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Watch Mike work the neighborhood into trusting his house and pool as a safe place for their teens to gather.
By Stifflittlepoints

My wife and I lived in a beautiful home overlooking one of America's most scenic valleys. Her father had given us the place, him being one of the wealthier people in this country. To be honest, he could afford it twenty times over.

My wife had been, and still was, his little angel, so when she asked to be allowed to live a life of luxury, he made it possible for both of us to do anything and go anywhere we chose-whenever we chose. Neither of us had to work another day of our lives. Needless to say, this arrangement suited me just fine.

As time passed, my wife, Kimberly, started taking trips to parts of the world that, quite frankly, held no interest to me. Don't get me wrong, our relationship was great. When we were together, we were inseparable. It's just that she preferred to keep on the move, where I preferred to stay home for much of the year. I loved the area in which we lived, and enjoyed being in a place where I knew the people around me and they knew me.

To most of the world, that was the only reason for my being a "home-body", but there was more to it than that. You see, I was blessed with having very trusting neighbors, all of which had one or more beautiful daughters whose ages ranged from 15-18, and all were in high school. All of them were accustomed to having complete access to our impressive pool, sauna and tanning rooms that I had insisted be built into our home.

Being located in the warmer climates, only a month or two were unsuited to swimming and sun-bathing, so these young virginal girls were a constant fixture at my house nearly year round.

Now before I go any further, let me assure you that I am not and never have been a sexual predator. I will openly admit that young girls that age arouse and excite me greatly though. But the fact is, I was too concerned about the penalties that would befall me if I acted on my fantasies to even consider making those dreams a reality. In fact, even though I was extremely aroused at the sight of them from day #1, it was almost 6 months before I was even convinced that I would be safe in openly gawking at the girls while they were over for a swim.

I had been active in campaigning for various bond measures which kept the neighborhood's property values high and the taxes low. As a result of this, my neighbors were grateful to have me in their midst and accepted me as a friend nearly from the very beginning. When it became known that I opened my pool and such to the kids of the area, they all believed it was just another way of making this a livable place to reside, which was the idea when I had originally decided to adopt the policy. At the time, these same girls I now drool over, are simply the temptations they are for me today.

It wasn't long before I had become friends with all of these young ladies, and began to spend most of my time fantasizing about seeing them naked. However, I did not consider "touching" any of them, sexually, as an option. BUT gawking, and later masturbating while thinking about their nubile young bodies, was most certainly an option, and one which I used quite often.

After the first season of warm weather came to a close, I was determined to find a way to exploit the situation enough to at least get to see my guests in the nude, once the next warm weather hit again. I used the off season to install hidden video cameras in the poolside dressing rooms, which could all be monitored from a room secretly constructed behind a wall in my den. I also installed two-way mirrors in all the bathrooms of the house, knowing that they too were often used by these little vixens.

The last thing I did was to have a small screening room built, which I hoped would keep them coming over even during the off season to watch my hand picked movies. Except for the screening room, I was careful to make sure I did all the work myself, and only when I would not be observed. That way no explanations would be needed about what improvements I was doing to these areas.

The first hot day came and with it came the first group of girls, asking if they could use the pool again this year. I invited them in and told them to make themselves completely at home. I joined them by sitting under a large umbrella with a pitcher of ice tea, and gawked at them for the entire afternoon. This was only possible because of the darkly shaded sunglasses I wore. They effectively hid the fact that I was staring at their budding titties, and tight, virginal pussies.

I began to worry about what the parents of these young cuties might think of my open door policy, and so the next weekend, I threw a party for the whole neighborhood, giving the grand tour to all the parents. Later, after a fine Hawaiian "luau" and barbecue, I invited them all to sit by the pool, after sending the children home. Once the children were safely at their homes and the adults settled comfortably poolside, I used my speaking skills to present the proposal of the continued use of my home by the neighborhood 'children', (being sure to use this term, knowing full well that there were no boys living nearby), and invited them to ask questions, voice any concerns, make suggestions and generally comment on any aspect of the plan.

Only a few minor concerns of safety were raised before the comments all turned to praise and thanks. Most, in fact, told me that if I were willing to go to this much trouble, and as long as the offer stood, they weren't going to allow their children to play anywhere else. I even got promises from a few, to supply films that they owned, that I could show in my new screening room.

One thing I didn't mention to them, but made sure that they were all very aware of, were the fully furnished guest rooms in the basement of my home. They were led past them three different times while being shown the things available to their kids. But never once did I bring them up or comment on them at all. At the conclusion of the party that night, I was happy to learn that the purpose of this strategy had been successful.

Five or six parents asked if it would be possible, if those guest rooms were rarely used, to put their child up for a night or two if they were called out of town on business or whatever. I claimed that I hadn't given it any thought, but would be happy to work something out for anyone who was put in such a position. They all left singing their praises of my generosity, trusting me implicitly.

The next morning, I awoke at about 8:00 A.M. to the sound of the doorbell. Groggily, I walked down the stairs, just throwing on a robe, not noticing that it was my old one that should really have been given to the Salvation Army. The dated robe didn't fall much below my waist, and my cock, being approximately 8" long, swung so that the tip showed just below the bottom.

I opened the door to find two girls looking up at me asking if they could come and go swimming. A little surprised at first, I soon recovered, and told them to make themselves at home while I got dressed, but to be careful, adding that if there was anything they needed, just to find me and I'd try my best to get it or help them with it, whatever it may be.

Now fully awake, I looked them over more closely. They were sisters from right next door. They were a year apart in age, and both in high school. Both stood about 5'5" and had blonde hair pulled back and tied with pink ribbons. They were dressed in lightweight sun dresses and clutched a towel which they had their swimsuits rolled up in. I began to feel the stirrings in my cock that led to my coming up with this plan which brought young girls such as these to my door.

My cock began to swell and stiffen. As the girls passed by me into the house, the older one noticed my naked tool starting to lift the bottom of my robe and show itself. I watched her inspecting eyes widen with surprise. I then realized my exposure and quickly turned and covered myself up while muttering my apologies. The older one giggled quietly and glanced up with a twinkle in her eye as she pushed past me towards the changing rooms.

I hurried upstairs to put some swim trunks on as well, not that I planned to go swimming, but to blend into the scene as much as possible. Then I quickly ducked into my little room to monitor the activity in the dressing rooms. I clicked on the sound and just for fun, pressed RECORD on the unit. The same girl followed her sister into the room and was telling her what she had seen.

"Jami," she began, "Mr. Johnson didn't have anything on under his robe, and I saw his pric . . . uhhh . . . cock!"

"You did?" asked Jami. "What exactly did you see? What did it look like?" She was excited by this secret bit of nastiness.

Emma being the older girl, said, "He saw me looking and covered it up really quick, but it was real long, like the ones we saw in that book, but not quite as hard, like those were."

As she began to get undressed, Jami said, “I knew that those pictures weren't real, cause if boy’s penis' were like that, you'd be able to see them through their pants all the time in school."

"I'm not so sure, because his was moving, and looked like it was being held down by his robe," said the older girl.

The girls were now completely naked and I could see their young bodies very well. Both were cute as could be, pouty little mouths and innocence written all over their faces. Jami had “apple-like” titties, but Emma was well on her way to filling out her bathing suit top with each tit being slightly larger than her sisters, topped with pink little nipples. I am happy to report both had shaved their sweet little pussies and had adorable bubble butts.

That’s when I got the treat of my life. Jami moved directly in front of her sister and said, “How about a little rub-a-dub-dub like in the shower at home?” Not waiting for Emma to agree, Jami held onto her sister’s shoulders and standing on her tip-toes, moved her developing titties, right into her sister’s breasts. Emma looked slightly downward and Jami moved her lips right into hers and right in front of me, they were actively rubbing their tits against each other and passionately kissing. Next, they both dropped their hands and cupped each other’s ass cheeks. For the next couple of minutes, I kept verifying that the record function was on my mini-cameras and I quickly wanked on my cock while watching them.

Emma finally broke their embrace, saying that if they were any longer, ‘Mr. Johnson would find out’. Immediately afterwards, they pulled on their bikini bottoms and secured their now stiff nipples into their tops.

Not wanting to be caught, I turned off the equipment and exited the darkened room. In my den, I used a magic marker to write out a little sign to hang on the front door which read, "Come on in and make yourself at home. I'm around back if you have any questions -Sam Johnson." I hung it on the door knob, and went out back with a pitcher of iced tea and a small cooler of Cokes. I sat down at a small table which I had set up just outside the sliding door.

Before too long, another young girl named Emily, came in said her hello's and went to change into her suit. This girl was a sharp contrast to Jami & Emma, having long dark hair, stood a little over five-foot-tall, and had many of those special curves associated with developing teenagers. By 10:00 A.M., there were about eleven girls splashing around in the pool, or laying in the sun to work on their tan.

I had a better view of cute young pussies than I had ever dreamed of seeing, all in one place and what was best of all, I could openly gaze at this firm young flesh without being thought of as a pervert. Although, if the definition of pervert is, 'One who craves sex with young girls', than I guess that’s what I am.

Well noon came and passed, then 1:00, 2:00, 3:00...etc. It eventually reached 6:00 and by this time, all the girls except Emily had left. I asked her, "When does your family eat dinner?"

"Oh, about 5:30 - 5:45, right in that area," she answered.

I was puzzled, as it was already 6:15 by then, so I asked, "Do you know it’s a quarter past six? Won't they be worried?"

Emily looked at me, kind of puzzled, and said, "No. They both got called out of town on business, didn't my Dad call you?"

"I never spoke with him, but I've been out here on the deck all day. Let’s see if he left a message on the machine," I said, motioning her to come on in.

"Even if there isn't a message . . .we'll whip up some dinner and eat it in the theater, if that’s OK with you? She grinned and nodded her head vigorously. Sure enough, when I reached the answering machine, it was blinking, signaling a recorded message. I pushed the button, expecting to hear that I might have to watch Emily for an hour or two. When her father's voice came on though, it was clear that she was to stay the entire weekend. My cock jumped in my shorts, visibly doubling the bulge in my swimsuit.

In the meantime, I noticed Emily had gone and quickly changed out of her swimsuit, into a short, lightweight summer dress, and now sat at my breakfast bar, high on one of the stools. The dress, which was short to begin with, rode up even higher than normal, exposing her upper thighs. In fact, nearly far enough to see her little panties I thought to myself. Her skin was perfectly smooth, except for the exquisite lines of muscle rippling down her legs. She was tanned to a golden brown, and as she shifted her weight, to look out at the pool, she uncrossed her legs, briefly revealing her pale blue panties. Though only visible for a second, I thought I could make out the outline of her sweet young mound.

I said, "Well Emily, it looks like I get the pleasure of your company all weekend, which is fine with me since I need to figure out what movies to keep on hand for you and your friends. I could use your input, since I would just be guessing at which ones would appeal to all the kids."

She was happy to help saying, "You bet, Mr. Johnson! You bet! I would love to help you with that, but I was wondering . . . where am I going to sleep tonight? I hope it’s not in one of those little rooms downstairs. This is my first time staying anywhere without my parents, and I would be a little frightened down there by myself."

I smiled, and to reassure her, said she could pick anywhere that she felt comfortable, to sleep, and I would bring blankets and pillows for her if necessary. "Do you know where you'd rather sleep?" I asked.

"No," she said "Not yet . . . but I'll try to let you know before bedtime though, if that’s O.K.?"

"That would be just fine, Emily . . . let me know."

After dinner I went up to change my clothes and found that my cock was still hard from thinking of Emily staying with me all weekend. I lay on my bed, and couldn't get the picture of her young body out of my mind. I briefly thought about jerking off, but decided not to, and instead went to find her in our large home, and see if she had decided where she would like to bed down.

I found her sitting in the living room reading a magazine that one of the other kids had left, and what’s more, she had apparently been getting ready to take a shower, for she now had on only a towel wrapped around her firm young body. It was now 8:30 P.M. and I was aware of the waning daylight, which was a sign to shut the curtains so anyone walking or driving by wouldn't be able to see inside. Of course, I had automated the whole procedure, making it a simple push of a button to shield the interior of my home from any prying eyes. I didn't want to startle my guest though, so I walked in and said, "There you are sweetie, I was just going to look for you after I'd drawn the curtains . . . OH . . . I'm so sorry . . . I didn't know you weren't dressed."

Surprised, Emily jumped, blushing from my having seen her this way.

"Oh . . .it’s O.K. Mr. Johnson, I was just gonna' take a shower, but got caught up in this magazine. I shouldn't have been sitting here like this anyway”. Then she rose and shuffled quickly towards the bathroom. Just as she was passing me, I was sure she looked at the crotch of my pants, again on the rise from seeing her young body, revealing even more than earlier. I called after her, "By the way, Emily honey, have you thought about where you would like to sleep?"

"Well, yeah, but I need to talk to you about it. I thought I'd take my shower first though, if that’s alright?" she asked.

"Of course, dear, there isn't any hurry, run and take your shower. I'll sit and read the newspaper while you're in there." I was going to read, but not the newspaper. I reached under my recliner and pulled out a couple of my fuck & suck magazines which I had stashed under it. I flipped thru the pictorials of two or three magazines. Soon I began to get horny and wasn't paying attention when the shower stopped. I had just opened to a page showing a girl who looked amazingly similar to Emily.

Dreaming that it was her, I sat idly rubbing my crotch through my pants. Suddenly from out of nowhere, Emily skipped into the room, still only with a towel keeping her body hidden. Now, though, she merely had it held in front of her, with her other hand holding the ends where she had hurriedly wrapped it once around her middle.

"Mr. Johnson, I don't know what to do. I brought my clothes in with me so I could put them on afterward, but they fell off the counter while I was showering, and they got soaking wet. Do you have anything that I could . . . uh. . . I could wear?" She stumbled over her words when she noticed what I was reading, not to mention the activity in my lap.

I closed and tossed the magazine behind the chair, and at the same time, sat up and crossed my legs to try and hide the obvious bulge I had been stroking. Then, nervously, I said, "Emily, Oh . . . Geez, I'm sorry, I didn't know you were done . . .umm . . . what was it you asked?"

After the initial surprise, Emily had recovered from her discovery, and actually started to get a strange tingly feeling between her legs. She repeated how her clothes were wet . . .etc . . .etc. and then said, "I just thought you might have something I could wear to bed, and I could wash my things tomorrow morning." Then feeling kinda' naughty, she asked, "What were you just reading?”

Putting aside her second question, I told her, "Well, let’s go upstairs and see if there is anything for you to put on . . . and . . . I was looking at an adult magazine, if you are interested." I had no idea I was bold enough to share what I was reading to her. I mean . . . she could have freaked out and insisted upon leaving the house. Julie kind of smiled, and, with genuine curiosity, asked, "Does it have pictures of naked people in it?"

“It does . . . but for now, let’s find something for you to wear,” I said. She looked slightly disappointed, but I realized I had opened a door for some later “late night reading”, perhaps with her by my side.

"I know there aren't any girl’s clothes in here, but I might be able to find a pair of pants that I had as a kid...."

She cut me off there, saying, "No WAY!....I can't sleep with pants on, I just need a nightshirt or T-shirt."

Visualizing her in one of those little nightshirts had me going again, but I didn't have one to let her wear, saying, "The only thing that comes close to that deion is one of my old work shirts," I said pointing to the assortment of shirts, tailor made with button down collars. I told her that with the long shirt-tails and the fact that she was a lot younger, that one of those should be long enough.

She said, "Yeah, I think one of them will work for tonight....Which ones can I pick from?" I pointed to the last few on the rack.

"Alright, if you will wait outside, I'll try one or two on and see if they're O.K."

I told her I would go wait downstairs, and to feel free to pick from any of the bunch at the end.

Downstairs, I hurried to the recliner, picked up the magazines and quickly hid them back underneath the chair. Then sitting back down, I started to read the newspaper, as I didn't want to risk another case of her seeing me looking at my porn. If she were to tell anyone, my sterling reputation would be ruined, and that would be just the start, since after that none of the neighbor girls would be allowed to visit once the word got out.

Back upstairs, Emily fingered through the shirts. She had told me that she couldn't sleep in pants, but actually, she secretly just wanted a chance to walk around in my house with very little on. Ever since she had seen me looking at that magazine, and rubbing my crotch, she was having strange, itchy, but nice feelings and she was pretty sure they were caused by what she had seen. She and her friend really HAD found some magazines recently at her uncle’s house, and looking through them made her get those same horny feelings. She wanted to feel more of the same, and was going to try to get to look at my magazines too.

Emily finally picked a shirt which wasn't even one of the ones I had told her to choose from. Instead, she had picked one of my old T-shirts, and, just by chance, it was the shortest one there, and also was the only one which had portions that were worn to the point of being semi-transparent. In fact, when the light was behind it, you could see right through it.

She honestly just picked this one because it was the softest. Then she bounced down to the living room again. On the way she noticed that certain movements would make the shirt float up and cause a rush of cool air to swirl between her legs and over her mound. She liked how this felt, and made sure she knew just how to make it happen on purpose, not thinking to arouse me at all. Although Emily was getting turned on by herself, she was honestly trying to keep this fact hidden from me, or more accurately, trying to find ways to have these feelings, while not being caught doing 'naughty' things.

I looked up from the paper when she walked in and swallowed hard at what I saw. When I had suggested the shirts, I hadn't thought they would be in any way sexy. But I hadn't been thinking of the T-shirts, and when she came floating in with one of them on, my mouth dropped open for a second and my cock stiffened.

The shirt fell only about an inch below her crotch. Every step she took, however, caused the front to lift ever so slightly, giving me an unobstructed view of her legs. They were a sight to see, too. No longer any sign of knobby knees, her thighs looked satiny smooth and her skin tan and soft, every detail, nothing short of perfection. My cock jumped and, despite my best effort, continued to rise.

Emily asked "Well?....What do you think?.....This is just what I needed, 'cause it covers me up, but it's comfortable enough for me to sleep in."

I tried to answer but just choked on my words, managing to get nothing more than a squeak to come out of my mouth. I knew that I was staring, but couldn't pull my eyes off of how her titties were almost visible through the almost see-through white cotton.

Emily noticed my stare, blushing from ear to ear, and shifted her stance in a way that bared one leg nearly to her crotch, revealing the inside of her thigh. She felt a surge of those special feelings again, stronger than ever before, and moved to sit down in front of the T.V., because she felt her legs starting to get a little weak.

As I stared at her legs, I noticed her sudden move to the couch, and thought that she saw me and was trying to hide herself. I glanced at her, and thought she looked a little flushed. Somewhat worried, and not having kids of my own, I asked "Are you feeling OK? . . . You look a little warm, honey." I wasn't sure that I should be using terms like "honey" or "Darling" . . . but I couldn't help it, she was adorable and extremely sexy at the same time.

Emily quickly answered me, though maybe a little too fast, saying "Feel O.K.? . . . me? . . . Yeah, I feel alright, in fact I feel just great!"

That’s when I realized that this teen vixen was getting turned on, and that what I had mistaken for looking sick was in reality, the way she looked when she was getting horny! My mind started racing as I asked myself what I should do next . . . How far could I go? . . . I couldn't be sure that just because she was turned on, that she wanted me to do anything about it.

Emily answered that question for me when she asked, "Mr. Johnson . . . umm . . . Do you think . . . uhhh . . . I mean . . . can I see that magazine I saw you looking at?" Followed quickly with, "I PROMISE not to tell anyone...not even my friends."

I could tell by her expression, she knew this question would either lead to her having a lot of fun for the rest of the weekend, or the exact opposite, that the rest of her stay would be spent in silence and total embarrassment. The question had already been asked, however, and she now sat nervously, waiting for my answer.

"I don't know . . . Are you sure you want to look at that stuff? . . .It has a lot of naughty things in it."

"I'm sure, Mr. Johnson . . .really! . . . Just for a little while?" she was begging me now, as she sensed that it was just a matter of convincing me she wouldn't be appalled. That also gave me that little advantage of perhaps moving our encounter to the next level.

"Well," I said, "I would kind of like to look at them again for a while myself, but I guess you can look at the magazines with me if you really want to, on a couple of conditions!” She was now sitting on her knees, looking right at me. What she didn’t know (or did she) was that the T-shirt had ridden up and her bare pussy was now fully exposed . . . to my absolute delight. Gaining my composure, I continued: “First from now on, you must call me Mike! That 'MR" stuff gives me the willies . . . And second, and most important, You cannot say a word of this to ANYONE!...Not a soul, or I could go to jail, do you understand?" She nodded at me, then a little smirk crept over her face, followed finally, with a grin which signaled her joy in being allowed to do something she knew was not allowed, and that she'd never be able to do anyplace else.

Emily stood, smoothing her shirt, and shyly shuffled over to me. About halfway there, I saw her kind of hop, causing the shirt to flutter momentarily. This also allowed her naked titties underneath to jiggle slightly. She really WAS getting turned on, but at the same time, she didn't know the first thing about why, or what it all stood for. I bent down and pulled two of the magazines from under the chair, both extremely good issues, at least they had always been extremely exciting to me.

I was just going to open the first one when Emily stopped me and asked, "Before we start looking at them, can I show you where I decided to sleep tonight? I'm pretty sure that if we looked at the magazines there, we would both be able to see the pictures much better."

I agreed, and after she insisted I get the rest of the mag's, led me away. I followed her up the stairs, down the hall, past the guest rooms and finally stopped in my bedroom and then at my bed.

"Here, Mr. . . .I mean Mike . . . This is where I'd like to sleep tonight . . . If it's alright." Looking up at me, with shy, hopeful eyes. "I'll keep myself covered up and on my side, I just know I'd be scared anywhere else." She judged my reaction and knew before I answered that it was alright with me, as she clambered onto my bed and under the sheets. She threw the blankets down to the foot of the bed.

"Oh . . . boy!" she exclaimed. Piling pillows against the headboard, she said, "See? Now we can both see the pictures really good . . . And nobody will know that you allowed me to look at them, for sure!"

I was lost! I accepted this as the way it was going to be and eagerly stripped to my underwear and joined her under the sheets. As I climbed into the bed, I glanced at Emily's face and saw a look of surprise and just a little fear, from realizing I too would be nearly naked. I didn't touch her, I just took my place, on my side of the bed, and leaned back into the pillows. She propped her head up with other pillows as well, and, laying on her side, she said she was ready to see the magazines.

She had scooted closer to me, but had still left about an inch between us, visibly uncomfortable about where she should lay her left arm. I told her it would be alright if she wanted to lay it on my chest and, after a moment or two of hesitation, she did, even lightly grasping the far side in a little embrace. I picked up the first magazine, opened the cover, and we were immediately greeted by a sexy young girl about her age, naked to her waist with a big smile on her face, sitting on a bed.

“What’s this called,” she asked, closing the page and looking at the cover. It was called “Sucking and Licking Teens”. “Wow . . . this isn’t like a Playboy or Playgirl magazine is it?” she asked.

“No . . . its hard core pornography and if that’s too wild for you, we can do something else.” She opened up the front page again, and looked at the girl.

“Hey . . . I AM ready for this. And if I have any questions, I’ll bet you can answer them . . . right?” I looked at her chest and her nipples were now fully rigid and pushing out the front of the shirt.

“That I will . . . young lady, and I can see someone is getting VERY excited right now . . . isn’t she?” and as if it were perfectly acceptable, I reached out and briefly captured her nearest nipple in between my thumb and finger . . . softly pinching it and then letting it go.

Emily jumped at my lewd gesture, and looked down at my crotch that was sporting a huge erection. Gaining her self-control, she smiled and moved her hand over my hidden cock and squeezed it momentarily. I thought I would shoot right then and there. Then she added:

“I am not the ONLY horny one here tonight. So let’s get back to the magazine . . . Mr. Mike.” I began to laugh and turned the page. Next we were looking at a boy entering the room and the girl had scooted over to where her legs were now on the floor.

“Looks like he is pretty excited . . . doesn’t it?” she observed, pointing to the boy’s stiff cock that was thrusting out his whitey tightees. Otherwise he was naked. The next picture showed that he had moved in between her legs up close to the bed, and she was looking down at his erection.

“This is getting pretty interesting,” said Emily turning slightly red with embarrassment, as she examined both photos.

“Go ahead and turn the page Emily. From now on there are some words along with the pictures . . . and I want you to read those words for us.”

“Okay,” she said as the page was turned. She quickly found the first set of dialogue and began reading:

“Pull down my underwear . . . my little slut. I have a big surprise waiting for you underneath.” The photo had zoomed in on the head of his cock still covered and it also included a side shot that showed the girls pretty face and bare breasts at the same time.

“Mr. Mike,” Emily began, “what is a ‘slut’ anyway?” I tried not to ruin the moment so I tactfully said: “It’s a name for a girl who . . . loves sex . . . and wants to have it all the time.”

“Okay . . . I wonder whether that’s me . . . or maybe will be me some day,” she suggested. Then she looked at the next page and the girl was pulling down the boy’s shorts. She read the caption: “I can’t wait to get this big COCK in my mouth,” Emily said, and then turned red from embarrassment realizing what she had just read.

“Don’t be embarrassed Emily. Read it again for me.” She obviously was not ready for my response but then surprised me by saying the words slightly louder and as if she were actually saying them:

“I can’t wait to get this big COCK in my mouth,” she said . . . slipping her hand towards my shaft that I was wanking off with. I moved my hand aside and she captured the purple naked head in her moist fingers . . . and then just as suddenly, moved it back between her legs. I boldly turned the page, and the boy’s underpants were now gone and his stiff cock was aiming up at the topless girl. Emily began:

“I want you to put your hand around my big cock and jerk it up and down for me.” I was looking at the picture, but also over the top of the magazine and down at the intersection between Emily’s legs. Either she had pulled up my T-shirt or she had moved her legs around so much that her shaved and perfectly hairless pussy, was now fully visible. The entire situation was causing me to have to sneak my fingers back into the opening of my shorts and grasp my cock that was still pulsing having been held by her hand. I looked back at the opposite page, and the girl now had her hand around the boy’s cock, but just barely. Not only was his shaft . . . long for his age, but it was thick as well.

Emily turned the page and stared at the picture, but perhaps more at the words she was about to read. The boy had reached across and was now cupping and pinching the girl’s breasts and nipples and you could tell on the expression on her face that she was enjoying every second of his attention. The girl’s hands were still around his cock, and Emily read the caption:

“You are doing great, but my cock is a little dry. I want you to lick it for me, and make it all slippery.” Emily’s nipples appeared to be even more erect after she finished reading. She looked over and suddenly realized that my hand was now entirely inside my shorts and I was doing exactly what the girl was to her boyfriend. I bravely made the following suggestion.

“Move your right hand down to your pussy, Emily. I know you are getting really hot, just like me . . . and I want you to rub it for me. I will hold the other side of the magazine as you continue to read.” I think she thought I had read her mind and immediately, the young girl set down the magazine and thrust her fingers over her pussy. Then she began to gently rub her clit. I helped her reopen the magazine to the right page and I somewhat awkwardly held the right side of the publication with my left hand, while eagerly jacking off with my right as she held the opposite side of it with her hand.

Instead of large pictures, the next layout was a series of smaller pictures, showing the girl on her knees . . . first smearing her tongue just above his shaved balls and then in subsequent pictures literally licking every inch of his shaft. There were no words on that page but on the opposite page just below the money shot of her now sucking on the first couple inches of his cock, the text continued, and Emily now more determined and with more expression said:

“Ow . . . yes . . . my sweet little slut . . . use your tongue all over my cock. Wrap that thing around the head and then open up your mouth . . . pull your lips back over your teeth . . . and SUCK MY COCK for me!” After Emily had read that passage, she closed her eyes and you could tell she was both imagining that it was her giving the blowjob to the boy and at the same time she had two fingers inside her pussy. It was extremely exciting watching her manipulate her excited clit.

She worked her middle finger over her clitoris very gently. I looked down and could see her efforts had begun to slicken her mound, as her fingers sank in between her delicate outer lips. She bucked a couple of times from this new touch, and I lifted my head to look over at her face. Her eyes shot open, but I was almost certain she didn't see anything through them, as they were glassy with lust and they soon shut afterwards.

"OOOOHHhhh . . . No . . . " she moaned.

I leaned next to her and whispered in her ear, "Emily, just relax . . . Enjoy the way it feels.”

" G-G-God, I've never felt anything like this....b-before," she moaned.

"Don't worry, it’s only natural to have those feelings. In fact, lean back into the pillows. I'm going to show you just how good it can feel."

I let go of my cock and shifted in between her legs. I leaned forward and slowly ran my right hand up her leg to her navel . . . and then slowly to just below her developing breasts. As I whispered for her to relax, I gazed at this teen-aged sex kitten, her tits, though somewhat small, still filled each palm and stood firm and proud, jiggling slightly from my movements on the bed. Her figure was almost perfectly formed, with the classic hourglass shape, her waist, slim and firm, flaring gradually, forming her hips, which just seamlessly became her upper thighs as I lowered my gaze.

I asked her if it felt good when I massaged her breasts, to which she smiled and nodded. Her eyes were still closed, and slowly, I let one hand drift away from her pert little breasts and begin its journey down her torso. I replaced my hand by lowering my head and covering nearly one whole tit with my lips, then began swirling my hot wet tongue over the nipple. She let out a soft moan and wrapped an arm around my neck, pulling my head against her chest even harder.

"OOOOHHhhh.....UUnnghh...." she moaned. “Please don’t stop,” she urged. That lit a fire inside me and moving down from her breasts, my chin slid past her pussy and I immediately tucked my tongue in between her love lips. I began by thrashing my tongue all over the opening, and then slowly turned my head and slipped my tongue in between her pussy lips. I heard her moan and I could immediately taste the strawberry soap that she had used to shower. In and out I drove my tongue. At the same time my index finger found the slight bump of her clitoris and I began to rub it gently. I heard her begin to moan loudly as I continued my foreplay and the tongue fucking of her pussy.

Again and again I inserted my tongue deep into her love canal. Soon she was moving her hips in unison with my efforts, and together we were literally fucking her teen pussy. Suddenly her hips stopped and I felt her body begin to shake with an orgasm that would match any older and more experienced girl’s. For several minutes her body shook with true orgasmic relief. I moved back into my former position next to her.

“I wanna come back to the magazine, but right now I’d rather look at your . . . uh . . . cock. Would that be alright?” she asked optimistically. Right now my shorts were just a hindrance so I stood up and faced her.

“Fine . . . tell me exactly what you want me to do,” I stated. I am certain she did not expect or suspect the hidden camera filming everything we had done so far . . . and were about to do. I wanted to live it now, but couldn’t wait to show this again later.

“Mr. Mike . . . I want you to pull down your underpants and show me your big cock.” I nodded my head and then slowly unveiled my 8” tool for the young girl to examine.

“How about you coming up here on the bed in front of me . . . and then kinda kneeling?” she indicated. Following her instructions, I mounted the bed, now naked and assumed the position she requested. I placed my hands on my hips and watched as the girl leaned forward. Soon she carefully gripped my cock at the base . . . just like in the magazine, and I knew her intentions, even before she did.

Almost immediately, her tongue ran around her lips rather seductively applying some moisture to them. Her face was now just a couple of inches from my cock. I watched her examine my shaft, wondering what she might do next. She then took a deep breath, closed her eyes and reached out with her tongue until it touched the tip of my cock. I had recently showered so, if she was trying to determine if there were any type of taste, more than likely she hadn’t detected any. Leaning even further, she moved her tongue across the bottom of the glans, sending shivers up my spine. I wanted her to linger there momentarily but she elected to go to the base and begin to slowly lick the shaft.

I knew she was in an awkward position and so was I, so I suggested a quick change.

“I am enjoying every lick young one, but if you are not uncomfortable now, you soon will be in that position. I am going to stand up next to the bed and I want you to sit on the edge for me. And I want you to lose that T-shirt. I want to see those beautiful titties.” She smiled and although turning slightly red she whisked the shirt off her shoulders.

Silently, we both moved into the positions I had suggested. I was estimating where my cock would end up, and I was correct. I held onto the base of my cock and moved it towards her. She was sitting on the bed, with her legs open . . .now buck naked, and without much difficulty she could easily service my shaft in that position. She grasped my cock and began to lubricate every inch of it with her spit. Soon all 8” of it was shiny, and she again grasped the base and began to wank the shaft with her hand.

“Keep that up, but suck it for me at the same time,” I strongly suggested. She leaned forward just enough to take just the head of my cock into her mouth. I looked down and both nipples were very stiff and I elected to gently attach my fingers to them both and lightly pinch. The result was a deep moan from Emily and at the same time her swallowing about 3” of my stiff cock. She had thankfully covered her teeth with her soft lips and as I continued to manipulate her titties, I was rewarded by her oral efforts on my shaft.

I placed both hands on either side of her head and slowly moved it up and down, until she understood the motions I wanted her to look after. I wondered whether she had realized yet, that when my cock was inside of her mouth, that she was in complete control and the main reason my cock was so big and hard was because I found her so attractive. She had developed a slow rhythm, moving her hand up and down at the base, and her mouth and lips up and down closer to the head.

I looked at her pussy and it was very damp with her excitement. Very slowly I worked one hand back over her breast and nipple and the other one down between her legs. I located her clit and as I watched her perform probably her very first blowjob, I gently rubbed it. More moans were heard and as a result I realized how close I was to cumming. I whispered:

"Oh god Emily, don't stop," I begged in a hoarse whisper, "Don't stop no matter what . . . I'm almost there!"

My cock suddenly swelled ever so slightly in her mouth. She started to pull her head back, but selfishly I kept it in place. Suddenly I jerked violently and hot cum started shooting into her mouth! I knew she was tasting warm, salty, and a bit gooey –cum for the first time. Not wanting her to gag, I pulled my cock out, and continuing to keep the flow of hot cum flowing, I shot the next several loads all over her face and lips. She soon looked up at me, with my cum dripping from her lips.

"Mmmmmm, now THAT'S what I call being a good girl," I said, with a smile that never left my face. "Open up . . .and show me my yummy cum."

She opened her mouth and I was rewarded at the sight of my juices. In fact she stuck out her tongue just enough so I could see my gooey cum covering it. She then smiled naughtily at me and swallowed it down. My cock was no longer as hard as it had been but surprisingly she took it back in her mouth. After a few minutes, I gently moved my shaft back and suggested a shower.

While under the spray, she told me that her best friend would be over tomorrow, and she was pretty sure she could get her to join our merriment. That thought caused my somewhat spent cock to begin growing once again. Could I handle two teens at the same time . . . or how kinky might it be . . . to have one watch all the fun. Are you ready for it?


2018-11-15 00:45:51
A very impressive story, my friend. This neighbourhood will never be the same. There was a good flow, and sequence of events. Looking forward to reading more about his little escapades with the local cuties.


2018-11-12 23:28:26
Athletic guy with a huge thick 8 inch c*ck.. Looking for GIRLS ONLY to have fun and get naughty with.. I am also very dominant and open to being a master to any girls... Intellectual guy can hold a great conversation.. Hmu on KiK.. CLR124


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Just a suggestion. Go easy on the CAPS LOCK words. It would make it a lot easier to read and more enjoyable. Good story though!

Norty OldmanReport

2018-10-26 08:54:09
More please..


2018-10-24 19:49:16
Great story, reminds me of some fun I had.

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