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Written in the viewpoint of a morgue attendant who has the best catch of his life
Not content with what was available, I wrote this with parts of all stories I collected to create as. Because my output slowed down over the last year and it was taking too long to finish (over 15 years), I planned to wrap it all up but recently lost my files before I could finish. Manage to retrieve this as last updated in over 18 months ago but it was too much work to do this again so call it a day and publish it as it is.

Apologize for the errors but feel free to complete it as your own version.


The young bride's corpse was unloaded and wheeled into the mortuary chamber. The metal doors opened and the men were there with her body. They wheeled her in and lifted her off the gurney and positioned her on the large cold steel autopsy table in the center of the room and placed her head into the neck block. All three men looked at the beautiful young woman and agreed that it was sad that she was stricken so soon. Doctor Brown walks into the autopsy room somewhat pissed off. He had discussed with the doctor who had pronounced her dead at the scene as to the circumstances surrounding her death. He was late for a Sunday evening dinner party his wife was giving at their home and he wanted to make this quick. “Am I the only pathologist in the county”, he says to no one in particular. He is thinking to himself that it seems this shit always happens to him every time he is scheduled to leave town. I catch every John/Jane Doe case that turns up. Within 5 minutes Ralph had signed for the body and the men were gone. He grabs the chart from the morgue attendant anxious to review the case summary and get this post mortem over with so he can catch his flight. He reads: White female, age approx 20 years, height 5 feet 6 inches, weight 130 lbs, The forensic crime scene team collected the following evidence at 9:00 am Friday: body was found at 7:30 am this morning by an electric company maintenance crew, her body was discovered on the electric line access road in a remote area of the county, , at 9:00 am this morning the outside air was calm and dry and the surrounding air temperature was 54 degrees Fahrenheit, the victim’s core body temp at 9:00 am was 79 degrees Fahrenheit, at 9:00 am lividity is prominent and unfixed, at 9:00 am this morning the body is in full rigor mortis, at 9:00 am Friday it is estimated that the victim has been dead approximately 11 hours with a time of death sometime between 7:00 pm Thursday and 12:30 am Friday, no identification was found on or near the body. “OK let’s get started”, Dr. Brown orders.

You take another moment for the lust inside you to build. You then pick up the purse beside her on the gurney and find a billfold inside that identifies her as Abigail Miller, 21 yrs old. Flipping it overyou see a picture of Abigail in an embrace with a tall dark haired man. You glance at her hand that is folded across her chest and note the diamond engagement ring on her finger. At this point you become a little sad. What a pity! But his loss is your gain. You replace the billfold in the purse and place both in a plastic bag. Grasping the lovely girl under her armpits; you transfer her fresh corpse from the gurney to the stainless steel table.

After Abigail was lifted off of the gurney and transferred onto to one of the stainless steel tables, the coroner removed the sheet from her corpse. The bag was unzipped and stripped away Inside was the pale corpse of a girl with long blond hair and a fit build. She was still dressed in her white blouse, dark gray jacket and skirt, and I could feel the cold stainless steel of an autopsy table pressing into my back. As Dr. Brown slowly approaches the autopsy table to begin his examination, he exclaims, “Holy shit, I know this woman. Her name is Abigail Elizabeth Miller, she was my student.” Dr. Brown shakes his head and says to himself, “What a shame, she had such nice tits, ass and legs. Any man would want to have her. Boy was my wife pissed at me last night when she caught me starring at Abigail’s ass for the fourth time.” As Dr. Brown completes his external exam of Abigail’s body, he quickly examined her neck and determined that no autopsy was necessary. He noted the bruises on her face and determined that her neck was broken. The only visible trauma is to the left side of her head; a small stream of congealed blood from her left nostril, left ear and the left side of her mouth. Death had resulted from trauma associated with crash and the snapping of her neck. He now to save the family even more grief decided to forgo the internal autopsy and directed the young morgue attendant to release her body for burial and contact the funeral home when her family selected one. They were supposed to do an autoposy tomorrow at 10am. He was known for being lax on performing autopsies so no real autopsy was performed. He indicated that would probably occur tomorrow morning and directed the attendant to strip and rinse her off and put her in the cooler. The coroner now left for the party.

The morgue attendant tonight was Ian Fisher. Ian was a second year medical student in the field of Pathology. He was working the summer as an intern and would be going back to school at the middle of next week. Normally Ralph Brown would have been with him; but Ralph had asked for vacation this week end and everyone figured Ian could handle it alone. Since he was new, and the assistant, he had to work the 12 hour night shift. That was perfect since he was all alone. He had only been at the job a week before the fruit of his labors was at last in sight! Ian had been lucky several times before, but never this lucky. He was always a weird person. He was a science and computer geek. As a kid, he experimented on animals. He never could connect with women. He had switched his major twice and he was now 32 years old. He was forever getting here, and he wanted to make the best of it. The necro fetish had come to Ian when he was in his teens.

Ian wanted a better look this young lady more closely. Actually he wanted more than a look! He wanted to fuck her young dead body. He remembered about a month ago when a 35 yr old woman who was killed in a motorcycle accident was brought in. He could hardly stand it when he stripped her and smelled the aroma of her dead pussy. It drove him wild but Ralph was present and he couldn't do anything about his lust. But he was alone tonight.

Ian watched the coroner pull out of the parking lot and returned to the corpse. He walked over beside Abigail’s corpse and looked down at her pale young body. I pulled back the sheet and saw the most beautiful face I had ever seen in my life. So I pulled down the sheet, and wow, what a body. As Ian looked her over from top to bottom he immediately noticed how attractive the murder victim was, her face so beautiful, her body with it’s large full breasts sticking up, made Ian think what a terrible waste that she was taken away. Her stomach was very flat and her butt was small. She had a cute smile from her wide brown eyes and her hair as long, blonde, and shiny. Ian looked at her with his mouth wide open almost drooling! She was dressed in a tight black leather miniskirt and a thin white blouse. Her frilly white lace bra could be seen, since the top 2 buttons of her blouse were undone. She wore dark but sheer stockings and black open toed high heels. What a shame for a beautiful woman like this to be dead. He had just recently broke up with his girlfriend Amy and was more than a little bit horny. He struggled to purge that from his mind. He reached over and gave her cold dead lips a quick kiss. What no one else at the hospital knew is that I had been "using" patients like this woman for several years in between "live" girlfriends. I gotta say that I can't really figure out what all the fuss is about, I mean they aren't going to complain now are they? He arranged Abigail's body, lifted and draping my head back and over a neck block under her broken neck so that my chin pointed upwards. My legs were straightened and my arms were laid by my sides. Someone with plastic gloved hands, a tech I suppose my Ian carefully removed her clothing first. You remove her jewelry; first the small pierced earrings, then her pendant necklace and you lift her cold hand and remove her watch and rings; placing all of them in a plastic bag. Reaching inside her jacket he felt the softness of her breasts and firm nipples through the smooth silk of her blouse that sends a shudder of pleasure through you body. Again grabbing the waistband of her skirt, I jerk her body on its side and, with a quick pull, jerk her jacket free from the buttons, drop Abigail back onto her back and removed the jacket up from her waist.

Poking and prodding and squeezing as you kiss my face. You lift her tight black camisole underneath; pull them up until her breasts clad in a lacey black bra are exposed and pull the camisole off over her head. Bolder now, your hand unbutton her blouse to fondle my left tit.

Your gloved hands reach out and grab them and give them a gentle squeeze. You feel a drop of precum leaking from you long hard dick. You pry you hands away and pull it You grow more excited by the minute. This beautiful corpse is now clad in only her black lace french cut panties and lace topped thigh high stockings. Your fingers grasp the hem of her panties and pull them down off her hips, and then slid off legs and feet. You place them to your nose and inhale the heavenly aroma of her crotch. This make you want to smell the real things so you spread her long lovely legs apart to have a better look and you crawl up between them from the foot end of the table. You are now staring at the fully open outer pussy lips and partially open inner lips with a patch of well manicured brown pubic hair above her slit. The sexy aroma of her pussy is driving you wild. You want to have her so bad. You haven't had any pussy, a live or dead, in a while. You wonder when was the last time her husband fucked this beautuful lady. So why shouldn't you have her? She's not going to refuse and dead women tell no tales.

His hands pulled her bra up to her head and shoulders. Lifting her head again he pulled the bra over her head and shoulders and he returned her neck to the block with her head resting on the table. My, what a sexy body! Her breasts were not huge but incredibly firm and very perky. They had no sag at all. Only the smallest of a bikini top tan line. Ian moved to the other end of the table and grasp each stocking clad foot and removed her black high heels from her feet and place each open shoe to your nostrils and inhale the aroma combination of her shoes, stockings and feet. Your manhood is getting harder by the minute. Placing the shoes in a plastic bag; Unsatisfied, he move lower, and fumble with the button on her black miniskirt and unbuttoned, and unzip and pulled it down off her shapely hips and her black halfslip follow down over and off over her feet.

Your cock is getting mighty uncomfortable in your pants as his fingers rolled a pair of long, sheer barely there thigh-hi stockings down her luscious muscular long legs. Finally it was all bagged and tagged. Then he washed the body down with warm water and dried her off. He would have to cut her later of course, but right now she was his and his alone.

I sat on the stool next to the table and continued my paperwork. After about a half-hour and six pages of notes, I decided it was time to get laid. Again, I pulled my dick out of my pants, and since it wasn't hard, I started to finger the girl's pussy. Now let me tell you, there isn't a cunt that's as tight as a 4-hour dead one. My dick was soon hard and ready.

Ian tunes in the radio and catches a Stones two set tribute, Satisfaction and Let’s Spend The Night Together. Ian smiles and thinks to himself, “Oh yea! I’m getting plenty of satisfaction tonight and OK Abigail; let’s spend the night together. What do you think, Abigail?” Of course Abigail does not answer. She’s not thinking straight right now in fact she’s not thinking anything at all.

You decide that you want to fuck her with her hi heels on and so you retrieve them and place them on her stocking clad feet. You lock the door entering the morgue and scoop the dishwater blonde haired beauty in your arms and carry her corpse to a small room in the corner with a bed in it. You place her gently on the bed arranging her arms to her side and spreading her shapely tanned legs and thighs apart. Your fingers open the eyelids of your soon-to-be necrolover and you observe her beautiful brown glassy eyes staring straight out into space

Your lust wins out. He walked along side of her and spread her legs apart at the knees. Ian could smell the aroma of her dead pussy and he had to have some. It had been awhile since he had any pussy. At any rate it was time for me to have my own fun with her. "Alright Honey now you get your final screw!" You remove your gloves and lab coat and all the rest of your clothes and shoes wind up in a pile in the floor so you are now standing there completely naked with a long hard throbbing penis. His dick went to full alert as he unzipped his pants. I shed my pants and underwear and pulled out my cock. It was already hard with anticipation. He pulled Abigail's feet wider apart and crawled up on the table between her legs and buried his nose in her open cunt. He began to lick and suck on her dead clit and soon had his tongue as far in her crevice as he could get it. Ian alternately caressed her sexy tits with his hands as continued to eat her. He caressed her face and gave her a kiss on the lips as he pumped her full of his big hard dick. Her pussy was tight and seemed to be grabbing at his dick on each stroke when he exited. Miss Abigail Miller, who had enjoyed sex so much with her husband last night and earlier today, was being post-mortally fucked by Ian.

You crawl onto the bed from the foot end; your fingers spread wide her inner pussy lips and you bury your tongue inside the cool clammy crevice and you suck, lick and lubricate her cunt to your hearts desire. Then I wiped a little K-Y jelly on the head of it. Grabbing her head I turned it so she was facing me, and pulled her mouth open.

I've always prided myself on the size of my cock. When it’s fully hard, it's a nice nine and one-quarter inches long. It was perfect for dicking young girls who couldn’t say no! No live one could handle my dick like that, but the dead ones - Oh yeah, they never complained about the size.

Your hands rub the stocking clad thighs and then you massage her sexy breasts as your tongue continues to lubricate her. You decide you can't wait any longer so you position your body with your hot rod at the opening to her slit and slowly grind your meat into her pussy hole. I spread her smooth shapely legs apart so her slit was wide open. Of course, her cunt wasn't wet even after my finger was in it. So I applied some more K-Y jelly on it and walked up to the head of the table. Once he had properly lubed her; Ian crawled up on the table on top of the dead girl and mounted and thrust his throbbing rod inside her in a frenzy. A little pressure and it began to slide in. Straight in without any "nice" pumping. You now begin to stroke and pump the beautiful corpse as you look into her lifeless eyes. Her nipples and aureola sway as you increase your tempo. She is pretty tight for a woman. Your turn your head and watch your prick as you stroke in and out of her pussy. You gaze at her long legs and down to her hi heels. You need to fill her full of your cum. It is feeling so good! You pound your dick hard and deep with each stroke. She didn't make a sound. I fucked her for several minutes, and as I fucked her I was rubbing her tits, her very cool, very white tits. With each hump into her cool pussy, her head would flop around, and her body would inched towards the top of the table, when finally, her head flopped off the table so she was staring at the wall behind her. "Won't look at me, huh?" I whispered loudly at her! So I started to punch her in the stomach, and as I did so I started to get real turned on and I started to cum. I thrust hard down on her, and with my legs between hers, I started to spread her legs with mine. You think about how you would have liked to have fucked Abigail Miller when she was alive. You bend your neck and kiss and suck her nipples as you continue to pump her delicious cunt. You feel your seed burning inside you as bury your dick as deep as possible and grind your self against her clitoris and feel the onset of a powerful orgasm. Your organ erupts globs of hot sticky cum and you moan with extasy. You have the urge to keep pumping and you do so until you're finished cumming. You could almost swear that you feel her dead pussy pulsing and contracting around your rod. Your penis is throbbing but it is a good throb. You're almost dizzy; it was that good! You almost doze off on top of her but suddenly you hear the phone ring.

You withdraw from her and run and answer it. Another body being brought down so you dress quickly and go to the elevator to retrieve it. Returning to the morgue you relock the door and remove the sheet from the corpse and observe that is a very elderly woman. Quite a contrast to the luscious girl you have in the next room. You return to her and see your cum leaking from her well filled hole onto the bed. You look at her and say aloud "Abigail Miller; your body is M'mm M'mm good. Even indescribably delicious; I would say". Of course she doesn't answer and keeps staring into space. Time to get to work though. You pick the lovely corpse up and carry her back to the stainless steel table. You now remove her hi heels and slowly roll her stockings down the shapely legs and remove them. You notice her toenails painted the same cherry red as her finernails. You suck on her toes for a few moments and then you place her stockings to your nostrils and inhale the aroma. You're turned on by the smell of nylons and how they feel to your hands. But enough fun. Back to work.

He turned her over once more and put his almost limp shaft in her once again. It slipped in easily and he quickly recovered and became erect once more. He held out humping for nearly 15 minutes before he burst inside her and fell on top of her exhausted. He. She was colder and her skin texture was changing. With a small hose he washed out her mouth and anus but not her pussy yet. He was hard again! He climbed up on the table and entered her once more. After he had cum in her there for the second time while on the metal table, there was just no more he could give her.

Ian finally pulled off of her and washed her carefully. He knew he would never get all his seed out of her. He didn’t care. No one would ever know it was his and not the rapists. There wouldn’t be a second investigation. It kind of made him happy that his seed would forever be part of her beautiful corpse.

At funeral home I felt the jolt as the gurney was rolled from the hearse. The and I heard the sound of the zipper. Gloved but warm hands pulled my over stainless steel table.

Suddenly I felt her warm hands on my face as she softly rubbed my cheeks. I was literally shocked as her warm lips kissed my cold ones. She gently opened my mouth and I could feel her warm tongue touching my tongue and exploring the inside of my mouth. Her gloveless soft warm hands began to caress my chest and slid their way down past my groin onto my thighs.

I could hear the sound of spraying water and then I began to feel the warmth of the water that was being sprayed on my body. Now I could feel my being dryed.

As Danny pondered and grieved over the loss of his bride, Ian was reaching his climax hard Finally he shuddered, convulsed and wave after wave of his hot sticky cum was shooting deep into Abigail's still unresponsive pussy as his body shuddered with pleasure and her hips where like jelly making me cum even harder. He stayed inside her until his orgasm had passed, still Abigail had not reacted at all. Ian collapsed momentarily on top of her body fell asleep and woke up soft and out of her in about an hour and then withdrew his deflating organ from the corpse and crawled from the table. He gazed at his necrolover and smiled. It was the best fuck I ever had with any girl dead or alive. His lips passionately kissed Abigail's cold pale slightly parted lips. I just laid there on top of her breathing hard and that's how those orderlies found me with his gloved hands felt of her boobs." Whoops! How time flies! You again think what a shame that a woman with as beautiful body as this one is dead but you're glad you got a chance to screw her. If it hadn't been you; somebody else would probably have done it. He replaced his underwear and pants and then left. Oh well; Steve couldn’t believe this. Abigail's beautiful nude dead women lying in front of him as Ian walks to the car and drives away. Steve now had the task of preparing Abigail for the cooler until they released her to the funeral home for burial. The vaginal and anal speculums were removed from her corpse and returned to their storage position. Ron set about to rinse and dry Abigail again with warm water and placed her in the cooler. He now closed the eyes of Abigail. You clean the congealed blood from her face with soap and warm water and adjusted the temperature to warm as rinsed her shoulders, breasts, abdomen and legs. Now he increased the flow as he sprayed the nozzle into her thick dark bush to wash as much of any evidence of his sticky cum away down the drain as possible. Changing his spray to a stream, morgue attendant has tenderly and thoroughly sprayed/washed her body from head to toe and inserted it up the corpses' sticky vagina and continued it until the water draining out of her was clear. Her once beautiful long hair is now wet and combed back away from her face and forehead, and falls down over the back of the neck block and onto the steel table where it collects together in a puddle of wet hair. Once that was done he cut off the water and commenced to dry Abigail's corpse with a large towel. Abigail’s wet body glistens in the bright lights of the morgue. As he dried her body; he wondered about her husband. This woman was too beautiful to be a piece of meat in the morgue. Once she was dried; he open one of the cooler drawers, placed her in and covered her with a sheet.

With the autopsies over; the coroner and his assistant gathered all the evidence, samples and information and went to their office/lab to begin work on the preliminary autopsy reports the police would want asap.

Steve tidied up and waited for his relief. His relief Garland and the coroner arrived on schedule at 7:30 AM. Steve gave him a turnover concerning the corpses and left for home. Garland covered each with a sheet and placed them in the cooler. He received a call from the coroner that Abigail’s mother would be coming to offically ID the bodies.

Part VI: Identity

I was startled out of sound sleep about 6:40 the next morning by the sound of the phone ringing. Answering it; a friend who was a deputy with the sheriff's department suggested I come to California. He indicated that my daughter was dead. Shocked and grieving they made arrangements to fly. Meanwhile at the local hospital, Danny was undergoing tests to determine if he had any serious injuries. Although he had been lightly sedated; he couldn't get the sight of Abigail's dead body out of his mind. He had lost his best friend and lovely wife on the first full day of their honeymoon. His thoughts turned to their lovemaking last night and how she had given her beautiful and sexy body completely to him on her wedding night as she promised. He didn't know how he was going to live without her. He began to sob uncontrollably.

Abigail's parents had arrived during the night and came by the morgue en route to the city where Abigail had lived. Late in the afternoon The coroner was alerted that Abigail's parents had arrived; so he covered the naked corpse with a sheet up to and covering her breasts. Her arms were placed on top of the sheet and another short sheet was placed over her head and upper body. At this point David asked to view Abigail's body. While offering some initial resistance to it and explaining the condition of it; officer McKenna came over and told me what he suspected had happened. He would know for sure after further investigation; he reluctantly agreed and led David into the embalming room to make the official ID. He couldn't really refuse the next of kin. Now her parent were called in. Fighting back tears; her parents walked up beside the corpse. Lifting the sheet; the coroner intially pulled the sheet down to exposed the top of their daughter's cold pale shoulders, neck and face to view. David winced but told McKenna that he wanted to see all of her. McKenna removed the covering completely at that time and David could see the sutured y-incision across the chest and then down the center of the abdomen thru the belly button, the pubic hair and ending at the back of the vaginal lip. Her long, tanned legs were clearly without blemish. Abigail's father barely retained his composure; the deputy ran over to try and stop me from coming close to the scene. I told him; "I've got to see her no matter what!" he cradled her head and body and pulled her close and screamed “Why God? Why did you take her? David reached out and took Abigail’s cold outstretched left hand in his hands and began to sob uncontrollably. He sank in a chair beside her and just stared at Abigail’s lovely corpse. He became nauseous and was turned away from the scene. David couldn't imagine what, pain, horror, and agony Abigail must have gone through before she died. I had to be assisted out of the room to sit down consoled by the people at the scene; I felt weak but I also felt angry and hurt that my wife had met her end this way; finally announcing to everyone that I was nothing more than a cuckold.

I was awakened by the coroner at the door; he confirmed his original diagnosis and said he was releasing Abigail's body for burial. There would be no autopsy since he had determined that their deaths' were accidental. The coroner had me positively ID Abigail and then my deputy friend drove me home. Meanwhile, the investigation of Abigail's death was in progress. After interviews with Elizabeth and Mara; the investigator conferred with the coroner and death was ruled accidental and the case was closed. The coroner was informed that Woodlawn Funeral Service would be in charge of handling Abigail's arrangements. You call the funeral home listed on the paperwork and leave a message that the family of Abigail Miller has requested their services.

Poor Abigail, in her short twenty-one years of life she had had only three lovers. She would certainly have not allowed this many men to violate her at one time, but she was dead, and had no say in the matter. When they were all through she was zipped back up into another black body bag, and placed on a gurney her corpse was rolled into the back of a hearse and sent to the funeral parlor, and the morticians, a large number of them, who awaited her arrival. You know that her corpse will chill overnight until the funeral home receives the message the next morning and comes to retrieve her. You return to your other client.
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