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I knew I wouldn't last much longer. We kissed more while I drilled my sisters little fuck hole
I'm Alex, a 19 year old, blonde haired, blue eyed boy. I live in NYC in a small apartment with my twin sister, Ashley. For brother and sister and twins, no one can tell we are related just by looking at us. Ashley is a couple inches shorter than me, brunette, and has green eyes. Our parents gave us the boot when we were only 16 years old. We both have the same job, we're strippers or, as we like to be called, go-go dancers. My sister found this joint for all sexual orientations with stage and nude cage dancers. Once she got hired she got me a job there too. Since we had different last names on our fake IDs and the club didn't know we were related, we would work the same shift. At first it was a tough, but when your young and have no money, you'll do anything get some. Working at the club got us quick cash and off the streets. Now when you're young and making cash like we did, well lets just say it won't be spent wisely.

Ashley was in the middle of her shift when she was offered a line of coke from another dancer. Ash found a way to make it thru her shift, and how to have fun while doing it. She bought some the next night after doing lines all night and brought it home. I brought home the beer. After my first line I could understand what she was saying. I felt uncaring, but alive. Now, anytime we drank we always played a card game, cause we were too young to like the taste, so a card game got us drunk faster. On this particular night Ash wanted to try something new. She wanted to add stripping to the game, so we did. My sister was wild like that. I lost the first hand. I started simple and took my socks off since I was a little nervous, my sister was the bolder one. Now she had to take off a piece of clothing, she decided to take off her shirt, she still had a bra underneath. I lost my next hand, I tried to take my belt off.

"Alex don't be a pussy, Take actual clothes off" Ashley said.

"Fine..." I took my shirt off, I was very in shape, I had a nice chiseled chest.

"This is getting good Alex" Ashley teased.

Luckily I won the next hand, Ashley took off her pants. She was sitting there in her bra and panties which were a thong. Again I won the next hand.

"I always get the good hands Ash."

She replied, "Ya I know its not fair."

Then she unclasp her bra and her 32 B-cup boobs fell out. I've seen her naked before dancing it normally didn't bother me, but this was different. My sister was 3 feet away with her bare tits in my face, I couldn't help but stare.

"You like what you see Alex?" She said. "Umm, you're my sister, that's gross."

I lost the next hand and took my pants off.

"Got you in your undies too, huh Alex?" Ashley giggled out.

"Uhuh" I mumbled back.

I Won the next hand, Ashley had to take her last piece of clothing off. She stood up.

"Mmm Guess These beter come off now" and turned around with her back facing me.

I had to admit her butt looked great in that thong. I tried to clear the thought from my head. But then she pulled down her panties and turned around showing me her shaved pussy. "Guess I won huh ash?" I Spoke.

"Not yet.." Said Ash. She had other ideas. "This game isn't over yet Alex, We can play for something else, besides you still have your underwear on." Ashley clearly wanted something more.

"I don't know ash, maybe we should stop."

"No way this is too fun c'mon Alex" Ash was determined.

"Alright Fine, What are we betting?" I said.

"We can decide each hand winner gets to pick, ok?"

"Yea fine" I mumbled.

My sister went to the fridge naked and got out two more beers. I caught myself starring at her body. It was starting to get to me, I felt my dick start growing in my underwear. I hoped I wouldn't lose or she'd know the popped out tent in my pants was because of her. She's my own sister why am I getting hard I thought to myself. So she's a bombshell its not your fault I argued with my brain, or maybe my dick.

She dealt the cards out. I had a really crappy hand, What was I going to do? I'll tell you what I did.. I lost.

"Take 'em off Alex!"

"Ok sis if you can handle it" I said trying to not seem nervous. I pulled my underwear down, I was still hard and I thought she would freak.

" Oh Haha Andrew, Maybe you're the one who can't handle it" She teased.

"That's it I'm done!!" I said angrily.

"No, No, I'm sorry I just didn't expect it. It's ok Alex, really, I'm Flattered." She said in a very nice voice.

I sat back down in my seat I decided to deal the next hand. This time I won, And I was going to get even. "I want you to dance Ashley" I said daringly.

"Ha. Ok. Easy enough" She said not even seeming phased. Ashley got up, "Hold on, Lemmie get something"

Ashley went out of the room and returned with a CD player. She turned it on and started swinging her hips. This might of back fired on me, she looked so hot dancing. Then she came about a foot from me and grabbed her breasts while dancing, she lifted one and licked it seductively. She turned around and bent down placing her lap on my hard dick. She started grinding on me. I was hard as a rock then trying not to grab her and rape her. I could feel her ass grinding on my dick. Then my cock slipped between her legs, her pussy was sliding up and down it. I thought I was gonna blow my load right then but she got up and stopped.

"That was fun" She exclaimed "Next hand".

My Sister dealt out the cards while drinking some of her beer. I did the same trying to get drunk to forget what just happened. We played out our hand. She finally won a hand.

"Alex jerk off in front of me!" She dared.

"No way Ash, come on" I argued.

"You have to I danced for you" She looked mad.

I put my hand on my dick and started stroking it under the table.

"Where I can see you!"

Nervously I looked at her and moved my chair to where she could see. I started jerking off. I knew it was wrong but I was getting so aroused having my sister watch me.

"Wow your dick is pretty big Alex"

I was shocked when she said that, "Thanks" I said.

It didn't take long before I was starting to get into it. She said I could keep going but I had to play the next round with my other hand. I kept jerking off as slow as I could to prolong cumming. She dealt the hand out and I lost again.

"What else could you possibly want me to do" I said.

"Nothing, I wan you to let me do it to you" She replied.

"Do what?"

"Jerk you off, ok?"

Maybe I was afraid of her getting mad, or maybe I drank to much. Maybe I was just too horny. "Ok I guess" I answered.

Ashley reached out and grabbed my cock. Once she did it hit me that I was having my sister jerk me off. I knew I needed to stop her but it felt so good, so I let her continue... She kept pumping my cock, She was real good at it. Her hands were much smaller and warmer then mine, they felt great.

"Alex" She said.

"Ye Ashley, What?" I replied

"Do you think you could close your eyes for a second?" she asked. "I wanna try something"

I did, but I didn't expect what happened next. Something felt warmer on my dick. Something felt...Wet. I opened my eyes and my own sister had her lips wrapped around the top of my extended cock. I was so freaked out but I still didn't fight her off. She was really good at sucking dick, I didn't think she'd done it before but she was a nnatural. Photos I put my hand on her arm as she kept sucking me. She started to lick my foreskin while the head was in her mouth. That drove me absolutely crazy, I could tell I was dripping precum down her throat. Ashley stopped sucking and stood up.

"Alex, do you think we could have sex?" She asked. "Please we're practically like best friends, I love you Alex"

The way she said it turned me on so much I couldn't refuse. By this time I also didn't feel like it was wrong, She was right she loved me and I also loved her, sister or not.

"Ya Ashley we can, I love you too"

With that, Ashley pulled me up by my hand and brought us into our bedroom. We shared a room anyway because it was cheaper. She laid down on the bed and pulled me on top of her.

"Alex please take me" She said.

I crawled on top of her. She leaned up and kissed me. Her tongue parted my lips. I returned the kiss passionately. I felt her arching her hips at me. She reached down and placed my swollen cock head at her tight virgin hole. I slowly pushed the head of my dick in. She was so small inside that I had to force it in a bit. After I got in past my cock's head the shaft slipped inside of her cunt easily.

"O god Alex it feels sooo good." She screamed.

"I love you Ash" I kissed her collar bone as I spoke.

I started pushing into her further. I rubbed her clit as I screwed my twin sister. All I could think about was that she was my sister and that turned me on even more. I fucked her harder and harder. She was crying out my name over and over again. I started to suck on her small B cup tits, I could tell she liked it, she kept arching her back and pushing her boobs into my mouth further. Her young pussy felt so good on my dick. I knew I wouldn't last much longer. We kissed more while I drilled my sisters little fuck hole.

"Cum for me Alex" She cried.

I started hammering her out faster and deeper. I was determined to drop my load into my sister's little pussy. I started to lose my rhythm and I knew I was close. I drove my fat cock into her as deeply as I could, shooting my load far into my sister's open slit like a wild animal. She Dug her nails into my back as each blast of cum shot out from me into her. I slowed my humping down and collapsed on her.

"O god Alex That was amazing!" She let out.

I just replied by kissing her. We fell asleep in bed together that night while I was still inside her. That was the first time we had sex. We both knew it would not be the last time either.
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