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Ginny is shocked to be selected to naked when her college embraces the Program.
Futa Naked In School – Futa's Naked Temptation

Chapter One: Ginny Bares All

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

Ginny Reynolds's Week, Monday

“They have to be announcing the start of the Program,” my futa-girlfriend, Samantha, said, her arm around my shoulder.

“Try not to sound so excited,” I muttered, my stomach churning as the students of Joanna Rogers College flowed across the open grounds towards the gymnasium. “I bet you want to see one of those busty girls like Claire Nowell or Janice Simms I saw you drooling over.”

“Ginny, don't sound like that,” Samantha said, tightening her arm as she glanced down at my chest. “You don't have anything to feel ashamed of.”

At eighteen, I thought I was blossoming well, my breasts nice and round. Maybe I'd be as busty as some of those other girls in year or two. My cheeks went pink as I felt her gaze. I squirmed in her arm, pressing against her. She had a jaunt to her step, her green eyes flashing. Her brown hair, cut into a cute bob, swayed as it framed her delicate face, her lips pink and kissable.

I enjoyed kissing those lips a lot.

“I bet Candice is eager to see some big boobs bouncing naked around the school,” Samantha said, glancing past me to my best friend.

Candice, a nerdy futa, blushed to her blonde roots. Her pigtails swayed about her shoulders while her blue eyes darted away from me, her glasses shifting on her nose. She wore a high-necked dress, like usual, the hem falling down to her ankles. Some futas like to show off as much skin as girls. Samantha herself wore a tight, pink t-shirt that molded to her small breasts. Her lack of bra was evident, her nipples puckered high. She wore a style of jeans not unlike my own, though hers was cut different in the crotch to accommodate a clit-dick.

What would it be like to have a clit that thrust out from the folds of my pussy... I'd had only see naked futas in pictures in health text books. It seemed so strange to see familiar labia wrapped about the base of the thrusting cock.

“Stop teasing her,” I told Samantha as we reached the gymnasium.

“Look, there's Denice,” Samantha said, nodding to the busty blonde, her hair gathered in an elegant, French braid. She was standing at the entrance, handing out flyers. “She your type of girl?”

“Maybe she's your type of girl,” I muttered, giving Samantha a look as she eyed the busty Junior, the twenty-year-old girl's tits almost falling out of her halter top, a giggling smile on her lips.

“Won't you vote for me for Homecoming Queen,” Denice said, thrusting a purple flyer out at my futa-girlfriend.

“Sure!” Samantha said, snatching up the flyer, a huge grin on her face.

I gave a snort of disgust and wiggled out of her arm, stalking off into the physical education building without her, glancing at Candice. She gave me a supportive smile. She was such a sweet futa. I had to find her a girlfriend. She didn't date at all in high school, and now that we were in college, I wanted to make sure that she found someone and poke out of her shell.

“Did she have nice tits?” I asked Candice, a sudden worry twisting through me.

Candice shrugged. “Maybe too big, I guess.”

I made a note about that. Not a busty girl for Candice.

“Hey, wait, Ginny!” Samantha shouted, darting up. “You're not mad because I took a dumb flyer?”

I arched an eyebrow at my futa-girlfriend.

“Look!” She balled it up and threw it in the trash. “There. No more flyer. Okay. I'll vote for Umeko Himura instead.”

I kept looking at her.

“I'll pen your name in for Homecoming Queen,” she said, slipping her arm around my shoulder, her nipples hard against her top. “We should have a cute redhead for our queen this year.”

A little flutter shot through me. “You better make sure I win.”

Her smile slipped a bit. I couldn't help giggling.

We passed the locker rooms and neared the entrance to the gymnasium. A girl with sandy-blonde hair stood on a box. She was an older girl, another junior or senior, I think. It was the second week of school, I hardly knew my fellow freshman. She was dressed as conservatively as Candice, a white dress buttoned to her neckline, the sleeves long despite the warm, early September day.

“Do not stand up for the perversity of the Program,” she said, a golden cross flashing about her neck. “If we refuse to strip naked and parade around the campus, then it won't get a foothold here. If you are chosen, pledge to the Purity Society that you want give in to their pressures. The Program only brings fornication and—”

“I like fornication,” shouted Shelena.

I groaned, spotting the tall, African-American futa. She was a sophomore, the nineteen-year-old bitch thought she was goddess's gift to girls. She was in my PE class. I always felt her eyes roaming my body. She leered at all of us girls, especially the freshmen in the class.

“That's what you need, Lola,” Shelena continued. “A nice, big, Black futa-dick to help you out!”

“See!” Lola shouted, her face going red. She stabbed her finger at Shelena. “This is what the Program does. Makes us think it is acceptable to say things like that! Boycott this perversity. Do not let it take root in our school.” Her gaze swept around while a cadre of futas and girls, equally dressed like they were from the fifties or something, nodded their heads as they ringed her, holding their pamphlets. “Wear a purity bracelet, a pledge between you and goddess that you'll be free of sin.”

Her eyes fell on me, blue and intense, burning with an unnatural fire. I shuddered, hanging against Samantha. She tightened her arm around me while my thoughts wondered what I would do if I was chosen. The Program wasn't... terrible. They did say no girl made it her whole week with her cherry intact and...

Would it be so bad to surrender my virginity to Samantha?

We flowed past Lola and her Purity Society while I kept my head ducked low, not wanting Shelena to see me. I swallowed as we found seats in the bleachers, about midway up. I sat between my futa-girlfriend and friend. Candice pulled out a book, a technical manual on some sort of video equipment. She was in the A/V club, of course.

The entire gymnasium buzzed as the student body of Rogers College filled the stands. I swallowed, my heart racing. Was it truly the Program? I stared down at the center of the gymnasium where our school's president, a fellow redhead like me, waited. Ms. McTaggart was a futa, though, standing tall before a portable podium with a mic facing the stands.

“Thank you, thank you for coming,” she said with such energy. She had a bright-red blouse and black skirt, her legs clad by dark pantyhose. She clapped her hands together, almost bouncing like a schoolgirl than a futa in her forties. “This is a wonderful day for Rogers College. As you may all be wondering, yes, Rogers is enrolling in the Program!”

A ripple ran through the crowd. A strange... excitement swelled through me. I shifted in my seat, my hands rubbing at my jeans. My pussy grew... wet. I bit my lip, staring down by the president realizing I was about to see a naked futa for the first time.

“We'll be doing one student from each year,” Ms. McTaggart continued, her voice full of peppy energy. “Two futas and two girls. Now isn't that exciting?”

A roar rippled through the crowd, many futas standing up, a few girls, too. I swallowed, my nipples pressing hard against my bra. I found my self playing with my fiery locks. My chest felt tight. There were five hundred students at our college. That meant I had less than a 1% chance of being chosen. But...

Did I want to be?

I swallowed.

“Now, for those who don't know, the Program is an amazing opportunity for you young people to get to know your bodies. In the wake of the Sexual Freedom Act decriminalizing public nudity, obscenity laws, and incest laws, the Program was established to help young people become comfortable with their bodies.

“For one week, those chosen to participate in the Program will have to attend classes naked, will have to use the opposite gender's facilities from restrooms to locker rooms, and is free to perform any sexual acts you consent to. At the beginning of any class, you have ten minutes to ask for 'satisfaction.' This can range from masturbation to asking for a volunteer to service you in a variety of fashion, even full penetration.”

A bunch of futas cheered, and I swear Samantha wanted to as she shifted beside me. I hoed it was me she wanted to penetrate. My cheeks burned at that thought.

The president waited for the cheering to die before continuing, “Further, professors may use you in their lessons on topics of biology, sexual health, and any other creative uses they may come up with.”

I swallowed, my entire body shivering. Sex in class... I glanced at Samantha, seeing the hungry grin on her face. She glanced at me. That gleam made me shiver. Did she want me in the Program? Did she picture us having sex before everyone?

“Students in the Program have to comply with any reasonable request. They can be groped and touched, they can be stimulated to orgasm so long as no penetration of any orifice occurs. They have to pose for pictures.” She paused. “So... if you see a naked futa and want to stroke her cock until she cums, that's okay.”

“Or finger a girl until she orgasms?” asked Shelena. Of course she would say that.

“So long as those fingers don't penetrate the girl's pussy,” President McTaggart said. “Any one who violates these rules will be... punished. Harshly. I will brook no crossing of these lines. If you're in the Program and someone tries to penetrate you without your permission , whether futa or female, report to my office or a professor immediately.” Then her smile brightened. “Now that we have that out of the way, let's get stated. Our computer picked the names randomly from the student body.” She pulled her cell phone out of her pocket. “First up, the freshmen. Ginny Reynolds.”

My jaw dropped.

“Yes!” hissed Samantha.

Candice gasped beside me, shooting me a concerned look.

“Come on down, Ginny,” President McTaggart said, her green eyes sweeping over the crowd. “Don't be shy.”

“Be pure!” Lola shouted from somewhere in the crowd.

My heart pounded so fast while I felt everyone staring at me as I stood up. I couldn't help myself. I was in a daze, stunned by what had happened. My hands were sweaty. I rubbed them on my jeans as I stumbled forward. I swallowed, my mouth dry. This couldn't be happening. It had to be a mistake. They couldn't have called my name.

Not me.

Other names were called as I slid myself through the crowd. I hardly noticed. I couldn't heart over my screaming heart. The tightness in my chest squeezed at me. I struggled to breathe as I squeezed by the students.

A hand grabbed my ass, squeezing.

A hot shiver ran through me. I would have to be groped a lot. Touched, caressed. I bit my lip, my fiery hair dancing about my shoulders. This felt like a nightmare. I had to be dreaming. I wished I was dreaming. And yet...

That heat burned inside of me. This strange... exhilaration surged through me, almost feeding on my fear. I reached the steps and stumble down them, my sneakers squeaking on the steps. Another hand grabbed my butt, squeezing me through jeans and panties.

“Damn, what a cute redhead,” I heard a futa groan.

“Look at that ass,” said another.

“She's cute.”

“Freshman with freckles. Hot!”

“I hope she chooses me for satisfaction. I got nine inches with her name on it.”

“More like three, Poise!”

I passed the second to last row and saw Shelena grinning at me. The Black futa's thick lips were spread wide. Her tight blouse molded to her large tits, her nipples hard. She winked at me as her hand slid down her body to her tight jeans, her cock bulged them, forming a tent bigger than any my futa-girlfriend had ever tented.

I swallowed as a giddy sort of ripple washed out of my pussy.

Then I was out at the stage and stumbling to Ms. McTaggart. The president smiled at me and clapped her hands together. Her mouth moved, but her words rippled around me without me understanding them. My breath came so fast. My heart thundered in my chest. Heat flowed through me.

Her hands cupped my face, her green eyes staring into mine. I think they were the same hue as mine. “You have to get naked, Ginny.” Then she kissed me right on the mouth. Not long or fast. But enough to send a wild thrill through me. “Okay?”

“Okay,” I panted, my heart thundering.

I had to. It was the rule. With the entire school watching me. I couldn't believe I was doing this. I almost felt like a different person, like my mind had drifted from my body and I watched it move on its own. Fingers grabbed the hem of my blue blouse and pulled it up my body, exposing my pale skin. I was so fair, as white as you could come.

The cheers swelled. Everyone watched as the president took my blouse from me, folding it up and putting it in a clear, plastic bag. I swallowed and then kicked off my sneakers. I went for my jeans next, still dazed.

This was really happening.

My head snapped around as I unzipped my jeans. I rolled them down my hips as I searched for something to anchor my spinning world. The heat burning in my pussy frightened me. My nipples ached. I licked my lips, searching for Samantha.

I found her sitting by Candice, both watching me. My best friend and my futa-girlfriend. I stared at them as I stepped out of my jeans, my toes curling in my pink, ruffled socks. I handed my jeans over to the president. They vanished in the bag.

Others joined me. The other girl, a senior, and the two futas. I hardly noticed them, staring at Samantha and Candice. They would support me. Help me out. I would be groped and touched by anyone who wanted me, but I was still Samantha's.

I reached behind me and unhooked my bra. I slipped it off my shoulders, my round breasts coming into view. They bounced and jiggled, my pink nipples hard, my areolas puffy and swollen. Samantha leaned forward, such a look of hunger in them. Even Candice was watching. She pushed up her glasses.

My fingers slid down to my cute panties. They had a heart on my rump and a little bit of lace around the waistband. A girl should feel like a woman beneath her clothing. That was what my mom always said. I hooked my thumbs in them.

This was really happening. I was really doing this.

I shoved them down.

The gymnasium burst into applause as my trimmed, fiery bush came into view. My cheeks burned. My virgin pussy clenched. I hoped no one could tell I was wet. That I had little beads of dew clinging to my hairs. I stepped out of my panties, straightened, part of me wanting to hide my body, to shrink and cower.

Another part of me... like the attention. All these futas, and more than a few girls, stared at me with such hunger. I could feel them eager to touch me. I found Samantha's eyes and... Candice stared with that same hunger. My friend lusted for me.

“That's my girlfriend!” Samantha whooped, her voice echoing across the stage.

The groping began almost at once. The moment the president ended the ceremony, futas swarmed me. They came at me from all directions. Some had their cameras out. Others had their hands outstretched. Teal Constable, from my French and technical writing classes, grabbed my right breast with a bold grin on her lips, her green eyes flash. She thumbed my nub.

Another futa shoved her hand between my thighs. I gasped as she rubbed right across my virgin lips, shouting, “She's dripping wet! What a slut!”

My cheeks burned even as a wave of pleasure shot through me.

“Look at these nipples,” groaned Teal groping my tit. “They're so cute and puffy.”

“Can I suck on one,” a futa that had to be a senior asked, her brown eyes glassy. “Please.”

“No!” I gasped.

But I couldn't stop her from playing with the other nub, massaging it. pleasure shot through my body. It was nothing like masturbating or even when Samantha rubbed my tits while we made out. She always did it through my blouse. Now... now there was nothing stopping the contact. The fingers rubbing at my pussy made my snatch melt. My juices flowed. A tangy musk filled the air.

“Grope my cock!” groaned another futa, grabbing my hand and shoving it into her skirt. I felt her bulge through there.

I had to squeeze it. That was the rules. It wasn't penetration. I felt her girth through her dress and panties, my cheeks burning. I'd never done this for Samantha, and now... I was touching a strange futa's clit-dick.

“She feels even hotter,” the futa rubbing my cunt said. “And she's got a cherry. Damn. Someone's going to be lucky.”

“Can it be me, Ginny,” Teal asked, her green shining with lust. “Please, please, I'll make it good for you. You'll cum hard.”

“No!” I gasped. “Only Samantha can have that.”

“That's right, moldy cunt!” snarled Samantha. She pressed through the crowd and threw her arm around my shoulder. “Get back, Teal. This is my girl!”

“It's the Program!” a futa objected. “We can touch her.”

“But only I get to fuck her!” Samantha said, sounding like she owned me. “This is my pussy!”

I gasped as her hand that was around my waist reached around me, following the descending V of my hip, and reached my bush. She slid through my silky hairs and touched my pussy. My clit. Sparks flared through me as she cupped my vulva and massaged my labia.

Pleasure crashed through me. All the touching was too much for me. I threw back my head and screamed out in rapture. Samantha's fingers stimulated my little clit, making it ache and throb. My eyes fluttered. The pleasure rippled over me. Stars washed across my vision.

“She's cumming!” a futa moaned.

“What a slut!” Teal gasped. “You set her off, Samantha!”


“Course I did,” Samantha said, stroking my clit while my knees trembled. Juices gushed out of me, pouring hot down my thighs. “She's my girl. I know how to get her off.”

I clung to Samantha, my pussy convulsing, as she pulled me through the crowd. I moaned and panted, pleasure washing through me again and again. My bare feet slapped on the linoleum. I groaned, my eyes rolling back in my head. It was so much. The room spun around me.

“Samantha!” I moaned.

“That's right,” she said, grinning at me, her brown hair framing her flushed face. “You're mine, Ginny. I won't let them molest you. I'll make your pussy cum. You need it, come to me.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned.

Then Candice was there, opening the door that led out of the gym, giving me a supportive smile. She kept her hands to herself as Samantha hurried me out of the gym, leaving the crowds to swarm the senior girl and the two futas.

I was just grateful I had Samantha and Candice. My nerdy friend blocked the door, giving Samantha a head start to get us to our history class we shared together. I buzzed from the thrill of it.

I came so fast. So hard.


My first day passed in a surreal blur. I was groped all the time, my pussy kept on the edge. I was tempted to ask for satisfaction, but I didn't. I was horny. Eager to get home and masturbate myself to a fiery delight.

Or to let Samantha do things to me.

She couldn't keep her hands off of me. She had open invitation to grope my naked body. To finally enjoy all the things I kept from her this long. She squeezed my breasts, kneaded my ass, and felt up my pussy. She licked my juices off her fingers, grinning at me.

“When you're ready,” she whispered as she led me to the president's office to get my clothing, “I'll take your cherry. I don't care how many people are watching or... You could come over to my house.”

“I have homework,” I told her, squirming. Was I ready to give her that last delight. The way she spoke... “I don't need to do that.”

“Yet,” she said, squeezing my naked ass, her eyes watching my round breasts sway. “Yet. At the very least, ask for satisfaction, and I'll eat your pussy. Maybe you can suck my cock, too.”

“Maybe,” I promised. I kissed her and headed into the president's office.

I got my clothes back and the president also handed me a purple sash that said “Rogers College Program” in gold letters. “If you wear that, no one will give you a hassle if you go naked. You might even get discounts at stores. Things are changing. Nudity is allowed. You're so lucky to get to enjoy it.”

I bit my lip and shook my head. I dressed. I'd leave that to a more adventurous girl even as my pussy itched for me to give it a try. I was feverish with passion. I ached so much. I shivered and emerged dressed to find Candice waiting.

“Where's Samantha?” I asked.

Candice shrugged. “Are we still working on that project today?”

“Right,” I said, biting my lip. I so needed to masturbate. “Do you mind if we...?”

“It's fine,” she said, smiling. “I get it. Today must have been a lot.” She gave me a quick, fleeting hug. “See you tomorrow.”



Arriving at my college for the second day was when reality hit me. Yesterday passed in such a daze of shock and teasing pleasure that I truly didn't process what it meant to go naked through the school. I was turned on all day. A ball of lust compelling me to masturbate for an hour when I got home last night.

I rubbed my poor pussy raw.

My eighteen-year-old body shook and shuddered. I licked my lips, my heart racing as I stared at the door. Samantha squeezed my hand, my futa-girlfriend's delicate face gave me a supportive smile as we approached President McTaggart standing at the door, beaming.

“Good morning, Ginny!” she said, holding the plastic bag in her hand, rustling it. “Shall we?”

My cheeks burned and I nodded. Futas lingered around, all with their phones out. They were like a pack of wolves, all hungry and salivating to feast on me. I shivered, a strange heat rippling through my body, flowing from my pussy.

“All right, babe,” Samantha said, rubbing her hands together, her eyes as hungry as the other futas. “I love seeing you naked. You're so cute.”

“Samantha,” I groaned, my body shivering.

“I hope you ask for relief in our English class,” she continued. “I'll take care of you. I promise.”

I bit my lip. Everyone was staring at me. I had to go naked. My heart pounded faster and faster. My chest crushed down on my lungs. I couldn't breathe. My blouse felt so tight around me, my hips wiggling. I was on fire. I was terrified. I was horny. Scared. Excited. Anxious. I was so many emotions.

“It'll be okay,” Candice said, her hand resting on my shoulder. Giving me a squeeze. “Okay.”

I glanced at my nerdy friend, the futa's blonde pigtails swaying about her face. Her blue eyes were soft behind her glasses. She had a supportive smile on her lips. I stared into her eyes for a moment and nodded my head. I slipped off my sandals, I didn't bother with socks today.

“She's taking it off!” Samantha whooped, a big grin on her face.

“Samantha!” I groaned, my cheeks burning as I unbuttoned my blouse.

She grinned at me as she sidled close and then she tugged down my skirt, kneeling before me. I shuddered as she knelt there, her brown hair framing her cute face. I trembled as she exposed my lilac panties, a purple bow right over my pubic mound. I whimpered as I kept unbuttoning my blouse. Another wave of heat shot through my body. These excited, scared ripples made me tremble. This was so naughty. I couldn't believe this was happening. It was so wild. My head was dizzy from the passion surging through me.

I stepped out of my skirt then shrugged out of my blouse, my bra matching my panties. Samantha stared up at me with hunger. Phones flashed and strobed around me. They clicked as the watching futas witnessed my underwear, immortalizing this moment in digital bytes.

“You know she wore those cute panties to be seen by us,” a futa groaned. “She's such a slut.”

“I know. I can't wait for her to become a true whore and just start fucking everyone. You know that's what happens to girls in the Program.”

“That's not happening!” Samantha snarled, bouncing to her feet. Her face was red. “My girlfriend isn't a whore. She's not fucking anyone but me!”

“Yeah!” I said, blinking at the intensity in Samantha's words as she trembled there, her cock tenting her jeans. “I'm her girlfriend.”

“We'll see,” laughed Xanth, a Hispanic futa from my health class. “We'll see.”

Samantha hissed then whirled around and fell to her knees again. She ripped down my panties hard, exposing my fiery bush. She leaned forward and, to my surprise, kissed my pussy right on the clit. It didn't violate the rules of the Program. Not so long as she didn't suck or use her tongue. I gasped as the shock ran through my body, rippling through me.

“This is my pussy,” Samantha moaned, her eyes staring up at me with such intensity that...

It surprised me. I felt like an object, even more than from the futas staring at me with such lust in their eyes as they took pictures of me. I shuddered, staring down at my futa-girlfriend. She bolted to her feet, holding my panties up for all to see. Then she shoved them in her skirt pocket and marched inside.

I shivered and unhooked my bra. The moment I handed it over to the president, the futas descended on me. “Enjoy,” Ms. McTaggart said. “This is your moment to let your body be free. To own it, Ginny. Own your sexuality.”

Then there were hands touching me from every direction. A flurry of sensations shot through me. Fingers rubbed at my stomach, my breasts, my nipples. They stroked my virginal pussy lips and stroked through my pubic hair. They touched me everywhere. My skin was on fire. I gasped, my fear swallowed up by the lust surging through my body.

I swayed, moaned. The world spun around me. Their fingers drove me wild. Their requests all blurred together. I couldn't process what was going on. My body trembled. I moaned, whimpered. My eyes squeezed shut as spots burst across before my vision.

“I... I...” I moaned, my body responding. My body was alive, a collection of sexual stimuli. My juices flowed. My nipples throbbed. Fingers pinched my nubs and stroked my puffy areolas. “Oh, Goddess!”

Fingers rubbed at my pussy lips, brushed my clit. I gasped, my eyes fluttering. The world spun around me. I would have fallen over except the press of futas around me was so much. My hands brushed their bodies, jeans and skirts. Their breasts brushed my naked arms. I felt their nipples through their blouses and t-shirts.

My knees trembled. I groaned and...

Candice appeared before me. She snagged me and pulled me out of the den, shouting, “She has to get to class! Come on, out of the way. Let her go. We all have to get to class.”

Candice pulled me free. I shuddered, clutching her hand, juices pouring down my thighs. I panted and groaned. My eyes fluttered. I groaned as she clutched my hand and led me into the hallway, my bare feet slapping on the floor.

I panted, coming down from the pleasure coursing through my veins. I was on fire. My entire body trembled. I sucked in deep breaths as she led me deeper and deeper into the hallway. I clutched her hand as si stumbled behind her.

“Thanks,” I said as we hurried past other students who were melting into classrooms.

“You're welcome,” she said, flashing me a grin, her torso turning. I couldn't help but notice the bulge in the front of her conservative skirt. “We're almost there.”

I nodded, panting.

We reached our math class taught by Miss Adair, a mousy woman who stood quietly at the classroom door. Her brown eyes flicked up to me. She pursed her lips as I felt her eyes on my naked, round breasts.

“Ginny, do you need satisfaction?” she asked me.

I felt everyone in the classroom sitting at their desks straightened, futas and girls. They all had an eager look, even the girls. It was like the girls had... permission to enjoy something we weren't supposed to enjoy: live porn. I would be putting on a show for them, acting like a slut like those futas out front thought of me. I was horny, but...

I could control myself.

“No thank you, Miss Adair,” I told my math professor.

“Then sit down and let's get started,” she said and turned around to the blackboard covered in math equations.

My passions simmered through my class, almost entirely gone by my math class finished. But then I had to run the gauntlet to my next class, getting stroked and groped, getting caressed and teased. My vulva grew swollen again, my nipples hard. Juices stained my thighs, my tangy musk filled my nose the entire time.

Slowly, though, my passions dwindled and dwindled until it was time for my second class. PE. I hurried through the halls. Or tired to. Futas stopped to have me pose in sexy ways. It was... fun. I felt so desired. Beautiful. They all wanted me, lusted for me. It gave me... confidence. It was surprising to experience. I didn't know I could feel... good about myself by baring it all. I was showing off my eighteen-year-old body for all to see.

I cupped my breasts. I bent over and showed my ass and pussy off. I even parted my folds to show off my cherry. The futas cheered me on. I smiled, feeling amazing. I was in the process of posing for a pair of nerdy futas from the A/V club when Samantha saw me.

She glowered and stalked forward. “Hey, cut that out! She needs to get to class.”

Their cameras flashed and they groaned as Samantha photobomed them, stepping up between me and the cameras. The nerdy futas scowled, their hair swaying about their plain faces, then they scurried off, skirts swishing. Samantha shook her head.

“You okay?”

“I'm fine,” I said.

She glanced at my thighs. “You're going to need satisfaction, right?” She grinned at me. “I'll be ready. History class. Just make it through PE, and I'll make you explode.”

“I will,” I told her. I... I would need it. I was so horny. I didn't know how much more I could take.

She hugged and kissed me, her lips hot. My nipples throbbed against her small tits, separated by her t-shirt. Her nipples were hard pebbles that brushed mine, sending tingles down to my pussy. I groaned, part of me wanting to hump her right now.

I could lose my cherry to her. That was how horny I was.

I broke away and said, “I'll be late. I got to go!”

She nodded.

I rushed to my PE class. I didn't have to change save for putting on my PE shoes. Which were in the girl's locker room still. Today, I would transfer my clothing to the futas'. I darted in there, pulled those and my gym socks on, the locker room already empty of girls. I then raced to the gymnasium and—

“There she is,” Shelena said, the Black futa standing tall in a pair of purple bloomers that molded to her large cock, her ebony legs smooth and long. Her tank top cupped her large tits. She had such a hungry grin on her face. “Looking just fine today, Ginny. Love that red bush. You're just soaked.”

My face went scarlet. The way she looked at me was so bold. Confident. I shivered as my sneakers squeaked on the gym floor. My heart pounded. I wanted to look away. I felt Candice nearby, wearing similar purple bloomers. She hovered on my peripheral, but Shelena had my gaze caught.

She sauntered to me and cupped my breast, her ebony fingers squeezing my ivory tit. “Need satisfaction. I'll give you the bliss that your little limp-dick futa-girlfriend's never gave you.”

“I... I...”

I could ask for satisfaction. My pussy burned. Posing for all those futas was so exciting but... but... Samantha. I was her girlfriend. She... she... thought she owned me. I swallowed. My heart screamed in my chest.

“Well, Ginny,” asked Coach Miller, a woman dressed in purple bloomers and tank top like everyone but me wore, “do you need satisfaction?”

“It's okay if you do,” Candice said, her voice soft. “Or if you don't.”

I glanced at her. She smiled at me and pushed her glasses up.

Shelena squeezed my tit hard and hissed, “Buzz off, pencil-dick.”

Anger flared through me. “I don't need satisfaction, Coach! I'm fine!”

Shelena glanced back at my tits. Her dark thumb rubbed across my pink nipple and puffy areola. A ripple surged through me. My cunt clenched hard. Heat shot through me. I wanted satisfaction. My body needed it.

“Never from you,” I hissed.

The coach blew her whistle. “Stretches! Shelena, you can grope Ginny later.”

Shelena purred, “Oh, I will.”

I shivered as she darted away. She was so sexy and yet so nasty. I hated her and hated my body for even enjoying a smidgen of her touching. I whirled around, my pussy dripping more juices down my thighs as I began stretching my body, my breasts swaying and...

Every futa was behind me. I could feel them all staring at my ass and pussy as I bent over. I felt so exposed to them, my virginity on display to their hungry eyes. As I reached for my toes, I saw them through my legs all half-assing their stretches to ogle me. Especially Shelena. I saw a bead of my cream running down my thigh, proving how much this excited me. My red bush was soaked to a dark crimson.

“Just ignore them,” Candice said beside me. “You're beautiful. They like looking at you. But they can't do more than that right now.”

I glanced at her. She wasn't ogling me but reaching for her toes, her round breasts swaying in her tank top, her glasses slipping on her nose. I shuddered at how... reasonable she sounded. I swallowed and nodded.


She nodded her head.

Unlike my first two classes, I didn't get to cool down in PE. Not with my tits bouncing as we ran around the inside of the gym. The futas all followed behind me, led by Shelena. All except Candice. She jogged in front of me with the other girls forming a pack at the lead, all of them bunched together, whispering.

I knew who they were whispering about.

My breasts ached. I pressed them to my chest to keep them from bouncing, missing my sports bra. My legs burned from the run, my body sweaty. My pale, freckled skin gleamed beneath the lights as we broke off into teams to play volleyball. Coach Miller loved volleyball.

Well, she did coach our school's team.

Shelena managed to get herself on my opposing team. She grinned as she kept knocking the ball at me, forcing me to move, to make my tits heave for her amusement. I couldn't help but notice her cock tenting the front of her shorts. She was hung, bigger than the other futas in the class. Than my futa-girlfriend. She kept licking her thick lips and squeezing her own tits while arching her eyebrows.

My nipples throbbed.

Why did she have to be so sexy?

Finally, it was time to hit the showers. I swallowed and forced myself to scurry into the futas' locker room. It was much the same as the girls, the lockers the same faded, blue-green. I found an empty one and put my shoes and socks in it, slapping my padlock on it. Then I rushed to the locker. I couldn't even wrap myself up in a towel.

The showers had stalls but were open from the outside. Metal dividers gave me some sense of privacy, however, as I took the far one and turned on the water. There was liquid soap provided, sitting on a shelf. I squeezed out a pump and lathered my hands.

“Mmm, I am looking forward to being washed by those hands,” Shelena said.

I squeaked and whirled around. The Black futa stood naked there, her breasts big and soft, topped by fat, dark brown nipples. Her cock thrust from the shaved folds of her pussy, the pink labia contrasting with her ebony skin. Her dick throbbed and pulsed before her. It was so huge, an dark shaft reaching for my stomach.

“I... I...” I stammered, a wave of lust shooting through me. We were so alone in here. I backed into the spray, the warm water soaking my hair, matting it to my head.

“It's a reasonable request,” she said. “Me washing you. You washing me. You can't refuse. Unless...” She arched her eyebrows. “ want to get in trouble.”

I swallowed, my hands trembling. She was so right. I shuddered and, my hands coated in sudsy lather, reached for her shoulders. I touched her silky skin. She was sleek and hot as I washed down to her arms, her muscles toned from playing football. She wasn't ripped like a futa-bodybuilder, but still had feminine softness to her.

A lithe sleekness that made my mouth dry.

I wanted to wash her quickly. I worked up and down her arms then attacked her sides, soaping her ebony skin while her breasts swayed. She reached past me to lather up her own hands. She coated them in her suds and went straight for my tits.

I gasped at the contact of her hands on my breasts. She engulfed my round mounds, squeezing them, her palms massaging my puffy nipples. Electricity shot down to my hot pussy. My body shuddered. My hands squeezed her sides as she soaped my boobs.

“Don't forget mine,” she said. “Futas need their nipples washed, too.”

I whimpered and slid my hands up her body. She was taller than me, her breasts almost at my eye level. My hands reached them. I cupped them, touching a futa's tits for the first time. They were softer than my own. Hers were pillowy. I groaned as I kneaded them, smearing the bubbly lather across her dark flesh. She smiled, her fingers roaming my own tits.

We washed each other, our eyes locked. This magnetic heat rippled through me. My feet inched me a little closer to her. The tip of her cock nudged into my belly. I groaned at the heat of it, my hands digging into her tits.

“Mmm, yes, let's get each other squeaky clean,” she purred, her eyes so dark, almost swallowing me up. Her thumbs circled my nipples, pressing on them. Every stroke shivered my body.

My thumbs found her fatter nubs. I coated them in suds, played with them. She purred, her hips wiggling from side to side. My pussy's ache swelled. My virgin depths ached to be penetrated. My heart screamed in my chest as foggy lust bathed my mind.

I couldn't be doing this. I shouldn't be doing this. I was Samantha's girlfriend. I... I loved her. And... and...

“Now there are other places that need washing,” Shelena purred, her voice a rich, throaty contralto, so full of her feminine desire.

“Okay,” I moaned, swallowing. I had to do this. For the Program. It was only cheating if we had sex. And I wouldn't.


Our hands moved together, sliding down the other's torso. Her fingers were surprisingly gentle as they stroked across my stomach. Hers was flat and toned while mine felt soft. Then I was washing at her pubic mound while she stroked through my soaked bush. Water cascaded down my back and over my shoulders, caressing me, exciting me almost as much as her fingers.

My toes curled. I whimpered.

I grasped her futa-cock.

She cupped my pussy.

We washed each other. I bit my lip, stroking up and down her futa-shaft, coating it in suds while such delight rippled through me. She touched my pussy lips just right. She wasn't fumbling like futas who groped me throughout the day. She had rubbed a girl's snatch before. She touched my labia just so, teasing me. My toes curled. A tremble raced through me as she caressed up to my clit.

My hand squeezed on her dick as she massaged my bud.

I whimpered and groaned. Pleasure surged through me. I stroked her cock faster and faster. It pulsed and throbbed in my hand. It was so hot and hard, and yet had a softness to it. A strange contradiction of sensations. Her crown was spongy.

She moaned when I brushed it.

“That's it,” she said, leaning her head closer. “Mmm, we're just washing each other, aren't we?”

“Yes,” I moaned, breathy. If this kept up, up I would cum.

She kept stroking my clit, rubbing it slow circles as she loomed over me. Her head lowered to mine. I gasped, pressing back into the shower knobs. I couldn't move any farther back. She pressed forward, her tits brushing above mine, her nipples hard. Her cock's tip rubbed harder into my stomach.

“Let me wash your pussy with something else,” she whispered, her lips inches from mine, about to claim them. I quivered there.

“What?” I gasped, so confused. I couldn't think. My heart pumped heat through my body. To my mind. My brain boiled.

Her hand pulled away from my clit to grasp her own futa-cock above my stroking hand. She moved her cock with skill. She pressed it through my bush to my pussy lips. She caressed my clit, sliding up against it, brushing my hot folds.

She pressed on my virginity.

A sudden panic shot through me. As her lips came in to claim mine, I gasped, “No, no, you can't do that! You can't penetrate me! That goes against the rules.”

“Mmm, it's okay,” she purred, sliding her thick cock's tip against the folds of my pussy. It felt so amazing. My cunt clenched deep inside of me, aching to be touched there. To finally be caressed. “You're going to love it.”

“I have a futa-girlfriend.”

“It's your Program week,” she said. “You don't have a futa-girlfriend.”

“I'm a virgin,” I gasped as she pressed against my cherry again. My membrane stretched. “Please, stop.”

“All girls turn into sluts in the Program,” she said. “Just surrender into it. It'll be over fast. A prick of pain then you'll be screaming your head off on my cock. You'll love it.”

“I... I...” The panic swelled. I didn't want to lose my virginity to Shelena. I was so confused .This all felt so amazing. Her cock pressed on me, but... but... My first time should be with someone I cared with. “Stop! I said stop! You don't have my permission! This goes against the rules.”

“Mmm, you won't care once I penetrate you.”

“I'll tell!” she gasped. “You'll be in so much trouble.”

“It'll be my word against yours.” Her grin grew. “Everyone will think you're just saying that to hide the fact you were my slut. It's okay. I'll tell everyone you tried to be a good girl, but... It's the Program. Your little futa-girlfriend will understand.”

“Please,” I whimpered, so close to surrendering. My body was on fire. The Program meant I could be naughty. Everyone knew girls were sluts during their weeks. It was my out. I could allow this big, Black futa-cock to slide into me and... “No! I don't want you to be my first! Stop!”

“Make me,” she said and kissed me.

“I'll make you!” a voice rang out.

Shelena broke the kiss and whirled around.

To my shock, a naked Candice stood there, her glasses off, her pigtails undone and loose, the bottoms wet from her shower. Her body was dripping, her breasts round, nipples dusky. She had a trimmed, golden bush and a hard futa-cock thrusting from her. She was...


“You can't force her!” Candice said, her phone held in her trembling arms. Her face was quivering, twisted, pale with fear. But she stood her ground, back straight.

“You're gonna stop me, you little shit-gobbler?” growled Shelena, her big tits swaying as she whirled from me and advanced on my friend.

Candice didn't retreat. She kept her phone up. “I recorded her denial, and you saying you'll force her then lie about it. All on here.”

“And when I take that phone and smash it?” she asked.

Candice pressed the big off button. “It's saved to the cloud. And now my phone's locked. No getting in without my code.”

“I can just beat it out of you,” Shelena said, fists flexing.

Candice steeled herself. I shuddered, watching her standing a head shorter, so slender, a willow before a pissed off oak. “Yes, you can. But I won't give it up. Y-you're a bully and... and...”

“Something going on?” Coach Miller asked, her voice tight.

“Naw, coach,” Shelena said, relaxing. “Just enjoying my reasonable request. I'm done... For today.”

“For the week,” Candice said, her voice so strong. I couldn't believe the transformation.

Shelena snorted, then she stalked off, her hard cock and big boobs bouncing before her.

I trembled, clutching the shower divide beneath the shower, heat rushing through me. My heart pounded so hard. My body quivered as Candice sat down her phone on the nearby bench and rushed to the shower divide.

“Are you okay?” Candice asked, staring me in the eyes. “Did she hurt you, Ginny?”

I didn't even think. I just acted.

I threw my arms around Candice's neck, pulled my friend to me, and kissed her hot on the mouth. It was so brave what she did. So hot. She stood up to that big bully. My nerdy futa faced down Shelena without running away. She protected me.

Candice gasped into my mouth as I kissed her hard, pressing my body against hers. Her round breasts pressed into mine, our nipples brushing. Tingles raced down to my hot pussy as her futa-dick throbbed between our wet bellies.

Her shaft burned against my skin. I groaned, my body humping against hers while my lips nibbled and kissed her hard. Hers didn't move. She let out a growing moan, something rising deep within her. Then her arms went around me, grabbing my rump. She kissed me back, thrusting her tongue into my mouth.

We made out with a hunger I'd never felt. Candice felt so bold. So strong. She was my futa-heroine. I clung to her. I gasped as she pressed me into the shower divider, the metal cool on my hot skin. The water splashed both our sides as we kissed. Her futa-dick throbbed between us.

I didn't hesitate.

I reached between our bodies and grasped her futa-cock. I gripped the throbbing shaft in my hand. It pulsed with her heartbeat. She groaned into the kiss as I worked it down between our tight bodies. She pulled back just enough to let her spongy crown brush my stomach. My pubic mound.

My fiery bush.

Then I was rubbing her against my pussy. I slid her cock up and down what Shelena tried to take from me. I gave it to my friend. I pressed the tip of Candice's clit-dick right against my hymen. She gasped in the kiss, breaking it.

“You're sure?” she asked, her blue eyes glassy.

“Yes!” I moaned without any hesitation.

My futa-friend thrust her girl-cock forward. She pressed on my hymen. My maidenhead stretched and stretched. I gasped as the pain flared for a moment. And then my cherry popped with a stab of heat. Her cock slid halfway into my pussy, stretching me open. A wave of soothing bliss popped through me.

I pulled her in for a kiss as she slid her girl-dick home in me. We'd been friends since elementary school. We'd grown up together. I never saw her as a futa. Not really. She was just Candice. Shy and sweet, smart and dorky.

Now she was in me. Stretching out my cunt. The first futa to ever be inside of me. She felt amazing. I welcomed her in, moaning into her lips as she filled me up. Her pussy lips, wrapped about the base of her shaft, pressed into my labia.

I loved it.

Craved it.

For a moment, she didn't move. She just kissed me with such a hunger. She trembled against me. Then she drew back her dick. I gasped into her lips, my snatch clinging to her shaft. The friction was incredible. It stroked my inner depths. Heat washed through me as she thrust back into me, my toes curling.

I hooked my right leg about her left, clinging to her as she drove her cock into my pussy over and over. She picked up speed, pounding me. Her pussy lips slapped into my clit. My labia drank in the impact, adding to the delight of her cock darting into me.

“Ginny!” she moaned, breaking our kiss to stare into my eyes. “Oh, wow, Ginny... I... I... This is amazing.”

“I know!” I gasped. “Ooh, Candice, yes, yes!” I hoped Shelena heard me. I kissed Candice hard, thrusting my tongue into her mouth.

She gave me such bliss.

Every stoke of her futa-dick into my pussy swelled my orgasm. It built fast and hot in me. Heat swept through my body. This wonderful, dizzying, delicious burst of bliss that shot through me. My cunt clenched around her girl-cock. I undulated my hips, loving how she plunged into me over and over. She buried into me deep and hard again and again.

My nipples throbbed against her wet nubs. They kissed, sending sparks to shower on my growing orgasm. My entire body trembled. I kissed her with such passion as I came closer and closer to that aching explosion.

I needed to cum.

“Candice!” I gasped, breaking the kiss and staring into her blue eyes. “I'm... I'm... Yes!”

I came on her girl-dick.

My pussy writhed about her cock burying into my snatch. She plunged so hard, caressing my convulsing flesh and sending wave after wave of pleasure sweeping through my body. It was incredible. The ecstasy washed through my mind, drowning my thoughts.

My vision blackened for a moment. I gripped Candice hard, my cunt convulsing about her thick futa-dick, while stars exploded across my vision. I bucked and moaned. Her plunging cock kept my orgasm alive.

It was incredible.

More powerful than any I had.

More immediate.

I felt it so deep inside of me. Her cock this hot slab burying into my depths and sending more bliss shooting through me. I clung so tight to her. I howled out my pleasure as she moaned and gasped. Her breasts rubbed on mine.

“Candice!” she moaned, her face contorting in bliss.

“Yes, yes, yes, cum!” I howled, so lost to this bliss. “Cum in me!”

She groaned, kissed me, and buried to the hilt in me.

Something hot spurted into me as she grunted into my lips. I trembled, another orgasmic rush rippling through me. Her cum flooded my pussy. She pumped blast after blast of her girl-jizz into my deflowered depths.

It felt so hot. So wonderful. So delicious. I clung to her, kissing her as my orgasm peaked in me. My pussy wrung her cock dry. She clutched me tight, pinning me to the shower stall. The water pelted my side as my pussy's spasming slowed.


I just made love for the first time, and it wasn't with Samantha.

What had I just done? Did the Program truly turn me into a slut? My body felt so amazing, but the guilt nibbled on the edges. What would happen if Samantha found about and...

I had to see her in my next class.

To be continued...
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