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Just a Saturday morning meeting
When I arrived as per usual the text message read "unlocked". This meant that she was up and moving around. Which is just fine by me. I quickly climbed the 3 flights of stairs which was always annoying and quietly opened the door and scanned the apartment to see if her adult daughter was visible. I didn't want to get a view of anything unexpected. I made a bee line to her bedroom and I was greeted at the double doors by my fine chocolate MILF. She stands about 5'4" beautiful smile and thick. I kiss her and walk to my side of the bed and undress. I tell her that I'm gonna use the restroom and take a shower. It's a routine of mine that she is very familiar with. She nods approvingly and continues to straighten up her bedroom. After my shower I exit the restroom and dry off my body with a towel and lie back on the the bed. She hands me an extra pillow and which I greatly appreciate and says "I'm going to shower also, but I wont take too long". By this time I'm already scrolling through the internet on my phone and respond without looking up. "That's fine, take your time". I like to let her see me lying naked on her bed.

She once told me that she liked to see me this way and I do it for this very reason. My semi hard cock lays across my groin and my hairy balls sit low between my legs. I leave her with this view as she enters the bathroom and closes the door. "I'm sure she locked the door". I think to myself. That's because she is just used to living by herself and her paranoia is on auto pilot. I continue to look at the days headlines and silly videos on the web. And after a few minutes she exits the restroom and is drying herself off with the towel. When I glance up she is smiling at me and we chat lightly while she is getting ready. She informs me that she found the KY jelly behind the bed and we both have a laugh about it. And I see her putting on her socks which isn't odd at this point because that's just how she likes it. That's when I know we are about to get started. It's the calm before the storm. She climbs towards me on the bed and immediately goes after my cock which isn't hard just yet. She says that she likes to feel it growing inside her mouth. She also likes to cuddle between my legs while sucking me and then reaches over to turn her phone off. She brings my left foot upwards between her legs and grinds on my foot while squeezing her legs together. I indicate to her that I want to know when she is coming, which can be done multiple times throughout our time together, by tapping me with her hand. As we don't want to rude or loud.

As expected she chooses to tap the lower part of the shaft of my cock as the orgasms start to wave more and more. She can come 5 or 6 times this way just buy sucking my dick and with the added sensation of my foot between her legs, she will have even more. I can feel the tightness of her throat and the saliva drip down my inner thigh and collect near my anus. I run the side of her face and tell her to bite my cock. Which she loves to do and a lightning rod of pain shoots through my body. I clench my teeth as not to make a sound and I am relieved when she let's go. She is really good at this. I grab her head an fuck her mouth roughly as the spit and her tongue go back and forth. I ask her if she wants to sit on my face and grind pussy on my tongue and with my cock down her throat she somehow makes a sound that I believe to be a yes. I release her and after what seemed to be a rhythm of tapping at the base of my hard and erect cock. I let climb up my body and squat down onto my chest an mouth. Her clit is hard and erect and I lick and suck on it and she grinds her whole body on my face. She isn't worried about me as I am not a small man and can take her whole body in any way she wants. It turns her on that she doesn't have to be careful with me and go as rough as she can. The wetness of all the times that she came while sucking my cock is the first thing I taste as she sits on my face and I proceed to clean up the mess that she has made previously while also in affect creating more pussy juice in the process. It's a great back and forth that we both enjoy. I like giving control over to her and she is really good at making the most of it. And she can usually last awhile before she cant take it anymore and climbs off my face only to kiss and lick my mouth clean. Now that this has happened it's time to get to the sex which is when I take back control and instruct her to turn her body away from me and straddle my right leg and ride my cock from behind.

In this position she is able to control how much and how deep my cock will go inside her and the tempo of our sex. She always chooses to take my cock a deep as possible. Trying desperately to fit all of the length and thickness of my penis as far inside her as possible she grabs the bottom of my foot which is pointed outwards to the door and laces her fingers together and clamps down for leverage which allows her to create a rhythm of sex that will leave her exhausted and sore for the next couple of days. I take this opportunity to explore her body in a way that makes her feel dirty and probed in her deepest and most private of parts. I glance at the clock to see what time is it. And how long have we been fucking. Because I can go at it this way for an hour easily. I use my left thumb to press against her anus. And she can feel the pressure of a double penitetraton. She is licking my lower right leg towards my shin area and moaning as lowly as she can. We continue like this for a few more songs until I feel the pressure of my penis indicating that I'm about to cum. I weigh my options and decide to cum, but only a small amount so that that way I can have more for the next round.

After we finished and I lay back and relaxed. She decided to clean up the mess that she helped make below my waist. But she chose to use her mouth and tongue as her options. So, ever so deliberately she licked up all the cum and fluids taking care to move my cock and underneath my sack. I've always thought this was her own personal way of saying thank you. I then layed on my stomach and spoke about her performance and how much I loved it. She then told me that earlier in her life she had a problem of being too wet for most men, and how some where turned off by her wet panties and it could be a problem for some of them. Well, it wasn't a problem for me and soon it started to turn me on and this is where I turned her on her back and began to feed her more and more of my cock while she was on her back with her legs spread out and once I was sure the she was good and adjusted enough I began to give her long and hard strokes that caused her to cum and talk dirty about how my cock was making her feel. While gripping her ankles high and wide for the best angle of thrusting my rock hard cock in and out of her, I am able to keep this pace for another 8 or 9 songs which allows me to really enjoy these moments. I can match the rhythm of the song sometimes. But because of my size and l am no longer a young man it takes a toll on me after a while and i'm able to take a break and get right back to it. Once a former girlfriend's mother taught me this technique I was hooked. While taking a break and laying on my stomach she started to spread my legs and open my asshole and eat my asshole out until I was ready to fuck again.

I got up and pounded her fat hairy pussy that was originally tight and wet and now the thickness of my cock was no longer a problem. She encouraged me on as I stroked her insides and when I told her that I was gonna cum again she begged me for it. "Oh yes! Please give me that cum baby" was all I heard and I hammered her pussy roughly. As a surprise I came inside her not as deeply as I normally would because I leaned down and slurped up my cum out of her pussy and then climbed up her body to meet her mouth and gave her the cum for her to swallow. Afterwards she made some phone calls and I took the opportunity to get dressed and ready to leave.
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