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None of us had ever done Viagra before but we heard rumors. --- Your cock grows twice normal size. --- It stays up for hours. --- You can get off two maybe even three times without going soft. --- Girls love screwing a guy who is charged up on Viagra because they climax the whole time.
Maxi stepped into the back yard where I was setting up a water slide because my friends were coming over to mess around in the summer heat. I was trying to set up the slide so we could run then belly flop down the chute into our swimming pool, “Hey Pete, guess what I found in the bathroom.”

I couldn’t be bothered by guessing games just then so I retorted “A big turd in the toilet?”

Without pause she retorted “Not since you got out of it.”

I hooked the water hose up to the faucet “What do you want?”

She held out a closed fist “Dad left some pills in the bathroom, is this what I think it is?” she opened her hand to show me what she had. A big blue pill, kind of fat in the middle with round pointy ends. “The bottle didn’t have a label but I think this is Viagra.”

That arrested my attention “A fuck pill?” I picked it out of her hand and inspected it close, VGR100 was printed on the side of the tablet. “I think your right, why would he have this?”

My cute sixteen-year-old sister looked up at me “What a dumb question, why do you think?”

“It was in the bathroom?”

“Yeah, last night dad was messing around in there for a while, taking a shower and shaving then after he left I found them. There is a handful in the bottle so I took one.”

“You think they got it on last night?”

“I guess,” said my sister, “why else would he be popping boner pills?”

“Wow, that’s totally weird, didn’t he have any concern we might find them?”

“Probably, a few minutes after I found them I heard dad go back. He must have remembered because when I went to pee later they were gone.”

The idea of my mother and father screwing kind of made me shiver, ugh. I mean that’s how me and Maxi got to be here but shit, they’re like old now, dad just turned 43! I put the pill back in her hand.

My sister asked me “You ever take one of these?”

“Uh, no. I don’t have a problem getting a boner.”

Undaunted by my declaration she held out her hand again and said “Here, you have it. Maybe tonight or some time you can take it then tell me what happens.”

“I get hard-ons all the time Maxi, how would I know if it works or not?” I knew my sister was screwing some guy so I told her “Give it to your boyfriend.”

“Don’t need to, I’m all the Viagra Blake needs.” She closed her fist then turned to leave “Oh well, I just thought.”

Well, then again --- “No, hey, give it to me, maybe later.” Maxi grinned as she handed me the pill.

Later that day Bert, Raul and Devon came over for a swim party. Mom and dad were out so there were a couple of open beers sitting around and a few empties. I was feeling the effects of the alcohol and started bragging how I had a Viagra pill and I was going to use it on Paige that night. After listening to me talk Raul asked if I had any more. I told him ‘no’ but Maxi might be able to find them again, she knew what to look for. I called for my sister and after a few moments she came to the pool “What? I was on Instagram, what do you want?”

“You think you can find dad’s pills again?”

My sister looked at the other three in the pool who were watching her with interest “I suppose you’re gonna say you want three more?” For a blonde Maxi isn’t too dumb, “What’s in it for me?”

“What do you want?”

“I’ll take a beer.”

“Just one?”

“Three, I’ll trade a pill for each.”

While my friends were smiling I told my sister “Go find them and I’ll make sure you get a cold one.”

A few minutes later Maxi came back with three more pills. “If dad notices these are missing you better take the blame cause I’ll deny even knowing what that fucking pill is.”

“You just called it Sis, it’s a ‘fucking’ pill.”

“Where’s my beer?”

While Maxi was looking for the Viagra tabs my buddies and I agreed to take them as soon as we had them. None of us had ever done one before but we heard rumors. --- Your cock grows twice normal size. --- It stays up for hours. --- You can get off two maybe even three times without going soft. --- Girls love screwing a guy who is charged up on Viagra because they climax the whole time.

Devon didn’t hesitate, as soon as Maxi handed him a pill he swallowed it dry. He only took a swig of beer after it was down. Bert was a little slower, he turned a shade red then wouldn’t look at us when he took it. Raul and I agreed to do ours at the same time. We slapped the pills into our mouths then swallowed some beer to wash them down. After all were gone Maxi stepped back and watched, her eyes flicking from one to another, over us four guys. “What are you looking at?” I asked.

She tipped her can, took a sip, “I’m waiting, I want to see what happens.”

“It’s only been a minute, I’m sure it takes longer to feel something.”

My sister turned “Okay, I’m going back in the house but call me when you stiffen up, any of you.”

Raul spoke up “You want to see us with hard cocks?”

Maxi drilled her big blue eyes into his “Isn’t that the point of the pill?”

The way Raul was looking at my sister I was sure he didn’t need any chemicals to get hard, I intervened “Yeah, we’ll call you.”

We were standing around the end of the water slide taking turns slamming onto our stomachs down the vinyl into the pool when Bert shouted “Fuck, my dick is stiff!” He stood straight then rolled his hips to show us a large bulge in his trunks. He grabbed his prick and pulled on it “Shit, it feels hard as a rock.”

Just as he reached into his swim trunks to adjust his cock Raul joined him “Jeeze, look at this, I’m like a fucking tree too.”

I checked Devon but he wasn’t bulging out in front but I was beginning to grow. I felt my prick swelling and I wasn’t even messing around with a girl. “Devon, anything?”

“Uh, no. Maybe my pill was a dud.”

About the time Devon took a run at the slide my prick had become a solid erection. It felt bigger than ever before and was thumping. I was hurting because my trunks were too tight. Everything I looked at was laser sharp and shaded by a light blue haze. Raul said “Man, I feel kind of dizzy.”

“You gonna be sick?”

“No, not dizzy that way, just unfocused.”

My erection was cramped so I pulled my trunks off then dove into the pool. When I came up I was standing in waist deep water “Come on guys, take em’ off, it feels a lot better.” In moments the four of us were laughing and splashing naked in the backyard swimming pool. I didn’t feel embarrassed to have a big fucking hard-on because the others did too. Even Devon finally got wood.

We stood in a circle and talked about having boners and what the pill was doing to us. It was Raul who started talking about girls “Man what I could do with Teresa right now, she’d never get off her back.”

Devon guffawed “I wouldn’t have Kerry on her back, she’d be bent over her fucking bed with me behind her.”

I let them know what I was thinking “Paige and me do it all kinds of different ways. She likes to practice her gymnastic moves with me. She could win a gold medal for sex today.”

Bert was standing to one side but didn’t say anything until Raul urged him “Bert, who you gonna screw with that thing?”

Bert kind of looked around then mumbled “I don’t have a girlfriend, you know that.” As he was talking I remembered my sister wanted to check out what the pills did for us. I called “Maxi, you ready for a treat? Four treats?” My three friends stopped talking and turned to watch the patio door.

It took only seconds for my sister to come poolside. She stopped to stare at the four of us “What the hell, you’re skinny dipping!?”

Bert said to her “We stripped so you could check us out.” My best friend stepped to the shallow end of the pool so my sister could see his erection.

Maxi asked “Is that what Viagra did to you, I thought it supposed to make you big?” Man, I thought, that shade was way cool. She spun to look at the rest of us “Come on, show me, all of you.” While we waded to the shallow end Maxi pulled another beer out of the cooler then sat on the lid facing us. She was smiling so wide her teeth were glinting in the sun. Her eyes sparkled as she took in the sight of four stiff cocks, all pointed at her. She said “Bert, Raul, you guys have foreskin, pull them back.”

The two obeyed her command then we all displayed for my sister. I thought I shouldn’t let her see me but she didn’t seem to be upset at my condition, I wasn’t her brother just then, I was another stiff prick and she was inspecting me just as hard as she was my friends. At first I had an inflexible cock but no real sexy feelings but as Maxi looked at what we had projecting I was getting turned on. My thoughts were getting pretty fucking hot and my sister was the only female in sight. I knew without asking my three friends were thinking the same thing about her. Bert said “Hey Maxi hand me another beer.”

When she stood to lift the lid of the cooler I added “Get us all one.” Maxi tossed a can to Raul then to Bert. She pulled two more from the ice then stopped, holding them but not throwing them, she was thinking. She set her can on the edge of the pool then came around to the end and down the steps into the water. Maxi waded to me and Devon and handed us our cans then reached for hers. I had to inform her “You just got your pants and shoes wet. You should have taken them off like us.”

She answered “Water won’t hurt my sandals and the pants will dry.” As she and I were talking my three buddies formed a loose circle around her, in moments Maxie was standing in the middle of the circle with four erections aimed at her. She glanced at mine then did a slow turn to get a close-up of the other three, our cocks were bouncing because the cute young pussy was only inches from us. She tipped her beer and took a couple of swallows while watching Bert pull on his prick.

My sister stepped away from us then said “Line up guys, I’m gonna be a judge and judge your girl toys.” We formed up for her, side by side in a line backed up against the edge of the pool. Maxi stood a few feet away centered on us. The water was shallow enough our cocks were exposed, none of us had gone soft, we were all stiff as steel. I looked down the line and noticed differences. Bert looked bigger than the others and was kind of bent in the middle so the end of his cock pointed to the left, Raul’s was banana curved and angled up almost 45 degrees and Devon’s was shorter but a lot rounder. The head of his dick was smaller than the shaft and because he was heavy it pointed down. Mine appeared longer and the helmet head pointed almost straight out from my groin.

Maxi stepped to the end of the line, in front of Bert then put her fist around his cock. His eyes went wide while she squeezed him in her fingers then stroked it back and forth three times. She stopped then moved one step to her right and grabbed Devon’s short fat erection. He got the same treatment as Bert. Raul was next but when my sister grabbed him she pulled on it hard then lifted it and looked at his big hairy balls. They weren’t clenched up tight against his prick but hanging low in their sack like a fucking bull. Maxi took the can of beer she held in her left hand then put it against his nuts. The can was cold and he jerked a little while she grinned at him. She took two swallows from the can then stepped to me, I was next. My sister hesitated, I could see in her eyes she was making up her mind, should she play around with her brother? I looked into her uncertain face, “Do it, you gotta be fair.” She took a final swig, tossed the empty into the water then grabbed me. With both hands. One held my prick the other cradled my nads. Maxi rubbed my nuts with feather light fingers and I damn near came all over her. When she was done teasing me she waded out of the pool to the cooler for another brew, she was standing on the deck dripping water as she looked over the four of us “Okay judging is done.”

“Who wins and what is the prize?” asked Raul.

“I can’t tell you that, I don’t want to start any goddamn chest thumping because I think one of you has a better boner than the others.”

I tried to get her opinion “Who?”

“Play with each other, work it out.” With that she sat back on the cooler and listened while we put her on ignore. It was hot, at least 90 degrees so me and the guys stayed in the water talking about condition of our pricks. We all agreed the only way to get them to go limp again was to screw a girl. About the time Raul and Devon decided to get out to go find their girlfriends Maxi got up, upended her 3th beer, sucked it dry then went into the house. Not a minute later she came running back out then cannonballed into the water. It was when she came up next to Devon we saw she was nude. My younger sister stood bare assed in the pool with four very stiff naked erections on four keenly interested teen boys. My cock lurched even bigger, god she had a nice body. Maxi turned to face the edge of the pool, put her elbows on it then kicked off the bottom and let her wide spread legs float up. She looked over shoulder “I wanna do some more judging, Bert.”

He was between her thighs in an instant. Even before I could process what the hell was going on Bert was holding her legs apart as he pushed his boner into her. I stood there and watched his ass flexing as he pumped his cock in my sister and couldn’t believe what she was doing. He was body slamming her and she just lay on her front with her head on her arms and took it. She didn’t even look turned on. Bert fucked my sister for maybe five minutes while the rest of us stood slack jawed pulling on our own pricks. Maxi finally had enough so urged him out. As soon as he stepped back she nodded to Raul. When he moved up to her she said over her shoulder “Don’t nobody cum in me, you gotta pollute the pool.” She rocked her hips as invitation to Raul. Bert still had a massive stiff.

My sixteen-year-old sister laid her head on her arms and closed her eyes while Raul plunged and pulled in and out of her. She let him screw her for a few minutes then pulled her hips away. He moved out then Devon moved in. Maxi looked over her shoulder to see the thick fucking log that was about to split her then grinned at him and teased “Be gentle with that lover.” He put his hands around her narrow waist, leaned over her then slammed his big plump cock up her pussy, he wasn’t being all that gentle. I watched transfixed as her hole stretched far enough to take him. Devon was allowed to screw Maxi about the same amount of time as the others then she stopped him. I was ready to step up for my turn but she warned me off with a look and “No, not you.”

All three hard-ons she had just let between her legs were still rigid and throbbing. Maxi went back to Bert and asked him if he wanted to finish. “Well yeah, this isn’t going to die even if I hammered it by myself, I gotta get fucked.”

She grabbed his erection and stroked it a few times then offered “You can do it until you get done, but,” she warned him again, “you have to pull.”

“No problem Maxi, promise.” My very cute naked sibling led her temporary boyfriend out of the pool then went to her back on the soft green lawn, Bert was on her in a heartbeat. My cock got even harder, it was aching, straining against the skin holding it together as I watched my friend screw my little sister. The first time she let Bert have her she was passive, just laid on her tits and took it quietly. The second time it was evident she was getting turned on by the guy fucking her. He and she went at it forever it seemed like, the whole time she was gasping, panting and squeaking when he thrust into her. All of a sudden Bert yelped then pulled out and started squirting long steams of cum all over her stomach. Maxi stopped moving, her mouth curved up pleased while he pumped. When Bert rolled off her she sat up and asked me for a towel and another beer.

While Maxi screwed Bert the other two were sitting on the lawn yanking their cocks. When Bert stood away from Maxi both Raul and Devon came to full alert, awaiting the offer. After she wiped the mess off her stomach and took a swallow of beer Maxi invited Raul. By the time he got to her she had flattened the towel on the grass then laid on her stomach over it. She bent her legs at the knees so her feet were straight off the ground, spread them wide then nodded to her next conquest. I had a wide-open view of her soft looking swollen open pussy; she had pubic hair but it was so thin and blonde it looked like she shaved. God my balls hurt.

Raul penetrated deep into Maxi, his balls hung so low they were dragging on the towel. He started rolling his pelvis over the firm round cheeks of her ass then Maxi spread her arms wide and began to dig trenches in the lawn with her fingers. Each time his groin slapped her butt her eyes would flutter, she sipped a breath; her back began to roll in sync with the hard pounding cock between her legs. The fresh young lovers screwed about 15 minutes and in that time Raul repositioned Maxi to her back, him over her, then on her side, him behind her. Maxi was massaging her own clit when Raul couldn’t handle any more. He slipped out then with his hard-on rubbing on her puffy body lips he shot his load from between her thighs to the grass.

She took a couple of minutes to rest and quench her thirst with the rest of her beer. While she was catching her breath I asked “What do you think Maxi, is it better with the pill?

“Well, I’m just kind of experimenting so I’m not getting turned on a lot but you guys feel harder than a guy who has a normal boner” she declared as if she’d been screwing through the city phonebook. “I mean it does feel kind of good and so far nobody has popped off in two or three minutes so I guess it’s working. Devon?”

Bert and Raul weren’t aching hard any more, they had relieved some pressure but Devon was panting like a dog running in the hot sun while watching my sister, his cock was bouncing like crazy. It had been long over an hour since I took the pill and my own boner wouldn’t die either. It must have seemed like forever to Devon until Maxi got ready for him. After she gave him permission she didn’t even get a second to lie down before he jammed his stout five-inch bludgeon between her legs.

Poor Devon. The sex show the others put on with Maxi must have worked him into a fever. Maxi was just getting into the rhythm of his groin slapping hers when he groaned and started jerking. My sister’s eyes flew wide open and she pushed him up in a big fucking hurry “Goddamn it Devon, not in me!” She managed to push him out then rolled from under him while he finished shooting cum on her legs. She yelled “Stupid fuck, I said don’t cum in me!” She put a hand over her slit then pulled it up and inspected the damage. “Asshole!” She wiped her hand on the grass then got up and ran into the house. The party was over.

“Devon you fucking idiot, what the hell did you do to my sister? Man, if you knock her up I’ll fucking kill you. Get out, go home! All of you.” The three friends dressed in silence then left. I went to talk to Maxi.

I found her in the bathroom. After what we had done she wasn’t concerned that we were both nude or that she was on the can “Are you okay?” I asked.

Maxi looked up “I think so, I don’t know.” She pulled some paper off the roll then daubed herself. When she inspected the tissue, I saw wet blobs of semen and her eyes told me she was concerned. She stood and looked at my strong standing hard-on “Maybe you should go see Paige, she might enjoy some time with that.”

“Let me know if there is anything I can do, if you need help.”

Maxi surprised me by reaching out then pulling me into a hug, her nakedness bonded against mine briefly, my cock was pressed flat on her stomach. She loosened her grip on me then kissed my cheek “You have to keep them guys from talking about today. That would be a big help.”

“I’m sure Devon won’t say anything; he didn’t last a minute.”

She grinned without mirth “Yeah, he has a short fuse but I sure as hell don’t feel sorry for him. Just don’t let the others tell everybody I got drunk and fucked them.”

“I’ll beat them into a hospital if they ever say anything. I promise.” I called Paige and set up a date to get laid. She was willing and I managed to get her alone for about two hours, we screwed like hot lovers the whole time. She got off a bunch of times, I got off twice.

After the day was done I lay in my bed and thought about what we had done. My sister fucked three of my friends after giving them Viagra and I managed to get off with Paige twice without losing my hard-on. My cock hurt from being stretched so tight so long but all in all I decided Viagra was a pretty cool med.

The next morning I got Maxi alone and asked her what she had going on in her mind to screw three guys in kind of a sex party. “I don’t know, it was sort of my fault you guys had boners and after drinking the beer I got kind of curious and wanted to see if I could feel a difference between a hard-on with the fuck pill and one without.”

“And was there a difference?”

“I think so, a little. All of them were harder than Blake and I noticed Raul and Bert didn’t go soft right away after they got off. I was kind of having fun until the dumb ass shot me up.”

“Did you get off?”

“No, I was curious, not horny so I let them but it was feeling better each time, I might have gone for number three if Devon hadn’t done that.” It was a revelation, a girl might fuck just to fuck, not because she was hot for it?

“When will you know if you have a problem?”

“Five days. I’ll let you know if you want.”

“Definitely.” I felt closer to Maxi just then than I had in years. She was family and if she was in trouble I wanted to know. I kissed her on the left cheek “Love you Sis.”

She gave me a small smile “I know Pete, you always did.”

On the sixth morning after the sex party I found a lipstick note on my bedroom mirror. “It’s OK!!!” I didn’t even wonder who wrote it or what it meant. She must have snuck in while I was asleep to give me the news. A rush of relief washed through me, I was happy for her. Normally when Maxi had her period she was edgy, kind of short tempered but for that week of her cycle she was upbeat and giddy with joy. That dumb shit Devon must have scared her more than I thought. Since he wouldn’t be forced to be my brother-in-law I vowed to keep him away from her forever.

Several weeks later Maxi caught me in my room one afternoon and told me a secret. “My birthday is next Sunday, me and Blake are going to his Uncle’s cabin up near Loon Lake. I stole another of dad’s pills and I’m going to make him take it.”

“Him who, dad?”

She barked out loud “Ha! Blake you idiot, mom can take care of dad.”

“Sounds like you’ll have a fun Sweet Seventeen party. Be careful, one scare this year is enough.”

My sister nodded her sober agreement then said “I’ll make him use rubbers.”

I reminded her “You know we’re planning a big party here that night.”

“Yeah, we’ll be back in time.” Ever since the pool party if Maxi was near I had fantasies about her, the vision of her petite body with no clothes and fucking those guys wouldn’t leave me alone. She turned to leave and as I watched her trim denim covered hips swivel my cock twitched. Lucky Blake.

My parents and I were the only ones at the party that weren’t friends of Maxi. There were eight girls and three guys all her age, none of my friends were there. After the party started our mom and dad faded to somewhere, the noise was too much for them. My job was to keep the music going like some sort of party DJ but after an hour or so I left for a date with Paige. When I got back around midnight the house was quiet but totally littered with discarded plastic tumblers, paper plates with remnants of food and out of place furniture. I even found a bra stuck half way between two sofa cushions. Just as I started for bed Maxi came out of the shadows “Hi.”

“What the hell happened here? This place is mess.” I picked up the tit binder “Yours?”

“No, Karla’s; she said it was too tight and took it off. Right in front of Rick, Zac and Blake. I don’t think it was too tight, I think she was too tight after sneaking some of dad’s rum.” As she was talking she started collecting garbage. I went to get a trash bag then my sister and I picked up the debris from the party.

“Where are mom and dad?”

“They went to bed a couple of hours ago, it must suck to get old and sleep so much. How did it go with Paige?”

I smiled at the memory of what my girlfriend had done with me just an hour earlier “We had fun.” For the next few minutes we said no more but picked up and straightened up. After I put the trash out I bid her another Happy Birthday then Maxi and I went to bed.

About ten minutes after I went to my room I was sitting on my bed in my briefs with my laptop over my crossed legs surfing Facebook when the door opened and Maxi came in, she was being quiet “I can’t sleep.”

I looked up as she climbed onto my bed and sat cross-legged facing me. She was wearing a light gray satin slip that pulled up across her thighs as she sat. Her white lace covered crotch was open for viewing. “I’m not real tired either. So, tell me, how was the party?”

My sister became more animated as she told me of the birthday party, what they had done, the games they played and the gifts she got. “The best one though is something Tracy gave me before the party started, it’s something that she didn’t want me to open in front of everybody.”

“What’s that?”

She blushed and looked around as if she were making sure we were alone “A toy. A sex toy.”

“A What?” I blurted.

Maxi’s eyes got wider, she put a finger on my lips to shush me. “A dildo. Tracy gave me a plaything, it vibrates.” As I watched my sister’s lips form the words my cock flexed as I thought of what she might do with it.

“Show it to me.”

She sat up straight “You want to see it? Right now?”

I smiled at her “Yeah, go get it. I’ve never seen one.” Maxi hesitated for a few seconds then without saying anything got off the bed and went to get her birthday present. She came back in and got onto my bed, her face was flushed when she held out her hand then handed me a plain brown box about six inches long. I opened the lid and looked at it “Is that a vibrator or a dildo?” I wasn’t sure.

She took the box back. “Well a vibrator mostly is used to tickle a girl, a dildo can be put in. I guess this is a combo, I can put it in but it has a battery and buzzes.”


Maxi picked it out of the box then handed me the toy. It wasn’t big, not a full six inches long or very thick. It was shaped like a hard-on but an approximation, not an exact replica. Where there should have been nuts was a small screw on cap where I assumed the battery went. The soft plastic skin was black. “It’s black, is that your fantasy?”

My sister grinned barely enough to move her lips as she lightly slapped my arm “Kiss my ass, I won’t tell you what I think about.”

“You know my friend Jasper wants to fuck you. He tells me every time he sees you ‘Wow, man you gotta get your sister to screw a big black dick, she’d love mine.’

“Too bad Jasper isn’t here right now, I might do it.”

“Didn’t get laid today?”

“Well yeah,” she paused then used my earlier words “we had fun and I was ready for more but he said we had to get back for the party. Actually I think he had to get back to flirt with Karla. I think that bitch is trying to steal him from me.”

“How so?”

“When she took her bra off she put it around Blake’s neck then pulled his head down until his nose was between her tits. It was only for a second or so but the message was clear. He could have a better look later if he wanted.”

“You think he took her up on it?”

“He sent me some texts after he left so I don’t think so, at least I hope not, but she’s not very subtle. She’d jump right into a bed with him if I weren’t in the way.”

“I’m sorry, that’s pretty rude.”

She nodded thoughtfully then looked up and smirked “Almost as rude as me screwing those three guys by the pool.”

I studied my sister, she seemed a little concerned that her boyfriend could be lying between the legs of one of her friends but I sensed she didn’t want to dwell on it. I was still holding the dildo so I diverted my attention to it. I examined it from tip to end then twisted the cap, it started to buzz in my hand. I held it in my fingers lightly while it vibrated then I realized I was holding a prick.

Crap! -- Not my style!

I handed it back to Maxi then set my laptop aside, unfolded my legs and laid back on a pillow. She took her birthday present in her fist then reached down with her left hand and pulled the hem of her slip up to her hip. She laid the vibrator on her thigh then pressed it to the skin. As it tickled her leg she looked up at me “This could be fun.”

I grabbed her arm then tugged her down to lie beside me “Give it to me.” When my sister gave me her sex toy my cock started to firm up. I sat up next to her then asked “Let me?” Her eyes reminded me of sparkling blue diamonds when she nodded, my prick got thicker.

I put the tip of the black plastic prick on her leg just above the knee then drifted it slowly up the inside of her thigh to the hem of her panties. I switched legs and repeated the move, Maxi just watched. I lifted it from her thigh then put it on her stomach below her bellybutton. I didn’t use the tip, I laid it full length on her, her stomach fluttered and she sipped a breath. I rolled her vibrator down her stomach to the pubic mound where I pressed if firmly on her. Maxi’s eyes fluttered and her feet moved apart a little. I wasn’t sure how much sex play I could get away with so I asked her “Had enough?”

My sister grabbed the hand holding the dildo and pressed it harder on her body and shook her head, smiled sensually, “No” she whispered. I took that to mean I could do any fucking thing I wanted to her with that vibrator. I moved it down until it was lying between her legs, pressed lightly on her pussy under the panties. Maxi gasped and my prick finished evolving as a marble obelisk.

I rubbed my sister’s sex with the black buzzing dildo and she started rolling her hips. Her eyes were closed, her hands went to her tits and started massaging her nipples through the satin. I used that thing for a couple of minutes while she heated up, she was starting to breathe through her open lips, her tongue was flickering in and out keeping her lips wet. Jesus my sister was sexy cute, she was starting to glow. Not worried about offending her I moved around until I was between her legs then reached under the night shift to pull her panties off. Maxi lifted her ass and let me take them down. She lifted her right leg so I could pull them off then the left leg lifted high for me. When I threw the panties aside her feet were resting on my shoulders, knees laid wide apart, her pussy right in front of me. I took the dildo and put it to the lips of her sex. Maxi jerked, her legs trembled and she gushed a light moan. I massaged the full length of her slit with the tip of her toy and she reacted by bouncing against it. I teased her maybe three minutes then she moved a hand to my arm and lifted it away from her. She dropped her legs to the bed and rolled away so I was no longer between them. She was on her stomach with her firm round butt peeking from under the slip. Maxi stayed still like that for a few seconds then turned her head to me “Put it in me Pete.”

I was sailing on a sea of hormones; my cock was massive and hard, I asked her hopefully “Put what in you, the plastic or me?”

She thought it over; she actually thought it over, “The fake one.”

Shit! Two thoughts raced through my mind, I wasn’t going to get fucked just then but sensed I might later. She put her head on my pillow then closed her eyes. I put the vibrator on the crack of her butt and started seducing her with it.

She was ready, I was impatient so within a minute I had that thing between the lips of her body. Again I crawled over then between my sister’s legs only that time my face was inches from her ass. I was fucking the bed when I tipped the dildo up then slipped it into Maxi. She was flowing wet and dilated so far I could see the pink inside of her vagina. I dipped my head and licked her butt then kissed it as I fucked Maxi with her birthday present until she arched off the bed and pulled the pillow over her head. I heard the muffled cries of her orgasm as her hips jerked and her legs shook. Maxi tried to pull her legs together but I was in the way so I moved out then she slammed them together then quieted down. She was breathing heavily, her back flowing in slow waves as the orgasm faded.

She lay quiet for a minute then rolled to her back, the smile on her face was huge “Shit, that felt good.”

“Looked like it.”

She shifted her eyes to my briefs where my erection was evident as a long bulge. She pushed me to my back then reached under the elastic of the shorts and grabbed my cock. As her eyes locked on mine my sister started stroking my hard-on. Maxi put her nose over my ear and whispered “Take your underwear off.” In just two seconds I was exposed for my sister. She slithered down until she was in position then pulled my cock in between her lips.

Maxi licked and sucked on me while stroking my balls until I had to warn her off “God, girl, you better get aaway.” I was two tongue licks from cumming right down her throat.

She lifted her head then grinned “You like that?”

“You going to finish me?”

Maxi sat up, pulled her night gown up to her hips then straddled my lap, my erection was rubbing on the lips of her pussy “Not with my mouth.”

“I don’t have a rubber” I whispered.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“But you made Blake use them.”

My sister leaned over and put her nose next to my ear, her breath wafted lightly across it when she said “I didn’t want to change my panties when I came home.” My balls clenched and I damn near came all over my stomach. I rocked my cock on the split between her legs as I pulled my head back then put my lips on hers. I wasn’t sure if I should kiss her but at that moment it seemed appropriate. She accepted the kiss then rolled off my lap to my side and we got caught up in a hot make-out session.

After a few minutes of necking and petting her tits and ass I put a hand between her legs. Maxi reached for my hard-on and fondled it while I slipped two fingers into her. She and I lay together with our heads resting on pillows, I watched fire dancing in her eyes while we enjoyed what we were doing to the other. After a couple of minutes of fingering I urged her to her back then went to my knees between her thighs. She pulled her knees up, laid them wide to each side then invited me to screw her by whispering “No fake one this time.” The head of my erection slipped easily into the hot velvet hole between Maxi’s legs. When my balls mashed against her she wrapped her legs around my mine, sighed deeply then murmured in my ear “Make me feel good Pete.”

I fucked my sister in a frenzy but tried to keep from slapping her body with mine. I wasn’t in the mood to have our father wake up to the sounds of his son and daughter getting it on. Since I’d cum three times with Paige earlier that day my stamina was certain, I knew I could outlast my sister. After a few minutes of rolling around on the bed between her legs I slipped out of her and started exploring her body with my mouth. I kissed and licked her from lips to stomach while she mewed softly and got even hotter. When I rested my head on her pubic hair the scent of her arousal shot a wild uninhibited yearning through me, my cock flexed even stiffer and I bent my head to put my lips at the top of her slit and kissed her. From there it was reflex to lick and suck on my sister's sex. She arched off the bed, grabbed her hair and started wailing when I put my hands under her butt and held her close as I tickled her pussy with my tongue. I watched her eyes fly open then she slapped both hands over her mouth to muffle the sounds of ecstasy. Maxie rapidly climaxed with surges of rapture while I had my head between her thighs then she pushed me away, rolled to her stomach pulled her knees up and offered me a piece of heaven.

I got to my knees between her spread legs then took her hips and pulled her close enough I could put my erection in her. She reached between her legs for me and held it in place while I pressed forward. Her orgasmic juices were flowing so Maxi’s hot wet pussy welcomed me with no resistance, no friction. I pushed into her until my groin caressed her butt. We stayed in that position for a few minutes then I pulled her down to her side and laid behind her, she lifted her leg to give me access then I entered her again. Spooned against her like that freed my hands to feel her body and tits. I fondled Maxi as we coupled gently, our hips were rolling with a relaxed rhythm, my erection sliding, not slamming in her, the slow easy pace only heightened the pleasure of sex. She was purring; each time my balls pressed against her pussy she rolled her back like a cat enjoying the stoke of a hand. She reached over my head and pulled it down until my lips were on her neck. I licked her skin then started kissing the nape of her neck which caused her to shiver against me. I worked my mouth to her face then she turned to me as far as she could and we started making out, our tongues quickly joined the ritual. She rolled to her back and lifted her near leg so I had more room to fuck her and we could neck without stretching. My hand went to her breast, my tongue explored her mouth and my cock pressed even deeper.

Maxi broke the kiss then said the first thing since I started fucking her “Cum.”

My sister and I fucked two times that night. We got so involved with each other we forgot to watch the clock. We were lying on my bed, arms and legs intertwined when the sound of doors opening and closing woke us.

My heart froze in terror and I felt Maxi stiffen against me. I didn’t need a fuzzy moment to realize that one of our parents was wandering around the house. I looked over my sister’s shoulder to my alarm, 8:21! We had fallen asleep after fucking half the night and now somebody was up. She rolled over to face me “What if they come in here or look for me?”

“Stay here, you can go to your room in a minute.” I got out of bed, put on my morning robe then left the room to see who was up.

My mother greeted me when I stepped into the kitchen “Good morning, are you hungry?”

I spoke loud enough for Maxi to hear “Where’s dad?”

“He’s already outside, I think he is going to wash the truck.” I knew my sister was listening so after she heard mom in the kitchen and dad was out she dashed back to her own room to get ready for the day.

I wanted to know why my sister came to my room and screwed me on her 17th birthday so when I finally got her alone I asked “What was all that about?”

She knew what I was asking and told me bluntly “I didn’t say anything that day at the pool when I was messing around with you guys but I thought you had the sexiest hard-on. Bert is longer and Devon thicker but yours is better shaped. If I picked out my own dildo I’d look for one shaped like you. I wanted to try you too but them guys can’t know I would do my brother so I was going to wait until they went home but then that stupid fuck Devon did what he did. I got scared and any thoughts of sex with anybody went right out of my head. After I got my period I felt a lot better then wondered if your boner felt as good as it looked. I wondered about you for a few days and I knew I should judge you.” Her eyes and smile were teasing, impish, “I mean, it’s only fair, I couldn’t decide who was better until I tried you too.”

“Raul, the others?”

Maxi’s eyes flickered with amusement “Raul was different, not bad but his big hanging ball sack kind of turned me off. Bert was okay and might have finished me if we kept going but Devon was the total loser.” Suddenly her eyes got wide, the smile vanished “Don’t tell them I said that!”

“Don’t worry about it. So, you screwed me because you didn’t get a shot at me before?”

My sister put her hand on my chest then locked her eyes onto mine and said softly “Well I didn’t plan on screwing you last night but after I came to your room it just sort of worked out. I guess that was the prize for being the best, having the best.” Maxi grazed the corner of my mouth with her lips then turned serious “Don’t you ever fucking tell anyone what we did, I’ll cut your bastard balls right off your body.”

Encouraged by the light kiss I asked “Will we do this again?”

She shrugged and replied indifferently “Don’t know, it’s too soon to think about stuff like that.” Maxi and I parted and went separate ways but I couldn’t let go of how it felt to fuck my sister. I was sure I would like to do her again.

I graduated high school in May and broke up with Paige when she fled her insane step-mother to live with her mother. I was not seeing any girl because the only one that interested me just then was Angel but she was steady with Erik so we didn’t start dating even though I thought she would.

After about a month of forced abstinence I was tired of jacking myself and decided I needed to get laid again. But who? I was rummaging in a kitchen cupboard looking for a Ding Dong when I spied out the window over the sink my sister lying face down on a lounge chair by the pool. She was wearing a two-piece swimsuit; the halter was open across her back so she could soak up rays for a tan. My eyes took her in from the long blonde ponytail, down her bare back, over the rise of her scantily clad butt and finished their 5’4” travel at her feet. I caught a hint of blue toe polish.

Maxi. My sister. I could fuck her. Why not?

It was not yet noon but I grabbed two beers then went to see if Maxi was up to a romp.

I set a cold sweating can next to her on the chair, she opened her eyes then rolled her head up to look at me. “You brought me a beer?”

“If you don’t want it I’ll have two.”

She snatched the can before I could take it again and popped the tab. After a swallow she asked “Is this a bribe?”

As I noted before my pretty blonde sister isn’t a pretty dumb blonde, “You want to fuck?”

Her eyes snapped open “What?”

“Let’s have sex. Mom and dad are working and won’t be home for hours, we can get it on.”

She looked at me for a few moments then asked “How long has it been since Paige dumped you?”

“Donno; for sure over four weeks.”

My sister didn’t say anything but took another sip of brew then sat up, her halter slipped, baring her breasts but she didn’t try to cover up. She was watching me, evaluating my question “Okay, but you gotta use something.”

“Well yeah, I’ll use this” I joked as I grabbed my crotch.

Maxi smiled “Stupid ass, you know what I mean.” She got off the lounge then led me to my bedroom. By the time she stood by my bed my arousal was evident. Maxi looked at my crotch and quipped “You’re too easy, a girl doesn’t even have to suck you to get it hard.” I opened my pants and dropped them to the floor, Maxi pulled her suit bottom down then leaned back on my bed then pushed up onto it with her arms, her knees were bent over the edge of the bed. I fumbled open the drawer on my night stand and pulled out a condom then tossed it to the bed next to her, she glanced at it then widened the gap between her thighs. She was propped up on her elbows watching when I stepped between her legs and put the head of my erection against her pussy. Maxi smiled up at me then repeated what she said the first time we screwed “Make me feel good Pete.” I spit some saliva on my hand, wet the end of my cock then pushed gently into my sister.

She wasn’t hot for sex when we started but it didn’t take long for her to start heating up. Her pussy quickly got wet and warm with lust. After a couple of minutes with me standing and fucking her she pulled away then went to her back on the bed, I climbed up then settled in between her thighs then she put her heels on the back of my knees and her hands around my neck. She looked up into my eyes then pulled me down for a soft kiss. The first kiss became a second kiss then in moments she and I were tongue dueling. I pushed into her as far as I could then held still as we made out, Maxi began to moan, the vibrations from her throat shivering through her lips to my nerve central. I put a hand between us and squeezed a tit.

She broke the lip lock and said “Let me up.” I pulled my erection out of her then she sat up and reached for her beer can. She took a sip then handed it to me. After I took a drink she took it back and said “Lie back.” She tipped the can for another sip as I fell back, my cock was standing proud and strong, she wrapped her fingers around the base of it then dribbled beer from her lips over the head of my hard prick. Maxi leaned over then began to lick the fluid from my cock and balls.

She got off her knees and stretched out next to me while licking my erection, she was lying opposite me with my head near her groin. I pushed her legs apart and shifted around until I could lay my head on her thigh. I pressed my long finger into the split of her body, moved slightly around for the right angle then pushed deeper into Maxi while she sealed the head of my hard-on between her lips. I wriggled my middle finger into her until my fist stopped me then started twitching the end of it, trying to tickle her g-spot. Maxi lifted her head, grunted softly then her hips started moving in sync with my hand. I moved my other hand to the top of her pussy then lightly tapped on the skin hood that surrounded her clit. Her ass jerked while she gulped a breath. Encouraged by her reaction I took a more daring move, I smacked her firmly on the top of her pussy with my fingers, the slap was strong enough to hear when my fingers spanked her split. My sister’s eyes flew, she groaned then pulled her mouth off my cock, licked her lips and urged “Do that again.” He ass was shaking when I started smacking her clit while fingering her with the other hand.

She was getting wetter, her pussy was flowing with lust juices, her ass bouncing on the mattress when she started to quiver. She put a hand on her left tit then pinched the nipple hard just as she started yelping an orgasm. I stopped punishing her when she cried out her climax, I put my head between her legs and licked her pussy until she stopped moving.

Maxi was lying limp so I moved around so we were face to face again then rammed my aching hard-on into her. When my nuts pressed against the soft pillows of her pussy I pumped her once then she rolled her hips and smiled. I leaned forward to kiss her and we started to make out more as our bodies molded together. She recovered quickly from her orgasm and spread her legs wider to let me fuck her.

I screwed my seventeen-year-old sister for another few minutes then I had to pause to put on the condom. When I pulled out of her she looked anxious that I was done but quickly caught on when I picked up the Trojan. Her eyes were full of passion, she licked her lips then offered “Let me.” She took the rubber then pushed me to my back, my erection was pointed at the sky. Maxi laid the unopen package on my stomach then bent over and swallowed my cock. My sister grabbed my balls and was rolling the sack in her fingers while her tongue licked the shaft and head of my erection. I wasn’t about to ask permission; my cock clenched, swelled with semen then convulsed. The first surge gushed over her tongue and some leaked around her lips. I felt her lips seal tighter around me then she let me fill her mouth with my discharge. She lifted her cum smeared face then opened her mouth to show me her clean tongue. I fucking near had another orgasm as she wiped her lips with a finger.

I was totally relaxed on my back, Maxi was lying across the bed with her head on my stomach, we were talking. I grinned at her “I like getting an easy piece of ass. That just made my day.”

“I’m an easy piece of ass?”

“I didn’t have to spend days or weeks wearing you down, seducing you. I asked if you wanted to fuck, you said ‘Okay’, that’s so much more enjoyable than the hassle of dating, for me anyway.”

Maxi slapped my stomach and grinned “Fucking bastard, take a load off your balls and you turn into an asshole. Selfish fucker, I didn’t even have a good time; your prick is useless.”

I ignored her fake rant “You know Sis, we haven’t used Viagra yet, not you and me.”

“I’m pretty sure you don’t need it but if you insist you should steal another pill from dad.”


“Not sure, we’ll have to wait a while, I’ve got a lot going on right now.”

Having made a semi-date with Maxi to screw her with the pill I reached between her legs then pushed two fingers into her. When the heel of my hand pressed on her clit she put her head back on my stomach, closed her eyes and spread her thighs. The second time we fucked we didn’t need a fucking fuck pill but did use the condom.

In middle August, near the start of her last school year Maxi came into my room crying, tear streaks ruined her makeup, her eyes were red with sorrow. “What’s wrong, what’s going on?”

“That bitch got him. She fucked him, she stole him from me.”

I assumed ‘that bitch’ was “Karla?”

Maxi stepped to me and put her arms around my chest, her head on my shoulder and sobbed “Yeah, he broke up with me Pete, he said I was boring, a bad fuck.” She lifted her sad red eyes to mine “How can I be a bad fuck? We did everything, I let him do whatever he wanted.” She sniffled then rubbed her face on my shirt, wiping her drippy nose on me. I didn’t have any words that would comfort her so I let her sniffle and cleanse her sorrow on my shirt. After a few moments of silent weeping Maxi stepped back and said “Let’s go swimming.”

The change of subject surprised me “Now? It’s late.”

She grabbed my arm “Come on, the zombies don’t come out until midnight.” I’m pretty sure she meant vampires but I didn’t feel like correcting her.

On the way to the backyard Maxi told our parents we were going to the pool. Mom and dad were watching an episode of Outlander so dad acknowledged her with a wave of his hand. I expected my sister to put on a suit but when we got outside she said quietly “Don’t turn on the lights.” She stripped to nothing then dove into the pool. I’m not sure I ever had instant boner before but what she did drove a diamond hard spike into my prick. Even before she came up for air I was stiff. I checked the house to make sure our parents weren’t watching then pulled my clothes off. I jumped in beside her my erection bouncing in full glory as she watched. She floated close then put her arms around my neck, her legs around my waist. As the end of my cock rubbed on her she said only “Pete?”

I didn’t need any encouragement. My cock was aimed right so I rolled my hips and thrust up and in. Maxi smiled then tilted her head back to look up at the stars while I pumped in and out. I stepped to the edge of the pool with my sister riding my cock then pulled out. She turned around, crossed her arms on the deck then rested her head on them. Standing on the bottom of the pool I tipped my boner up between her legs then poked around to find her hole. Maxi wriggled her butt to get me centered then I pushed over seven inches into her. My sister puffed a sigh then floated her legs up while I screwed her. I put my hands on her narrow waist to hold her still while I pounded her ass with my groin. After a few minutes she moaned softly then whispered “Do it now, it’s okay, I need to feel it.”

Having her permission to flood her body set my balls in motion. My erection swelled, clenched, then convulsed repeatedly as I filled her with my discharge. When I was done I pulled away and she turned around, put her arms around my neck then kissed me hard, with a hint of tongue. She pulled her head back, her eyes fraught with unease “I’m not a bad fuck, am I?” Not waiting for an answer my sister got out of the pool, picked up her clothes and went to her room.

I stood in the waist deep water and thought about Maxi. She was hurting, she was feeling rejected and unsure of herself. That fucking Blake had hurt her bad by breaking up with her that way. I felt I needed to help her, not by a quickie in the pool but help her regain some self-esteem. I went to my sister.

“Hey, let’s get out of here, I’ll take you to Burger Barn, we can talk.”

She paused for a moment then agreed “Okay, let me get dressed.” I went to tell our parents my sister and I were going out for a while.

She got into the car wearing a mid-thigh black A-line skirt, no stockings or hosiery, deep green short sleeved blouse and rhinestone sandals. She had pulled her hair into a carefree pony tail that hung to the middle of her back, she wore refreshed makeup. A three-chain silver choker and small hoop earrings added a touch of charm. My sister was looking pretty and showing some nicely formed legs, she was sexy as hell. Before I started the car I handed her a joint, she looked up at me and smiled “You wanna get high?”

“I was saving this for a special occasion, I guess you getting shit on is special enough. Light it.”

“We can’t take this into Burger Barn.”

“We’ll order take out then go somewhere and be alone.”

Maxi grinned and asked “And what the hell are we going to all alone and stoned in this cozy little car?”

“I don’t know, talk about your failed sex life?”

“Maybe it’s failed, maybe not. Maybe we’ll find out.” With that my sister started our spontaneous date by grabbing my lighter.

We decided burgers wouldn’t taste good so I stopped at a Taco Bell and got some soft tacos. I drove out Caspar Road along Swift River to a small turn-out where I could park at a riverbank clearing. I’d been there with Paige more than once. The moon was about half so there was enough light to see so my sister and I got out of the car. We sat on the hood of my Honda and nibbled on tacos while we talked.

We talked about nothing specific, touching on her last year in school, my future in college and her failed relationship. Since Blake was her first steady boyfriend and they had dated for 19 months she was taking the breakup hard. I tried to assure her that someone else would come along, that Blake would soon be a footnote in her Journal of Life. I told her about the girls I had dated and how when it became time to move on there was anticipation for a next girlfriend. Maxi objected that I was a guy and it was different for guys, “Boys don’t get all fucking in love and emotional in a relationship like girls do.” She sat silent for a moment then said “Cole asked me out three times, even when I was with Blake. I think I’ll call him.”

“You going to screw him?”

“No, not on a first date, not even on a second or third date. That’s totally too much like Karla, unemotional and easy.”

“Let me ask you something. When you did my three friends at the pool were you being emotional? Were you in love with them?”

“Uh, no, I was just having fun.”

“So you felt no commitment and it was fun?”

“Until Devon blew it.”

“And how did you feel about Blake just then, were you cheating on him, did you fall out of love with him for a couple hours?”

Maxi looked at me over a bottle of water tipped to her lips then answered “Not really, I knew what I was doing might make him mad but it didn’t matter.”

“So, you had a loveless affair with three cocks and enjoyed it, what did matter just then?”

My sister looked out over the river for a few moments before answering “I guess what mattered was that I wanted to try them and see if that fuck pill worked like it we hear it does. I just wanted a little experimental sex.”

“You were easy.”

She looked at me as the words registered “Yeah, I guess I was.”

“There you see, you don’t always need to be in love to get laid, sometimes being easy is okay. Fucking for the sake of fucking can be as enjoyable as fucking for the sake of love. Maybe Karla is on to something.”

She evaluated my words “Maybe you’re right, I would have screwed anybody that day if they had taken the pill.”

“Including dad?”

Maxi shot me a mean glare “That’s not even funny. Do you have another joint?” Five minutes later with a renewed buzz she hopped off the front of my car, kicked off her sandals then waded into the shallow edge of the river. When she was knee deep she turned and asked “Are we going to have sex or you just going to play the five-cent therapist all night?”

I started to say something to Maxi but closed my mouth as she stepped out of the river, pulled off her clothes then went back to the water. She waded across some shallow rapids to a sandbar and waited. I shed my clothes then went to join her. When I came close to her she dropped to her knees, gripped my cock then started our next sexual encounter.

Maxi fingered and sucked my cock until she had what she wanted, a long hard erection. She stood then we embraced while our mouths locked together in a hot pot flavored kiss. I slipped a hand between us and felt she was ready. I eased to the sand on my back pulling my sister with me, she ended up lying on me full length, my hard-on was between her legs, the eye of it searching for her hole. She pushed up with her hands on my chest, stared down on me for a few moments then rotated her hips until my cock found the target. Maxi sighed out a deep breath when I penetrated her. My sister put her mouth near my ear, blew a warm breath across it then said as she pumped her hips against my erection “Don’t let me get all emotional Pete, don’t fuck me for love; just fuck me to feel good.”

She pulled her head up, I bumped her groin with mine, driving deep into her “Does this feel good to you?”

Maxi sipped a breath, grinned and said “Hmm, depends on how well you do.” Her eyes sparked as she amended “How well we do.”

Twenty minutes later after having a series of climaxes my sister waded into the water to rinse the sand and cum off her back, butt and legs. I was also covered with sand, even my balls scratched so I cleaned up too. We went back to the clearing, got dressed then sat on a log to finish the roach and talk. Since Maxi and I screwed for amusement not endearment our conversation was casual, about my plans away from home, her ex-bestie Karla and other friends. I told her how I anticipated college and talked about a couple of girls I was trying to date. We didn’t share any lover’s intimacies nor did we feel the need to.

After a rest period I was ready to have her again. I made a proposal, she smiled intimately, stood up then pulled her panties from under the skirt. She went to the car, opened the rear door and got in the back seat. She crooked a finger at me then moved to one side. When I joined my sister she was on her back with a heel hooked over the seat back which gave me a full view and complete access to the junction of her legs. I went to my knees on the cramped floor of the car then put my mouth on the inside of her thigh and kissed the skin. My head was under her skirt when I moved up her leg and kissed it which caused her muscles to ripple under my lips. I formed a lock with my mouth and began to suck a hickey close enough to her sex I could feel her pubic hair brushing my cheek. The heady scent of her musk heightened my awareness of her and stiffened my erection even more. Maxi moaned softly as her leg quivered under my mouth. She rolled her body, pressing her slit against my cheek then pulled on my hair to lift my head. My mouth covered her body crack and I dipped the end of my tongue into her, licking the lust from her. She gushed a deep breath while her hips trembled with another orgasm.

I pulled my pants down to my knees then she urged me up until I was lying over her, my erection pressed against her hip. She was looking up at me, the silver necklace was reflecting the dim light of the moon, she looked incredibly sexy. I saw a quick flicker of her tongue across her lips, making them wet. She demanded silently “Kiss me.”

The first kiss was quick, eyes open, tasting and testing but soon we were making out, hands exploring bodies, mouths moving while the tips of our tongues joined the mating ritual. The sensation of her lips on mine was dizzying. My marijuana enhanced mind spun, my head pounded, my cock swelled even more. As we necked and petted I realized again it didn’t matter that we were related. She was a hot sensual female and I was a turned on male and Nature didn’t fucking care that we had common DNA.

I had a hand over a breast which was firm and warm, the nipple standing. Maxi reached between us, found my hard-on and worked me into even higher levels of desire while she pulled and stroked it. I looked around but couldn’t see anything through the windows which were fogged from the heat we were generating.

She sat up beside me, nuzzling my neck while clinging to the pole that projected from my loins. She pumped it three times then pushed me down until I was lying on the seat, my head jammed against the door. Maxi dipped her head and sucked my cock into her mouth and started a wet heated blow job.

She sucked and licked me, holding my cock in one hand while bobbing her head over it. The head of it was growing like an overfilled balloon, stretching ever bigger. I heard myself groaning and as my sister gave me head I wondered if I should give her everything. My end was near and she was working hard to get me there. I grabbed her head and pulled her up roughly “You better stop Maxi or else I’ll choke you.”

She moved away from me then sat up “I want to try something.”

I rearranged on the seat next to her then rolled a window down for cool air “What?”

“Did you ever screw a girl’s butt?”

“Me and Sheila did it a couple times, Paige didn’t want to.”

Maxi rolled to her side away from me then folded at the hips so her butt was pressed against my side, she turned her head to say “I never tried it.”

“You never did that before?”

“No, but I hear some girls like it.”

“What if I hurt you?”

My sister rolled her eyes as if I’d asked something stupid “I’ll make you stop.”

I went to my side so my groin was pressed against her butt. Maxi lapped two fingers with her tongue then put them against her anus and smeared herself wet, her long finger dipped to the second knuckle up her butt hole. I asked her “You play with yourself?”

She reached for my erection “Sometimes, and it doesn’t hurt when I do it. I even put the tip of my toy in my butthole and let it buzz me, it feels good.” She moved my cock around until I felt the end of it between the globes of her ass. I hunched my back slightly putting pressure on her anus while she kept it in place. Slowly the tightness eased as the end of my cock pushed into her. Maxi grunted, her eyes were wide open looking out the window. She let go of my cock then told me “Don’t move.” I could feel her canal flexing around the end of my hard-on. After a few seconds of quiet she started moving her hips, very slowly rocking her ass against me, each time she moved I inched deeper into her. I didn’t fuck her, this was her first experiment with ass sex so I let her set the pace. I watched her face grimace as she moved.

“Does it hurt?”

“Kind of, but it’s okay, it tickles too.”


“Yeah, tickles. I can’t describe it, it does hurt but not like real pain, it’s a feel-good hurt.”

Since my cock was pumping pre-cum my sister’s butthole was getting slick as she shifted on me. I heard her murmur “Go all the way.” I started to rock against her, pumping even more up her anus. Maxi groaned softly then pressed on my stomach to pause. I pulled out so she could relax for a few seconds then put my cock back into her. It took a couple of minutes of slow fucking until my pubic hair was rubbing on her cheeks, by then she had quit grunting and gasping.

I felt when she finally accepted the cock in her ass; her entire body softened as the tension ebbed, her eyes fluttered closed and her lips curled up as a soft smile. She was in sync with me, I screwed my sister’s ass for a few minutes then she made me pull out. We got out of the car then she leaned over the back seat with her feet on the ground, her ass was prominent in the moonlight. She turned her head to me “Finish it Pete.”

I lifted her skirt and put the end of my cock back into the open hole of her anus then with no more than a dozen strokes obeyed her demand. I shot surge after surge in her as she lay face down on the seat of my car. When I stepped back Maxi stood then faced me “Now I know how to let a guy and not worry about getting knocked up.”

“Did you get off?”

“No, I don’t always, sometimes just feeling good is good enough.” She stepped back into the river to finger the cum from her asshole. I was in a mild state of wonder because of what she did, what we did, was pretty fucking awesome. We talked casually as we got properly dressed then Maxi drifted into a nap while I drove home. In the house she gave me a quick hug then before she went to her room hinted at more sex in the future. I would be leaving for college soon and she had earlier hinted that Cole wanted to date her so I wondered just when any future sex with my sister would happen.

It was another three months before Maxi and I got together again. She started dating Cole, like her a Senior in the school and I had taken up with Angel when we found out we were going to the same college. I was home on Christmas break when Dad called me and Maxi to the front room one afternoon and told us “I’ve been invited to Company Headquarters to give a presentation on my Shipping Unit Housing ideas. The bosses want to see if my ideas for turning old shipping containers into modern living spaces has potential. Some of them are pretty radical architecture so I have to give a killer presentation.”

“That’s great dad, what if they like your stuff?”

Our father smiled wide “I get a bonus big enough to buy the Corvette I’ve always wanted. But, that’s not why I called you. Your mom is going with me. We leave next Thursday, I give my presentations on Friday then we are going to play tourist in the city until Sunday. We should be back Sunday night. You two will be alone, I trust you can handle a little free time without parental oversight?”

“Dad, I’m a college dude now, I’m sure I won’t be lost without you for a couple of days.”

He looked at Maxi “Pete takes care of me daddy, we’ll be okay.”

Maxi and I had been left alone for a night or two a few times so we didn’t get all excited about having our parents gone. She made her plans, I made mine and those plans didn’t involve each other. Since the night she got dumped and I fucked her three times we hadn’t been physically involved and we hadn’t looked for reasons or opportunity to do so. We were big brother and little sister, not lovers so we didn’t anticipate screwing each other in our parent’s absence. At least not immediately.

Cole and Angel were invited to enjoy some no adult free time with us somewhere bigger than a car. Maxi put pizzas on order while I went to see a neighborhood source for some weed. We started out slow with conversation, music and some mild flirting impelled by beer and pot. The pool was used for a four-person game of water volleyball and then after that I got adventurous enough to dive under the water, put my head between Angel’s long smooth legs and stood up. She was sitting on my shoulders and I challenged my sister and her boyfriend to a shoving contest, who could push who into the water while remain standing. Cole grabbed Maxi and swung her up to sit on his shoulders. The water sports turned into a melee of crude jokes, subtle passes and increased familiarity with a member of the opposite sex accompanied by teasing, laughter and flirting. I really didn’t care who dominated in the pool, I was concentrating too much on the soft warm pussy pressed on my neck. My cock was swelling, my libido was growing.

The four of us were lounging on the pool deck devouring cold pizza and passing the bong. Beer cans littered the yard. Cole wasn’t too steady and didn’t want to chance falling over on a long trek to the bathroom so he stepped up to one of my mother’s Azalea bushes, pulled his prick out of his swim trunks and started pissing on the plant. As soon as Maxi saw what he was doing she yelped “God, Cole, you gonna kill that poor fucking flower!” Maxi’s outburst drew the attention of me and Angel and in seconds a chorus of hoots and cheers enveloped Cole as he peed. Angel jumped up and moved to Maxi’s boyfriend, looking around his body at what he held. Not to be left out Maxi joined her then within a few seconds Cole’s cock was the focus of two sets of feminine eyes. Cole looked around at his audience then turned in a full circle giving them a complete and unhindered view of his cock while he shook the drops “Which of you two wants to try this?” he asked as they snickered at his display.

Maxi grabbed his prick and stroked him, “Right now, me.” She looked at Angel and challenged lightheartedly “Anybody else around here who wants to fuck you will have to wait.” After that declaration we all drifted back to the house, me and Angel to my room, Maxi and Cole to hers.

For the next couple of hours, the house echoed with faint female cries of pleasure and deep throated groans as girls climaxed and erections cramped. There was a full-blown teen orgy going on and it sounded like we were all enjoying it. It was about one in the morning when Angel finally had to leave. When she was gone I checked on Maxi and found her alone, Cole had left earlier but I didn’t hear him go. My sister was asleep, lying nude over her covers. She was on her back, arms akimbo over her head, one leg bent at the knee to her side, her pussy was open for viewing. I had pulled my three times sated boner out of Angel just twenty minutes earlier but the sight of Maxi sent a rush of blood to my prick again. I didn’t hesitate, I went to bed with my sister.

My cock stiffened up enough to penetrate Maxi so I dipped down between her legs and slipped into her. She was slick with cum, I was slick with renewed lust so I pushed into her limp body until my pelvis crushed hers. Maxi moaned softly then straightened her legs and rolled her ass. I started fucking my sister even as she slept.

She came awake slowly, her body was flexing as her eyes fluttered open. She looked up at me “Pete? Pete?” she repeated, “Where’s Cole?”

“Right now, I’d say he’s somewhere sleeping, Angel is gone too.”

She was coming more aware “They left so you think it’s okay to rape me in my sleep?” I slipped out of her when she rolled to her side.

I lifted my sister’s top leg then slipped back into her from behind “What do you think they would they say if they knew we screw like newlyweds sometimes?”

Maxi’s eyes softened, her body shivered and she offered “Let’s talk about that later, right now finish what you started.”

My sister’s bed looked like a squad of cheerleaders screwed a football team by time she got done fucking Cole and me that night. The next morning while she was washing her sheets she fixed breakfast then started the next night of adventure when she asked me “Should we ask Cole and Angel over tonight, or should we just keep each other company?”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Don’t know, maybe a ribbon around my waist, a bow on your cock, a joint, a vibrator and a Viagra pill. We can open our presents and play with them all night.”

“No condoms?”

“Won’t need them.”


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