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Frank and Janis role play Master/slave resulting in Janis being punished for rule infraction. Has oral
Step Daughters' Desire chapter 2

Chapter one showed the beginning of Frank and Janis. This is the continuation of the story.

Frank and Janis had a date lasting one weekend. Sunday morning begins with Frank and Janis enjoying breakfast and talking about the night before which involved intense multiple orgasms, bondage, domination, submission and a little pain/pleasure. As they sat at the kitchen table talking about the activities of the night before Frank ask Janis questions regarding what she felt about what he had done to her wanting to know what she enjoyed and what she did not enjoy.

He pointed out everything they did and ask if she had done any of it before and would she like to experience more of the same and other things that he had not done to force her to orgasm until she ask for “Mercy”. Frank could tell she was a little nervous discussing it but she showed signs of excitement and arousal as he ask about each aspect of their activities that night.

Janis told him she had no previous experience of bondage or pain but even though it had taken her by surprise and frightened her at first she had enjoyed all of it and wanted to learn new things about his kinky side of sex.

She told him especially now that she had survived and enjoyed the forced orgasms with the fact that she now realized he would not injure her she could not wait to see what he would come up with to use her and give her the pleasure again. He noticed her wiggling in her seat and could smell the aroma of her sex. She in fact was experiencing tingling and wet feelings in her pussy from the memories of the exceptional sex just a few hours before.

Janis was so aroused she finally slid from her chair to her knees in front of Frank and slowly opened his robe to find he was sporting an eight inch rock hard cock. She looked into his eyes and ask what he had planned for today.

She began to stroke his cock with her small hands as he told her he wanted to surprise her to make it more exciting for both of them. She smiled and ask if she could suck his beautiful hard cock. He smiled down at her and nodded.

Sticking her tongue out she moved to the tip of his cock still stroking it with her small hands and licked the pre-cum before taking his hard cock deep in her warm wet mouth.

She surprised Frank when she took more of his cock with each down stroke of her head working up and down his cock using her tongue along his shaft. He was trying to control his orgasm to enjoy this feeling longer. He almost shot his load when she gagged but took his cock deep in her throat. She gagged a few times but controlled the gag reflex and her throat massaged his cock trying to please him. She pulled up his shaft to the head and quickly pushed down into her throat a couple more times before Frank grabbed her head and forced her mouth down on his cock burying deep in her throat and held her there shooting his cum straight down her throat.

Janis moaned as soon as Frank tangled his hands in her hair and took control of her head and mouth. She did not know why this made her so hot but she felt the heat of an orgasm surge through her body. She felt it as it moved her to the edge of an intense orgasm. She could not control her orgasm when the first shot of cum splattered in her throat and she screamed a muffled scream on his cock and her whole body violently shook sending her own cum shooting from her pussy onto the floor between her knees. Frank pull her head up until his cock moved from her throat letting her breath more freely. Janis felt the spasms in her pussy as the after math of her orgasm subsided. She did not try to remove his cock from her mouth and slowly sucked it massaging it with her tongue until she felt him going soft. Frank took his hands from her head and she let his softening cock slip out past her lips as she caught the last drops of his cum and swallowed.

Janis sat back on her heels and looked up at him smiling. Frank smiled down at her and said “ That was totally awesome my sweet little bitch.” She giggled and said “ Yes it was Sir. Thank you so much.”. She then told him that was the first time she had ever swallowed a man's cum or had an orgasm from giving oral to a man. She got a serious expression on her face and told him he had made her cum more in the last few hours than she did the whole sixteen years combined while married to her ex-husband. The fact was that she did not know sex could be so much pleasure for her.

Frank sat looking down on her as she knelt on the floor in front of him as if she did not want to move very far from him. He told her that if she wanted to continue to say so. Janis felt a surge of pleasure and smiled telling him if he was up to it that she was ready and willing to let him do anything he wanted to her.

Her answer made Frank's cock twitch and a big smile appear on his face. Janis saw his look and it gave her a warm feeling that she had pleased him. He became serious keeping eye contact with her he told her that they were going to role play Master/slave. She did not know exactly what that meant but smiled at him saying “ If that is what you wish, Sir.” She thought to herself if it meant receiving multiple intense orgasm like the night before she would gladly be his slave.

Seeing the puzzled look in her expression he began explaining to her the rules of the game. If you agree to be my slave for the remainder of the day you will obey my commands with out question or hesitation or you will be punished. You will have your safe word “Mercy” if you need to communicate. You will not speak or cum without permission and once you agree to be my slave you will address me as “Master” failure to do so will get you punishment. If I need to punish you and it is something you cannot take you will use your safe word. If I do punish you I promise I will not injure you or leave any permanent marks on you any where. If there is punishment you can scream and cry for me but I will not stop unless you use your safe word. Is that understood and do you want to be my slave for a day?

She thought for a minute before asking Frank. “ Are you going to tie me up and force me to orgasm like you did last night.” Frank's reply was “ Yes I am going to tie you up in different positions and force you to orgasm until you beg for “Mercy” and I will punish you if you orgasm without permission.”

His reply excited and frightened her because she did not know if she could keep from having an orgasm until he permitted it. In the same sense she was confident that even though she would experience some pain he would not injure her. Once she thought about it she looked at Frank and said “ Master, it will please me very much to serve as your slave to do with me what ever pleases you.”

Frank smiled and told her she would answer to slave or bitch for the day. She replied “Yes Master” with her eyes looking down to the floor. Frank told her to go into the bed room, strip naked and kneel on the floor at the foot of the bed with her knees wide apart and hands behind her back. Just this command made her pussy get wet and she felt the juices trickling from her cunt lips as she stood and walked to the bedroom leaving Frank still sitting at the kitchen table.

Janis quickly moved to the spot he had instructed her to be, removed her T-shirt, knelt on the floor knees spread wide opening her dripping cunt like a blooming flower, back to the bed and placed her hands behind her back. Frank sat at the table slowly drinking the remainder of his orange juice.

Janis remained as she was told waiting anxiously for him to come to her. The excitement, fear, and anticipation had her getting more aroused by the minute. She needed to touch her nipples which were standing at attention burning with the need for attention. Her pussy was pulsing with desire as juices leaked like a dripping faucet creating a puddle between her thighs on the carpet. It seemed like an eternity since she assumed the position at the foot of his bed. She felt if he did not come in soon she would scream with the frustration of waiting in such an aroused state of sexual torture.

Frank left her alone in the bedroom with only her thoughts and desire for twenty minutes, which seemed like hours to Janis. He walked into the bedroom and before she thought of what she was doing she look up with a big smile and ask “ Master, will you please fuck me now?” When he abruptly stopped in his tracks and looked at her with a harsh expression her heart almost stopped beating and fear shot through her brain realizing she had broke his rule by speaking without permission. Dread of the forth coming pain of punishment gripped her soul and she started crying. She wanted to plead for forgiveness but knew from the look on his face she should not speak again. She then realized her pussy was winking sending more juices onto the floor. She ask herself silently if she had just become more aroused with the knowledge she is about to be punished. There was no denial of the fact she had been aroused.

Frank stood in front of her looking down on her now. She kept her head bowed until he commanded her to stand. When she heard stand bitch she immediately stood. “Sit on the edge of the bed legs open wide bitch.” She did as commanded without any hesitation. She could not keep from crying softly from the thought of the pain she was about to receive but was determined to take her just punishment to please him, her Master. She felt the familiar blindfold slip over her eyes and tightened putting her in total darkness. She was expecting restraints on her wrist and ankles now. She almost jumped out of her skin when he plunged to fingers deep inside her wet dripping pussy. She had to use all of her will power and control to keep from erupting into an intense orgasm without permission from her Master.

The sudden invasion of her over aroused cunt was unbearable with just his fingers had her wanting to beg for permission. Then she remembered her safe word for communication purposes. As his fingers kept her on the edge of orgasm working in and out hitting her G-spot she screamed “Mercy” . Frank suppressed the urge to laugh. Without stopping his fingers from fucking her Frank ask what she wanted to say. Breathing hard and between moans she ask him if his slave had permission to cum Master. With an evil smile he told her “NO” and pulled his fingers from her pussy. He slapped her open pussy with his open hand letting his fingers hit her aching hard clit. She screamed and clamped her knees together. Not from the pain of the slap but to keep from releasing a gigantic orgasm teetering on the edge of exploding in her cunt. She started crying hard from the frustration of orgasm denial when she is so close and needing to release the pleasure in her body and cunt.

Frank ask her does slave wish to stop and go home. The thought of disappointing him she shook her head and replied “ No Master” I am here to please you. What happens to me does not matter as long as it pleases you.” Frank grinned and told her to lie back on the bed leaving her ass on the edge. She quickly obeyed and lay still as he tied rope around each of her ankles. She could feel him close to her pussy as he knelt between her legs to tie the ropes around her ankles and silently yearned for any contact from him on or in her pussy. She lay on the bed with her hands to her side as he raised her ankles in the air and tied them to the bed post stretching her legs wide giving him complete access and control of her ass and cunt. She felt the renewed shocks of pleasure building to an orgasm just from being tied and feeling helpless.

She felt her left arm pulled to the side of the bed and rope tied around the wrist. She did not move as he moved to the other side of the bed and tied rope around her right wrist then pulled it toward the head of the bed securing the end of the rope to the bed post. Janis breathed deeply as her left wrist was tied to the opposite bed post. Frank could tell that being bound had an arousing effect on her by watching her tits rise and fall with her raspy breathing. Her nipples stood out from her tits hard and red. She was wiggling her pretty little ass and pussy needing to be fucked to orgasm so badly.

Frank moved around the bed standing between her legs so close she could feel the heat from his body. She raised her hips in a silent plea for him to take her hard. Frank let his hard cock rub the inside of her left thigh down to and across her cunt to her other thigh up and back down to her open wet pussy. He let his cock head rest at the opening to her pussy with her trying to trap it.

Janis jerked hard against her ropes as Frank rammed his cock balls deep in her wet sloppy pussy. She screamed and every muscle in her body tensed attempting to control the orgasm rising like a stampeding bull to the peak. She pleaded “Master please can your slave cum on your wonderful cock?”

Clenching her teeth hissing trying to stop the intense orgasm beating at the gate to be released. Her muscles were so tense she felt the pain as if they were about to cramp. She was in agony trying to suppress the orgasm being forced on her as he drove his cock in and out of her tortured cunt. Then she heard him tell her she better not cum without permission. She was crying so hard breathing was getting harder and harder. She was about to lose control of her orgasm and accept any additional punishment he would add to the punishment she already would receive for speaking without permission. Just as she was about to release the biggest, most intense orgasm ever of her life she heard him say “ Slave cum for me as he slammed hard into her cunt and shot spurt after spurt deep inside her tortured body. She let go of her orgasm exploding fire and pleasure through her body, cunt and ass. He felt the juices leaking around his hard buried cock and leaned down sucking her nipple in his mouth and bit down sending a shock of pain and pleasure straight to her cunt which triggered a harder orgasm and she squirted hard sending her cum mixed with his across the floor as he jerked his cock free of her tight pussy.

Janis was screaming, body shaking, head jerking side to side and the orgasm kept rolling through her body. Finally her eyes rolled back and she stop screaming falling limp as a dead cat on the bed. Frank almost panicked and rushed to her side. Checking her pulse which was rapid but she was alive. After several minutes she started to move her head and arms. He sat beside her waiting for her to come back to normal. As she woke her pussy twitched with orgasmic after shocks. Janis finally opened her eyes seeing his beautiful blues staring at hers. She relaxed still tied to the bed and smiled at him “Thank you for the most incredible orgasm of my life Master. “

Janis let the smile slide from her lips and ask him if he was going to still punish her for speaking without permission? She had a surprised puzzled look when he chuckled. “ What do think I have been doing to you for the past two hours bitch?” Janis replied “I don't understand Master” Looking into her eyes he told her there are many ways to punish a slave and they are not all corporal punishment. Orgasm denial can be a very effective punishment with the right slave. When you told me that you had never had an orgasm during sixteen years of marriage and three kids I decided keeping you on the verge of orgasm for an extended time would be better than tying you face down spread eagle to the bed and flogging you.

Janis told him that keeping her on the edge for so long and then letting her orgasm so damn hard at the end was indeed torture but was worth it. Smiling she told him she was not eager to do that again though so she would not break any more rules any time soon. It was getting late and Frank untied her and let her shower before taking her home. They spent each weekend as Master/slave for the next few months.

During one weekend of Master/slave Frank ask Janis if she would like to quit her job and change there role play to 24/7 Master/slave/wife. She was so excited she almost knocked him over out of his chair when she lunged into his arms kissing him like she had never been kissed before. Pulling her lips from his she was laughing hysterically. Frank laughed with her and thought she was going to pass out from laughing so happily she could not breathe.

End of chapter 2

This story will continue with chapter 3..


I write these stories for your entertainment and want to know if I should cease writing or continue. Your votes and comments will determine which.


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