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Swinging wife gets her first gang bang
Swinging wife's first gang bang

This is a true story; the names have been changed but the way the encounter occurred is as it happened. There is video which I’ve referred to for accuracy. This story is an account of my swinging wife’s first black gang bang, which we discovered she was really into.

It was about 3:30 on a cold wet Saturday afternoon. Joyce was bored she had gone to the basement to do some ironing, I was attempting to fix an old computer. The door bell rang I yelled to her I’d get it.

I opened the door to a blast of cold air, stand at the door were her newest boyfriend John and a black guy, John introduced him as James. James said hello, I got them in, closed the door as it was freezing outside. John looked at me, “we brought our own drinks”.

I could see they were both more then half way to drunk, “take off your coats sit I’ll open the beer for you”. As I brought two beers John asked, “where’s Joyce”? “In the basement ironing”, it was apparent they really wanted to see her.

The house was completely wired for video in every room, I told them make yourselves at home. I went up stairs to turn on the video equipment so as not to miss any of the action.

They sat for only a few seconds, once Al was upstairs they headed for the basement. Joyce saw John she stopped ironing, she ran up to him put her arms around his neck her tongue was down his throat. His hands grabbed the waistband of her leggings swiftly he pulled them down along with her panties. He started to rub her clit, she started moaning then she saw the black guy. “Who is he”? “Joyce this is James” said John “hi James, hi Joyce”.

John had never stopped rubbing her clit which was not standing up as it loved the attention. John took her over to the couch where they removed her leggings and panties, John continued rubbing her. She was starting to breath heavily from the sexual stimulation her clit was getting. James lifted her sweater unhooked her bra, her nipples were stone hard, he smiled he started sucking one while he rolled the other nipple with his fingers.

Her hips were thrusting up as he continued to gently message her, she felt the burning deep in her pussy. “Baby I’m almost there but I uggggggggg! She felt it shoot through her body, she soaked John hand with pussy juice. She needed a few minutes to calm down enough to talk, the men were both smiling at her.

John asked her, “babe think you’ve got a couple more of those in you”? She gave him a sly smile, “you know I do”.

There concentration was broken as Al yelled “anyone need a drink”? Joyce asked them if they wanted another beer. James spoke to her, “I’d like another beer yes, some of that pussy as well miss Joyce”. She looked at John, “well is it ok with you”?

“Joyce baby we were thinking a great was to have fun on Saturday night would be with a gang-bang, you think you may want to join us”? Joyce sat there for a full minute thinking about it, she stood up put her bra on she grabbed her panties pulling them on as now she was dressed.

She turned to look at them, “well considering I have the pussy it seems you want to use for you gang-bang I think I could work it into my schedule for tonight. I did think that you need more than two cocks to participate in this”. John smiled at her “it does we just wanted to be sure you ok with this. James has two friends who live about 20 minutes from here they have very full nut sacks we could go get them we’d be back by 5 at the latest”. “Well you know how much I enjoy emptying nut sack’s, but I’ve got to check if Al’s good with this. One cock is ok maybe you and James but four”?

“Joyce how about we leave you some pot get him to smoke it he’ll be asleep for more than half the night”. She thought about it, “ok but you go with James I want to sex myself up really hot, please don’t get back until at least 6:30. They were gone in ten minutes.

Joyce went upstairs to see Al, “well baby what do you think”? Al responded,” well I’m not thrilled about it as we only know John, you may get fucked stupid by them”. Joyce gave him a big smile, “I was counting on exactly that”. He looked at her for a few seconds, “ok, go for it but tomorrow don’t bitch about being sore or stretched out”.

She smiled again, “how many times do you think I’ll get fucked”? He thought about it for a moment, “based on John I’d say a minimum of 12 at the very least, it will certainly be a lot of cum”. She giggled “that sounds great to me, she lit the joint handed one to Al took the other one she headed for the bathroom.

Al was at the monitor when the front door bell rang, Joyce grabbed her robe she was heading down the stairs, Al yelled “be careful you have 6” heels on”. She opened the door it was freezing outside she quickly got them in. Once they were in she stepped back the robe fell to the floor. She was standing there in red bra with tight boy shorts that gave a great camel toe look. Red garter with black stockings with black heels. She smiled as she saw bulges in their pants.

“Do you guys like the look”? John looked at her, “Joyce can we go upstairs and get the party started”? Smiling at them all she answered, “sure let’s get this party going”.

Once they were in the room they wasted no time removing her bra, they put three pillows under her head. John was softly rubbing her clit through the sheer material while two guys sucked each of her nipples while she smoked a large joint they had given her. John removed her panties her pussy lips were very wet, she was getting ready. She finished her joint as she put it down she realized John was attempting to jerk her off for everyone’s delight. She started squirming as her pussy was close to exploding. “Uggggggggg fuck meeeee she exploded with an orgasm, pussy juice went everywhere.

She was still panting as John mounted her, his large cock pushed at her pussy lips a gentle push he was in. John was the first man whose cock had penetrated her cervix this kind of sex was beyond deion. All she could do was moan while wiggling her ass in small circles she wanted maximum pleasure. John kept this up for her to have two orgasm, as she was approaching her third he stiffened. She knew what was coming his cock erupted cum was pumping deep in her womb the feeling made her orgasm so hard she creamed on his cock.

He rolled off, she had a huge smile on her face. James got between her legs she looked up at him as he sunk his cock deep into her pussy. His cock was a big as John’s but the cum John had deposited in her plus her pussy juices was a great lubricant. An animal moan came from her as his cock pushed into her womb, my god she thought he may be wider then John. Her pussy was contracting on his cock, the feeling was wonderful she had another two smaller orgasms. His pace had quickened they were both very close, she dug her nails into his shoulders curled her toes, she screamed in erotic sexual pleasure. She realized he must be pumping a quart of cum deep in her.

Her kissed her lips, “than you that was a great fuck John was right your one hot piece of ass”. She kissed him back. He rolled off she now realized there was another guy laying next to her with a very hard cock. He smiled at her, get on babe, what’s your name”? “Tyrell now how about getting on”? without hesitation she rolled on top of him she sank his cock balls deep in her. James was standing on the bed in front of her, so she could suck his cock, which she did gladly.

She had just started getting into it when she felt a pressure at her ass hole, if she hadn’t had a mouthful of cock she would have protested but you can’t talk with a mouthful of cock. The cock went in he held still for her to get used to the feeling. Now the cock in her ass moved deeper and deeper, suddenly she had a wild sensation as both cocks were next to each other separated only by the membrane between canals. Both guys started pumping slowly. The sensation was wonderful every nerve in her body was working overtime all she could do was grunt.

James pushed his cock so far into her throat that you could see the outline of his cock pushing into her throat. She knew she was close to the most sexually charged orgasm of her life, bam it hit with an explosive force causing her to spasm she convulse uncontrollably. Just as she was regaining her senses when she felt another electric shock, rope after rope of hot cum was being pumped into her ass. The cock in her pussy started to pulsate as cum started being pumped into her pussy, the contracting of her pussy muscles caused her ass to milk the cock in it. Now the cock in her mouth shot a large glob down her throat he pulled his cock back he shot four more ropes in her mouth.

She laid there withering as the cock in her ass came out with a plop. She had swallowed all the cum in her mouth, but her lips were sticky. She rolled off spent. The guys all were either laying or standing looking at her. “How do you feel”? asked James. She had a sly smile on her face, “I’m surprised you ask, I’ve just had the most intense sexual experience of my life I’d say I’m ecstatic over it”. Her pussy and ass were leaking cum, John took three fingers put them at her pussy he scoped a big wad of cum. Looking at her he smiled “open wide babe”, she did she swirled the cum around in her mouth then swallowed it.

After about a dozen wads of cum she announced she had to go piss, she asked for her panties put them on told them she be back in a few she went out and directly to Al.

Al was sitting watching the screen as she entered he waved her over to watch. They were telling John she was a great piece of ass, they couldn’t wait for her to get back to keep fucking her. “Joyce I was thrilled that they gave you a DPing”. “Al it was the most incredible sexual experience of my life, I want more”. “Ok but when they leave I want to fuck your ass”, “ok baby”. Then they heard Simon talking to John, he wanted to introduce her to the Mandango group. John got loud no fucken way bro we keep her here for us got it!

“What’s Mandango group”, Asked Joyce. Al shook his head not sure I’ll try to get some info. Again, they heard the guys talking James asked John, “was she an anal virgin”? Since John didn’t know her shook his head beats me? “I sure would have loved to be the one with claiming rights to that ass”. Simon smiled “well if there are claiming rights there mine.

“Joyce get back in there from my point of view there is plenty of cum left for you”. As she turned to leave Al whispered loudly, Joyce baby your squishing cum out of both holes”. She smiled closed the door and went back to the guestroom.

“Guys before we get going again I need a drink, anyone else”? They all agreed a drink was a good idea. She looked around then stared at Simon, “Simon since you took my anal virginity your going to help me carry the stuff back up let’s go”. As they left the room the guys gave him thumbs up.

In the kitchen he turned Joyce towards him, “Joyce I have some friends who would love to meet you, but John says no fucken way, but I think if you met them you’d have a really good time. They belong to a club its call Mandango. She looked at Simon I’ll give you my cell number call me tomorrow afternoon, so we can talk about it”. Simon nodded, “don’t tell John after all he doesn’t own this pussy and you are my anal virgin taker, so we’ll talk”.

The rest of the evening was Joyce getting DPed by different combinations of cock. As they were leaving she whispered to John,” babe I think I’ve swallowed a quart of cum tonight”. He smiled at her “honey I’d like to do this again soon”. She told him, he kissed her, they were all gone.

Al was sitting on the bed the screen was off, “you want my ass honey”, she asked? He turned her around and bent her over, there was a pause. “Joyce you ass is gapping cum is flowing out of both your holes I think I’ll wait time everything goes back to original”. She laughed she headed for the shower.

Sunday at 4 Simon called her, they chatted briefly about the evening, she was annoyed at the way John had bullied the guys about her being his. Now the conversation turned toward his two Mandango friends Rick and Walt. After 20 minutes she agreed to have them over if he came along. He told her he’d come but after the introductions he’d be leaving, as the conversation was ending Al heard her say “yes I really like black cock happy now”? She giggled the conversation was over.

Wednesday afternoon she got out an outfit, Simon had told her to dress in jeans and a nice top until they decided to party. She had the outfit and the sexy outfit ready, Al rolled in at 4:30 they talked she made drinks. The phone rang it was Simon, they would be there in 45 minutes ok she said.

Exactly 45 minutes later two cars pulled up Simon got out of one the other car had two black men. They rang the bell, Joyce opened the door she ushered them in as it was cold. Now Simon made the introductions, she asked if they wanted a drink which they both accepted. Simon declined he told Joyce he had an appointment at 6:30 so he was gone in five minutes.

Both men were educated as they spoke well, Joyce asked about the Mandango club. Rick explained the club was made up of well-endowed black men, they look for woman over 35 who may be able to accommodate their size. If they did then they are invited to join, that meant attending the parties and if you were lucky a vacation to the islands.

Joyce was curious she asked how big are these cocks? The reply was quick in coming, Walt and Rick were 121/2 and 13 the other guys were bigger, and some were smaller. They were on their third drink as Walt asked her “would like to party with us”? She chewed her bottom lip for a few second then with a smile “yes I would if you don’t mind I need about 20 minutes to get ready the stuff is in the kitchen if you want another drink”.

Once she was in the room Al looked at her he told her she was going to be stretched out so the only one’s who could fuck her were these guys she shrugged. Ten minutes later she emerged from the bathroom, pink spandex boy short at least two sizes too small. They showed a great camel toe, a pink lace bra triangle which basically covered her nipples a black garter belt with black stockings. “You think they’ll like the look”? “I’m sure unless there dead”!

She gave him a kiss turned and wiggling her ass more than she needed she left the bedroom. Both guys stood up as she entered the room, “Joyce you look great”, said Walt. “Thanks babe”. They had her sit between them, they started sucking her nipples while massaging her clit which was stand up, she was very wet her breathing was heavy. She suggested they go to the bedroom to start a party.

In the room both guys stripped, her eyes shot wide open at the size of their not yet hard cocks. “Wow you guys weren’t kidding, I hope those things will fit in me”. She laughed, Rick took a small object from his pocket he asked Joyce to pull her panties forward, so they could see her clit. As she did he put a clit bullet on her, the device had a soft buzzing sound but did wonders for her clit. They explained this would get her really wet so getting the large cocks in would be easier they knew this from experience.

After 5 or 6 minutes she felt it coming, she grabbed Walt’s face pulled him close to her stuck her tongue deep in his mouth. Her body shook as her climax hit hard she was leaking pussy juice. Now Rick took his 12 1/2-inch cock put the head at her pussy lips, she looked up at him she nodded yes. He took the bullet off now he pushed the head of his large cock between her pussy lips. As he started pushing in the sensation was beyond deion.

The deeper his cock went the more electric shocks she felt deep within her body. He got to her cervix, with a gentle push he was in her womb. He started pumping with a slow deep rhythm every time he pushed down she would push her hips up to meet the downward stroke, the feeling was beyond belief. He pumped her for at least 8 or 9 minutes she lost count of the number of orgasms she had. She looked into his eyes as he had a strange look on his face, a second later she was rewarded with what seemed like a quart of hot cum being pumped into her womb. The sensations caused the most violent orgasm she had ever had.

It too several minutes to stabilize her breathing. Walt was sitting at the edge of the bed smiling she looked at Rick, “well how did I do”? “For my money great you took all 12 ½ inches I hope your pussy feels as good as my cock”? Walt was sitting at the edge of the bed, “Joyce look at your stomach your womb is so full of cum it’s distended”, said Walt. All three looked, Walt was right, suddenly they her a whoosh sound as cum started flowing out of her pussy it took a few seconds, but her stomach went back to normal.

She looked at Walt, “well are we going to see if 13 is my lucky number”? Walt got between her legs she was quite wet, so the head went in easier, as he got to her womb she knew this was going to be even better as he wasn’t as wide as Rick, but his cock would go deeper. He sank the last two inches in her, “oh fuck meeeeeee uggggggg”! She came pussy juice flowing out of her all over his cock and the bed.

He kept pumping for several minutes, she lost track of everything but the explosions coming from deep in her pussy. Just as she was building up to god only knows what number of orgasm she had had he grunted, hot cum flowed out of his cock deep into her. Once again, her belly bulged as he filled her womb with hot cum.

He rolled off her she lay there, her pussy still seeping cum from the first encounter. After a minute or so she realized nothing had come out yet, she still had a bump in her tummy but no cum flowed out of her. Rick chuckled “babe if your expecting cum to flow out any minute forget it Walt’s sperm is like pancake batter it probably will take two days before its completely out of you”.

She looked at her belly, “it gives a girl a nice warm feeling I have to admit”. Sweet heart how about some cock sucking and cum swallowing”? Joyce rolled over she grabbed Walt’s cock “I’m going to get some cum direct from this big guy I’ll be curious to see how thick it really is”. The guys laughed, she could only get the cock head and two inches or there about in her mouth due to his size. It took her a while but finally he blasted cum in her mouth, Rick was right the stuff was thick she kept swallowing, but he kept cumming. She looked at him “baby it’s like pancake batter do you think it will every ooze out”? “Oh, it will ooze out in time but until it does you’ll be thinking of my cock often”. She sat for a moment, “your right hon, Rick want a blow job”?

Half an hour later she had given her second blow job, she was literally covered in cum. The guys were getting dressed to leave, she pulled on her panties for all the good it would do. “Well gentleman what do you think”? Walt handed her a piece of paper, he turned his phone on, he motioned for her to speak.

“Hello members my name is Joyce, I have been interviewed by Rick and Walt who asked me to join your exclusive club. I accepted as you guys now have another black cock cum loving member, I’m looking forward to meeting some of you soon”. He turned off the phone as they headed for the door, it was well after 11 she knew Al would be tired.

In the bedroom Al sat there staring at the monitor, as she came in he looked at her, “come here I want to see your belly”! She stood in front of him sure enough it was distended they were right she was full of hot thick cum. “That was quite a performance tonight got any plans or anything you want to say”? She thought about it for several seconds, “yes I can’t wait to have more of them over here as soon as possible”. Al looked at her, “ok”.


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What a HUGE BULLSHIT!ABSOLUTELY NO COCK(human or non-human,as the IDIOT who comments above pretends) CAN PENETRATE A WOMAN'S CERVIX!Learn at least SOME LITTLE HUMAN ANATOMY before writing UTTERLY NONSENSE!And to claim that this IS a "true story",it's TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!it's NOTHING MORE THAN A NONSENSICAL FANTASY!


2018-12-23 15:30:22
What a HUGE BULLSHIT!ABSOLUTELY NO COCK(human or non-human,as the IDIOT who comments above pretends) CAN PENETRATE A WOMAN'S CERVIX!Learn at least SOME LITTLE HUMAN ANATOMY before writing UTTERLY NONSENSE!And to claim that this IS a "true story",it's TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!it's NOTHING MORE THAN A NONSENSICAL FANTASY!

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2018-10-10 15:33:04
I quite like this , the only cock.thats gone through my cervix belonged to a Rhodesian Ridgeback

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2018-10-10 15:32:52
I quite like this , the only cock.thats gone through my cervix belonged to a Rhodesian Ridgeback

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