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Jules was on his knees licking Sarah to orgasm.

Sarah was breathtakingly naked sitting in a carver chair, her arms on the arms of the carver chair.

Her legs wide apart, and obviously enjoying being licked to orgasm while two other people were watching.
Her clenched fists were holding the end the chair’s arms as she absorbed the pleasure Jules was providing, and the pleasure she was providing to three others.

Sarah and I had an understanding that she could be pleasured by another man every few weeks.

As long as I watched.

And I loved watching.

And masturbating while I watched.

Finding suitable men was a problem.

Sarah had strict preferences.

The men must be fortyish, much younger than her.

They must be in good physical condition and be very well hung.

And they must be able to please her with their tongue.

The more times in succession the better.

On this occasion one of her female friends, Liz, who was very aware of her preference for two men at a time, had made an offer to Sarah.

“Jules is originally from Beirut.

“He is built like Greek God.

“However, he was involved in an accident a while back and he is no longer capable of achieving an erection.

“But, he is very, very good with his tongue.

“Trust me I have him on an irregular basis.

“Would you like to have him fuck you with his tongue Sarah? I know you like well hung men, but Jules’s tongue more than makes makes up for for his shortcomings.

“You are welcome.

“But I want to watch.

“And I want be completely naked.

“Rodney can stand behind you and tease your nipples while Jules pleasures you, as long as he is naked also.

“And I almost forgot.

“I want both of you to watch Jules pleasure me after he has pleasured you to orgasm you as many times as you like.”

A few days later here we were.

All of us completely naked except Jules who was wearing a tight pair of shorts to cover his accident.

“I love the way Rodney teases your nipples while Jules is fucking you with his tongue Sarah. And he really has a huge thick rock hard cock. Do you shave him like that?

“Can he do that to my nipples when it is my turn?

“You seem to be enjoying Jules. I love the way you are urging his tongue into your wet cunt with two hands behind his head. You are a very sexy and receptive woman. Perhaps it is a combination of my naked body and another naked man standing behind you and teasing your nipples.

“I have been counting and that was your fifth orgasm.

Jules was thriving on the reaction he was getting from Sarah as he put his hands under her gorgeous arse cheeks and lifted her higher.

He had not spoken a single word, as Liz did all the talking.

“You are amazing Sarah,” Liz growled after her ninth orgasm.

“You have set the bar very high for my turn.

“Very soon I hope.”

“Rodney has a roaring erection from watching you receive pleasure from Jules.

“He really is well hung and obviously gets off on watching you cuckold him. Very exciting isn’t it?

“Would you like to watch me suck his rock hard cock while Jules is licking your cunt?”

“Yes I would, I am so turned on right now. Make it special for both of us.”

It was really quite a sensation having your cock sucked while watching your lover have her cunt licked to multiple orgasms. And very exciting to see your lover being turned on by watching.

“My turn now Sarah,” Liz commanded as she took over Sarah’s chair.

“Stay where you are Rodney and tease my nipples and keep your rock hard erection for a surprise.

“Just like you teased Sarah’s nipples.

“Only make it better, just the lightest tease to the tips of my nipples with tips of your fingers. Dip your fingers into the glass full of ice.

“Mmm magic, my nipples love that.

“Sarah set a very high benchmark for you Jules.

“Fuck me with your tongue.

“Just like you did to Sarah.

“Only better.

“Sarah and Rodney want to watch you fuck me to orgasm with your tongue. You have really impressed them so far.

“Show them how good you can be at pleasuring and fucking me with just your tongue.

“Slowly, I want at least ten minutes of your tongue.

We watched like two voyeurs as Jules licked and teased Liz. Very agitated and obviously close to orgasm she smiled, “I forgot to mention Sarah.

“I would love to watch Jules suck Rodney’s cock.

“He is rock hard and needs relief.

“Would you like to watch that Sarah?

This was the last thing I was expecting.

But Liz’s expectation and offer made my cock instantly harder.

“I have watched him suck huge cocks before.

“He is very talented at it.

“And it turns me on. Would that turn you on Sarah? I think it would.

“Mmmm baby, I’m cumming, so fucking good with an appreciative audience, and a huge cock to look at,” she screamed. “And I’m cumming again and again.

“Wow that really was something.

“Can I stand behind Rodney and tease his nipples while Jules fucks him with his tongue and mouth while you watch Sarah?

Liz could sense that I was a little hesitant.

“Lick his belly button first.

“Then his nipples,” Liz instructed as she sat me in the chair and lifted my arms behind my head.

The sensation of a wet, teasing tongue on my very erect nipples, albeit a male one was electric.

“Show him how good you are at pleasing men Jules.

“Lick the side of his cock while I tease his nipples.

“I think Sarah likes that almost as much as he does.”

Years of fantasising about another man pleasing me were about to really happen.

Everything now seemed to be moving in slow motion.

“Tease his balls with your finger tips Jules.”

When he expertly started playing with my balls, he could have made me cum right there, but I wanted this to last.

“His nipples are like bullets.

“He wants you to suck him to orgasm.

“He is ready for you.”

Liz then stood behind Jules and put her hands on either side of his head.

“I am in charge here, you tease his nipples Sarah.” she said as she directed Jules lips to the tip of my cock.

“Tease him baby,” Liz said, as she ever so slowly fed the full length of my cock into his mouth.

“Does that make you jealous Sarah?

“Use your tongue on him.

“Bring him to the edge.

“This is a new experience for him.

“Make it unforgettable. Really unforgettable.

I had never thought about it before, but men have really powerful mouths and tongues, and Jules was proving it.

He was sucking me hard, and it felt very good as he manipulated his tongue around my throbbing cock that was begging for relief.

“Tongue kiss him Sarah, while Jules has a break.”

Sarah does and I am almost beside myself in anticipation of an orgasm while two sexy women watch.

“Now finish fucking him, use two fingers on his cock as well as your mouth Jules.

“What a turn on this is,” Liz purred, as Sarah resumed teasing my rock hard my nipples.

I could sense both Sarah and Liz watching my cock in Jules mouth as Sarah slid her tongue deep into my mouth while still teasing my nipples.

“I love that you are enjoying this. I am as well, very much.

“Cum for me baby.”

The effect of three people pleasing me simultaneously was incredible.

I began to gasp and groan, as my hips began an uncontrollable back and forth movement.

“Cum for me baby.”

And I did.

Mind blowing.

Like never before.
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