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Although this story can be read on it's own, it is recommended you read the story 'Motel Week'. The last story left off with a few possibilities for a conclusion. Here is the second of two possible endings. Neither ending would be considered the 'True Ending' just read them both and pick which one you like better. Both however; would be considered happy endings.
Please note the following story tags: Incest, Creampie, Consensual Sex, Oral Sex, Stripping, Hardcore, Panties, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Young Teens, Male/Female, Sleep, First Time.


Motel Week Ending 2

"What if you knocked up your sister?" That was the exact thought that had been on Newlyn's mind for the past two weeks. The thought permeated his entire being ever since they had left the motel. The family had been forced to into a motel for a week while the house was under repair. It was during this week Newlyn had shared a bed with his younger sister Juliana. It started as an accident and seriously bad judgment on his part that had then cascaded into the pregnancy crises. During that week he had discovered his sister was an extremely heavy sleeper. He took advantage of this and had raped her while she slept. It was only after a few days of this that he realized how stupid he had been. He had somehow over looked the fact that females get pregnant when they have unprotected sex.

Although it had been far too late to do anything about it by the time he remembered this crucial detail. Once they had come home he began his desperate search for birth control and any signs of pregnancy from Juliana. He did eventually steal some morning after pills and condoms too embarrassed to purchase them himself. He felt pretty terrible about this and gave a rather large donation to the children in need on his way out of the store. As bad as he felt about stealing it was nothing compared to how horrible he felt about the prospect of possibly impregnating his unsuspecting sister.

He had what he needed but, it was far too late now. It had already been a week after he had deposited his first load into her womb. This was when he began tailing his sister for clues. He had to know if she was pregnant or not. Ever time she left the bathroom he would go in behind searching for anything that might give any kind of indication of her current condition. Tampons or pads, blood, packaging, anything that would indicate she was having a period was where he started. He would check her laundry for blood. When she left he would search her room for stashes of tampons or pads. He had found nothing and had started to get seriously desperate.

It had been just over two weeks before he found what he was looking for. Blood. There was blood in Juliana's panties. He had never felt so relieved in his life as he was in that moment as he stared at the beautiful blood stain. Juliana had her period.


Two weeks after finding evidence of his sister's period, things had gone back to basically normal for Newlyn. He determined he would never do that to his sister or any one else ever again. This did not however; keep him from fantasizing whither he liked it or not. Turns out Newlyn might not have been the only one fantasizing though.

Like most teens Newlyn typically stayed up late on Friday nights however, he had been very tired that day and had turned in early instead. Late at night he then woke up groggy needing the restroom. After using the bathroom he was heading back to his room still half asleep. As he walked past his sister's room he thought he heard her call his name. In his sleepy haze he simply responded to his name, turned to his sister's door, and walked in.

His sleepy haze evaporated at the sight before him. Juliana's fully naked and slender body was splayed out on the bed. Her hands had been rubbing her soft pussy at least Newlyn was pretty sure they had been. Juliana had responded to the door opening too.

Juliana frantically attempted to cover her self as she screamed at her intruding brother, "What the hell! Get out!"

"Sorry!" cried Newlyn as he bolted form the room slamming the door behind him.

Newlyn laid in bed for a long time expecting his sister or his parents to come barging in any moment. They never did though. The next morning Newlyn was first out of bed. He made breakfast quietly and hoped his sister would not remember last night. Juliana arrived as Newlyn was finishing. When she walked in and saw him they both froze. Since she clearly remembered last night Newlyn decided to use the approach he had used weeks previously. His sister, through no fault of her own, had fully exposed herself on a walk home from school. Newlyn at the time simply pretended not to have seen anything. He attempted this again.

"Good morning, Juliana," he said with a smile he hoped looked genuine.

She turned away blushing before softly saying, "morning." She then silently went about making her own breakfast.

The morning continued pretty awkward but, both siblings managed to ignore the previous night. By the time dinner was over the tension seemed to have gone. Back in his room Newlyn was reading when there was a knock on his door. It was pretty late by this point but, the light under the door would have made it obvious he was still awake.

Thinking it was perhaps his mother he called out, "ya, I know its late. I will be going to be in a minute."

He was surprised when the door opened and his sister entered. She had not yet changed into her nightgown and looked nervous. She had her arms crossed and she shifted uncomfortably.

"Oh, hello? What can I do for you?" asked Newlyn.

Juliana kept her head down as she answered, "can we talk?"

He figured he knew what this might be about and it could be serious. He did however want to confirm this before continuing. He book marked his page and set his book down.

"About what?" he asked.

Juliana did not answer at first. She first shut the door then took a seat on the bed.

"About last night. And a few weeks ago," she said.

Newlyn did not answer. He was not sure how to answer. Instead he waited for Juliana to elaborate.

"What do you think of me?" she asked.

"What do I think of you? What do you mean? Your nice I guess," he answered confused.

"That is not what I mean," she said and paused. "Do you think I am a slut?"

"What? No. Why would I think that?" Newlyn answered honestly confused by the question.

"Because of what you saw. You probably think I like going around naked and touching myself or some other things," Juliana answered.

"Uh, no. You probably had your reasons not having underwear. I just didn't think it was any of my business," he said. Truthfully he did know why she had been going command a few weeks ago. That had been partially his fault after all but, as far as he knew Juliana was not aware of this fact. As for last night...

"Well what about last night?" Juliana whispered.

It took a while for Newlyn to answer this. "Well I do that too," he said as he blushed. "I do not think it is something to be ashamed of and I did not mean to walk in on you. That was probably my fault."

"You mean you...touch yourself too?" Juliana said looking hopeful as she turned to Newlyn.

"Well ya. I think everybody does. They just all do it in secret if they can," he answered. He was getting more and more uncomfortable with this line of questioning.

There was a long pause of silence before Juliana took a deep breathe and asked her next question.

"Can I see it?" she asked as she wrung her fingers.

Newlyn rubbed his temples as he pondered the question. He knew what she was asking but had a hard time believing he heard it.

"See what?" he asked with a slight squeak to his voice.

"See you naked," Juliana asked with crossed arms uncomfortably shifting.

"Naked? Why?" he asked in disbelief.

"Only for a few seconds!" she said hastily. "It would make us even."

"You sure about this?" he asked still trying to comprehend the request.

His sister only stared at him and nodded her head quickly.

Newlyn took a deep breathe before replying, "just so we are even?"

Again Juliana only nodded quickly in response.

Newlyn then took off his shirt and stood up. His sister's eyes were fixed on him the whole time. Thinking it would be better if he did it quickly he pulled down his pants and boxers in one swift movement and stood there for his sister. He was not erect or very large but, Juliana seemed transfixed by the sight. Newlyn felt more exposed then he had ever been which he figured was normal given the circumstance although, he found the circumstances themselves to be anything but normal. He stood there for possibly a full five seconds before nerves got the better of him and he pulled his pants back up. Juliana snapped out of her trance and looked to her brother's eyes with burning red cheeks and turning away. Newlyn put his shirt back on and felt his heart pounding as if he had just run a mile. After he calmed down a bit he spoke.

"We even now?" he asked his sister.

Juliana got up quickly appearing nervous and skittish. "Ya, we're even. Thank you," she said as she left Newlyn's room in a hurry.

Newlyn got ready for bed but, had a hard time sleeping. He stared at the ceiling for over an hour contemplating what had just happened.


The next day was awkward for both of them. When ever the two were in the same room they would look at one another for a moment. One of them would then break eye contact and they would both blush while one of them left the room when possible. This behavior continued for a few days until their mother, Stephanie, noticed.

"Did something happen between you two?" she asked at dinner one night.

The two siblings both froze for a moment. They then looked at one another quickly turning red before turning away. Newlyn was first speak after this.

"No, were fine," he lied.

"Ya, right. You two have been acting strange lately. You have not even been talking to each other. What happed?" pressed their mother.

Juliana's turn to lie. Hers was much more convincing. "Nothing really. Newlyn accidentally walked in on me in the shower the other day," said Juliana as she turned a few shades redder.

Their father, Eric, laughed at this. "That makes total sense. We live in the same house after all it is bound to happen at some point," he chuckled.

Their mother had to suppress a giggle as well as she said, "Oh you two. Newlyn how did you not know your sister was in the shower and Juliana why didn't you lock the door?"

"Uh. I was going to take a shower too and the door was not locked and she had not turned the shower on yet," Newlyn said as he attempted to elaborate on the lie.

"I thought I had locked the door," confessed Juliana adding more detail.

Their mother simply shook her head before she addressed them both, "not that big a deal you two. You can stop tip toeing around each other."

The rest of the evening continued as usual from then on. Things appeared to go back to normal with part of the siblings secret out in the open. Normal however was about to change for the two.

Newlyn had again been reading when there was a knock at his door.

"Come in," he said.

Just as he suspected it was Juliana. She did not look nearly as nervous this time but, she did look like she had something on her mind.

"Hey Juliana. That was good cover at dinner tonight," he complimented.

"Thank you. I am actually surprised it worked," she said.

"Well it did. Any rate what brings you here this time?" he asked.

"Actually what I want to talk to you about is related to what we have done," she said.

Newlyn was not entirely sure what this mean. 'related to what we have done?' What could that mean. "What?" Newlyn asked.

Juliana looked at her brother and scowled, "sex. I want to talk about sex."

"Wait what? No, talk to mom and dad about that," Newlyn told his sister. There was no way he was going to talk to his sister about sex.

"I can't. It is too embarrassing. Besides I have already talk to you about it even if it was not a whole lot. We have even seen each other naked now," she argued.

She did have valid points there. They had already somewhat spoken about it and indeed they had seen each other naked even if accidental. Newlyn however felt a pang of guilt as he recalled what he had done at the motel though.

"Absolutely not," Newlyn insisted.

Juliana looked hurt by this and attempted another approach. "Come on it would just be like one or two questions. I am also not asking 'where babies come from' or something stupid like that," she did the whole puppy dog eye look as she asked.

As Newlyn looked at his sister's big eyes he could not resist. Defeated he let out sigh, "fine one question."

Juliana was thrilled with this and asked her first question. That one question though turned into a nearly two hour conversation. Newlyn who had been reluctant to speak to his sister about sex had quickly forgotten his own rule of 'one question'. It was Juliana who finally noticed the time when she saw the clock.

"Oh uh, I better go. It is almost midnight," she said as she pointed at the clock and got up to leave.

Newlyn's gaze followed her finger to the clock and was surprised by the time. "Yikes, so much for one question," he said.

"Ya, sorry about that," said Juliana. "Think we can talk again sometime?" she asked.

"Sure," Newlyn replied. He honestly would have liked to go on then but, knew they did not have time for it.

Juliana smiled at her brother as she tip toed out of his room and down the hall to her own. Newlyn found himself once again staring at the ceiling contemplating what had just happened. This time instead of only being confused by it, he felt annoyed that it had ended.


They did not met up every night after that but, it did turn into a regular thing. The two siblings would meet in either Juliana's or Newlyn's room and talk about anything. This would include anything from fantasy, to hygiene, to health, to personal pleasures, and everything in-between. The two did not limit their discussion to sex but, it was a favorite topic as the two grew closer. As close as they had come during this time there was still one horribly ominous secret Newlyn had yet to reveal. Try as he might he had not been able to tell his sister about the week at the motel. He felt guilty about this of course and promised himself he would tell her at some point but had not managed yet. This went on for a nearly two weeks and during this time the two learned a lot about one another.

Newlyn discovered his sister's first period had been the one he noticed after the week in the motel. Juliana learned that Newlyn had been masturbating for possibly two years. Juliana had only been doing this for a few months. Newlyn kept his pubic hair short as he found it irritating and itchy. Juliana who had just started growing hers liked this idea and had been keeping them short too. After all most of the girls in the porn she had started watching had shaved or trimmed pubs as well. This was what brought them together this particular night.

"So do you find colored pubs more attractive?" Juliana asked Newlyn.

They were in her room tonight. Juliana had been wondering if she should shave her pubs completely or not like most did in the porn she had seen. Newlyn had said it would probably be easier to just keep them trimmed and it would be a shame to shave off her blond pubs since those were uncommon.

"I am not sure I have a preference for it. But if someone has naturally blond or red pubs they should show them off and take advantage of that," he said.

"Well mine are definitely blond. So maybe I will just go with a...what was it called a runway?" she looked to her brother for confirmation.

"You mean the narrow strip of pubic hair going down to the pussy?" he asked.

"Ya, that is what I was thinking," she answered.

"Ya, that is a runway I am pretty sure. It would look good. Cannot say I have seen blond ones often though. Like I said seems uncommon," he elaborated.

"Well why don't we look and see if we can find any?" Juliana asked with a mischievous smile as she went to her computer.

"Wait you mean actually look up pictures? Right now?" Newlyn asked a bit surprised.

To this point although they had seen each other naked and had been extremely open about sex, they had never actually viewed nude photos together. Newlyn had let his sister see him naked as a way of getting even after the blue dress incident. After that though they had not actually seen each other naked at all though. They had only spoke about it. They had even suggest different porn sites and videos to one another but had to this point kept the actual viewing of such material private. Juliana was about to change that and did not appear to be upset by this.

"Well sure why not? It is not like we have not seen this stuff before," she said.

She had a point there. The more Newlyn thought about it the more it made sense any way. After all they had been very open to the whole topic in general. It only seemed natural that they would start looking at porn together.

"Alright, fine. What have we got?" he said this as he moved closer to his sister as she went into privacy mode and started a search.

What started out as a simple image search for colored pubs soon escalated as the two continued their search. Before long the two were sharing some of their favorite sites, pictures, and videos. They had lost track of time again as they often did when they got involved in discussion. While watching one of Newlyn's favorites the two jumped when they heard their mother yelled down the hall for the two to go to bed. Juliana hastily closed the browser as Newlyn got up to leave.

Back in his own room Newlyn had been so turned on by watching porn with his sister he wasted no time getting naked. He proceeded to have one of his most furious fap sessions ever. As he madly jerked himself off. He could not help but think Juliana was almost certainly doing the same thing. With that thought he exploded all over himself. Good thing he had been lying down. The cum splattered all over his chest and stomach which made clean up much easier than if he had been sitting or standing where it surly would have got on the floor or the bed. He slept well that night and was eager to do it again.


It became another one of their routines not quite every day but, they enjoyed it when they could. It progressed much the same way. First they talked about what ever was on their minds. Then the subject would enviably drift toward sex. At some point one of them suggested looking at porn again. After watching some videos and seeing some pictures the two would be too horny to continue. They went to their separate rooms and masturbated alone. This continued for a short while until finals week. The two were too busy by this point.

Juliana had gymnastics and after that she had a lot of homework. Finials were that week for both of them. Newlyn was studying in the living room when he over heard his parents in the kitchen.

"Oh, Eric dear," called Newlyn's mother clearing speaking to her husband.

"Yes?" he replied.

"I just remembered Amy was wondering if Juliana could baby sit on the weekends for the summer. Possibly after summer as well," continued Newlyn's mother.

"I suppose she could. Why would they need a sitter on the weekend though?" asked Eric.

"New job and neither of them would be home for the first few hours on Saturdays," answered Eric's wife.

"Well that would be good for her and, you know that actually reminds me. Lester was asking for any help at the library. Reading for the youth. I do not really like the idea of the two staying home all summer doing nothing so, I was going to possibly sign them up. What do you think Stephanie?" asked Eric.

"That is a great idea. When would it be starting?" asked Stephanie.

"I think he said it would be Saturdays starting in July. I will be sure to find out before the BBQ on the 4th," answered Eric.

"Well that would not work for Juliana if she ends up baby sitting for Amy but would be fine for Newlyn," Stephanie said.

Newlyn let out a sigh as he heard this. It was not that he would not like reading to the youth. It was just that he had hoped for an obligation free summer. He still did end up enjoying it. Unfortunately it was volunteer work unlike Juliana's babysitting where she was paid.


Before any of their jobs would start though the two siblings would have to finish the school year. The last day of school the two meet up again for the first time in four days. The two were horny and eager. It was not long before they were soon watching hardcore porn together. This was when Newlyn took it another step.

"Would you like to see it again?" asked Newlyn. The two siblings had just finished a video of a cute blond taking a deep creampie from a gorgeous hunk.

"That one was amazing. We could watch it again if you like," Julian replied.

"Actually I was not talking about the video," said Newlyn. He was not sure where the idea had come from. Newlyn figured he was just overly horny and feeling bolder then normal.

"Oh? Then what were you referring to?" Juliana asked puzzled.

Newlyn went a bit quite as he replied, "I was actually referring to this." He spread his legs and indicated the tent in his shorts.

"Oh?" Juliana asked with a twinkle in her eye. "And why would you want me to see that? I have seen it before."

"Because you have not seen it hard before. I figured you might want to see that," Newlyn continued.

Juliana beamed at her brother and answered, "I would love to see your 'hard on'".

Newlyn stood up and was about to pull his pants down when he got another idea. He stopped and went back to his computer.

"Oh come on I thought you were going to let me see," Juliana huffed in disappointment.

Newlyn smiled at his sister as he said, "you will just not yet. I have an idea and I think you will like it."

As Newlyn closed the porn and opened another file, Juliana appeared not to agree with her brother. Then music started playing. Newlyn had found what he was looking for and walked to the center of the room. Juliana's eyes lit up as she realized what her brother had planed for her.

Newlyn was going to put on a strip show for his sister. He had never done anything like it before but was feeling adventurous and was perhaps too horny for his own good. He started by slowly lifting his shirt while dancing. He swung the shirt a few times over his head before he threw it to Juliana. The dancing was not very good but Juliana was loving it. She giggled her encouragement as Newlyn stripped. He spun around a few times before pulling his shorts down and kicking them across the room leaving him in his tented black boxers.

Juliana was leaning forward on the edge of her seat with her moth open in awe as Newlyn danced for her. Newlyn moved closer to his sister presenting his tent well within arms reach. He held his hands behind his head as he flaunted his manhood with quick hip pumps directed at Juliana. She reached out as if to touch him but before she could her brother turned his back on her and squatted and began to twirk for her. She laughed at this and did reach out and spank him. Newlyn could not help but laugh as well at this. He then walked forward and put his fingers under the elastic band on his boxers. He slipped the boxers off and let them fall to the floor with his back still turned to Juliana.

"Oh come on let me see. Let me see," cried Juliana.

Finally Newlyn turned around facing his little sister with a grin as he posed. His cock was hard and point straight out. The head of his penis had a visible glistening drop of precum shimmering on the tip while his trimmed pubs gave him a nice clean look that made it look bigger.

The music stopped and Juliana clapped in excitement. "Oh Newlyn that was great. I loved it," she cooed.

Newlyn walked over pointing his cock at his sister. He gave her a light kiss on the cheek and said, "I am glad you liked it." After a moment he then asked, "how would you like to do it?"

At first Juliana looked concerned possibly even scared. Newlyn noticed this at once and tried to assured his sister that she did not have to do it, "you do not have to you know, it was just you know, an idea."

But before he had even finished her eyebrows furrowed seriously. "No, no, it is ok. Fair is fair," Juliana said timidly. She then walked quickly to the door. As she left she said, "one moment. Be right back," there was a noticeable trembling in her voice. With that she unlocked the door and left.

Newlyn thought he had possibly gone too far. He got dressed and berated himself for being an idiot. Just as she promised though Juliana returned and locked the door behind her. Newlyn was stunned. Juliana had returned wearing a blue mini dress. Not just any blue mini dress but the very same one she had worn when she had flashed him by mistake a few months ago.

Newlyn's was astonished by his sister's reappearance and choice of garments. He had not intended it but, he had been staring at his sister in the blue mini dress as she crossed her arms and shifted uncomfortably under his gaze. It was not until she spoke that he realized what he had been doing.

"Would you please not stare?" she asked quietly.

Newlyn shook himself and said, "I am sorry. I was just surprised. You look very good in that dress. I have not seen it for a while..."

Juliana was trying to regain her composure as she replied, "I like this dress. I have just been to embarrassed to wear it since...since you saw me naked under it a few months ago."

"I am sorry," said Newlyn.

"That is ok. I know we have talked about it but, it is still embarrassing remembering it," Juliana replied.

"You know you do not have to strip. I was just being impulsive ," he said still trying to ease the tension.

She focused her eyes on Newlyn and said, "I want to do it though. It will help me get over it." Her gaze falter and she dropped her voice too low for Newlyn to hear what she said after that.

"What was that?" he asked.

She took a deep breathe and whispered again just loud enough for her brother to hear, "I kind of want show off for you too."

He smiled reassuringly and said, "I already know your pretty. No need to force yourself but I would enjoy seeing you again."

Juliana smiled coyly but did not response to Newlyn's comment instead she only asked for a good song to dance to. Newlyn complied and found a good track for both of them and hit play.

Much like Newlyn, she did not really know what she was doing and started off awkwardly. It did not really mater though Newlyn enjoyed it all the same. The way she twirled about raising the dress. It was not high enough to see what she had underneath but came so close to showing something it was driving him wild. She stopped twirling and stood swaying her hips. She was blushing when she reached down and pulled the hem of her mini dress up and let Newlyn finally see what she was wearing. He let out a slight gasp as he saw the yellow silk panties. The same ones he had seen her in at the motel. He felt a familiar pang of guilt as he remembered the last time he had seen them however; this did not stop him from enjoying the rest of the show.

Despite her blushing Juliana had still not removed a single piece of clothing. She crossed her arms and grabbed the hem of the blue mini dress and in one smooth motion pulled the dress up and over her head and tossed the dress lightly to the side. At some point Newlyn remembered to breathe after she took the dress off as he stared at his adorable little sister. Juliana blushed intensely but continued to dance in her matching silk and lacy bandeau and panties.

It took a while before she attempted to remove anything else. Most likely too nervous but after bit more dancing she decided it was time to take off the yellow bandeau. Juliana slowly inverted the bandeau revealing her perky breasts and hard pink nipples. Juliana was clearly more embarrassed by this point yet determined to continue the show. She fondled her breasts as she continued to sway with the music. The music however was nearing the end. Juliana than began to toy with her panties with time running out. She turned her back as she leaned forward pulling the panties down just past her buttocks and let them drop to the floor. Gracefully stepping out of them she turned to her brother holding her hands in front of her pussy. Blushing redder then Newlyn had ever seen she slowly lifted her hands revealing her neatly trimmed blond runway as the music ended.

Newlyn could hardly contain his excitement and began to clap while giving her a whistle of approval.

She had her head slightly turned and could not seem to met her brother's eyes she was so flustered. Newlyn only seemed to find her timid demeanor more attractive. He was of course sympathetic though.

"You look great, beautiful even," Newlyn encouraged.

"Y..You think so?" she said with a shuddery voice.

"Yes, not doubt about it. You do look super embarrassed though. You can put your clothes back on," he said.

"T..Thank you," she said as she hastily got dressed again.

Newlyn was disappointed to see her get dressed so quickly but Juliana seemed to calm down a lot once she was dressed again. As soon as her dress was back on she took a seat next to her brother.

"That embarrassing," said Juliana.

Feeling a little bad he had made his sister strip for him Newlyn replied, "I am sorry. You know you didn't have to do it."

Juliana looked at her brother, "It was very embarrassing but was also thrilling. Being naked like that."

Newlyn was surprised by this. He thought he knew the kinds of things his sister was into, "I did not know you liked voyeurism?"

She shook her head, "I don't. That was not voyeurism that was simply a strip dance and we definitely need to do it again."


They met up every day after that for the next few days and repeated this. Now that school was out the two would typically get together after their parents went to work. After watching porn the two would strip for one another. They got better at it and changed up their wardrobes for it. Juliana was no longer nervous when she stripped for her brother but still could not help blushing madly every time she did. Which is what made it all the more surprising for her brother with what she did next.

It happened a few days after their first strip dance. The two siblings were enjoying another one of their rendezvous when Juliana took it a bit further. Juliana had decided to go first. The music started and so did her dancing. She had a non de T-shirt and mini shorts and wasted no time before removing both. Newlyn was surprised at how quickly she was stripping today. She hardly teased him before dancing her way out of her matching black panties and strapless bra. The song was not even half way done before she was completely naked. Newlyn knew something was going on by this point but curious so, he decided to simply watch the show and see where it went.

She rubbed her tits and swayed her hips. Then as if making a decision her face blushed. Juliana always blushed when she stripped but she had not been this red since the first time she had stripped. She then moved her hand from her breasts to her lithe belly tracing a path down her blond runway to her wet pussy. Her pussy was defiantly wet as she inserted her finger and went to her knees keeping her legs apart. Newlyn stared mouth a gap at the spectacle. His sister was masturbating.

She let out a soft moan as she played with herself. She varied the pace of her fingers from leisurely to frantic with the tempo of the music. The next beat drop she dropped her other hand behind her and leaned back. She was now fingering wildly and thrusting her hips into it. All at once she let out long moan as she bucked with her hand now frozen in place deep in her sensitive pussy. She held her pose while she calmed down with hair splayed on the floor, a dripping pussy, heaving chest, and perky nipples all coming together for a beautiful sight.

Juliana looked at her brother with a mischievous grin and said, "your turn."

Newlyn did not expect to top that but he was too horny not to try. He quickly got up and put on a song. He was about to start when he noticed another thing. Juliana took a seat on the bed with out dressing first. To this point after stripping they would get dressed soon afterward but this time Juliana had decided to keep her clothes off for his show. There were no complaints from Newlyn it simply made him that much more eager to start.

Newlyn was much cooler and collective in his stripping then Juliana had been. He knew he was too horny to last more then a few seconds once he started touching himself. Which also made it so hard for him to slow down. He would have to pace himself.

He threw off his shirt rather soon but spent the next minute simply dancing in his shorts to the amusement of his sister. Half way through the song he slowly started undoing his belt. He allowed the tent in his boxers to peak through his fly before working his shorts off. There was a visible wet spot at the top of his tent no doubt brought on by his sister's show. He made sure his sister could see it when he moved in closer and did his hip thrusts for her. This was one of his favorite moves. He had enough though and let his boxers drop to the floor.

Going to the floor like his sister he began to slowly pump himself. He made sure to go slow to make it last. Seeing his sister get off only moments ago and the sight of her still glistening pussy was too much for him. He would not last much longer and stood back up hoping the new position would slow it down.

Starting again with the hip thrusts directed toward Juliana, he began rubbing his cock again. Newlyn was too horny and had overlooked something which made for a grand finish. He had just reached the point of no return when he remembered. Too late he remembered he had no place to blow his load.

The first jet came out strong. Pointed straight at his little sister he sprayed her chest with his cum. Horrified he panicked and froze. The pulsing however did not. In quick succession he blew his entire load on his sister's chest and belly. With the damage done Newlyn did what he should have done in the first place and took a step back.

Juliana was first to speak. Looking down her front at the long streams of cum she said, "wow, what was that?"

Stuttering her brother tried to apologize quickly, "s..s..sorry, I..I..did not mean to do that. I realized too late I did not know where to put it. I.."

He stop speaking. His sister was not angry as he had initially thought. She had that same mischievous smile as she placed her hand the biggest glob of cum. She smeared the cum as she slowly dragged her hand up her body collecting more as she went. She then lifted her hands and closely examined her brother's cum.

"Its very sticky. And warm," she commented as if to herself. "I wonder what it tastes like?"

Newlyn was stunned and simply stared as she moved her sticky fingers closer to her face. She opened her moth and dropped her tongue as if she was about lap it up. Then she looked up and met his eyes and smiled wide for a moment before dropping her hand and saying, "maybe later."

Newlyn let out a breath. He had actually hoped she would lick it after she said that but the moment had passed.

Juliana spoke again this time to her brother, "well what am I suppose to clean this up with?"

Newlyn quickly turned and started looking for something for his sister clean up his mess with. They were currently in his sister's room and he was not sure where to look at first. If he it had been his room he knew where he kept tissue for just this sort of thing but not here.

"Umm, I could go get something real quick," Newlyn said stupidly.

"Never mind this will do," she said.

Newlyn turned back to see his sister had grabbed her blank panties from earlier. Before he even realized what she was doing she started wiping up the cum with her lingerie. Once she had finished wiping her hand and body clean she held up the tarnished panties for inspection. The black contrasted the white seamen making for quite a sight.

"Wow that is a lot cum and its so pretty," Juliana said examining the panties.

"Ya, sorry about that," her brother said looking at his handy work. He could not help but get turned on again at the sight of his cum on his sister's panties.

"You better be," said Juliana. "Next time I expect a warning."


The whole family was up early the next day. They had planed on being out pretty much the whole day with parades, BBQ, and fireworks. The two siblings were ready to go but Eric and Stephanie not so much. Their parents were busy packing who knows what so Newlyn and Juliana simply stayed out of the way. They were in Newlyn's room talking just waiting for their parents at this point.

"You look good. I like that dress," said Newlyn.

Juliana was wearing her blue mini dress and sandals. Her hair was neatly braded in a tight rope down her back. She also had a summer hat with a black ribbon though she was not currently wearing this but had it near by. She was ready for a day in the summer sun.

Juliana smiled and said, "I bet you do." After a pause she continued, "you are looking pretty good yourself."

Newlyn figured she was just being nice but appreciated the comment all the same. Like his sister he was dressed for a day in the sun sandals, a Hawaiian shirt, denim shorts, and hat near by.

"Is it wrong that I want to peak up your skirt?" he teased.

"Yes, but I will let you see any way," she giggled.

She then stood up and lifted her skirt and let Newlyn see the white panties underneath. Newlyn liked what he saw. He always liked looking at his sister even when she was dressed conservatively.

While she let her brother ogled her she said, "you know we are likely going to be gone all day."

Newlyn let out a sigh, "I know."

"But we have maybe less then an hour right now...," Juliana continued letting the sentence hang.

He knew what she was thinking but asked any way, "oh? Well what did you have in mind?"

His sister raised her eye brows in look that said, "really? You have to ask?" With out saying a word her self she began to undress.

Newlyn need no further prompting and started undressing himself. The two had not quite done this before. They were undressing together and not making a show of it. They just wanted to be naked. Juliana removed her last article of clothing and tossed her white panties on the end of Newlyn's bed. At the same time Newlyn dropped his own black boxers to the floor. Once fully nude the Newlyn started to masturbate. Juliana did not seem content to do this while standing. Instead she laid down on the bed and began to finger herself. Newlyn turned on by the sight of his sister rubbing her neatly shaved pussy in his bed approached her while stroking himself.

"Hey now. You can enjoy the show but not too close. Cannot have you gushing all over me again. Not like I am going to have much time to clean up," Juliana warned her approaching brother.

"No worries. I don't plan to," replied Newlyn. He then grabbed a white wash cloth on his night stand threw it to the foot of the bed.

His little sister seemed satisfied with this and allowed him to continue. The two admired each other as they approached their climaxes. Newlyn stood above his sister's breasts while he watched her finger herself. Juliana laid beneath her brother as he throttled his rod.

Newlyn was getting close. Too close. He reached for the white cloth and began to spurt into the white wash cloth. Only problem was it was not the white wash cloth. It was indeed white fabric but instead of the wash cloth he had intended to grab he had inadvertently seized his sister's panties. His sister of course saw this. Her eyes went wide as she gasped as her brother soiled her panties right in front of her. She then folded her legs in and began to twitch.

Newlyn stared at the panties he had clutched over his still oozing penis. Too late to stop it now. He would have dripped on his sister if he removed the panties. So he simply wrung the last of his cum out into the panties before apologizing.

"Um, sorry. I grabbed the wrong thing," said Newlyn as he looked over at the clean wash cloth still on the bed.

Juliana sat up. "I was surprised but also turned on. Watching you cum in my panties pushed me over the edge," she said looking at the dirty garments still on Newlyn's cock.

"If I didn't know any better I would have said you did it on purpose," giggled Juliana.

He held out the wet panties for his sister and said, "no it was diffidently an accident, sorry."

Juliana did not take the panties and instead simply spoke exasperated, "Why are you handing those to me? It is not like I can wear them now can I?"

She might have continued but was interrupted by their father voice from down stairs, "kids come down. We are going."

The two jumped in surprise and quickly started getting dressed. That was much less then an hour, They were just finishing dressing when they heard their father coming up the stairs.

"Come on what is the delay?" he said as he approached.

Newlyn quickly threw the cum filled panties under the bed before opening the door. They were both flushed and he hoped his dad would not notice this under their hats. As the two siblings existed Juliana turned to go to her room but her father blocked the way.

"Where you going? Wrong way," said their father gruffly.

"I need to get something real quick," said Juliana.

"You had time enough for that already. We are already late. Come on," he replied.

"But dad..." pleaded Juliana.

Her father cut her off, "nope, we're already late."

Defeated Juliana paled as she turned toward the stairs. Newlyn was already at the bottom and had noticed how his father had denied Juliana the chance for a fresh pair of panties. Their dad of course did not know he had done this but he had. As she walked down the stairs Newlyn glimpsed his sister's exposed pussy under the mini dress. She was going to be outside in the blue mini dress with no panties again.


As they drove off to the parade Juliana glared daggers at her brother. "This is all your fault," she hissed under her breath.

"I am sorry. Really I am. Look once we get their we can go to the restroom and I will give you my boxers," Newlyn whispered back.

"Don't be stupid. Your boxers wouldn't fit. They would just fall off. Besides there is probably cum in your boxers. Even if it is not very much," she replied coldly.

Out of ideas the two remained silent for the remainder for the drive. Once they arrived their mother handed Newlyn the sun screen.

"Be sure to put plenty on. Including your legs. You don't want to burn," said Stephanie.

After applying the sunscreen they headed into the gathered crowed. Soon the family was moving down the street for the parade. The parade had already started by the time they arrived. The four of them found a spot. It was not a very good spot though particularly for Juliana because of her height.

"I cannot see. I am going to go find another spot," said Juliana.

"I will go with you. I cannot see much either," said her brother.

Juliana glared at Newlyn and was likely about to protest when their mother spoke up.

"Alright you two. Just do not go too far," acknowledged their mother.

"If you cannot find us though just go enjoy yourselves. Just met up at the car at about noon," joined their father.

With that the two siblings continued down the street for a better vantage point. Juliana was still visibly angry with her brother. Newlyn of course felt bad about this and attempted to apologize again.

"I am sorry Juliana. It was an accident. Honest. Your panties and the wash cloth were right next to each other," he pleaded.

"Oh shut up. Accident or not you are not the one walking around practically naked," quipped his sister.

"At least it's not windy," replied her brother still trying to help.

"Gee, thanks," she scoffed.

They were silent after that. Before long they found a place next to a tree that had just a big enough gap for the two to squeeze in. They were now at the front of the crowd with an unobstructed view. They were next to a family of children possibly a couple families together. Between them was about eight children ranging from three to ten and one in a stroller. On the other side was a group of young men who appeared to be either high school seniors or collage freshmen. They ignored Newlyn and Juliana and were content to cheer their enthusiasm at the parade.

Newlyn forgot about his sister's voyeurism as he watched the parade. Every now and then they would throw candy and the children would happily scramble for it or the young men would redouble their cheering as someone passed they knew. This continued for a long time until one hand full of candy went slightly astray. A single sucker fell at Juliana's feet. Apparently lulled out of her vigilance Juliana seemed unconcerned as one of the little girls came running for the candy. As the little girl gleefully picked up the candy she must have seen more then expected. She looked at Juliana with an expression that all to clearly said, "I am gonna tell on you!" And that is exactly what she did.

"Mommy, she is not wearing any panties!," yelled the little girl pointing at Juliana.

Juliana's arms crossed as she shifted uncomfortably as every one around turned to look at her. The parents stared at her shocked by the statement of the child. The young men looked at her delighted by the idea. The only ones who did not seem to care were the rest of the kids. None got to see any more of her though.

Newlyn could not recall a time Juliana had run so fast. He had a hard time keeping up with her. She did not stop until they were two blocks away from the gawking faces. By the time he caught up with her she had one hand on a wall holding her self up. Next thing he noticed were her silent sobs. She was desperately trying not to break down into full blown tears. Gently he wrapped his arm around her as tenderly as he could. At first she withdrew.

"I am so sorry. Come on. Lets get out of here," consoled her brother.

She gave in and allowed him to hold her close as the two slowly walked down the street further and further from the parade.

"Where are we suppose to go? Back to the car?" Juliana said miserably.

"Um, I suppose," replied Newlyn. He had actually been planning on going back to the car.

She let out a sigh, "what good would that be? How am I suppose to get through the rest of the day?"

Newlyn did not have an answer. As he was thinking he saw his answer.

"I know. We will get you a swim suit," he said brightening up at the solution.

Juliana looked up as Newlyn pointed ahead. There was a street vender set up for the event selling women's swim wear.

"A swim suit? Newlyn I cannot afford a swim suit. Do you see my purse?" she said.

"No, now that you mention it where is it?" asked Newlyn.

"In my room. A fresh pair of panties was not the only thing I need to get before we left," she said sadly.

"Well it was my fault. I could pay for it," Newlyn said happily.

"Well how much do you have?" Juliana inquired.

"Lets see," he replied as he opened his wallet. "$20 that should be more then enough."

"Only $20? That won't be enough," Juliana sighed.

"Really?" he felt defeated. Since when would swim wear cost that much?

"It is a good idea though. I will look but I am not expecting anything," she said.

Newlyn handed her the $20 and she went into the shop to browse. The shop was more risqué then it appeared from afar. Newlyn felt a bit awkward hanging out next to the shop. Most of what he could see on display were two piece suits and of those some of them could hardly be called bikinis. He was sure he would be preserved as a creep if he stayed here long but was determined to wait for his sister. He also noticed the prices were well above the $20 range. His heart sank a little as he saw this.

It had been over twenty minutes and Juliana had not come out yet and Newlyn was starting to get concerned. He was about to go in after her when he saw her reappear with a small bag.

"Did you actually find something?" Newlyn asked surprised. He had figured after seeing the prices the would be nothing in there.

"I did. It took a while," she said as they started down the street again. "Actually I am rather concerned of the sizing," she continued with and edge to her voice.

"What do you mean? Will it fit?" he asked.

"Oh it will fit. I just do not know how they can sell something so small and call it a bikini. And why would they sell a bikini in my size?" she said the last sentence indicating her short stature.

Turned out the bikini cost exactly $20 so there was no change either. Before heading back to the car they stop by a restroom where Juliana changed into the bikini for what ever modesty it did provide. She left the restroom lightly blushing and still had the bag. When Newlyn asked why there was still something in the bag she told him she did not need to put on the top. They met up with their parents at the car and headed to the next destination.


It was a company sponsored BBQ. It was quite the crowed as employees had been invited to bring their family's and a dish of some kind if they wanted. Their mother had made a Cajun chicken casserole although Newlyn was skeptical if it was real Cajun cooking. It was still good though. Their father would also be helping with coordinating and serving and would likely be busy most of the day. His wife would be more then happy to talk to who ever she met. She had a knack for conversation when she wanted. This would leave the siblings to do as they pleased.

After exiting the car Juliana lingered watching the swim wear bag on the floor of the car. She eventually turned away and let out a breath once the car locked.

Turning to his children Eric handed each a squirt gun and said, "alright you two. They will be serving in about thirty minutes. Until then though go enjoy the water fight with the others," indicating the shenanigans in the open field.

It sure looked like a lot of fun. There was probably thirty people running around throwing water balloons or shooting squirt guns at one another. Ages ranging from about eight to twenty. Most however were about Newlyn's and Juliana's age. Newlyn was more then eager to join in and was soon soaking wet. Juliana however was not so keen and stayed on the edge of the action with a few others.

Newlyn had just been hit by a water balloon when he noticed it. Another boy had moved in on his sister and the others on the edge of the field. He then began squirting the girls with a large squirt gun. It had been harmless fun as the boy was asking the girls to join in. They however did not seem to appreciate it. They had been sitting on the ground and threw their hands up in defense. Some even involuntarily kicked into the air. Juliana was among them. They boy seemed to freeze after seeing the girls reaction. This was all Newlyn needed.

Newlyn felt a bit protective and had not appreciated the boy going after the girls, in particular his sister. They clearly had not wanted to join in and get wet. With the boy staring at the girls Newlyn grabbed a water balloon and threw at the boy. As the balloon hit and exploded it caught the boy off guard who turned to face Newlyn.

"Come on leave them alone. They are not interested in getting wet," Newlyn called to him.

The boy glanced back and the girls and shook himself before turning his attention back to Newlyn. The girls were left alone after that but Newlyn noticed the boy kept looking back at them the rest of the fight. It did not end there either though it took Newlyn a while to notice.

It was as he finish eating that Newlyn saw it. There had been a couple boys sitting at a table across from himself and his sister. They had been glancing in his sister direction for a while. By the time he was going to point this out to Juliana she got up from the table. Shortly after she got up their father Eric let out a sigh.

"Well I guess it is winding down. Better start cleaning up," said Eric.


Two hours later they were setting up their lawn chairs for the fireworks while watching the pre-shows. After sunset Newlyn was feeling a bit peckish and acquired some spending cash from his parents as long as he got something for all of them. He agreed to this. The fireworks had already begun by the time he was making his way back. Strange he thought. The fireworks were off to the side. He had figured they would be set up beyond the stage. This made little difference until he made it back to his seat though.

First thing he noticed upon arrival where the chairs had been turned to face the fireworks. They were also now vertically aligned instead of horizontally. The crowed prevent them form lining up horizontally to face the fireworks.

The second thing he was not even sure he had seen it. When the light flashed he could have sworn he saw up Juliana's skirt and had seen her bare pussy. But she was wearing a swim suit underneath wasn't she? After distributing the light meal he had picked up he took his seat in front of his sister.

Newlyn did not see the next few fireworks after he took his seat. His attention was on what was behind him. Juliana was sitting with her knees slightly up and her legs somewhat apart. It looked like a natural pose however every time there was a flash Newlyn could see straight up her skirt to her clearly uncovered pussy.

Newlyn rubbed his temples astonished at what he saw. He whispered to his sister, "what happened to the swim suit?"

Juliana smiled yet only replied by shushing him with a finger to her lips.

From then on Newlyn simply enjoyed the show but not the firework show. At some point he realized how obvious he was about it. He stopped and looked around making sure no one else had noticed, including their parents. No one seemed the wiser. Newlyn went back to watching the colors in the sky and would periodically look back to his sister.

Near the end of the show he observed something else. It must have been the stunned look on his face that caught Newlyn's attention. There was a young boy about two car lengths in front of them clearly staring in Juliana's direction.

"I think you have been spotted," whispered Newlyn trying to act like he had not noticed the boy.

"I know. Should I give him a show?" Juliana whispered back mischievously.

"What?!" Newlyn said. He could not believe his sister would be putting on a peep show. The same sister who earlier in the day had run crying in embarrassment for being exposed.

Right after he said this the grand finally started illuminating everything with bright light. The boy however had completely lost any interest in observing the fireworks though. Instead his eyes grew larger then Newlyn figured was physically possible. Newlyn took a quick peek himself and saw Juliana had spread her legs and turned in her seat for her admirer. With the extra light any one looking in the right direction would have seen Juliana's pink pussy. As discreetly as possible Newlyn admired Juliana's exposed pussy while observing the young boy getting the show of his life. All too soon it ended though. With the last of the fireworks the light died away and the world was blanketed by darkness.

As the crowed cheered Newlyn asked his little sister, "that was hot as hell! What made you decide to do that?"

There was excitement in her voice but all she said was, "later."


Once back in the car Juliana held the swimwear bag from earlier that morning. Newlyn was pretty sure by this point that the bikini she had purchased earlier was still in the bag. He wanted to ask but dared not with their parents in such close proximity. The ride home was a long one due to the traffic and made even longer with Newlyn's curiosity.

After everyone showered the family went to bed. Newlyn and Juliana however did not go to sleep. Once they had arrived home Juliana had asked Newlyn to wait for her. She would come in once their parents were in bed. Newlyn was having a hard time staying awake though. He had almost fallen asleep when he heard Juliana enter.

With Juliana now in the room he felt fully awake and asked, "Juliana, what happened? Why were you not wearing the bikini?"

"It was just a wild idea," Juliana said eagerly.

"But I thought you hated voyeurism?" he asked.

"I never said I hated it," she replied.

"But what about this morning? That was miserable for you," he pressed.

"Do not remind me. It is why I do not think I will do it again," she said dolefully. She then cheered up again and continued, "but that was different somehow. After I got the bikini it was like I had a choice. If people saw me then it would because I let them see me. You know?"

"I suppose it makes sense. Wait does that mean the boys at the BBQ..." he let the sentence hang.

Juliana reddened as she answered, "I am pretty sure a few of them noticed. The best was still that little boy at the fire works though."

He laughed as he recalled the big eyes of the little boy, "I don't think he is going to every forget that."

"Enough of that though. I have been horny all day," she said.

He smiled as he replied, "want to have some fun before bed then?"

"Yes," she replied impatiently as she undressed.

It did not take long before the two siblings were naked again. Juliana was already wet and quickly soaked her fingers as she plunged in while laying on the bed. Newlyn sat beside her as he pumped a bead of precum out and let it slide down his shaft. They had been ogling each other contently until Juliana shifted and made a request.

"Get on both sides of me," she panted.

Eager to comply Newlyn got up and his knees and straddled his sister. If he were to spray now he would be covering Juliana's belly. She then surprised him as brought her wet hand up and gingerly started stroking her brother. He stopped rubbing himself and relaxed as his younger sister began giving him his first hand job. He decided to return the favor and lowered his own hand to her tender pussy and started lightly stroking. Juliana let out a soft sigh of contentment at his touch. The angle was a bit awkward though. With his free hand he set it to her side and leaned in and looked into his sister beautiful eyes. This gave each of them better access as they continued to let the other finish them off.

"Oh, Juliana. I am going to cum soon," Newlyn said as he tried to hold off.

"Me too," answered Juliana as she picked up the pace on her brother.

"We need to get the washcloth," he said hoarsely.

"Forget the washcloth. I want to feel your cum on me," she encouraged with vigorous strokes.

It was too much for him. He had just been told to cum on his sister and obediently complied. He quickly painted a sloppy line of cum down her chest to her belly button. Feeling her brother's cum must have been too much for Juliana as well as her hips then began bucking and twitching while she cooed in pleasure. She squeezed the last few drops from her brother. She let them fall to her belly before Newlyn rolled over and collapsed on the bed next to her.

"That was amazing," he gasped.

"It sure was," she agreed as she sat up. Newlyn watched as his cum streamed down her front approaching her pubs. Before it could arrive though Juliana hastily intervened with her hand.

"Woop. Cannot have that get too close," she said.

Juliana then slowly wiped up the cum pooling it into her hand. After getting most of it in her hand she smiled at her brother.

"I wonder what it tastes like?" she said with a glint in her eye.

He watched in wonder as she slowly extended the tip of her tongue to his fresh cum. She licked it. As she did so he could see the sticky trail from her tongue to her hand. She took a few more licks all the while watching Newlyn.

"Not too great but, I could get use to it," she commented. "Maybe next time I will get it straight from the source?"

"You bet! As long as I get a taste of you too," he said enthusiastically.

"It's a deal. For now though I think I need that wash cloth," she said.

The siblings cleaned up but did not put their clothes back on. Instead the two simply talked for what seemed like ages to Newlyn. At some point though he must have fallen asleep.


He did not remember falling asleep but, he woke up the next morning with his sister sleeping naked next to him. He knew she was naked because he felt it. His morning wood was tucked between her legs rubbing her bare pussy.

He withdrew violently once he realized where he was. Overwhelming guilt and a cold sweat followed. Last time he had been naked with his sister asleep he had raped her. He was not going to do that again. It also brought back the terrible fear he had when he thought he had impregnated her. Newlyned had once again been reminded of his horrible secret. He needed to tell Juliana but was too scared.

He did however attempt to wake her. After shouting her name several times and rolling her over though he soon gave up. She was just as heavy a sleeper as she had been months ago. He dressed and neatly folded her clothes and set them on the bed. He then went down stairs for breakfast. It was a few hours before Juliana came down stairs. She was happy and chipper and greeted Newlyn warmly. Newlyn smiled back but inwardly was still tormented with guilt.

That night Newlyn was feeling still feeling guilt but much better then when he woke up. Juliana however was in a sour mode.

"I do not want do anything today. My period started," she told Newlyn.

"Oh, I am sorry. Isn't it a bit early though?" he asked.

"I think so but I am not sure. I have not had many yet," she answered.

The siblings did not meet up the next few days. By the third day though they were both feeling better and decided to watch porn together. That was all the two did until Juliana's period ended. By that point both were hornier then ever and ready for something fun.

They did not watch much porn before getting into it. Newlyn did a strip dance for his sister but was unprepared for what she had in store. After pulling off her blouse he saw the pink strapless bikini top. She defiantly had a preference for strapless for her under garments but that was not what caught his attention. It was the size of the bikini top or more accurately lack there of. She then shimmed out of her skirt revealing an equally tiny bikini bottom. As he stared he could not help but wonder how it could have been called a bikini at all for how little it covered. Although he had seen his little sister naked several times the bikini elicited a different response from him. Juliana must have noticed.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked with smile.

She then began to play with her tits and was about to take off the top when Newlyn stopped her.

"Wait," he said as he stood up still naked and visibly horny. "Can I take it off?"

Juliana tilted her head slightly as she replied, "sure".

He approached maintaining eye contact. He then reached up and cupped her breasts. They were soft and warm to the touch. As he fondled them he felt the hard nipples through the thin fabric. Rubbing slowly he worked his fingers under the bikini top and followed her form gently with his hand. Once Newlyn's hands felt the clasp on his sister's back he popped it open letting Juliana's breasts free. After tossing the top lightly to the side he went back to her. Juliana relaxed as her brother fondled her and closed her eyes once he started toying with her nipples. With her eyes closed she had no way of knowing what her brother was about to do next. When his tongue first touched her nipple she opened her eyes and gasped in delight.

"Oh, Newlyn keep doing that," she sighed.

Newlyn agreed without a word. He would lick circles around one nipple while playing with the other. Then he would suck the nipple for a few seconds before switching to the next all the while Juliana appeared completely content. After losing count of how many time he had switch sides Newlyn was ready for more.

He stopped fondling his sister. He then took her hand and guided her to the bed. Once he had her laying down he gently traced his fingers down his sister's sides sending shivers through her. Once at the bikini Newlyn began to tug it down. Juliana lifted her hips as her brother removed her last bit of clothing making it easier. Once fully naked Newlyn took a moment to admire the beautiful sight but it was not long before he was playing with her clitoris. She cooed in delight as he began to finger her. Newlyn rubbed his sister's labia together in his fingers in one hand while the other slowly fingered her pussy. While he did this he moved in closer unnoticed by Juliana. He heard a quick intake of breathe as his sister sat up once he started licking her. She did not protest though and was soon squirming in ecstasy.

She tasted better then he remembered and momentarily stopped licking as he felt a pang of guilt. He managed to push the thought away drowning it out with another. He was going to make his sister cum like she had never done before. He then plunged back into his sister's tender pussy with renewed vigor. Not satisfied with mere licking he attempted to devour her sweet nectar. Not long before his younger sister was overcome with a massive orgasm. As Juliana bucked she closed her legs around Newlyn's head and pulled him in tightly with her hands. Still he persisted. He eventually stopped minutes later when she collapsed on the bed out of breath. He had no way of knowing how many orgasms she had but it must have been pretty good. It was several minutes before she was able to speak.

"Woah," she panted.

"Looks like you enjoyed it," teased Newlyn.

Juliana turned her head to look at her brother, smiled and said, "ya, a lot." She then slowly sat up and indicated her brother's throbbing cock, "must be your turn then."

She patted the bed beside her inviting Newlyn to take a seat. Once he sat down she gingerly began stroking him. He simply relaxed and enjoyed her touch. Juliana then left the bed and knelt in front of him while putting more authority into her strokes. Newlyn was hoping for a blow job remembering her comment from last time they met but, he would have been happy with just the hand job. Turns out his sister was more then willing to give him what he wanted.

Juliana locked eyes with her brother giving him a playful smile and kissed the head of his cock. Newlyn's cock twitched in response and she soon was licking up the precum. She then engulfed his whole head and began swirling her tongue around his sensitive cock. She then began working him deeper and deeper. She was unable to take him in completely but not for a lack of trying. Newlyn leaned back in pleasure but, he knew he would not last long.

"I am not going to last much longer," he said straining to hold back.

Juliana did not seem to want to stop. Instead she increased the speed but if she kept that up he was going to cum down her throat.

Newlyn gave his last warning, "its coming!"

She did not stop and he could hold it no longer. He exploded into his sister thrusting his hips up. Juliana let up a bit as her brother came in her but did not let go. After he finished she squeezed his cock and wrung the last drops out. She sucked on his head getting every bit she could before she let him slip out. Juliana looked gleeful as she opened her moth. Showing Newlyn his own cum. She swirled it around a bit then closed her mouth. Newlyn simply stared in wonder as his little sister deliberately swallowed and grinned showing her now clean mouth. Juliana's eyes darted to Newlyn's semi erect cock and he followed her gaze. He was clean and so was his sister. Not a drop wasted.

"Oh my god that was awesome," breathed Newlyn heavily.

"Sure was," replied Juliana. "We will have to do it again."


And again they did for the next few days. After finishing another round of oral sex around noon about a week later there was a knock at the door. Before Newlyn even got up Juliana called to him.

"Don't worry about it, I got it," she yelled from down stairs as she answered the door.

Newlyn thought nothing more of it. He did however notice the rest of the day and that night she was more chipper then normal. It was not until the next morning though that it became very obvious she was excited about something. When he went to inquire she simply said it was nothing. Newlyn did not believe this. He had gotten to know Juliana rather well over the past few months. He also knew he would find out eventually any way. He did not press the mater but was still curious. After their parents left for work leaving the two siblings alone Juliana came down stairs. The odd thing was what she was wearing. She was wearing a plain bathrobe yet her long hair was neatly braided with a purple ribbon woven in with the braid.

"What is with the robe and the ribbon?" Newlyn asked indicating his sisters attire.

"Mom and dad are gone right?" Juliana asked as she went to the entertainment set putting on some music.

"Well ya, they are gone," said Newlyn thinking he knew where this was going.

"Good. I have been wanting to do this since yesterday. Why don't we have some fun right here on the couch?" she said.

To this point they had only ever done anything in their bedrooms. After all that was were they had their computers and the most privacy. Yet Juliana brought up a good point. On week days they did have the house to themselves while their parents were at work. The idea of getting a blow job in the living room was more then enough to get Newlyn hard right there.

"Well you will have to be sure to swallow or we could wind up with a mess on the couch," said Newlyn eagerly.

She smiled back at him, "I always swallow. Don't worry about it. Oh and you are going first."

Juliana took a seat on the couch and crossed her legs eager for the show. As she did so Newlyn also noticed the anklet. There was definitely more to her outfit then she was letting on. Once Newlyn reached the center of the room he felt much more exposed then normal out side the confines of the bedrooms.

He was really getting into it as he danced for his sister. The more open and public space of the living room made it much more exciting then he would have guessed. As he took off his shirt and whirled it about another idea came to him to make it feel even more risky. When he threw his shirt he made sure to throw it far away so it could not be quickly picked up and put back on. He did the same thing with his shorts once he shimmed out of them. He tossed these to the stairs the opposite direction of his shirt. To get fully dressed he would need to go around the whole room to gather his clothes. Finally the boxers he threw to the front door. Not only would he need to be right at the door to put his boxers back on but it would be the first thing someone saw if they walked in.

Fully naked and with everything out of reach he then danced for his sister giving her the best show he could think of. The music came to a stop as did Newlyn's dance and he posed for his sister. Juliana beamed in delight as she admired her brother. Newlyn then traded spots with his sister as she approached the center of the room. Newlyn was feeling hornier then ever as he sat in the living room naked. Something about being naked in an area he should not be was more arousing then he would have expected.

Juliana began her dance wearing the bathrobe. She swayed in time with the music and began to untie the front of the robe. Newlyn expected her to be naked underneath. The thought that his sister had been so close to naked made his cock twitch. Juliana however was not naked underneath. After untying the bathrobe she slowly opened it reveling what she had been covering. As the bathrobe dropped so did Newlyn's jaw.

His younger sister stood before him in purple and gold. She wore a strapless purple crop top short enough to show off her midriff with dangling thin yellow ropes. Her wrist had an attached transparent purple fabric that lopped up and attached again to her upper arm. Her purple skirt was long and split up the side all the way to her yellow hip scarf which had long dangling yellow ropes as well. The anklet Newlyn noticed earlier completed the belly dancing ensemble.

"Holy hell, where did you get that?" Newlyn asked impressed by the outfit.

Juliana smiled as she started swaying her hips. "I was able to save up for it with the baby sitting job. I have actually been wanting something like it for a while but could never find a reason or place to wear one if I had one. Until now".

She continued her dance with much more arm and hip movements then normal. They could have also simply been accentuated by the ribbons on her arms or the swaying ropes on her hips. Either way it was by far the best show Newlyn had ever seen from his sister. The first thing she took off was the crop top. It tied up in the back and came off easily revealing her lacy yellow bandeau. Not long after she continued to shimmy as she worked the skirt down past her hips. Once it was down past her hips the skirt simply fell to the floor. She then stepped out of the skirt and approached her brother still wearing the hip scarf which did little to hid her lacy yellow panties.

Her dancing continued as she removed the bandeau and finally the panties. Now only wearing the armlet cloth, the hip scarf and the anklet she danced this way for the duration of the song. Every time she would sway her hips the hip scarf would move letting Newlyn glimpse her pretty pussy. She would occasionally rub her breasts and move the scarf to the side for an unimpeded view of her pussy. Needless to say Newlyn was very horny by the time the song ended. He would have liked the show to continue but, he was ready for release. Juliana was ready too given the clear wetness of her pussy when he did see it. Her next words also confirmed this.

"I hope you liked it. Because I do not think I have been so turned on before," she said as she started toying with her clitoris.

"It was great!" he said as he approached his sister and started rubbing her pussy.

She sighed in content and allowed him to take over switching her own attention to stroking his cock.

"I will not last long if you keep that up," said Newlyn once his sister started stroking him.

"What makes you think I will?" asked Juliana.

"Well let's get this out of the way and let me taste you before you do then," Newlyn commented as he indicated the hip scarf.

She stopped rubbing her brother and removed the hip scarf. As soon as it was gong Newlyn got on his knees and started licking her pussy lips. She was defiantly wet. With Juliana standing the angle was not as good so after a moment he indicated for her to lay down. Once sprawled out on the living room floor he began to eat her out in earnest. It was not long before she was twitching and bucking with an orgasm. After she calmed down Newlyn was expecting a blow job but was surprised by his sister's request.

Newlyn was about to get up for a better position for his sister to suck his cock when she asked, "can you put your cock inside me, please?"

Newlyn was stunned but after a moment replied, "No way, that wouldn't be safe."

"Oh come on," she persuaded, "how about just ten strokes and then I will finish you off."

"Well maybe," said Newlyn his resistance witling away.

"I just want to know what it feels like and I am sure you do too," she continued as she gave Newlyn her best puppy dog eyes yet.

Newlyn broke, "Ok fine but just ten strokes."

She beamed at him as he repositioned and lined his cock up with his little sister's pussy. Slowly he guided his cock to her entrance and press in just enough to get the head in. Juliana signed in content as he entered. He looked to his sister for reassurance before going deeper.

"You sure about this?" Newlyn asked hoping she would agree to continue.

She only nodded her head. Newlyn then leaned in and pressed deeper. She was so tight it took a while. Slowly but surely he bottomed out though. He held him self within his little sister's tender pussy while they both adjusted. He had to take a few deep breathes before doing anything else. The sensation of being in his sister's willing pussy was so great he had to calm himself down or he would blow his load in her fertile womb. He then slowly started pumping her while he counted.

On the first stroke he could not believe he was actual doing this. The second one he could not believe how tight his sister was. The third stroke he remembered to start breathing again. By the fourth he was enjoying it so much he wondered if he could last until ten. Only half way there with the fifth and enjoying every moment of it. He was building fast by the sixth stroke and was concentrating hard on not popping in his sister. The seventh his sister let out a low moan as he slowly withdrew. By the eighth he was almost certain he would not last for two more.

When he bottomed out on the ninth stroke he lost it. Newlyn's cock twitched while buried in Juliana's pussy. He was not sure if he had squirted any inside her the first time he twitched. Although he was pretty sure he had just cum in his sister the first time he twitched, he knew he sprayed his cum in her pussy on the second twitch. Right after he felt his first pulse he knew he had to get out. He hastily withdrew but while he did he felt the second pulse. He did not manage to completely withdraw from his sister's puss until the third pulse. The third one painted her pussy before he aim it any where else. The rest he coated on her belly and there was a lot of it.

Juliana must have known something was wrong as she sat up a bit when Newlyn had quickly withdrawn and cum on her pussy after only nine strokes. She both looked and sounded panicked as her brother empty the rest of his balls on her belly.

"What happened?" she said scared.

"I think I just cam inside you," Newlyn said just as scared after he finished spraying his load.

Juliana suddenly sat up and reached her hand to her pussy and opened it up. There was no doubt about it as she opened her vagina. Cum slowly seeped out and they both panicked even more as they saw it.

"Oh shit! I got to get it out!" cried Juliana as she got up and darted for the bathroom with cum now running down her belly to her pussy.

She held her hand to her pussy as she ran to keep it from dripping. Newlyn was left in the living room alone. He felt sick. It was just like a few months ago when he though he had impregnated her while she slept. The guilt was now overwhelming. He had been stupid. He quickly gathered up their clothes and headed up stairs. Without even dressing he went searching for his supplies from months back. He found what he was looking for and headed to the bathroom.

He could hear the shower running and knocked on the door. There was no answer. He called Juliana's name and there was still no answer. Newlyn decided to wait. After a few minutes he was about to knock again when he heard the shower turn off. Not long after the shower was turned off Juliana opened the door still fully naked.

She was shaking and said, "I think I got it all."

"I am so sorry, I tried to pull out," he replied.

"I know. I am sorry too. That was stupid for both of us. I just hope I do not get pregnant," she continued nervously.

"Your period ended over a week ago?" Newlyn asked for confirmation.

"Ya, not a good time for this," Juliana replied scared.

"About that. This might help," he said as he handed her the pills. "They are morning after pills."

"Where did you get these?" she asked.

"I will tell you later. For now let's just make sure your safe," he said.

She took the pills and the two siblings did not speak much the rest of the day. They were too shaken.


Later that evening Newlyn had something held tightly in hand as he went to his sister's room. His apprehension was obvious when he entered. Juliana however had calmed down considerably.

"I think we're safe but I would rather not do anything else at the moment," said Juliana when she saw Newlyn enter.

"That's good because I have something else in mind," said Newlyn anxiously.

"You do still look scared. What did you have in mind," she aseked.

Newlyn's throat went dry and it took him a moment before he could continue.

"Well?" she pressed since he had still not spoken.

"The pills," he finally said.

"What about them?" she asked.

"I want to tell why I had them," he said.

She simply looked at him waiting for him to continue.

He continued, "Maybe I will just show you. I do not know how to tell you." He held out his trembling fist and slowly opened it reveling a USB drive.

Juliana looked at it questionably and went to take it when Newlyn withdrew it.

"Wait, wait," he said. "I want you to know I have not looked at this since I made it."

"Ok," said Juliana as she looked at her brother in concern.

Newlyn knew he must be acting very strange but his sister needed to know. "I am so sorry," he went on. "I never meant it to happen."

"I know," said Juliana encouragingly.

"No, you don't know," he corrected her. "But you will soon. You need to know. Be sure to see this while you are alone. And please, please do not hate me when you see it."

While still trembling he then handed her the USB drive. She took it very carefully watching her brother closely. Once she had the USB drive Newlyn ran from the room to his own. He slammed his door closed and locked it trying to hold back tears. He had done it. He had given her the only copies of the pictures and videos he had taken months ago. When he had raped her while she slept at the motel he had taken pictures and videos of it. Now that she had them there would be no more secrets. He felt horrible but knew it was still better this way. He hoped his sister would forgive him while he tried to convince himself that if she did not he would take what ever punishment came his way.

Newlyn did not hear from his sister the rest of night and did not remember falling asleep. It was late afternoon by the time he finally left his room to use the bathroom and get something to eat. He did not see or hear Juliana and honestly he did not want to. He was still too scared to face her after last night. It was not until dinner that the two saw each other. Juliana simply looked at Newlyn with a blank express and paid no attention to him the rest of the evening. When she finished dinner she excused her self and went back to her room. Newlyn did not see much of Juliana for the next few days as she was baby sitting and he was at the library. When they were home they were locked away in their rooms. It did not help that he was trying to avoid her and she seemed to be doing the same. Their silence continued for the next few days and did not go unnoticed.

There was a knock at Newlyn's door. He was a bit surprised when he found his father Eric on the other side.

"Uh, hi dad," he said.

"Hello, Newlyn. I would like to talk to you," his father said.

"Uh, sure," answered Newlyn as he let his father in.

Wasting no time his father went straight to the point, "what happened between you and Juliana?"

Newlyn's heart skipped a beat. Did his dad know? Had Juliana told him? He had told himself he would take any punishment but now faced with it he was not sure he could.

"Just a fight. I guess," Newlyn said trying to down play it.

"I figured that much," said his dad. "What about?"

Newlyn was relieved. His dad did not know but, he did not know how to answer him either.

Newlyn struggled for words ,"I...I can't say. It's...It's her secret."

Eric looked at his son intently for a moment before answering, "I suppose it is ok to keep secrets. As long as they do not hurt people."

Newlyn let out a sigh, "that is the problem. I did hurt her."

Eric raised his voice, "did you hit her?"

"No, dad," Newlyn replied flatly.

"Good. Did you apologize though?" Eric asked.

"Ya, I guess..." Newlyn answered weakly.

"Well then I think you should try telling her again and let her know you mean it." his father said as he stood up. "Well come on."

"Wait, right now?" asked Newlyn surprised.

"Do you expect a perfect opportunity? If you wait for that it may never come. Now let's go see your sister," continued Eric.

The two walked to Juliana's room and knocked. Newlyn's mother Stephanie answered, "come in."

Juliana and her mother were sitting on the bed. Likely the two were having a similar discussion as the one Newlyn and his father had.

"Newlyn has something to say to you Juliana," said Eric as he lead his son forward.

"Good," said Stephanie as she stood to leave with her husband. "Juliana has been waiting for him."

The parents left leaving the siblings alone. The atmosphere was heavy as the two simply looked at one another.

Newlyn cleared his throat and broke the silence, "I am sorry, Juliana."

"Why?" Juliana asked stone faced.

"I didn't mean to hurt you, it just happened," he continued.

"Oh, so you "accidentally" raped your sleeping sister and "accidentally" filmed it?" Juliana asked sharply.

"No..." said Newlyn feebly.

"Then what was it?" Juliana demanded as she stood up.

"It was an accident the first time...," Newlyn said but was immediately cut off.

"The first time?" fumed Juliana. Newlyn realized too late his mistake. "The first time! You did it more then once!?" Juliana continued struggling to keep her voice down and contain her rage.

Newlyn coward away from his sister. He had never seen her so angry. "I could have kept it secret but I couldn't. I couldn't live with myself without letting you know," Newlyn pleaded.

Juliana's anger ebbed slightly but only slightly. "Just go," she hissed through clenched teeth.

"You wont tell will you?" Newlyn fearfully asked.

Juliana narrowed her eyes, "No, now get out."

Newlyn did not need to be asked twice. He bolted. Although their parents had not heard what happened, it was obvious it had not gone well. Their mother told Newlyn to just give Juliana some time and space for now.


It was a little over two weeks before Juliana spoke to Newlyn again. When she did she made one request. To see him in her room once their parents left for work.

Newlyn knocked on her door. After waiting and receiving no response he carefully entered. Juliana was sitting at her computer and did not even look up when Newlyn entered. He approached and froze when he saw what was on the computer screen. She was watching a slide show of a pretty young girl sleeping in the nude. Only this was not just any pretty young girl. These were the photos he had taken of his sleeping little sister, of Juliana.

Newlyn was petrified as the slide show continued while Juliana remained expressionless. Juliana stopped the slide show on a photo of Newlyn depositing his sperm into his sleeping sister.

Her vacant expression did not change nor did she look at her brother as she broke the silence, "you said it was an accident. So, how did it happen?"

Newlyn was scared but strangely happy he could finally tell her what happened. "The second night. It started on the second night. I woke up spooning you and it cascaded from there," he began.

He then told her how he had woke up spooning her and how he had then masturbated. How he had simply intended to get off by rubbing between her legs. How after the accident in her panties he found out how deep a sleeper she was. How he had first entered her pussy, while not intended, and ended up doing so again and again. Then told her how he got the camera for the last night and how awful he felt once he realized he could have impregnated her. And finally explaining how he had acquired the morning after pills yet never giving them to her nor ever taking advantage of her again.

Newlyn felt so much better after finally telling her the full story. There was however still the dread of how his sister would take it. She had been completely silent while he told his story. After finishing she finally turned to her brother.

She had a sad smile as she said, "thank you. It explains a lot."

Something about her reaction did not seem right. Had he missed something? "I am so sorry, Juliana. I never meant for it to happen," Newlyn said sadly.

"I know," she replied.

It still felt like something was missing though, "is there anything I can do for you?" he asked.

Juliana simply looked at her brother and held his gaze for a moment before answering, "maybe, we'll see," she said.

"I had wondered what had happened to my panties that night. I remembered going to bed in a completely different pair then the ones I woke up in. That was not the only strange thing that week though. Do you recall me asking you about dreams? Well I know why I was having them now. Do you know what I was dreaming about though?"

"No," replied Newlyn. He figured they were just wet dreams.

She went on "well not only did I have my first 'wet dream' while at the motel but, guess who was in my dreams?"

His sister clearing wanting an answer but Newlyn not having one simply said, "I don't know."

She appeared a bit disappointed in his answer and answered her self, "it was you."

Newlyn rubbed his temples, "wait what? Me?"

Juliana crossed her arms and shifted uncomfortably, "do you remember the night you walked in on me once we got back? Do you remember why you walked in?"

"Well ya I remember. It was because..." he stopped mid sentence as it finally clicked for him. "You called my name."

Juliana continued, "I had been fantasizing about you since the dreams at the motel. I thought it was because I loved you but, after finding out what you did I do not know what to believe any more."

Juliana then started crying. Newlyn did not know what to do but did what he felt was right. He knelt next to his sister and embraced her in a warm hug.

"I am sorry," he said and to his surprise started crying too.

The two held each other for a few minutes while they cried. This lasted until Newlyn finally got up because his knees were starting to hurt and he took a seat on the bed.

Newlyn wiped away his tears and continued from earlier, "I do not know if it helps any but I didn't have feelings for you either until the motel. At some point I fell in love with you and I mean more then just as a sister. Maybe your feelings were only because of what I did but, I still love you. The past few months have been fun for both of us. Even if we stop now I am glad we had this summer together. I just do not want to hurt you again."

After wiping her own tears away Juliana replied, "that is the problem though. I don't want it to end."

Newlyn had not expected that and was silently thrilled by his sister's statement and added, "well I don't want it to end either but now what?"

Juliana grinned. Newlyn knew that grin. She had something in mind.

She indicated the computer screen which still had the photo of her sleeping form getting plowed and said, "you still have the pills and the camera right?"

Newlyn was perplexed by her question as he answered, "well ya."

"Well tonight bring both. Lets find out if I am still a heavy sleeper," she said with a twinkle in her eye.


He could not believe he was doing this as he approached his sister's door. Newlyn slowly opened the door. Locking it behind him he approached Juliana's bed. He turned on the camera and with a gentle rattle put a bottle of pills on the night stand. Then he carefully removed the blanket. He leaned in and whispered her name. Receiving no answer he shook her and called louder. Still no response he repeated calling louder and shaking her harder. She had practice that day and he was convinced she would not be waking any time soon. He then set the camera down on the night stand angled over the bed for a better view.

Juliana was sleeping on her side in one of her thin night gowns. Newlyn rolled her onto her back and lifted the gowned reveling a pretty pair of frilly panties. He grabbed the camera again and filmed her. Holding the camera in one hand he used the other and started massaging her pussy threw her panties. She must have already been having a good dream because it was not long before her panties were soaked.

He zoomed in for a close up and once satisfied with her wet panties set the camera down. Newlyn then turned on the light and got on the bed next to his sister. He was still fully clothed but would not be for long. He wanted his sister naked first though. He sat her up and pulled the night gown over her head. It was much easier with her in a sitting position. He then recorded himself rubbing her tits through her matching frilly bandeau. They were clearly her preferred form of bra.

Although small her breasts were soft and supple. The nipples were already hard by the time he started playing with them. Had the circumstances been different he may have played them a bit more but he was very horny. He unclasped the bandeau and set it aside with the night gown. Then using both hands he began to aggressively toy with his sister's exposed breasts. He squeezed them and pinched the nipples while trying to keep in frame for the camera. Eager for more he laid her back down and put his fingers under the hem of her panties. With some light tugging he had his sleeping sister fully naked on the bed.

He spread his little sister's legs apart and positioned himself. Leaning forward he got a good look at his sister's neatly trimmed blond runway. It was beautiful and smelled just as good. He was about to eat her out when he remembered the camera. He set it up in a better spot and began. He tenderly kissed her pussy lips and licked his lips. He extended his tongue and his sister's pussy twitched at his touch. Gentle licking turned into lapping. Then from lapping to sucking. From there he did all he could to eat her out. Not long before she was bucking and painting as she was overcome with a powerful orgasm. Newlyn came up for air and looked to Juliana. Some how still asleep yet clearly smiling.

He looked down at the painful bulge in his shorts. His cock needed attention now. Quickly stripping he mounted his sister. He lubed his cock on his sister's soaking pussy and gently prodded his head into her entrance.

"Juliana?" he whispered. "Are you still a heavy sleeper?"

He took her silence as permission to proceed. With one powerful thrust he went balls deep into his little sister's pussy. She was so tight he was amazed he made it all the way in with one push. It must have been because of how wet she was after her earlier orgasm. Not one to complain though he slowly started pumping her. Newlyn had only been at it for about a minute before getting close himself. He had forgotten how great sex felt and was about to blow his load. All too soon he buried himself deep in her pussy and blew the biggest load of cum he could remember. He could hardly help it. He had not had an orgasm himself since the incident in the living room and that had been three weeks ago.

Enjoying the sensation too much to move he remained hilt deep in his sister long after his cock had deflated. He grabbed the camera and looked down where he was still joined with his sister. He felt his cock growing inside her as he recorded. Round two he hopped would last longer. And indeed it did. He lost track of time as he pumped his sister the second time. Juliana had started moaning in her sleep by the time he felt his second orgasm approaching. He picked up the pace hoping to push his sister over the edge first. He was losing control as he pounded her. Just when he thought he could hold it no longer Juliana started bucking and twitching which was more then enough for Newlyn. He empty his balls for the second time that night into his sister.

After catching his breath he slowly pulled out of his sister's slippery wet pussy with an audible pop. He then zoomed in with the camera showing Juliana slick pussy rimmed with her brother's cum. Most of the cum no doubt was still inside and Newlyn intended to keep it in there. The first thing he put back on his sleeping sister was her soaking panties. They were now soaked with more then her own juices. They now had her brother's cum soaking through and held in the rest. Newlyn dressed his sister and himself once more. He then took the bottle of pills and put it in her sleeping hand.

He then turned the camera to himself and spoke, "looks like you still are."

He then turned off the camera while leaving it on the night stand and went to bed. He slept well that night and could not wait until morning to find out how well Juliana had slept.


After the previous night's escapade Newlyn woke up late the next morning. Juliana however, appeared to have been up for a while. She had been waiting for him by the time he got down stairs.

"It is about time you got up," she said as she got up from the couch. "Mom and dad just left. If you were not down here in a few minutes I was going to wake you myself."

Newlyn was a bit nervous and asked, "did you see the..."

Juliana cut him off, "yes I saw the video and I already took a pill." She said the last part with smile.

Newlyn's cock twitched at the implication. His sister was not done though.

"I had some wild dreams last night," she continued while stepping closer. "Care to guess what they were about?"

"I would guess you dreamed about sex with your brother?" he said.

She sighed as she approached, "sadly they were just dreams."

"We could fix that," Newlyn said as he stepped forward meeting his sister.

"I plan to," replied Juliana.

Newlyn was caught off guard as his little sister jumped him. She embraced him in a hug and found his lips with her own. The two had never actually kissed but you would not know it from watching them. The two were inexperienced at it for sure but eagerly explored one another. As the French kissing continued Juliana started tugging Newlyn's shirt. He eagerly helped her. He quickly took his shirt off only breaking the kiss while he pulled it over his head. Likewise he began pull his sister's shirt up while she helped started on his shorts. Their clothes it seemed just could not come off fast enough.

Once fully naked Juliana backed her brother into the couch forcing him to sit down. She then quickly climbed on top of him. They kissed while she pinned Newlyn's hard cock between their bodies.

"I have been waiting for this as soon as I saw the video this morning," Juliana said.

She then reached between them and grabbed her brother's cock. Juliana lifted her hips and guided her brother to her dripping pussy. Newlyn had not seen his sister so horny before. He actually felt droplets run down his dick from her pussy she was so wet. With a sharp intake of breath from both of them Juliana forced her brother all the way in as she impaled herself. Juliana gave her brother no time to catch up either. As soon as Juliana had impaled her self she began gyrating her hips quickly up and down.

Juliana was quick. She had rode the full length of his cock up and down five times before Newlyn even started thrusting back. It was a wild and quick ride. Juliana collapsed onto her brother's chest as her vaginal walls trembled. Newlyn had just started and was no where near his own climax by the time his sister hit hers.

He held her tenderly as she caught her breath. After some time he commented, "a little eager there?"

"You have no idea. I have not been able to get off since last time we met here," Juliana said indicating the living room with their scattered clothing.

Newlyn knew what she meant as up until last night he had not had an orgasm himself either. He decided not to say anything about that and instead teased her on something else.

"That is not true. Didn't you see the video? You got off at least twice last night," he said smiling.

"Technically true but it hardly counts since I was asleep," she huffed.

"Well we are both awake now and I have not gotten off yet," replied Newlyn as he started slowly pumping into his sister.

Juliana's eyes went wide as she suddenly sat up right at the sensation. She appeared to have momentarily forgotten there was still a hard cock in her pussy. She even tried to get up for a moment but Newlyn held her hips. After a second she calmed back down and smiled at her brother. They took it much slower this time.

Newlyn wanted another angle and directed his sister to trade places. Newlyn was soon thrusting into his sister upward from behind as she knelt on the couch with her hands on the back of the sofa. As Newlyn built to a massive orgasm he found it harder and harder to keep the slow steady pace. He wanted it to last though and was soon rewarded with his sister's soft moans. He only lasted a few more minutes before erupting into his little sister's delicate pussy. As he thrust upward he pulled her hips back emptying his balls deeply. As his first pulse of cum painted Juliana's insides she arched her back letting out a yelp. Her vagina contracted and quivered as he pulsed inside her.

After Newlyn had sprayed his entire load into his sister he started to pull out but stopped himself. As his wilting cock started to withdraw he felt something running down the length of his shaft. Luckily he noticed this before the siblings made a mess on the family couch.

"Juliana, you will have to catch the cum or we are going to have a real mess here," Newlyn told his sister.

Juliana was still somewhat dazed but did as requested. Newlyn then fully withdrew and she caught the dripping cum before it got to the couch. She then stood up smearing the cum along her trimmed pussy. The siblings had not made a mess quite like this before and both looked at it in wonder.

Juliana's pink pussy was coated with cum. There was a trail of white fluid slowly leaking out of her slit down her leg. Newlyn's semi erect penis was glossy with their combined juices and a large drop on the end threatening to fall to the floor. He noticed it just in time to catch it.

"Next time let's make sure we have a towel," said Juliana.

"Agreed," replied Newlyn.

The two each took a quick shower before meeting up again in Newlyn's room. They then reviewed the new video footage from the night before. The two agreed the footage was pretty good but could be much better. They decided they would like a better camera and stand. The other thing Juliana insisted on was when ever Newlyn raped her while she slept he was to have sex with her the next day.

"Wait so you want me to do it again?" Newlyn asked.

"Of course, I thought that was obvious," said Juliana.

"What about birth control though? We cannot do this every night," he continued.

"I suppose we will have to find a more permanent solution, but for now we have the morning after pills and a few condoms," she agreed. "Speaking of which I did take a pill already today."

Newlyn smiled in response, "I also brought a towel," indicating the foot of the bed where he had set the towel.

Juliana grinned, "I noticed."

Newlyn did not know how many more times they had sex that day but they only stopped when their parents got home. This continued for the rest of the summer which would be by far the best summer Newlyn had ever had.

As the new school year started the two had to revert back to their evening get together. Luckily for Newlyn after the volunteer work at the library ended he had been asked to tutor Lester's son after school for an hour. A year ago Newlyn would have hated this but as it was it provided him with a small income. This helped him and his sister pay for a new camera and birth control. The birth control was compiled of condoms, morning after pills, and vaginal rings. They found a place that shipped them under a non-suspicious name and were still trying them out. Juliana ultimately wanted to get the IUD but that would be tricky. For now what they had was working just fine.


The sleeping house was silent and dark. Except for a lone figure walking down the hall camera in hand. After sneaking into a bed room he called out to the sleeping girl within. There was no response as he knew there would be. It had been a practice day. Theses were the best. She slept heaviest on practice days.


2020-08-10 07:37:50
I like that you wrote alternate endings to Motel Week. Both chapters seemed well thought out and satisfactory in their own way. Thank you for posting these chapters. MuheCa


2019-07-20 00:41:18
I was sad when I read your alternative ending of 18 years estranged .
but it was a resolute ending.
I was happy for the story to continue the way it did on ending number 2,
Much more erotic and sexually enjoyable,I was rooting for them.
Thanks for doing both endings.

Bo PeepReport 

2019-04-21 17:12:34
FYI Hugh Jardon: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the over-the-counter sale of Plan B One-Step, a version of the "morning after" pill for use as emergency contraception, in April 2013.


2018-11-05 19:53:04
So with all the misused/misspelled words and such it’s a good story. I would suggest that you do some research on the use of the morning after pills, which are by preion only and therefore not available to pilfering. As are the vaginal rings. The research would make the story more believable.

Norty OldmanReport 

2018-10-27 11:16:09
I read and enjoyed your story, even the alternative endings, however during the main story i always secretly hoped the sister would wake up the first time, and then pretend to be sleeping the following nights, until the final night where she starts participating shocking her brother.
Just a thought - thanks I like your style.

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