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Sven seeks to seduce a priestess of love despite the consequences.
The Rogue's Harem

Book Three: The Rogue's Passionate Harem

Part Six: Love's Nature

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

Note: Thanks to WRC264for beta reading this.

Chapter Sixteen: Love's Nature

Sven Falk – Az, Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch

The room Priestess Thea led me to was surprisingly homey. It wasn't what I expected given the solemn grandeur of the rest of the Temple of Luben. An open window looked out at a small garden, lacy curtains framing it. A table set in the center, the wood polished to a dark brown. A kitchen stove and counters ran along one wall. A kettle set upon black iron surface of the stove, steam rising out of its mouth.

“Not the room I expected you to take me to,” I said as she bustled towards the stove.

“Oh?” she asked, throwing a look over her shoulder. “Where did you expect to go. My bedroom?”

I couldn't help the smile crossing my lips. She had a lovely figure, a mature flower at the height of her bloom. Her short, blonde hair framed her motherly face, her blue eyes twinkling. The robe could do nothing to hide the curves of her figure, her breasts large.

“Why not?” I said. “It would be more... comfortable.”

She arched an eyebrow. “Are you saying my kitchen chairs are not comfortable. You haven't even tried one out.”

“I haven't tried out your bed,” I pointed out, pulling out a stiff chair. “We could... stretch out on your soft mattress and... talk.”

“Talk...” A shiver ran through her body, a sway to her hips. She opened cabinets revealing a collection of tea cups. She pulled two down and set them on a tray.

“Sure, talk,” I said, a throb running through my dick. I shouldn't be doing this, but... She was married. She swore vows. It was a... challenge. To seduce her... “Isn't that why we're here?”

“To talk, or talk?” she asked. She looked over her shoulder, the smile on her lips growing. “Is that what you think is going to happen?”

“When was the last time you really talked?” I asked her. “To relax. To have a... pleasant afternoon.”

“Mmm...” She opened a sealed box and measured out some powdery tea leaves, pouring them into each cup. “How long do you think it's been?”

“Too long,” I said, sauntering up to her. My dick was so hard. The way she moved. The way she shuddered. I could feel her need. This woman deserved to have pleasure. To have a young lover that cared about giving her pleasure, not an old husband who had long gotten bored of her body. “Your body needs to be... pampered. To be pleasured.”

I came up on her, looming over her. Her white robe fell over the curve of her rump. She had such a lovely curve to her rear, her figure. She looked at me over her shoulder, a considering gleam in her blue eyes. She turned around, her large breasts rising and falling. Her robe was open just enough to give a little cleavage.

“Tea is nice,” I continued. “But is that what you really need?”

A smile split her lips. Her hand shot out, planting on my chest, stopping my advance. Then laughter burst out of her mouth. A rich, mocking sound. Her breasts shook as amusement spilled across her face. Her shoulders shook and her hair danced around her face.

My forehead furrowed.

“Oh, my son, you are a dangerous one, aren't you?” she asked. “And I don't mean because of the short sword you wear.”

“It's not short,” I said, not caring about her laugh. I grabbed her wrist, touching her skin. I stroked my thumb up and down the back of her hand.

“I'm sure that sword isn't,” she said and pushed back harder, “but I'm not interested in fencing with you.”

I arched an eyebrow.

She shook her head. “Definitely dangerous. Go, sit down, son. You're younger than my own boy. I'm not about to relax with you.”

“You don't know what you're missing out on.”

Her face hardened. “I know exactly what I'm missing out on. If you love someone, would you hurt them?”

Her words sent a chill through me. My vow to Rithi swelled through me. I would have to hurt Kora to set her free. But... “Only if it would be for the best for them.”

Her head cocked to the side, her eyes flicking me up and down. She pursed her lips for a moment. “So... would me cuckolding my husband, hurting him, be best for him?”

“No,” I said.

“So why do you think a couple of smiles from a handsome, young man would lead me to do that to my husband?”

I shrugged. “You wouldn't know until you tried.”

She laughed again, rich and melodic. She pushed me back and I didn't resist this time. I moved away, letting her turn and pour the hot water into the tea cups. It was hopeless. She wasn't going to succumb and...

Her words struck me. I was going to hurt Kora. It was more than the fact I had to give her up. I would have to make her give me up. She loved me. She wouldn't want to be parted. Just how much would I have to hurt her to break up with her?

How much pain would I cause her to save her life?

The ache in my cock vanished as I sat down at the table. I didn't regret my deal with Rithi. We all would have died. Not just Kora, but Aingeal, Nathalie, and Zanyia. I couldn't let all my women perish. I thought it would only be me that would hurt, but... Kora would pay for this, too.

And so would my other women. They all loved Kora, too. Maybe... Maybe they would choose to stay with her.

At least they would be alive. They would have a chance for happiness without me.

Priestess Thea bustled to the table carrying a tray of tea and... It reminded me so much of my mother. That same smile. That same look in her eyes, taking joy in bringing a snack or treat for her children and their friends to enjoy.

She set the tray down and picked up the tea cup, cradling it in her hand. Steam wafted before her face as she said, “Luben, let the man's intentions speak true. Let this man tell me about the women he loves.”

White light flared from the tea, bathing her face in a soft aura. The features of her face blurred for a moment, becoming almost fuzzy in the radiance. Then it faded. She breathed in the steam and set it before me.

I swallowed as I stared at the tea, feeling the magic in it. Then I picked it up and sipped the herbal infusion and...

A numbing lethargy settled through me, starting at my tongue. It grew fuzzy, followed by the roof of my mouth and my throat. I frowned and... I set down the cup, staring at the priestess as she set down in the chair beside me. She cradled her cup in both her hands, taking a slow sip.

“Mmm, that is a lovely blend, don't you think?”

“Suppose,” I said, the word's coming out slow, measured.

She cocked her head. “You're a direct sort of man. You see something you want, and you take it.”

“Yes,” I answered, staring at her. “I wanted you.”

“We already covered that,” she said, a little smile playing on her lips for a moment. She took another sip of her tea. “Now, why do you think you love more than one woman?”

“Because... I'm willing to give up Kora, to free her from our relationship, to save her life,” I said without hesitation, the words coming out with just a touch of passion that the numbing tea couldn't smother. “It's not what I want, but it's what's best for her. And... I feel that way about all of them. I want what's best for them all. I want to care for them. To defend them. I want them close. I want Kora close, but...

“I won't let her die. I won't let any of them die. I would rather take every hurt for them. Let my body be wounded. Let my soul be torn asunder. I would bleed for them. Die for them.”

“Interesting,” she said.

I shifted my shoulders, that rush of emotion swallowed up by the fuzzy numbness. I grew calm again and asked, “Does that mean you'll marry us.”

“Are you marrying Ava to save her from the enchantment, or because you love her?”

“I want to save her because I love her,” I answered immediately, no thought. It was hard thinking with the spell heavy on my mind.

“I'll marry you,” she said and took another sip. “Mmm, it's a good tea, isn't it?”

“Guess. It makes you truthful.”

“Does it?” She gave me a broad, motherly smile. “Come, let's get you wedded.”



Sven sauntered out of the back room with the priestess, a big smile on his lips. The way he moved...

“Did you fuck her?” Aingeal asked, the faerie hovering nearby, her wings fluttering lazily.

“She's too much in love with her husband,” he admitted, giving Aingeal a broad grin.

“So you failed,” Aingeal proclaimed. Then she giggled, her large tits heaving, making her nipple rings bounced against her plump flesh.

“I choose to withdraw,” Sven responded without a hint that Aingeal's giggle annoyed him. “It's strategic. After all, if I corrupted her, she couldn't free Ava.”

Zanyia joined the giggled. “So smart, Master.”

Then Kora burst into laughter as she sauntered over to her brother. She moved with her dancer's grace as she took his arm. “You're disappointed, brother mine. Don't even try to hide it.”

He shrugged. “It's for the best.”

“You're too horny,” she said. “All these women willing to satiate you, and you still want to bed a married woman.”

The closeness between the two made me swallow. Kora loved her brother so much. She knew him better than any other woman in this room. Not even Ava. Kora grew up with Sven. She watched him mature, develop. She joined in on his quest of vengeance, welding herself to him at the detriment of her art.

I squirmed. Was I wrong to advise my mother...?

No, no, Kora's art had to come first. She had such talent. She needed to inspire the world. How could she do that trapped to her brother who... Who...

Such joy and mirth shone on Kora's face as Sven grinned at her. What would losing Sven do to Kora? It would give her such pain. Pain that would fuel such art. She could make something so impressive with that.

So many tears...

Did she truly have to suffer?

“I will marry them,” Priestess Thea said, glancing at her husband who stood by the mural, Zanyia kneeling naked at his side. “All of them.”

Ealaín blinked. “What? All of us? But... but...”

I felt like the naga's ogre struck me a ringing blow. Luben was all about love. Fidelity. Monogamy. Why would her priestess want to marry all of us? And was I included in that “all”? Was I a part of Sven's... harem?

I glanced at him with Kora and... It wasn't just Kora who would feel pain once the amulet was destroyed. It would rip out a portion of Sven's heart, too. He agreed to give her up knowing the pain it would cause him because he loved her. I was responsible for this situation. I advised my mother to break them apart. Did I deserve to be a part of his family when shortly my words would rip it apart?

“Luben respects love in all of its forms,” Priest Otmar said, striding across the worship hall to his wife. “Though monogamy is superior, and the easiest to maintain, it's not the only way. We marry all those in love.”

“Your Sven has convinced me,” Thea stated as her husband stopped beside her. She took his hand, an act that appeared both habitual and joyful.

“I'm already married to him the faerie way,” Aingeal said, fluttering towards Sven. She settled on his other side from Kora, taking his other arm and rubbing her pillowy breasts against him.

“And now you can be married to him the Lubenite way,” Otmar stated.

Kora looked at me and held out a beckoning hand. “That means you, too, Ealaín.”

I couldn't help but say, “Yes,” to her imploring need. I... I... wanted to be apart of this. Sven... Kora... I drifted towards her, my armor clinking with every step. This wasn't why mother sent me. I was here to guide her to her art and...


This was...

Sven stared at me, looking stunned. His eyes met mine and... We were going to hurt Kora so badly. I felt so selfish for taking the radiant's hand. But I was so greedy for her smile. For the shining beauty, the art, coming from her.

Chapter Seventeen: A Lubenite Wedding

Princess Ava

Excitement bubbled through me. I was about to be free of the corrupted priestess's spell, free of the depraved lust for my father, and I was about to be married to my Sven. Plus more. A giddy rush shot through me as I drifted to Sven, the others moving with me. Zanyia scampered to me, a toothy grin on her face, her tail swishing back and forth.

“I know,” I told her, feeling her excitement to. “I know!”

Thea and Otmar turned and, hand in hand, drifted towards the altar. We followed, Sven still looking like a poleaxe hit him the face. I don't think he was prepared to be married to all of us. I had a feeling Sven never really thought he would be married. Not even when he proposed to me over a year ago.

The event that lead to the fire. To my father's... rash actions.

The reality was hitting him. He kept glancing at Kora clinging to his right side. Of course he couldn't believe he was marrying her. She was his sister. It went against all Zeutchian customs for siblings to marry. But the religion of Luben didn't mind. Not if they loved each other. And Sven must have proven he loved us all.

At the altar, Sven, Kora, Nathalie, Greta, and I knelt. The three non-humans, the three non-Zeutchians, blinked. Then Zanyia knelt beside me. A moment later, Ealaín clinked and clattered as she settled her armored form down beside Kora. Last Aingeal gave a flutter of her wings and drifted down to settle on the ground, shaking her head, her pink hair dancing about her shoulders in mirth.

Maybe it was a little silly, but that was how Lubenite weddings worked. Though normally it was only the bride and groom who knelt. Well... We were all the brides to Sven. Even Ealaín. I glanced at the aoi si, her midnight-black face looked as stunned as Sven's, the same poleaxe whacking her, too.

“Beneath the loving gaze of Luben, these souls have come to unite in fidelity. To pledge themselves and bind themselves together in this life and beyond,” Otmar said, his voice booming through the room, preaching like there was the normal wedding guests in attendance.

I didn't care. Another giddy rush washed through them. Married!

“All souls are born with something missing,” Thea said, “a hole that yearns to be filled. Like a key into a lock, out there lurks that other soul that shall complete us, and that we shall complete.” She paused. “Sometimes, it takes more than one soul. More than one love.”

I squirmed, grabbing Zanyia's hand and smiling. Her ears twitched and a rumbling purr rose in her throat. Her ears twitched.

“Bless them Luben,” both priest and priestess intoned as they turned to face them. “As you blessed us.”

Together, the two priests of Luben opened their robes and slipped out of them. Zanyia blinked, her purr faltering as the naked Otmar and Thea embraced. The lamia gave me a questioning look, her golden, cat-slitted eyes wide.

“They show their love and unite together to power the magic of their blessing ritual,” I whispered to her as Otmar's hands caressed his wife's curvy body. “Don't masturbate.”

“But...” Zanyia squirmed, her hand squeezing mine tight.

“That'll be hard,” Nathalie whispered as she knelt on my other side, holding Greta's hand.

“Uh-huh,” my busty bedmaid nodded. “He's sexy for an older man. Look at that body. He's still fit.”

“And she's a mature beauty,” Sven groaned from my other side, envy in his voice. He did want that woman bad.

Well, it was good for a woman to turn him down.

Otmar draped his wife over the altar. They kept kissing, their hands moving, but it lacked... a certain eroticism. They were performing. Acting. They'd made love on the altar for so many weddings. For decades. It was perfunctory to them. Just part of the ritual and...

“Otmar!” Thea groaned as he penetrated her, a wanton and wicked sound.

He thrust away at her with vigor. His balls smacked hard into her. His surprisingly muscular ass pumped up and down, burying his cock over and over into her pussy. She moaned and groaned, her fingers clawing at his back, their passion building and building.

That hot itch built and built in me. I squirmed. Though their love-making started out a little rote, now that they had united their bodies, merging into one flesh, the passion made me tremble. My pussy grew hot. I ached to be taken hard by...

I wouldn't think of my father.

I glanced at Sven kneeling near me with Aingeal and Kora on either side of him. I stared at his young, chiseled face, his blond hair falling around his face, those lustrous locks. His body was strong and graceful at the same time. That dangerous grace of a fighter. A man who wasn't afraid of danger.

Who didn't sink into a proxy to fight his enemies or enslave his own people. I didn't need my father, and soon I would be free of the bastard.

Thea's moans swelled. They echoed through the vast halls. Her husband grunted, kissing at her neck, his hands squeezing those lush tits of her. She undulated her hips, her thighs wrapped about his waist, gripping him.

My free hand rubbed at my skirt. I wanted to slide it higher up my thigh. I wanted to press between my legs. My pussy was so hot but... but... I couldn't masturbate. That wasn't what I should be doing. It wasn't why I was here.


“Otmar!” Thea groaned. “Otmar, yes!”

Zanyia purred beside me, squirming back and forth. Her ears twitched. Her small breasts rose and fell. Her nipples hard. So suckable. I licked my lips, my hand squeezing hers. She squeezed back, her palms as sweaty as mine.

“Thea!” the priest grunted.

“Yes, yes, I'm almost there,” she moaned. “Oh, Luben, thank you!”

My pussy clenched as Thea's orgasm exploded from her lips. Her body heaved beneath her husband. My nipples ached against my bodice. My free hand clenched my skirt, balling it up as I whimpered in envy.

“Thea!” he grunted, ramming into her. His back flexed. His moans echoed through the room. He was cumming in her. He was spurting his jizz into his wife's pussy.

A passionate union of love.


Kora Falk

I trembled as the two priests had their orgasms. I squeezed my brother's hand. Such a giddy thrill ran through me. I was marrying him. Not just claiming to be his wife, not pretending that we were united, but an actual ceremony blessed by the God Luben. I never imagined this would be possible.

Otmar and Thea didn't care about the incest. They just cared about our love.

“Luben,” the two priests moaned together as their pleasure peaked, “bless this temple. Let your love spread to his unique couple. Let them feel your touch on their hearts, pierced by your unerring arrow. They are united, as we are. Love has brought them together and forged them into one.”

I let out a happy squeal, my eyes misting with tears. I could feel the God of Marriage and Fidelity gazing down on us from his astral home of the Cloud Palace. I squeezed Sven and Ealaín's hands while wishing I had more so I could squeeze Ava's, Zanyia's, Aingeal's, Greta's, and Nathalie's hands, too. I wanted to share this joy with all of them.

We were about to be married.

Otmar dismounted his wife. I could see her pussy, framed by her blonde curls. White cum and her juices leaked out of her and trickled down to the altar made of equal balance of black and white marble. The moment their combined fluids touched it, light exploded.

A radiance burst through the room. It at once glowed both white and black. But not a harsh darkness, but a welcoming warmth. The twin hues, impossible to coexist together, blended and swirled and then merged into all the colors and yet were none of them. Reds and blues and purples and greens and yellows and oranges and browns and more spilled through the room, washed over us. The love of the two priests formed a tapestry around us, a living painting that writhed and undulated and touched all our souls.

I felt the inspiration of it. It hugged me, caressed me, united me with all those I loved. It engulfed Sven and his harem. I let out a peals of laughter while tears of joy seared down my cheeks. I swayed between my brother and my muse.

The light faded.

Otmar and Thea stood robed before us, their faces flushed, broad smiles on their lips. They gazed out at us then their gaze fell on Ava. The princess quivered, holding the lamia's hand. Her strawberry-blonde locks spilled about her regal face.

“Before the loving gaze of Luben,” the pair intoned together, “God of Marriage and Fidelity, do you, Princess Ava of Kivoneth, swear to cherish, protect, and support Sven Falk, Kora Falk, Aingeal of Faerie, Zanyia, Demigoddess Ealaín, Greta, and Nathalie in times of plenty and sparse, in times of health and pestilence, in times of fortune and poverty, to hold your vow through life and beyond into death?”

“I do,” Ava said in a ringing voice, her head lifted high, diamonds trickling down her cheeks.

Zanyia purred louder.

The priests gaze switched to me. They spoke the vows, naming all those I cared for. My heart fluttered at each name spoken. I nodded my head and declared, “I do.”

“I do,” Aingeal purred.

“Oh, yes, I do!” Zanyia yowled. “Master owns me! He doesn't get a choice! He has to keep me!”

“I... I do...” Ealaín said, her voice choked when her turn came.

“Yes, yes, I do,” Greta said, bouncing beside Nathalie.

“I do!” Nathalie said, beaming a smile as she gazed at Sven.

And last the priests asked Sven the same vows, spoken in the same intonation. My brother drew in a deep breath. “I do.”

“By Luben's blessing, we declare you wedded to Sven Falk and each other. You may celebrate your union.”

The light exploded around us once more.

Chapter Eighteen: Breeding the Princess-Bride

Princess Ava

I gasped as the black and white light radiated from Thea and Otmar. It swept around us a second time, merging and splitting into all the hues. Last time, it just touched our souls, like it was reading us, sounding our intentions. Now... it bound us and...

The light knifed into my soul. My back arched. I let out a cry of shock as it attacked something inside of me. It hacked at... at cords bound about my heart. It severed the bondage of lust chaining me to my father. That ache, that itch deep in my cunt that never truly went away but that I was just ignoring, vanished. My need to be fucked by my father, bred by his incestuous seed, evaporated. The cords of the corrupted priestess's spell fell away from me.

I. Was. Free.

Tears exploded from my eyes. My entire body shuddered as the joy swept through me. Love consumed the lust. Fidelity swept away the ardor. I didn't need my father any longer. I just needed Sven and his wives. I just needed my new family. It was wonderful.

“Sven!” I cried out as the light swirled around all of us. “My Sven!”

And then he was before me. He had broken away from his sister and Aingeal. His strong arms seized me. He kissed me hard, his strong arms pulling me against him. I melted against his hungry mouth. I clung to him, a new desire swelling in me.

A pure desire.

My tongue danced with Sven. I was his wife. He was my husband. My prince. I clung to him tightly, my arms locked around his neck. His hands stroked down my back, rustling the fabric of my dress, pulling the cloth tight over my breasts, my nipples aching.

The rest of my family appeared around me as the light faded. They were all my wives, even the sex slaves. Their faces beamed around me as they reached in at me. Their hands fumbled at my clothing, searching for the laces holding my dress closed.

Fingers found them. My bodice grew loose. Gentle hands pulled at my dress, sliding it down my shoulders. Sven broke the kiss to stare at my small breasts quivering, topped by my upswept, dusky nipples.

Armor clinked as hands went to Ealaín's grab. Others were ripping off Sven's leathers as I settled naked before him. Zanyia grinned down at me as she tugged off my skirt, already naked, already prepared to celebrate our nuptials.

Greta's large tits bounced into sight, cupped by Aingeal's kneading hands. Nathalie ripped off Kora's robes, bearing my new wife's tattooed body, the verdant vines and pink flowers almost glowing after being bathed in Luben's colors.

“Mmm, get that cock growing,” Greta moaned as she pulled away from Aingeal and stared at Ealaín pulling off the last of her armor, her midnight-black body exposed for all to gaze upon.

The aoi si smiled, and then her cock sprouted, thrusting from the folds of her pussy. I shivered as her clit grew longer and longer, the pink fading to the darkness of the rest of her skin. Her large tits bounced, her citrine eyes smoldering with lust.

“Oh, my,” Thea gasped. “I didn't expect that.”

“Explains how Sven can keep all those women satisfied,” Otmar said then chuckled. “Slipped another cock into the group.”

“We need to get you ready,” moaned Greta next, turning away from Ealaín and her big cock. “Everyone, we have to get our princess-wife ready to be bred.”

“Ooh, yes, Master has to breed her,” Zanyia moaned. Then the catgirl settled between my thighs, her ears twitching as they thrust out of her tawny hair. Her golden eyes stared up at me as she licked her lips. “We have to get her pussy nice and juicy for her.”

“Mmm, yes,” Ealaín moaned. “She has to be so turned on.” She grabbed Aingeal and pulled the pink-haired faerie's head down towards that throbbing clit-dick. “Inspire her.”

“Yes, yes, inspire me,” I moaned as I watched the faerie's butterfly wings flutter. She nuzzled her pink lips against the dark tip. “That's so hot. Suck all her girl-cum out of her cock.”

“Gods, yes,” groaned Sven. “Get my princess ready.”

“We shall, brother mine,” Kora purred as she cupped my small, right breast. My new wife leaned down and licked at my nipple.

Then Zanyia lapped at my pussy.

I gasped as her hot tongue rasped against my pussy. She had a rougher texture than anyone else's tongue. It stimulated my labia in different ways. It made me gasp and moan. My head tossed back and forth as I shuddered on the floor.

Kora sucked so hard on my nipple, the tingles racing down to my pussy being so expertly pleased by Zanyia. The lamia purred as she nuzzled into my folds, her tail swishing back and forth above her body.

“Rithi's inspiring art,” Ealaín moaned.

Aingeal's mouth engulfed the aoi si's girl-dick. Her body wiggled and writhed, her wings fluttering, as she slid her pink lips farther and farther down the ebony shaft. The more of the aoi si's cock she took, the more Ealaín groaned and whimpered. Her big tits jiggled and shook.

“Oh, Aingeal, my sweet faerie-wife,” Ealaín moaned, her dark fingers stroking through the faerie's pink hair. “What a wondrous delight. Love my girl-dick.”

“Love her,” groaned Greta, caressing her big boobs nearby.

Sven tweaked one of Greta's fat nubs. “Your princess-Mistress has a free nipple, slave.”

“Yes, Master,” she moaned, gazing at our husband with such adoration. Then her eyes shot to me. “I'm your slave-wife, Princess. I always wanted to be yours. Ever since you took me to your bed.” Her blue eyes brimmed with sudden tears. “I just never thought... that it would happen.”

I beckoned to her, smiling at her as I writhed against Zanyia's fluttering tongue. “Well, it has. So come over here and let's love each other.”


As Zanyia jammed that delicious tongue into my pussy and swirled it around, Greta crawled to me. Her big tits swayed and jiggled. I kept my hand out stretched, my fingers first brushing her face. She turned and kissed my palm. As she came closer, my hand slid down her neck and between her pillowy breasts. I squeezed her breast briefly before I was sliding down her belly, reaching for that hot, little cunt between her thighs.

Her golden hair brushed my skin as she lowered her head. As she joined Kora in suckling at my tits, my fingers found her damp bush. She whimpered as I stroked through her curls and caressed the hot silk of her labia. My fingers danced up and down her silt, her juices coating my digits. I parted her petals, caressing her, making her moan about my nub.

“Pater's cock, that is hot,” Sven groaned, kneeling nearby, stroking his dick.

Inspired by the sloppy sounds Aingeal made as she blew Ealaín, I pursed my lips and arched my eyebrows at my husband. My husband! Another giddy thrill, half-propelled by Zanyia's exploring tongue, shot through me.

“Wanton princess,” Sven said as he moved to me, his dick thrusting towards my hungry lips.

“Mmm, of course I am,” I moaned, plunging two fingers into Greta's pussy. “You schooled me in such depravity. You took that innocent, wide-eyed princess and turned her into your whore.”

“My wife,” he said, holding his dick as he brought it to my lips.

“Mmm, your whore. Your wife. Your everything.” I opened my mouth wide and engulfed the tip of his dick.

I moaned as I sucked his cock while fingering Greta's hot pussy, her juices dripping down my wrist. I couldn't help the naughty sounds rising out of my throat. Not with Kora and Greta loving my nipples and Zanyia's amazing tongue stirring up my cunt. So many sensations rippled through my body. So many delights coursed through my veins. They rippled one after the other.

My tongue swirled around the crown of his cock between sucks. I gathered up his salty precum, such a delicious preview of the passion to come. I squirmed and moaned, humping my cunt against Zanyia's licking mouth as I pleased my husband.

My husband!

Every time I thought that, such giddy joy shot through me, mixing with the bliss my three wives gave me. It inspired me to bob my head, pumping my lips up and down his cock by a few inches. My tongue danced and caressed him. My cheeks hollowed as I loved him.

“Pater's cock, yes,” Sven grunted, his face twisting with rapture. His muscular body flexing as spasms of pleasure rippled through him. “Gods, you know how to please a man, Ava.”

“Mmm, she does, Master,” Zanyia said into my pussy. She took another fluttering lick, her tongue grazing my clit.

I whimpered about Sven's cock.

“Just dump all your jizz down her throat, Master,” the lamia continued. She nipped my clit with her teeth, making me squeal. “Then she'll be ready to be bred. I'll have her pussy simmering.”

“Mmm, she will,” Kora moaned between sucks.

Greta giggled about my other nipple, making it throb. I pumped my fingers faster in her cunt, stirring up her passion. It made my bedmaid, my wife, moan louder about my nipple as I churned her silky cunt to a froth.

I was so ready to be bred. To be loved by my family. In the background, Ealaín moaned, “Ooh, Nathalie, such a naughty wife. Mmm, get that tongue deep in my asshole and... Ooh, yes, yes, finger my cunt.”v

A heady heat rippled through me as I pictured Ealaín kneeling with Nathalie behind her, the girl's pigtails dangling down past her face buried between the aoi si's butt-cheeks. Aingeal on the other side, bobbing her mouth on that ebony cock, making Ealaín shudder and groan, her body assaulted by the two beauties.

Just like mine was.

Kora swirled her tongue about my right nipple while Greta nibbled on my left. My body squirmed, my eyes squeezing shut. I jammed my two fingers deep into Greta's cunt. My lips sealed so tight about Sven's cock as I sucked on him over and over, making him groan and grunt.

But the true delight came from Zanyia and that amazing tongue of hers. The lamia rooted through my folds, exploring every bit of her. She lapped up my juices flowing out of me, her tail swishing back and forth. She purred, the humming sound vibrating the folds of my cunt, adding another delight.

My orgasm swelled faster and faster.

I twitched and groaned, grinding against her mouth. She fluttered her tongue through my sheath, building my orgasm. Her nose rubbed on my clit. Little sparks flew, making my stomach muscles contract, my pussy clenching on her probing tongue.

“Gods damn, you are making her purr, Zanyia,” groaned Sven, his hips thrusting, fucking his cock into my mouth. “Keep it up. Make my princess cum.”

“Yes, Master,” our slave-wife moaned.

Her tongue attacked my clit.

She fluttered that rough appendage against my bud. She flicked it over and over, simulating my little button. My legs squeezed tight about her face. I moaned about Sven's cock thrusting into my hungry mouth. My body shuddered. My nipples throbbed in Kora's and Greta's loving mouths.

Pleasure erupted in me.

My orgasm crashed through my body.

I bucked and groaned. I pumped my fingers in and out of Greta's cunt, my digits wiggling and squirming in her. She moaned about my nipple, sucking on it so hard. That only added to the rapture washing out of my pussy.

I screamed about Sven's dick then sucked with all my might. Stars burst across my eyes as the rapture flooding out of my cunt reached my mind. I drowned in the rapture my wives gave me. I shuddered and bucked, grinding so hard on Zanyia's mouth, her tongue fluttering around my vulva, gathering up my juices.

“Pater's huge cock!” Sven groaned as I moaned about his dick. “Yes!”

Hot cum spurted into my mouth.

I sucked on him, draining him dry. I gulped down all his spunk as I quivered through my orgasms. His salty jizz coated my throat and warmed down to my belly. I felt so wanton. I was truly his whore. Not because a spell swelled my lusts, but because I chose to be. I wanted to be his slut.

His wife.

His princess.

My mouth popped off his cock after he spurted the final time. “Breed me! It's time! I'm ready! Let's create a new life together!”

“Yes,” he growled.

Zanyia's head lifted from my pussy. “I licked her so good, Master! Her pussy is so ready for your big dick!”

“Yes, it is!” he growled and moved over me.

Greta and Kora moved away, my fingers sliding out of my bedmaid-wife's pussy. I reached up to pull Sven down to me as he mounted me. He settled between my thighs, his cock, full of his fecund seed, nuzzling at my cunt.

I stared into his blue eyes as he settled his weight atop me. His chest crushed my breasts. My nipples throbbed against him. I loved the feel of him on me. It was so wonderful. I was his wife, so happy to be united with him.

“I love you so much, Sven,” I told him. “Since I first laid eyes on you, I knew I would be your wife.”

He smiled. “I never thought I would marry, but... You captured me, Princess. You were the first.”

“Not the last,” I moaned as our wives gasped around us, loving each other.

He just grinned, kissed me, and thrust.

His cock didn't ram into me, but sank slowly. He savored entering me. I quivered as my husband filled me. My arms and legs wrapped about his body, holding him as tight as my pussy clung to his thick dick. I moaned into his mouth, my tongue dueling his.

He drew back, his cock sliding through the silky sheath of my pussy, stimulating me. Though I just came, I was ready for more, my cunt hungry for another orgasm. And for his spurting seed. My fingernails bit into his back as he thrust forward.

Gods, what a delight. He filled me again.

And again.

His balls thudded into my taint every time he buried into me. My pussy welcomed him over and over, When he pulled back, I squeezed down, not wanting him to leave. The pleasure trembled through me, the silky friction transformed into rapture.

It was such a sweet gift to be united with him. To rock my body against his.

I loved him as fiercely as I could, undulating beneath him. I met his strokes and stirred my pussy around his cock. I made him moan into our lips. I inspired him to thrust harder and harder, to ram his cock faster and faster into my depths.

It was glorious.

Pleasure spilled through me with his every plunge.

His pubic bone smacked my clit. Pleasure flared every time. I ground my button into his pubic mound, his thick pubic hair caressing my labia and bud. I whimpered as I clung to him. My body brimmed with such rapture.

His cum-laden balls thwacked into me every time he thrust forward. I shuddered, so eager for that hot spurt to fill me. My nipples throbbed against his chest, drinking in the manly feel of him. It made me feel so feminine. So womanly.

I was ripe and fertile, ready to be bred by my husband.

I broke the kiss to moan, “Yes, yes, yes, Sven! I want your seed in me. I want you to breed me!”

“Yes!” he growled, thrusting harder, my words inflaming him. His blue eyes smoldered as they stared down at me.

I could drown in them.

“I want your cum spurting in me. So hot! You're going to claim me fully! You're going to take what my father craved.”

He grinned and hammered me. “I stole you from him.”

“Seduced me from him!” I whimpered.

“I made you mine!” he growled, his voice so throaty, his passion building.

“Yours!” I whimpered. “So cum in me! You're my husband now. Claim me! Breed your wife, Sven! Breed your princess's cunt! It's yours! I need it! Give it to me!”

“Gods, yes!”

He buried into me. His cock sank to the hilt in me. I felt every inch of him in me, his dick twitching in my silky sheath. His face contorted in rapture. His mouth opened as he groaned out in bliss.

Hot cum spurted into my fertile depths.

My orgasm rippled through me at the first hot splash against my cervix. I whimpered as my cunt milked his dick, drawing out every drop of his spunk to breed my pussy. I knew as my pleasure swept through my body that we were creating a child.

The God Krab would be pleased.

My pussy spasmed so hard about his dick. I wrung out every drop of cum as he groaned above me. Our bodies heaved together as we shared our pleasure. Rapture swept through me. It melted my mind as I gasped and groaned.

“Sven! Sven! Yes!”

“My princess!” he groaned. “My sweet Ava!”

Our lips met in another kiss. My eyes squeezed shut. Tears of joy flowed as I trembled beneath him. I was his. I was free. What a wondrous day. Around us, the rest of our wives celebrated. I shuddered, eager for more pleasure.

Eager to love all my new spouses.


The Watcher

I hooted as I stared at the temple. Magic rippled through the air. Whatever purpose they needed from Luben, they gained. Soon, they would return to the Temple of Krab. The God of Craftsmen sent unease rippling through my body contorted into the form of the owl. I clutched onto the hundreds and hundreds of feathers, holding the shape as I watched.

The Paragon needed to send our brethren immediately. What could be made could be unmade. And none understood those principals more than Krab and his followers. Our creator's phylactery lay in peril.

The Paragon must risk confrontation. The humans who possessed it couldn't know its true powers. Couldn't understand how Father's soul could be used. It was a mistake to use proxies to protect ourselves. Time was running out.

“Hurry!” I screeched at a frequency of sound too high-pitched for the humans to hear. “They are getting closer to gaining Krab's favor.”

“Help is coming,” came the Paragon's answer.

To be continued...
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