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** This is the second day of the trip that took unexpected turn yesterday
I woke up to hangover, not too bad but something that you do not enjoy. Next think I remembered was the dream I saw last night, I was having threesome with my wife and Jason. "That was one steamy dream. Wait, was that a dream or did that really happen?" I was thinking and looking at my wife as she still slept beside be and things started to come back to my mind. "Holy shit, that really happened. Last night was the most extraordinary sexual episode in my life and I really enjoyed it. I'm not feeling bad that my wife fucked another man, not like this. If she would have done it without me, I would be furious, but this happened together. Yeah, I'm ok with that. More that ok."

"Now, I got to get something to drink. Where's my shorts?" I wondered and then I remembered that all our clothes are most likely in the living room. Shit, Kate is most likely up and you don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to understand what happened if she finds those. I darted up and peeked from the door. I did not see anyone there, clock was 8 so it could be that I am the first one. I saw clothes everywhere in the room and tried to collect those all and dashed back to our room. I pulled on my trunks and sorted out Jason's clothes which I took to the spa. When I came from spa I saw Kate, she was wearing black knickers and sleeping t-shirt and she did look awesome. Even though I had great sex yesterday, something moved inside me that moment. My balls started to feel heavier, like they would be at attention. I'm glad that my dick did not do that fully, just as much to make it look bigger, like that would matter for Kate.

"Hi Mark, how did you sleep?"

"OK, I guess, I think drank a little too much."

She looked at me for a while "So, what did you do last night. Did you go to sauna with Jason? He seems to be worked out. He should not drink and have sauna, that combination is bad for him."

"No, we just chatted and had whiskey. I think Amy emptied him, I mean the champagne." Shitshitshit, one minute and I'm already losing it. "I think she emptied the champagne, so we need to get more from store"

"Well that first thing would have been weird. So, you had good time, that's nice."

"Absolutely" fortunately Amy and Jason also woke up, so I was able to stop blabbering.

"Good morning all. Actually it is not that good, is coffee ready hon," Jason asked.

"In a minute," Kate answered while kissing Jason. "Did you eat anything in the evening, or just drink whiskey."

"No, uh, I guess it's the whiskey" Jason tried to evade.

"Amy, how did you manage with them, I'm sorry that I went to bed so early".

"I was fine, I think everyone were having a good time," Amy said with a bit panicked look at her face.

Morning went normally after that and last night was not discussed anymore. We had our breakfast and prepared to take off the course. We did drink so much that we decided to walk and as we did have trolleys nearby we did not need to carry our bags. We warmed up a for a while as we were so early before our tee time, we also grabbed beers. I did need a beer or two now, my hands were shaking from yesterday, so I needed something for that. Jason suggested that we would be play scramble in mixed teams, and that those teams would be he and Amy against Kate and me.

"What do you say?" I looked at my wife and we were both a bit too uneasy even though there was nothing weird in the suggestion.

"Sure, shall we play for the lunch," I added

"OK, losers pay the lunch," Jason was undoubtedly happy that he gets to spend more time with Amy.

After we finished our beers we headed to the first tee and started our round. Weather was awesome, sun was shining but it was not too hot. Kate and Amy were having similar outfit, golf skirt that had shorts under it and clingy short that showed their figures nicely. I had difficulties to concentrate on the game as I was looking at Kates slender legs all the time and yesterday's events kept coming into my mind.

We had a good time laughing and teams tried to give pressure on each other in a good spirit. It was not serious competition, but no-one wanted to lose either. We had a short brake after nine holes and after doing some calculations we realized that Jason and Amy were leading with two points. I was a bit surprised about it because I expected me and Kate to win this easily.

While sipping our beer Kate said that "We will turn this game, right Mark," and put her hand on my thigh. There was nothing sexual in it, but I think she put her hand a bit too up and did it too caressing way that I startled a bit. Not much, but enough to Jason to notice it.

"Wow, where did you grab him?" Jason asked with laughter. I watched my wife quickly, but she did not say anything.

"Sorry Mark, I did not mean to frighten you." Kate said quickly

"No, it's just hangover jitters" I answered and smiled.

During the back nine I noticed that Jason and Amy were close to each other all the time and Jason's hand was wondering on Amy's back and ass all the time. It looked like he was doing that inadvertently, but I knew he did not. That did not seem to bother Kate, or she did see it differently and we were actually playing better all the time. We also started celebrating good shots now with hugs. In the 18th hole when Kate was concentrating in putting, I saw that Jason was groping Amy's ass. And I mean really groping. His hand was under her skirt and I could only assume that he was rubbing her pussy from behind. Amy was clearly enjoying it and was not bothered even though I saw what happened.

After finishing her put Kate came to me and asked "Are you sure that nothing happened yesterday?"

"Yeah, what do you think that happened"

"Nothing I guess, they just look…different and close now."

"Are you jealous?"

Seeing my wife's ass groped publicly I encouraged myself and pinched Kate's ass.


And what she said next made me sure that I blew it.

"Honey, Jason!"

"What hon!"

"….do you think you are still winning"

Phew, she was just giving pressure for them as Jason missed his short putt.

She whispered in my ear, a bit too close "You know, we are going to win today"

And she was right. When we came to the club we checked scores and we did win, with two points. I was not keeping track on scores during the game, so I was not sure that we would win. Amy and Jason went to order beers and burgers while me and Kate sat in the table.

"I saw there was lot of clothes in the floor when I woke up in the morning. You did not play poker last night, did you?"

I was totally off guard and I did not see any point denying it and definitely there was no point to lie because she most likely saw the cards too.

"Uh, well, yeah we did. Not that long and we did stop before we were naked." I tried to say casually.

"I knew it, it was Jason's idea wasn't it?" She did not sound demanding, just said it in a way that she knew and it was not a big deal.


"He is like that while drunk," she said and put her hand on my thigh. Her hand was maybe an inch away my sacks and I could just feel my dick stiffening to a painful erection.

"It was a good evening for everyone, don't worry." I said and tapped her thigh with my hand couple seconds too long, which seemed to be ok for her. After that we took our hands away.

Jason and Amy came from inside with beers. We talked about everything during lunch and it was not until 4 or 5 when we headed back to apartment. There was really nice spa area in our apartment with sauna, showers and jacuzzi and ladies went first in. Jason and I took beers and went to the balcony to enjoy the views.

Jason asked about how I feel about yesterday, it was the first time we had opportunity to talk about that. Hmm, how did I feel after another man fucking my wife.

"I enjoyed, and I see that Amy enjoyed also. I could not handle it if it happened in secret, without me or not knowing about it. But like this it was mind blowing. I have to say I'm surprised how ok I am about it."

"Good, good to hear. I of course enjoy it a lot, Amy is awesome woman. And I want to say that I did not plan it beforehand, that just happened."

"I did not expect that," I laughed. "By the way, what does Kate know? She was asking about last night, and she saw those clothes all over the place and she guessed poker and that it was our idea." I was blabbering fast. "I just could not lie to her as my face already said enough."

"I don't think she knows about it, but…ok this might sound worse that it is. This was not the first time I had sex with another woman. And she knows about those. That is ok for her as long as nobody gets hurt and our marriage is safe. We both have strong sexuality, but I have stronger and she thinks that I can let my steam out as long as I do it in home also and I don't bring any surprises."

"Really, oh wow, she is understanding...really understanding"

I tried to ask what kind of situations he have had, this was of course interesting, and I wanted to hear more. He did not say much, described couple of occasions that I suppose were the best ones.

"Guys! Guys! Can you bring new drinks!"

"Mark, you want to take those?"

"Sure, I will get for us too?"


I picked four beers from fridge and opened them on the counter. I took two in my hands and headed to our "spa". I hear that they were in the shower, so I knocked on the door.

"You ordered beer" I yelled to them and waited for their answer where to leave those.

"Bring 'em in", Amy said.

I thought only Amy was in the shower, so I opened the door. There they were. Both ladies standing there, half facing me and discussing with each other. I could not stop looking at them, well mainly Kate, and noticing that both had totally shaven pussies and they did nothing to cover themselves. I was hesitant and did not know where to put the beers until they reached those.

"We are ready soon, you can start getting ready" said Kate

"OK, uh, I'll let Jason know"

Wow, what was that. I must be blushed and sure as hell I had a bad erection now. I was thinking what happened and felt a bit childish for looking so long for Kate like school boy. I realized that she was even better looking at naked than I even dreamed of. Her tits were perky, especially for her age, she had so tight and slender body that could make anyone jealous and that ass. When they turned to go to sauna I got a good view on that and there is nothing in her has that could be changed to make it better.

"Jason, you never guess what happened"

"What, are they ready already" he laughed

"Soon. But. They called me in, and they both were butt naked there and facing me. They did nothing whatsoever to cover themselves. And now I of course mean Kate, I understand that from Amy."

"Really, oh fuck, she must really like you then."

"What do you mean?"

"Well would she show herself to someone she doesn't like?"


We drank our beers in silence, I think both were thinking what would happen later. Then we heard ladies coming from shower covered with towels and they vanished in bedrooms. I went after my wife to take my towel and things.

"What do you think of my pussy now?" She is changed woman, she never used that kind of language before. At least in this kind of situation.

"I love it! Does it feel as good as it looks" I put my hand on her pussy and rubbed her slit with my middle finger. That was so soft and wet, she moaned a bit and I felt that she was horny as hell. I had to stop as I could not go in the shower with this loaded gun. She thought the same and got on to the bed on her back. She did not need say anything, I wanted to eat her so bad that quickly got on my knees and started licking her horny wat pussy. She started moaning louder and was rubbing herself on my face. I was getting my pants down and was able to get my cock out. It felt so good to have it finally free. I knew this was a quickie and while I got up she turned around and slid on the edge so that her legs were on the floor and she was laying on her stomach at the bed.

"Give me that cock now, fuck me"

"Here's some cock for you slut" I whispered in her ear and slide in without too much difficulty.

I was thinking yesterday and got so fast ready that I was afraid that she would be disappointed but then she started to twitch and whine in a way that I knew that it was my time also. Just before coming I took myself out and shoot big load of cum on her ass cheeks. I spread her cheeks with other hand and kept jacking off more cum on her crack. Sperm was running down her crack when I got up and. I watched it for a while before giving her shirt for her that she could wipe herself clean. I went to the sauna.

After me and Jason got out from shower we all relaxed on the balcony with drinks and chatted. After couple of drinks it got cold, so we moved inside and now it was Kate's turn to suggest a game. She wanted to play spin the bottle with rules that to whom the bottle is pointing must do something. That something would be decided by an app in her phone. She was excited about it so we agreed to play, even though it was childish.

We went to the carpet as that is where it should be played, and it was soft and fluffy. I sat opposite my wife and Kate was on my right side. She opened her phone and showed how that app works. There was lot of different categories where actions could be drawn. I saw that one category was "Sex", I guess everyone saw that, but nobody mentioned it. She selected category and we started playing, it felt like being in a high school. Kate spun bottle first and it ended to Amy.

"Sing your favorite song." Kate read from her phone.

"Sing,, my favorite song." Amy sang half a minute some Adele's song. Amy is a good singer so that went for the correct person.

This continued for a while and I noticed that we were a bit drunk already. That was not a surprise as we have been drinking quite a lot after golf. I now poured whiskeys for me and Jason and we served ladies with strong GTs.

It was Amy who did select new category. She did not say anything, but I know she did change it. Bottle ended to me.

"Kiss 5 seconds the person in front of you"

"Oh, well good that I did not need to kiss Jason" I laughed. And simultaneously I was bit disappointed it was not Kate either. But I went to kiss Amy passionately. I started to get stiff again as we got a bit carried away, there was lot of tongue and force involved. We separated after some comments from Jason and went to spin.

Bottle pointed to Jason.

"When did you have sex last time?" It was Kate now.

Wow, that was bad I thought.

"Yesterday", he kept her eyes on Kate.

"Oh, you did" she said and looked me and then Amy. I could not read her eyes, but she was not angry.

Amy blushed totally and could not look at Kate.

Next round went for to Kate.

"Take off your shirt" was the action

I felt that my balls started tingling and my again hard dick gained more pressure in my pants.

"But I don't have anything under it" objected Kate, but I could say that she did like that situation.

She exposed her firm B cup tits with perky small nipples and small areolas. Only thing I had in my mind was me sucking those. I must have been staring those for some time and I was not distracted until Kate took the bottle. Kate got another in a row.

Amy was reding now "Kiss person at you right, what that's me!" she Amy.

They were a bit reluctant, but me and Jason argued that they must do that. And then they did, that was perfect 10 second kiss that made me and Jason crazy. There was definitely no hint of Kate being angry to Amy, quite the opposite.

Now it was my turn to do something.

"Take shirt off from person on your right."

But Kate did not have shirt anymore.

"Does it skip to the next person then?" I asked, that being Amy.

"I think so" others said almost simultaneously. She was so eager to show her boobs that she almost took it off by herself. She did still have bras to cover her assets after that.

Amy's turn. "Take off...what, this is the same." and she went to Jason and took off his shirt.

Amy spin the bottle and it became Jason's turn. "Kiss chest of a person on you left." read Kate from her phone. I could say that she was very excited now. She was probably as drunk as yesterday, but I could say from her eyes that she was really horny now. Without asking she took off her bra and leaned back to give Jason better access.

"Ah, thank you" said Jason for getting quite a lot more than expected. He started licking between Amy's tits but then started sucking her tits and nipples.

Now my cock started to feel a bit painful and I did grope it a bit to move it better.

"Do you need help with that" said Kate with smirk in her face.

I felt dizzying and I realized lot of pre-cum started flowing. Jason did extend the licking period to the maximum but manage to end it. My wife looked a bit disappointed.

Next action would go to Kate and she read it for herself

"Twerk, I have never done that. This is going to be humiliating!" She complained

We started clapping as she was trying to adjust herself into that. Amy put some music from the phone and for my surprise she started getting off her loose pants.

"I don't think this kind of pants are used in twerking."

Under the pants she exposed her perfect ass covered with lady boxers and she started the dance. She came very close to my face and she was so close that I could smell her pussy juices. I also saw that her panties were damp when she arched her back. She was maybe 5-10 inches away from my face and we all cheered for her. She ended the dance by bumping her ass to my face and then I felt her moisture on my lips. I saw that Jason and Amy was enjoying the situation and then Jason's hand stopped fondling her tits.

Kate spun the bottle to Amy. I was pretty sure that she made this up, but I did not object to check it from the phone.

"Give head for a person on your right." Amy said trying to hide her excitement.

Jason looked at Kate who did not show any sign of stopping this train. She looked with excitement in her eyes when his husband dropped his pants and released his fully erected cock. My wife raised to knees and waited Jason to bring his member closer to her face. She started with licking shaft and balls but could not resist longer and quickly swallowed half of the cock in her mouth. She kept it there for a while and repeated it couple of times. She then slowly increased her speed with help of Jason's hand on her head.

"Would you like to get that too" asked Kate.

"Oh yes."

I raised from the floor and she removed by trousers. She started licking my balls and jacking me off, after a while she took by dick into her mouth. I could not believe my eyes when looking down those beautiful blue eyes and pretty face that was giving me pleasure. On each rhythmic move she took it deeper and deeper. She was so good at giving head that I was sure that I come too early, and I didn't want it to stop yet. She took my hand and placed it on back of her head, she wanted me to control. I pushed my cock deeper and held it there, then took it out and put it back again a bit deeper. "I'm in heaven" I was thinking. I was now so close to cumming that I got to release myself. I motioned her to stand up and put her to the chair sitting.

I removed her panties that were totally soaked. Now Kate's wet shaven pussy was gleaming there, waiting to be licked and fucked. I hungrily started liking and sucking her cunt. I could not believe that I was eating Kate's pussy. I licked and sucked her clit and then moved my tongue up and down on her slit. Her pussy lips felt so soft and I sucked those also. Then I pushed my tongue inside her and she then she let out soft gasp and started mobbing her hips. I sensed that she wanted me to lick her ass because she grabbed her legs and bent those almost behind her head. Her ass was fully exposed, juices from her cunt has flown on that pink hole. I have not done that before, so I was a bit unsure what to do. I put my hands on her thighs so that she was locked there in the chair and started licking her. She mumbled something in delight that I could not hear. I started to fuck her pussy with two fingers and I saw that juices were flowing out of her. I now licked everything I could.

I managed to get an eyeful of what Jason and Amy were doing, he was already pounding her from behind and she was getting more louder and louder. Kate was also looking at them and then she looked at me. She did not need to say anything. We rose she bent over. This clearly was not her first time in that position. She arched her back like a pro and looked like gymnast, so eloquently she posed there. Only difference being that she was naked and perfectly exposing her pussy and ass to me. I sensed that there was nothing I could not do. If I wanted to fuck her in the ass, I'm sure she would have let me do that. But I wanted her pussy, and I really wanted to plough it well.

I gently placed my cock to her pussy and found my way in. She felt a bit tighter than my wife and I knew that I could not manage as long as I did yesterday. I started fucking Kate increasing speed bit by bit. I heard my balls slapping her wet lips. She started moaning and started fondling my balls with her hand. After a while she laid her head to the back rest and put another hand on her ass. She started to glide her finger in and that got me even more aroused. I had real difficulties not to come, but managed to keep myself going. I took my dick out of her, wetted by thumb and showed cock back in. Then I gently took her finger out of her ass and replaced it with my thumb. I kept pushing my thumb in her ass in the same rhythm as I was fucking her.

Then I saw Jason and Amy, they were exactly in the same position. Jason's thumb in her ass and pounding her fast. I saw that Amy's head was arched back and she was begging for more.

"Fuck me Jason, don't stop!"

"Turn, turn, I'm coming." yelled Jason.

Right after her turning he unloaded his sperm to my wife's face and in mouth. It just kept on coming and her face was covered with cum.

Kate was also looking at them because of their talking and but could not say anything, she started having enormous orgasm. Her legs were trembling and back arched up. Her eyes were rolling, and she was totally out of control. I kept on ramming my cock in her and continued working her ass with my thumb that kept her having orgasm repeatedly. After maybe a minute she calmed down a bit and I felt that it was my turn to come.

"I come to you face"

She turned and kneeled in front of me. I shoved my dick in her mouth once more and then I erupted. First load went in her mouth but next ones to her face. It was so exciting to see my cum on her face that I had difficulties to stand. There was a lot more cum than I normally have, and I even fucked my wife couple hours ago. When it stopped coming I saw her smiling cum filled face, she sucked me couple of times to get all drips out.

I don't know how long I did lay in the chair, I was partly sleeping already. I awaked to someone tapping my shoulder. It was my wife.

"Did you enjoy Kate?"

"As much as you did enjoy Jason."

"Is this ok for you"

"It is, I realized yesterday that this is what I want."

"Me too, come, let's take a shower and go to sleep."

It was past midnight when we get back to bed and I was tired as hell and fell in sleep instantly.


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