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So we met up again, at her place and things get going. I would say this is more round 2 then the 2nd chapter.
Well I am back, and hopefully with a good one for you. I figure I stick with the same ebony goddess since I got one more time with her. Memories of her are just amazing, just wish I had one more night with her. But unfortunately, the wife came home from her summer away.

So, it was just a week till I got an email from the sexy soon to be mom. She let me know how wonderful last time was and is seeing if I am free tomorrow evening after her shift. I am, but the bad news is I have work early in the morning so won’t be able to stay past 9. She says we can get a lot done during those 3 hours, and we sure did.

So, I come over at the right time, and saw no one home. 5 mins later a car pulled up, and I got tight assed really quick. Fortunately for me, it was her. Different car this time though. She waved at me. I got out the car and followed her in. “I got nervous for a moment there when I saw the car,” I said. “Yeah, that’s my man’s car, mine is in the shop and he out with some friends this week get shit faced,” she replied. She turned around and kissed me deeply, “I need a shower.” “Want me to join,” I smiled. She smiled back, “no, because I need to make sure I am fresh for that tongue and our shower is small so no room for fun.”

She took a shower while I waited, and when she came out only wearing a towel, I was instantly hard. She went for her purse, pulled out a cigarette and lit up. “Don’t give me that look, “ she said, “ I know I shouldn’t’but damn I need it to calm down.” I walked up to her and kissed her, “enjoy that while I help you out,” I said as I kissed her neck. I placed my hands on her shoulders and began to rub.

“That feels good, “ she sighed as she leaned against me. I continue to rub her as she soon leaned forward to dump her ashes out. “Stay like that, “ I said as I worker lower back. “That’s the spot,” she moaned as I felt the knots begin to loosen. Soon I could feel her back relaxed, and I worked my way down her leg, massaging her thigh. “What are you doing?” she asked as she took a drag. “Just enjoy that smoke while I get you warmed up,” I replied as I smiled at her. I begin to move up her thigh, kissing as she sits down and enjoys her smoke. I lift her leg up and begin rubbing her calf, seeing her take the towel off. I grab the towel and wipe her feet. “Oh no you don’t,” she said as she sat up. I shook my head yes and began to suck slowly on her toes.

“Oh mother fucker you just found my weakness,” she moaned as I sucked her big toe in my mouth. I watched as she began to wiggle, and her hand moved to her pussy. She began rubbing her pussy as I sucked on her toes, taking in her big and the two next to it. She moaned as she pulled me forward with her foot, “eat up baby, it’s all wet for you now, “she says as she feeds me her fingers. I suck on them and then roll my tongue over her pussy. She runs her hand in my hair as I grab her thighs. Her pussy taste so amazing, and I just dive my face into her dripping mound as I just taste every drop. She moans louder and louder, finishing a drag as she put the cigarette down, “shit we need to go to the bed, fuck almost burned myself,” she said.

She pulled me to the bedroom, showing off her king size bed as she turned around and pulled my shirt off. She kissed me deeply, then laid down on the bed. “Let’s get back to where you were just about to make me cum,” she said as she spread her legs wide. I smiled at her as I kissed up her thigh and continued my tongue lashing on her clit. “That’s it mother fucker, make me cum like I haven’t in a long time, I need to explode tonight baby,” she moaned as I rolled my tongue over and over again. I flicked her clit, sucking it in my mouth as my tongue did all the work. She moaned louder and louder, feeling her body began to shake,” Fuck, I need that cock baby,” she cried out as I never stopped. She pulled my hair back, pulling me off her pussy. Kissing my lips again, “I wasn’t done, “I muttered as I caught my breath. She didn’t’ care, she pulled me on the bed and started to unbuckle my belt. “I told you I had something to show you, well hold on to this.” I laid back as she took my shorts off and wrapped her hand around my semi-hard cock.

She opened her mouth and engulfed my cock down to my balls, letting it hit her throat then wrapped those lips around my cock and slid off, spitting on my cock as she stroked it. “God Damn,” I moaned as I felt her tongue roll up and down my shaft. “Mm, now this is a good cock,” she said as she began to suck on it hard, then popping off. She started to suck on my balls as she continued to stroke it. “It’s been too damn long,” I moaned as I sat up and smacked her ass. She went all the way down again and back up, “God I want this dick right now,” she commanded.

I reached down for my shorts, pulled out a condom. She grabs it out of my hand, unwraps and then wraps my cock up. “Hold on tight mother fucker,” she laughed as she got on top. She slowly lowered herself down and I felt how wet, and tight her pussy is. “FUCK,” is all we could say as she finally touched down. She began grinding her hips, holding on tight to my chest as she began to pump up and down on my cock. I leaned up and sucked on her juicy tits, feeling her hips grind into my cock. “Fuck me, please fuck me,” she moaned as she leaned forward. I took over and pumped my cock hard, going deep in that pussy as she began to get louder and louder. Her body shook as I felt juices drip down my balls, she kissed me deeply. “Fuck me from behind,” she whispered as she caught her breath.

I rolled off the bed, stood up as she positioned herself. I smacked her ass, then spread her cheeks to lick that beautiful asshole. “Right there baby, lick that ass,” she demanded as I darted my tongue in and out her asshole. “You sure you don’t’ want to try new things tonight,” I said smiling with a devilish grin. “Shut up and fuck my pussy,” she said as she gave me the look. I laughed and licked her ass some more as I got behind her and slowly pushed my cock into that pussy. She moaned as I slide my cock in and out her pussy, grabbing her hair I pull back and begin to pound her pussy. “Fuck me, fuck me, Fuck Me,” she screamed as I fucked her harder and harder. Her body was shaking as I grabbed her by the throat and just held her up. She screamed louder and louder, “Fuck Yes,’ as she exploded again all over me and her bed. This time I couldn’t hold back anymore and came as well too, moaning as I slowly lowered her on the bed. “That is how you do it,” she gasped as she tried to catch her breath.

We laid together, and I got up to clean myself off in her bathroom. I got dressed as I saw it was near 8 o’clock. “I lost track of time, “I said as I walked into the bedroom. She had gotten on a black bra and thong. “I think you need to stay,” she said as she wrapped her arms around me. My dick started to rouse up as we kissed, “fuck,” I replied as my phone buzzed, “I need to go that is my wife on the phone.” She kissed me again, “email you soon.”

I did get that email, but like I said it just came too late.
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