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Sarah is 41 years old architect who has divorced year ago. She is 5ft 7 and weighs 150lbs and the best word to describe her is voluptuous. She has brown hair and dark eyes that look caring and makes she look years younger that she really is. Pretty face, double D cups and ass that looks like she is cycling four hours a day, makes she a looker. She is outgoing and likes to meet new people. Sarah knows very well how good she looks, and she knows that some her sons, Peter, friends are fond of her. Maybe because of her breasts. Girls of their age do not have so big tits and she is younger looking that she really is so the is good combination for 19-year-old boys. She gets enough attention from her neighbor Mike, but she has no idea that Mike is thinking her every time he has sex with her wife. Her another child, Sofia, is sixteen and now on her dad's house this weekend.

Sarah's best friend Mary is the same age and they have known each other from the childhood. She has some Hawaiian blood in her veins that makes her skin a bit darker, hair black and her eyes deep dark mysterious looking. She is much smaller, 5ft 2 and just under 100lbs she is totally opposite of Sarah. Slender, almost thin legs and flat stomach would make her look too thin, but she has been blessed with good B cup tits and thanks to her training she was a round ass. She is shy, likes to jog and yoga and is still married with his university boyfriend. She was the one who kept Sarah out of trouble when they were young. Mary moved half a year ago due to her husband's work and they are now living two hours from Sarah and they are having difficulties to find time to see each other's.

Sarah has invited Mary at her place for a weekend.

"Mary, listen. She sounds like a real bitch, you should revenge or do something."

"I know but what? I don't want to start a fight, they are our neighbors."

"You could do something that she cannot use publicly against you."

"Like what, she is already making things up."

"Fuck her husband"

"Sarah! I'm married, and I love my husband."

"I know, but I have seen your neighbor too. Can I?"

"No, you cannot, and you wouldn't!"

"I would, for you." Sarah laughed "And for me" and they both laughed. "I'll open another bottle for us. I'm so glad that this worked out, I was missing you."

"I miss you too, I'm so excited about it, we have the whole weekend."

"Hey, you can come anytime, or move here if you want. What I'll do with all the space. Peter is living at campus so it's just me and Sofia."

"I have my family, remember? Andy would not mind but Alice and Tom, they are now so teens that I cannot leave them without watching, I don't know that the do."

"Haha, I remember that from Sofia, she is not starting to get over it. Peter was easy during that time."

"How are they doing now after divorce?"

"They are big already and they are doing better that I thought. It is bigger thing for Sofia but she has come over it, she lives half here and half with her dad."

"Hah, 'Her dad', so you have got over it. when did you stop calling him shithead?"

"Steven can now fuck whoever he wants, I don't care. Now I'll get that new wine."

"I'll change the music, where's your phone?"

"On the couch!"

Sarah opens another bottle of read wine and comes with in the living room. There is a big couch with two armchairs and small table in the middle. Room is big and fireplace in the corner is giving out warmth and making nice comfy ambience when cold wind is flying colorful leaves in the ground.

"Mmm, this is better than the earlier" Sarah comments

"I think you are just getting drunk." Mary says laughing

"We have drunk the same, but I'm bigger so you better watch yourself. I don't want to stay up and hold your hair while you are throwing up." Sarah said teasingly reminding some occasion from the past.


"Who could that be, it's almost nine"

"Maybe it's you neighbor." Mary grinned

"I hope not, he's weird. They both are."

Sarah opens the door.

"Josh, hi. How are you?"

"Evening Mrs. Clarkson, I'm looking for Sofia"

"Sofia, but she is at her dad this weekend"

"Right." Josh looked surprised. "She did not say anything, I have not talked with her in couple of days, so I thought I could find her here…sorry that I bothered, Mrs. Clarkson. Hm, bye then."

"Wait, wait, come in. It's hideously cold out there. Take you off your jacket and go to kitchen, I'll be right there with you."

Josh is 18, two years older than Sofia. With 6ft and 160lbs he is tall but still has that boyish slimness. Josh lives with his parents as the college is so near. He is helping her parent's store during weekends.

"Mary," Sarah came to living room whispering. "I think my daughter is a bitch. She has dumped Josh this week but did not say anything to him."

"Oh, poor boy. Well, do you know who comes to my mind about that? Apple, tree you know?"

"Shut up. I feel sorry for him, he is good boy. He just got his birthday two weeks ago and when I saw him list weekend he kept on talking about Sofia."

"Now you are thinking about telling him? No, that is not a good idea."

"I will, I cannot let him think that they are together."

"I don't want to be a part of this, and Sofia will be pissed." Mary watched were friend back disappearing in the doorway.

Sarah went to kitchen and picked another wine glass.

"Josh, come here, sofa is softer to sit."


"It's Sarah"

"Sarah, what I'm doing here if Sofia is away. Is she coming?"

"Sit here honey."

They came to the living room and led Josh to the couch and sat beside him. Mary had disappeared at the restroom.

"You are 18 already, so you are allowed some wine. Have you had wine before?"

"Thank you Mrs….Sarah. Once, it was…ok"

Josh too a big gulp and it made him twist his face a bit and he took another one and almost emptied his glass.

"Easy with it. You cannot go home and tell that I get you drunk. I know it might be a bit sour if you are not used to it."

"Sorry, I usually drink beer."

"Ok, here's the thing"

"Sarah?" said Mary from the doorway with strict meaningful look in her eyes.

"Josh, meet Mary. Mary is my friend from childhood. Josh lives nearby and he is…friend of Sofia."

"Hello Josh, nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you Mary".

"Now honey, I know that you are very fond of Sofia."

"I am, she is wonderful"

"I'm sorry to tell this but Sofia…I think that Sofia has changed her mind what comes to…seeing you"


"I knew it, she has always answered me right away. Now she never got back to me."

Sarah saw that Josh tried to be strong, but his façade started to crumble. His lips were tight, and tears started to build in his eye. She put her hand in his back and tried to calm him but that did not help. He started to sob but still tried not to cry. Sarah and Mary both felt bad of him as they know how hard those young heartbreaks are. Mary sat another side of Josh too and put her hand on his shoulder.

"Let it run, it's ok to cry" Sarah said trying to calm him.

When he let the cry out and Sarah's mother instincts said that she should hug him. She took her head and pressed it to her chest while stoking his hair. She realized quickly how awkward this position was. She was wearing a blouse that had giving cleavage and she had bras that were pushing her tits up. Now Josh was basically looking directly inside her cleavage at her big tits. Josh was crying so she did not want to move and thought that he would raise his head in a second.

Next, she felt his tears to drop on her right breast. She was looking at Mary who understood the situation but did not know exactly how bad it was. Mary was giving bad eye for Sarah but deep inside her she was laughing on Sarah's situation and felt warm sensation inside her. She briefly saw image of Josh's head buried between Sarah's tits. "Am I turned on of this?" Mary was thinking. "I cannot, young boy…actually he is a man now, burying his face in my friend's breasts."

Sarah was struggling with the situation. She could not move as Josh was still sobbing and now his head was even deeper in cleavage and his hand was on her thigh, and it was partly touching her ass cheek. It was there from the beginning, but she became more and more conscious of it and thoughts ran in her head "I would not mind if this was a man, this would require pity sex, but he is my daughter's boyfriend. Ex-boyfriend. Oh god, I have been too long without a man."

Josh was regaining the control and when she opened his eyes he realized that he was staring at pair of largest tits he has ever seen. Or maybe not ever, but he has not been this close. He also realized that his lips were touching Sarah's right tit. He froze and could not do anything. He realized that he was touching her ass too. His mind raced, "What should I do now. She will yell me now." Five seconds, Ten seconds, twenty seconds. Then Josh realized that he was hard, now he could not get up without those older women seeing that he was hard. "What they would think, they would think I'm some perv." He has never touched so big tits and without control he moved his lips, it was not a kiss, his lips just moved. "Oh shit"

Sarah was not sure if that really happened. She did not want to upset Josh, so she did not say anything. She decided to wait until he gets up. Then she felt it again, "is he kissing my tit…". And again, now she felt like he would have moved his head even deeper. "Was that his tongue, is he licking by tit?"

Mary was in such a position that she could not see anything, but she felt that the tension in the room has changed and she was getting more and more excited of the situation. She saw Sarah making an eye contact and she was looking amazed. "What is going on" she though and lowered her head to see. "Oh, dear, he is kissing her tits. Why is she letting this happen!"

Now Sarah realized that he was moving his hand that was on her ass cheek.

Josh could not think anything anymore. He realized that his hand was touching Sarah's soft but firm buttock and that made him horny. He squeezed very softly and placed his hand better on the cheek while reaching deeper between those huge breasts that were offered for him. At this point, he did not even remember Sofia anymore. He licked and started kissing more aggressively. He moved his hand again so that it was on top of Sarah's thigh and now his thumb was moving deeper and deeper between her legs. He tried to rub her from where he though her pussy was, even though her pants were so thick that he could not say for sure. He also licked those voluptuous mounds more passionately noticing that sucking noise must have been clearly heard by everyone.

Now Mary realized what was happening and seeing that Sarah did nothing to stop it made her excited and wet. She could not do anything, she was just watching this young boy enjoying her best friends body. She was not sure that this really happened. "It is, now he is fondling her breasts under the blouse, is she going to use that boy."

Sarah was well what kind of comforting Josh was looking for. But she did not want to stop, it felt too good and she was getting horny. "What should I do, I would love to let him do me anything he wants but Mary is there."

Josh was now in with all the youth's energy. He did not mind Sarah's age, she did feel much younger. Josh found a way inside Sarah's bra and took her bare tit in his left hand. He found the nipple with his mouth but realized that some clothes must be taken off or this becomes too difficult. He sucked nipple with more force and heard muffled moan on response. That was his queue. He moved in front of Sarah on his knees and started ripping clumsily her blouse away. He buried his head between these bouncy breasts and pushed another hand between her legs. Even though he was direct and rough she did not seem to mind at all.

Sarah helped boy in his efforts and took off the blouse and removed bras with quick movements. She felt her pussy getting wet even though his movements were not as smooth as possible, but there was so much eagerness that made her horny.

Sarah looked meaningfully to Mary who understood what she meant.

"I cannot do this, I'm married."

"It's your choice"

Sarah thought that this was time give some attention for Josh also and motioned him to stand up. Now his bulge was right at the level of Sarah's eyes.

"Let's see what we have here." Sarah said while opening Josh's trousers.

"You better not do that" argued Mary. But while she was saying it, Sarah pulled out Josh's erected penis. No, that was cock, it was bigger than Mary has ever seen live before.

"I guess you did not have sex with Sofia, I'm sure she would not have dumped you if she knew what you have here." Sarah haven't had so big cock inside her before and she was really randy now. She also noticed that Mary started taking her clothes off.

Sarah admired Josh cock for a while, started kissing it slowly and sucked balls making loud smacking sound when releasing them. She started sliding it in her mouth and tried to take in as much as she could. She has never taken penis in her mouth so that it would touch her throat but now she wanted to try. First, she could not get half of it in bit each stroke she could bet more and more and now she felt it to touch her throat and she gagged loudly. She repeated it until she was able to have his cock touching her throat and not gagging anymore. She did not get the whole 8 inches in, but she was proud and felt slutty doing that. She sucked his cock for a while but started to feel his mouth to become numb as she was stretching her mount wide open to allow that thick dick in.

Mary was totally turned on now and she did not remember being married anymore. She realized while opening her buttons that she was so wet that her jeans had stain already. She wanted that dick so badly, after all she haven't been fucked for at least three weeks now.

Just when Sarah was about to end blowing, he erupted in her mouth. That came without warning and, but she managed swallow most of it. Sarah felt still horny and disappointed not getting that hard cock in her pussy, at least yet. After sucking and licking him empty and feeling his member softening she said.

"You know, you should warn when you come in girl's mouth" she said it with lascivious smile in her face to make sure that she was more than happy to his young load in.

"Sorry, I'm sorry." Josh became quickly aware of the situation. Everything has happened so fast and now the young boy's shyness started to raise his head. But she did not let him go yet.

"I know how you can pay for it" she said and came up from the sofa and started getting her pants down. Seeing that Mary was sitting there without clothes and rubbing her slit. She returned to the sofa without any clothes and raised her feet up in the air wide open to give perfect access to her wet and soft pussy.

"Now you must return a favor…for both of us I guess" she said nodding towards Mary who was not so shy anymore.

He got on his knees and pressed his face to Sarah's pussy. He did not have much experience on this, he had done it only once before. He liked it, maybe even more than the girl, which worried him a bit. He admired her pussy, lips looked soft and chubby and there was no hair there. Only nice triangle above clit. He remembered that he should concentrate on the clit but how the hell could he find it, he knew it where it was, kind of, but was not sure what it really was and how it feels like. He started licking pussy from the center and slowly investigated all parts. It was wet and tasted mildly for something, he could not know what it was, except pussy. She uttered something that he interpreted as a pleasure and go head for more. He pushed forward and started licking this love hole faster, increased force and just savored it like never before. He remembered a clit and moved up and then his tongue touched that little tip that changed Sarah's sound one octave up and couple notches up. He now knew what it was.

She felt being in heaven, this boy was decent down there and she was so turned on that when he found her clit she went crazy. She started trembling and reached back of his head to make sure he will not stop too early. She was coming hard.

"Lick my pussy, just there, lick it. Use your fingers. Don't stop."

He did what was commanded and somehow managed to push two fingers in even though his face was buried on her pussy. He was surprised how easily those went. She started to calm down from her enormous orgasm and he had lifted his head now continuing fingering his ex-girlfriend's mom.

"Come here" he heard from her right and realized that this another MILF wanted same treatment. He realized that he started to get stiff again but moved between her legs. She was small, everything was smaller. Her legs were thin, and his tits were like the girl she had sex before. He put his hand on her tit and started licking her totally shaven pussy. That was so exciting to him and he realized that her pussy did look a bit different. Lips were larger and open like flower waiting for pollinator. He pushed finger in, then second and as he realized she could take more he pushed third finger in and concentrated on the clit. Because now he knew where it was.

Then he felt someone to grab his dick and balls. It was Sarah.

"You are getting ready for the second round" she whispered and jacked off.

"Go there on your back." she said pointing soft carpet.

He was a bit disappointed because he was in a good speed eating Mary but obeyed of course.

When he managed to go lay down, Mary was already sucking him. She wanted that dick now. Mary felt slutty and remembered her husband but did not care, he did not fuck her, so she would get her cock somewhere else. She just wanted this big young dick in her every hole. Suddenly Josh's groaning ended and when she looked up she saw the reason. Sarah was not letting that boy easily, she was sitting on his face and rubbing his wet slit on his face. Josh tried to keep up in the pace of her moving her hips. After a while Sarah got up and joined Mary to suck Josh. That was a cue for Mary to move her ass on Josh's face. She has never done face sitting before but the control, excitement and the forbidden fruit that she was enjoying made her decide that this was not the last time either. She was close already and she came so strongly that she could not stay on his face without putting her hands on the floor. After 2 minutes of consecutive orgasms she just wanted to get his dick in her cunt.

But Sarah was on it already, she was riding on Josh in backward position. Her ample ass was jumping there and milking this poor boy. There was nothing else that she could do than just sit back on his face. Now facing towards Sarah. She loved the control and strong tongue that gave the pleasure, it went from clit all the way down to…her ass? She realized that nobody has ever rimmed her, and she was never ever even wanted that. But now as it did accidentally happen, she did not want it to stop. She moved so that he only could lick her ass, she did not care if he was ok with it or not. He was hers now.

"Lick my ass, lick it" Only think she heard was low mumbling.

Sarah was coming, she was yelling and vibrating without control on Josh.

"Aaaah, aaah, you are so biiiig. Ummmmmmmmm!"

Mary got worried if Josh also came and he could not fuck her anymore. But that did not happen. Sarah rolled away from Josh and gave a way for Mary. Mary positioned her on top of Josh and guided his member inside.

"My god you are big. Don't you dare to stop. Fuck my pussy." and yet another orgasm came when she managed to say that. She felt so slutty, filthy whore, that's what she is. But she did not mind that, she just continued going up and down on him and that did not last long until she came again, now more strongly. She was using this boy who was half of her age as a sex toy.

There was one more thing she needed, she got up and went down on all fours.

"Fuck me behind, fill me with your cum".

Josh came behind her and re-entered into her wet pussy. He started ramming himself in. He realized that he could not hold anymore and increased the speed. Mary lost control now and she could not keep her hands straight, but she dropped her face to the carpet. He felt so big inside her that she might explode, but it was Josh who exploded. While looking at that tight ass she started filling Mary with his semen. He did not want to stop, he did not want this to be over and he kept on ploughing until he got too soft. He could not move anywhere, but just rolled on his back on the soft carpet.

Sarah had recovered from her orgasm and was starting to get her mind in control. She realized what have happened but did not feel bad about it. They were all adults and she knew that Josh got a good experience. She was thinking how Sofia would react if she heard about it.

After 5 minutes Josh got up his feet and started putting his clothes on embarrassed.

"Josh, nothing wrong happened. We are all adults, this was not wrong." Sarah tried to calm him. "And I think you were very good in it."

"Thanks Mrs. Clarkson, I'm sure I wasn't that good" he answered shyly.

"We can train if you want" Mrs. Clarkson answered. "Although Mary might not be here, at least every time".


2018-10-13 07:48:04
Thank you PABLO DIABLO for your comments!

I'm speaking Finnish as my primary language so there are certain linguistic things that tend to be hard for me. I have not written stories in Finnish either so I have lot to learn in story telling also.

I did use Word, but I trusted too much in it and see now that it does not help much in fundamental errors that I had. I neglected final editing part and hurried publishing these texts which was an err. In next texts I will put much more effort to that and I believe I can improve it a bit at least. I don't have anyone to proofread so...

I will try to utilize thesaurus and dictionary more also, but now I start reading those writers you mentioned.


2018-10-12 15:08:26
WOW! The basic story is ok. However, it is a tough read. Wrong verb usage, incorrect sentence tense, incoherent thoughts.
Might I suggest a couple of things: Get a word program on your computer, this will help with many grammatical issues along with spelling issues. Second, read as many authors as possible...might I suggest: Mystic47, Professor_Chaos, Tina_Kerr_36, and Lubrican just to name a few.
Please do not misunderstand, I encourage you to keep writing, but seeing how other authors write will only enhance your writing skills.
Also, might I suggest getting a Thesaurus AND a dictionary to help improve. IF English is not your primary language, have a friend read the story (someone you can trust) that has English as their primary language. I'm not sure if this is the case, but it reads as if it is....Just some SUGGESTIONS....trying not to be too critical only helpful.

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