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Secret Aliens study Urthen sexual ways
No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story.


QRVUNL report number 8XXXXX47: Sexual mores of planet Urth. I landed on the subject planet during one of their dark periods, their sun being very regular in its solar light productions and alternating in mostly regularly spaced periods of time called days. They vary in lighted duration on a schedule called seasons, of which four are named. The longest days are called summer and it is accompanied by longer and warmer days. Most of their food crops are produced then. The opposite season called winter seems to be a time for rest of the vegetation and to some degree the human population. Humans being the dominant sentient species of the planet at this time.


I am from a species that is well-known by the sector OverLord, but by few others. We are an inoffensive race and highly advanced in our technology. Our planet at a relatively low energy demand is cloaked from being detected by others, except for the OverLord. And of course, the cloaking works both ways, we can’t see the others, either. So, I and a few other operatives have been sent out to gather information on the other sentient species of our sector of the Galaxy to satisfy our curiosity and for defensive purposes, in case we should ever become generally known.

Our ships are very small, because we don’t send out actual physical beings, but recorded mental personalities that are physically reconstructed when needed at a destination. That saves a lot of energy and also helps to prevent stressful reactions by a species at an unannounced arrival in their neighborhood. So, from this we get to see them in their natural state. Unaware and in many cases uncaring about any other sentient species that inhabit the universe.

Our scientific leaders chose a diverse group of our people’s mentalities to gather this information, I being one of the most original in my thinking and the most rebellious in my nature. I hate rules and try to break them at any opportunity. I have no problem with protocols, which allow for important variations of enforcement, but rules to me violate the very variety of the universe by trying to oversimplify things.

The OverLord, of course, knows about our activities and is sometimes irritated by them, but because there is no recording of us ever disrupting any species manner of life or peace, he with occasional admonitions mostly leaves us alone. After all, he gets a copy of every report that we produce, though he would get them anyway because of his personal powers. Since he respects our need for anonymity, he keeps this information deep in his mind, with no other recording of it. You see, we are a peaceful people and have no means of protecting ourselves from the more troublesome denizens of our quarter, except by living in secrecy. We have found that hiding demands a lot less energy output than an effective military defense would.

So, here I am on Urth now reconstituted to observe the area of my interest, the sexual mores of the various species of the Universe. In doing this, it is best to not announce my presence by of all things appearing in my true form. It wouldn’t be particularly offensive to these peoples, but it would change the conditions of the observation by its unexpected presence. So, in these observations, I take on the manner of a lower sentient creature with observational abilities, but an accepted presence in everyday lives of these higher creatures. I have heard of others that use the felines of this planet, but I am going to use the canines (dogs) instead, since they seem to be unusually friendly to the peoples, their supposed masters, and also have the upper hand in case I should come across the feline using alien species.

They wouldn’t know who I represent, however I would know by reputation who they do represent and canines on this planet are above felines in the existence power struggle, unless the felines are bigger.

So, since stray canines of good breeding who are wandering without a master are often adopted by sympathetic humans, I took on this manner and morphed into what is called a Black Labrador Retriever, a species known for its inoffensive and friendly nature. Sort of like me, in fact. And since the dogs of a household often show an offhand interest in their masters’ affairs, I would be able to get away with watching the sexual mores without disturbing the ambiance of the situation, needlessly.

It so happened that in the randomness of life, which so many try in failure to find a pattern, I was greeted on the street with no ear tag or license medallion on me and led to the abode of a couple in their twenty something rotations of the Urth around their sun age to be at least temporarily adopted into their household. They were very gentle with me and when we entered their domain, they immediately took me to their bathing receptacle and washed me down to a very sterile condition and then dried me off with a cute little hand held air blowing mechanism. Then they took one of their rounded and prospective liquid holding personal feeding objects (later learned to be called a bowl) and put it down on the floor and filled it with some of their food from a cooling devise. It tasted really good, but I didn’t know if this was the usual fare for a creature like me, but I wasn’t going to complain one bit.

Evidently they had already fulfilled their nutritional needs, because after cleaning up with their efforts to feed me, they moved with me following into a room with an electronic panel with a screen on the front (later identified to me as a T.V.) and settled down on a very comfortable piece of furniture to watch a presentation on it. Upon this beginning, they then paid no attentions to me for quite a while. But, I was watching them very carefully.

I had already downloaded some information from the internet on their bodily characteristics and now knew the common names for them, but had blocked any presentations or assertions of their reproductive activities, to not be prejudiced in what I would see in person, which would be a lot more enlightening than the official assertions influenced by the authorities. So, I sat by the ‘couch’ and watched trying to not be too obvious about it.

At first the two of them merely sat next to one another with their nearest (to each other) hands held together. But as the drama on the screen progressed, they began to be much more affectionate with each other. His arm reached around her shoulder and pulled her up much closer to him and with this she turned her head and kissed him right on his mouth to his very evident enjoyment. Evidently something relatively innocuous to establish a close feeling between them and to help stimulate further expressions of sexual intent and interest.

This moved forward rather quickly into a plunging of their tongues into each other’s mouths with accompanying sounds of interest and pleasure. As this advanced in intensity, their hands began to wander about on their persons, and dive to being under the clothing of each other. His at first centered on her mammaries, pretty little mounds on her chest that were used to feed their young in their initial years of life. His direct interest in them at this time with no ‘babies’ present was a bit of a puzzle, but they did provide a practical means of holding her in position for the affections that they were sharing in at the time.

She to ensure his continued intimate interest in her, took hold of his reproductive probe in a very similar manner. They quickly progressed to not just holding these parts of their bodies, but began to caress and stroke them, that had even more effects on their senses of closeness.

Soon, he had her upper garment opened and his mouth on her mounds, giving them a lot of activities with his feeding orifice, but sad to say with no direct response from her mounds, but a lot from her mouth with sounds. She was becoming oral too, with her attentions to his reproductive organ (penis or cock.) And with my sensors, I could detect a lot of organic activity around their reproductive organs with all of this stimulation.

So, with the T.V. now being totally ignored, he moved the table in front of them back and lowered himself to his knees to remove her lower covering garment and her inner one, too. Then his mouth that had been centered on her mammaries was now mounted up to her reproductive and waste eliminating orifices. The excretion ones seemed to be inactive at this time, and were being ignored in his attentions too. His actions were now directed to the birth port, the crease that it was hidden in and an inactive object at the top of the crease. It was a small protuberance that seemed to have no purpose but for the female’s pleasure. Perhaps a gift to the females from the designer of all things for their central part in the upbringing of their young.

As he used his tongue to liven up the tissues that were exposed in her lower regions at this time, she began to release liquids that smelled good to even me and were driving the male into a frenzy. With this, she lifted herself up and guided him to sitting on the couch now with his lower half exposed and she caressed him for a couple of minutes and then took his male organ into her mouth for some oral stimulations. The stimulations advanced by his mouth on her birthing port were now accelerated by her efforts on his member and he would be wasting his reproductive fluids if something wasn’t immediately done about it.

So, she rose and laid on her belly over the raised structure at the end of the couch with her rear end up in the air and he rose and approached her from behind to enter up into her birthing port. With this, he began a pronounced bouncing off of her bottom, which was getting a very positive feedback from the female including exhortations to go “deeper and harder!” And soon after that, “Honey, fill me with your cum. Right now!”

Since he seemed to be having some difficulty in this upon demand, I for some reason recognized that I could help and so walked around to the back of him and ‘cold nosed him’ up his rear crease, and he immediately answered the female’s call to reproductive action and from his reaction must have planted bounteous quantities of his share of the reproductive liquids up into her birthing chamber. After they caught their breaths and sat back down to ease off the reproductive passions, they both laughed a lot and took me up onto the couch to hug me in appreciation for my small part in their little drama of their own.

If I could have smiled with this creature’s mouth and lips, I would have in recognition of their pleasure in my small part. I tried mightily and evidently they read this into my effort and allowed me to sleep with them that night at the bottom (foot) of their bed.

Early in the morning, before he was to go off to his work assignment, evidently, I got another ringside seat in watching her use her mouth to first rise up and then suck out some more of his reproductive liquids, and the results of this indicated his pleasure at it and then he moved to the washing chamber and got ready to leave.

Since this was just an exploratory observation, I had no desire to remain in this abode, as pleasant as it really was, and so when he made for the door opening, I rushed out the door and off into the distance to change my appearance for my next observational venture.

I moved out into a woodsy area and after handling a coyote that wanted me for a meal, but slunk off with my demonstrated abilities to defend myself, I morphed then into another type of canine to attract a different type of human for my observations. This time, I became what was known as a Yorkie-Poo, a hybrid of two attractive smaller dogs that in its first generation of life is one of the greatest canine companions ever encountered by the human population. Too bad that it can’t be inbred, because of quickly arising genetic disorders. But, the individuals produced in the first generation are very highly prized for their friendly and affectionate natures.

So, with my new appearance established, I ventured right back to the same neighborhood that I had just escaped from and appeared again as a lonely downtrodden and lost puppy (a designation of a small dog, not necessarily a developing young one.) And right away an older male of the human species took an interest in me and when I approached him in a fearful and shy way, he reached down to pick me up and hold me until I was comfortable with him. Too bad, that his race doesn’t reliably show that kind of kindness to divergent specimens of their own worldwide race!

Then I got the same treatment in his abode. A deep cleansing in his washing receptacle, a feeding and a brushing. All done with a flair and deep affections. Boy, I could get used to this.

Then as we sat down with me in his lap and watched some kind of athletic contest that I didn’t understand at all, except that it involved a lot of running around and very acrobatic attempts to install a head-sized ball into a rather large net at the end of the field while people of a different dress code tried to prevent it, I and he heard a wooden sound from his door. Evidently someone trying to get his attentions as to their presence outside and wanting in.

He placed me down on the couch and went over to the door and welcomed in a much younger version of his race. He being somewhere in his fifty orbits of Urth around the sun and she being evidently only about fifteen ones. She immediately jumped into his arms and they acted very much as had the young couple that he had observed the night before. Then apparently satisfied with her welcoming she entered the space with the T.V. and upon seeing me, let out a young girl’s squeal and rushed over to take me up into her arms and cuddle me up to her chest and face.

I was really getting into these kinds of remonstrations. And as I instinctively knew to do, I licked her face in return and she readily accepted that, too. I heard warm hearted sounds of acceptance from the older one and then they settled down on the couch together.

She then said something to the effect that she couldn’t stay for long and therefore had to get ‘down to business’ as she put it. So, putting me down on the floor where I hid under the now moved back table in front of the couch (now identified as a necessary part of this ritual) I watched her move to her knees and with her upper chest area bared, she opened up his lower clothing and moved out gently his male appendage for reproduction and now recognized by me for their pleasuresome interludes of sexual play.

She then with her eyes glued to his, began to do the suckling thing on his cock and used her hand to cuddle his small twin reproductive seed producing pouch to his additional delight. When he was evidently elevated enough with his member, she arose and lifted her lower ‘skirt’ (as it was designated) and with nothing underneath it, moved it up to his mouth. He opened up his mouth and began to stimulate it with his lips and tongue to her very quickly evident response and then she lowered herself to his exposed cock and implanted it up to inside of her and with her mouth glued to his with their tongues interplaying with each other, she bounced and flexed on his lap and all too soon, he emptied up into her with her demonstrated happiness at his success.

Then with him still up into her, she relaxed into his arms and surrendered herself to his kisses and hugs to fill out the time until she would have to leave. Eventually she gave him a profound kiss, notifying him of her time to leave and before she left, he opened up a small paper enclosure and offered her a number of numbered bills to evidently help support her in her life. She hugged him again and then proceeded to the door to leave.

When she first left, I read into him a profound happiness at the time and activity with this young female, but also a profound sense of sadness to her going to leaving him alone again. But, he took me back up in the lap and we continued to watch the actions on the T.V. until time to go to bed.

During the night, I moved up onto the bed during his initial stages of sleep and with some friendly whimpers and cuddling up next to him, gave him a little of the feelings he might have had if the young girl had stayed the night.

In the morning, I again rushed out the door at the first opportunity, because I had more circumstances to investigate, but I had the feeling that I would return to this older man and spend the rest of his life with him after I sent off my report, since my kind through our electronic reproduction method are deathless pretty much. And I really liked this person and enjoyed the very warm feelings of him and the young girl in actions. Maybe, I could even nose into their affairs and get her to stay the night once in a while.

But, I again found myself in the woods and the coyote living there looked at me and seemed to somehow recognize my previous adventure with him and so he backed off to find other prey. And I then settled down to morph into a much more aggressive version of the canine family, a German Shepard dog. I needed to be a much more capable canine for my observations for this night.

So, after dark, I wandered throughout the area of my investigations and no feline, canine of any other creature bothered me at all. I had adopted not only a specifically capable combat canine, but took on the nature of a very aggressive one, too.

Late that night in the only lightly lit up sidewalk area, there proceeded a young female version of this race. She was late in her progression towards adulthood, but not there yet. When she passed one of the public transportation stops with its glass enclosure, too older young males jumped out and dragged her to behind it. I could hear her anguished cries even well down the street where I was moving towards this matter.

When I got to where they were wrestling with her, I could see that they had her on the ground with her lower clothing pulled up and her legs splayed out. One of them was holding her to the ground and playing with her mounds under her opened dress and the other was kneeling between her legs and busy in installing his member up her resisting birth port.

With her wild in her cries for help, I began to snarl and bear my teeth at the two boys. They tried to just shush me up and wave me off, but I grabbed the first hand extended to me and bit down on it and broke some of the bones in it. As soon as he realized the damage done to him, he rose and ran off with his cries of pain resounding in the empty streets.

But, the other with his cock already up into the terrified girl, wasn’t going to give up so easily. As he was pounding up into her, he pulled a big knife and slashed at me, drawing some blood. I then went into the blood lust of this creature and grabbed his exposed ankle and began to crush and slash at it and his knife was lost to him and he moved away from the girl and slunk off into the night with his cries of anguish joining with his partner’s on the street.

With the two rapists on the run the girl raised up, afraid of what I might do to her. But, I nosed her arm to comfort her and she got the message. And then I guarded her all the way to her home in the back of the little Mexican restaurant on the street and after her family welcomed her in, I moved off for the night.

The next day, there was an article in the newspaper about a local girl, name withheld, that had been viciously attacked by two boys on her way home from work at the hospital at night. And it included the detail of a canine, evidently a stray German Shephard that had come to her rescue. They named him the VIRGIN’S AVENGER, since he had done enough damage to the two young toughs to have them identified when they sought medical treatments.

They didn’t include the detail of her losing her virginity on that occasion, but it was alluded to in his new name. She mentioned that she would like to find him and reward him with a loving home, but no one knew who the dog was and all efforts to locate him were without success. So, it receded into being just another urban myth, except:

Since, I moved back to spend the remaining years of the older man with him (after sending off my report), I would every once in a while assume the presence of the avenging canine and make it a very unwelcome place for people who wanted to accost others on the sidewalks at any time of the day or night. They never located me, because I was hiding right in plain sight as a Yorkie-Poo when not active in my protector mode. Even though this project was of my own random generation, I have had very few which could equal it in satisfaction.

And by-the-way, I managed to manipulate the girl into spending at least one night a week with the old man, to his total delight. And hers, too.
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