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"Play with yourself as you watch baby," Cheri cooed. "I want to watch you at the same time."
My sister and I had never done much of anything sexual when we were growing up together.

Of course we had seen each other naked and maybe we had fooled around a little bit, but it was strictly kids stuff. We had masturbated together and kissed and rubbed each others tits but we had never gone down on each other. This would change soon when we moved in together.

Cheri was two years older than me. When she finished college, she moved to San Francisco to work and live. She wrote to me a lot while she was away and when I finished college I moved to San Francisco too. We got an apartment together and really became close. We used to sit together in the evenings and talk to each other about our days, she and I would take turns brushing each others hair. Just doing all the little things for each other that just make you feel really good.

She told me about the lesbian experiences that she had been engaging in since moving to the city. She told me that there was nothing like making love to another woman. She still fucked guys, and was not really gay-she just did it with another woman for the hell of it. She was having a lot of sex. This was in the late sixties and I guess just about everyone else was having sex. We were wearing mini skirts and going braless. It was a time of experimentation for both of us.

One night she asked me if I wanted to masturbate with her. She showed me some porno magazines that had pictures of women sucking each other off. I had never seen anything like it and it made me really wet. She had been out and had been drinking a little. She was really giggly and loose. She took her blouse off and her pert 36c breasts swung into view. then she kissed me on the mouth. Instinctively, I put my tongue into her mouth and she sucked on it as if it was a cock. My pussy opened up like a little flower and I felt juice running down my thighs.

She and I are both a little chubby. We both have big tits and thick legs. Guys go crazy over us though, so I guess we are not to fat.

Anyway, she got me hot and I took off my T-shirt. We drank some wine as we talked about sex and looked the magazines.

"Lets do it," she whispered. "I'm hot. Who's going to know? Come on, baby. Just you and me going at it. You want to play sucko-fucko?"

The nonsense words that came from her mouth turned me on as much as the sight of her licking her lips. The wine had loosened me up and I felt like fucking. We both stripped off and got on the floor. I rubbed my titties until they contracted and were as hard as pebbles. My eyes locked with hers as she began to lick around my inner thighs. I gasped as her tongue hit my clit. I began to squirm as she shoved her face into my crotch and ate me out but good. My first orgasm began to bloom in my belly as her warm tongue glided over my super sensitized flesh. Her face was glistening with my pussy juice when she raised her head and laid it on my stomach.

I lay with my hand on her head as I tried to sort out the conflicting emotions inside me. On one hand I was excited that my first true lesbian experience was with a woman I loved and yet I was beset with doubt. This was also my sister I was with and the rules of society dictate that sex with a first string family member was not something people did. No matter how nicely the light played over their skin or how soft that skin was. Or how sweet their lips tasted-my thoughts wandered off the possible repercussions and to her body and how much I enjoyed what we were doing. But even those thoughts were scattered when she raised her head and gazed at me with her feline green eyes.

"I've got an idea," she said. "You wanna see me get fucked?"

"What do you mean?" I asked, jarred out of the thoughtful state I had been in.

"I know this guy I can call up-he will come over and fuck the shit out of me. You want to

watch?" was her startling answer.

I thought about it for a minute. Of course I wanted to watch her get fucked. Who wouldn't? I told her so and she made the call.

While we waited, she talked me into eating her out. I'll have to admit that I didn't take a lot of convincing as I was very curious as to what she tasted like. I could see little pearls of moisture on her nether lips and my mouth salivated at the thought of licking them all up and then delving deeper into her warm snatch in search of more nectar. This was something I had thought of before-in fact, I had a couple of college girls lick my pussy before but I had never tried it before myself. I guess I felt a lot more comfortable around Cheri because I couldn't wait to try.

Anyway, she sat down in a chair with her legs hanging over the arms of it. I got down on my knees in front of her and started licking and kissing around her pussy for quite a while before I got up enough nerve to put my face in it as she had done with me. She held her pussy open with both of her hands and leaned over me to speak in a whisper.

"Lick my clitty baby," she husked. "Just touch it with your sweet tongue. Just a little lick honey. That's it! Now suck it! Suck me off! Face fuck me sugar! Eat it baby! Eat meee!"

I buried me face in her reveling in the feelings I was giving her as each of her commands got a little louder until at the last she was literally screaming as she left her pussy to grab my head and grind it against her. Her sweet puss was bucking against me as she came and I swore my eardrums were going to break as she shrieked out her enjoyment.

She slid off the chair and came to me, taking me into her arms as she did. We curled up on the floor touching each other softly as we shared confidences like we never had before. Our loving had reopened lines of communication that I didn't even realize were closed.

We were still talking when the doorbell rang. The guy she had called was there and she let him in. Photos His name was Jerry and he was really cute. I had slipped a robe on at some point but Cheri was still naked and Jerry quickly moved to join her.

He stripped and I was amazed at the size of his prick-it was enormous! Not that long but really hard and thick. Cheri got on her knees and began sucking him as I watched watching his prick slide all the way into her throat made me salivate and my pussy began dripping again.

"Play with yourself as you watch baby," Cheri cooed. "I want to watch you at the same time."

I sat in the chair and rubbed my pussy as I watched her suck him. She took his prick out of her mouth and jacked him hard and fast until he grunted and sprayed his cum all over her face and hands. She opened her mouth to catch some of his cream and she did a very good job if I do say so myself.

At this point I crawled over to her and started kissing her and licking her face to help clean up what she had missed. I just couldn't help myself. soon we were rolling on the floor together licking and sucking at each other as our passions were aroused again. Jerry was standing over us desperatelyn rubbing himself to get hard again as he wanted in on the action.

Finally his prick was rock hard again. Cheri sat on the floor and took me into her arms as Jerry rose above me and started fucking me hard. She was whispering sweet nothings in my ear as I rolled from orgasm to orgasm until I thought I would pass out from the intense pleasure.

Jerry fucked me for at least an hour before he jerked out and shot his load all over my stomach and tits. Cheri took great delight in cleaning me up. These carnal delights lasted long into the night until nobody could move and we fell asleep piled together on the floor.
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