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Hope you enjoy.
My name is John David, JD for short. My two older sisters and I were raised by our dad. Our mom died when we were very young. My sisters, April and Glenda are fraternal twins and a year older than me. Our dad is a doctor and it seemed he worked all the time.

At sixteen, Glenda was a cute girl, even though she was a bit chunky at five foot five inches, a hundred and thirty pounds. She wasn’t fat at all, but her butt and thighs were a little heavy. She wore her blonde hair cut very short. The advantage to her being chunky was that she had a whole chest full of tits. They were huge.

April, on the other hand, had a rather plain face, but she had a nice figure and delicious looking perky tits—probably C cups. She was five foot eight, a hundred and twenty-five pounds and also blonde, but she wore her hair longer, past her shoulders.

The thing both of them had in common was their personalities. They were always in a good mood, cheery and funny, always joking around and laughing.

As for me, I was nearing in on my fifteenth birthday. I was the kind of guy who could walk into a room and no one would notice. I was five foot ten, a hundred and ten pounds, with a pimple ridden face. In my mind, my one redeeming feature was a decent cock. It wasn’t huge, but it was very close to seven inches when hard, albeit slightly on the slender side.

My sisters seemed to take great delight in keeping my dick hard twenty-four seven when we were alone at home. They accomplished that in a variety of ways: including, but not limited to wearing skimpy clothes around the house and making sexual comments to me and each other. Of course they never tired of teasing me about being hard and needing to jack off a lot.

As time went on, I gave up trying to hide my boners and just endured their teasing. In an act of defiance, I often wore light-weight loose shorts without underwear.

One Friday evening, Dad told us he had to pull a seventy-two hour shift in the emergency room. That meant he’d be sleeping at the hospital and we’d be on our own for the weekend. That wasn’t unusual, and he’d stopped hiring a babysitter the year before. He trusted us not to get into trouble, enough so that he kept an extra fridge in the garage filled with beer. He didn’t care if we drank some, as long as we didn’t get drunk, and as long as we didn’t leave the house after drinking even one.

That night, my sisters came up with the idea of building a fire in the fire pit in the backyard and cooking hot dogs and marshmallows. It was my job to go inside for fresh beers when someone was ready for one. I hated that because it just meant that I’d have to stand up and walk in front of them.

Both girls were wearing bikinis as they planned to go swimming later, so that guaranteed that my dick would stay hard all night. The minute I stood up to go fetch beers, Glenda screeched, “Oh look, JD is smuggling something in his shorts.”

“Here we go again” I mumbled.

April joined in, “What do you think it is?”

“Ha, Ha” I said sarcastically and continued my journey to the back door of the garage.

When I returned and handed them their beers, Glenda said to her sister, “Do you think it’s a roll of quarters?”

“More like dimes.” April retorted and they both laughed.

I had learned not to let them know it bothered me, so I stood right in front of them and moved my hips back and forth which made my hard dick swing from side to side. “Sounds like penis envy to me.”

Without warning, Glenda reached out and slapped my dick—not hard enough to hurt, but enough to make me jump and them to have a big laugh.

A few minutes later, Glenda announced that she needed to pee. She got a hand towel from the pool closet, and then she surprised me by just stepping a few feet out into the grass, “Don’t look, JD”. And then she lowered her bikini bottoms and squatted right there facing me. Honestly, I couldn’t really see anything, but it was still erotic.

After about thirty seconds, she dabbed her pussy with the towel, then stood up and pulled her bikini bottoms back into place and returned to her lounge chair. “Did the pervert look?”

April giggled, “Of course.”

And then Glenda looked at me, “Did you look?”

There was no need denying it, “Of course”.

April didn’t let it drop, “I’m surprised he didn’t cum in his shorts.”

Glenda didn’t help the matter, “How do you know he didn’t?”

“You know you’re right.” April said with a giggle, “We should check.”

I didn’t know what they had in mind, but I didn’t wait to find out. Again, in an act of defiance, I stood up and wagged my boner back and forth again. This time I was alert to any potential slap, “See, still hard.” And I sat back down.

About ten minutes and a marshmallow later, I needed to pee. I stood up, “I have to go whiz. Anyone ready for another beer while I’m inside?”

Glenda spoke up, “Inside? Are you too good to piss out here like we do?”

I rolled my eyes, but decided playing along would be the lesser of two evils. I walked out into the grass close to where Glenda had peed and turned my back to the girls.

“Hey, hey” Glenda yelled, “I didn’t turn my back to you. You have to turn around here just like I did.”

I couldn’t imagine why they wanted to see me piss unless it was just going to be another thing they could tease me about. I decided to fall back on my most successful ploy; defiance. So I turned toward them. By that time, I was very practiced a peeing with a hard on, so it took me no time at all to let my piss fly out in an arch that reached over six feet in the air.

Their reaction surprised me. Glenda exclaimed, “Oh wow! That is so cool.” And April started clapping and hooting.

When I got back to my chair and took up my beer, April said, “JD, that was about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Glenda echoed her sentiment, “Yeah, Bro, that was amazing. Next time you’ll have to do it over here closer to us so we can see it better.”

I wasn’t accustomed to having the upper hand on anything with them, so my brain whirled on how to take advantage of it. “What do I get?”

Glenda, always the more aggressive of the two shot back, “You get to live.” But then April leaned over to her and they whispered back and forth. Finally, April turned to me and said, “If you promise to do it over here so we can watch better, I’ll show you something special in a few minutes when I need to pee.”

I was skeptical, “Something special like what?”

April responded, “I’m going to have to pee before you’re ready to go again, so you’ll get to see the ‘something special’ before you go pee. Then you can be the judge. Deal?”

After thinking for a few seconds, I decided I had nothing to lose. I could see what she was calling ‘something special’ and then decide if it was special enough to grant their request. “Okay, deal.”

I got up and went into the garage and got us all another beer, and when I returned, April said she was ready. Glenda led me by the hand over to a spot just off the concrete. She slid her hand around my waist and said in a serious tone, “I’ve seen her do this and it’s totally awesome.”

I watched intently as April removed her bikini bottoms. I hadn’t been able to see Glenda’s pussy at all, but I had a clear view of April’s. It was the first pussy I’d ever seen in person, and it was totally void of hair.

While she was positioning her feet just right, Glenda giggled, “I don’t think you have to do anything. His eyes are bugging out just looking at your pussy.”

April laughed and said, “He’s about to get a better view.” And with that, she began leaning backward until her hands were on the ground behind her.

I’d seen her do that many times when she was practicing her gymnastics inside on the mats, but this was incredible. Her knees were spread out wide and her totally bald pussy was staring right at me.

I expected her to just start pissing, but instead, she adjusted her hands a little and then brought one back over her head. She reached down and used her fingers to spread her pussy wide open. It was beautiful, and I was afraid I’d cum in my shorts for real.

Seconds later, a stream of piss shot out toward me. It was a stream, not a gush. It was almost like that of a boy’s. It took every ounce of my restraint not to grab my cock and stroke it.

When she was finished, Glenda tossed the hand towel right onto her pussy, and she used it to clean herself before standing back up. On her feet again, before putting on her bikini bottoms, she stepped right up in front of me and asked, “Well, is that special enough for you?”

“Hell yeah! That was awesome.”

Both girls laughed and we returned to our chairs. April didn’t sit down though. Instead, she went into the house, returning a minute later with several bottles of water. She put them on the concrete near me and said, “Drink up, Bro. You shouldn’t drink enough beer fast enough to give us a good show.”

“Yeah”, Glenda chimed in, “Drink as much as you can and hold it for as long as you can so you’ll have plenty to show us.”

“Okay” I said, setting my half-full beer aside and opening a bottle of water. “I’ll see what I can do.”

April laughed, “No, WE’LL see what you can do.” That caused Glenda and I to join in her laughter.

I found the whole situation very cool. I got to see a clear view of a pussy being spread wide open, and I had something they wanted. They weren’t teasing me or putting me down. They were actually treating me more like an equal than their nerdy little brother.

Over the next thirty minutes, we just talked. Of course, Glenda teased me a little, telling April, “You should have seen the way his eyes were bugging out while he was staring at your pussy.”

“You didn’t cum in your shorts, did you?” April asked me.

I have to admit, I was feeling a nice buzz from the beer, so I got bolder in my defiance. I got up and took two steps toward them. That put me within their reach. “Nope, my shorts are totally dry.”

April reached out her hand and ran it over the front of my shorts. I jumped when her hand slid over my cock, but I didn’t back up. “His shorts aren’t sticky or anything.”

“Really?” Glenda giggled, and reached out and duplicated what her sister had done. “You’re right. I don’t feel anything sticky.”

That said, I backed up and sat down. Honestly, I found the whole thing very exciting. It felt incredible when they touched my cock, even if it was through my flimsy shorts.

A few minutes later, I told them I was ready to whiz. I’d had the rest of my beer and three bottles of water. “No!” they said in unison. And then April said, “You have to hold it as long as you can.”

I shrugged, “Okay”.

“Well I don’t have to wait.” Glenda said. “I need to go really bad.”

I expected her to step out and squat in the grass like she’d done before, but instead, she just stood up and removed her bikini bottoms. Her pussy wasn’t totally bald like April’s, but there wasn’t much hair either. I assumed she trimmed it.

She stepped over to the grass just off the concrete, turned toward me and spread her legs. Then she used the fingers of both hands to spread her pussy open. Seconds later, she was gushing pee out right toward me. Coming out in a gush like that, it didn’t last long. The last of it hit her thighs and ran down her legs.

April tossed her the towel and she used it to clean up. Then, she shocked me again by walking over and sitting down without putting her bikini bottoms back on. April picked up Glenda’s bikini bottoms and said, “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

Glenda just picked up her beer and said, “At this point, what’s the use? He’s seen my pussy up close and personal anyway.”

I laughed, “I’ll drink to that, but I need another beer. Anyone else?”

They both answered in the affirmative, so I went into the garage and fetched three cold beers. When I was handing April hers, I almost lost it when I saw that she’d taken off her bikini bottoms too.

Half way through that beer and another full bottle of water, I was really hurting. “I can’t wait any longer. I have to go.”

Both girls giggled, and April got up and said, “Okay, c’mon then.”

They both went with me to the end of the concrete and stood on each side of me. They had me turn just a little for better light. When they were satisfied, I pulled the front of my shorts down and got ready to piss.

“Oh no you don’t!” April scolded me. And then both girls pulled my shorts all the way down and made me step out of them. “Okay, go ahead.”

I was way past any hint of modesty, so I grabbed my cock and began. At first, as always, it was just a little spurt, but then I began shooting a stream of piss high into the air. I almost jumped out of my skin when Glenda reached over and put her hand on mine, directing my arch of piss first this way and then the other.

Not to be left out, April said, “My turn.” And she slapped her sister’s hand away. Without giving it a second thought, I released my cock and said, “It’s all yours.”

“Oh wow!” Glenda said when she saw April take over the aiming duties without me helping. “Quick, I want to do it too.”

April kept doing it for another second or two, and then she released my cock and said, “Better hurry before he runs out.”

A second later, Glenda had her hand on my cock waving it around. Finally, my stream diminished and I took over for the milking and shaking duties. When I was done, I reached for my shorts, but April beat me to them. “When in Rome.” She said with a giggle. Of coursed that caused both she and Glenda to burst out laughing.

So that’s how I came to be sitting totally naked in front of my two bottomless sisters.

* * *

“So what now?” I asked my sisters.

April spoke up, “Well, it’s going to be awhile until you need to pee again, so we’ll have to come up with something to kill the time. Any ideas?”

I had one, and I was feeling just enough buzz to articulate it. “I’m already totally naked, so how about skinny dipping?”

They both laughed and Glenda said, “You just want to see our tits.”

I shrugged, “Yeah, so?”

They whispered between themselves for a minute before April said, “Okay, we’re in.” And with that, they both got up and headed to the pool, pulling off their bikini tops as they went. I was close behind, admiring their naked asses, and jumped into the water right after them.

Both of my sisters quickly swam to the deep end of the pool. I hadn’t even gotten a peek at their tits. “Hey, are you two going to hide down there all night?”

Again, they whispered between themselves for a few seconds before both of them started swimming toward me. When they got to me, they caught me off guard by immediately jumping on me and pushing me under the water.

I had to fight to get back to the surface, but when I did, I was treated to a semi nice view of all four tits, albeit they were under the water a little, but with the aide of the underwater light, I could still see them.

The next fifteen minutes was a free for all wrestling match, them against me. More than once, I felt someone touching my cock, and I was able to cop a feel of a tit now and then.

When we finally got too tired to wrestle any more, April swam to the deep end. Glenda shocked me by standing up in the shallow end, her huge tits on full display.

She giggled, “Is this what you wanted?”

“Uh, yeah. They’re awesome.”

She laughed and moved closer to me. While looking me right in the eyes, she reached down and put her hand around my cock. She didn’t stroke it or anything. She was just holding it.

Emboldened by the buzz I was feeling, I reached up and put my hands on both of her massive tits. When it looked like she was about to protest, I said, “What’s good for the goose . . .”

She relaxed and continued feeling my cock. Fortunately, the cool water had reduced my urgency to cum, so I wasn’t afraid of cumming from her just holding it.

I didn’t notice April approaching, “Hey, what are you two doing?”

Glenda looked at her and giggled, “We’ve made a deal; I can touch his hard dick and he can play with my tits.”

“Ooooo, that sounds like fun. Can I get in on that deal?”

I had to laugh, “Absolutely!”

And then April tapped her sister on the shoulder, “I’m cutting in.”

A second later, April had her hand around my cock and I had both of my hands on her tits. I was in heaven.

I lost all track of time. The girls had taken turns holding my cock several times. Finally, April announced, “I need to pee.”

“Glenda told her, “Go ahead, I’ll keep him occupied.”

“Oh no you won’t.” April scolded her sister. “You’re going to come with me.”

“I want to watch her pee again.” I told Glenda. So we all got out of the pool and headed back over to the fire.

When we got there, Glenda surprised me by saying, “I’ll make a beer run. You two are on your own for this one.”

April seemed to be thinking about what she wanted to do. Finally, she asked me to help her move our large grill. We positioned it a few feet out from the house in front of a window.

“Okay, you’ll have to help me up. She put her hands on my shoulders, “Put your hands on my waist and lift me up.

I was skinny, but I had good upper body strength, so I lifted her while she helped by pushing on my shoulders. She spread her legs, putting one heel on the window ledge and the other on the side shelf of the grill.

“Pull the grill out another six inches.”

When I did, she was able to balance and lower herself into a full split. “Okay, it’s up to you how close you get to watch, but if you’re too close, you may get splashed.”

“I don’t care.” I told her as I moved in fairly close.

She used both hands to spread her pussy open, and then immediately started shooting out a stream of piss. Once again, it was a stream, not a gush. A lot of it was hitting my thighs, but we were almost right under the light, so I had a great view of her spread pussy and the piss shooting out.

“Wow!” Was all I could say.

She giggled, “You like that, huh?”

“I love it. It’s awesome.”

“Oooo you’re such a naughty boy.”

I heard Glenda laughing behind me. “I think our brother is a nasty pervert.”

I ignored her comment and helped April down to the ground. “That was incredible, thanks.” I said only loud enough for her to hear.

“No problem. I love doing that.”

On the walk back to our chairs, April reached over and put her hand around my cock, so I put my arm over her shoulders and grabbed one of her firm tits.

“Hey, no fair.” Glenda said as we got to her.

“Who said we had to be in the water?” April shot back.

“In that case, it’s my turn.” Glenda responded.

April released my cock and said, “It’s all yours.”

Glenda wasted no time reaching out and grabbing my cock, so I put a hand on each of her huge tits. When I used my thumbs to rub her hard nipples, she let out a low moan, “Ummm”.

Finally, she backed up and sat down. I popped the top on my beer and sat down as well. Between sips of beer, I was guzzling more water. I already needed to pee, but I was holding it until it got unbearable.

By the time I finished that beer and two full bottles of water, I was in urgent need of release. “Okay ladies, I need to whiz again. Where and how do you want me to do it?”

Once again, my sisters started whispering back and forth. They were both giggling when they were finished whispering and got up. Glenda took me by the hand and April moved her beach chair over to the grass. She sat in it and spread her legs out wide. Then she spread her pussy open wide with her fingers. “Hit me with your best shot.” She giggled.

“I’m not sure my aim is that accurate.” Glenda warned her.

April’s only reply was “Whatever.”

When Glenda moved me into position in front of April and grabbed my cock, I told her, “You have to let me get it started first.” So she released my cock. It only took me a few seconds to get a good stream going. I made sure not to hit April with it.

But when Glenda took over, she pointed it right at our sister. April had her head leaned back, and the first couple of seconds hit her right in the face. “Hey!” She yelled, but Glenda just laughed and aimed a little lower, flooding her sister’s tits, belly, and finally her spread pussy.

April was moaning loudly the whole time. When Glenda realized that my stream of piss was dwindling a little, she raised her aim and hit her sister right in the face again. This time, April didn’t protest. In fact, my jaw dropped when she actually licked her lips.

“Wow! That was hot as fuck!”

April just laughed, “I’m heading for the pool. Ya’ll coming?”

Once we were all back in the pool, there was no longer any pretense. The girls huddled around me, each of them with a hand on my cock, and fighting over whose was in control of it. I took the opportunity to put one hand on Glenda’s huge tit, and one on April’s firm perky tits. Neither of them protested.

When Glenda was in control of my cock, she actually started slowly stroking it. “Careful” I warned, “too much of that and I’m going to cum.”

“Speaking of that.” April questioned me, “How long before you need to jack off?”

I laughed, “Two hours ago.”

“Then why haven’t you?” She asked.

I answered her honestly, “I was having too much fun doing what we’re doing?”

April nudged her twin and the two of them swam out of earshot and began whispering again. When they returned to me, April said, “We want to watch you do it.”

Normally, I would have been shocked, but our current activity removed the element of shock. Still, I was lucid enough to see that I had something they wanted and began thinking about what I could get out of granting their request.

Finally, I decided to put it to them, “What do I get in return?”

Again, they moved away from me and had a private discussion. When they returned, Glenda said, “Access to our tits. You can do more than feel them if you want.”

“For how long, just tonight?” I asked.

“How many times are you going to let us watch you do it?” Glenda asked me.

April spoke up, “You let us watch you tonight, and you have access to us tonight. We’ll talk about the rest later.”

“Okay, deal.” I said without giving it much thought. “Do you want me to do it now?”

“Hell yeah!” April exclaimed.

So we got out of the pool and I stretched out on the chase lounge with one of my sisters sitting on the concrete on each side of me. I wasted no time grabbing my cock and beginning to stroke it.

Both of my sisters moved closer and were watching intently. “It won’t take long.” I warned them.

“Good. I want to watch it shoot out.”

It was only a minute later when I announced, “I’m close.” And a few seconds later, my cock started shooting long ropes of cum. The first one hit my chin, and several landed on my chest. The last of it just oozed out over my hand and ran down onto my crotch and pubic hair. I finally said, “That’s it. That’s all there is.”

Neither of my sisters had made a sound until I was finished, and then they couldn’t shut up. “Oh Fuck!” and “That was too fucking cool” and “Holy shit, that was even hotter than I ever imagined.”

Glenda ran over and got me their piss towel and handed it to me. They both watched closely as I cleaned myself, and then the three of us jumped back into the pool.

* * *

When Glenda grabbed my cock, she exclaimed, “It’s still hard.”

April said, “I thought it was supposed to shrink up after you cum.”

I shrugged, “I guess I’m still turned on too much.”

And then Glenda surprised me by standing up and pulling my face down to her awesome tits. “Don’t suck too hard. My nipples are really sensitive.”

When she let April take a turn on my cock, she told me, “You can suck on hers harder. Her nipples aren’t nearly as sensitive as mine.”

I didn’t have the presence of mind to ask her how she knew that.

“God! Glenda’s big tits were amazing, but I really, really loved kissing and sucking April’s. They were firmer and her nipples were a lot longer.

While I was kissing and sucking April’s tits, Glenda asked me, “So, we don’t have to worry about you cumming again if we play with it, do we?”

I took my mouth off of April’s tit long enough to answer, “Nah, go for it. I’ll let you know.”

“Cool!” and she started stroking my cock with one hand and playing with my balls with the other.

While I was busy with Glenda, April crawled out of the pool and returned a few seconds later with a bottle of water. She handed it to me, “Drink up, stud.”

Glenda giggled, “It’s my turn in the chair next time you need to piss.”

I chuckled, “Then I’ll make sure to hold it long enough to make it a good one.”

* * *

About thirty minutes, one beer and three bottles of water later, I was getting desperate. “Okay, girls. I really, really need to whiz.”

They both let out giddy giggles and crawled out of the pool. Seconds later, Glenda was sitting in the chair April had been in earlier and I was standing a few feet in front of her.

Like before, I got my stream started and April took over. Unlike April, Glenda didn’t lean her head back. She was looking straight at us. When April took over the aiming, Glenda actually opened her mouth. April hit her square in the face with my stream.

I was in total disbelief when I saw Glenda swallow and open her mouth again. Not to disappoint, April raised my cock so that my stream went from Glenda’s tits to her face. She kept it there until my stream started to diminish. Then she aimed it at her sister’s splayed pussy.

When I was finished, Glenda came up to me, “Well, Bro, what did you think of that?”

“Holy shit! That was hot.”

Both girls laughed and jumped back into the pool. I got us three more beers and then joined them.

* * *

I’d no sooner got in the water and handed them their beers than Glenda had her hand around my cock again. “So, Bro, what can we do to help you get ready to jack off again?”

I honestly couldn’t think of anything, so the two of them moved back for another whispering session. Before coming back to where I was, they both went to the side of the pool and set their beers down.

When they got back to me, they both started giggling. “What?” I asked them.

“Just this.” Glenda said, and then she pulled April to her and they started kissing. A few seconds later, they were really making out with each other, French kissing and playing with each others tits.

“Oh Wow! I mumbled, “That’s fucking hot as hell.”

They paused for a minute, and Glenda took my beer and sat it on the edge with theirs. When she returned, the two of them snuggled up against me. Glenda began kissing me while April stroked my cock.

I’d never kissed a girl before, so it was quite a shock when my sister stuck her tongue in my mouth. She was playing with April’s tits the whole time.

When she broke our kiss, Glenda grinned at me, “Well, what do you think?”

“Wow! I loved it.”

April asked her sister, “Is he any good?”

Glenda shrugged, “Not bad, but he needs a lot of practice.”

April giggled, “Then I guess it’s our duty to give him plenty of practice.” And she moved in and began kissing me. Soon, my tongue was in her mouth and she was playing with it with her tongue.

When she backed off, she and Glenda began kissing and making out again. They even started taking turns sucking each others tits.

For the next fifteen or twenty minutes, the three of us took turns making out. I didn’t know what was happening when April walked over to the edge of the pool to get her beer with Glenda following close behind her, but I soon found out.

Glenda pinned April up against the wall of the pool and spun her around. While she was kissing her, something else was happening, but I couldn’t see what. I went over to investigate.

“What are you doing?” I asked Glenda.

“She . . . she’s . . . Oh God! She’s fingering my pussy. Oh wow! Oh God that feels too good. Suck my tits, JD, PLEASE! Suck them hard.”

Glenda moved to the side enough for me to suck one of April’s tits while the two of them were kissing. I couldn’t resist reaching down and finding Glenda’s hand. I could feel the motion as she was thrusting her fingers in and out of April’s pussy. April’s own hand was rubbing her clit like there was no tomorrow.

“Oh God! Oh Fuck! I’m . . . oh God! Right there . . . right there, oh God! I’m . . . Fuuuuuccccckkkkkkk!” And April started shuddering all over.

Glenda pushed my head away. She hugged her sister tightly as she shook and shuddered, gasping for breath. She held her until her breathing slowed and her body stopped quivering.

Finally, April gave her sister a quick kiss and showed me a contented smile. And then, as if nothing had happened, she turned and grabbed her beer. I wasn’t so naïve that I didn’t know what just happened. I’d just never seen it before. Now that I’d seen it, I wanted to see it again, and again, and again.

Glenda turned to me and grinned, “And that, brother dear, is how it’s done”, which made all three of us start laughing.

Finally, April crawled out of the pool and announced, “I need water” and she headed for the garage.

* * *

When April returned, she sat several bottles of water by the edge of the pool. After taking a long drink of water, she announced, “I need to pee.”

I thought “Great”, I wouldn’t mind seeing that again. But then Glenda said something I didn’t get. She said, “Should we?”

April laughed and said, “Do you think our little brother can handle it?”

Glenda responded, “There’s only one way to find out.” And with that said, Glenda grabbed my cock and pulled me toward the steps and out of the pool. She led me over to the grass and pointed to a spot, “Sit down right there and cross your legs like an Indian.

When I complied, she lay on her back with the top of her head touching my legs. Next, April knelt down and straddled her sister’s chest with her back to me. When she bent over, I had a unique view of her pussy and asshole.

Glenda grabbed April’s thighs and pulled her backward a little, and then brought her own feet up and spread her knees out wide. I had no idea what was happening until I saw April lower her head to Glenda’s pussy. Oh Wow! They were going to sixty-nine each other.

Glenda raised her head a little and began licking April’s pussy. I had a front row seat of one end of the action and my cock began twitching and bobbing. After a half minute or so though, Glenda lay her head back down to the ground. And then I saw it: a trickle of piss dripped out of April’s pussy.

All I could think was, “She’s not going to do that. No she’s not”, but I was wrong. Seconds later, a flood of piss began gushing out of April’s pussy. Glenda opened her mouth wide, the flood of piss washing over her face and into her mouth. She was swallowing as fast as she could.

That lasted about fifteen or twenty seconds before the flood started to dwindle. When it did, Glenda raised her head again and she clamped her mouth full onto her sister’s pussy.

When April was out of piss, Glenda relaxed and smiled up at me. “Well?”

I was speechless. Finally I managed, “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.”

April got to her feet and looked down at me, “You think so, really?”

I nodded, “Yes, really.”

She giggled, then maybe you want to be where Glenda was next time.”

Glenda and I hadn’t moved. She looked up at me and giggled, “We’ve never done that with a boy before, but if you think about it, if you were in my position, whichever one of us is on top would be obligated to go down on you just like she was doing to me. Might make it worth it.”

My jaw dropped. My sister had just told me that I would get a blowjob if I let one of them piss in my mouth. Had I been sober, I might have come to a different conclusion, but I wasn’t at all sober, “Sounds good to me.”

“Really?” Glenda questioned me.

“Sure, why not?”

April started clapping and then she asked Glenda, “Are you ready to pee now?”

When I heard Glenda say “yes”, I knew it was too late to back out. I was committed. But actually, all I kept thinking about was the blowjob part of it. The rest was just the price I had to pay.

I lay down and Glenda knelt down and straddled my chest. April told her, “Scoot back a little. When she did, April said to me, “Don’t think about it, just do it. Lick her pussy.”

She’d no sooner said that than I felt Glenda’s mouth close over the head of my cock. God! That felt good, so I raised my head a little and began licking Glenda’s pussy.

“That’s a good boy. Lick her good. Don’t stop until she gets her pee started.”

As I was licking the lips of Glenda’s pussy and feeling the warmth of her mouth going farther and farther down on my cock, something just came over me. I reached my arms around Glenda’s thighs and spread her lips open with my fingers.

“Nice.” April said to me. “Now lick her good.”

It was quite a while, but finally I tasted the salty taste of urine. I knew what was coming, so I lay my head back onto the grass and opened my mouth. When I saw the first big gush of pee coming toward my face, I closed my eyes, but I kept my mouth open. I just tried to concentrate on the feeling of having my cock sucked. That made it easier.

Glenda’s pee was hot. A lot of it washed over my face, but plenty went into my mouth. I didn’t have a choice. I had to swallow.

It really didn’t last that long. When April saw Glenda’s flow start to dwindle, she instructed me, “Now clamp your mouth on her pussy and lick her.” So that’s what I did. In fact, I kept licking her long after she finished pissing, partly because I didn’t mind doing it, and partly because I was afraid if I stopped, she would stop sucking my cock.

When April realized I wasn’t going to stop, she moved around and began rubbing Glenda’s clit. Glenda let out a loud moan and began taking more and more of my cock into her mouth.

April’s voice sounded excited when she said, “Keep licking her. We’ll make her cum with your dick in her mouth.”

Sure enough, a couple of minutes later, Glenda began moaning loudly around my cock and pressing her pussy harder down on my mouth.

I knew I was getting close to cumming, so I pulled my mouth off Glenda’s pussy long enough to say, “I’m close”, and then I clamped my mouth back on her pussy and began fucking her with my tongue.

“Did you hear that? He’s going to cum.” And then she used her free hand to slap Glenda hard on the ass. “Suck his hard dick, bitch.” Slap! “Suck him until he cums.” Slap! “Swallow your brother’s cum” Slap! “And you’d better not spill a fucking drop.” Slap! Slap! Slap!

Glenda was moaning louder and louder and grinding her pussy into my mouth and April’s hand. Finally, I let out a loud grunt and started pumping my cum into my sister’s mouth. A few seconds later, Glenda’s body started shaking. Her thighs were quivering wildly. I knew she was cumming when she flooded my mouth with very sweet, very slick girl cum.

Finally, Glenda rolled off me and collapsed onto the grass, panting and gasping violently. Before her breathing calmed down, April moved over to her and said, “Let me taste it.” And she bent down and kissed her sister.

* * *

A few minutes later, the three of us were in the pool, leaning against the side and sipping water. We weren’t talking. We weren’t touching. We were just standing there resting.

Finally, Glenda spoke up, “Wow! What a night! How are we ever going to top this tomorrow night?”

April giggled, “Don’t worry. We’ll come up with something.”

* * *

Thank you for reading, and please take the time to vote and leave a comment. I write for me, but it’s your feedback that keeps me writing.


Anganell BrigetteReport

2019-01-13 03:41:12
A really well thought out plot. You kept it interesting by devising more and more interesting and different scenarios. One observation, as much beer and water the youngsters drank I guarantee the piss would under no circumstances taste salty. Speaking from some experience my bladder is usually totally purged after three pisses. For me this equals about two and a half liters of liquid. Beer is very yummy, however flavored sparkling water is good as well as fruit juice. Any of these make the piss taste very delicious. Sparkling wine or champagne is great for desert after playing and drinking piss for awhile.


2018-11-22 00:21:24
Another wonderful story!
You develop the scenarios so well and with such great imagery.
Soooo erotic!


2018-09-17 15:02:17
Really loved you're story, would like to read more like this. Keep up the good work.


2018-09-17 15:02:06
Really loved you're story, would like to read more like this. Keep up the good work.

Dirty SamoneReport

2018-08-31 23:41:39
I hadn't thought that pee would excite me, but I was so wrong. i have never experienced it but I am ready. You write good stories.

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