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A new story begins!!!!!!
Chronicles of Rek-hovek

Chapter 1

The world officially ended on 22nd,September, 2018.(About the time I started to write this book ;-P)

This catastrophic event was later on known as the refringement. The start of the refringement was marked by a deep purple Aurora that covered the whole Earth. Soon after the appearance of the Aurora, each and every electronic device and electrical appliance was rendered useless.

The people at that time confused this as a large scale EMP burst that was caused due to a large solar flare. Exactly 3 days after this various volcanoes around the world that had laid dormant for so long, instantaneously reignited spewing out red hot magma. What was more astonishing was that these volcanoes emerged from nowhere too!

The tectonic plates on the Earth also started to change rapidly. Due to these major changes on the Earth, the geography changed completely, 3 continents namely, North and South America and Australia were wiped out in mere weeks. Most of the Southern part of the African continent was submerged underwater too. The country of China experienced major volcanic activity and most of their population was wiped out as well.

5 months after the appearance of the purple Aurora, 70% of the human population was killed. Then all the remaining land masses were attracted towards the North Pole forming a kind of circle around it. The south pole of course sunk in the sea as well. The remaining collaborative superpowers that remained were Russia, parts of Europe, the South Asian subcontinent and it's neighbours and the Northern part of Africa.

Due to a plethora of volcanic eruptions and the purple Aurora, the Earth was covered with a deep purple smoke worldwide. The planets magnetic fields also changed. Due to these harsh changes, the world was reset into an ice age.

After people thought that the disaster was finally over, a series of consecutive earthquakes that measured above 9 on the Richter scale shook the Earth shattering the remaining buildings that survived the apocalypse.

[7000 years later]

Humanity somehow overcame this disaster. People formed separate empires assimilating the weak nations. From this lot, three major empires being the Great Indian empire, the Holy Russian empire and the Royal African empire appeared. All the knowledge of the previous Earth was slowly lost and the remaining was treasured and hidden. In all the empires, maximum area and population belonged to the Great Indian empire as they already had a large population before the refringement.

Due to unknown reasons, after the refringement, many new species of lora and fauna appeared out of nowhere. Many humans also felt a lot of change in their body. Because of the refringement, the appearance of the human species evolved as well. It was now common to have white snow skin, no matter your residence. Hair color was also very variant. Apart from the new evolved species, teamed up according to physical appearances as well.

[And this was where the real story starts]


"You little rascal!"

As dad screamed in mocking anger I didn't turn once and fled from our house, rushing forward towards the pink forests beside our Myrad village.

"I'll be back before dusk tommorow!", I replied.

"Be careful!", my dad warned, laughing in his heart.

What a carefree youth, 15 already, hmmm,I must think about his marriage soon.....

As I rushed through the stone streets of the market, I saw my brother waiting just at the start of the forest.

"You're late Rex."

"Nice to see you too, Grim."

"Let's get going."

I then slowed down as Grim and I walked under the deep canopy of the pink forest. It was called so because of the pink coloured bronik tree that grew in the middle of the forest. It had red leaves and was incredibly beautiful, lying just beside was a small lake where we would swim often.

"So, what story will she tell us today?", my brother asked as we neared the stone cottage that was just 300m from the bronik tree.

"Hmmm, maybe this time we should ask about the Royal African empire's princess.", I replied with a mischievous grin on my face.

"Virgin.", my brother said with an equally evil smile on his face.

"Shut up, just cause you saved money and visited the brothel doesn't make you any better."

"I still fucked a girl none the less."

"You fucked a whore, who was at least 40 years of age, I wouldn't call that a girl."

"It still felt goooddd.", he said almost immediately.

Knife in the heart.

"Even though I'm a virgin, I still, will fuck a girl at least, not some random old hag.", I muttered, defeated at last.

We finally reached the cottage.

"Virgins first.", my brother said while holding the door of the stone cottage open.

I will pay you back someday!

As I entered, the remnant smell of sweet herbs attacked my nose instantly.

"Namaste, granny.", we both said in unison as we went forward and touched the feet of an elderly woman who was sitting on a wooden chair.

"Namaste, my kids. Okay, your little aunt is in her room, let's go. Gimesh, help your granny now."

"Yes granny."

I grinned.

Now take 2 years to reach the room.

I slowly walked towards a room inside. Just as I had opened the door, a pair of small boobs suddenly hit my face as a 14 year old girl wrapped her arms around me.



"Little Rere, I missed you so much, why couldn't you come early. I almost thought you wouldn't come."

The girl said as I pushed her of me, I carried her in my arms as I threw her on the bed inside.

"Namaste, little aunt.", I said while blushing red.

The girl infront of me was cute, with black hair, light brown eyes, wheatish complexion and pure pink lips. She was wearing a light pink shirt and jammies. Her developing breasts were already visible. Wait, did they get bigger some more?

I moved my arms forward to touch her feet.

"Noooo. Don't touch my feet!", she retorted.

A voice suddenly came from the open door, "Shruti, Rekho, we have a guest today, please behave.

"Ok, mom.", little aunt shouted.

And then sitting on the bed, turning her head towards me,"No feet touching. Ok?"

I knew she didn't like me treating her as an elder and that's why I did it to tease her.

"Ok.", I replied while grinning.

Granny and Grim then came in the room. Granny sat on the bed while the three of us sat on the floor. Little aunt sat on my lap while hugging my chest. This was an awkward habit of hers, whenever she would see me, she would instantly try to be close.

"Granny, which story will it be today?", asked


"Wait, we have to wait for the guest."

The guest suddenly arrived. The guest so happened to be a girl, with white smooth skin, and slightly brown hair. She greeted granny just as we did and sat cross legged beside me.

"Gimesh, Rekho, this is Quinnie, she is the granddaughter of an old friend of mine and will be staying here for a few days. Now children, which story do you want to here about today?"

"Uh,oh, granny, granny, I want to hear about the African princess.", I said in an exciting tone.

"Whaaatt, no way, you already have a princess in your arms and you think of another one already!", complained the little girl in my arms,"Isn't it unfair Grim?"

"Very.", replied Grim in a funny manner.

"No way, you guys always refuse my requests. Hmmpphh."

"Granny Rini, if you don't mind, could you tell me about the Rakt emperor of the Great Indian empire.", said Quinnie.

She had a smooth tone while speaking. Alarms started to ring in my mind.

Seductive much!?

Hearing this we three stopped quarreling and got excited as well.

"Hoho, my little girl, now that is indeed one interesting tale. So I think today I should tell you that one.

"Many years ago, when even I was still a small child, the village of Myrad was nothing but a couple of houses and farms. In those days, almost everybody was a farmer and they lived in harmony.

"However that didn't mean that they were safe. The town of Myrad was said to be cursed, haunted by a massive sabre tooth tiger. The tiger was at least 5 metres tall and had black skin, instead of the usual black stripes, it had yellow stripes that appeared like thunder on it."

"Oh Granny, did you ever see it yourself?",asked little aunt.

"Not when it was alive, but I did see it after it's death. Now no more interruptions.

"So the tiger would arrive every month and kill a human everytime it came. This was a matter that worried the young empire as it was still growing and we're facing attacks from rebels. As such the higher-ups Whenhought that after killing all of Myrad the tiger would surely attack the cities. When this news was heard by the emperor, he himself came to Myrad himself to handle this matter. The emperor at that time was Kratik Zuan, also known as the white emperor, he had white hair and light blue eyes and would always wear a white armour suit."

"Oh granny, doesn't Rere also have white hair, so is he also an emperor?", asked little aunt while playing with my long and straight white hair.

"What kind of logic is that?",answered Quinnie, who was now visibly irritated,"You have boobs, so does that make you an empress and besides this boy has red eyes, not blue."

"Hmmpphh, don't talk like that about my little Rere, you boobzilla, I swear, if you-"

Boobzilla! Isn't that an understatement, it should be more like boobqueen. Quinnie really has big boobs.

"Enough both of you. Another word and I won't continue!"

"Sorry, Granny.", they both said at the same time. They stared at each other for a while and then little aunt pressed her head closer to my chest. This was really comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time. I was really holding her in my hands.

"Anyways, Kratik Zuan brought his army as well as his 2 sons to handle the tiger. They made camp just on the outskirts of Myrad. The emperor then sent a group of soldiers to go hunt the tiger. Of course, out of the 100 soldiers he sent, no one came back even after a month. Again and again he sent soldiers to kill the tiger but to no avail. Almost all his soldiers were killed. That's when Kratik finally went with his 2 sons, Rikt and Rakt, of which Rikt was the elder to personally kill the tiger. The three battled against the tiger for 2 weeks before they managed to defeat it. Nobody knows how, but Kratik and Rikt got injured gravely during the fight. Unfortunately Kratik and Rikt we're not able to make it and died. Rakt singlehandedly carried his father, brother and the corpse of the tiger back to Myrad. I was there that day, at that time I was even younger then you. His white armour was drenched with red blood, making it look as if it was made of red crystal. He looked injured but ferocious none the less.

"Soon after that he returned to the Royal palace situated in the Him valley and was coronated as Rakt emperor. Rakt is an ancient Indian word meaning blood. That is why to this date he is called the Rakt emperor."

I sat there dumbfounded for a while. All of us had the same look on our faces. Such a powerful person can exist even up to now. That came as a shock to us.

"Ok children,now change your clothes and wash your hands, it's time for dinner.", said little aunt's mother from the kitchen. We all then playfully ran out of the room.

After having dinner, little aunt Shruti, her mother Gina and I cleaned up the dishes.

"So Rex, how's your mother these days?, asked Gina hoping to make small talk.

"Mom's fine, and dad's just busy handling the store,I help him out when I can as well."

"Shruti, go and give some water to your Granny."

She nodded and went.

"Thank you for coming every week, you know how it is living in the woods."

"It's fine Grandma.", to be precise although I called her Grandma she was actually about 35 years old only, and she was still pretty, just like a big version of little aunt with bigger boobs,"so did you talk to Granny about moving to the city?"

"You know she won't agree, I did ask her but she replied the same thing, I guess we will have to trouble you some more then."

"It's no biggy.", I replied casually.

"Ok then, the dishes are done, all of you should go to sleep."

Night had now finally fallen, the stone cottage we we're staying in comprised of 4 bedrooms, Granny's, Gina's, Shruti's and one spare. Quinnie would sleep in Gina's room while Grim had a room of his own. I liked to take the attic, of course there was a certain someone who wouldn't let me sleep there.

"Mom, can Rere sleep with me tonight?", Shruti shouted.

"Ok.", came the reply.

They didn't even ask me.

Shruti took my arm and dragged me to the bed. Winter was approaching fast these days, as the cold was creeping in the house.

"See, how lucky you are, sleeping with a princess like me,", said Shruti while holding my arm in bed.

"Just don't do anything funny, okay.", I said.

"Heeheehee,", she giggled.

She wrapped her tiny arms around me and slid her legs on mine. She then put her head against my chest and said,"Good night little Rere."

She then kissed me on my forehead, returned to my chest and peacefully went to sleep. At that time the blanket was covering both of us from head to toe.

I was blushing bright red due to my aunt.

"Good night little aunt,", I muttered slowly, while also wrapping my arms around her.

Why does she do this? Does she love me that much?

I thought while staring at her beautiful petite face and drifted off into sleep myself while savouring the heat from this little sugary girl on my chest.


Author's Note-

C'mon guys, feedback is damn important. Positive and negative criticism both are highly valued and appreciated. I don't get paid for writing, but a bit of praise won't kill.( ;-{/ )
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