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Written in the viewpoint of a young male who lust for a woman who is far out of his league
Not content with what was available, I wrote this with parts of all stories I collected to create as. Because my output slowed down over the last year and it was taking too long to finish (over 15 years), I planned to wrap it all up but recently lost my files before I could finish. Manage to retrieve this as last updated in over 18 months ago but it was too much work to do this again so call it a day and publish it as it is.

Apologize for the errors but feel free to complete it as your own version.


At seventeen I thought that my life was pretty much over. I was sick of feeling like a loser at school and being rejected by all the other kids in my neighborhood.

Sure I am a geek, and I don't play sports, but I don't look like a freak or anything. Maybe I'm a little skinny, and have a somewhat rough complexion, but there are hundreds of other guys out there that could be interchangeable with me.

So why did the other kids always pick on me? What had I done to deserve this type of ridicule?

It was just past 2 a.m. when I finally turned off my computer. I had been online for more than 6 hours, since just after dinner. As the hard drive whirred to a stop I stood and stretched my tense muscles. I and looked over at my reflection in my bedroom closet-door mirror knowing full well what I was going to do.

I had been surfing the X-rated web pages again and had been sitting there for hours with my usual hardon. I stopped wearing underwear a long time ago because of the mess I'd make with my pre-come oozing all over the place. These days I always wear shorts so I can just pull my dick out and stroke it while I look at stuff on the Internet.

As usual after a long session cruising the sex-net I needed to bring myself off. So as I looked at my refection in the mirror I undressed, taking my time and enjoying the sight of my hard nipples as I pulled my T-shirt off over my head. The sight of my stiff cock popping into view as I pushed my shorts down to the floor always pleased me. (I think that I have a really nice looking cock.)

I stood there looking at my body looking back at me. What was wrong with me? I wondered for the thousandth time? I couldn't see any major defects, as a matter of fact I thought that my cock looked pretty impressive, and although I wasn't one of those athletic hard bodies I thought I looked pretty good.

As I stood there I started to stroke my dick. The long hours of arousal looking at all those X-rated web sites had made me almost comatose, but now that I'd finally taken the situation in hand, my body thrilled at the sensations that it was experiencing as I pulled the sensitive skin of my cock.

I watched carefully as my reflection tensed before me in its pleasure taking. I leaned my upper body forward and stuck my butt out so I could slam my stroking hand deeper giving my cock more sensation with longer thrusts.

As I stood there jacking off, faster and faster, my mind began to envision Abigail. God just the thought of her made me ready! Several more thrusts and I was coming. As I spurted into my Kleenex, I imagined that I was coming in Abigail. For the millionth time.

Abigail Miller was a Senior at my college. She had to have been the hottest girl that I have ever seen in my life. She was about 20, by the looks of her, maybe 5’10”, 110lbs, with long, slender legs and a rounded ass. With her dark hair and piercing blue eyes she was a knockout, but what really set her apart as far as I was concerned was her huge, perfectly proportioned 34C tits and her tight little ass that she always liked to flaunt. Abigail was just so damn beautiful. She was single and had just moved into a new townhouse apartment.

You've known her family for at least a dozen years and lived just down the street from you for several years. You remember how Abigail looked as a 18 year old in a bikini. What a body even then; tall, tanned with curves in all the right places. recall the last time you saw her was recent at her grandmother's funeral. She was deliciously dressed in a black mini skirt with matching black jacket and white blouse and barely black sheer stockings and black hi-heels. What a babe! She looked so beautiful and very fuckable and so full of life as you stood in his usual place in the corner and lusted after her sexy body. You are not disappointed; there in front of you is quite probably the most beautiful corpse you have ever seen.

He had been watching her for several nights at the town that he was sent to work. For some reason he couldn't resist the urge to come back every night after work. He began to fit right in with the regulars. He couldn't take his eyes off of her beautiful body. He had always loved to fantasize about young girls and here was one right now in front of him. She seemed so young and vulnerable, He was totally hypnotized by her body As she walked off he knew in his heart that he had to have her and live out all of his fantasies with her and on her. He had found the one. He immediately knew she was his kind of woman; tall with legs that seemed to go on forever, dark haired.

I imagined her beautiful body spread out on a bed, legs open arms stretched out to me. I could feel our skin touching as I lay down between those perfect thighs and shoved my cock up into her moist pussy.

I could feel her luscious tits pressed against my chest as I rutted in and out of her. She would grab my butt cheeks and try to shove me deeper into her, I would come in her and make her pregnant with me baby as she screamed in lust crazed joy. We would marry and have lots of kids.

Then I was standing in my darkened room, with my come nestled in the Kleenex in my hand. And I sighed, looking at my body in the mirror, wishing I had the nerve to at least try to ask Abigail for a date or some- thing.

let me explain how I was able to meet this girl. Abigail was the friend of my girlfriend’s roommate. Abigail was throwing a party for a dozen or so students. My friends was invited, and she brought me. Because many of the students, including Abigail, were under twenty-one, there was no alcohol, and thus the atmosphere was rather laid back. Abigail, in contrast to her usually conservative attire, was wearing a short skirt. It showed off her young body in a way I had never seen before. I spent the better part of the evening sneaking covert glances at her, my eyes following the curve of her hips down to her slender but shapely brownish thighs, then to her exquisite calves, slender ankles and tiny high-heeled feet. It was hard not to stare, but I had to keep from being too conspicuous.

My lust was keeping me from thinking straight, so excused myself to the restroom to masturbate. As I stroked myself, I thought of Abigail’s full lips, of her delicate neck and lively eyes. I thought of spreading those long legs of hers and fucking her as she begged me not to hurt her. I imagined by hands clamping down hard around her neck… Just then, I heard her unmistakable girlish laughter from the living room. The sound brought her essence home to me, and I came into the toilet.

When I returned to the party, I was much calmer and able to think clearly. My daughter and I stuck around for another couple of uneventful hours. As we said our goodbyes, I said to Abigail, “I’m sure we’ll run into each other again.” He had been so turned on that he had to have a cold shower to calm down when he got home and that was about 6 weeks ago.

I saw her occasionally, but not enough that she would have recognized me out of context. Each time we met I felt a fresh hunger in my loins and with pangs of regret had to force it to subside. For more than a year she was just an idle fantasy while I satisfied myself on other fare. I quietly started following her on a random basis. I pretty much knew her work schedule each week just from hearing them talk around the house but I wanted to know where else she went and where she liked to hang out. One thing that I noticed when she would get into her car is that she would never glance into the back seat to see who or what might be waiting for her.

He returned night after night for the next two weeks to watch and get to know her better. He was always nice to her, never degraded her and talked briefly afterwards. He discovered that her name was Abigail and that she was 21 years old which was just fine with him. The next night she told him and if he minded if she sat with him. "Of course" he said. "Sit down." He just couldn't stop staring at this teenage girls awesome body and conversation was slow in coming. She started telling him the regular crap about how she was in college.

The next day I finally couldn't take it any more -- I had to ask Abigail out. I knew that it was hopeless but I was so tired of fantasizing about it; that I felt rejection was better than never knowing. I mean what if she actually said yes! What if because I had the guts to say something to her, we became friends, and who knew, we might even become lovers in time.

I knew that Abigail was different than the other girls. Although she was beautiful and very popular she wasn't like so many of them, all stuck up with herself. Every time I'd seen her she was always nice to the people she was talking to. To me she was an angel, a beautiful unearthly vision; a person beyond the normal standards.

I waited until lunchtime to try to talk to her. My hands were sweating all morning long, and I couldn't concentrate on any of my morning classes as I day- dreamed of our encounter. In my imagination I saw her saying yes to me and even giving me a little peck on the cheek to seal our date. I was in a fog of romantic love and lust. Which was firmly dashed into the gutter by 12:22 p.m. that day.

I hesitantly walked up to Abigail at lunchtime. She was surrounded by friends and as I got closer my nerves began to desert me. But taking a deep breath and clenching my hands I walked right up to her and said, "Hi Abigail, you probably don't know me, but we're in the same home room. And, well -- I was wondering -- if you might -- ah -- want to go to the movies with me -- or something..."

As I held my breath in hopeful expectation, a varsity football player sauntered over and sat down beside my dream girl. He put an arm around her and said good naturedly, "Hey boy, you trying to move in on my girl?" Abigail just stared through me, sort of like I was causing a nuisance.

I mumbled, "Sorry, just kidding -- sorry..." And I got out of there fast, almost running to get away from their view. I was so humiliated, how could I have thought that a girl like Abigail could have been interested in someone like me? What an idiot I was to even think it.

I spent the rest of that day in abject misery, alternating between wishing I was dead, and wishing that everyone else in the school would die instead. But finally 3:30 came and I was dismissed from class. Even though my job didn't start until 8 p.m. I got to leave school early, supposedly to do my homework since I'd also be working sometime during the evening.

As I walked home I stopped by the chain-link fence and watched as the cheerleader squad came out onto the field. There was Abigail in all her beauty. Everything receded into the background as I stood there mesmerized, watching her perfect body going through the squads practice routine.

I wanted that body, I wanted that girl almost more than life it's self. God how I lusted after that woman. When they were done with their practice and gone from the field, I finally turned and headed home -- with only one thought in my head -- get home and "get off" while I envisioned Abigail taking my spurting cock between her lovely lips.

He had asked her for a date several times but she had refused. She laughed at him, and so did all the rest in their small town. Abigail knew the men were aware that these cosmopolitan ladies they watched had never displayed their charms this way before. She was a smart lady and could figure out how to arouse a man. She knew that she had great legs was aware of the full power of her sex appeal.

David has been following her for weeks. He first noticed her one morning at the coffee shop. He immediately became obsessed with her. He needed to have her. Her shapely legs, slim athletic build, nice firm ass and her movements drove him crazy. So he followed her, from the coffee shop to work, from work to the gym and from the gym to the grocery store. Learning Abigail’s routines and schedules. David wonders to himself if she ever became suspicious. Especially that one-day, when after her workout, she left her car unlocked while shopping and he stole her pantyhose from her gym bag.

Some time later; It was late. Past midnight. Hiding in the shadows he watched her. He watched her make her way up the stairs, and fumble for her keys. Reaching her door; Abigail unlocked it and went inside. She placed her bookbag on the chair; removed her literature book from it and carried the book with her upstairs. Tossing the book onto her single bed; she removed her black loafers and nudged them under the bed. He took a swig from the bottle of vodka he held in his hands. His hands were trembling with anticipation. Excitement. His breath smelled of alcohol and his clothes smelled of stale cigarette smoke. A moment later, the door swung open, and she stepped inside. He heard her sigh heavily. She slipped off her shoes, hung up her coat, and made her way upstairs towards the bedroom, without ever switching on the light.

He knew her routine. She would come home from work late each night. Then take a hot bath before falling asleep on the couch, and a book in hand. It never changed.

He watched her from his perch outside of her window as she undressed. Her flimsy black lace bra and panties falling to the floor at her feet, revealing a pair of large, firm breasts and a clean-shaven pussy. Such a beautiful cunt, he thought. She began to let her hands roam over her body. Caressing her breasts and stomach. He began to stroke his cock, while he watched her take both of her brown nipples between her thumb and forefinger and squeeze gently. That's it he thought to himself. Get real nice and wet. Real nice and wet. So that my big hard cock will just slide right in.

Her hands lifted the thin soft white sweater she was wearing and her fingers unclasped the latches on her bra. She now removed it leaving the sweater in place. Abigail rolled her sheer textured sand colored thigh hi stockings over the thighs, long shapely legs knees and down to her feet. Keeping her thumb on her clit, she inserted two fingers inside of herself. Rubbing her clit harder and faster, fingers diving in and out of her pussy. She brought herself to orgasm rather quickly. Exploding all over her fingers, than putting them into her mouth so that she could taste herself.

He closed his eyes and imagined himself down on his knees before her. Or perhaps with her squatting over him. His warm, wet tongue exploring her folds. Teasing her clit. Making her body writhe with pleasure. Making her come over and over again, before sliding his hard cock inside of her. Maybe even fucking her asshole. He could smell her. Almost taste her. His cock throbbed in his jeans. Not yet, he told himself. Be patient. He imagined how wonderful it would be to taste her sweet nectar upon his lips. He watched her for a few more minutes, about to explode himself. Admiring her. Such a beautiful woman.

He slipped and made a small sound on the porch roof. He froze. Had she heard him, was she looking out the window?

He watched Abigail disappear into the bathroom. His cock began to grow hard thinking about how exhilarating it would be to wrap a cord around her slender neck. To literally steal her breath away. David decided he better get out of here. He went downstairs to the back door; slowly opened it and looked to see if he could see anyone watching. Observing no movement; he quickly slipped into the nearby woods and back to his place.

March 15th started normal, like any other day. Two days had passed since my rejection and humiliation at the hands of my dream girl, David looked and exclaimed to make sure that no one else could have her either, he fantasized throughout the day about how he was going to “pay” her by catching her late at night to rape and kill her. His cockbecame almost painfully hard in his pants. David began to think about how it would be to screw a body like that. To have her longs legs wrapped around him as he was pumping her full. To have her pale red lips sucking his cock. he left my house in the little nearby town about 8 am, fuelled by a cup of orange juice, put the rock and roll music station on the radio and drove the ten miles west to the school. he bought a fake beard and wig. he put them into the trunk of my car along with a bottle of homemade chloroform and a pack of condoms. he had everything he needed. Now to make the arrangements. When he got there, there was an announcement to go to the gymtorium immediately. And one day it was all over: he went into school expecting the usual from Abigail when he saw that same group of friends looking rather glum. So he went over and asked what was wrong. "Abbie died... it was a car accident."

The principal was at the podium getting ready to address a transfixed audience. he noticed with some unease that several of the female staff members and some of the female students were in tears. He sat us all down to tell us that Abigail, the beautiful object of my lust, had been killed in a car crash the previous evening. It turned out that she drove through the curvy back-roads at break-neck speed he unsurprisingly lost control of her car and slid into a tree sideways. “She was pronounced dead at the scene……”, the Principal went on, his voice betraying a sincere sadness. "Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers.

All he could think of was that she's dead, darling Abigail is dead and how could that happen to her? Her cute smiles, her soft soothing voices, her intelligent minds and her sexy body with their long nylon stocking clad legs were dead. All her hopes and dreams for the future. All that potential. DEAD SOOooo DEAD! She would have no ever get married and have children, now she was simply another dead woman, and would forever remain as such. The most beautiful woman he had ever seen was now a corpse.

That day had passed as sort of a blur, with a glum feeling throughout the school and especially in my senior class that afternoon where she would never again grace the desks in the row beside me. he couldn't concentrate on the material Mrs. Spruell was presenting; he was thinking about Abigail's exquisite dead body. he imagined that Mr Blackwelder had her laid out in all her naked glory on the countertop at the funeral home by now working to get her ready for her funeral. Oh how he would love to be his assistant. Those thoughts gave me a hardon that i had to conceal. The following day he rose out of bed early and picked up the local newspaper.

The accident was front page news. They had photos of Abigail, smiling in her lovely red Mandarin cut dress. Under the photo a caption read in bold: ‘TWINS DEAD: Miller are latest road victims’ it then went on about the need for a new speed limit on the curves of Alba Mill Road, which of course wouldn’t accomplish anything. It was what was on the next page that made me gasp. The caption read CAR CRASH SCENE, and it showed a the crunched car meshed with the tree; however you could also see the rescue squad and other volunteers carrying sheet covered gurney to the waiting hearse. he realized that her freshly dead tanned body were in those sheet covered gurney being taken to the funeral home. he suddenly could imagine her clothing being removed and Abigail lying nude in the funeral home. My cock suddenly became painfully hard in my pants.

he was shocked. he was devastated, totally whipped! he'd never see my dream lover again, god he wished that we could have gotten to know each other better. he was also a bit upset, he would never get the chance to ever fuck her. That would teach her not to refuse David Buranski!

He had thought about Abigail a lot since her death. Sometimes, he was wracked with guilt, wondering if there was something he could have done to save her. My lust and passion for Abigail burned inside me. he can't exactly explain my actions after that. Something led me to drive over to Thompson's. he saw old Mr. Thompson pulling in with the hearse as he drove by. he knew Abigail's corpse was in there and perhaps he might sneak a peek at her yet. It was getting close to 9PM as he parked by car out of sight and snuck to the back of the funeral home. he caught a glimpse of Mr. Thompson placing Abigail's sheet covered corpse in the mid-right drawer of the cooler as he looked through on the small basement windows behind the shrubbery. he waited a few minutes and he went up the steps like he was leaving. Keeping undercover, he went around toward the front and watched him come out and go to his house just across the parking lot from the funeral home.

What he did next somewhat shocked me; he unzipped my jeans and got my bulging cock out of my pants, and started masturbating as he thought of Abigail. he remembered dropping a handout in front of Abigail the week before in English Class, and catching a glimpse up her skirt at her pantyhosed legs and crotch under the desk; he wondered if she had started the assigned essay due this week but now would never complete it and soon he was wanking with ferocity, “oh, Abigail you’re so beautiful dead, he want your dead pussy” he was whispering under my breath, hardly aware he was doing it. Then he pictured Abigail back in late March when he was walking behind her to the cafeteria and a sudden gust of wind lifted and blossomed her yellow dress to above her waist so he saw all of her pantyhosed clad legs and ass. “oh, Abigail oh, baby, you've got such a beautiful dead ass, so DEAD! I want your dead cunt and ass baby” he was saying and the final thought, he wonder if your boyfriend screwed your pussy last weekend and you had his cum in you and the final louder “DEAD Soooooo DEAD!!!!” brought a jet of hot thick cream out spurting from my erect penis as he continued to milk myself dry. . he then went to the bathroom and cleaned my cock, somewhat ashamed he had gotten so excited about the twins being dead. I got ready and went on to school.

Over that day, I found myself pre-occupied with thoughts of Abigail's viewing and funeral, which were announced that morning and I knew I wanted to attend. But I had a nagging, irrational fear that maybe her corpse wouldn't be displayed for a public viewing, and I didn’t understand why.

The first seeds of my heinous act were already germinating in my mind. I wanted dead Abigail, to see her nude and fuck her. Abigail’s body was to have a viewing and receiving of friends of Abigail Miller followed by church service the next day followed by a private burial at the family crypt. That night I knew that she was in the local funeral home. She was scheduled to have an open casket viewing On Sunday Evening in the Rose Room from just before six until well after nine for the and fortunately I had been to this parlor before. The evening of the viewing arrived David found his funeral suit and quickly dressed . He figured he could go to the funeral home and see the girl. He hadn’t really been to many funerals in his life (two that he could think of, though he was very young in both cases as one was his great-grandmother and the other was an uncle who died when he was 5 in a car wreck). Later that evening, Abigail drove to the funeral home chapel near the end of the visitation time listed in Abigail's obituary.

Abigail’s funeral wasn’t scheduled until 1:00 the next afternoon, but the boyfriend got to the funeral home at around 11:00 AM.

The young man was led by the attendant who had met him at the front desk back to the small chapel where her service would be held two hours later and then quietly walked off, pulling the doors until they were mostly shut.

The reception hall was a large room, brightly lit and walled in white marble. The walls hung with antique tapestries. Several large chairs upholstered in burgundy velvet were positioned around the perimeter of the room. The floor, like the walls, was of pure white marble. It was covered with one, vast, oriental rug. From the room, hallways led off in several directions. Their entries were covered with burgundy velvet curtains.

He led the way down one of the hallways, passing rooms on both sides. The hall was decorated as elegantly as the reception room. It was floored in rich burgundy carpet and paneled in a dark wood. The way was lit by small gas lamps along the walls.

A man in a dark suit with a permanent expression of concern stood at the entrance to the room where Abigail lay. Her attendant stopped pointed in the direction to the entrance of one of the viewing rooms. A small, gold lettered sign beside the door read:

Abigail Elizabeth Miller

March 4, 2015

The entrance to the visitation room was hung with heavy curtains of satin and gold brocade. A few people stood in the parlor, speeking in hushed tones. The visitation was a lovely casket affair was attended by the few, The Chapel was full of flowers. Quite a few people commented on how beautiful Abigail looked. Lots of tears were shed. The several young men were more than a little sexually aroused at seeing lovely Abigail's embalmed corpse in her casket.

As Abigail approached, I expressed my condolances to their Mother, Stepfather, Stepsister and brother in the receiving line before he parted the curtains and stepped through the curtains and, it seemed to her, into a dream. The chamber before him was dimmly lit by the soft glow of candlelight. On either side of the center aisle bouquets consisting of a single calla lily flanked by small white rose buds were tied with white satin bows and attached to the ends of each pew. A white velvet cloth covered the center aisle floor. Along the opposite wall, a row of spotlights draw David's attention immediately to the front of the chapel. At the front of the room was Abigail's pretty black casket. The casket rested on a bier draped with white satin cloth trimmed with gold embroidery. The casket was lined with pleated light blue satin trimmed in shiny lace showing from the open hinged top. Such a blue would match her eyes, how pretty the satin would be for a gown were she alive. In the elegant casket, He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Abigail's luscious corpse lying in beautiful comfortable repose very quietly as if peacefully asleep. The air was heavy with the sweet fragrance of the bouquets of roses and lilies which occupied almost all the available wall space. Wreaths of white roses stood at either end of the casket. A large bouquet of calla lilies had been placed directly in front. A garland of white roses and ivy was draped from the lid.

David headed directly down the aisle toward the raised casket. David's knees felt weak as he peered inside and saw her laying there, brunette hair brushed out of her face and flowing off to the side, her face pink and semi life-like, and her eyes gently closed. He had to force herself to look down within real closely, inhaling the smell of her perfume, but then he was immediately transfixed. Every detail was as he had imagined it. She was dressed demurely in a black satin and sleeveless simple yet elegant medium cut dress, the kind that hints at her “charms”. The silk of her dress hugged the gentle curve of her belly, and hips, hiding, and yet tantalizing with the shape of her womanhood beneath its virginal folds. Abigail's hair is medium long and thick, yet straight and blonde with its usual fluff and wave on the end, the most becoming brunette shade. Now it is parted down the middle and lies silkily over her shoulders arranged over each breast, framing a face that seemed peacefully asleep. Her satin gloved hands were folded on her torso and held a single perfect white calla lily tied with a satin bow.

She wears pearl earrings and a pearl necklace. Her full lips and nails are an stunning iridescent pink that compliments the blue lining. They had expertly made up her face, the eyeshadow looked just like she used to wear, and her lips were covered with just the right shade of lipstick. Her patrician face glows with the anaemic pallor of a body drained of all it's life's blood. Her unwakened eyes are still under the lids and her chest sits at the level of her last breath, but the slight part they maintained in life was no longer apparent. her cheeks lightly rouged, lips delicately reddened and the long eyelashes lying gently on her rounded cheeks. I could see what looked like scratches and abrasions on her face and arms that had been covered by the funeral makeup.

She must have been lovely in life but oh, how much lovelier is she in death. David looked at her medium sized breasts bulging from the thin V-necked dress she wore that cinched at the waist. He wanted to stroke her cold breast but did not dare. MY cock stirred in my pants as I looked at her and then wandered down her body to the little sweep curtain on the lid covering her lower half. Oh how I wished that I could have slid my hand under that curtain and lifted her skirt and rub her pussy. He wondered if she was wearing panty hose or thigh highs with garters and black heels. He hoped it was garters with stockings. He closed his eyes, and tried to imagine them laying together in bed. He imagined her pressed against him lovingly, kissing him, her hands rubbing his inner thigh. He wanted to take off his clothes and climb in with her but resisted the urge. However the devil kept telling me how much I wanted to see and fuck Abigail's corpse.

He wondered why her casket was only open from the waist up. I wanted to feel her crotch so I ran my arm under the curtain. The dress was fairly loose so when I pressed down; it recessed in between her legs. I pressed hard between her legs but did feel something that felt like a panty girdle that had something soft and bulky beneath it. My hand slid on down her leg as far down as my arm would go until I felt what appeared to be the end of the panty girdle and the start of her stockings.

Didn't want to get caught by Mr. McKenna; I removed my hand and arm from under the curtain and placed it on her face. Again; as with her hands and arms, her face was cold and felt like soft plastic or rubber. But it was very smooth; in fact all of her was. Abigail's corpse had no visible moles or scars at all. I thought about how I had been left alone, I can only imagine what it would have been like to enter her womanhood and stroke my hard, hot rod in and out of her cold, clammy cunt until I filled her full of hot sticky semen.

David reached along the edge of the lower lid, his fingers carefully searching for the latch of the lower casket lid; feeling for the clasps that held it down until at last they found it. With a quick tug, the clasps came out of place with the sound of a solid click and lifted the white lid carefully so he could get a better look at the lower half of Abigail's body.

As he opened the lid, he heard someone clear their throat. “You should probably close the lid, sir. Let me help you with that.” It was Mr. Blackwelder. After closing the lid, he said, "Are you part of the family?" Caught off guard David replied, "Yes I am." “Do you like coffee? Here, let me go and get you a cup.” Asked Zeke

As they were sitting and enjoying coffee, Zeke and the young man discussed all manner of subjects and he shared his experiences with his girlfriend while Zeke listened patiently. Slowly over the next hour or so, people began to arrive at the funeral home where another staff member made sure they signed the guest book the family had set out.

He had been so turned on that he had to excused himself. At the lavatory David was about to pull out his cock and masturbate when a voice startled him, The man looked at David strangely and asked if he would he like a private viewing. David responded yes and was instructed by Zeke to come to the back entrance at 7PM and to not tell anyone where he was going. The old replied, " If you want to give it a try and have enough money, give me a call." David asked the old man, "How much is it going to cost me?" The old man calmly said, "Two thousand dollars." This was a lot of money to David. He looked at the pretty young corpse and felt his cock rise in his pants. David knew he had no choice and said, "I will pay you the money." The old man handed David a piece of paper with a phone number. He cradled it in his hand and hurriedly left the funeral home. His heart raced from being caught and the offer of the old man.

At home David lay in bed thinking about Abigail. He had many fantasies about such a woman but never dreamed he would meet her. First he took two Viagra pills so he wouldn’t be “let down” after an orgasm or two and then he took a long shower and got dressed. The drive to her house was uneventful and he made it in just over an hour. he spent the entire trip fantasizing about what he was going to do to her.

After entering, he went to the viewing room with a brown casket and opened the heavy lid revealing the upper half of Abigail's lovely corpse. As Zeke was there waiting David arrived promptly at 7PM just as it was getting dark. He walked up and knocked on his door. He quickly answered and invited him in and was quickly lead to a door that opened into a short hallway, up several stairs, through another door and into the reception hall.

Zeke unlocked the door with the key. The placard outside read “Abigail Elizabeth Miller”. David walked slowly, not trying to show his excitement, to the casket at the back of the room. His guide led him to the double doors, then stopped and entered the room. Zeke told him to stay as long as he liked and he would be in his office down at the other end of the hall if David needed anything. As Zeke left; David looked around and he was the only one in the room. David took of his coat and draped in over a chair reached out into the casket and had the burning desire to touch her. I stood there for the longest time, drinking in her beauty. After the initial amazement passed, he stepped closer and gently folded down the veil, covering the face in the casket with a mist of silk illusion. As he stood staring down, transfixed by the scene before him, the initial feeling of shock slowly gave way to a deep longing for the perfect peace that was displayed before her.

Such a lovely body lying in eternal repose. He initially was almost overcome with grief as she didn't hear my voice. Dead people usually want the same, to be left alone. David reached up to the casket and looked at over Abigail. She certainly didn't look dead; only sleeping and would awaken at any moment. Obviously that wasn't going to happen. Her elegant features, now relaxed, fall into a dark and ghastly repose, a look of aloofness, indifference, a horrifying calm; he viewed the corpse of his in the ivory gown of fluid silk that accentuated the gracefull curves of her youthful body. He composed himself slowly rise and approach the casket and began to peer lovingly down at Abigail.

I reach a trembling hand down and caressed the smooth, exquisitely soft Abigail's slim dead hands and arms in his own that were crossed lying on her abdomen, running his fingers up Abigail’s arms to the heartstopping place where the over the soft, yielding biceps. He fondled the cold gloved hands and arms for a few moments.. David then stroked her long blonde hair and touched her face. It was cold, as cold as the room, which was pretty cold. I shook her anyway, and although she moved with my pushes, she didn't wake up, but then I didn't really think that she would. He, stroking her face and hair. This he did for over an hour, transfixed by her delicate beauty, stroking her thin neck, “It feels bad to leave you alone, but you've been in that horrible vault for so long, another hour or two alone wont be all that bad. It's surely better up here than down there.” he said to her

Then a strange thought popped into my head. I had this crazy urge to kiss her goodbye. As the idea formed in my mind it was turned into action, yes I was going to kiss a dead girl. She might have rejected me in life, but now she would have to accept my love, there was nothing she could do about it now -- was there? He kissed her goodbye on the forehead, and the hair on his neck stood on end once again as his lips made contact with her skin. Abigail, he felt, was happy to have been 'rescued' from her dark cold resting place.

I felt this huge lose, the world had lost a bit of beauty that it would never be able to get back. I touched her lips with my fingers, rubbing them back and forth from corner to corner, wishing that they had kissed me when they were alive. What a waste I thought, what a terrible waste.

Then I began to have the urge to kiss Abigail’s lips. His arousal had caused his cock to recover and become erect again at the feel of the corpse, screaming to be released from the confining material of my shorts. He fought the urge initially but decided what the heck; this would probably be his only chance to kiss her goodbye, I looked around once more and saw the viewing room was still deserted. I grabbed the step stool and climbed up. You reach and take her cold hands and laid her arms at her sides; you know you must have her, if only in his dreams. She looks so peaceful you hesitate to disturb her but his impulsivity drives He to lean over her and was only inches away from her, closer than I'd ever been before. Lovingly I tilted her head so I could lightly touched her cold and unfeeling lips to mine, then pulled away to look at her face again. I could taste the lipstick, I wanted to sink into her to become one with my Abigail, I loved her.

She lay there and accepted my kisses. Abigail hadn't said a word or reacted in any way to his efforts at warming her. I looked into her lovely face for a long time. He began to get somewhat aroused. He wanted to do more.

His lips pressed tighter against hers and moved my head mashing our lips together like a passionate lover, but nothing happened. The kiss swiftly grew passionate, and his tongue snaked out, pushing eagerly between Abigail's unresisting lips to run along her white teeth. Her dead flesh was cold and unyielding, her lips cemented together when she was embalmed. Your kisses are restrained by the suture holding her jaw shut. The warmth of her tongue would never grace his mouth again. David's breath started to come in quicker pants. I suddenly had the urge to touch her chest and moved my hands up and placed them on the outside of her dress. It seemed to me that she did some very subtle breathing. Looking into her sleepy face, I thought that she was gone, turned her back to me for ever, but there was something between us, I could feel the organ in my pants start to stiffen as I moved the hair off her breasts gathered his nerve and gently touched her them. David. While he was engaged in his kiss, his right hand strayed down over Abigail's lace-encased chest, finding the large left breast and squeezing and fondling the firm-soft flesh melon through her dress and sheer bra. His left hand followed suit, lovingly grasping Abigail's right breast. I wanted to run my hands inside her dress and feel her naked, cold tits but was too afraid of getting caught at this point He then slid his hand down the top of her dress and felt the coldness of her breast. They felt cool and firm beneath the fluid silk.

He looked and saw fiddled with a couple small latches around the sides of the casket until they came undone.

Seeing the dead woman lying there wearing a black cocktail dress, The length of silk enfolded her to its hem just above the knee, only then revealing the black stockings that covered her legs, hugs her waist and great, athletic upper thighs, fastened tightly at the waist to accentuate the gentle, sensuous swelling of her lower abdomen and the prominence of her pert, firm buttocks. Below it she wore a pair of sheer, black nylon thigh-high stockings, and a pair of black four-inch formal high heels with small straps that encircled her ankles and buckled on was just too sexy to not take advantage of.

David knelt down at the base of the casket, reached down unfastened the straps and slipped off Abigail's black Soft leather sandaled heels easily and he lingered as he stroked the tops and bottoms of her stocking clad feet. David immediately notices Abigail’s beautiful feet. Smooth, soft, perfectly formed without a callous or blemish. Such stylish, elegant feet she has, perfectly strong and carefully pedicured, burnished and filed toenails in a rich, glossy red that matches her fingernails and lip gloss. Gently, almost lovingly, I press the sole to my face, kissing and lightly biting the toes. I hold her foot for a moment in this position. He leaning forward until his nose was pressed into the base of the toes of her left foot. Her foot smelled of antiseptic with a light aromatic mixture of feet, pheromones, and death. He let his lips press into the ball of her foot, his tongue lightly laving at the soft wrinkles of her delicate soles. He began to lick upwards, over the ball of the foot and along the length of her big toe, his lips finally drawing the cherry red-nailed digit within his mouth so that he could savor the flavor.

David could feel his penis becoming hard and uncomfortable inside his undershorts, he stood up and unbuckled his jeans, allowing them to fall down around his ankles, he removed his shoes, pants and undershorts and stood naked before the corpse. The young man pulled his long, pulsating member out, letting it hang out between the corpse’s feet. My erection was begging. Knowing it was crazy, a sickness I could not overcome. He cups one of her feet in each hand and bends them inwards until her soles are pressed firmly against his stiffened shaft, her curled toes forced down along the top of his penis. Her soles tight around his member, he begins to thrust himself in and out, in and out, the cool flesh of her feet stimulating him and greatly exciting him. Her curled toes bend slightly as he thrusts more vigorously, and as her feet move rhythmically to accommodate his arousal.

Suddenly, David stopped. He looked down at the corpse in repose in the casket, her eyes closed in blissful ignorance of what he had been doing with her. Her hands remained silently folded over her breasts. He wondered if she would have enjoyed this had she still been alive. David put his excitement back in his pants and, not bothering to zip. He slid the black heels back into position and fastened them before he let the foot slip from his hand and fall back to the mattress.

Now David got lost in a field of nylon dreams as he touched rubbed each cold dead shapely thighs all over up. As my hand wandering down across her hip and flank to stroke and caress her sleek thigh; Beneath the dress he could feel through the seam of felt the top of the stocking and garters straps and gently rubbed the strap between her thumb and forefinger. I squeeze the smoothness lightly, my strokes wandering steadily downward to her elegant, muscular calf. Up and down, I caress and fondle Abigail's shapely calf, moving down now to her graceful ankles. The eager lover now moved his hands down to her knees. Looking to make sure Zeke wasn’t watching he ran his hands up each stocking clad leg hiked the hem of her dress easily up her legs revealing the tops of Abigail’s thigh-hi stockings and up to the pantied crotch until they met at the waist, an expanse of bare thigh revealing the tight garter straps crossed and went up over a very tight cute pair of black lace french cut panties. Her lace panties covered her pronounced pudenda, you can see her bulge of blonde pubic hair that showed through the delicate fabric, suppressing an ecstatic groan at the sight of her dead, neat, shapely legs so nicely encased in sheer black silk and the dainty black hi heels on her delicate dead feet. Her skin there was like parchment, and still cold.

By now her skirt was up around her waist and he marveled at her athletic thighs. She has on a matching cute black lace garter belt with dainty bow trim a little lace on the garter straps held up the tops of the iridescent silk stockings so sheer they look painted on her shapely legs that sheathed down to her feet which teetered in ultra high black ankle strap heels, arch her slender ankles and display curving, graceful calves, I so enjoyed the way those four-inch pumps showed off those elegant, exquisite ankles, a delicate arch from the top of her foot down to the toe. The straps disappeared beneath the thin panties. From the bottom of her high heels to top of her black garter belt she was a beautiful picture of well muscled slim legs and lingerie. He had to at least feel her. His hands began to gently parted her legs and rub the full, sleek, lifeless thighs, His fingers found their way into the leg opening of the panties and he could feel the soft pubic hair covering her womanhood. "Abigail, you slut." I whispered as I withdrew my hand. He managed to get a finger inside the opening of her dead pussy and felt around inside and then pumped his finger in and out until he was inserting it completely at the end of each stroke. This aroused him even more. He wanted to do more. David began to massage the pussy when he heard a voice startled him as it said, "I did the same thing before you got here. She feels real good, don't she." David nervously said as he stop abruptly, jerked his hand away, rush through and pulled the pleated skirt down into place and turned in shock and was mortified to see Zeke standing at the doorway with a faint sly smile on his face. David "What are you talking about. I don't know what you mean."

David had been caught and he wondered what Zeke would do now. He just stood there as Zeke said "It’s okay;I saw you playing with her breast. Don't worry, I do it all of the time. I even fuck them when no one is around." The old man continued, "if she were mine I’d want to love her more time cause there won’t be any more chances". "I figured you might too." David withdrew his finger from Abigail’s pussy as Zeke approached. Zeke looked him in the eyes and said "I won’t tell if you won’t". David relaxed a little at the admissions of the old man and asked, "Was it as good as it looks? I thought you might need some help with the clothes". David was startled as Zeke walked up the coffin, motioned for David to lift her dead body. Carefully Grab Abigail by her ankles, I jerk and twist her legs around. Her hips follow, and the momentum throws the lean, worked-out young corpse over onto her face, head rolling sharply from side to side as the body comes to rest, pushing her face into the satin lining of the casket. I unzip the back of the low plunging back of her dress, exposing the bra fastenings across her back and black French-cut panties wrapped around her smooth, firm, proudly jutting buttocks with above it a black garter belt across her waist. She's magnificent; a voluptuous, athletic, worked-out goddess of a corpse. I slip my hands under Abigail's flank and shoulder and flip her corpse over onto its back. Just before Zeke left the room and closed the doors this time; he walked up beside David and handed him a warmed tube of lubricating jelly. David was confused; he knew he shouldn’t be doing this but the naked body of the love of his life was beside him and he wanted her so much.

David knew right away what was going to happen. He was amazed at her likeness of the dead girl. It was at this point I decided that I had to have one more date with Abigail. I had to have her. I wasn't going to let the fact that she was dead get in the way. I had to know what it was light to fuck her luscious body and wanted to deposit it in the corpse's pussy. David knew his 22 yr old body probably only had one more really good cum in it tonight. I reach up towards her arms, pull the still-limp and pliant limbs down to her sides, and slid the dress down to her waist, the sleeves slide from around them. She was dressed in a Matching underwired bra that was the perfect size for her Her breasts looked very enticing through the lace accent the smooth, deep cleavage of what had to be at least a 35-inch breast The stiff, pink nipples that sat atop her smallish breasts made little peaks in the black lace of her sheer bra. It hugged the gentle curve, hiding, and yet tantalizing. I pause to again savor the feel of Abigail's lifeless but still-enticing beauty. The feel of the nylon really turned him on.

I decided that the first thing I wanted from her was a long, sloppy blowjob but before I got started I went back to my bag and got the video camera and Polaroid out. Looking around the room I found a great spot for the video and after setting it up to capture the whole room I went back to her. Standing directly in front of her I took 3 quick pictures and set them to the side. After they had developed and I looked at them. I started the video camera on the tripod I had set up for this little show.

You kiss her hands, the cold and pulselessness of her skin arouses you to a level of such insanity that with gentle care, you went to the bottom half of the body and grabbing the hem; slowly pulled the dress from Abigail's pliant corpse, slip it down her shapely hips, legs and shoes and laid it on the nearby sofa chair beside the coffin. You run his hands over her body, it feels like liquid marble. Abigail's corpse was only marred by the sewn up incision on her abdomen. Her hair is silk against his skin as she lies in his arms. Once this was done he stood back and took a look. She looked so life-like. You couldn't even see the injuries. I was hard now, painfully so. My heart was pounding a mile a minute and I could feel that familiar wetness of pre-come in my underwear, I couldn't help myself. I kissed her lips harder and smeared her lipstick as I lustfully smashed our lips together. I pushed my tongue through her unresisting lips to run it along her per- fect teeth. God I loved her so.

I slide my hands up and Abigail's sides, squeezing, fondling, caressing the soft, pliant waist and belly, stopping her and there to looked at her in just her bra and panties with the tightly gartered hosiery for a few minutes. She was breathtaking that way! Your lips gently plant kisses down my neck, as one hand caressed the inside of her shapely thigh while the other cupped one of her breasts, felt the outlines of her nipples through the elegant lace, further stoking his passion. his nimble fingers slip the straps of her lacy bra from my shoulders, pulling it down. Her small firm breasts spilled slightly out the top of her black lace bra. The nipples are hard against his tongue as you suckled at them. You straddle my corpse as his mouth continues its exploration, and run his fingers sensously through my long lovely dark blonde hair. Lifting her head. He ran his fingers through the golden tresses and spread them out.

His lust for his dead love won out, I took several pictures of her beautiful body from every conceivable angle and position. Then wanting to get closer He grasped the rim of the casket, levered himself upwards and lowered himself with some difficulty, into the casket's silk lined interior and crawled up into the coffin. There wasn't enough room for two of us, so I lay atop Abigail. His long hard dick was getting wet on the end between her long shapely legs. He kissed Abigail passionately on the lips and began to fondle her small breasts. He lingered on the other feminine garments and enjoyed the feel of fine silk, lace and nylon. There followed several minutes of increasingly heated caresses, fondles, squeezes, strokes and pets as he played with the wonderful, unresistant, yielding, pillow-soft form beneath his aroused body. Abigail's embalmed body undulated quietly almost in time to his caresses, the tender dead flesh softly yielding to each touch. Breaking the kiss, I reach under Abigail's flaccid, limp torso and flip her onto her face. I slowly reach down and gently fondle Abigail's lifeless but still-firm and supple buttocks, he used both hands and unsnapped the bra. I turn the corpse over onto its back again, As it fell loose her breasts fell free and looked much larger. He removed the bra by the front, I pull sharply and it slips from around her shoulders the rest of the way off and tossed it on the floor.

Momentarily; his attention turned to the dead woman's breasts. The were quite nice and firm. Closing his eyes he cupped her breasts in his hands and gently rolled her nipples between his fingers. In his mind he imagined her chest rising to meet his touch as she moaned with passion. He leaned over and His lips began to kissed and suck on the swollen nipple of the right breast while squeezing the dead breast with his hand. Oh that was so good. His teeth began to bite softly into the cold nipple; and then the areola and the breast tissue itself before doing the same to the left breast. He placed his cock between them pushed the mounds together and moved back and forth.

He murmured endearments to her as he worked himself inside her. Abigail stayed still, unmoving, unresponsive, as he kissed her, squeezed and pummelled her firm breasts. But now that I touched her naked body for the first time, I again felt so sorry for little Abigail, and I again gave in to the ephemeral insanity that had driven me to sex with Abigail's corpse! A lovely corpse, nonetheless, but a dead body all the same. I was overwhelmed with shame and remorse, Still Abigail did not respond.

He unhooked the lace top sheer nylon stockings from the front and back fastening catch of the garter straps; pulled the garter and placed it on the chair. He pressed his hands along Abigail's thighs and grabbed the waistband of the black abbreviated lace panties and rolled the waist band of her panties back until it made a thin nylon band halfway between the juncture of her legs and her knees.

The mortician had her wearing a big kotex sanitary pad underneath which I removed revealing my sought after prize. There in all it's glory was Abigail's thatch covered pussy with dark blonde curls matted by the pad that had covered them. But there was one more obstacle that I had to overcome. The mortician had inserted a small short dowel covered with gauze into her slit which I removed easily so the brown of her pussy was right in his face. Now he gently pulled them down over the hips and her thighs off the feet and over her shoes and hooked the depending straps back onto the stockings.

My eyes continued until they were staring at the curls of the light brown thin bush of pubic hair covering her pussy framed by her garter belt. You pause for a moment, and stand, as if to give me one last loving look at her corpse. She was now almost nude in the coffin and his rigid manhood. He inhaled the fragrance of her pussy and perfume from the panties and then tossed them over. the chair He got up off his knees and fetched the old fashioned perfume spray off the shelf. He knelt down again and sprayed the highly perfumed oil it contained onto her pubic hair and the insides of her thighs.

Excited fingers wandered down to the luscious thick dark bush and he Gently opened her unresistant muscular thighs as wide apart as possible, now revealing the tender inner and outer lips under the curls of pubic hair and positioned my face to have a close look at it. My lips began to kiss the soft hair covering it and I then worked my tongue into the opening and began to lick the inside of her pussy lips. He stroked the pink lips of her pussy with has hand. He put the spray aside and pushed two fingers inside her cunt and massaged the oil into her vaginal walls and discovered she wasn’t a virgin. “It probably was Pete”, thought Gary, thinking of her boyfriend. My dick felt like it was going to explode as I patted and rubbed the soft entrance to her womanhood. Finally he discarded his own dressing gown, lay on Abigail, and plunged his erection into her cunt. His prick slid in easily, thanks to the oil, but her vaginal clasp on his penis was firm and unyielding. I licked and ate Abigail's pussy; my dick was at full alert and I could feel it getting wetter on the end. Alternately I would eat awhile and then stroke my finger in and out for a while until It needed some lubrication so I took the tube of lubricating jelly and began to apply if to his fingers and inserted them into Abigail’s lovehole slowly Once inside; my fingers found the lips of her dead cold pussy and began to massage them gently pumped them in and out until I was satisfied she was properly lubricated enough. I couldn't wait any longer; I had to fuck her.

With arms around her waist He then swung himself between Abigail's stocking clad legs around to meet his firm throbbing erection, With his erect dick positioned in between the expanse of thigh flesh above her tightly gartered hosiery I grabbed her right leg and put it over the casket, then took her other leg on my shoulder, pretty black heels were high up in the air, he lowered himself until his erect organ was at the entrance to Abigail's love hole, lined his engorged penis up with her outer labia, touching the silken flesh, dripping now, to pause a moment and with a soft groan of pleasure, he slowly pressed against her pussy lips until his rod slid into Abigail's elegant dead body. I began to slowly stroke all the way and then almost all the way out and fell into a rhythm. Gosh, her pussy was good and something of mine was feeling better all the time. A wave of pleasure overwhelmed him as he embraced the shapely body and Now he began to felt his meat thrust inside as deeply as he could slowly but passionately, feeling the smoothness of Abigail’s vaginal walls, and then encountered the yielding fuzziness of the cotton that the morticians had inserted until he was hitting bottom and he began to stroke it in and out of the cool dead pussy. I couldn't believe I was having sex with Abigail. Something that would have probably never ever happened was she not dead. Firm nipples brushed against his naked chest as he drove himself into the still form again and again.

What had been a smart young student debating the ethics of the political system with our class president only two weeks previously was now simply a receptacle for my throbbing penis to cum in. What she would have thought and done now if she was still capable of thought and action was of course unclear………the only thing that is certain is that she would have never imagined her dead body being used this way.

Rearing back a little, he pulled partway out, then thrust back in again, then out, then in again, quickly establishing a steady rhythm. His tempo increased with each loving thrust. He had often wondered how it would be making love to Abigail; although he pictured her alive in all his fantasies. I glanced at her beautiful face as my rod continued to pound her. She was so beautiful; such flawless skin. He alternately bent down and kissed her lips fine-featured, pale face over and over again, whispering endearments to her and alternately caress her breasts and luscious thighs as he continued to pump her delicious cunt full of his rod. I sucked on her nipples and kissed her breasts as I fucked her. His dick felt the biggest and best it had ever felt and it was beginning to get that throbbing that he only previously experienced during masturbation. The mingled sensations of silk and lace, kidskin and satin, and above all, Abigail's incredibly soft, pillowy, yielding, unresisting flesh, blended into utter ecstasy for him. Closing his eyes he explored her exquisite curves with his hands and drove himself harder. Again and again I thrust my hips, each time slamming the head of my cock home against her dead cervix. Again and again, like a desperate man I drove myself deep inside her, sending the corpse's limbs and breasts into a frenzy of uncontrolled quaking. Sweat broke out on his forehead as pressure built up in his trembling body. I don't know how many strokes it was, perhaps five, perhaps five hundred. I could feel the fire burning up my dick from a well deep within me. I clenched tightly, not wishing to end our macabe lovemaking, but finally nature's response to my unnatural acts could no longer be denied. All too soon, he reached his peak, and as he grasped Abigail's silk-clad legs, he now began to realize that I couldn't hold back much longer. He reared back, went into a last frenzy of thrusting, and spasmed, avoiding crying out by a near-miracle, he exploded his passion as he shot and shot and shot his dead lover’s love canal with his flesh gun, sending his creamy seed jetting into her silky, silent depths. That was the price of the embalmers ultimate desecration of her body. Like a man possessed; David continued to pump until he got light-headed and collapsed on top of Abigail’s corpse with my head on her shoulder. After filling his lovely Abigail full of hot cum; His seed would lie spread about her, while another mans may very well lie within her. Completely exhausted he lay across her soft dead body and relaxed. I would almost swear as I lay there attempting to catch my breath, feeling my own cum drip past my now shrunken cock, I saw Abigail smile before holding her stiffening hand and lovingly kissed cherry red her lips and rubbed her cool nipples with my fingers as his member pulsated inside her was still throbbing with pleasure as I drifted off to sleep.

Around midnight Zeke came back to check on David and seal Abigail's casket for burial. Everything was quiet in the viewing room. He walked up to Abigail’s casket and placed his hand on David’s shoulder and neck. He was breathing and lying beside her nude body except for her sheer stockings and black hi heels with his face on her left breast, after a gentle shake or two began to come around. He looked up at Zeke and said "I just couldn’t let her go to her grave without knowing what it felt like to make love to her". "I love her so much!". As he lay there, overcome by weariness and sorrow he wondered if another man had tasted his wife in death. Had she been as enjoyable as he remembered her in life? Had she been as enjoyable as his last fuck now? Zeke nodded and Regretfully, David as he withdraw kissing her lips, then As I struggled out of Abigail's coffin, he helped out of the coffin and get his pants back on. I felt completely sated. She had given me the gift of peace, finally letting me have her intimately. And I had given her my little gift too. He handed David a towel and then turned to the task of getting Abigail reading for tomorrow’s viewing. At this point he looks around and He was slightly saddened at losing Abigail after knowing her such a short time. David leaned over Abigail and kissed her on the lips one last time and said, "I will miss you. I hope you find the happiness you seek." The old man smiled and said, "This is the way I intended things to happen. I am in the business of making peoples fantasies come true. If you ever need my services again, give me a call." Zeke reminded David that this was their secret and that he must never speak of it to anyone. David agreed went and turned off the camera and was on his way home.

A damp clothe was used to wash David’s seed from the outside of her pussy. He spread her pussy lips and wipe as much goo as he can from her cummy pussy before wiping up what had dripped on the table. He used a comb to remove the cum from her bush. I rolled Abigail's body over on the tray and then glue around the anal opening to seal it. I inserted the length of tube up against the cervix and the plugged end barely protrudes from the outer lips of the vagina. . The outer vaginal lips were then sutured tightly around the tube to close that opening around the tube and seal the crevice with glue. Glue was placed around the outside of the tube as well as over the sutures to seal the vaginal opening. The hard foam plug was inserted in the end that slightly protruded from the vagina. A plug was placed in the end and A wad of cotton was inserted her vagina to prevent any of the remainder from leaking out. Her luscious well-shaped thighs were closed back together and reach down and lightly kiss her brown bush before sliding the sexy black panties up over her shapely hips and into place and the vaginal tube end bulging in the crotch. You're horny for her but all her orifices are closed and sealed. Not to be denied; you remove his pants and shorts and crawl up on the table with her and straddle her cool lean abdomen and position his erect prick between the sexy tits and grasp her tits and squeeze them against his rod.

You pump his long, hard rod between her delicious mammaries. You feel the cold dead flesh tightly against his hot rod. Ooh, it feels so good! Your orgasm comes quickly and you shoot globs of sticky cum all over the corpse's lovely chest. Mighty fine! You crawl down from the table, replace his pants and then get a warm cloth and wash his cum from Abigail's chest, and dry her with a sheet. He kiss the nipple of each luscious breast before Zeke lifted the corpse's head, neck and placing a black lacy bra on her firm breasts in place over each mouth watering tit and lifting Abigail to strap it in place behind. He fastened the clip of her garter belt to the lacy black stockings into place up her delicious legs.

Sitting Abbie back up; I inserted her arms in the short sleeves; placed the dress over her head and slid it down to her waist before lying her down and lifting her lovely rear and slid it on down to where it ended at mid-thigh tucked behind her properly. Zeke carefully placed several towels over the upper part of her dark dress. Zeke brought out my makeup kit and reapplied lipstick and touched up her makeup, even styling Abigail’s stray long hair went rather quickly. I placed her watch, rings, a pendant, and pair of diamond earrings; then fastened the clasp back on. A pierced earrings and cross necklace was placed around the neck. Her hands were placed back across her chest and then looked at his work, as I latched and reclosed the casket lids. Zeke tidied up and went to bed.

The day of the funeral arrived the next morning, and I arose early at 6AM, dressed and had his breakfast and Not much to do this morning so he tidied the place during the morning then at 8AM called the mausoleum to be sure the crypt were ready. I reached in the casket and looked at the beautiful young girl lays in her casket. She was beautiful even in death! He had also brought a red long stemmed rose and placed it in Abigail's hands. Damn; She was such a lovely corpse I wish I could keep her but alas that wasn't possible and I knew it. I reopened the lower casket lid, lifted Abigail's dress up the waist spreading her legs widely apart. I rubbed her sexy thighs as my lips kissed her pussy lips through her panties.

At approx 9; I then pulled down and straightened her dress, tucking into place. I closed the lower lid of the oak casket. Even now, many days after her death, laying in a casket, Abigail looked as if she might get up at any moment. Yet, of course, this was not true, and after a few final moments; I said my goodbyes, kissed her lips and then the light of the sun was finally shut off from as the upper lid was shut and sealed for the last time, covering her beauty in darkness. The casket was rolled out of the room be loaded into the waiting hearse for the trip to the church and placed it inside, with the funeral director leading the way. Zeke climbed into the back of the hearse and helped to slide the casket in. The hearse pulled away from the curb and began the slow drive to the cemetery. Once arriving at the church; they were unloaded and carried into the church and the body lay in state for 30 min prior before the closed casket service. The casket was covered with flowers, and after they had been put on the bier, colour photographs of Abigail in life were placed atop the casket.

The service itself commenced promptly at about 10:30 and it wasn’t long until there weren’t many dry eyes in the place. At the appointed time, those gathered took their seats. The church was packed and overflowing. The reverend at the Miller family’s 550 seat church, who had known the young lady since her birth, had the honor of officiating the brief service while several family members, friends, and even a couple of Abigail’s childhood teachers all came up to the podium at one point or another to share their memories of her life and to express their deepest condolences about her tragic death. Everything about the ceremony was meticulously planned and went off without a hitch, and everyone that attended seemed very touched by all of it. It was a simple, beautiful service that Zeke had heard many times.

The poignant funeral service was ultimately concluded and her casket was carried to the waiting hearse by the pallbearers just outside the front steps for the internment of its final resting place. Those gathered followed quietly behind. A small police escort would lead her hearse and the personal vehicles of those in attendance about a mile down the road to transport her to the Memorial Park. It was here, before the owner of the home conducted brief graveside service outside the Miller family crypt that everyone could say their goodbyes before the casket holding the young, cold body of Abigail Elizabeth Miller was slowly carried into the crypt and placed in its compartment. A concrete lid was slid over the top and the door to the outside of the crypt was closed and locked. The body of the beautiful Miss Abigail Elizabeth Miller whose lives had been snuffed out were now laid to rest for eternity in what was meant to be her final rest beside her mother and the services concluded.

And yet, would this young woman, tragically taken from a life cut all-too-short, truly rest undisturbed for all eternity? Zeke hoped that death would enjoy his new bride.

Eternal rests are not, in fact, always eternal...
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