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This is a true story telling what happened after a long week at work. It happened a few years ago, but still look back and get a little twitch......
Luckily, depending on how you see it, I was single and living alone when this happened.

Its Saturday evening and after another 60 something hour week, there was only one place for me to go, home. I was so happy to finally walk through the front door. I was tired, hungry, in need of a shower and wanted to sit, relax and enjoy a beer! Before I knew it I fresh from the shower and sat watching a crap film on TV, sipping an ice cold beer and devouring some much needed food. Bliss..... However before long I was falling asleep and on my way to bed.

The following morning I woke very late, but felt fresh and happy. Breakfast, gym and shower was the order for the day. Then I could relax and find something or someone to enjoy.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, I was single and living alone back when this happened so life regularly took random turns. I had a good job, which for the most I enjoyed, but at times it did leave me with little or no energy and time to socialise. It had been 3 or 4 weeks since I'd last been intermit with someone and that afternoon I found myself a little bored and horny. So, I decided to scan my favourite porn site and see what new videos where listed. 30 mins or so later, after watching a verity of different types of hot videos I found myself eager for physical contact. Within seconds I was logged into my favourite swingers web site and started to see who was on line and what meets where listed for the day.

Soon after logging-in, I had exchanged few message with friends and heard about there naughty-weekend fun. But that just left me more worked up and frustrated. Then I received a message from an old friend Called Rob. He was back in town after a several months working away. At first the conversation was quite normal, updating each other about our family, friends and the stresses of work etc. Unsurprisingly the conversation soon wondered to the topic of sex. We chatted about our meetings with others from our swingers site and drunken nights out.

While chatting, I had continued to scroll the list of videos and found a few interesting ones I knew he would enjoy watching. I sent a link and waited for his comment. The first video was of a good looking couple making out and her enjoying the cream-pie finish. He liked it but said, "it was a little tame". The next was a threesome. It was a bit more extreme and finished with the lady enjoying a good facial from both men. He was much more interested in this one, but wanted something more. He also commented on the two men and how good looking one was and his large and juicy cock. So for the next video I changed Genre. I sent him one of thee men. All where mid twenties, slim with toned shaven bodies. This pricked his attention nicely.

He was soon telling me about he's growing cock and how he'd like to join them. My cock was already hard and straining the material of my shorts, eager to be released and pleasured! He quickly asked for another video. The next video was again a step further. This one again had three men, but one was blindfolded and naked on all fours in the middle of the room, but had been tied in such away he couldn't really move. His legs where spread so we could see his cock and balls hanging down, and his ass was on view for all to see!

Two men walked in and stood either side of him. They quickly knelt and started running there figures along and around his naked body. He wriggled and jump with surprise and anticipation as there hands moved to unexpected areas of his hot and toned body. The movie jump to the next scene and the two men where leaning across our naked sub kissing passionately. However the next scene was fair more interesting. One of our men was behind our sub. He had pulled the subs checks open and was eagerly tonging his freshly shaven hole. The sight of this had me and Rob drooling! Comments of how we would love to be involved in anyway where agreed.

The video continued with the sub having a butt-plug inserted. At this point I couldn’t resist the temptation to give my own ass a little of the attention it craved, and teasingly shared this with Rob. As the video progressed and jumped forward the sub was giving one a BJ while the other was deep in his ass. The sight and sounds coming from the men being recorded where intoxicating. The video finished with the man receiving the BJ firing the first few jets of cum down the subs throat, then aiming the last few across his face, what a horny sight…. I just wanted to lick the cum of him! The man at the other end was now pounding hard and grunting. He came heavily and filled his ass with ever drop of his cum.

After a short time he slowly removed his tasty glistening cock from the subs ass and the camera moved in close. The sight of the subs gapping ass pulsating was awesome. Cum starting oozing from him and slowly trickling down his cock and balls. A few seconds later the video finished, I was gutted.

Rob started sending message saying how much he enjoyed the video and how he’d like to experience something like that. My response took him a little by surprise. I told him I would have loved to have been the sub. But if someone was to do the to me I’d insist they gave my gapping ass some loving attention with there tongue as a thank-you! There was a small pause, then a massage simple saying, “OK”.

The next message said, “are you free now”? Of course I was free and would have never turned him away but I kept it cool and asked what he was thinking.

He started sending detailed messages about how he would like to walk in and find me. What he would like to do to me, how I should responded and what I should do to him. Bloody hell, Rob was so horny and gagging to get to me. So it was agreed we would meet at mine a few hours later at 18:00.

Now it was winter when this happened and it goes dark early where we lived. Some of the things messaged for several reasons couldn’t happen but the general theme was sorted. My cock was rock hard, my head was spinning and I kept getting nervous. This wasn’t my first man on man meeting but this was somehow different.

I showered and prepped myself for the evening head. 6 o’clock just couldn’t come quick enough. A few minutes before Rob was due to arrive I moved through the house to where I said I would meet him. Now to set the scene, I was about to let a man I’ve not seen for over six months do his worst or best depending how you see it….. I was completely naked and bent over on all fours, with legs spread wide. Nothing to unusual I hear you say, however, I was positioned half way down the stairs. I had turned the lights of so it was dark enough to reduce detail but not to dark make out where I was and how I was presenting myself. Moments later the door open and I heard him walk in, my heart started thumping in my chest. As agreed I did not turn around or speak.

I heard some shuffling and whispered words but no detail. All I could think about was how and where he would first touch me. I was still worked up from the videos we’d watched earlier and my ass and cock where craving attention.

What seemed like a life time pasted and then it happened! I felt his figure gentle slide up the back of my right thigh. Even though his touch was expected it sent electric shocks up my spine!

Rob continued gentle caressing my legs, working up across my butt and long my back. God it felt good. I wriggled as he caressed and tickled me gently. Slowly his figures started moving closer to my eagerly waiting ass, cock and balls. Teasingly passing closer and closer till he allowed his finger tip to pass straight-over my wanting ass. It was like lightening shooting through me. My hole was more sensitive than ever before and I was grateful for the attention. Rob began rubbing my hole directly and started pushing the tip of his finger in. I moaned with appreciation and resisted with all my will not to push back.

While working my ass open with his finger I felt Robs left hand move to my balls. He was a strong man with large hands and made me wince a little as he pulled and squeezed me. By now Rob had worked his thick finger further into me, I could feel his knuckle opening my ring and his finger bend inside.

Robs left hand slide lower and grasped the shaft of my cock. He started to slowly slide his hand along the length of my cock until he reached the tip. I was so excited pre-cum was oozing freely. Rob circled his hand around my bell and and spread it along my shaft using it as a lubricant. He then gathered a small amount on the end of one finger and pressed it to my lips. God it was good, I wanted, no needed more of that sweet-salty nectar.

Rob moved back behind me, left hand moving gently up and down my shaft. I felt Robs finger pull out of my ass. I was gutted. But quickly felt the warm touch of his lips and tongue. He expertly moved his tongue around my now relaxed hole and started to ease his tongue inside. I could feel the lubricating effect of his saliva allowing him deeper access. Then without warning my ass started to burn. It had been several months since my last anal session and when he forced his two big fingers in I couldn’t help moan and wince out load. I moved forward but he simply pulled me back. He wanted me to feel his fingers and hell did I……

Rob pushed slowly until I could feel his knuckles and fingers pressing against my butt cheeks. His fingers could go no deeper! He left them there for a for seconds then started to slowly withdraw. Just as his finger tips where teasing my ring, again he forcefully pushed them back all the way in. He repeated this for several minuets, but each time he pulled out he added more saliva.

I thought I knew exactly what he had planned, not that it spoiled or limited my excitement. However what did happen next was totally unexpected. Rob started to move, his fingers vacated my now well and truly open hole. He leaned into me and asked in his deep voice, “would you like to prove what a good cock sucker you are”? All I could manage in response was a knob of my head and a slight whimper of yes!

I felt him stand behind me, and listened with poor lust and excitement as I heard his clothes being removed and drop to the floor. Moments latter his naked body squeezed passed and positioned itself on the step in front. In the dim light I couldn’t see everything, but what I could see was wonderful. I had been presented with a rock hard cock I guessed was 7 1/2 inches long, 3 inches in diameter and uncut, just how I prefer. With his big balls hanging nicely beneath. I hate old man saggy balls drooping low…. However the best bit was the tasty looking bead of pre-cum oozing from him. I lifted my head and let my tongue reach out. As my tongue touched him for the first time his cock twitched. The bead of pre-cum lengthened as more was forced out. As I licked my was up his shaft and was close to the head I felt the dripping cum land on my cheek. I twisted my head a little more and moved my tongue to the opening at the end of his cock. I flicked my tongue around his slit several times trying to gather as much pre-cum as I could. As I pulled back, I closed my mouth and eagerly swallowed his salty discharge. The taste and smell of his pre-cum and cock was intoxicating.

After savouring the moment for a few seconds I returned to pleasuring the cock in front of me. I licked up and down his shaft, each time circling the sensitive ring around the head of his cock. He was moaning with pleasure but I wanted to give him more. I tilted my head and traced my lips and tongue down his shaft until I felt his inner thigh on my cheek. I then let my tongue and lips find his balls. I kissed and licked him then opened my mouth and sucked one of his balls into my hot-wet mouth. I felt him twitch and heard a satisfied moan. He was happy.

After several minutes of pleasuring he’s balls I was now desperate to have him fill my mouth. I lifted my head and placed my tongue just under the head of his cock. Then placing my lips against him, I slowly opened my mouth and allowed him to slip slowly and gently into me. I kept moving until he was deep in my mouth. I paused, took a breath then kept going. Ive never been very good at deep throating but was determined to have him feel the deepest part of my throat I could manage. Inevitably the head of his cock hit a point and I gagged. He moaned loud and pushed his hips forward. I gagged again. All the time I could feel and taste more of his salty pre-cum filling my mouth. A mix of saliva and pre-cum was dripping from my mouth, no matter how much I tried I just couldn’t swallow it all.

I lifted my head and began to work my mouth up and down his shaft, concentrating on the sensitive ring around the head. I was eager to have him cum. I wanted to smell and taste his salty load.

But what happened next was totally unexpected! While concentrating on the cock in my mouth I suddenly felt hands on my ass. At first I thought it was Rob, but quickly realised his hands where rubbing my head and shoulders! It was some one else. WTF was happening. There was only two people in my house. I tried to move but I was held in place. Then I heard Robs voice coming from behind me. My mind was running wild. If Rob was behind me holding my butt cheeks, who’s cock was in my mouth?

Rob started talking, “you told me you would like to be the sub”. I had no idea what to do or think, but as Rob pointed out I never stopped sucking and pleasuring the cock in my mouth. I felt Robs thick fingers rub my ass. I moaned loudly as Rob started pushing two fingers back into my still wet and relaxed hole. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Part of me was blown away be the dirtiness of what I was doing and how I’d been tricked, but I was also a little embarrassed for being caught out acting like a cock hungry whore I was.

Rob stopped working his fingers in my ass. He reached down and scooped up some of my dripping pre-cum and rub it into my hole using it as lubricant. I knew what was coming next but it didn’t stop me from being excited and a little nervous. My ass hadn’t been used for sometime so knew there would be some pain. But I so badly wanted to feel my ring being stretched.

The feeling I experience as the soft tip of Rob’s hard cock pushes against me and ever so slightly opens my ring is awesome. I feel him push harder and the pain builds. The larger bulbous part of his cock is moving further in and he’s starting to stretch my ring. I stopped moving my head, but can feel this strangers cock resting close to the back of my throat. I moaning more and more, as Rob pushes harder. I’m dribbling more saliva and pre-cum mix down my chin and on to his taste cock and balls.

Robs again pushes. I wince, moan loudly and jump forward. The cock in my mouth shoots back and I gag, I move back and again the pain builds as Rob is inadvertently driven further in! I feel my ring stretch and his bell end slips in and my ring tightens around the main shaft of his cock. Thankfully he stop and gives me a second to recover.

We are all frozen like statues and the burning sensation starts to ease. Rob pulled back, paused and push forward. The pain builds a little but he quickly pulls back again. He starts rocking his hips back and forth, moving slightly deeper with each stroke. The burn slowly disappears and I start to relax and enjoy it. I can feel the head of his cock driving deeper into me. God it feels good. His speed increases as he fucks me deeper and tells me to start sucking the cock in my mouth. Somehow, I’d forgotten about the Juicy hard cock my lips stretched around.

My head started bobbing up and down again, and the stranger moaned in appreciation. By now Rob was almost balls deep and I could feel his balls swing into me. Without warning Rob tighten his grip on me hips. He pulled me back and pushed forward, he was home. His body was pressed tight against mine. His big cock was as deep as it could go and it was as much I could take……

He paused for a moment then started rocking his hips back and forth, telling me he was going to “fuck me hard and fill me with his cum”. I love dirty talk and being used, and with what was happening I felt like a total cock slut but a very happy cock slut.

Robs next instructions where easy to follow, he said “ make that cock explode, we want to see you swallow his load”. I moaned and nodded my agreement and worked a little faster. The stranger started to moan his appreciation while Rob approved of my enthusiasm. Before long both men where talking dirty, saying what a good cock slut I was. The stranger started to lift his hips, he was getting close. He moaned I cumming and I could feel his balls and cock tighten. The first rope of his hot cum started to fill my mouth. The second was more powerful and hit the back of my throat, I gagged and had to pull back. The third hit my lips but couldn’t keep it all in my mouth. The final few jets shot across my face, with some landing in my eye. I must have looked like a total whore as I licked what I could into my mouth and savoured the flavour.

This pushed Rob over the edge. He started to fuck me really hard. I moaned and grunted with ever push forward. I felt the contraction in his cock as his cum began to fill me. I could feel the warmth from his jets of cum hit my insides, my head was spinning.

Rob eventually slowed his thrusts and paused pressing deep into me, no one moved or spoke. I had my head resting on the strangers leg with his softening cock leaning against my cheek. Eventually Rob spoke and said, before what comes next you should show your appreciation and clean his cock. My head was still spinning, and as much as I didn’t want to I started licking and sucking his cock and balls clean. Once he was satisfied he stood and moved passed me down the stairs.

Rob withdraw his cock and I found myself half pleased half upset. After the nice hard fucking I had just received I had become use to the feeling of being full, and for whatever reason I always get a strange sensation in my body as the cock or toy I’m impaled on is removed. And if I'm honest, I would have found it hard to say no to another pounding.

As Rob stood and stepped back I must have been right a sight. Head down, arse up, legs wide open with my gapping ass on show for all to see with a combined of our juices leaking from me. My mind was running wild and I could feel my face burn with embarrassment.

Rob instructed me to turn round and sit back on the stairs with my legs spread wide. Rob was stood a few steps down partly blocking my view of the stranger, who was stood in the shadows by the front door. I could see he was a taller man with an average build, but no more.

Rob now made it clear that it was my turn to cum, and this was to be my reward for preforming so well. My head was spinning, I had all sorts of images flashing in my mind of what was about to happen and given the unexpected events of that evening I had no idea what was expected of me.

Rob spoke softly but firmly. I was to put on a little show for the men before they left. I hesitated feeling exposed and embarrassed unsure if I wanted to do what was asked. But the thought of what just happened was flashing in my mind and I thought, “what the hell”…….

I reached down with my left hand and started playing with my sensitive ass. My ring was still relaxed and my two fingers slid in without much resistance. I slowly twisted my fingers testing my limits. Any pain quickly eased, so started pumping my fingers in and out building speed and veracity. Once my fingers where well covered I quickly brought them up to my mouth and elaborately devoured the sticky liquid. My eyes where closed and my mind was concentrating on my own pleasure, but in the distance I could hear both men talk complementing my actions.

I reached down with my right hand grabbing my rock hard shaft. I started with long slow strokes, knowing I wouldn’t last long. My left hand moved down to play with my balls before returning to my ass. For whatever reason I have always cum faster and hard with a finger gently playing just inside my ass.

I started to build speed pumping my cock faster, before long I could feel my balls starting to tighten and that pulsing sensation in my cock. Large ropes of hot cum started to spray over me. My chest and stomach where soon covered. I removed my left hand for my ring and again sucked them clean for my two guest.

My right hand slowed and I let my cock go. I lay, eyes closed head back covered in my own spunk, breathing heavy trying to recover. I jumped as I felt a hand touch me. I lifted my head to find Rob circling his finger around the head of my cock. Once happy he lifted his finger to his mouth and sucked it clean, moaning softly enjoying the taste. He repeated this action but instead of eating my cum himself he stepped back and fed it to the stranger.

My head fell back still spinning trying to make sense of what had just happened. I could hear the men moving around then the front door opened. I opened my eyes and looked towards where they had been stood. Now dressed and ready to leave, Rob thanked me for an awesome evening, turned and left.

The stranger left without speaking, I never did see him properly or get his name!
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