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What fills in on what Law Enforcement can do and what it can't?
No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story.


An article in the Monday afternoon’s Blue Rock City’s Gazette read as such:

As the local populace rose this morning to assume their daily work week duties, they couldn’t avoid the spectacle of three visiting young strangers hung upside down from above the courthouse steps, naked and severely beaten. City Marshal, Benji Martin had them lowered down and put under protective custody in the jail to give time to find out the reason for this action against them. While they were being looked after, it came to his notice, that a young girl from the town of a one of the prosperous families had been accosted on her way home from church on Sunday early evening and violently and crudely treated until her release early Monday morning. Then, evidently while the three men were sleeping off their terrible treatment of the young maiden, under the influence of a lot of alcoholic drinks, vengeance was vested upon them by a man or men of unknown identity. The marshal and the sheriff were quoted as saying that they would get right on this to identify the illegal avenger in short order.

Of course, because of the measured and appreciated response of this unknown avenger, no such effort was ever entered upon. And when casually inquired of, the law enforcement officers merely said that they were working on it.

A number of prominent individuals of the town read of this in their personal copies of the newspaper and then moved on to other important things in their lives.

Wiley Martinson had entered this town five years previously, just a couple of years after the War Between the States. He was a veteran of that himself, but never revealed which side he had fought for, since he didn’t want to be assigned to a partisan attitude to the ideals of either side. He had lost dear relatives on both sides and even those on neither and so wanted to at least in his remaining life put it all behind himself.

His immediate family had been in opposition to his chosen side in the war, so when it was over, they gave him a sizable investment fund and sent him out West to find another life away from them. They never had any dealings with him thereafter, but kept track of his progress and were secretly very proud of the life that he built up on his own.

Since his family was several generations in the mercantile profession, both as workers and owners, he had a rich legacy and vast personal experiences to draw upon in his effort for his own life in his chose part of the nation. And he chose a place just beyond mid-America to build up the outworking of his life’s purpose.

It was a small town when he moved there, having grown up over the years from a small trading village. Contrary to the growth and establishment of many of the other new cities spread around in the newly established land, it was started with a firmly enforced plan and buildings that were either completely built up of the blue veined marble from the surrounding mountains or visibly featured it. So, it was right from the start a very sturdy and beautifully built town. And through city statues and building permits, kept out the cheaper types of building within its environs.

Though, it was near to the paths of the western migration and the later cattle drives from Texas and the Southwestern states, it was never allowed to become lawless like a lot of the cities on those pathways did become. Blue Rock, as it was locally dubbed, always had iron fisted lawmen who prevented that. But, even with that in force, there were sometimes things that happened that fell between the cracks of legal actions, that fueled the about twenty year reign of an aggressive avenger personage or faction. It was never firmly established as to which was the case.

When Wiley moved into the town, he was man of about twenty eight years old, single and bright eyed in anticipation of his future in this beautiful town. He immediately the first day of arrival sought out and got a job with one of the two biggest stores in town, both dubbed as general stores. They were run in fairly gentle competition by two families, who otherwise liked each other very much. It always appeared that they collaborated to charge very similar prices for things sold in common. Because of their locale, there was plenty of business for each. And in fact, since neither could be big enough to carry everything for everyone, they each specialized in one of the major factions of business in the area. One with the miners and lonely prospectors, latter with the ‘wildcat petroleum searchers.’ And the other with the ranching and hunting interests.

And over the first two years he worked a year with each store. He also established himself as an honest church-going man, to the interest of a number of the young ladies in town. He was not above enjoying a beer or two at the biggest saloon in town, nor of in his bachelorhood of enjoying one of the scarlet young women found there. But, he didn’t make a fool of himself over it, and was always present in his favorite pew on Sunday morning.

It so happened that the manager of the bank where his investment capital was stored, was of his general drinking group and had a daughter of sixteen that he was already planning to get a good husband. He wasn’t offended by Wiley’s using some of the young ladies at the saloon, after all he in his widowhood did so also. And he felt that with Wiley’s shown patience with his stake and in his drinking lightly, he had found the perfect candidate to take on his beloved daughter.

Brendan, the manager, had had a wonderful life with his deceased wife until she was taken from a short duration illness of some kind. And since he wanted grandchildren, he was not offended by his daughter being used in an intimate fashion. In fact, since he had and was still enjoying those kinds of activities’, he was counting on it. And also in Wiley’s favor was that he was a city person, not one gallivanting around the countryside. But, would be expected to be at home with his wife and family on a regular basis.

So, after Wiley’s first year of habitation in this small but growing city, he invited Wiley regularly to dinner at his home every Sunday afternoon. And Wiley mostly did attend them, because of the wonderful food that was served, the fine company of the manager and not the least the very fine looking and acting daughter of the house. But, it was three months before he spoke one word to her, not of polite necessity, and six more months before he showed a personal interest in her by seeking private times with her. The father noted his patience and totally approved of it.

However, as the second year of Wiley’s local residency was proceeding to its end, his daughter Merilee, was approaching her eighteenth birthday and so he was concerned that she and Wiley would marry before he became hardened in his salon interests of young women. A couple of them there, were even offering themselves as wives or live-in lovers if he was interested. And with the services that they offered and actually delivered, it would be a difficult thing for a properly raised up girl to compete with that. So, the father hired one of the long time floozies from there to come to his house and educate his daughter on a whole lot of improper sexual practices to attract and hold Wiley. It was done in secret, late at night and the daughter took to this education with a special zeal.

Then in a very private meeting of father and almost adult daughter, plans were made up to ensnare Wiley into a relationship and then marriage with Merilee. Neither felt in the least guilty about this, because they both had plans for him that would greatly advance his life. And her father advised her to throw off all restrictions in serving him to cement him to her body and life from then on. And after they were married to not begin any kind of restrictions to their love practices. He, Wiley, would likely adjust them to a more conventional mode over time. But, if she was open to what he wanted, it would be without any resentment on his part at all.

So, the ‘tender trap’ was set for the next Sunday, when supposedly her family, including cousins would be accompanying the now publicly recognized couple, by their sitting next to each other at church, on an out of town picnic in the rural area around a local forest secondary house of the manager’s. This house, though unoccupied most of the time, was closely monitored by the local county sheriff, John Ironsmith. Anybody caught there by him, was dealt with severely, so almost nobody ever tried to interfere with it.

The morning of the supposed family picnic, Wiley brought a small carriage to the church and when Merilee showed up with the picnic lunch packed in ice, he was suspicious at its relatively small size in relation to the size of the crowd that was planned to share in it. But, he figured that perhaps some other things were already available at the forest home and his concerns about that soon evaporated in the fog of a very nice perfume and a warm bodied woman next to him sitting in church. The congregation totally enjoyed the scene of these two very favorite prospective wedding subjects and noted her now hugging and closely guarding his hand as they sat in one of the hard pews.

When the services were over, Wiley gathered up Merrilee and guided her to the carriage, but as they moved out to leave town for the picnic, the carriages of the others diverted to other paths and they found themselves on the way alone. When Wiley wondered at this, Merry just looked up to him with a sweet smile and no comment at all. Then he settled down on guiding the twin horses to the house without putting them into harm’s way with his driving and they after a while arrived to the house sound in mind and body.

With him caring for the horses and the carriage, she went about opening up the windows of the house and checking for unwanted visitors of the human or other kinds. She was happy to find none and so moved to the kitchen to prepare to serve up the fried chicken, salad and wine that she had brought for them. This was not to be served up at the fine table in the dining room, but on the couch in the sitting room with a fine view of the local outdoors.

When he came in and washed up in the kitchen at the hand pump and sink, she took him by the hands after and guided him to sit down on the couch. She laid out the food before him and then asked him to await for her to move to the bedroom and prepare herself to share the meal with. He was in wonderment of what this would mean, but with fine food before him, had no intention of interfering with the mood of the moment in any way.

When she came out to join him in the meal, it was evident that she had forgotten some of her essential clothing articles and was covered in as loose a manner as any of the girls of the saloon in their private quarters. She made no comment about it and in fact seemed to totally ignore it, like it didn’t really matter much or wasn’t really as he saw it. And then she graciously served up the meal to themselves and settled in to talk about their prospective marriage and the pretty view from their couch. The pretty view that entranced him, was her.

When they finished with the meal, she gathered up the leftovers along with the dishes and with his eyes mesmerized with her, she rose in her young woman bodily beauty and moved the residue to the kitchen. He sat there not able to move one muscle while she stored the leftovers in a cold box with the remaining ice and then washed up the dishes to be stored in the cupboard.

Then, she with even less clothing rejoined him on the couch and immediately began to sensually interact with him. With the clothing display on her, or rather the lack of clothing on her in mind, he skipped over any shyness and reticence and moved right on to enlivening this wonderfully responsive young woman to eventually do what a healthy man wants to do with a very attractive and welcoming young woman.

So, as he moved to kiss her, she at first in a shy manner responded, but in a short time, she was matching him tongue for tongue in their respective mouths. And while this progressed, she opened her bodice so that his hands could move to her very bounteous young woman’s breasts. They were very willing to do so and she found a considerable amount of pleasure at having them given attentions to.

Soon, she used her hands to direct his head and mouth down to her breasts and he figuring out what that meant, used his lips and tongue to liven up the willing breasts and suckle on her risen nipples. When he began to suck on them, she became very inflamed in her intimate areas and also showed it by squirming and moaning into his listening ear.

Then he moved down to her waist area and began to give her attentions in the manner of the sluts of the saloon, and Merry was showing considerable response and enjoyment of that, too. Unless a woman is offended by even the thought of a man going down on her vaginal area, she is going to enjoy it very much. And Merry did so, for sure. In fact, at this point her father’s wishes for her to be with this man, were completely dismissed and replaced by her own iron will to have him forever. And to have every baby by him that she could muster.

So, she roused up and moved to her knees and uncovered his private member and to his continued shock, took it up directly into her mouth and began to kiss, lick and suckle on it to his immense pleasures. She was so effective in this that he had to let her know that he was about to release some of his baby makings into her mouth and she just nodded and so he did so, with it going right down her throat into her stomach.

When they settled down on that, she took him by the hand and led him to the spacious bed in the only bedroom and had him join her there for a brief nap. While they laid there near to sleep, she whispered to him, that they weren’t expected back home by his boss and her father until well into the next day. It had all been preplanned.

When they woke up a little later, they weren’t hungry, except for each other and so she went and got a towel and put it under her rear and with her bottom elevated, she had him move right to impaling her with his sizable cock and took her virginity right there and with her hands pulling him into her as far as he could reach, he gushed out his baby makings into her upper reaches and then they with him still in her settled back for some more restful sleep.

Early in the morning, she took him up her ass and then promised that he could have anything he wanted from her from then on. With that the wedding was sealed as a plan and they married three months later to no one’s surprise.

Her father gave them the use of the little house in the woods until they could establish one in the city in the future. Also, he backed Wiley up with loans to establish his own mercantile business. Before it opened, he met with his two previous bosses and promised them that he would not compete against them price wise with similar products and would seek to concentrate on the sheep herder and farming community for his business basis. With this understood and abided by, the three businesses did very well and the little city became the merchandising center of the whole territory with its wide ranging available product’s on sale in one location.

With the business on a sound basis, he then build a fine home of the same stone as the town specialized in and settled down to fill it up with children. Merry was very into that project and they were very active in their love play from then on, with her not pulling back from any sexual games that he wanted to play. She did have to remind him once in a while though, that no babies would be produced by him planting his member into her mouth or up the ass, not that she was complaining at these favorite activities of his. They had their first child in their first year of marriage, exactly ten months after the ceremony.

By the time that they had four children, there was no lack of interest on her part for their continued sexual exploits and the production of more children. And when she was in her final months of each pregnancy, she had selected one of the black whores at the saloon to take care of him. She figured that the woman would not be a competition with her because she looked so different. But, Wiley had to contain himself to not fall in love with her, too. Since she was so beautiful and willing of a sexual partner. Merry’s father knew of this and could have cared less, because his daughter was being treated like a queen and he was getting grandchildren in bonus quantities.

As his children were progressing in age, he became a lot more aware of any risks about them that might threaten their well being. And he and Merry were very watchful of them.

It was on his way to work one morning at his own store, earlier than usual, when as he was moving through a back alley to enter through his back door, that he heard plaintive whimpering of a young female from the back porch of a nearby business. When he looked in to see what was going on, he saw a very young woman naked and abused by two young strangers who were at that time unconscious, evidently dead drunk. He immediately thought of his own girls and so ran to his business and disguised himself and took an ax handle and some rope and went back to the scene of the rape and tied up the two guys and another that he found also. Then he beat them until they were unconscious and pulled them out to the overhang at the courthouse and hung them up naked from their feet for all to see when the public would rise to the day’s affairs.

It made the newspaper that day and everyone wondered who it was that took this very needed action upon himself. The marshal and sheriff weren’t so enthused about this, but under the circumstances chose to stall any real investigation into who did this.

After the young girl was rescued and taken home to be treated by a doctor, she was never openly identified. The three strangers appeared before the court and were each sentenced to three years for this outrage against a local girl. The town’s people were not impressed by this. And in the next local elections, Judge Ezra Meeker was replaced by another judge who promised to be much harder on any criminal elements that appeared before him.

But, over the next year, three more cases of this type appeared before him and he also gave the rascals rather light sentences. So, on a particular evening when no one was especially paying any attention, the men of the three mercantile families met for a conference over the situation in town.

At this time, Wiley hinted that he was the one who had acted on the three rapists to see what the other families would say. They were very enthused over it, because they also had daughters that they were concerned about. So, the three families made a pact that they would act in concert for any further such kind of events in the future. And that they would rotate in the persons taking these actions so that no pattern could be established in concert to any one of them. Since the operatives were about the same build and relative ages, the appearance of one of them while the other two were in public view would completely confuse those who would seek them to be identified. And since there were small but significant differences among them, it would be hard to tie down a reliable deion of the avenging agent.

In people’s private conversations, they took on the appellation of the Vigilante of Blue Rock (City.) But this was only known to the locals who managed to keep it hidden from outsiders and was never printed in any of the articles that informed the local public of the actions under these operatives in regard to known offenders that the law enforcement community couldn’t deal with. The assumed same person was always identified as a concerned citizen in print.

One of the nights, when Merry was pregnant and in her ninth month awaiting her next delivery, she had excused Wiley to spend some time with his black lover, Maxine. When they had finished with their intimate paly, he gathered himself up and with a very honest kissing of her moved on into the night to be with his pregnant wife and children. As he went down the outside stairs, he heard screams from behind him and guessing what that meant, he rushed several blocks to take on his disguise and this time with twin pistols and came back to handle the situation.

With his ax handle ready, he smashed through the door and before the three rapists could react, he shot each of them in the legs. He then relieved them of their weapons and dragged each out to the city street, to be left until morning. And then he helped fix the door for the evening and Maxine and her young sister, Irene took him in hand and led him to the bed. They had not suffered from a rape yet, and so undressed him and gave him a first rate time, with his cock up their pussies, asses and in their mouths for over an hour.

After they were done with the fun, Maxine after her sister had left the room started to talk to Wylie about her future. She told him that she didn’t mind giving of the services. If she was married, she would be doing it for a husband. But, she was tired of the danger to her for working in the salon with a bunch of unruly drunkards. So, she inquired as to if he knew of anyone that might want her to serve them as a housekeeper and helper. Perhaps a household with a woman that was having one baby after another, so that a lot of the heavy duty chores could be cared for, so that the wife could care for her husband and children. Wylie got the hint and told her that he would run it past his wife for her comment. And so with this request and a thank you then attended to, she let him go home finally to his family.

In the morning, the miscreants were found in the street and attended to, no further action was taken with them and when they were bandaged up and sent out on their horses with a lot of residual pain, the word got around that Blue Rock City was a very bad place to act up.

In the morning, Wylie delayed on going to the store. His assistant manager was fully capable of handling the opening of business. And when Merilee came waddling down the stairs with their newest prospective family member still in residence in her, he guided her to a chair at the table and fixed something for her to eat. Then as she sat there and sipped on her morning tea, he brought up the subject of Maxine moving in to help with the household chores, especially when she was well along in her pregnancies.

Merry looked up to Wylie and asked if she wasn’t the lady that he saw to fill in for her when she was pregnantly nonfunctional in the sexual way. He admitted that she was, but that there would be none of that if she came to serve in the household unless she, Merilee, insisted on it. So, Merilee instructed him to contact her and send her over for an interview on this subject.

So, at noontime, Maxine took off two hours to meet with Merilee and sound out each other about this possibility.

During the meeting as they were discussing the issues of her living in the house, two gunnies snuck to Merilee’s bedroom and pulled guns on her because of Wylie’s sympathies with the sheepherders and farmers. As the gun was about to be set off, Maxine jumped in front of Merry and took the bullet meant for her. The gunnie then freaked out at shooting the wrong person and both of them then fled the house right out onto the street, they were so confident of getting away with this.

When Wylie got home and found out what had happened to Maxine and almost to his pregnant wife, too; he was furious and was going to go out and wipe out the rancher that had hired these two gunfighters lately.

Thankfully a couple of his friends showed up to try to help with the terrible scene and then they had to tie Wylie down to keep him from seeking vengeance on the gunnies.

Right away there was an emergency meeting of the vigilante corps and the owner of the store that served the ranchers wanted out of whatever was going to be done about it. But, his middle son had no such scruples and volunteered to carry out the vigilante action himself. Because one of their cohorts nearly lost his wife in this action, the father okayed his son to carry it out. So, he donned the usual costume and showed up in the saloon where the two gunfighters were celebrating their actions and immediately shot them dead and then disappeared in the alleys behind the building to not be identified.

When the city marshal came to investigate, he put things together and had the bodies removed to be buried and then notified the county sheriff of the actions of the Vigilante, unidentified.

With this Sheriff Ironsmith went around and warned all of the rancher’s that they might be next. And if they did any such thing to anyone in the town or around it again, they would have to face him, even before the Vigilante could get to them. This caused the ranchers to send off the gunnies that were new hires and things settled down in a fragile peace for the present.

The upshot of this was that the suspicions of the towns people as to who the Vigilante was, were completely turned over, because he had acted while the main man suspected of these actions was tied down in his own bedroom. And there was no way that they would ever guess that the son of a business man who favored the ranchers was the one who carried it out.

So, everyone just gave up guessing who he was then and just recognized that he was there for action when needed and would remain a mystery in between times.

So, over the next number of years, the actions of this agent (or crew as they knew) lessened over time until after twenty years it just disappeared. But, the reputation of the city lived on and it became one of the quietest towns of the West.

One positive result of the death of Maxine was that her little sister took her place as the housekeeper and dear friend of Merilee during all of her child birthing and raising years. And Merilee finally closed the door on those effective efforts with eight little ones in the family. Irene served the family well and gave Wylie another two children to bless his life with.

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I always appreciate the encouragement that I get from you.


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Another well written and well thought out story. I think those western years would have been great times to live in .. Thank You For Writing !

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