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Hey ted and Kimberly here we are ready for anything
My wife and I have been married for 15 years.we have two kids and a great life.But our sex life was pretty boring so we thought we would try to spice it up a little.we were childhood sweethearts and have never been with anyone else. I am a good looking guy and she is a knockout short maybe 4’10 short legs Beautiful teardrop ass that hangs low and baseball size tits that point up ! Long dark brown hair lose curls and a little bit of a lazy eye not much just enough to make her look sexy as hell ! We talk about maybe trying something like swinging or threesomes.I told her I would love to see her get fucked with a big cock because I am well below average in size.I want to see her face as she struggles to take a big dick ! She said she would try it because she had never had anything that big going in her but she had big babies coming out! I ask her how she felt about a black guy and she said she would like to try it because she heard that they were pretty good in bed! She said she would also like to try it with another woman! She said we can give it a try but most have rules like we only swing together and only once or twice a month! So I said cool it’s on like donkey Kong ! We began searching swinger sites and liked a.f.f. We looked and looked and finally found a few couples we found we contact them and communicate with them for couple of weeks they seem pretty cool so we set up a date ! From their profile they were A interracial Couple! They said they like to help newbies get started in the lifestyle! Very easy going and anyway a little about us I am a white gentleman of 38 years wife is white and 30 years name is Ted and my beautiful wife Kimberly.His name was Benny he is 33 year old black man and Melissa his girlfriend is 40 years old she is very white redhead with a few freckles her feet were pink on the bottom and her palms also.So we set a date for Saturday.we decided we would meet at a the lounge at the holiday inn. Didn’t know if we would hit it off or not but we reserved a room with a king size bed just to make sure. The big night was here Kim’s mom came over to watch the kids. We drove to the bar Kimberly was wearing a business suit those type of pants make her butt stick out ! I wore jeans and a nice shirt. We got there and went inside and got a table.They arrived and saw us and came on over Benny was Wearing a business suit how ironic LOL Melissa was wearing jeans and a nice shirt unbelievable. We talked and had a few drinks had a pretty good time. We all decided would take it to the next level and go up to our room and smoke a J. We made a few drinks and sit down at the table and joked and laughed a little bit when he pulled out a little cocane and some free base rock. He said we can Take a couple of Viagra do a couple of lines get to know each other and if things get heated up we can hit that freebasing go at it so we did. Kimberly and Melissa started playing around touchy-feely Kissing. Benny Whispered to me watch Melissa go to work!Melissa Took Kimberly to the bed they started kissing and undressing each other she took Kim’s shoes off and held up her feet . She said look they are so small maybe size 4 wide at the toes and started licking and sucking her toes and feet! That was hot as hell. Then she Took off Kim’s panties raising her legs and inspected her thoroughly she looks good dark purple pussy lips and Beautiful dark purple Virgin asshole and dark brown bush !she started licking like crazy. Kimberly was in Heaven Melissa asked her if she had ever tasted another woman before she said no but she wanted to try it.And with that she told Kim to get off the bed and get on her knees. Melissa lay on at the end of the bed and held out her feet for Kim to lick. Kimberly said Ted likes for me to keep my shoes on all day so he can lick them when they are hot and sweaty. So Melissa call me over and ask if I would like to suck her toes ! She told Kimberly to make her way up her leg to her honey hole. Kimberly started licking her pussy and said oh yeah you taste great I never tasted another pussy before only my own.melissa told Kim to lick asshole and Benny to come over here and get necked so Kim can see what she has to work with. I took Kim’s place licking Melissa’s little pink asshole.then I heard Kimberly say oh my god ! I turned around and looked and said god damn that’s a big dick ! I’ve seen black guys in porn with big dicks but they are always hanging down or just half hard but not this mother fucker! That thing stood straight up ! It was at least 12or13 inches the head wasn’t that big but after a couple of inches it got fat! He said go ahead you can feel it and try to suck it if you like.Kim said look Ted that thing is big as my arm and bigger around holding her arm up beside it !she said well I am already on my knee’s she started licking and stroking it and kissing the head of it. Kimberly said I want see how much I can get in my mouth so she started sliding in and out of her mouth ! The sounds it made was driving me crazy I said gag on that big cock baby! Then she looked up at Benny and said I want you to fuck my face! Benny got two handfuls of her curly brown hair and started pumping away Kimberly’s mouth was stretched as far as it would go.He told her when you start to gag swallow. She had a couple of inches in her throat you could see it.Her lipstick was smeared all over her face and the tears and her eye make up we’re running down her cheeks she look like a real slut and it turned me on so much I almost came right there. He then picked her up and lay her down on the end of the bed and raised her legs high in the air and began to lick pussy and asshole. Melissa said fuck me ted I want Kim to lick your cum out of my pussy! Kimberly had her feet up in the air almost all night. Melissa moved to the edge of the bed got on her knees with her ass high and said put it in my tight little pussy and to my surprise it was very tight I whisper to her do you take his big dick ? She said hell no he pays my bills and give’s me coke ! And I find him little white housewives to destroy with that massive cock! And with Kimberly moaning and tight pussy I let a big load in that cunt . She said I will feed this to Kim and then we will get down closer to watch Benny try to fuck your wife !Melissa kissed Kimberly and said I want you to lick your husbands cum out of my cunt and then share it with me.then she straddled Kim’s face and Kim started licking and sucking when she got her all cleaned up Melissa started kissing her and Started swapping cum back and forth damn it was hot! Benny said y’all come on down here if you want to see me stretch this pussy out ! So we did Benny ask me it I wanted to put it in I said sure that’s what we’re here for lol Kimberly looked at Benny and said you can have me anyway you want me! I am yours you own me now! He said even in your asshole? She said anything you want ! I said wow she never let me fuck her in the ass ! Maybe a finger or Thumb if she’s Doggystyle so I grabbed his cock and rubbed it on her pussy lips and guided it into the hole ! She took three quick breaths as he was sliding it in.she said fuck me fuck me fuck me with that big black dick ! Ram it in my pussy Benny said y’all hold her legs back then he drove it home. And started pumping like a mad man. Kimberly was screaming oh god oh god it’s killing me oh shit I ask if she was ok between breathing hard and saying filthy words she said it hurts like hell but it feels like heaven please don’t stop I want to have your baby you can take me anytime you want me ! After he beat the shit out of her cunt and she had two or three orgasms he said it’s time to take that asshole you guys hold her legs back further in the storage to put the head in her asshole that she was screaming I can’t take it so he took out his bag of coke and rub some on the rim of her asshole and told me lube my dick up and put in her ass you can get that asshole loosened up a little then I will make her asshole big! So I did what he said and her asshole is so good she said it felt great inside now that the rem is numb!benny put 4 big rocks on 4 Stems and gave us each one he told us to take a big hit and hold it in as long as you can then blow it out and do it again! After the first hit Kimberly said it feels like I’m shooting straight up at the sky at 1000 miles an hour I think we all dead so we hit the second here and wow was we high ! He lay Kimberly back down on the end of the bed and put his hands on the back of her thighs and pushed them back where her feet was over her head and said Guide me in I got his big dick it was heavy to and on my beautiful wife’s asshole and he Slipped it in a little deeper each Pump Kimberly was Melanie and say it feels so good to please ram it in all the way and make me yours please make my asshole big! So he did he fuck her hard for at least two hours her asshole was bleeding a little! Melissa told me to fuck her ass I did but I did not last very long I shot off in her asshole and we watched Benny Demolish Kimberlys asshole when he came Melissa y’all help her up so she can squat over my face Kimberly could Barely stand up so we held onto her as Melissa lay on the floor Kimberly squat over her face and she started sucking her asshole and it was gaping wide She suck all the cum out of her asshole and said lay her down and Alyssa squat over Kim’s mouth and pushed my cum out of her ass into Kimberly’s mouth and the they started kissing and swapping cum it ended with cum all over there faces and hair on there neck and tits they never looked so Beautiful ! Our friends went home we stayed the night there Kim said she had the best time of her life we want to get together with them again and maybe some more Kim said she might even do a gangbang wait for that ! Kimberly said that for the next week every time she sit down she thought of Vinny LOL to be continued


2018-10-15 12:40:03
She said that she said it in the heat of passion. I think she’s in love with that big dick ! she has never been fucked like that before and it made her crazy for black men ! Check out the Continued story coming out today thanks for the like and the question will be glad to answer any and all thank you


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Sounds like a nice introduction to the lifestyle,
was Kimberley serious about wanting to have Benny's baby baby ?

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