like that, slut? (bang) Do you feel my cock deep in your pussy, whore? (bang) You and your whore daughter (bang) are both fucking sluts"

Then he pulled his cock from my sore twat and said: "Now open wide little girl" Then he aimed his cock at my daughter as she kneeled beside us and jerked off all over my baby's face. "Ahhhh that's it you little slut. That'll teach you not to ever steal from me again, goddammit"

Then he grabbed me by the hair and said: "Now get down there and lick your daughter's face clean"

Ed was shaking the last droplets of cum from his cock, as I kneeled next to my daughter and began to lick his salty jizz from her face. "Yeah, that right you fucking whore. Lick her clean, goddammit!"

There was so much of Ed's cum on my daughter's face, that it took me almost 5 minutes to lick it all off. "There, all clean," I said as I get up off my knees.

I was pulling my pants back up, when Ed lit up a cigarette and said: "I'll be around if you girls ever need another lesson" Then he disappeared into the dark alley.

The End
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