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Alberta’s tale continues and Michael and Megan learn more about the magic house. They visit the Men’s Club in another land where maidens saved from certain death and trained as sex slaves are sold to the club for the member’s pleasures.
Dragon Slave Chronicles: The Discovery

Part 6

By Francis Drake

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Chapter 23:

Megan woke up early and realized she was once again in Michael’s room. She thought about the night before and smiled. She cuddled up to him, which prompted him to put an arm around her and pull her close. Megan could feel him responding to her warmth pressed tightly against him and soon he pulled her on top of him. She rode him hard, with her arms behind her neck lifting her hair. He rubbed her breasts until he could hear her breathing get ragged. Suddenly she arched her back and threw her head back so that her hair swung behind her. Michael reached for the pleasure pearl just at the top of her slit and rubbed it while she crashed into passion, and then he followed her through the door. He pulled her onto his chest until their breathing returned to normal, and ran his hands up and down her back, reveling in her closeness.

When she caught her breath, she realized that Amethyst would soon be coming to her room with her morning outfit, and that this morning she would have no excuse for where she had been.

“Michael, I have to go. Amethyst will be here soon.”

“You don’t really believe that she doesn’t know what we’re doing do you? One look at either of us will give it away. But if it makes you feel better, I will see you downstairs shortly.”

“Can I borrow your robe?”

“Sure, help yourself.”

“Thank you.” She gave him a quick kiss and jumped out of bed, giving him a good look at the body of a thoroughly loved woman.

Megan got to her room ahead of Amethyst, jumped into bed, thrashed around a bit, and waited for Amethyst to arrive.

There was a knock at the door. “Who is it?” Megan called in what she thought sounded like a sleepy voice.


“Come in, Amethyst.”

“I am surprised to see you here. I thought you would be in Michael’s room. Is something wrong?”

“No. Why do you ask?”

“Well, the way things were going yesterday… Why is Michael’s robe…? Where is your dress?” Before Megan had time to answer, Amethyst started to giggle and said, “I’ll bet he screwed you silly, didn’t he? About time, too.”

Megan grinned sheepishly, “I am a little sore this morning. Michael said you would know, but I did fool you for one day.”

“Did you?” Amethyst just smiled enigmatically. “Well let’s see if you can crank him up today, too. Go in and take a shower and I will put your clothes on the bed.”

“Okay, I’ll be out in a minute.”

Megan came out of the bath and looked at the bed. She saw two large scarves, one very sheer and the other opaque, and something she didn’t recognize.

“I hope there is more than that.”

“No, this is it. Shall I help you get dressed?”

“I am not sure I would call this getting ‘dressed,’ but let’s get started. And yes, I would like you to help, since I don’t have a clue where to put the scarves, much less that other thing.”

“Okay, we will do a scarf first. Raise your arms.”

Megan did. Amethyst stepped up behind her and put the opaque triangle over her breasts, tying it in the back.

“Now spread your legs.” Amethyst put the next piece of material between Megan’s legs, pulling it up in front and back. “Hold the buckle on this side while I buckle the other side.”

When both sides were buckled, Megan looked in the mirror. She turned to see if her cheeks were covered. They weren’t, but she decided to ignore it. Then she looked at the front. She was looking at a belt fastened on each side of her hips with a two-inch piece of fabric fastened to it and stretched between her legs.

“Now for the other scarf.”

Megan felt Amethyst fitting the sheer scarf around her hips and tying a knot on the side. With the scarf folded into a triangle, the two-inch piece of fabric was barely noticeable.

“Let me brush your hair and then it should be about time for breakfast.”

Megan entered the dining room to see Alberta helping herself at the sideboard.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I am very hungry this morning so I decided to start,” Alberta turned to smile. “That outfit drives Allen crazy. I’m sure it will do the same for Michael.”

Megan noticed that Alberta had referred to Allen in the present tense, but did not mention it, thinking it was a slip of the tongue.

“Please help yourself. Who knows when Michael will show up?”

“What do you mean who knows? Michael is here now,” he said as he walked through the door. Megan turned to go to the table with her plate and Michael’s eyes fixed on her. He froze, watching Megan’s blushing body walk to the table. “But if Megan will come with me, I’m sure I can find someplace else to be for the next several hours.”

“See, Megan? I thought he would react like that. Michael, get a grip. You picked it out,” Alberta said with a chuckle. “Now get some breakfast, come over here, and sit down. I have a big day planned for us. Megan if all goes as I expect, you might want to join us this afternoon. However, you will have to put on a costume.”

“Oh, I would love to join you. Are you sure it won’t interrupt your work?”

“No, not at all. In fact, why don’t you join us this morning? Michael has filled you in on how we got to this point, I assume?”

“Yes, he told me everything last night. I would love that.” Alberta and Megan continued chatting through breakfast, ignoring the fact that Michael was even there, which suited him because he was content to eat breakfast and stare at Megan. Alberta had her plans and he was developing some of his own.

When they finished breakfast the three of them adjourned to the great room. Megan curled up in a large comfortable chair across the room, which Michael appreciated. He thought it would be more conducive to his concentration if she was sitting somewhere other than next to him. Alberta said, “Megan, when Michael and I last were talking, I was telling him about the aftermath of the parade held on the resort island. Did Michael tell you about all that happened to that point, including Elizabeth’s and Henry’s surprise visit?”

“Yes, he gave me the short version last night. I think he told me all I need to know. He seemed to have a few other things on his mind distracting him.” She and Alberta smiled at each other. Once again, they ignored Michael. Must be a woman thing, he thought. When they were settled, he started the recorder.


I was walking with Betty beside me, letting her guide the way, and wondering what Allen might do when we reached the cottage. I was wishing I could put something over my naked body; when I accidentally brushed against Betty, and she giggled. A few steps later she did the same to me. Because of the giggle, I had to suspect it was not accidental. So a few steps later, I gently bumped Betty with my hip. This went on every few steps with the bumps getting more intense each time. Soon, we were knocking each other off our strides. I looked back at Allen and he seemed to be enjoying the show but that did not stop him from trying to regain control.

“Knock it off you two or there might be a public whipping later.”

We walked along quietly for some distance before I again bumped Betty, trying to knock her off her feet. She stumbled but regained her footing. Then I saw her heading for me and stepped back. She missed, falling in front of me, but I tripped over the rope tied to her wrists and landed on top of her. Allen was laughing as we tried to untangle naked bodies and stand up. No easy matter, with your hands tied behind you, and laughing. Finally, Allen helped us up and we went on our way, bumping each other and laughing until Allen choked up on the rope and our wrists were held together. Not to be kept from our fun, I tried to trip Betty with my foot and she returned the favor. Soon we were on the ground again, and Allen was helping us to our feet.

“Ladies, I said knock it off or there might be a public whipping later.”

By this time several people had stopped to watch the show, which made us just that much more playful. I was no longer thinking about the fact that I was almost completely naked. Allen tried to keep us apart but we managed to trip each other one more time and this time Allen went down with us.

When we got to the cottage, Allen open the door and pushed us inside. He untied and unlocked my wrists. You two wait here while I get something. Behave yourselves!” He returned with a whip with multiple strands of soft leather.

“Alberta, Betty needs some relief. Use that whip and only that whip. I am going to sit over here and watch.”

I brushed Betty’s breast with light strokes of the whip and watched her nipples come to attention. With the nipple clamps still in place, I knew the leather straps were causing some pain, but Betty didn’t seem to mind. I moved my attention to her stomach and pubic area. Betty spread her legs, so I struck the insides of her thighs, lightly stroking her love hole. She moaned a little and closed her eyes. I moved down to her knees and then started back up, all the way to her breasts. When I again struck the whip across her legs and against her pleasure hole, she propped her foot on one of the end tables, so that I would have total access to her slit. I thought it must hurt, but she was still moaning and moving to the rhythm of the strokes. Before I knew it, she moaned loudly and every stroke of the whip brought away strands of leather wet with her juices. She came fully, and every muscle in her body tensed. She wilted onto the floor.

“Betty, thank you very much for being such a great guide tonight. Alberta, release Betty’s hands, please.” He waited until I did so. “Betty, you may remove your nipple clams and go to bed. Alberta and I will see you in the morning.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you.”

After Betty left the room, I turned and looked at Allen, sitting in the shadows. He looked at my nakedness. “Come here.” I walked to stand between his knees. He reached up and ran his hands over my breasts and then pinched my nipples. It hurt, but I stood still. “You and Betty were bad slaves tonight, tripping each other on the way home the way you did.”

“Yes, Master,” I whispered. “Are you going to punish me?”

“Yes, Alberta. Remove your veil and sleeves and get the whip, please. Then follow me.” I did as instructed and followed Allen to the tree where, for the past several nights, he had tied me. I was aware of my nakedness, but I was more afraid than embarrassed. Due to the parade, there were many people out, and several of them stopped to watch what was going to happen to me.

“Turn around.” Allen struck the back of my legs with the whip. I knew he had certainly not struck me as hard as he could have, but his force increased as he moved to my buttocks. Soon, I was crying out and I could feel each blow leaving red streaks across my cheeks. But I didn’t ask him to stop.

Suddenly, I felt Allen’s hand slip between my legs. He stroked my love knob and I began crying out in a different way. It was such a sensation! The pain on my butt counter pointed the pleasure between my legs. I moved slightly to make more room for him, when he withdrew his hand. He kissed my buttocks, running his tongue across the stripes of pain. The coolness of the air combined with the heat from his tongue covering the heat of the whip. It was beyond deion.

Then the whip started again, even harder than before. I was crying silently when Allen turned me to face him. He applied the whip to my thighs and then moved up to my breasts. My eyes never left his face, and when he looked at me, I saw a dark gleam in his eyes. As the whip struck my nipples, I cried out. Immediately, Allen moved forward and took first one nipple then the other in his mouth. He rolled his tongue over them and sucked them, making me forget the pain of a few moments ago. It felt glorious! I grabbed his hair to hold his head in place, but he pushed my hands away and struck with the whip again. After several blows, he suckled me again, not touching with his hands, but only with his hot mouth.

“Put your hands behind your head and spread your legs!”

“Allen, please don’t hurt me.”

“My little slave, do as I say.” His voice was low and commanding, tinged with the huskiness from the lust he felt. My stinging breasts were sticking out as I did as ordered. Allen was still dressed as a sheik, but his erection was quite obvious. His shaft bobbed with every move he made. Now there were more people gathered around us. Allen applied the whip to my legs, below the knees then up to the thighs. He concentrated on the insides of my thighs and then he aimed directly between my legs. The strands of the whip hit my slit and I screamed and cried loudly, but I stood still.

Allen dropped the whip and unsnapped the trousers of his costume, stepping out of them. He lifted me onto his huge staff and forced me against the tree trunk. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck as he bucked me against the tree. I came almost immediately and felt Allen explode right after me. He held still for a few moments and I felt him swell to fill me again.

Allen reached under my knees and supported them across his arms, effectively spreading me open even more and exposing more of our connection to the crowd. This time he went much more slowly, pulling further out and piercing me totally on his spear. I felt as though he would push through me and into the tree trunk. I was well and truly filled.

Within a very short time, the stimulation of Allen’s thrusts and the knowledge that we were being watched drove me over the edge. I don’t know how long I spiraled out of control, but the next thing I remember I was on the ground. Allen was standing over me and still breathing hard. Even after coming a second time, his eyes were dark and glazed with lust. He supported me to my knees and held my head while forcing his rock-hard member into my mouth. He held my head and pumped me like a piston until he spurted another full load of juice down my throat. I swallowed it all. I was so overcome with the unreality of it all that I sucked and licked him clean then ran his member over my face, licking it and begging him to get hard and come in me again. Allen stroked my head gently and pulled my hair back from my face so he could see me looking up at him with his member deep in my mouth. That made him hard as a rock again.

Sitting on the ground against the tree, he turned me away from him and positioned my sopping wet slit against his shaft. I fell onto it, and instantly began riding him. Allen reached around me and rubbed my breasts in slow circles, finally finding my nipples, which he stroked and pinched slightly. I looked up to see men and women in various stages of undress watching us. I smiled at them and leaned back against Allen, spreading my knees and giving them a better view of the union. Suddenly, I felt Allen tense just as I lost touch with everything except sheer sensation. My contractions squeezed him dry. When we caught our breath, I turned and bent over Allen, once again cleaning him with my industrious tongue, savoring every drop of him. We got up to the applause of the audience, and suddenly I was shy. Allen collected the whip and his clothes. Then with a smile for me alone, he whispered, “I love you, my slave. And you know well that that makes me your slave, too.” He wrapped me in his arms and took me to bed. I told Allen the next morning that that was the most intense sexual experience of my life and he agreed that it had been for him too. As a culmination of the night’s festivities, it was unsurpassed.

For the rest of our week, Betty demonstrated toys. We used the tree several more times in the course of the week, but Allen did not whip me again as he had that night. When it came time to leave, we were sad, but were looking forward to getting home and getting some rest. And to meeting our maiden guest, and learning more about our resident wizard.


Chapter 24:

Alberta switched off the recorder. “It was important to tell you about the resort because that is one of the places our maidens go. You have heard now that when maidens are rescued from the village and the ‘dragon,’ we take them in. I know you have questions about the maidens, and I will tell you all about them in good time. Another place we take our maidens is a club in another land beyond the time door. Let’s take a break and then I will tell you about that. If all goes well, this afternoon you two can join Henry and me in a delivery there.”

“Alberta, when you say you are going to make a delivery, does that mean you are going to sell a maiden? Is that legal? I mean, is that done?”

“I know that what goes on here might seem strange to you, but I assure you that in the worlds we deal with there are different laws and rules. I had trouble myself adjusting to the house and what happens here, but I came to find that we serve a purpose in the overall scheme of things. I hope you also come to see it.

“Shall we meet back here in about twenty minutes?”

Megan and Michael went into the garden, where they sat quietly on the bench near the infamous tree used by Elizabeth and Edward. It seemed appropriate that he would put his arm around her and kiss her deeply while he fondled her breast. It seemed appropriate too that she would let him and love having it happen.

When they returned to the great room, Alberta was ready to start.


When Allen and I returned home, we found that Elizabeth and Henry had become friends. Edward had given Henry his stamp of approval when he had met him. Henry, Allen and I sat down the first night we were home and had a long talk about who he was and why he was here. It seems that Henry had been a resident of the house long before us. He was (and is again) a powerful wizard. He had managed things here and used the time door to travel throughout many lands. With an eye to what was right, he had started ‘saving’ the maidens from the dragon when he saw that they were being sacrificed even when there was no longer a dragon to sacrifice them to. The maidens he saved were trained to fulfill duties at places like the resort, but eventually, he took the actual training more to heart than why he was performing the training. In that way he was causing more harm than good, and the house took exception to its powers and resources being used badly.

So, one day, when Henry was in the village, the house closed the time door and locked him out. Without access to the door, Henry lost his powers. As Elizabeth noted in her journal, he had to find a way to exist, and he found that the more good he did for people the more good was returned to him. It was a hard lesson to learn, but one that is important to the house. The fact that he had learned it is why he was able to sense when we had moved into the house, and why he was able to find the door when Elizabeth was using it.

As Henry told his story, he looked and sounded sad. He knew that he had lost a great deal. But while he was happy to be back in the house, he recognized that he was no longer Master. That position had passed to me. Henry was able to use his powers again, but he would not use them against me, or those I love and trust. I don’t think he feared me, but he had a healthy respect for the house and my place in it. It was Henry’s belief that after the multitudes of years wielding power to male wizards, the house had looked for a woman to be Mistress. If Henry found his way back, then some duties could be his, but the power really belonged to me. We both realized that the powers of the wizard and the powers of the Mistress would never be in the same hands again.

And I knew right away that he was someone I could respect. Henry was a man (or wizard) with a great deal of knowledge. Knowledge that I needed if I was going to succeed in my duties.

After the talk, Allen felt much better and he and Henry immediately started discussing the mechanics of the house, the dungeon, the time door, etc. I sat and watched them--two of the most important men in my life. I think Allen also felt better about leaving me in the house for the time periods he had to be away because he knew Henry would protect me.

Not long after that talk, Henry, Elizabeth and I were eating breakfast, when Elizabeth asked what we were going to do that day. She and I did not have to go to work and Edward and Allen had left that morning for out of town business. Elizabeth looked at us with that excited child-like look she got when she was ready for adventure. I looked at her and then at Henry. Henry looked at the two of us and said, "We could visit the Men's Club."

I asked, "What men's club?"

"It is through the door. I used to supply them with maidens, but in my absence they have found new sources. We have discussed what to do with the maidens we rescue. Unless you want to staff the house with young women, we have to place them somewhere. The Men’s Club always seemed to have a need."

"No, Henry, you are right. We have to be able to put them somewhere. I wouldn’t want to put them in a place that treated them worse than they would have been in the village, though. What did they do with the maidens at the Men’s Club?"

"Anything they wanted. Usually they were used in performances there at the club or as sex slaves for the members. The club paid for them with gold or by making devices. Once they paid, the maidens were theirs to do with as they please. However, since they paid good money for the maidens, and they fed them and clothed them, they made sure, to the best of their ability, that they were not harmed too greatly."

"What type of devices did the club supply?

"Well, some of the things in the dungeon and some of the furniture around the house."

"How do you know the Men's Club is still there?"

"I visited it a night or two ago. Once I convinced them that I was the wizard mentioned in their records, they were interested in our supplying maidens again. The people of that land are dark and they would be interested in getting some maidens with fair complexions. I told them that I would see what I could do, and left it at that."

"If we go, I would not want them to think Elizabeth and I are maidens."

"I have thought about that. I will introduce you as Mistress Alberta, purveyor of the maidens. As a lady of station, they will treat you differently. Besides, you will be a giant to them. Elizabeth is not that tall and makes a convincing boy, so she could go as my page. The way these people feel about women it will be better for now if they are kept ignorant of Elizabeth’s being a woman."

"That sounds acceptable to me. How about you, Elizabeth?"

"Well, first let me say that I am thrilled to be considered a ‘convincing’ boy!” Henry and I smiled at each other. “What would I have to do?"

We both looked at Henry.

"It would be much like the trip to the parade. You would carry my bag, stay close, and help as you see fit. It would be good for us to stay together. I really don't know how the club has changed over the years. It looks much the same, but that might be deceptive."

"What would we wear?" I asked.

"You and I will wear robes suitable to our stations and Elizabeth will wear pants and a long sleeve shirt made of a heavy material to help hide her shape."

"Thank you. At least that is recognition that I have a shape. I’m glad Edward doesn’t hear much of this kind of talk!"

I was laughing. "Poor Elizabeth! Edward is well aware of every inch of your shape, and he loves it. Henry, tell us more about what we might see, so we’re not surprised."

"As the name implies all of the members are men. However, they can bring female guests. Other than that, all females are sex slaves. The club considers them income producing assets to do with as they please."

“What is expected of the maidens we take there?”

“Mostly they are expected to do whatever they are told. In the club, they serve the members and their guests. Their bodies are used for the member’s entertainment or sexual relief. Members can rent them by the hour or day and take them to parties or other functions outside of the club to be used as the member sees fit. Usually when they leave the club, they are dressed in street clothes and leave with the members. However, the director I talked to when I visited, said that since the maidens are no longer as cooperative as they might be, the club had started a new service The maiden is dressed (or not dressed, according to the member’s instructions), blindfolded, gagged, and bound. She is then packed in a crate and delivered to the member. The members seem to like the symbolism of property being delivered.”

“How do the maidens get back?”

“They are packed in the crate again, and picked up by the club.”

“Are there any limits on what can be done to them?”

“Only that there is an extra daily charge for each day the maiden cannot be used for other entertainment when she is returned. If the maiden is damaged beyond repair or not returned, there is a large penalty and the member can be expelled from the club. Rather than my telling what little I know, let’s see if they will give us a tour and tell us more about the way the club operates currently.”

Elizabeth said, “When do we leave? I have never been to a place like the Men’s Club.”

We changed to the appropriate clothing and Henry checked us thoroughly before we went through the door. He particularly examined Elizabeth, since it would not be good for the men to discover that she wasn’t a boy. ”Now remember, Elizabeth, you must act like a boy as well as look like one. Keep your voice low if you speak, but better yet, don’t talk.” Elizabeth harrumphed at that. “And stay close to me at all times. Act with deference to Alberta, and especially to me and any other man.” Elizabeth again grunted and shook her head, but she was still game to go.

When we went through the time door, we arrived in a room with no windows or furniture. There was another door on the other side. As Henry unlocked the other door he remarked how handy our flashlights were. When we had gone through the door, Henry turned and locked it again. We entered the club by climbing a set of stairs and going through a door that opened into a large hall that was lavishly decorated and furnished. Elizabeth and I followed Henry as he approached a desk with a man sitting behind it. Henry said, "We are here to see Director Argon."

The man behind the desk said, “Yes.” He walked through a door behind the desk, and returned saying, “He will see you now.” I noticed that he was very small--about five feet three inches tall—and dark-skinned. He was well dressed, but I could not determine a period that his clothes fit. We entered to find Argon ornately dressed and coming around a large wooden desk to meet Henry. He seemed to have no interest in Elizabeth or me, but Henry explained that I was Mistress Alberta and that the boy was his page.

Argon replied, “Our maidens will tend to your needs while you are here but your page and the Mistress may not partake of their services. Would you like some tea?”

Henry said, “Yes, that would be nice.”

Argon told the man who had led us in to have tea sent.

“Argon, I am very interested in how the club has changed while I have been gone. This will help us prepare maidens that will satisfy your members.”

“Well, in many ways the old traditions have held, but there have had to be some modifications to meet the needs of today’s members. Of course, one major change came when we lost the supply of fair skinned maidens. The entertainment was somewhat limited because for games that required the skin to turn pink, the contrast just was not there. If you can supply fair skinned maidens again, hopefully we can bring back some of those games.”

Henry was about to answer when a maiden came in carrying a tray with a teapot and cups. She was about four feet, six inches tall, and lean, but filled out in a very nice way. Her skin was smooth and a medium brown. Her hair hung down to her waist and was jet black. The sleeves of her dress covered her slim arms about half way to her elbows. Her dress was ankle length, fit tight around her waist and had a high stiff collar. It was made of a deep red, silky material. The dress had two slits, from the hem to the waist, one in front and one in back. With her figure, neither opening completely closed when she stood and both opened more as she walked. The silky material flowed with her movement. Her torso was completely covered in back, but her round, firm breasts were totally exposed. The cool air in the room had her small nipples standing erect. I looked at Elizabeth to see her reaction. She was staring at the maiden. We had wondered where the dresses Elizabeth found on the third floor had come from, and now we knew.

Argon said, “I see your attendant is interested in the way our maidens dress, but I must remind you that they are for members and their guests only. However,” he waved his hands dismissively, “I suppose anybody can look.”

Elizabeth immediately cleared her throat and cast her eyes toward the floor.

The maiden poured two cups of tea placing one next to Henry and the other on Argon’s desk. Then she waited for instructions.

“Pour cups for Mistress Alberta and the boy, and that will be all.” She poured the tea and put it on the table in front of us, then left the room.

Henry asked Argon, "What are some of the other changes?"

"The biggest is that we have never been able to train maidens to be as submissive as the ones you supplied. It seems that without the influence of your maidens the ones acquired locally were harder to train. This means that now none of the maidens reach the level of submission as before. That changed how some of the games are played and how the maidens are treated in general. As you will see when we take the tour, there are new restraining devices around the club to make up for the lack of subservience."

"It will be interesting to see the place again."

Argon went on to say, “Our records show that when maidens were checked out in the past, they went willingly no matter what was in store for them. They were only restrained if the members requested it. Now, they often must be restrained and forced. That is why we started to send them out in crates. Fortunately, the members thought it was an added benefit. Even when they are not crated they are gagged, have their arms tied behind them, and are led off on a leash. This restricts where they can be taken during the evening. Although some of our members take pleasure in forcing a maiden to perform the simplest activities, that does not describe the majority of our clientele. Most prefer a maiden who is willing to submit to pain or pleasure equally.”

Soon we had finished our tea and were leaving Argon’s office to start the tour. As we left the office, another maiden passed us dressed the same as the one who had brought our tea. She had darker skin and short black hair. She was wearing a gag with a locking strap so that it required a key to remove it. Her wrists were attached to the back of her collar so that her breasts were pushed out, and she cast her eyes downward as she met us in the hall.

Our first stop was at what looked like the front door but we could not see out. On the left there was a coat closet. In addition to the rods used for coats, there was a third rod along the ceiling with a chain hanging from it. I assumed it was to keep a maiden at her post when members were arriving or leaving. “We keep the attendant chained when she is on duty to keep her from leaving the building, but also to keep someone from stealing her,” Argon explained.

There was a table next to the closet with a locked box on it and a sign that read Sacrifice Box. Argon explained that members’ guests who wanted to have a chance to be sacrificed for the entertainment of the other members, would take one of the numbered tickets and tear it in half. One half was placed in the box and the other was given to the member. If the number was called during an event at the club, the guest had no option but to participate.

I asked, "How do they know what might happen to them?"

Argon seemed surprised that I would ask a question and looked at Henry. Henry nodded, indicating that it was alright. “Do you want maidens or not?” Henry asked him in a low voice.

Argon considered briefly then said to me, "As for the member, he doesn’t know specifically what might happen to his guest, but he knows which function he will be attending and what the general activity might be. As for the guest, it really doesn’t matter what they know. Colored tickets are used to differentiate between functions and a guest can only be registered for one function.

"Let me show you our banquet room.” Argon opened a door off the hall and indicated for us to go through. "This room seats about thirty people and has a stage for entertainment during or after dinner. Most of the tables seat two or four people."

"What are the little rings under the tables?”

"Some of our members like to keep their female guests or their slaves on a leash and they lock them to the table. When the tablecloths are in use, you can't see the rings. While the members are here, they have wide latitude in how they treat their companion for the evening. Some members have the woman sit on the floor and eat whatever he chooses to feed her. Others have had their rods sucked while they enjoyed dinner."

"What are they doing on the stage?"

"They are building a device for tonight’s entertainment."

Argon then took us to another room on the first floor, which was round and had cushions around the walls and low brass trays.

“I don’t know if this room was used this way when you were here before. It is used for private, more intimate dinners that a member might want to arrange. We can accommodate twenty people in here. When it is not reserved for private dinners it is available for open reservations on a first come, first served basis. Our chefs are really very good. Please come for dinner some evening yourselves. We would be happy to accommodate you.

“The door on the other side of the room is for the serving maidens and the entertainment the member contracts. When the room is used for open reservations we have four maidens dance at the beginning of the meal. At some point, three of the maidens converge on the fourth and strip her, placing her in a cage. Another maiden takes her place. This continues until there are six or eight maidens in the cage. When dinner ends, members go to the cage and pull out partners for sexual satisfaction. The arrangement of men to maiden varies--sometimes one to one, sometimes two to one and sometimes a particularly favorite maiden can be used by several men. It is a certainty that all of the maidens will be used many, many times before the evening is over. It makes for quite a time, I assure you!

“Now let me show you the auditorium. I’m sure it was not here before.”

Argon guided us down the hall and showed us a large room with seating that sloped down to a stage. Each row had a line of couches with low tables and an aisle down the center and on the sides. The slope was steep enough so that no one’s sight was blocked, giving everybody a good view of the stage. “This room is used for shows and some of the exotic entertainment. Now let us look at the rooms upstairs.”

On the way, Argon told us that the rooms upstairs were for private use and were rented for a specified time period. All of the rooms were designed to be much the same. When he opened the door, I looked at Elizabeth and she seemed to be thinking the same thing I was: these were much like the special room on the second floor of the house.

Henry said, “These are about the same as when I was last here.”

Argon took us back to the office. Before we left the club that afternoon, Argon invited us back at any time. He said that if we could begin delivering the kind of product we had before, he would certainly be interested. Henry and I deliberated briefly and said that we would be in touch to iron out contracts. Henry also told Argon that he would be back and forth, and hoped to be allowed to talk to some of the members in order to get a feel for the clientele, and thus better provide what they need.

“Of course, of course! Come back anytime and I will make all of the arrangements. I look forward to doing business with you, Henry. Mistress,” Argon nodded in my direction. We slipped back through the door.


Chapter 25:

Alberta stopped and looked at Megan. “Megan, are you alright?”

“Yes, it is just a little overwhelming. Did you have any reservations about taking a young maiden and leaving her someplace like the Men’s Club?”

“Actually, I did have reservations, but I came to realize that they were mostly unfounded. The maidens we saw there did not look ill-used or unhappy. As a business man, it was to Argon’s benefit to have happy, well-trained maidens available, and he did his best to see that the arrangement was mutually beneficial. It still came down to the fact that the maidens would either be dead or trained for a useful position in a world where they could live.”

Alberta and Michael sat quietly while Megan thought a bit, concentrating and chewing on the tip of her thumbnail. “Yes, I see that.”

“Good, I’m glad of that. If any questions come to mind, please be sure to ask me or Henry. We want you to feel comfortable. Now, let’s go and see what Henry has prepared for lunch.”

Megan and Michael seated themselves and Alberta came in from the kitchen. “I just spoke with Henry, and the delivery is scheduled for this afternoon. Would you two like to join us?”

“Yes, I would like to see this place,” Michael said.

“I think I would like to see it too. But you said they treat women differently. Will I be safe or will someone mistake me for a maiden?”

“We will have to devise a costume for you, but I am sure we can protect you.”

“In that case I would like to go.”

“You can go as Michael’s slave. You should wear a veil, so your face is covered.”

“Why does my face need to be covered?”

“So if you go back as yourself nobody will recognize you.”

“Oh, I see. By the way, I will be wearing more than a veil, won’t I?” Michael snickered, and Megan smiled in his direction.

“If you like. But the rules for slaves are pretty much up to their masters. You would be accepted if you chose to go naked. Or simply add a veil and you can go as you are now.”

“When do we leave?”

“Right after lunch.”

“Has the club changed much since you have been going?” Megan asked.

“No, except Argon is no longer in charge. Management has passed to someone else. We will introduce Michael when we get there. Slaves do not get introduced. But Megan, listen and observe. You can learn much on this trip.”

Megan and Michael asked a few more questions about the club as they finished lunch. Then Alberta said, “Let’s take the dishes into the kitchen. Henry is busy getting the maiden ready.

“Michael, Amethyst has put your costume in your room, if you would like to go up and change. I am going to do the same. Megan, Amethyst is waiting in your room.”

When Megan walked in Amethyst said, “So, you are going to the Men’s Club.”

“Yes, I am.”

“And you are going as a slave?”


“Alberta said you might go with the clothes you are wearing, but with a few things added.”

“Do you have a better idea?”

“Yes, let me show you. This outfit looks more like something a slave would be made to wear.”

“I see what you mean. The light, multicolored silks do look slave-like.”

Amethyst helped Megan change and then she looked into the mirror. The bottom of the costume went from her waist to her ankles, with a leather belt and leather ankle straps. However, looking straight at the mirror she could see the sides of her hips and legs. The silks overlapped so that in front and back she was well covered, in a teasing sort of way. The top was composed of two leather belts, one above her breasts and one below. Layers of silk gathered between the belts in front. The belts went around her arms, holding them tight to her sides.

Megan looked at Amethyst and said, “This not only looks like what a slave might wear, it makes me feel like a slave.”

“Here is your veil. Let me put it on for you.”

“This feels strange. All I can see is what is right in front of me with these two things sticking out on each side,” Megan said.

“Yes, I’ll bet it does feel strange. Now for the collar and leash.”

“What? Oh, I guess that would make it convincing. Is there anything else?”

“I think wrist cuffs would be a nice touch and I’ll bet Michael would like it.”

“Oh, I’m sure he would! Well, if you think he would like them, then I will try to look the part of his slave,” Megan said with a sigh.

“I think you are ready. Tell Michael not to turn loose of the leash. I would hate to lose you!” Amethyst giggled and gave Megan a hug.

Just then Michael knocked at the door. “Megan, are you ready?”

“Yes, just finishing up.”

Amethyst opened the door. “Well Michael, what do you think of your slave girl?”

“She is beautiful,” he said. “That costume is very provocative. You can bet that I will not let you out of my sight.” He was dressed in a long robe, which was ornately decorated with embroidery and small jewels. He wore a low fez and thought they looked like characters from one of the Arabian Nights stories.

Amethyst handed Michael Megan’s leash, and they went downstairs where they met Alberta.

“You two look the part. Megan, that outfit is very striking.”

“Thank you, I think. It certainly makes me feel the part.”

They followed Alberta to the basement, and into the dungeon. When they got there, Henry had a young woman on a leash. Her blonde hair was piled on her head and attached with pins and combs. She had a thin strip of cloth covering her slit and butt hole. In the front the strip was connected to a large gathered section of material formed into a big bow. In the back it was fit tightly to her cheeks. She had a large pouch made from the same material slung over her shoulder. The pouch had two straps that crossed her shoulder, one covering one nipple and the other covering the second nipple before they joined and swung over her hip to go around her back. Alberta explained that the maiden carried her own goods in the pouch. Each maiden had a cloak, additional collars, cuffs, and one or two extra outfits, plus salve to use after whippings.

Alberta said to Henry, “I see you are ready. Is it time to go?”

All except Amethyst went through the time room and on to the Men’s Club. When they stepped through the time door on that side of the continuum, two men dressed in fine robes were waiting in the hallway.

“This way, please.” Alberta, Henry, and Michael, with the maiden and Megan in tow, followed the men to an office where Himandi, Argon’s replacement, was waiting. “I was only expecting one maiden.”

Henry said, “We are only delivering one maiden. Let me introduce Michael. He and his slave are staying with us for several weeks. He wanted to know more about your club.”

“Oh. I will just have to settle for one maiden. Shall we get started?”

Henry led the maiden to a table with several menacing devices on it and detached her leash and then her outfit, by removing the pouch and untying the bow. She shivered slightly as the cool air hit her, but otherwise she seemed composed. Alberta, Henry, Michael and Megan stood to one side.

Himandi handed the maiden one of the items from the table that looked like a large penis.

“Put this against your love hole and with one quick motion push it all the way in. Make sure it is worked in well and then pull your legs together.” She did as she was told. Megan watched the maiden grimace and almost fold up as she pushed the six-inch phallus deep inside her and pulled her legs together.

“Take this nipple clamp and put it on your right nipple.” The maiden took the clamp, rubbed her right nipple between her fingers until it was erect and sensitive then affixed the clamp. “Tighter! Until I say stop.”

The maiden tightened the clamp. Megan thought she saw a tear in her eyes as the clamp squeezed her nipple. “That is good. You can stop now.” He reached for another clamp on the table. “Put this on the other nipple. I will tell you when to stop tightening, and when I do, put your hands behind your head.” The maiden followed the instructions without hesitation. Himandi pulled on the clamps slightly to test that they were affixed correctly. Then he reached between her legs and twisted and moved the dildo as he also played with the clamps. The maiden moaned, whether from pain or the stirrings of passion we couldn’t tell. But she stood straight and did not give any signs of trying to stop him.

Suddenly, Himandi said, “That is good. Put your hands down, and spread your legs.”

As she spread her legs, the phallus squeezed out and fell to the floor.

“Hand me that riding crop. I want to whip the insides of your legs.” The maiden handed Himandi the crop and stood with her legs spread. She squirmed as the blows started, but as he focused the crop on the inside of her thighs, we could see a little wetness on her slit.

“Remove the clamps from your breasts.” When the clamps were off, Himandi struck each nipple several times with the crop and the maiden almost collapsed.

“Gentlemen, do your worst.”

The two men who met us in the hall dropped their robes revealing very their large and erect shafts. They led the maiden to a high stool and bent her over it, face down. One of them grabbed her hips and spread her legs. He thrust himself into her love hole, pumping her fast and hard. The other man jerked her head up by the hair and plunged about seven inches of penis deep into her throat. They pounded her for several minutes until one and then the other squirted their juices deep into her.

Megan watched as the men pulled out, turned loose and the maiden collapsed to the floor crying silently. Megan thought she saw a small amount of blood coming out of the maiden’s nose from where her face had been pounded, but she was not sure. However, the maiden turned to the men, moved toward them on her knees, and licked and cleaned the man who had used her mouth. She bowed her head slightly to him, then positioned herself in front of the other man and cleaned him also, bowing her head afterwards.

“She will do very nicely. It was gold this time, right?” Himandi handed Alberta a small bag and she counted the contents.

Alberta, Henry, and Michael turned and left the office, with Megan in tow, but leaving the maiden to her fate.

When they returned to the house, it was about mid-afternoon. Michael removed Megan’s veil and collar but left the rest of her costume.

Alberta asked, “Shall we go into the den? Would you like some tea?”

They said simultaneously, “Yes.”

Henry said, “I will make it and bring it in.”

They settled themselves in the den. While they waited for Henry, Alberta asked, “Well, what do you think?”

Megan started by saying, “I was not prepared for the brutality and the way the maiden reacted or didn’t react.”

“That was the way she was trained.”

“You mean you train girls in the basement to be like this?” Michael was listening to the conversation, preferring to keep his thoughts private for the time being.

“Yes. You have heard the tapes. We save maidens from the fate of certain death, but we cannot keep them all here, nor can we turn them loose into other worlds in which they are unable to cope or be understood. The mores in the lands they come from are very different from ours. Becoming a sex slave, except to the men we love,” Alberta nodded at Michael, “is not what we would choose. But for all they must accept from those at the Men’s Club or the resort, they will be fed and well-cared for. The maidens know what their fate is.”

“You all refer to maidens. What is a maiden exactly as opposed to just a girl?” Michael finally had a question that was worth breaking in for.

“Maidens have several characteristics. In contrast to our normal definition of a maiden, these girls are not necessarily virginal. There are other differences, but for now just know that the villagers chose these young girls for sacrifice because they cannot bear children and they are not from the village. They are therefore expendable to the community, but still have great value as a sacrifice. This is the biggest thing that separates them from the idea of a girl. Remember the system of commerce we discussed the other day.”

Henry brought the tea in and set it on the table. “I need to go down and see about the others, but I will be back up for dinner.”

“Thank you, Henry. I think that Cassandra was a successful sale, don’t you?”

Henry smiled at Alberta. “I think she pleased them very much. I will be quite surprised if she is not a slave in a rich man’s home very soon.”

Alberta spent the rest of the afternoon telling Megan about maidens, where they came from and how they are trained.

Megan sat there listening to Alberta with her upper arms still pulled against her sides. “Thank you, Alberta, for explaining all of this. I have been wondering.”

When dinner time approached, Alberta turned to Michael and said that he should take Megan upstairs and let her change. “I don’t believe she can eat dressed like that. Oh, yes. I should tell you that Henry and Amethyst will be joining us for dinner. Their acting like servants was a pretence until we could reveal all to you. I hope you forgive us, but pretending to be servants and having duties allowed them greater freedom to be in the dungeon training the maidens. And, Megan, we needed to be sure you would stay.”

“But Henry was acting like a butler before Megan came,” Michael said. Then a thought occurred to him. “You mean you knew Megan was coming from the beginning?”

“We didn’t really know but we were counting on it. As Henry says, sometimes he just ‘knows’ things,” Alberta said. “For instance, we did know that she was right for you, even if she hadn’t come up. You’ll do well not to let her slip away.”

“I hope there’s not much chance of that,” he said as he helped Megan up from the couch. Michael thought Megan was too stunned to say anything.

As they got upstairs, he steered Megan to his room instead of hers. He closed the door and pressed her up against it. “I’ve been waiting to do this ever since I saw you in this outfit,” he growled. He pulled the top strap over her shoulders. The material that had been gathered stretched tight over her breasts as the strap was moved up. He bent to lick a nipple through the sheer fabric. Megan sucked in a deep breath. When the nipple he was working on was standing stiff, he started on the other. Megan reached through Michael’s robe and unbuckled his belt. He could hear her breathing get deeper as she unzipped his pants and set his erect member loose. He loosened her belt and her bottoms fell to the floor.

With his pants unzipped and Megan half naked, he felt to be sure she was ready. There was no problem, he realized as soon as he touched her slit. He lifted her in his arms and impaled her on his shaft. As soon as he was fully sheathed by her sweet tightness, he heard her sigh. He ground and pumped into her, against the hard wooden door, until he heard her call his name and go stiff. Within a few seconds he did the same. He kissed her deeply and laid his forehead against hers until they could breathe normally again.

When they returned from upstairs, the others were in the dining room. Food was on the sideboard like it had been for breakfast, and Henry and Amethyst were waiting with Alberta.

“Please help yourselves,” Alberta said.

Dinner conversation was spent on what the next step was for the maidens still in the basement. Michael and Megan learned that there were several more in training, but they also found out that there were two or three maidens who lived at the house full time, to help train those going out.

Later that night, Megan asked, “Michael, did you have any idea what was going to happen to that poor girl at the Men’s Club today?”

“No, I really did not.” At the memory of her tearful face before we left, he put his arm around Megan and pulled her tight.

“I know that it was either that or be killed by her own people. I realize that the belief structure and economics of their society demanded her death and that this way she is still alive, and will be well taken care of. However, it was hard to watch, and as your slave I was helpless to do anything.”

“Yes, the shock was something wasn’t it?”

Megan cuddled up closer to him. “You know, from what I have heard of the Men’s Club there may be some abuse, but mostly that girl is going to be getting screwed into oblivion every few days. I’ll bet even with her training she walks funny a good many mornings. I could take a whipping every now and then for that.”

“I can make that happen, my love slave.”

“I’ll bet you can. Michael, I will make you a deal. If you can make me happy enough that I walk funny tomorrow morning, you can bring me up here as many times as you like and use my body any way you want for the next week.”

“Hmm. I don’t want to change this delicious, wonderful subject, but it sounds as though you are planning on staying on here for awhile. What are your plans?”

“Gosh, I didn’t even realize I had said it like that. I guess I am staying if Alberta will let me. What about you?”

“My story time is about over. I have to turn it in next week. What does this mean for us? If you stay here and I am living in the city it will be a little more difficult seeing each other. I love you, Megan.”

“Michael, I love you too. I don’t want to be away from you.” Her voice was sad and ironically, she started to pull away from Michael right then. He pulled her back tight against his side and planted a kiss on the top of her head.

`“Let’s not talk anymore about this right now. Let’s get back to what we were discussing before. Can I do anything I want tonight?”

She lay there for a few seconds, but then she responded quietly, “I will be yours to do with as you wish.”

“Will you suck me until I say stop?”

“I will do that,” she whispered.

“Will you still wear whatever we pick out for you?”

“Of course,” she said indignantly, “I already agreed to that. Hey, are you interested in this proposition or are you just going to talk?”

“Okay, it’s a deal,” he said, laughing at her. “Let the games begin.”

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