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This story is pure fiction.
I was only five and my brother, Greg was seven when our parents bought a small bar/private club south of Dallas. Since they both had to work there to make ends meet, Greg and I were mostly raised by various babysitters.

Dad would tend bar and Mom would wait tables. They didn’t tell anyone they were married. Dad made fair tips, but Mom made GREAT tips. I didn’t really know why until I was ten or eleven, but then it was blatantly obvious. She had an awesome body, and her sexy waitress uniforms really showed it off. Her hot pants were just that. They really showed off her toned legs and shapely butt. The tops left her flat belly bare and allowed her DD boobs to spill over the top.

When I was thirteen and well into puberty, my own boobs had started to develop. I was already a B cup, and I was hopeful they would continue to grow until they were as big as Mom’s. I always got a thrill out of Greg and his friends staring at them and trying to catch me naked.

That was also the year our parents stopped hiring babysitters. Of course, that meant we were pretty much on our own from around eleven until three a.m.. That summer, Greg and I started going in with them to help them clean the place before it opened. We’d put our bikes in the back of Dad’s truck. When it was time to open, he and I would ride our bikes home.

Greg and I had always been fairly close, but we grew even closer when we were left alone so much. We had to learn to entertain ourselves. Of course, when we wanted different things; what TV shows to watch, what games to play and such, he would always win. If I put up too much fuss, he’d wrestle me down and tickle me until I cried uncle.

* * *

One day, while we were loading our bikes into Dad’s truck, Greg tossed his backpack in with the bikes. He didn’t protest when I picked it up. It felt empty, so I peeked inside. Sure enough, it was empty. When I showed him a questioning look, he just grinned and shrugged. He did however, put his finger to his lips, letting me know not to mention it to our parents.

I didn’t find out the deal until we got home. Greg reached into his backpack and pulled out a huge full bottle of Vodka. My mouth dropped open. I couldn’t believe he’d actually stolen a bottle from the bar.

“We’d better have something to eat before we try it.” He told me.

So, we made ourselves sliced turkey sandwiches and munched on chips.

When we were finished eating, I watched him put some ice in a large plastic cup and fill it half way with Vodka. Next, he got the OJ from the fridge and filled the cup the rest of the way up with the Vodka. After stirring it, he took a tentative sip. That caused him to gag and cough, so he poured a little into an empty cup and topped the first one off with more OJ. He had to repeat that two more times before he had it diluted enough to take a sip without coughing.

“I want to try it.” I told him.

“Are you sure?”

I only nodded, so he handed me the cup and watched me take a small sip. It burned enough to take my breath away, but I wasn’t about to let Greg know it. We passed the cup back and forth until it was empty. By that time, it really wasn’t burning my tongue and throat anymore.

My brother poured the contents of the overflow cup into the ice and added more OJ. And then he tasted it and nodded his approval as he passed it to me. By the time we finished that cup, I was feeling a little giddy and my extremities were tingling. I loved that feeling.

“You want to go for a swim?”

“Sure” I said with a silly giggle.

Greg took the bottle to his room to hide it. I headed to my room to change into my swimsuit.

I was already naked before I realized I hadn’t closed my bedroom door. It was too late. Greg was leaning against the door facing watching me. He had a wide grin on his face. I only had two options. I could walk over to him and close my door, but that would mean giving him a close up look. I opted to turn my back to him while I was putting on my bikini.

Actually, I wasn’t mad at him. The whole thing made my pussy wet. When I finally turned around, I showed him scolding look, “Get an eyeful?” I asked as I pushed past him.

He chuckled, “Nice tits, sis.”

I was already down the hall pulling a towel from the closet so I didn’t respond. I was in the pool when he came out with a towel draped over his shoulder. I let a giggle escape when I realized he was using the towel to hide his crotch.

When he was in the water and on the other side of the pool, he said, “I’m serious, sis, you’re body is smoking hot. When school starts again, the boys are going to be all over you.”

“Thanks, but you’ve seen me in this bikini enough you should have already known that.” In truth, it wasn’t exactly a string bikini, but it was the smallest one Mom would buy me.

Greg was slowly making his way over to me, “It covers up enough to keep a guy guessing. It was hard to tell whether it’s padded to make your tits look bigger. Now I know it’s not.”

“So now you know. I’m glad you finally got your curiosity satisfied.” The minute the words came out, I screamed at myself, you idiot. You just told him you’re glad he saw you naked. But then the wide grin on his face softened my attitude. I decided to tease him a little, “Why are boys so hung up on boobs anyway? They’re just boobs.”

He shrugged, “I guess because girls go to so much trouble to hide them.”

His reasoning made me think, “That’s drilled into us by our mothers. Just remember, you owe me.”

He laughed, “Oh? What do I owe you?”

“I should get to see you naked.” I said, staring right at him.

“Hey, I didn’t ask you to leave your door open.” He defended.

“Maybe not, but you sure took full advantage of it.”

He laughed again, “Would you expect me not to?”

I giggled, “No. You’ve been sneaking around trying to see me naked ever since I started getting boobs. So, are mine the first ones you’ve seen?”

“In person, yes.” He answered without hesitation.

I loved the way my body was tingling. I really wanted another drink. After thinking about it for a few seconds, I swam over to him and looked right into his eyes. In the sexiest voice I could manage, I said, “If you give me another drink, I might just forget to close my door again when we go inside to change.”

That caused him to raise his eyebrows, “Oh?” And he just stared at me. After maybe fifteen seconds, he asked, “Do you promise, and you won’t keep your back to me?”

I swam to the steps and walked out of the water. I could feel his eyes on me, so I waited until I was seated at the table under the umbrella to look at him. “I get the whole drink.”

“Deal.” He said as he climbed out of the pool and dried himself.

While he was in the house, I slipped my fingers under my bikini and rubbed my clit. I didn’t want him to catch me doing that, so I only rubbed myself for a few seconds. God, I was wet and horny. I wasn’t even thinking about him seeing me naked earlier, but rather the prospect of letting him see me again—this time on purpose.

When he came back, he had two cups. He handed me one and said, “Take it slow. I mixed it a little stronger.”

I immediately took a sip. It was a little stronger, but not so much that it caused me to gag or cough. “It’s perfect.” I told him. We sat there without talking for a few minutes, and then I had an idea. I wasn’t used to having the upper hand with him, so I asked, “So, after you see me naked again, are you going to jerk off?”

He spit drink all over his legs. It took him a while to regain his composure, “Well?” I pressed him.

“Probably.” He finally managed.

“How often do you do that?”

He looked at me and then away while he took another sip of his drink. And then he shrugged, “About as often as other guys, I guess. How often do you do it?”

“Probably more often than other girls my age, sometimes twice a day when I’m in a horny mood.”

“I probably average three or four times a day in the summer.” He admitted.

I giggled, “You’re a horny fucker, huh?”

That caused my brother to snap his head around to look at me. He wasn’t used to hearing such language from me.

I just grinned at him, “Yes, I said fucker. You and your friends say fuck all the time, so get over it.”

He was still staring right at me, “You’re drunk.”

I laughed for a long time and then told him, “You better hope I am. If I’m not, you damn sure won’t get the show you’re hoping for later.” Actually, I didn’t know what being drunk was supposed to feel like. I was still tingling all over, but I wasn’t slurring my words or having trouble walking. I was feeling really bold though.

“Would you like an even better deal?”

“What do you have in mind?” He asked, sounding interested.

I took another sip of my drink, “What will it take for you to let me watch you jerk off?”

I had to giggle when I saw his reaction. His eyebrows went up and his jaw dropped. “Well?” I prodded him.

“Are you serious?”


“Now I know you’re drunk.”

“I don’t think I’m drunk, but I am feeling really, really good.” I told him honestly.

He studied me closely, “If you’re serious, I want to think about it for a few minutes.”

“Take all the time you need.”

He sat his half-full cup on the table and headed for the pool. While his back was turned, I took a big drink out of his cup.

When he climbed back out of the pool and headed to me, I was surprised he wasn’t trying to hide the tent in his swimsuit. I didn’t have a frame of reference, but it looked pretty big to me. I giggled and pointed at his crotch, “I see you’ve been thinking about it.”

After taking a big sip of his drink, apparently not noticing I’d stolen some, he said, “We’ll go inside now. We’ll both get naked. I’ll watch you get yourself off, then I’ll jerk off.”

Actually, his deal didn’t surprise me. Nor did it displease me. I’d been thinking too, so I decided to up the ante, “Okay, but I get to watch you twice. We’ll stay naked until you’re ready again. During that time, you can touch my boobs and I can touch your dick. Deal?”

He thought for a minute, “Yes, but I get to watch you twice too.”

“Deal” I said with a giggle. I thought it was a win, win for both of us. He’d get to see me get myself off twice and touch my boobs. I’d get to watch him jerk off twice and touch his dick. “Just give me a few minutes to finish my drink.”

“You’re just stalling.” He said accusingly.

I showed him a daring look, “Oh? You really think that’s what I’m doing?”


I sat my cup down and leaned forward in my chair, looking him right in the eyes the whole time. And then I reached back and unclasped my bikini top and tossed it at him. “You still think I’m just stalling.”

He chuckled, “I guess not.”

* * *

The whole time we were sitting there, he was blatantly staring at my boobs. I was so horny, I couldn’t wait any longer. I gulped down the rest of my drink and told him, “I’m ready if you are.”

My legs were a little wobbly during the walk to my room, but not terribly so. When I got to my bed, I immediately removed my bikini bottoms and lay back, pulling my knees up and spreading them. When I looked over at my brother, he was just standing there. “You’re not naked yet.” I said as I slid one hand down to my pussy and began tweaking my nipples with the other.

Greg quickly removed his swimsuit and walk to the foot of the bed where he had a better view. My eyes were glued to his bobbing dick. It was beautiful.

While my brother was watching my hand rubbing my pussy and my fingers dipping inside it, I was staring straight at his hard dick. I knew it wasn’t going to take me long, and sure enough, two minutes in, I had a nice orgasm. It wasn’t mind blowing, but it was enough to have me bucking my hips and moaning. I don’t think my brother was disappointed.

When I got my breathing under control, I sat up and said, “Your turn.”

“Where do you want me to do it? I don’t want to make a huge mess on your carpet.”

“Oh? It will be a big mess?”

He chuckled, “Yes, I cum a lot. I usually catch it with tissues, but you wouldn’t be able to see it.”

Without really thinking about it, I said “Just stand over here in front of me. You can shoot it on me. If some gets on the carpet, I’ll clean it up.”

“It’s not going to take me long.” He warned me. “Next time it will take longer.”

When he stepped up in front of me, I got a really good look at his hard dick. I loved the way it looked. It was all I could do to resist reaching out and touching it. When he put his hand around it and started stroking, I couldn’t resist putting my hand between my legs and working myself up again. He was staring at my boobs, so I’m not sure he even noticed.

It was only about a minute and a half when he said, “I’m getting close.”

And then a few seconds later, his white goo began flying out of the end of his dick and splatting onto my boobs. He just kept cumming and cumming until my boobs, belly and legs were almost totally covered. That was one of the most awesome sights I’d ever seen. “Wow! Holy shit that was incredible.”

“I’ll get you a washcloth and turn on the shower.”

I used the warm washcloth he brought me to clean up just enough to insure his cum wouldn’t drip off me and onto the carpet. I was a gooey mess, but I loved the feeling. It made me feel deliciously naughty.

* * *

When I got out of the shower, my brother was right there to watch me dry off. “I need to pee.” I told him.

“So pee. I’m not stopping you.” He said with an ear to ear grin.

I wasn’t about to let him make me back down so I lifted the lid on the toilet and sat down. I really needed to go, so it didn’t take me long to start peeing. In defiance, I actually spread my legs so he’d have a somewhat better view.

After cleaning myself and washing my hands, I started to walk past him. Greg had other ideas. He put out his hands and grabbed both of my boobs. He was a little rough, so I said, “Hey, they aren’t made of steel. Take it easy on them.” He immediately eased up his grip, so I reached between us and grabbed his semi hard dick. I loved the way it felt. I could actually feel it growing in my hand. And I loved the way his hands felt on my boobs. “How long before you’re going to be ready to jerk off again?”

“It’s really sensitive right now. Best if we wait about an hour. How long for you?”

“Anytime, but I’d rather have another drink. I’ll share this one with you. I’ll be outside in the shade.”

* * *

When Greg came outside, and while he was handing me the full cup, I reached out and slid my hand around his almost fully hard dick. He chuckled, “Are you going to let me sit down?”

I shook my head and giggled, “It won’t kill you to just stand there for a couple of minutes. I’ll return the favor.”

“Okay, just go easy on the head. That’s what is sensitive after I cum.”

“Oh? The rest of it isn’t sensitive?”

He shook his head, so I tightened my grip a little and began slowly stroking it. I wasn’t really jerking him off, just playing with it. I sat the cup on the table and used my other hand to cup his big balls. “They’re a lot bigger than I expected. Is that why you cum so much?”

He shrugged, “I guess.” And he reached down and got the cup, taking a small sip of it while I played with his dick.

“When you’re ready to jerk off again, I want to do it. You can teach me how.”

My brother chuckled again, “Okay, if you’ll let me help you get off.”

“Deal!” I said with a huge grin.

I didn’t want to rush things too much, so I took my hand off his dick and told him he could sit down. I took a good sip of the drink and got to my feet. And then I stepped over in front of him, “Spread your legs.” When he had, I moved closer and said, “Your turn. Be gentle.”

This time, when he grabbed my boobs, he was indeed gentler. My pussy was already dripping wet. I reached for the cup and took a sip while I watched his hands and eyes on me. In truth, I was probably enjoying it more than Greg was.

I had two motives for what I said next. First, I wanted to keep him too busy to know I was getting most of the drink. Secondly, I couldn’t wait to see what it would feel like. “You can kiss them if you want to.”

His eyes shot open, but he didn’t hesitate. He put one of his hands on my back and pulled me closer. He kept a hand on one of my boobs and kissed my other nipple. Soon though, he was sucking my nipple into his mouth.

God! That felt so incredible; I thought I might cum just from that. I put my free hand on the back of his head and pulled his mouth more firmly to my boob. By the time I finished the last of the drink, my legs were growing wobbly—not from the alcohol, but from the pleasure I was feeling.

“Whew!” I said, pushing his head away. “We have to stop before I faint.” I could see the disappointment on his face, but he didn’t protest. He did, however, shoot me a scolding look when he discovered the cup was empty.

* * *

It was early evening when we went back to my bedroom. I was laying on my bed, knees up and spread. My brother was next to me, his mouth on my nearest boob, and one hand between my legs.

I had my hand on his guiding his fingers. At first, I just had him gently rub my pussy, but I soon pushed two of his fingers inside me. He was a quick study and finger fucked me while rubbing my clit with his thumb.

I’d already had three orgasms when he stopped. “What are you doing?”

“I want to try something.” He told me.

I panicked briefly when he got up, moved to the foot of the bed, and began crawling up between my spread legs. For a few seconds, I thought he might be going to try to fuck me, and I surely wasn’t ready for anything like that.

I got a nice surprise when he began kissing and licking my pussy. He put his arms under and around my thighs and used his fingers to spread my pussy open. And then he immediately began licking me and sticking his tongue inside me.

I reached down and began rubbing my clit and I was bucking and moaning in short order. I knew something special was going to happen when I felt the tingles and sensations keep building and building.

I put both hands on his head and pulled his mouth higher. “Lick and suck my clit.” I panted.

Greg didn’t have to be told twice and I began bucking my hips up so much, he had to use his arms around my thighs to hold himself in place. When my orgasm hit, I was launched into another world. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over my body.

I could vaguely remember my brother saying, “Oh wow!”

I didn’t know until my panting and moaning subsided a minute later that I had actually squirted a little. That had never happened to me before. “Will you get me a bottle of water, please?”

* * *

I had to giggle when Greg came back into my bedroom. His hard dick was standing up, pointing at the ceiling and swinging back and forth with every step.

After taking a long drink of water, I motioned my brother closer. When he was in reach, I used one hand to hold the water and the other around his throbbing dick. It was almost like feeling it for the first time. I loved the way it felt in my hand.

I took one more big gulp of water and sat it on my bedside table. “Show me.” I said as I began stroking him.

Greg put his hand on mine and forced me to grip him a little tighter, and then he began moving my hand up and down on his dick. After a couple of minutes, I leaned forward and licked the engorged head, swirling my tongue over and around it. He let out a low moan and his dick twitched in my hand. I looked up at my brother and grinned, “He likes that.”

“Oh yeah!” he said with a chuckle.

His hand was no longer guiding mine, so I put my lips over the head and continued swirling my tongue over it. I had to concentrate to keep stroking him.

I quickly grew more adventuresome and lowered my mouth, taking a couple of inches of his dick into my mouth. I never stopped swirling my tongue on the under side of it.

“I’m getting close.” He told me.

I just moaned onto his dick. I really didn’t mind when my brother put both of his hands on my head, preventing me from backing off. I hadn’t intended to back off anyway.

Since I’d already seen him cum once and how powerfully his cum shot out, I was as mentally prepared as I could be. It still startled me when he grunted and a shot of his cum hit the back of my throat.

Ten or fifteen seconds later, my mouth was full and I started gagging. If it hadn’t been for Greg helping me stay in place, I may have backed off. His cum began oozing out of my mouth and slickening his dick. Some even came out of my nose. I didn’t care. I was totally committed.

When he put his hand back on mine and stopped me from stroking his dick, I backed off just enough to swallow. Then I moved forward again and resumed sucking him. I remembered him saying that the head was sensitive after cumming, so I stopped sucking on it as firmly.

His dick was still hard, so I just kept at it until he urged me away. When I let it slide out of my mouth, I looked up at him, grinned and licked my lips. “Yummy.”

* * *

There was a breaded and cooked chicken breast in the fridge, so I heated it up and cut it into small chunks. We put those on our salads. While we were eating at the kitchen table, I couldn’t help but giggle. We were both still naked and my brother kept staring at my boobs. “You’ve been looking at them for hours.”

He just shrugged, “I love boobs and yours are awesome.”

I tilted my head and showed him a grin, “Thanks. I think your dick is awesome too.”

He chuckled, “I’m glad you like it.”

“I want to suck it again before we go to bed. It’s going to take me a lot of practice before I’ll be able to take it all in my mouth.”

That caused my brother to laugh out loud, “You can practice on me anytime you want.”

I grinned, “And you can see my boobs anytime you want.”

With Daylight Savings Time, it wasn’t getting dark until very late. So we didn’t usually go to bed too early. It was almost nine when I went to my brother’s room. He was expecting me, so he was lying naked on his bed.

Without saying anything, I crawled up between his legs and lifted his semi erect dick. Since it wasn’t fully hard, I had no problem getting all of it in my mouth. As much as I loved the feel of his rock hard dick in my mouth, I enjoyed this even more. I could actually feel it growing in my mouth.

I had decided in advance that I didn’t want to hurry. I just took my time slowly licking and sucking it. I continued that for fifteen or twenty minutes. Finally though, I knew I needed to finish him off and go to bed, so I sped up and increased the pressure of my sucking and stroking.

It didn’t take much of that for him to warn me, “Almost there.”

He didn’t put his hands on my head this time, so it was up to me not to back off. Fortunately, he didn’t cum so much this time and I was able to take it in my mouth. I didn’t swallow it right away though. I held his cum in my mouth even after letting his dick slip out. I was in my room and about ready to get in bed when I finally swallowed my brother’s cum.

* * *

Surprisingly, I didn’t have a hangover the next morning—just a hint of a headache. Greg was a little worse off, but not too bad.

It wasn’t until we were eating lunch that he told me Bo and Freddie Jackson were coming over to go swimming later. I was pissed. “Why the hell did you invite them?”

“Hey, I invited them three days ago. How was I supposed to know what would happen yesterday?”

“Okay, what time will they be here?”

“Not until two.” He said as he got up to rinse our plates.

“Shit, we only have two hours, so I guess we better hurry. I’ll get the cups and ice and you go get the bottle.”

My brother raised his eyebrows, “You want to have some fun before they get here?”

“Yes. How much Vodka do we have left?”

“Plenty. The bottle is almost half full.”

“Yummy.” I said with a giggle.

* * *

I gulped down the first drink in short order. I was anxious to feel those tingles again. And too, I now knew exactly what the term “liquid courage” meant. Without the aide of the alcohol, I’m sure I’d never have forgotten to close my bedroom door, which proved to be the catalyst for everything my brother and I had done the day before.

A few minutes later, I was naked on my bed with my brother licking and sucking my nipples while I teased my pussy. After five minutes or so, I was getting really horny, so I told him, “Lick my pussy now.”

Greg didn’t hesitate. He quickly moved between my legs and began licking me. I soon had two okay orgasms, but I could feel a big one building. Sure enough, my next orgasm was huge, and again, I squirted on my brother’s face.

When I recuperated, I took a big gulp of my drink and told Greg to stand up in front of me. This time, he didn’t have to help. I knew what to do, and I soon had my hand around the base of his shaft and three or four inches of his hard dick in my mouth.

It didn’t take long before he warned me that he was close. I braced myself for what I knew was coming: a huge load of cum. When he started, I held him in my mouth as long as I could, but I was only able to take about a third of it. I pointed his dick at my boobs and continued stroking him.

I didn’t swallow until long after he finished cumming. And then I swallowed and put his still hard dick back into my mouth. I just kept stroking and sucking until he made me stop.

* * *

I made sure I was in the pool when Greg’s friends showed up. I knew them. They didn’t have a pool, so they’d been to our house many times. Bo was Greg’s age, and Freddie was a year younger.

Greg laughed out loud when I told him what I wanted him to do, but he agreed. Honestly, I think my brother would have agreed to just about anything by then. He really loved the blowjobs.

After the four of us had been in the pool for a while, I got out and sat in the shade while sipping my drink. I watched as the three boys talked amongst themselves, giving me appraising glances now and then.

When I thought they’d had enough alone time, I jumped back into the pool. It wasn’t long before all three of them attacked me, splashing water in my face and dunking me. During one of those dunks, Greg got my bikini top undone and pulled it off me.

They were all laughing, hooting and clapping when Greg twirled it over his head. I made a good show of trying to grab it out of his hands. He’d just fling it to one of the other boys. The next time Greg had it, he threw it out of the water. It landed far enough away that I’d have to get out of the water to retrieve it.

I cursed at him and begged him to get out and get it for me, but of course, he refused.

While I treaded water deep enough to cover my boobs, the boys kept diving under the water and swimming close enough to see. It wasn’t long before they were dunking me again, and they weren’t shy about feeling me up. A couple of times, there were four hands grabbing at my boobs while Greg had his on my shoulders holding me underwater.

That was all Greg and I planned, so I was surprised when they drug me into shallow water. Greg forced me to stand up, and then Bo and Freddie just stood in front of me and stared at my boobs.

With my brother encouraging them, they took turns feeling of my boobs. When Bo lowered his head and put his mouth over my nipple, his brother followed his lead and sucked on my other nipple.

While they were doing that, I came hard. I was in heaven. I’m sure Greg was the only one of the boys who actually knew I was cumming.

“Okay, that’s enough. We’d better let her go.” Greg told his friends.

When they released me, I cursed them and threatened to tell my parents. And then I walked up the steps, dried off, grabbed my bikini top and my drink and stormed into the house. After making myself another drink, I went to my room, pulled off my bikini and got onto my bed. I immediately began playing with my pussy. It didn’t take me long to have another great orgasm.

* * *

For the next two weeks, Greg and I fooled around every day except Monday and Tuesday when the bar was closed. We’d run out of Vodka that second day, but we still had a lot of fun. One day while my brother was licking my pussy, I told him, “You need to get some condoms.” When he stopped licking me and looked up at my face, I just showed him a grin and said, “I want you to fuck me.”

For the remainder of the summer, fucking was added to our play time. Even after school started, we had the house to ourselves in the evenings, so we would fuck and suck then. Fortunately, our parents never asked why neither of us had a girlfriend or boyfriend.

* * *

Then end

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